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The Three Questions

Jon J. Muth - 2002
    So he goes to ask Leo, the wise turtle. When he arrives, the turtle is struggling to dig in his garden, and Nikolai rushes to help him. As he finishes work, a violent storm rolls in. Nikolai runs for Leo's cottage, but on his way, he hears cries for help from an injured panda. Nikolai brings her in from the cold, and then rushes back outside to rescue her baby too.

If You Take a Mouse to School

Laura Joffe Numeroff - 2002
    Thankfully, the bestselling duo of author Laura Numeroff and illustrator Felicia Bond -- creators of If You Take a Mouse to the Movies and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie -- have teamed up to show us the hijinks a whiskered school guest could cause.Starting with asking for your lunchbox, this critter is set for mischief. The feisty mouse asks for a snack for later (cookies of course), a notebook, and pencils, and wants "to share your backpack, too." After he arrives at school, the pushy classmate tries his hand (make that paw) at math and writing on the blackboard, afterward whipping up a messy, pink science experiment and building a "little mouse house" from blocks. The schooltime antics don't stop there, but a busy mouse tends to get hungry after so much playtime. Naturally his snack is in the lunchbox, which is stored "in a safe place" with his new picture book inside.Following the whimsical style of their previous books, Numeroff and Bond have done it again. Their high-adrenaline mouse will have readers cheering while their eyes comb the illustrations for extra nibbles of fun. Although the book's main human character looks positively exhausted at the end, we can only holler for more of the little guy with the huge school spirit. Matt Warner

Mike Mulligan and More: A Virginia Lee Burton Treasury

Virginia Lee Burton - 2002
    Many of her books—with themes that honor a simple way of life and celebrate heroes who endure through determination and by adapting to change—have become classic American tales. With an introduction by Barbara Elleman, author of Virginia Lee Burton: A Life in Art, this handsome collection commemorates four of Burton’s most popular stories, each featured complete and unabridged. Their appeal today, as strong as when the books were first published, is a tribute to one of America’s most innovative illustrators, designers, and writers of stories for children.

HarperCollins Treasury of Picture Book Classics: A Child's First Collection

Katherine Brown Tegen - 2002
    Parents can share the joy of introducing young children to many timeless favorites that have already enchanted millions of readers.This volume offers a wonder-filled opportunity for preschoolers and families to own and share "the best of the best."All royalties for HarperCollins Treasury of Picture Book Classics: A Child's First Collection will be donated to First Book, a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to give children from low-income families the opportunity to read and own their own new books. The primary goal of First Book is to work with existing literacy programs to distribute new books to children who, for economic reasons, have little or no access to books. In this way, First Book effectively leverages the heroic efforts of local tutoring, mentoring, and family literacy organizations as they work to reach children who need help the most. First Book distributes millions of books to hundreds of thousands of children nationwide each year. For more information on First Book, please visit

David Gets in Trouble

David Shannon - 2002
    . . 'NO! It's not my fault! I didn't mean to! It was an accident!'" Whatever the situation, David's got a good excuse. And no matter what he's done "wrong," it's never really his fault. Soon, though, David realizes that making excuses makes him feel bad, and saying he's sorry makes him feel better. Once again, David Shannon entertains us with young David's mischievous antics and a lighthearted story that's sure to leave kids (and parents) laughing.

Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey

Maira Kalman - 2002
    Harvey fireboat was the largest, fastest, shiniest fireboatof its time, but by 1995, the city didn't need old fireboats anymore. So the Harvey retired, until a group of friends decided to save it from the scrap heap. Then, one sunny September day in 2001, something so horrible happened that the whole world shook. And a call came from the fire department, asking if the Harvey could battle the roaring flames. In this inspiring true story, Maira Kalman brings a New York City icon to life and proves that old heroes never die.

Diary of a Wombat

Jackie French - 2002
    Their favorite activities are eating, sleeping, and digging holes. Here, in the words of one unusually articulate wombat, is the tongue-in-cheek account of a busy week; eating, sleeping, digging holes . . . and training its new neighbors, a family of humans, to produce treats on demand. This entertaining book, with its brief, humorous text and hilarious illustrations, will endear the wombat to young children, who may recognize in the determined furry creature some qualities that they share.

Giggle, Giggle, Quack

Doreen Cronin - 2002
    'But keep an eye on Duck. He's trouble.' Bob follows the instructions in Farmer Brown's notes exactly to the letter. He orders pizza with anchovies for the hens, bathes the pigs with bubble bath, and lets the cows chose a movie. Is that giggling he hears? The duck, the cows, the hens and the pigs are back in top form in this hilarious follow-up to 'Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type'.

A Story for Bear

Dennis Haseley - 2002
    Although he can't understand her words, he returns day after day all summer to hear the woman read to him. Each night he carries the sound of her stories--of sailors and goddesses and far-off lands--back to his cave. The stories are from another world, but their sound touches him.

