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God Gave Us You

Lisa Tawn Bergren - 2000
    5 Minutes When a charming polar bear cub climbs into bed one night, she asks her Mama a very important question--one that little "human cubs" often wonder about, too: "Where did I come from?"As Mama bear tucks her youngest cub under the quilts, she gently, tenderly, and reassuringly communicates the message loving parents everywhere (bears and non-bears alike) want their little ones to hear: "We wanted you very, very much, and we are so very glad because--God gave us you."Perfect for bedtime, naptime, storytime or anytime, God Gave Us You provides a valuable opportunity to build children's self-esteem every day and assure each one that he or she truly is a welcomed, precious, and treasured gift from the Lord.Also available in the God Gave Us series: God Gave Us TwoGod Gave Us ChristmasGod Gave Us HeavenGod Gave Us LoveGod Gave Us So Much

Horses Never Lie: The Heart of Passive Leadership

Mark Rashid - 2000
    He challenges the longstanding belief that an owner must be the alpha leader to work effectively with horses. Building on the primary concept of his previous books -- looking at the world from the horse's point of view -- Mark Rashid clearly defines the difference between alpha and passive leaders. He explains how to be a passive leader and illustrates with compelling stories how horses can change from being indifferent or unwilling participants to becoming enthusiastic partners.

If You Give a Pig a Party

Laura Joffe Numeroff - 2000
    When you give her the balloons, she'll want to decorate the house. When she's finished, she'll put on her favorite dress...Fans of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie will love this perfect addition to the series!The If You Give... series is a perennial favorite among children. With its spare, rhythmic text and circular tale, these books are perfect for beginning readers and story time. Sure to inspire giggles and requests to "read it again!"Other favorites in Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond's bestselling series include:If You Give a Cat a CupcakeIf You Give a Dog a DonutIf You Give a Moose a MuffinIf You Give a Mouse a CookieIf You Give a Pig a Pancake

Where's My Mom?

Julia Donaldson - 2000
    Little monkey says that his mother is big, so butterfly leads him to . . . an elephant. No, that's not right! Little monkey says his mom is furry, so butterfly leads him to . . . a bat. That's not right either. From then on, little monkey and butterfly meet many jungle animals, but they don't find Mom until little monkey comes up with just the right description.With Julia Donaldson's effortless rhyme and Axel Scheffler's vibrant illustrations, this circular tale combines funny miscommunication with a little bit of science for a charming feel-good adventure.

Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale

Dan Dye - 2000
    Amid the frenzied barking and prancing of a house full of Great Danes, one pup was shivering in the corner. Gracie. But when Dan Dye reached her, she struggled to her feet like a clumsy foal, raised her forehead to his, and announced, as clearly as if she had actually spoken the words, You know I'm the one. Now get me outta here! By turns funny, moving, tender, and inspiring, Gracie's tale is a treat for every dog lover. There is Gracie's first morning, racing around Dan in the snowy yard. Gracie's first determination to prove to her step-sisters, Dottie the Dalmatian and Sarah the Black Lab, that she's one of the girls. Gracie's defiant romance with a pint-size charmer named Byron, a Boston Terrier from the wrong side of the fence. Then born of necessity, the eureka moment: When Gracie's delicate constitution starts turning into anorexia, Dan teaches himself how to cook, and in three days is baking her the cookies that will spur her appetite, launch Three Dog Bakery, and transform their lives forever. Courage. Compassion. Kindness. Soul. Tenacity. And joy, above all, joy. These qualities Gracie possessed in abundance, and shared with everyone, human or canine, who had the good fortune to cross her path.

A Terrible Thing Happened

Margaret M. Holmes - 2000
    At first he tried to forget about it, but soon something inside him started to bother him. He felt nervous for no reason. Sometimes his stomach hurt. He had bad dreams. And he started to feel angry and do mean things, which got him in trouble. Then he met Ms. Maple, who helped him talk about the terrible thing that he had tried to forget. Now Sherman is feeling much better. This gently told and tenderly illustrated story is for children who have witnessed any kind of violent or traumatic episode, including physical abuse, school or gang violence, accidents, homicide, suicide, and natural disasters such as floods or fire. An afterword by Sasha J. Mudlaff written for parents and other caregivers offers extensive suggestions for helping traumatized children, including a list of other sources that focus on specific events.

National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia: 2,500 Animals with Photos, Maps, and More!

National Geographic Kids - 2000
    Kids love to look at animals and this book showcases more than 1,000 gorgeous color photographs as only National Geographic--the leader in wildlife photography--can. Thematic spreads take readers through animal homes and habitats, senses and communication, life cycle and babies, movement and migration, defenses, camouflage, and adaptation, and endangered animals and conservation. Special features in each section include ANIMAL PROFILES spreads that focus in-depth on a particular animal and ANIMAL RECORDS spreads that highlight superlatives such as fastest, tallest, smallest, etc. Exclusive FROM-THE-FIELD reports, that focus on National Geographic explorers and their stories about the animals they study, can only be found in this animal encyclopedia, adding to its entertainment and educational value.Animals are organized by taxonomy within each section (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates), accompanied by common and scientific name, fact boxes (featuring lifespan, habitat, and size) and text describing diet, special features, and any other pertinent information. Symbols representing conservation and habitat status highlight a high-interest topic for kids, while color-coding on each section provides for ease of navigation. Backmatter will include a listing of animal species along with basic information including name (scientific and common), lifespan, diet, size, and habitat. A comprehensive glossary, index, and "find out more" section round out this must-have resource.Releases simultaneously in Reinforced Library Binding: 978-1-4263-1023-2 , $33.90/$39.00 Can

Aesop's Fables

Jerry Pinkney - 2000
    Included are the Shepherd Boy and The Wolf, the Lion and the Mouse, the Tortoise and the Hare, plus many other charactersand moralsthat have inspired countless readers for centuries. With more than fifty magnificent full-color illustrations, this handsome edition is a must for every bookshelf.

The Berenstain Bears and Baby Makes Five

Stan Berenstain - 2000
    At least that's the way Sister Bear feels. If it isn't being fed, burped, or diapered, it's being dandled, cuddled, or kitchy-kitchy-kooed. Yes, Sister's pretty fed up with the fuss everyone's making over the new baby. Even the dolls make her angry, because they remind her of the baby. Then Sister gets a special homework assignment and, with a little help from wise old Mama, comes to believe that this new baby might just be a nifty addition to the Bear clan.


Margaret Wild - 2000
    An injured magpie and a one-eyed dog live happily together in the forest, until a jealous fox arrives to teach them what it means to be alone.

I'll Be Home Soon: How to Prevent and Treat Separation Anxiety

Patricia B. McConnell - 2000
    Then learn how to keep her happy and your home safe while our are gone. Better yet, learn to prevent problems in the first place!

Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies

Lee Livingood - 2000
    Nowadays, Greyhounds are bred almost exclusively for racing. In the bad old days, prior to the 1980s, dogs that didn't make the grade at the track, and those past their primes, were destroyed. According to official estimates, 60,000 of these noble, mild-mannered dogs were destroyed each year! Fortunately, a number of organizations now exist devoted to rescuing these unwanted dogs and placing them in good homes.Thinking about adopting a retired racing Greyhound? Or maybe you're already sharing your life with one of these charming animals. Either way, this friendly guide tells you everything you need to know to:Understand the Greyhound personality Find a retired racing Greyhound to adopt Choose the right ex-racer for you and your family Educate yourself and your retired racer Give your new pal the diet and exercise it needs Keep your dog healthy and happy for years to come With plenty of good humor and straight-talk, Lee Livingood drawing on her forty-years of experience training adult rescue dogs to cover all the pros and cons of being a retired racing Greyhound owner, and she fills you in on:The amazing 8000-year history of the Greyhound Deciding whether an ex-racer is the right do for you and your family Physical and behavioral characteristics How to get a retired racer used to living in a home and be a companion Dealing with common behavioral and health problems Feeding, grooming, and exercising a Greyhound Fun things to do with your hound Bursting with expert advice on all aspects of living with an ex-racer, Retired Racing Greyhounds For Dummies is must reading for anyone considering adoption or who's already taken the leap.

Coming Home

Lauren Brooke - 2000
    This powerful series follows Amy Fleming through the loss of her mother and her struggle to continue the work at Heartland-a refuge for abused and abandoned horses.

Introduction to Animal Rights: Your Child or the Dog?

Gary L. Francione - 2000
    Using examples, analogies and thought-experiments, it reveals the dramatic inconsistency between what people say they believe about animals and how people actually treat them.

Biscuit's New Trick

Alyssa Satin Capucilli - 2000
    Then Biscuit can't wait to show off his new trick!

The Ring of Bright Water Trilogy

Gavin Maxwell - 2000
    A haven for wildlife - he named his home Camusfearna and settled there with the otters Mij, Edal and Teko.Ring of Bright Water chronicles Gavin Maxwell's first ten years with the otters and touched the hearts of readers the world over, brilliantly evoking life with these playful animals in this natural paradise. Two further volumes followed bringing the story full circle telling of the difficult last years and the final abandonment of the settlement.For the first time the entire trilogy is available in a single narrative in this beautifully presented book.

The Jazz Fly

Matthew Gollub - 2000
    The book includes an audio CD, and FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD, featuring Gollub's MUST HEAR narration set to a jazz quartet. The fly, who speaks jazz, asks different critters which way to town. "Rrribit," replies the frog. "Oink," says the hog. Although baffled, the fly hears music in their words, and that evening he uses the animal sounds to set the insect dinner club a hoppin.' The computer enhanced artwork of Karen Hanke perfectly complements the text and CD. Get ready to tap, snap, and swing to the beat as Nancy the Gnat, Willie the Worm, and Sammy the Centipede take the stage. Here's a combination of storytelling, visual art, and music for children to savor time and again. Performed by professionals and by children on three continents! Other honors include: Writer's Digest National Self-Published Book Award Winner, Smithsonian's Notable Books for Children•California Department of Education Suggested Reading•San Francisco Chronicle Editors' Picks, performed by Classics for Kids and by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Jazz Quartet.

The Impenetrable Forest: My Gorilla Years in Uganda

Thor Hanson - 2000
    Features the local customs in Uganda, mores and bureaucracy governing those from love to superstition.

Extraordinary Chickens

Stephen Green-Armytage - 2000
    The book contains photographs of chickens of all shapes and sizes, including the Bearded Silkie, the crested Polish and the majestic Phoenix.

Elephant Memories: Thirteen Years in the Life of an Elephant Family

Cynthia Moss - 2000
    Her long-term research has revealed much of what we now know about these complex and intelligent animals. Here she chronicles the lives of the members of the T families led by matriarchs Teresia, Slit Ear, Torn Ear, Tania, and Tuskless. With a new afterword catching up on the families and covering current conservation issues, Moss's story will continue to fascinate animal lovers."One is soon swept away by this 'Babar' for adults. By the end, one even begins to feel an aversion for people. One wants to curse human civilization and cry out, 'Now God stand up for the elephants!'"—Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, New York Times"Moss speaks to the general reader, with charm as well as scientific authority. . . . [An] elegantly written and ingeniously structured account." —Raymond Sokolov, Wall Street Journal"Moss tells the story in a style so conversational . . . that I felt like a privileged visitor riding beside her in her rickety Land-Rover as she showed me around the park." —Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, New York Times Book Review"A prose-poem celebrating a species from which we could learn some moral as well as zoological lessons." —Chicago Tribune

Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats: Breeds, Care, Dairying

Jerry Belanger - 2000
    Our Modern Way series of six books has sold more than 1,000,000 copies. In an effort to provide readers with the best how-to animal books on the market we are completely updating all six Modern Way titles and reintroducing them as part of our Guide to Raising series. Written by experts, these guides give novice and experienced livestock farmers all they need to know to successfully keep and profit from animals. Each book includes information on selection, housing, space requirements, breeding and birthing techniques, feeding, behavior, and health concerns and remedies for illness. The books also address the business of raising animals -- processing meat, milk, eggs, and more. The authors were chosen not only for their expertise but also for their ability to explain the ins and outs of animal husbandry in an inviting and authoritative manner.Whether readers are ready to start an entire herd or flock or are considering purchasing their first animal, Storey's Guide to Raising series offers vital information; each book is an indispensable reference.

Birds of Pennsylvania Field Guide

Stan Tekiela - 2000
    There's no need to look through dozens of photos of birds that don't live in Pennsylvania. This book features 117 species of Pennsylvania birds, organized by color for ease of use. Do you see a yellow bird and don't know what it is? Go to the yellow section to find out. Fact-filled information, a compare feature, range maps and detailed photographs help to ensure that you positively identify the birds that you see.

First Snow in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy

Carl R. Sams II - 2000
    Children of all ages will enjoy this enchanted tale of change by the wildlife-photographers/authors who created two "New York Times" bestsellers: "Stranger in the Woods" and "Lost in the Woods."

The Silver Brumby / Silver Brumby's Daughter

Elyne Mitchell - 2000

Thoroughbred Champions: Top 100 Racehorses of the 20th Century

The Blood-Horse - 2000
    1 spot and ending with Blue Larkspur at No. 100.

