The Gypsy: A Romantic Thriller

T.J. Jones - 2021
    Standing, and straddling my broken body with a well-muscled leg on either side of me, she looked like an ethereal giant: a beautiful Amazon, impossible tall, and equally invincible. She fired immediately, spun quickly and fired again, then dropped down and crowded me against the antique safe that had become our sanctuary. Improbably, she grinned at me. "Two down, and one to go."A mass shooting, an FBI coverup, and a madman with his own militia and a political hit list. Adam Cain is caught in the middle with only one person to trust; the beautiful and mysterious woman that calls herself the Gypsy. She seems to have all the answers, and a hit list of her own.


    Maceo has overlooked the vow of “forsaking all others”, so it’s hard for him to stay faithful. Maceo is extremely sexy, and women are always throwing their goodies at him. He loves his beautiful wife Chrissy, but he keeps a hot thot on standby. He has a weakness for fine, freaky women. Their marriage seems to be perfect from the outside looking in. However, everything that glitters ain’t gold. Big trouble is brewing and Maceo is creeping out the bed to meet up with different mistresses. It’s just sex to him and nothing more; but, what happens when one of his side chicks fall in love? She’s willing to do whatever it takes to make Maceo her man. Chrissy has overlooked her husband’s cheating over the years; but, after learning of a particular mistress, Maceo might have crossed a line she can’t forgive. Maceo is scandalous, but he’s not the only one hiding secrets. Chrissy’s past ain’t pretty, and both of their secrets will be exposed. ​When life changing secrets are revealed…..can Maceo and Chrissy forgive each other? Or will the cheating, lies, and secrets be too much to save this troubled marriage?

Crime Fiction: Private Eye Thriller

B.A. Savage - 2016
    When he finds, Coleman's dead he may be pursuing the wrong suspect. Shallow Grave When Stone is hired to pick up a jar of face cream from a Frenchman named Lorenzo Carlos, he thinks it's going to be a quick one thousand bucks, but faith has its own plans. Stone's life is threatened by a cosmetic company owner that has a soft voice but an itchy trigger finger, leading to an explosion that rocks the foundation of the case. All this for a jar of face cream? There's something wrong in Central City, and it's Stone’s job to find out the truth. Wishful Thinking When a carnival employee hires Randall Stone to investigate his girlfriend, a girl is murdered in a fire accidentally blowing a secret wide open. Cold Fury When Stone meets a beautiful woman in the Lake View Bar, she shows him a clipping out of the Personal columns of the newspaper. An attorney wanted to know the whereabouts of Mary Patton, wife of the late, Ben Patton, who died seven years ago in the Philippine Islands. Mr. Patton left a legacy of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for his wife. She hired Stone to claim her inheritance and he meet a man with his code of vigilante justice and Randall Stone’s on the top of his list.Die to Be Rich When Stone's hired to pick up an envelope for Mellissa, it's supposed to be a simple case, but nothing is as it seems when you’re a private eye. On the way back from the pickup, Stone is covered by two thugs that use him as a punching bag. Now Stone carries out his own brand of justice on the streets of Central City. You’re Going to Die Mr. Stone When a Puerto Rican man walks into Stone’s office and tells him; he’s going to die Stone’s asked to deliver a letter to the man who’s trying to kill the Puerto Rican. A guy just released from prison named Tony Ramirez. And when two men are murdered, Stone tries to find the link between the dead men and lottery racket in the Northpark area. It’s Called Murder Scott Braga has one wish, to talk to his son before he leaves Central City and has 12 hours before he goes. He hires Randall Stone to find his son on Fifth Street one of the most dangerous areas in town. When a murder happens, Stone tries to identify the real culprit. Sweet Letters of Death When a man hoping to find a companion or even a soul mate gets taken for a considerable amount of money through a mail order bride he hires Randall Stone to get his money back. Stone races to expose them before it happens to someone else. Tales of: Detective, Police Detective, Police, Murder, Investigation, Death, Violence, Blood, Shootout, Police Officer, Shot to Death, Corpse, Revenge, Fight, Gun, Murder Investigation, Gunfight, Husband Wife Relationship, Fistfight Neo Noir, Interrogation, Police Investigation, Deception Blood Splatter, Gangst

Where's the Groom?