Noah's Ark

Jerry Pinkney - 2002
    Only Noah had been warned by God of the great floodand only Noah could save life on earth. This powerful story of salvation has fascinated people of all ages for centuries. Now, four-time Caldecott Honor-recipient Jerry Pinkney captures all the courage, drama, and beauty of this ancient parable in rich, glorious paintings. Full of sensitive detail and emotion, his art brings new life and meaning to an important message of peace. This elegant edition of Noah's Ark promises to give readers strength and hope for many years to come.

Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School

Mark Teague - 2002
    In reality, Brotweiler is more like camp than prison, but still, Ike's not cut out for life without Mrs. LaRue. Finally, he runs away only to find himself back in Snort City -- just in time to save Mrs. LaRue's life.A classic picture book written and illustrated by How Do Dinosaurs...? artist Mark Teague.

The Smartest Giant in Town

Julia Donaldson - 2002
    With smart trousers, a smart shirt, stripy tie and shiny shoes, George is a new giant.But on his way home, he meets various animals who desperately need his help ... and his clothes!"My absolute favourite of this year's picture books ... Julia Thompson and Axel Scheffler are a combination made in heaven." - The Independent on Sunday"Who could resist?" - The Sunday Times

Our Gracie Aunt

Jacqueline Woodson - 2002
    Their mama has gone away many times before, but something tells them that this time she won't be coming back. Then a social worker comes and takes them to meet their Aunt Gracie. Beebee barely remembers her, and Mama never even told Johnson about her. They wonder where she's been all this time--and why she would want to take care of them. Warily, though, the children begin to trust Aunt Gracie. And in the process, they come to a better understanding of what it means to be a family.

Please, Baby, Please

Spike Lee - 2002
    Not on your HEAD baby baby baby, please! Vivid illustrations from celebrated artist Kadir Nelson evoke toddlerhood from sandbox to high chair to crib, and families everywhere will delight in sharing these exuberant moments again and again.

Keats's Neighborhood: An Ezra Jack Keats Treasury

Ezra Jack Keats - 2002
    Now this beautiful collection brings together nine of his best-loved stories, including the 1963 Caldecott Medal-winning book The Snowy Day and Caldecott Honor book Goggles!, plus Whistle for Willie, Peter's Chair, Apt. 3, and others. Also included is artwork from an unfinished picture book, The Giant Turnip, published here for the very first time. An introduction by celebrated critic of children's literature Anita Silvey outlines Keats's career and inimitable contributions. In addition, five of the most important writers and illustrators working in the field today share their thoughts on Keats and the legacy he left behind. An afterword describes his incredible life, from his childhood in Brooklyn to children's book legend.


Olivier Dunrea - 2002
    One morning Gossie can’t find her beloved boots. She looks everywhere for them: under the bed, over the wall, even in the barn. Preschoolers will enjoy helping Gossie find her red boots and delight in where Gossie finally finds them.

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book?

Lauren Child - 2002
    Drawing mustaches on the characters, pasting telephones into the rooms, and cutting out Prince Charming and the royal thrones had seemed like good fun. But then Herb never imagined he'd fall into the book one night. After contending with a petulant Goldilocks, a very angry wicked stepmother, and a disappointed Cinderella, all Herb wants to do is find his way off the page. If only he can escape the book, he can make everything happily ever after again... sort of. With exuberant collage illustrations and a hilarious text, award-winning author and illustrator Lauren Child has created a wild and irreverent romp through the land of fairy tales.

Zoo - ology

Joëlle Jolivet - 2002
    The illustrations are robust, graphic prints that will catch the eye--and the large selection of over 350 different species will make absorbing reading. Includes four pages of informational notes.

I'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem

Jamie Lee Curtis - 2002
    From the #1 New York Times bestselling team of Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell, creators of Today I Feel Silly and Where Do Balloons Go?, comes I’m Gonna Like Me, a funny and moving celebration of self-esteem and loving the skin you’re in.Celebrate liking yourself! Through alternating points of view, a girl's and a boy's, Jamie Lee Curtis's triumphant text and Laura Cornell's lively artwork show kids that the key to feeling good is liking yourself because you are you.A book to rejoice in and share, I'm Gonna Like Me will have kids letting off some self-esteem in no time!

Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed

Emily Pearson - 2002
    When she decides to pick them for her neighbor, Mrs. Bishop, she starts a chain reaction that multiplies around the world.

I Know a Rhino

Charles Fuge - 2002
    She spins round with her hippo, blows bubbles in the bath with giraffe, and picnics on brown bread and honey with her bear when it's sunny. And, did you ever meet a leopard in top hat and tail? He's simply the best, as anyone can see. It's the most delightful menagerie imaginable, and the sweetest story--with a little twist at the end.

The Teddy Bear

David McPhail - 2002
    Every night, when the little boy went to sleep, his teddy bear was right there next to him. When the little boy went on a trip, his teddy bear went too—until one terrible day when the teddy bear was left behind . . .A compassionate tale of friends lost and foundThis is the wonderful story of a friend who is lost and found and lost and found again, and of a little boy who begins to understand the meaning of compassion.

Night Monkey, Day Monkey

Julia Donaldson - 2002
    But in learning about each other's opposite worlds and laughing at their own misunderstandings, they learn to be the best of friends. This boisterous and rhythmic read-along story by Julia Donaldson is stunningly illustrated by Lucy Richards.