The Alex Studies: Cognitive and Communicative Abilities of Grey Parrots

Irene M. Pepperberg - 2000
    Birds were rarely used in similar studies on the grounds that they were merely talented mimics--that they were, after all, "birdbrains." Experiments performed primarily on pigeons in Skinner boxes demonstrated capacities inferior to those of mammals; these results were thought to reflect the capacities of all birds, despite evidence suggesting that species such as jays, crows, and parrots might be capable of more impressive cognitive feats.Twenty years ago Irene Pepperberg set out to discover whether the results of the pigeon studies necessarily meant that other birds--particularly the large-brained, highly social parrots--were incapable of mastering complex cognitive concepts and the rudiments of referential speech. Her investigation and the bird at its center--a male Grey parrot named Alex--have since become almost as well known as their primate equivalents and no less a subject of fierce debate in the field of animal cognition. This book represents the long-awaited synthesis of the studies constituting one of the landmark experiments in modern comparative psychology.

Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep: Breeds, Care, Facilities

Paula Simmons - 2000
    Drawing from years of hands-on experience, Paula Simmons and Carol Ekarius provide expert advice on breed selection, lambing, feeding, housing, pasture maintenance, and medical care. You’ll also find tips on profitably marketing your meat and fiber products, as well as information on obtaining organic certifications.

To The Elephant Graveyard

Tarquin Hall - 2000
    Local forestry officials, powerless to stop the elephant, call in one of India's last licensed elephant hunters and issue a warrant for the rogue's destruction. Reading about the ensuing hunt in a Delhi newspaper, journalist Tarquin Hall flies to Assam to investigate. To the Elephant Graveyard is the compelling account of the search for a killer elephant in the northeast corner of India, and a vivid portrait of the Khasi tribe, who live intimately with the elephants. Though it seems a world of peaceful coexistence between man and beast, Hall begins to see that the elephants are suffering, having lost their natural habitat to the destruction of the forests and modernization. Hungry, confused, and with little forest left to hide in, herds of elephants are slowly adapting to domestication, but many are resolute and furious. Often spellbinding with excitement, like "a page-turning detective tale" (Publishers Weekly), To the Elephant Graveyard is also intimate and moving, as Hall magnificently takes us on a journey to a place whose ancient ways are fast disappearing with the ever-shrinking forest.

Lion Boy Trilogy (Books 1, 2 and 3) ((Book 1), Lion Boy: The Chase (Book 2) and Lion Boy: The Truth (Book 3))

Zizou Corder - 2000

Birds of New York Field Guide

Stan Tekiela - 2000
    There's no need to look through dozens of photos of birds that don't live in your area. This book features 120 species of New York birds, organized by color for ease of use. Do you see a yellow bird and don't know what it is? Go to the yellow section to find out. Fact-filled information, a compare feature, range maps, and detailed photographs help to ensure that you positively identify the birds that you see.

The Complete Cats in the Sun

Hans W. Silvester - 2000
    The Complete Cats in the Sun is the essential Hans Silvester: together in one book are all the free-spirited felines from the enormously popular Cats in the Sun, Asleep in the Sun, and The Mediterranean Cat. This is a beautiful one-volume collection of those memorable cats leaping from one fishing boat to the next, prowling across the rounded azure rooftops in search of the perfect place for a quick nap in the sun, or slinking through the cool shadows of a Mediterranean afternoon. The Complete Cats in the Sun is destined to become the classic gift book for lovers of felines, the sun, and the magic that is the Grecian Isles.

Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training, Adaptation and Learning

Steven R. Lindsay - 2000
    Veterinarians, animal scientists, dog owners, trainers, consultants, and counsellors will find this book a benchmark reference and handbook concerning positive, humane management and control of dogs. Reflecting the author's extensive work with dogs, this book promises thorough explanations of topics, and proven behavioural strategies that have been designed, tested, and used by the author. More than 50 figures and tables illustrate this unique and significant contribution to dog behaviour, training, and learning.

What Makes a Rainbow?

Betty Schwartz - 2000
    The last page is sure to delight with all the colors of the rainbow. What a fun way to learn colors!

Postman Bear

Julia Donaldson - 2000
    Lift the flaps and join Frog, Squirrel and Mole for Bear's special surprise!

Rabbit's Nap

Julia Donaldson - 2000
    Follow the simple rhyming text to help Fox find his missing sock or to discover what sounds are keeping Rabbit from napping...lift a flap here...lift a flap there...solve the mystery.

Hide-and-Seek Pig

Julia Donaldson - 2000
    With rhyming text, a colourful cast of animal characters and traditional stories, 'Tales from Acorn Wood' is a series of books that feature flaps that the very youngest of readers can lift to participate more fully in the story.

Animal Encyclopedia

Barbara Taylor - 2000
    With more than 2,000 animal species, this lavishly illustrated volume is a valuable reference for children at home and at school.

Vet Volunteers Books 1-3: Fight for Life / Homeless / Trickster

Laurie Halse Anderson - 2000
    Dr. Mac, her veterinarian grandmother, puts her on a short leash until her grades improve. Four new volunteers show up to help Gran in the clinic, but none of them knows a boxer from a pug. When the clinic is flooded with sick and dying puppies, Maggie has to find a way to help, no matter what Gran says. Maggie is sure it can’t be a coincidence—somebody must be running a puppy mill. If she doesn’t find it soon, more puppies will die! Homeless Cats love Sunita Patel, and she loves them back. Since her mother won’t let her have a kitty of her own, finding a feral cat colony is a dream come true. But Animal Control is going to destroy all of the cats unless Sunita does something drastic. If she can tame one of the wild cats, maybe she can save them all. Then disaster strikes and Sunita is rushed to the hospital! What will happen to the cats now? Trickster David Hutchinson is a funny, goofy guy who is always looking for the easy way out of his chores. He also has a gift with horses. When he meets Trickster, a high-spirited chestnut gelding recuperating from an accident, David vows that he will one day ride him. But his reputation for messing up gets in the way of his dream. Things go from bad to worse when a mysterious illness races through the stables. Can David find a way to help Trickster survive?

Exotic Animal Formulary

James W. Carpenter - 2000
    Species covered include birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, primates, wildlife, and all kinds of small mammals and pocket pets. This edition is updated with a new chapter on invertebrates, information on the latest drugs, and a colorful new design. Written by clinical and research veterinarian James Carpenter, this book is the only drug formulary on the market created solely for the treatment of exotic animals.Nearly 200 drug tables provide clear, current recommendations on drugs, indications, and dosages used in treating exotic animals, including biological tables with details on therapies and diets, normal blood parameters of common species, venipuncture sites, differential diagnosis, and medical protocols for common conditions.All drug information is reviewed for accuracy, ensuring that this reference remains authoritative and current.Easy-to-use organization divides drug monographs into quick-reference chapters including: Invertebrates, Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Rodents, Rabbits, Ferrets, Miniature Pigs, Primates, and Wildlife.Additional drug topics include antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiparasitic agents.More than 20 expert authors contribute to this edition.References in each chapter provide resources for further research and study.Convenient appendices provide a single source for information such as classes of drugs used to treat specific exotic animal conditions; efficacy of selected agents used to treat exotic animals; location of select laboratories to perform procedures; normal lab values; conversions; and equivalents.New Invertebrates chapter has been added.New two-color design makes information easier to access at a glance, with drug and biological tables shaded differently for fast lookup.Updated information includes coverage of the latest drugs introduced into the market.Electronic access is available via Pageburst, making it easy to search topics and drugs. Sold separately.