Cathryn Brown - 2020
    Now her groom’s missing and a new man’s helping her search for him.Summer realized she’d made a big mistake. Why did she say yes to him? When her groom never arrives at the church, she uses her one clue to find him. She gets a big surprise. And she meets her Watson to help her search.Cameron agrees to help Summer because a family member’s caught in her mystery. She’s glad to have someone working with her, especially when he’s handsome and has a great smile, but a new romance is out of the question. But she sometimes (maybe too often) gets in trouble when she leaps before she looks, so he could come in handy.Cameron and Summer are immediately pulled into a mystery bigger than a missing groom (with no dead bodies!) and fighting their attraction to each other. If they can find the groom—and solve this mystery—they’ll part ways and never need to see each other again.They’re caught in a situation they didn’t create. Can a woman who almost got married find love on the run?

A Marley the Witch Cozy Mystery Collection: Books 1-3

Amorette Anderson - 2020
    Marley Greene is an amateur witch who just wants everyone to get along.With her new retreat center up and running, she hopes to spread magic and healing to all who enter.What she doesn’t bargain for is how much trouble can go along with deep healing!Between mixing up mudbaths and arranging crystal grids, Marley finds herself trying to solve a mystery or two.After all, dead bodies are hardly good for business.Can Marley and her witch sisters keep everything under control?This paranormal cozy mystery boxset includes the first three Marley the Witch Mysteries.Book #1: The Strongman’s SpellBook #2: The Artist’s AlchemyBook #3: King Midas’ Magic

Summer of Fear - a murder-mystery thriller

Chris McGarry - 2014
    Over his 20 - year career, Antonio Guardini has investigated some very disturbing, grisly crimes. But the latest string of murders that have New Yorkers in a paralyzing state of fear have struck a personal chord within Antonio. A devout Catholic and prolife activist, the hardened cop is tasked with tracking down the wily serial killer who is stalking and butchering the city's abortion physicians. As his personal beliefs begin conflict with his job, a struggle ensues as Antonio delves deeper the twisted myriad of clues left by the murderer and his victims. Will Antonio identify and apprehend the 'Abortion Avenger' before he kills again?

A Cauldron of Hot Coffee

Samantha Silver - 2021
    Never one to believe in superstitions, let alone magic, the receptionist makes the best discovery of her life during her worst day on the job.Eliza is a witch. A witch born into a family banished from the paranormal world generations ago due to bad behavior. Well, they can't be that bad, can they?Introduced to her long-lost family and powers she never knew she had, Eliza moves to the island of Enchanted Enclave, where she falls in love with the quirky little Pacific Northwest town and the coffee shop owned by her family. But her dream come true quickly turns into a nightmare when one of Eliza's customers is poisoned.Unfortunately, the smoking hot guy she has her eye on also has an eye on her, but for the wrong reason — turns out he’s the lead detective on the case. Eliza sets out to clear her name and hopefully her calendar for a date with Mr. Dimples-when-he-smiles. Will Eliza find the killer before it’s too late or will her new start come to an untimely end?This is a boxed set containing the first three books in the Enchanted Enclave Mysteries: Wake Up and Spell the Coffee, Whole Latte Magic, and A Witch, Dark Roast.