The Mommy Book

Todd Parr - 2002
    Whether mommies work far away or at home, cook or order pizza, they are all lots of fun and filled with love.This is the perfect book for celebrating mommies on Mother's Day, and all year round.

Museum ABC

Metropolitan Museum of Art - 2002
    Simple words matched with intriguing illustrations provide an opportunity for endless exploration. Children will be fascinated to discover that a boat, a rose, a tree, and even a window can be so different from one another -- and from the objects they see every day. Adults will love the visual and cultural richness of this alphabetical tour through the Metropolitan Museum's collection. An informative fact section at the end of the book provides more details about each piece of art and its creator, including art by luminaries such as Paul Cézanne, Marc Chagall, Edgar Degas, Utagawa Hiroshige, Roy Lichtenstein, Claude Monet, as well as historic pieces from Greece, Egypt, Italy, China, Japan, India, Iran, and more.

September 12th: We Knew Everything Would Be All Right

H. Byron Masterson Elementary School - 2002
    These students were given a commemorative Sept.On September 11th horrific events occurred, yet through the simple text and vibrant art of first graders, we are reminded that the world continued the next day. On each page, children experience the comforts of ordinary routines, such as their teacher reading books to them, having homework and recess, and knowing that 2 + 2 still equals 4. This is a poignant message of hope that reassures us all that even after bad things happen, tomorrow always brings a new day.

The Island

Armin Greder - 2002
    When the people of an island find a man sitting on their shore, they immediately reject him because he is different. Fearful to the point of delusional paranoia, the islanders lock him in a goat pen, refuse him work, and feed him scraps they would normally feed a pig. As their fears progress into hatred, they force him into the sea. The charcoal illustrations complement the sparse and beautifully understated narrative.

Hands Are Not for Hitting (Ages 0-3) (Best Behavior

Martine Agassi - 2002
    Includes tips for parents and caregivers.

Gossie & Gertie

Olivier Dunrea - 2002
    They splash in the rain, play hide-and-seek, and they dive in the pond together. Everywhere Gossie goes, Gertie does too. Or does she? With charming illustrations and gentle text, Olivier Dunrea has created two lovable, sweet characters that will appeal to the youngest listeners.

Hola! Jalapeno

Amy Wilson Sanger - 2002
    With pages full of tummy-tempting foods, the books in the World Snacks series are a delicious way to introduce even the littlest eaters to cuisines from all around the globe.

Mrs. Biddlebox

Linda Smith - 2002
    Biddlebox rolled overOn the wrong side of her bunk.Mrs. Biddlebox is having a really bad day. The birds are screeching, her belly is grumbling, and even her crumpets are stale. What is she to do? Then, suddenly, Mrs. Biddlebox has the most bewitching idea!With a pinch of magic and just the right amount of humor, Linda Smith and Marla Frazee have whipped up an enchantingly original tale that will charm anyone who's ever woken up on the wrong side of the bunk.

The Daddy Book

Todd Parr - 2002
     Whether your dad walks you to school or walks you to the bus, whether he wears suits or two different socks, whether he has a lot of hair or a little, Todd Parr assures readers that no matter what kind of daddy you have, every father is special in his own unique way. With his trademark bold, bright colors and silly scenes, kids will learn that while no two dads are exactly alike, "all daddies love to hug and kiss you," and that is what is so special about them! Perfect for young children just beginning to read, The Daddy Book is designed to encourage early literacy, enhance emotional development, celebrate multiculturalism, promote character growth, and strengthen family relationships.

Turk and Runt: A Thanksgiving Comedy

Lisa Wheeler - 2002
    But you will laugh at what he has to do to get the family's attention. They are, after all, turkeys. And rarely has a story about them been told with such warmth and cleverness. Or with such witty pictures.


Giles Andreae - 2002
    They love talking about pants. They giggle whenever pants are mentioned. Let's face it - Pants are VERY FUNNY! PANTS is a picture book with a brilliant rhyming text by Giles Andreae and lots of hilarious pictures by Nick Sharratt. As we go through the book we meet lots of different animals, people and sometimes inanimate objects each wearing a different kind of pants - every shape, pattern, colour, size and style that you can think of - and lots more besides! This book will make children laugh and they will ask for it again and again. PANTS - which ones are your favourite?

Why is Blue Dog Blue?: A Tale of Colors

George Rodrigue - 2002
    Paintings of Blue Dog in many different colors, including salmon, cherry, and moss green, explain why Blue Dog had to be blue.

From Dawn till Dusk

Natalie Kinsey-Warnock - 2002
    Illustrated with Mary Azarian’s beautiful woodcuts, From Dawn till Dusk reveals how chores lead straight to the best kind of fun: night-swimming in the pond, skiing off the barn roof, and finding new gray kittens in the haymow, with their eyes still closed.

Spirit: Stallion on the Cimarron (Picture Book)

David Clement-Davies - 2002
    Spirit is the leader of a herd of wild mustangs. Rustlers, soldiers, and railroad builders capture and attempt to tame the stallion just as they are taming the land, but the mustang has a determination and a need for freedom that cannot be contained. Through bravery, cunning, and an unexpected friendship with a Native American boy, Spirit finds his way home again.