The Tickle Book: With Pop-Up Surprises

Ian Whybrow - 2000
    Watch the Ticklemonster in action, tickling his animal friends at every opportunity: monkeys in the train, pigs on the farm, penguins playing and bears in bed.

Franklin Goes To The Hospital

Paulette Bourgeois - 2000
    Full-color illustrations.

Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep

Teri Sloat - 2000
    But when the temperature drops, his shivering sheep see all their wool in sacks -- and "BAAA!" they cry. "We Want It Back !"Young listeners will enjoy chiming in on this hilarious read-aloud as Farmer Brown's sheep track down their wool. As the farmer goes from one neighbor to the next, his sheep discover how their fleece changes when it's cleaned, carded, spun into yarn, and dyed. Can they get it back? It's the tender-hearted Farmer Brown himself who comes up with the surprise solution. "Now each year, come shearing time, the sheep wait eagerly in line, to feel the clip and hear the buzz, and wear bright sweaters over fuzz".

Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat—Not a Sour Puss

Pam Johnson-Bennett - 2000
    Let's face it, comparing cats and dogs is like, well, like comparing apples and oranges. They are different, and they have different needs. A dog is a pack animal that needs a leader. By nature a dog expects to get rubbed and wrestled with. Dogs like to horse around. A cat does not. A cat is a solitary predator and needs its space. But what both cats and dogs do need is your love and attention. Just because a cat is, by nature, independent doesn't mean that he or she doesn't need your praise or physical affection. There are a lot of myths about cats -- like the one above -- that lead to their mistreatment. By learning more about what makes a cat a cat, you will be better able to give your feline the space, care, and love that he or she needs. And this sentiment couldn't be truer when it comes to training your cat. Hitting or yelling at your cat when he scratches his claws on your nice new couch just doesn't make sense. Your cat is only being a cat. He needs to scratch his nails so they can stay healthy and strong. Also, scratching helps a cat relieve stress and relax. Imagine being yelled at and hit for sprawling out on the couch with a magazine and a glass of nice red wine after a long day's work. You must align your training expectations with your cat's needs if you want to have a happy, well-trained cat. Johnson-Bennett advises you to "get on her level emotionally, physically, and mentally in order to map out an effective training plan." She outlines three basic methods for training: positive reinforcement (rewarding kitty for good behavior), remote control (spraying kitty with a water gun when she jumps on the kitchen counter), and redirection (getting kitty to scratch on a scratching post instead of your expensive couch). By using these training methods in the first place, you will get a head start in establishing good behavior, and in the process you and your cat will become closer.If you want to learn more about your cat and what you can do to strengthen and enjoy your relationship with each other, then Think Like a Cat should really be on your reading list. From years of experience as a vet technician and as an adoring cat owner, Johnson-Bennett knows her stuff. And she covers it all in this book -- from grooming, training, health, and nutrition to emergency care, games, and toys. So get ready to hear a lot more purring around the house!—Jen Forman

Are You A Butterfly?

Judy Allen - 2000
    Young children should be fascinated by this tiny life found just outside their back door. Full description

The Kingfisher Illustrated Animal Encyclopedia

David Burnie - 2000
    The Kingfisher Illustrated Animal Encyclopedia spans the earth from pole to pole, covering 2,000 animals from the tiniest protozoan to the mightiest mammal. Special feature panels focus on various aspects of animal behavior such as camouflage, migration, and hibernation. Easy-to-use and packed with dramatic photographs and illustrations, this colorful volume is an indispensable reference for school projects and a captivating resource for the whole family. Clear and informative text about all animals from the simplest cells to the most complex animals. Written by award-winning author David Burnie. Excellent reference book for the whole family. Includes glossary, alternative name index, and general index.

Coyote Autumn

Bill Wallace - 2000
    He couldn't have a dog when his family lived in a Chicago apartment, but now that they've moved to rural Oklahoma anything seems possible. Even rescuing an orphaned coyote pup...and keeping it a secret from his parents. With his friend Nolan's help, Brad is determined to tame Scooter, train him, play with him, and hide him in an old dog pen behind the barn. It almost works...until Mom and Dad discover his secret -- and Scooter steals their hearts and gives them all a coyote's-eye view of what it's like to live in the dangerous world of men.

My Dog, My Hero

Betsy Byars - 2000
    The winner will wear the coveted gold Hero medal. These brave and courageous dogs will each appear with their nominator who will tell their story.There's Smiley, who fought a giant bull. Bear used his giant paws to save the life of another dog. Munchkin warned a gardener of a poisonous snake about to strike. Old Dog helped find people buried under rubble after a tornado. Buster pulled a baby carriage out of the path of a careening truck. Blue, who had never been known to bark, used his voice to bring help to his wounded master. Dopey's constant barking saved the life of a baby left in a sweltering car. Little Bit brought love and companionship to a nursing home resident.Each story is told in the unique, sometimes humorous, but always Compelling voice of the person whose life was changed by the heroic action of a very extraordinary dog. Betsy Byars and her daughters Betsy Duffey and Laurie Myers have joined forces to create dog stories full of adventure and suspense. Loren Long's paintings capture the heroic dignity of each of the dogs and heighten the drama of their special stories.


Phil Maggitti - 2000
    It is well known as an alert, loyal, and obedient household pet. This volume tells new and prospective Pug owners virtually everything they need to know about caring for their pet. Books in the Complete Pet Owner's Manuals series present basic information about pets for new or soon-to-be owners. Advice and instruction covers feeding, housing, health care, training, grooming, protection against hazards, and much more. Texts emphasize pet care basics and are easy for all readers to understand, but most titles in this series also present facts that even experienced pet owners and breeders will find new and useful. All books in this series are filled with high quality full-color photos and instructive line drawings.

Fight for Life

Laurie Halse Anderson - 2000
    This series is sure to win the hearts of readers who are wild about animals!The clinic is swamped with sick and abused puppies. Maggie suspects they've come from an illegal puppy mill, and she's determined to find it and shut it down. But Gran has too many other things to worry about -- like Maggie's grades and a new houseguest, Zoe. Can Maggie find the puppy mill on her own?

Farthing Wood Collection 1

Colin Dann - 2000
    In the prequel to The Animals of Farthing Wood, THE ADVENTURE BEGINS we meet an earlier generation of animals whose descendants will make their epic journey from Farthing Wood to White Deer Park. Then read how the animals survived their first and harshest winter away from Farthing Wood in IN THE GRIP OF WINTER.