When A Thug Has Feelings

Senoj - 2017
    When her parents found out, they decided to uproot them to another city. After losing contact with Dreon, she experienced her first heartbreak and decided to shift her focus back on her education. Now twenty-three, Niya is in her final year of law school, but over the years she continued to experience the short end of any relationship she was in, including the relationship with her parents. She finally accepts that her heart has never fully healed, but that all changes once she sees Dreon again. She doesn’t know how he will feel about the secret she’s been keeping from him. Dreon Carter was known for the havoc he wreaked growing up. But after being abandoned by his mother on his grandmother’s steps, he was angry and released that anger on other kids. Sometimes, even letting Niya tag along. Barely graduating high school, due to poor attendance, he went into the streets full time and was now known by the street name Menace. He ended up serving some time in prison, but now at twenty-five, he is the king of the dope game in Cleveland, running the streets with his right-hand man, Renzo. He has a two-year-old daughter by a crazy baby mama who’s set on being a pain in his ass and causing friction between him and Niya. Along with running the streets, he’s trying to run his home, but with the streets and his home life trying to cross, he runs into problems. The bond of Menace and Niya is undeniably unbreakable, but is Niya strong enough to be the woman of a thug, going against everything she’s about, and dealing with the drama that comes along? Can Menace avoid the pressures of the street life and be the man Niya wants him to be, while also not giving up his streets, or will it all be too much?


Jo Fenton - 2020
    Manchester, 1989A student, Rick, is found dead in halls of residence.His friends get caught up in the aftermath: Dan, who was in love with Rick; and Becky, who is in love with Dan.Their fraught emotions lead them into dark places – particularly a connection to a mysterious Kabbalistic sect.Will Becky discover who killed Rick in time to save her best friend?

Powder Island: the Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mysteries, Book 26

Charles Veley - 2021
    A wounded ally. And the rise of a new and powerful enemy . . . When an unforeseen blast destroys part of England’s largest gunpowder factory, Inspector Gregson, a former ally of Sherlock Holmes, is put on the case. Holmes waits for a call to help Gregson investigate, but the call never comes. Soon Gregson will be demoted to a lowly beat patrolman, walking the streets of Whitechapel. Nine months later, the factory owner comes to Holmes for help. He has rebuilt the demolished structure and needs to resume operations. But he's received an anonymous note threatening another explosion.All known suspects have iron-clad alibis, and there are no other leads. If the culprit is not caught, the factory may never reopen, and the livelihoods of four hundred workers and their families will vanish permanently.Then Gregson is brutally stabbed in a Whitechapel alley. More mysterious circumstances unfold. Holmes realizes the Baker Street team is up against a powerful and complex enemy who will stop at nothing to avoid being caught. Can the team unmask the malefactor before more damage is done? Or will all their efforts go up in smoke?A thrilling and fast-paced take on a classic Sherlock who-done-it, complete with unexpected twists and turns, clever sleuthing, and diabolical villainy. Powder Island stays faithful to the spirit of the beloved original series, while adding fresh new mysteries and dynamic new characters. Get it today!


J.L. Hyde - 2021
    The only catch? It requires them to move to Oklahoma City. After relocating, Lindy spends more and more of her newfound free time with her online group of true-crime enthusiasts and even makes a real-life friend from the group, who happens to live in Oklahoma. The women quickly become close as they meet weekly to drink coffee and discuss their lives and the latest headlines. The peace is short-lived when they find themselves in the middle of their own true crime nightmare after a terrifying encounter connects them to the case of a local missing woman. Just how far will they go to find answers?

The Hogarth Way - Two Gripping Crime Mysteries - DI Hogarth Double Bill Set 2: DI Hogarth's The Poison Path and The Deadly Kiss (The DI Hogarth Mysteries Collection)