Jasper's Day

Marjorie Blain Parker - 2002
    Everything they do will be in honor of Jasper --- sort of like a birthday. But it isn't Jasper's birthday. The old dog's cancer has gotten really bad. Riley knows they can't let him suffer any longer, but letting go will be the hardest thing he's ever had to do.Marjorie Blain Parker's tender story is filled with smiles, tears and the joy of special memories, and Janet Wilson's gentle pastels capture the depth of love shared by a boy and his dog. Together, they speak of acceptance, remembrance and the importance of cherishing life's every moment.

The Color of Home

Mary Hoffman - 2002
    Hassan has only recently arrived in the United States after he and his family were forced to flee Somalia, and he deeply misses the colorful landscape of his former home in Africa. But with the help of his parents, an understanding teacher, and a school art project, Hassan finds that by painting a picture of his old home and sharing his story, his homesickness and the trauma of leaving a war-torn country are lessened. And he finds that there are many things to like about his new home in America. The colorful, impressionistic illustrations are a perfect complement to the wonderful text by Mary Hoffman, author of the highly acclaimed Amazing Grace. Together art and text make this poignant story accessible and affecting for a young audience.

Mole and the Baby Bird

Marjorie Newman - 2002
    As the bird recovers, Mole's mother explains that soon the bird will fly. But Mole wants to keep the bird, so he builds it a cage. Then, one beautifully clear day, Grandad takes Mole for a walk to the top of a high hill where Mole can feel the wind whipping around him. "I'm flying!" he says. When Mole returns home, he looks at the caged baby bird, finally understands that birds are meant to fly, and sets his baby bird free.The extraordinary team of author Marjorie Newman and illustrator Patrick Benson has created a book that speaks to the delicate nature of love and freedom. This is a book for the ages, and one to treasure for a lifetime.

The Last Resort

Roberto Innocenti - 2002
    His quest to recover it leads him to a remote seaside hotel visited by some remarkable guests. Illustrated by the masterful Roberto Innocenti, this book celebrates the wonders of the imagination.

A Treasury of Dick and Jane and Friends

Pearson Scott Foresman - 2002
    Includes: "We Look and See; We Come and Go"; and "The New We Work and Play."

When Lightning Comes in a Jar

Patricia Polacco - 2002
    They can't decide what they like best: the great feast (with zillions of meatloafs and gazillions of Jell-O salads), the softball game, the storytelling . . . the yearly rituals go on and on. But this year, Gramma has a new surprise in store: She promises to teach the grandchildren to catch lightning in a jar. Lightning in a jar! Trisha can't wait to find out what she means. It's a secret she will pass down to her own grandchildren one day, along with the family stories handed down with love through all the generations.

Hello World! Greetings in 42 Languages Around the Globe!

Manya Stojic - 2002
    Each page includes a greeting translated in a different language with easy-to-pronounce phonetic spellings.Manya Stojic's stunning paintings authentically represent diverse children. Young readers will gain an appreciation of languages and cultures beyond their own.This special book captures the essence of culture and tradition with each warm greeting. Try out all 42 languages!

Ted and Friends

Phil Roxbee Cox - 2002
    - For beginner readers phonics-based text is cleverly blended with a funny story- Includes phonics guide for parents...and some pages have fold-out flaps!.

Peekaboo Morning

Rachel Isadora - 2002
    First there's Mommy to find, with Daddy not far behind. Then Puppy comes peeking around the corner, and a favorite toy train brings the toddler to Grandma and Grandpa. Isadora's brilliant, joyful pastel illustrations capture the familiar and cozy people, toys and animals that will delight babies.Join this sweet toddler in the morning fun, sharing words your baby can repeat and pictures your baby will recognize. Then find out what this toddler sees next. It could be you!

Marvelous Me: Inside and Out

Lisa Bullard - 2002
    With his special laugh, his grizzly hugs, and his own interesting thoughts, Alex is one of a kind. Presenting similarities and differences Alex has with others, Marvelous Me, by Lisa Bullard, will encourage children to embrace the things that make them unique. Playful illustrations and fun activities make this book a great addition to home and classroom libraries.

Dirty Bertie

David Roberts - 2002
    Bertie has shockingly dirty habits, from nose picking to weeing on the flowerbed! Whenever Bertie does anything dirty, Bertie's family shouts at him! Will Bertie every kick his horrible habits?

Toot Puddle: Top of the World

Holly Hobbie - 2002
    His search leads him on a remarkable adventure, and to new summits of friendship. As ever, Holly Hobbie's extraordinary watercolor illustrations are at once funny and moving as they bring to life this whimsical tale of the inimitable Toot and Puddle.

Franklin Says "I Love You"

Paulette Bourgeois - 2002
    He combines all the suggestions he received, plus one more gift of his very own: the words, I love you. Full color.

The World Came to My Place Today

Jo Readman - 2002
    The lively, simple text follows George’s day as he discovers the wonder of plants. Eye-catching illustrations are coupled with photographs of grasses, fruits and plants to make a highly original book, building awareness in children of the natural world.