Pokemon Gold & Silver - Prima's Official Strategy Guide

Elizabeth M. Hollinger - 2000
    Meet your new best friends! Poke mon on the Game Boy Color is back!! "Poke mon Gold & Silver" are coming and they're everything you love about Poke mon and more! These all-new adventures feature exciting new gameplay- an internal clock that means you'll only find certain Poke mon at certain times of the day or night, new Poke mon with genders and breeding, new technical and hidden machines, new battle powers, a new communications/scanner device called the " Pocket Gear, " and more! But best of all, you'll find 100 More Poke mon! In "Poke mon Gold & Silver: Prima's Official Strategy Guide," we'll take you on a complete tour of the game and provide: - An explanation of new features, including all-new Poke Gear- Details of time- and day-dependent events- Day and Nitetime locations of Poke mon- Location of all items and TM/HMs- Battle tactics for collecting all the badges- Comprehensive maps of the new regions- Tips on breeding, capturing, raising, and training your new Poke mon- A sealed section that reveals all puzzles and mysteries

Our Peaceable Kingdom: The Photographs of John Drysdale

John Drysdale - 2000
    Art of animals.

To Free a Dolphin

Richard O'Barry - 2000
    Now, in To Free a Dolphin, he passionately recounts the dramatic story of his heart-breaking campaign to release captive dolphins back into the wild. With wit and insight he chronicles the extreme opposition he has faced from bureaucrats, major players in the captive-dolphin industry, rival wildlife groups, and well-meaning sentimentalists. He introduces readers to famous show animals he has helped, including Bogie and Bacall of Key Largo. And, most fascinating, he describes his struggles to deprogram and rehabilitate dolphins emotionally scarred from years of captivity--struggles that become battles for the animals' souls.O'Barry is nothing if not controversial--passionate about his mission, adamant in his beliefs. And it is some measure of the incredible strength of the opposition to animal rights that it requires all the cunning, all the persistence, and all the strength of character O'Barry possesses to undo even a part of what the billion-dollar captive-animal establishment has created. In the movie, it may be child's play to free a killer whale like Willy. In real life, doing what is right is not so easily accomplished. Whatever one's beliefs about animal rights, one has to admire O'Barry as an authentic American original with a distinctly American dream.


Bruce Fogle - 2000
    Whether you're thinking about acquiring a purebred dog or cat, already own one, or if you're just fascinated by these animals in all their amazing variety, Dogs is the ultimate in-depth reference guide to these pedigree pets. Compiled and written by practicing vet Dr. Bruce Fogle, the world's bestselling author on pet care, behavior and training, this pocket-sized guide includes full profiles of dog breeds. Each profile features fabulous full-color photos of breed examples accompanied by full information about the breed, including all the key facts potential owners show know, from place of origin and physical features to temperament and trainability.

The Last Tasmanian Tiger: The History and Extinction of the Thylacine

Robert Paddle - 2000
    It argues that rural politicians, ineffective political action by scientists, and a deeper intellectual prejudice about the inferiority of marsupials actually resulted in the extinction of this once proud species. Hb ISBN (2000):0-521-78219-8


Stephen Brusatte - 2000
    Over 170 giant-sized and superbly detailed computer generated illustrations provide a stunning visual catalogue of dinosaurs, bringing the prehistoric world to life like never before. The expert text identifies each species - what they looked like, what they ate, how they lived and died. Packed with the latest research and discoveries, this giant-sized title is as unique and impressive as the dinosaurs themselves.

Because of Winn-Dixie

Kate DiCamillo - 2000
    It's now available in a paperback digest format certain to bring this tale's magic to an even wider circle of fans.The summer Opal and her father, the preacher, move to Naomi, Florida, Opal goes into the Winn-Dixie supermarket—and comes out with a dog. A big, ugly, suffering dog with a sterling sense of humor. A dog she dubs Winn-Dixie. Because of Winn-Dixie, the preacher tells Opal ten things about her absent mother, one for each year Opal has been alive. Winn-Dixie is better at making friends than anyone Opal has ever known, and together they meet the local librarian, Miss Franny Block, who once fought off a bear with a copy of WAR AND PEACE. They meet Gloria Dump, who is nearly blind but sees with her heart, and Otis, an ex-con who sets the animals in his pet shop loose after hours, then lulls them with his guitar.Opal spends all that sweet summer collecting stories about her new friends and thinking about her mother. But because of Winn-Dixie or perhaps because she has grown, Opal learns to let go, just a little, and that friendship—and forgiveness—can sneak up on you like a sudden summer storm.

Sacred Cows and Golden Geese: The Human Cost of Experiments on Animals

C. Ray Greek - 2000
    Why? Successful laboratory treatments and cures for one species don't necessarily result in cures for humans. But, because practice has become economically entrenched within medical industry, animal experimentation -against all medical evidence- continues.The human benefits of animal experimentation- a bedrock of the scientific age- is a myth perpetuated by an amorphous but insidious network of multibillion-dollar special interests: research facilities, drug companies, universities, scientisits, and even cage manufacturers.C.Ray Greek, MD, and veterniary dermatologist, Jean Swingle Gree, DMV, show how the public has been deliberately misled and blow the lid off the vested-interest groups whose hidden agendas put human health at risk.

Pond & River

Steve Parker - 2000

Blessing the Bridge: What Animals Teach Us About Death, Dying, and Beyond

Rita M. Reynolds - 2000
    She draws on 20 years of working with animals at her sanctuary, Howling Success, and includes inspirational stories and suggestions on how to be involved with an animal during the transition into death and beyond.

The Animal Boogie

Debbie Harter - 2000
    Children will be eager to join in and copy the animals' actions. The song has a quick pace and its catchiness allows little ones, to learn the words and get involved with the story, as they try to guess the animal that will appear on the next page. The book features children from many cultures and differently-abled children. The rhymes and music encourage children to experiment with movement. Everyone will want to get up and dance to this toe-tapping favourite!

Go Home!: The True Story of James the Cat

Libby Phillips Meggs - 2000
    He's grown old, and tired, and slow. One day he finds a house where a kind family lives, but they decide he must belong to someone because he wears a collar. So James is left to survive a dry summer, a bad storm, and an attack by a huge dog. When the woman from the kind family sees him again, she notices his injuries and realizes what she hadn't realized before.Beautiful paintings by the author help make James's true story unforgettable. Libby Phillips Meggs wisely tells this story from the cat's point of view, making it poignant and unique. The author/illustrator lives in Virginia.

The Social Lives of Dogs: The Grace of Canine Company

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas - 2000
    A classically trained anthropologist, she answers questions we all have about our pets' behavior. Do dogs have different barks that mean different things? What makes a dog difficult to house-train? Why do certain dogs and cats get along so well? How does Snoopy recognize people he sees only once a year, while Misty barks at strangers she sees every day? The Social Lives of Dogs presents marvelous evidence of the power of the group -- and shows us that those who are fortunate enough to be given the trust of an honorable dog will also have their lives enriched.

