Lori Degman - 2014
    How hard can it be to wake up a sleeping farmer? While the rooster is gone, the pig, cow, sheep, and other farm animals attempt to rouse Farmer McPeeper with "cock-a-doodle SQUEAL," “cock-a-doodle MOO,” and "cock-a-doodle BAAAA," with hilarious results. The irresistible humor in this barnyard comedy builds vocabulary while encouraging children to cock-a-doodle-uh-oh along with the silly farm animals.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Vera Southgate - 1968

My Camel Wants To Be a Unicorn: a children's book about empathy and a mopey camel

Julia Inserro - 2019
    You might be surprised.Great story to introduce the concept of empathy -- don't make assumptions about others, ask and observe. Perfect for girls and boys, ages 4-8.

Who Was Here?: Discovering Wild Animal Tracks

Mia Posada - 2014
    Then turn the page to find out about animals from around the world. Watercolor and collage illustrations show the many kinds of trails that animal leave behind in mud, snow, and sand.

Who's In The Forest?

Phillis Gershator - 2010
    In this colourful 'peepo' book, small children are invited to peek through the holes on every other page to answer the repeating refrain: 'Who's in the forest, dark and deep?'

The Tale of the Clownfish and the Great Shark

Lily Lexington - 2012
    He takes the dare, only to learn the shark is a misunderstood, friendly sort, who gladly offers a tooth to the Clownfish so he can win his dare. The shark invites all the little fishes to come and visit whenever they want, because he gets lonely.

Twilight Chant

Holly Thompson - 2018
    A lyrical exploration of the transition between day and night and of the animals who thrive during this special time.

Frog and the Birdsong

Max Velthuijs - 1991
    Worried, he asks his friends what can be the matter. Very gently and simply, then animals begin to understand the meaning of death and the beauty of life in this moving story.

On Bird Hill

Jane Yolen - 2016
    On Bird Hill is first in a new Jane Yolen series created for the Cornell Lab, loosely based on the old cumulative nursery rhyme/song "The Green Grass Grew All Around," a nursery rhyme first published as a song in 1912 with words by William Jerome and melody by Harry Von Tilzer. But in this version, it's a boy and his dog who find the bird in a nest on a hill in a strange valley.This beautiful and enchanting story is sure to attract interest from millions of readers and fans of Jane's popular classics. As with all Cornell Lab Publishing Group books, 25% of the net proceeds from the sale of On Bird Hill goes directly to the Cornell Lab to support projects such as children’s educational and community programs.

I Am the Dog, I Am the Cat

Donald Hall - 1994
    With evocative words and masterful paintings, they delineate the doginess and catlike qualities that everyone will recognize.

Mad about Minibeasts!

Giles Andreae - 2011
    From slugs and snails to bustling beetles and beautiful butterflies these rhymes are full of humour and great to read aloud.

The Journey of the Noble Gnarble

Daniel Errico - 2011
    "The story of a gnarble with a dream, who tries to make it past doubting blyfish, sneaky subbalubbles, and hungry plinks on his way to the surface of the sea"--Dust jacket.


JonArno Lawson - 2017
    Then his clever-legs twitch and he LEAPS into the path of a grasshopper. Which so startles the grasshopper that, she, in turn, LEAPS onto a bunny. And so it goes, dog, fish, bullfrog, horse and dog again, each leaping and upsetting the next. Until the dog finds herself in that same deep green moss. The flea sees his chance and leaps onto the dog. And, at last, they both fall asleep!

Winter Dance

Marion Dane Bauer - 2017
    But what should the fox do? Each animal advises the fox that its own plan is best, but the fox thinks otherwise—yet it's not until he meets a golden-eyed friend that he finds the perfect way to celebrate the snowfall. Stunning illustrations by the new talent Richard Jones are the perfect complement to the Newbery Honor winner Marion Dane Bauer's lyrical and playful homage to the natural world.


Stephen Cosgrove - 1978
    Sharing life lessons and memorable morals, the Serendipity books are a seasoned favorite with children and parents alike. So, journey to the magical, mystical land of Serendipity with these four cherished editions featuring newly revised text from the author.The Furry Eyefulls are so busy trying to see everything beautiful, that they can't even enjoy it! It takes a little blind snake named Kartusch to help them really experience the beauty of their surroundings.