The Range Eternal

Louise Erdrich - 2002
    The woodburning stove provided warmth and comfort, delicious soups, and hot potatoes to warm cold hands on frozen winter mornings. It provided a glowing screen for a young girl's imagination, and protection from the howling ice monsters in the night. But most of all, it was the true heart of the home -- one the young girl never knew how much she would miss until it was gone.

Where Do They Go When It Rains?

Gerda Muller - 2002
    On their way they pass through fields full of flowers, grasshoppers and bees. They stop at a farm, where they feed the hens, pigs and ponies. But when they reach the pond, the clouds turn grey and it starts to rain. The twins love splashing about in the rain. But where do all the animals go when it rains?A wonderfully detailed picture book, with a variety of animals to spot, which will be enjoyed time and time again.

Grandma and Me at the Flea/Los meros meros remateros

Juan Felipe Herrera - 2002
    With every trade and barter, Juanito learns firsthand what it means to be a true rematero -- a flea marketeer -- and discovers that the value of community can never be measured in dollars.

The Terrible Underpants

Kaz Cooke - 2002
    Readers of any age will be powerless to resist this cautionary tale about sprinklers, Mrs. Kafoops, a hairy-nosed wombat, and some worn-out elastic.

The Legend of Saint Christopher: From the Golden Legend Englished by William Caxton, 1483

Margaret Hodges - 2002
    Relates the story of Offero, whose service to Jesus brought him the name of Christopher the Christ-bearer and caused him to be called the patron saint of travelers.

My Pony

Susan Jeffers - 2002
    I want a pony more than anything in the world. At the heart of Susan Jeffers's exquisite picture book lies the idea that in her imagination, a child can journey anywhere and do anything-even fly through the stars on her very own pony.

Farfallina & Marcel

Holly Keller - 2002
    They did everything together -- until one day, everything started to change.This beautiful and touching story shows that even as life takes different turns, friendship endures.


Alan MacDonald - 2002
    Full color.


Wallace Edwards - 2002
    Kids will delight in discovering animals from A to Z living together in an old Victorian mansion. They'll meet an elephant in the ballroom playing with a model train, an octopus hanging from the foyer chandelier — and even a zebra enjoying a soak in the bathtub!Using watercolours and colored pencils, Wallace Edwards has created a bizarre and luxurious world, rich in texture and detail. An engaging mix of art and alphabet book, Alphabeasts provides the basis for hours of animated discussion and quiet contemplation.

Lisette's Angel

Amy Littlesugar - 2002
    Full-color illustrations.

Where Do I Sleep?: A Pacific Northwest Lullaby

Jennifer Blomgren - 2002
    Rhythmic and soothing four-line stanzas describe the animals' habitats and sleeping patterns, gently teaching children the importance of a good night's sleep.

Becky the Brave: A Story of about Epilepsy

Laurie Lears - 2002
    The next day, her shy, younger sister walks to her classroom all alone and wants to tell the other students about Becky's epilepsy. Now she must find the strength to be brave for Becky. Full-color illustrations.

Jam and Jelly by Holly and Nellie

Gloria Whelan - 2002
    But times are hard and a cold winter is coming. Without a warm coat, Holly might not be able to start school. Readers will delight in Mama's solution to Holly's predicament. National Book Award winner Gloria Whelan's lyrical prose is beautifully matched by detailed paintings from Michigan artist Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen.

Barbie as Rapunzel: A Storybook

Merry North - 2002
    Her name was Rapunzel and this is her story. With the help of her cute, fuzzy rabbit Hobie and the kindhearted dragon Penelope, Rapunzel finds the strength to escape her prison tower and follow her dreams. Based on the exciting new Barbie as Rapunzel video.

Being Friends

Karen Beaumont - 2002
    . . we both like being friends!In lilting rhyme and charming images two true-blue best friends proclaim their differences, and have fun with them too. So when one wants to play baseball and the other prefers a game of dress-up, a true pal finds she can pitch while wearing a tiara. And though one buddy favors days and the other nights-both like having pillow fights!

The Ugly Duckling/El Patito Feo

Mercè Escardó i Bas - 2002
    The striking illustrations give a new look to this classic tale, and the bilingual text makes it perfect for both home and classroom libraries.

Henry Builds a Cabin

D.B. Johnson - 2002
    Author and illustrator D. B. Johnson revives the 19th-century writer's desire to live a simple life with this brilliant picture book starring one determined bear. Henry the bear wants to build a cabin in the woods. As he gathers his materials and begins his project, friends stop by and offer him advice. The small frame of the beams prompts his friend Emerson to observe, "Henry, your cabin looks too small to eat in!" Henry replies, "It's bigger than it looks." He explains that the bean patch behind the cabin shall be his dining room. When his friend Alcott notices it's a bit dark inside the cabin, Henry states that the sunny spot next to the house will be his library. Miss Lydia's remark that there is barely enough room to dance inspires Henry to dance in the curved path to the pond, his "ballroom with a grand stairway." When the cabin is finished, Henry enjoys his dining room and other amenities to the fullest. When a rain shower falls, Henry fits snugly in the walls of his cabin and says, "This is just the room I wear when it's raining!"Johnson evokes the true sensibility of Thoreau's actions. Enjoying nature and using it's bounties, Henry lives outside of his material world. Young readers will learn that constrictions of the world are only in their minds. Johnson uses colored pencil and paint on paper to illustrate the mighty Henry in the woods. Warm colors and an excellent use of angles and lines allow kids to see Henry's work from various perspectives. Youngsters will love seeing the meditative bear linger around his newly built home, reading in his "library," and eating beans in the "dining" room. The beauty of nature fills every page, from the greenery of the forest to the animals in the woods. Johnson makes every effort to illustrate the joy Henry experiences while living in his cabin.This creative retelling of one man(bear)'s quest to live in harmony with Mother Earth is sure to inspire young readers to explore and appreciate their very own green ballroom in their own backyard. (Amy Barkat)