More tales of the Catwings

Ursula K. Le Guin - 2000

The Family Butterfly Book: Projects, activities, and a field guide to 40 favorite North American species

Rick Mikula - 2000
    Providing a comprehensive overview of the butterfly lifecycle and close-up photography of 40 stunning North American species, this guide teaches you everything you need to know to identify, care for, and raise these beautiful and fascinating insects.

Gotta Go! Gotta Go!

Sam Swope - 2000
    I gotta go! I gotta go! I gotta go to Mexico!" The creepy-crawly bug doesn't know why she does what she does. She only knows she has to do it. But making the journey seems impossible for the slow-moving critter, who has no idea what or where Mexico is. Then an everyday miracle occurs, bringing a transformation that will help her fulfill her destiny. Each autumn, millions of Monarch butterflies migrate from the central and eastern United States and Canada to colonies in the mountains of Mexico, where they mate before flying north in the spring to lay their eggs. In simple, jaunty text and pictures, Sam Swope and Sue Riddle celebrate the amazing story of one of these intrepid bugs.

Horse Sense for People: The Man Who Listens to Horses Talks to People

Monty Roberts - 2000
    Touching the hearts of more than four million readers worldwide, that memoir--which spent more than a year at the top of The New York Times bestseller list--described his discovery of the language of horses and the dramatic effectiveness of removing violence from their training. Now, the world's most famous horse gentler demonstrates how his revolutionary Join-Up technique can be used not just for horses, but as a model for how to strengthen human relationships.With vivid, often deeply moving anecdotes, Roberts shows how the lessons learned from the thousands of horses he has known can provide effective guidelines for improving the quality of our communication with one another--from learning to read each other effectively, to creative fear-free environments, and, most importantly, teaching belief in the power of gentleness and trust.

Mabela the Clever

Margaret Read MacDonald - 2000
    And this cleverness comes in handy when the cat comes, inviting everyone to join the secret Cat Society.

Emergency Animal Rescue Stories: True Stories About People Dedicated to Saving Animals from Disasters

Terri Crisp - 2000
    EARS (Emergency Animal Rescue Service) takes on the task that the Red Cross and other human-focused organizations simply can't: helping animals survive natural and man-made disasters. You will be moved by the courageous, poignant, and at times humorous stories, including:• The desperate search by a 14-year-old girl to locate her missing cats• Libby, the dog who was rescued from Texas oil fields and is now the official taste-tester at a dog bakery in California• How a hoist saved a cow from raging Texas floodwaters• The resourceful skunk who found his safe haven in a portable toilet• How Bumpus, the fantastic, fearless feline, survived disfiguring burns and became a hero• Plus many more!The wrath of nature in the form of fire, flood, hurricane, or earthquake takes an enormous toll on animals as well as people. But, while there has long been help to save humans, there wasn't anyone who focused on helping the animals. This is why EARS—Emergency Animal Rescue Service—came into being. Inside are the real-life stories of EARS volunteers, and how their efforts have saved countless animals from certain death. You will read about the touching reunions of pet owners with the cherished pets they feared were dead. You will appreciate the wonderful service that EARS and its thousands of volunteers provide to all of us with their rescue efforts. Most of all these stories will make you laugh, cry, and marvel at the deep connection humans and animals share.These and other stories are sure to inspire and thrill as well as make you appreciate the wonderful bond that exists between animals and the special people who care enough to save them.

Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks: Breeds, Care, Health

Dave Holderread - 2000
    Our Modern Way series of six books has sold more than 1,000,000 copies. In an effort to provide readers with the best how-to animal books on the market we are completely updating all six Modern Way titles and reintroducing them as part of our Guide to Raising series. Written by experts, these guides give novice and experienced livestock farmers all they need to know to successfully keep and profit from animals. Each book includes information on selection, housing, space requirements, breeding and birthing techniques, feeding, behavior, and health concerns and remedies for illness. The books also address the business of raising animals -- processing meat, milk, eggs, and more. The authors were chosen not only for their expertise but also for their ability to explain the ins and outs of animal husbandry in an inviting and authoritative manner.Whether readers are ready to start an entire herd or flock or are considering purchasing their first animal, Storey's Guide to Raising series offers vital information; each book is an indispensable reference.

Big Book of Bugs

Theresa Greenaway - 2000
    Look right into a spider's eye and get tangled in its web! Marvel at the stunning pictures of teeny tiny creepy crawlies blown up to extraordinary sizes. Engaging annotations provide buggy facts and figures. Larger than life photographs of these bugs include locusts, caterpillars, beetles, flies, grasshoppers, ants, praying mantises, and more!

Pass the Energy, Please!

Barbara Shaw McKinney - 2000
    Each of nature's creatures "passes the energy" in its own unique way. In this upbeat rhyming story, the food chain connects herbivores, carnivores, insects and plants together in a fascinating circle of players. And all beings on Earth--from the anchovy to the zooplankton--depend upon the green plant, which is the hero of this story. Barbara McKinney's special talent shines again (A Drop Around the World) for being able to present the science curriculum so concisely, creatively, and cleverly.

A Field Guide to Feeder Birds: Eastern and Central North America

Noble S. Proctor - 2000
    This easy-to-use, at-a-glance guide simplifies identification by including only the birds that frequent feeders. And to make it even more convenient, the most commonly seen birds come first, followed by those that are harder to identify or that rarely visit feeders. Range maps, descriptions of birds and foods that attract them, and illustrations are on facing pages, so identification is fast and easy. The brand-new introduction covers important bird-feeding topics, including types of feeders and where to place them, birdbaths, kinds of food and when to feed, plantings that attract birds, and solutions to problems with squirrels and cats. A handy quick-reference list tells what kind of food each species prefers, and a feeder checklist provides a record of birds as they are seen.

That's Not My Bunny...

Fiona Watt - 2000
    Babies and toddlers will delight in turning the pages and touching the feely ears, tails, and noses.

Hey! Wake Up!

Sandra Boynton - 2000
    Yawn. Stretch. Touch your toes. Shimmy shimmy shimmy, Wiggle your nose. Just watch out for the broccoli stew. (Ew.)

Birds of Iowa Field Guide

Stan Tekiela - 2000
    There's no need to look through dozens of photos of birds that don't live in Iowa. This book features 112 species of Iowa birds, organized by color for ease of use. Do you see a yellow bird and don't know what it is? Go to the yellow section to find out. Fact-filled information, a compare feature, range maps and detailed photographs help to ensure that you positively identify the birds that you see.