Solomon Carter - 2021
    DETECTIVES HOGARTH AND PALMER ARE CALLED TO THE SCENE.The body belongs to deadbeat actor, Gareth Manning. Initial clues suggest accidental death… but Manning had plenty of reasons to live… and Hogarth soon discovers that the body under the pier isn’t the only mystery in town.No one knows why Gareth Manning died but everyone in the film crew has a theory. Manning was a drinker, a wastrel with a history of falling apart. But Manning had ambition too. DI Hogarth, DS Palmer and DC Simmons must work through the clues and layers of lies… but the deeper they delve, the murkier the mystery gets.A sinister plot is in the offing… Will DI Hogarth be lured into the trap?BOOK 2: THE DEADLY KISSDI Hogarth is on the hunt. But the DI is not the only one looking for prey…DETECTIVE JOE HOGARTH IS ON THE HUNT FOR A KILLER WHO STOLE THE LIFE OF A YOUNG CHRISTIAN GIRL. IT’S TWO WEEKS SINCE THE YOUNG WOMAN'S BODY WAS LEFT ABANDONED IN A BEACH HUT. EVIDENCE IS SLIM, LEADS ARE EXHAUSTED AND DI HOGARTH IS FEELING THE STRAIN... BUT THE MURDER OF YOUNG HELEN BRIMELOW ISN’T THE ONLY CRIME TROUBLING HOGARTH. A WELL-CONNECTED MAN CALLED SIMON DRAWTON HAS GOTTEN AWAY WITH FAR MORE THAN HE SHOULD.COULD IT BE THAT DRAWTON HAS STRUCK AGAIN?HOGARTH SUSPECTS SO. AND HOGARTH IS DETERMINED THAT HE WON'T GET WAY WITH IT.

Deadly Secrets Royalty: Brothers that Bite Book 5 (Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite)

E. Bowser - 2020
    Now forever means something vastly different for the two best friends. Taria just being a college student she never thought she would run into a vampire serial killer or being accused of murder, to becoming a vampire herself. Taria never thought that asking for excitement in her life she would end up with Michael a sexy vampire with deadly secrets but who made her his Queen. Michael has always seen visions, but he never saw Taria coming into his life. The couple is more than just lovers but soulmates who were destined to be together. Michael can feel his power growing as the New Year approaches as he fights whoever attacks his family and friends. He knows that he must protect his people as he takes the throne, but before that can happen, he had to take the Van Allans down. With Taria by his side, Michael knows he can defend and rule the vampire covens, or they would die trying. LaToya never imagined finding someone who loves her enough to let her be herself. She never thought she would have children and now can’t Imagine life without them. LaToya went looking for answers about herself and found that she was more than what she appeared. Quinn with deadly secrets himself found his mate and would never let her go. Finally finding of his own past, he has to find the True Alpha inside if he wants to keep his mate, children, and all wolf shifter packs safe. Enemies are all around the friends who became more. They found allies, friends and more secrets to uncover but before they can move on to their next adventure in their lives, they had to deal with the fact something wants to end the world, and another wants to rule it. It's up to these four to make it right even at the cost of their own lives. They will come to realize nothing lives forever. Will Michael gain the power that belongs to him or will Victor Van Allan finally take it? Will Quinn be able to be the True Alpha of his kind? Will LaToya keep her children safe while learning to use her birth given gifts? Will Taria be able to fulfill her hunter role, help Michael rule the vampire covens, and finally figure out the power that is hidden inside of her? Who will make it in this last installment of Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite? This story will be best read if you read Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite 1-4, Desire of the Harvest Moon: The Change, Twice Marked Witches and Wolves first.

Patricia Fisher: Ship's Detective

Steve Higgs - 2021

The Children in the Lake: A Story You Will Never Forget

Mark Edward Hall - 2019
    Nearly a century later there are those who still report seeing the children swimming beneath the surface like elusive dolphins. After losing her husband in a violent car crash, Rachel King and her two young sons venture to Arrowhead Lake to heal. When Rachel discovers that Great Woods Timber is planning to clear-cut this beautiful wilderness she enlists the help of Lilly Bowman and her mysterious father, chief and shaman of the Wabanaki nation. But dark events have been set in motion and Arrowhead Lake is under siege by a sinister force of mercenaries. When Chief Neptune vanishes, Rachel and Lilly call on Seth Ferguson, the local deputy sheriff for help. Together they discover an astonishing truth; a shadowy cabal that will stop at nothing to obtain the secret of Arrowhead Lake, a secret that if unearthed could have far-reaching consequences. When one of Rachel’s sons vanishes in the Lake, she and Lilly embark on a harrowing journey to find him. What they discover is a mind boggling truth that will change their lives forever. *