A Quiet Place

Douglas Wood - 2002
    But sometimes that place isn't easy to find. You could look under a bush in your own backyard, where the world seems far away...and you could be a pirate on a desert island. Or you could sit on an old stump in the woods amidst the glittering sunlight and mossy shadows and be a timber wolf. You could look by the sea or in the desert or in a cool dark cave, but if none of these places are right, you could come home and discover another quiet place. Perhaps the very best quiet place of all -- the one that's inside of you. In poetic and gently philosophical prose, acclaimed author Douglas Wood explores what it's like to find that special place where we all can think our own thoughts and feel our own feelings. Dan Andreasen brings exquisite imagination and thoughtful wonder to words that will inspire readers of all ages to seek out their very own quiet place.


David Bouchard - 2002
    In this famous love story, a young brave must leave his betrothed to lead a war party against the Blackfoot. Heartbroken by his absence, she falls sick, calls out for her love, and dies. Cree elders say that if you go out onto the prairies and listen, you can still hear the brave searching for his lost love, calling out "Qu'Appelle" -- who is calling?

Diez Deditos and Other Play Rhymes and Action Songs from Latin America

José-Luis Orozco - 2002
    Including favorites such as "The Wheels on the Bus" as well as folk songs from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries, Diez Deditos is a treat for the eyes, ears, and fingers. Lyrics are presented in both English and Spanish, and easy-to-follow musical accompaniment and diagrams for the corresponding actions are also provided. As in the companion volume De Colores, bright collage illustrations by Elisa Kleven complete the appeal of this fun-filled book.

This Little Chick

John Lawrence - 2002
    And he has a wonderful time of it - sliding off the back of a shiny pink pig, hopping along with frogs, skipping with a flock of frisky sheep, and imitating all the sounds these animals make. Full of playful detail, John Lawrence’s bold, energetic engravings will keep toddlers smiling, long after the oinking, mooing, baaing, and quacking are over.

There Once Was a Puffin

Florence Page Jaques - 2002
    Children will rejoice when the muffin-shaped Puffin, with a hat for every occasion, comes up with a simple-and simply delicious-solution to his problem. Bright, bold pictures of a singularly appealing puffin bring this classic nonsense verse to life for the youngest listener.

The Firebird

Jane Yolen - 2002
    But help is nearby -- Prince Ivan searching the nearby tangled wood for food, finds the young women and vows to save them. And with some help from the powerful and mischievous Firebird, as well as with much true courage from within, Prince Ivan will slay a horde of demons and Kostchei himself in order to free the damsels.Jane Yolen's rich, mystical narrative is based on both the well-known Russian folktale and the famous Balanchine/Stravinsky ballet. Enhancing that theme, Vladimir Vagin has created exquisite paintings with a double focus: The folktale takes center stage, while intricate vignettes of the ballet serve as a border. The result is a seamlessly woven multilayered tapestry of story and art that will make this book a treasure for ballet lovers new and old.

Storm is Coming!

Heather Tekavec - 2002
    Who is this terrifying creature named Storm? Huddled in the barn, the animals anxiously wait for his arrival. But when the sky gets darker, growling fiercely and flashing bright lights, the animals are relieved. The sky must be trying to protect them by scaring away Storm! Young children will relish the simple humor of this farm tale, made all the more delightful through its dynamic, expressive illustrations.

My Mommy and I

P.K. Hallinan - 2002
    K. Hallinan conveys the love of children for their mothers. From the opening line, "My mommy and I are as close as can be . . ." to the conclusion, "We're joined at the heart, my mommy and I," this is a gentle story of love expressed between child and mom -- between your child and you.

Pipaluk And The Whales

John Himmelman - 2002
    When Pipa and her father discover the whales, their entire village comes together in a valiant effort to rescue the creatures. Finally, an ice-breaker arrives, cutting an opening to the sea for the whales. But the engine noise frightens the creatures, and it takes a clever plan of Pipa' s to lure the whales to open water. At the end of the book, an author' s note describes the real-life event that inspired this beautiful story.