Dogs' Night

Meredith Hooper - 2000
    For a few hours, they escape their gilded frames and are free to run up and down the grand staircases, chase each other round the marble halls, and explore the other exhibits. But four of the dogs overindulge and sleepily climb back into the wrong paintings. When the mix-up is discovered, the museum's popularity soars! This playful story, with superb illustrations by Alan Curless and lovely reproductions of National Gallery paintings, provides young children with a charming introduction to fine art.

Hedgie's Surprise

Jan Brett - 2000
    But Henny wants a brood of chicks and she needs her eggs. With the help of clever Hedgie, she substitutes an acorn, a strawberry, a mushroom and finally a potato in her nest. But nothing stops that Tomten until the little hedgehog hides in Henny's nest: when the Tomten reaches in to get his morning treat, all he gets is a handful of prickles. He runs home for porridge and never comes back again! Intricate needlepoint patterns of Scandinavian designs frame the characters reacting from the borders in this beautiful picture book set in Denmark.

Food Chain: Encounters Between Mates, Predators and Prey

Catherine Chalmers - 2000
    Working with a menagerie of insects and animals she raises in her New York City studio, Catherine Chalmers makes images that ask us to examine the lives we ordinarily overlook. What we find is by turns surprising, humorous, and thought provoking. In the series of photographs that gives the book its title, Chalmers vividly sketches the links between predator and prey, eater and eaten, from plant to insect to amphibian. Against a stark white background, caterpillars eat a tomato, a praying mantis eats a caterpillar, and a frog and a tarantula each eat a praying mantis. Another section, focused on "pinkies" (the pet-trade name for baby mice), shows with chilling clarity that the laws of nature apply equally to mammals as to the so-called "lower" life-forms. A series of photographs of praying mantises mating-during and after which the female devours the male-captures the metaphorical power and strange beauty of this infamous habit. The book includes an essay by the critically acclaimed nature writer Gordon Grice and a provocative interview with Chalmers by Aperture executive editor Michael L. Sand.

Cetacean Societies: Field Studies of Dolphins and Whales

Janet Mann - 2000
    Until recently, much of what we knew about cetaceans came from commercial sources such as whalers and trainers for dolphin acts. Innovative research methods and persistent efforts, however, have begun to penetrate the depths to reveal tantalizing glimpses of the lives of these mammals in their natural habitats.Cetacean Societies presents the first comprehensive synthesis and review of these new studies. Groups of chapters focus on the history of cetacean behavioral research and methodology; state-of-the-art reviews of information on four of the most-studied species: bottlenose dolphins, killer whales, sperm whales, and humpback whales; and summaries of major topics, including group living, male and female reproductive strategies, communication, and conservation drawn from comparative research on a wide range of species. Written by some of the world's leading cetacean scientists, this landmark volume will benefit not just students of cetology but also researchers in other areas of behavioral and conservation ecology as well as anyone with a serious interest in the world of whales and dolphins.Contributors are Robin Baird, Phillip Clapham, Jenny Christal, Richard Connor, Janet Mann, Andrew Read, Randall Reeves, Amy Samuels, Peter Tyack, Linda Weilgart, Hal Whitehead, Randall S. Wells, and Richard Wrangham.

Tiger Math: Learning to Graph from a Baby Tiger

Ann Whitehead Nagda - 2000
    At first T. J. refuses to eat his new food, and it requires the full attention of the zoo staff to ensure that he grows into a huge, beautiful, and very healthy tiger.Through photographs, narrative, and graphs, young readers follow T.J. as he grows from a tiny newborn into a five-hundred-pound adult. A heartwarming story about one tiger's fight for survival that also introduces a basic math skill.

Your Purebred Puppy: A Buyer's Guide

Michele Welton - 2000
    Your Purebred Puppy, Second Edition, takes the guesswork out of choosing a dog. Updated to include twenty new breeds, this authoritative guide profiles 200 breeds and varieties of dogs-complete with photographs of each-to help prospective buyers find the one with the physical and behavioral characteristics that will best suit them. Michele Welton explains step by step how to decide on the right breed, locate a reputable breeder, and pick a healthy, good-looking, good-tempered companion. Also provided are simple tests readers can use to determine a puppy's temperament before they buy him and bring him home. Acquiring a dog is a big commitment, requiring time, patience, and money. Your Purebred Puppy, Second Edition, is the essential guidebook to accompany you on the search for your new pet.

Legend of the Teddy Bear

Frank Murphy - 2000
    Now, nearly 100 years later, the legend that has grown around that fateful encounter will captivate you in this delightful tale.Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen brings his magical touch to another great American legend with illustratons for the origins of America's favorite stuffed animal and how it got its name. Author Frank Murphy shares the history and lucky timing of two candy store entrepreneurs who took the story of President Theodore Roosevelt's warm-hearted gesture in refusing to shoot a cornered bear and turned it into a legend of the toy world. Relive the memory of your own timeless, tattered "Teddy's" bear with The Legend of the Teddy Bear.

Walking With Dinosaurs: The Evidence (DK Walking with Dinosaurs)

Dave Martill - 2000
    The Evidence covers the methods of the research processes that formed the backbone of the series. How was the information obtained, what suppositions have been made, and how did this translate to the programs? Around 250 million years ago dinosaurs first began to walk the earth, dominating the planet until their extinction 65 million years ago. In this incredible Mesozoic period lasting 170 million years, these creatures were the dominant animals on land. Walking with Dinosaurs-The Evidence explores the archeologists' and scientists' discoveries and shows how they piece together the lives of these fascinating creatures. Comprehensively illustrated, the book explains how the bones of dinosaurs and the ground in which they're found in can lead to conclusions about feeding habits, movement, mating, habitat, and the climate of the time.


Douglas Florian - 2000
    With mammals ranging from the howling coyote and the wood-chopping beaver to the daring ibex and the speedy tiger, here is a zooful of furry fun like no other! The fifth book in a celebrated animal poetry collection series from a Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award winner • Twenty-one poems and paintings that blend humor with scientific information •Companion to the immensely popular insectlopedia, a Publishers Weekly children's bestseller that delighted Daniel Pinkwater's audience on National Public Radio

The Chicken Book

Page Smith - 2000
    As it traces the rise and fall of Gallus domesticus from the jungles of ancient India to the assembly-line hatcheries sprawled across modern America, this original, frequently astounding book passes along a trove of knowledge and lore about everything from the chicken's biology and behavior to its place in legend and mythology. The book includes lively discussions of the chicken's role in literature and history, the cruel attractions of cockfighting, the medicinal uses of eggs and chicken parts, the details of the egg-laying process, the basics of the backyard coop, recipes, and much more. Entertaining and insightful, The Chicken Book will change the way we regard this too often underappreciated animal.

Explores the World of Animals

Joanna Cole - 2000
    Frizzle and her students as they search of the perfect home for a mysterious animal that appears in the Friz's classroom. Their travels take them to six different habitats: the Arctic, the North American temperate forests, the African grasslands, the Amazon rain forest, wetlands, and a desert. Illustrations.