My First Winnie-The-Pooh

A.A. Milne - 2002
    A. Milne's verses, hums, and rhymes from his Winnie-the-Pooh storybooks and two volumes of poetry. This lovely gift collection gathers ten of these delightful verses, carefully chosen for the very youngest of Pooh's fans, accompanied by Ernest H. Shepard's beloved drawings in full color. Here are such favorites as "Furry Bear," "Us Two," "Vespers," and more.Elegantly designed with a special padded cover and gold edges, this charming volume is the perfect introduction for a whole new generation to the Best Bear in All the World-Winnie-the-Pooh.

Consider Love: Its Moods and Many Ways

Sandra Boynton - 2002
    Also it rhymes. This lovely volume is a terrific gifty object (hey, have you ever tried to write book jacket copy?) as varied and delightful as a fine box of chocolates, yet with the decided advantage that there aren¹t any of those icky little pineapple jelly things.

Scary Fright, Are You All Right?

Scott Gibala-Broxholm - 2002
    After playing with a new human friend, Scary Fright begins behaving strangely--choosing a kitten for a pet, developing a taste for pizza, and drawing rainbows on her wall.

Mythological Monsters

Sara Fanelli - 2002
    Sara Fanelli's distinctive art style combined with the unusual design of the text adds new dimensions to the traditional picture-book experience.

Giant of the Sea: The Story of a Sperm Whale - a Smithsonian Oceanic Collection Book

Courtney Granet Raff - 2002
    When a fierce killer whale threatens Mother Whale's calf, can the pod defend him?Book Features:- An informative storyline and colorful illustrations- 32 pages- Appropriate for ages: 3-9- Mini book dimensions: 5 7/8 x 4 3/4 inches

This Book Is for All Kids, But Especially My Sister Libby. Libby Died

Jack Simon - 2002
    She'd been born with a rare disorder and wasn't expected to survive six months. But she lived three and a half years, giving Jack plenty of time to get to know her. When she died, Jack struggled to understand how God could take away his little sister.Everyone experiences grief, but children express it differently. Afraid to ask questions that might make someone sadder, children often keep their sorrow locked inside. Jack's mom, Annette, encouraged her son to talk about his pain, and she insightfully began a diary. Jack's questions eventually became the picture book This Book Is for All Kids, but Especially My Sister Libby. Libby Died. His words were illustrated with his input by his mom, a graphic designer.A grieving Jack thought no one in the world could possibly know how he felt. In truth, his questions are universal. Communication is especially important at a time of loss. Ironically, that's exactly when no one quite knows what to say. Not even grown-ups.Which is why This Book Is for All Kids is the perfect way to help children and adults begin to deal with loss. Already used nationally in Ronald McDonald Houses and praised by authors, educators, parents, and professionals-including the American Hospice Foundation and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation-This Book Is for All Kids is a starting point for loving conversations about death, grief, and hope. Designed for children, this book is becoming a source of comfort for people of all ages and faiths.Ultimately, This Book Is for All Kids is for anyone who's lost a loved one.

Full Moon Rising

Joanne Taylor - 2002
    From January’s Wolf Moon to June’s Honey Moon, and from September’s Harvest Moon to December’s Long-Night Moon, Joanne Taylor introduces the names of each full moon in a gentle narrative that follows the rhythms of a farm family’s life. Folklore and real life blend in a beautiful new book about the seasons. The lyrical text is perfectly complemented by Susan Tooke’s gorgeous paintings.

Up the Learning Tree

Marcia K. Vaughan - 2002
    In fact, most enslaved children, like him, are severely punished if they are even caught with a book. But Henry is curious. He suspects there is something powerful in books, and he wants to know what it is.One day Henry finishes his chores quickly, then runs to the schoolhouse. He hides in a sycamore tree just as the teacher begins reading a story. His heart pounds as he listens with astonishment, and right then he makes up his mind to learn to read. Henry's fierce determination and bravery in the face of serious consequences lead him to a special friendship, and a journey of discovery that changes his life forever.Set in the pre-Civil War South, Up the Learning Tree is a story of hope and humanity during difficult times, and a poignant reminder that the freedom to learn should never be taken for granted.Marcia Vaughan was inspired to write Up the Learning Tree after reading Civil War-era oral histories of former enslaved people, many of whom risked their lives to learn to read and write.

Journey Around New York From A to Z

Martha Day Zschock - 2002
    A pigeon serves as a tour guide of sorts, appearing on every page in either the small inset illustration or in one of the smaller spot-art drawings located along the bottom of the pages. The format works well to introduce famous landmarks and neighborhoods with descriptive alliterative sentences, such as "Dragons dance by dim sum diners" as an introduction to Chinatown and "Gorgeous gardens grace glass-houses" for commentary on the New York Botanical Garden. Succinct paragraphs of historical information are located under each full-page, highly detailed colored-pencil-and-watercolor illustration. In a much smaller type size, a one-sentence, sometimes quirky, bit of information is imparted as well, as in "Many skyscrapers don't have a 13th floor. No one wants to be on an unlucky floor!" This up-to-date book includes a reference to and inset illustration of the former Twin Towers under the letter T: "Tough times take teamwork." The book begins with a map and a listing of the 26 landmarks showcased. The endpapers offer a different sort of New York alphabet to readers, featuring small illustrations of interesting trademark items, such as a Nathan's hot dog, a blue box from Tiffany's, and a yellow cab. A wonderful testament to a diverse city and its equally diverse residents." -School Library Journal

The Swirling Hijaab

Na'ima bint Robert - 2002
    With a swirl of the hijaab, she is at once a brave warrior queen, an adventurous nomad in the desert, a beautiful bride, inside a bedouin tent.