Neither God Nor Devil: Rethinking Our Preception of Wolves

Eva-Lena Rehnmark - 2000
    Her watercolors and insightful text offer a passionate but clear-eyed view of this fascinating species whose ferocity has been exaggerated and misrepresented. After exploring real wol

Kipper's A to Z: An Alphabet Adventure

Mick Inkpen - 2000
    And toys for T. But what begins with X? That's a hard one.

Rattling The Cage: Toward Legal Rights For Animals

Steven M. Wise - 2000
    In this witty, moving, persuasive, and impeccably researched argument, Wise demonstrates that the cognitive, emotional, and social capacities of these apes entitle them to freedom from imprisonment and abuse.

Handa's Hen

Eileen Browne - 2000
    Every morning, she feeds Mondi her breakfast, but this morning Mondi hasn't come for her food. So Handa and her friend Akeyo begin to hunt for Mondi. While searching, they find all sorts of other animals.

The Bottlenose Dolphin: Biology and Conservation

John E. Reynolds - 2000
    . . . for students, professionals, and anyone interested in the bottlenose dolphin."--Charles W. Potter, National Museum of Natural HistoryThe Bottlenose Dolphin presents for the first time a comprehensive, colorfully illustrated, and concise overview of a species that has fascinated humans for at least 3,000 years.After reviewing historical myths and legends of the dolphin back to the ancient Greeks and discussing current human attitudes and interactions, the author replaces myths with facts--up-to-date scientific assessment of dolphin evolution, behavior, ecology, morphology, reproduction, and genetics--while also tackling the difficult issues of dolphin conservation and management. Although comprehensive enough to be of great value to professionals, educators, and students, the book is written in a manner that all dolphin lovers will enjoy. Randall Wells’s anecdotes interspersed throughout the work offer a first-hand view of dolphin encounters and research based on three decades working with them. Color photographs and nearly 100 black and white illustrations, including many by National Geographic photographer Flip Nicklin, beautifully enhance the text.  Readers of The Bottlenose Dolphin will better appreciate what dolphins truly are and do, as well as understand some of the controversies surrounding them. While raising compelling questions, the book provides a wealth of information on a legendary species that is loved and admired by many people.John E. Reynolds, professor of marine science at Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida, is chair of the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission. He has written over 100 articles on marine mammal biology and conservation and is coauthor with Daniel K. Odell of Manatees and Dugongs and coeditor of Biology of Marine Mammals.Randall S. Wells is a behavioral ecologist with the Conservation Biology Department of the Chicago Zoological Society and adjunct associate professor of ocean sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He also serves as director of the Center for Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Research at Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota, Florida, where he conducts the world’s longest running study of wild dolphins.Samantha D. Eide, a graduate student at the University of South Florida, is field leader for the Eckerd College Dolphin Project, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Chihuahuas for Dummies

Jacqueline O'Neil - 2000
    But these frisky little dogs aren't for everyone. Consummate lap dogs, they thrive on attention and constant contact with their owners, and are miserable when left alone. As pups they're extremely fragile, although they do outlive bigger breeds by many years. Housebreaking can be a problem with Chihuahuas, but on the other hand, they're very smart, love performing tricks and they never forget what they learn. Some have a tendency to shyness, but a well-socialized Chihuahua can be every bit as bold as a pit bull. Is this plucky little pooch the right dog for you and your family? Chihuahuas For Dummies provides the answer to this and all your questions about getting, caring for and living with this loveable breed. Award-winning breeder, trainer, author and long-time Chihuahua lover, Jacqueline O'Neil Beauchamp gets you up and running with what you need to know to:Find and communicate with reputable breeders Choose the right Chihuahua for you Housebreak and socialize your new puppy Educate yourself and your dog Handle behavioral problems Participate in competitions In friendly, down-to-earth language, Jacqueline provides insights into the Chihuahua temperament and loads of sensible, easy-to-follow advice, along with fun facts and Chihuahua trivia. Discover how to:Decide on whether a male or female is right for you Find and choose your new friend and bring him or her home Understand how to communicate with your Chihuahua Train your little peanut Find a good trainer and attend classes Deal with emotional conflicts Feed and exercise your little amigo Recognize, prevent and treat common health problems Have loyal friend for life The indispensable guide for you and your Chihuahua, Chihuahuas For Dummies is the only book you'll need to help you have the best possible experience with this saucy and affectionate breed of dog.

Farmer's Garden: Rhymes for Two Voices

David L. Harrison - 2000
    He wanders through Farmer's garden greeting each creature, fruit, and vegetable he meets with a question: Butterfly, where have you been? Strawberry, how do you like the garden? Corn, how do you grow? The result is a lyrical conversation in rhyme for two voices.

Orphant Annie Storybook

Johnny Gruelle - 2000
    Originally published in 1921, this reissue, faithfully reproduced with beautiful full-color illustrations, teaches young readers lessons of courtesy, honesty, and kind behavior.


Keith Haring - 2000
    Young readers will discover how the different parts of robots fit and work together and find out some of the many useful things they can do. Projects allow children to build simple robots and machines and investigate the robots all around them in everyday life.

Fashion Photographs

William Wegman - 2000
    They feature clothes by Helmut Lang, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, Issey Miyake and others deing modelled by dogs.

Dogs Have the Strangest Friends & Other True Stories of Animal Feelings

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson - 2000
    The graceful prose from this best-selling author can be read aloud story by story to younger children or by middle-grade readers on their own.

Baby Alligator

Ginjer L. Clarke - 2000
    What's in store for this little reptile? Follow it through its first adventures, and get a glimpse into the world of these amazing creatures. The easy-to-read text describes how alligators live, from what they eat to how they swim so quickly. You'll also find fun facts about alligators' dinosaur-hunting ancestors and their more contemporary cousin, the crocodile.

Bring ’Em Back Alive: The Best of Frank Buck

Frank Buck - 2000
    “Fans remember [Buck] as a devoted conservationist—Buck fretted often about the survival of rare species—and intrepid adventurer, whose deeds in Sumatra, Borneo, India and the Philippines wowed folks at home.” —Newsday. “Good, old-fashioned, movie-serial-type adventures in wild, exotic settings.” —Dallas Morning News. “All in all, this is an extremely entertaining book, illustrating a different time and written in a way that brings that time to life.” —Choice. “That this hardy Texan’s celebrity was earned is made evident in a new version of Bring ‘Em Back Alive, . . . a compilation of exciting and often chilling first-person adventures.” —East Texas Historical Association Journal. Frank Buck spent his life capturing alive every kind of animal, from birds to snakes to elephants. The intrepid Texas animal collector and jungle adventurer enthralled generations of readers and moviegoers with the stories of danger and daring collected here.