1001 Animals to Spot

Gillian Doherty - 2002
    -- Teeming with animals to find, count and talk about, this bright picture book provides hours of puzzle-solving fun!-- The busy scenes bring to life different habitats from around the world.-- Children will delight in finding all kinds of familiar and exotic animals - from lambs on the farm to armadillos in the rainforest!

Goose's Story

Cari Best - 2002
    Honking and flapping, they always land in groups. But this spring something is different: an injured goose stands on one leg – alone. Shunned by the other geese, she is unable to search for food, swim, or fly away. A young girl watches and wonders how a goose with one foot can survive. She wants to feed her, take care of her, be her friend. But her mother warns that “a wild goose has to learn to live with her weakness. Or she won’t live at all.” It takes patience and courage for both goose and girl to let nature take its course.Told from a child’s point of view, and based on a true story, this simple, telling, and triumphant picture book is wonderfully illustrated in the bold paper-collage art of Holly Meade.

Knick Knack Paddywhack

Paul O. Zelinsky - 2002
    Zelinsky's first moving-parts book since the best-selling Wheels on the Bus is a beauty. To the verses of "This Old Man," an ingenious visual narrative follows a young boy as he ventures outside. Along the way, children can push tabs, turn wheels, or lift flaps to see ten different old men pop out of hiding to play Knick-Knack. Children (and critics) agree that Knick-Knack Paddywhack! takes the interactive book to a new level of imagination. -Smithsonian magazine Notable Book for Children 2002 -Parenting magazine Book of the Year -Newsweek magazine Top Pick for Kids -New York Times Best Illustrated Book for 2002Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 9/23/2002 Pages: 8 Reading Level: Age 2 and Up

Can You See What I See?

Walter Wick - 2002
    The text on each spread ends with a twist. Readers must go back and solve brain-teasing puzzles: follow an alphabet maze, identify parts needed to build a robot, discover objects in a mirror image that doesn't quite reflect what's really there! This book will provide hours of fun to puzzle-lovers of all ages!

Hunter's Best Friend at School

Laura Malone Elliott - 2002
    This young raccoon pair loves to do everything together, like dress in striped sweaters, read the same stories, and even eat the same lunch—a crawfish sandwich, huckleberries, and milk. But when Stripe arrives one day at school in a mischief-making mood and starts stirring up trouble in Mr. Ringtail's class, should Hunter follow along?Laura Malone Elliott and Lynn Munsinger introduce two delightful pals who will entertain young children as they also provide an important look at peer pressure and first friendships.

Lilo and Stitch

Walt Disney Company - 2002
    Get ready for some nonstop fun and adventure with Lilo & Stitch, the story of a lonely Hawaiian girl who unknowingly adopts an escaped alien as her pet! Kids can relive all the excitement of Disney’s newest animated feature film with this 64-page, full-color Read-Aloud Storybook.


Barbara McClintock - 2002
    She tells the doll that she and Bruno, her bear, "like digging in dirt and climbing trees. No tea parties, no being pushed around in frilly prams. You'll just have to get used to the way we do things." Much to Charlotte and Bruno's surprise, Dahlia seems to like getting dirty while making mud cakes and racing wagons. But at the end of the day, Charlotte's aunt arrives for a visit and wants to see how Dahlia's doing . . . and Charlotte is in for another surprise. Charming, detailed illustrations accompany this sweet story about making room for a new friend.

Jack and the Beanstalk: How a Small Fellow Solved a Big Problem

Albert Lorenz - 2002
    The beans grew into a mighty plant that reached as high as the sky.

On Morning Wings

Reeve Lindbergh - 2002
    And when they feel lost or lonely, friends are never very far away. In this gentle adaptation of Psalm 139, Reeve Lindbergh and Holly Meade create a prayer of abiding love and hope - and a sun-dappled world where comfort is around every corner, and no one is truly alone.

No Ordinary Olive

Roberta Baker - 2002
    Full color.

Fia & the Imp

Lauren A. Mills - 2002
    As Fia helps the woodkins harvest food, a mischievous imp spirits away the two littlest woodkins. Will Fia be able to face the imp alone and save her friends? In this companion volume to the award-winning Fairy Wings, Lauren Mills and Dennis Nolan create a magical world filled with fairies, imps, trolls, woodkins, and all kinds of sprightly beings.

Pedro the Brave

Leo Broadley - 2002
    Pedro agrees, as long as he can prepare the sauce in which he and his companions are served. The wolf agrees, and Pedro goes to work concocting something special for the dinner. But before Pedro steps into the pot, the wolf takes a taste of the sauce, which sends him running. Leaving Pedro and his friends to sing and dance the night away in celebration.

Killer Whales

Anne Welsbacher - 2002
    Describes killer whales, their habits, where they live, their hunting methods, and how they exist in the world of people.