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Cyborg Fury by Lisa Lace


The Sight of You

Holly Miller - 2020
    But when he meets Callie, he can't help being drawn to her. In Callie, he sees a second chance at life. And in Joel, Callie discovers the kind of love she'd always hoped was real. They challenge one another to take chances, to laugh, and to trust that no matter how hard each falls, the other will be there to catch them.But Joel has a secret. He dreams about the people he loves, and these dreams always come true. One night, Joel has the dream of Callie he's feared the most, and each must decide: Can Callie stay, knowing her fate? And if her days must be numbered, is there a life she is meant to live?Told in Joel and Callie's voices, The Sight of You is a sweeping, romantic, and unforgettable American debut, about the bravery it takes to love, especially when we think we know how the story will end.


T.A. Grey - 2014
    No other in the village has the kind of reputation he had: for being a true dominant. When she learns that the overly-possessive Ryon plans to fight any male competitors on Penelope's first Claiming Day—she is not happy. To win the Claiming is to win the female as a mate. Immediately following the male winning the female, he then consummates their partnership with a wild coupling filled with dominance and mind-numbing pleasure. But Penelope doesn't think she wants Ryon. He's too big, too strong, too dominating, too everything for her. She wants someone a touch more submissive in her life. The days preceding her Claiming Day offers Penelope and Ryon the opportunity to test the bonds of their attraction to each other. Her greatest fear is of being caged by a man, but can Ryon let her run free even if it tears out his own heart to do it? Other books by T. A. Grey: THE BELLUM SISTERS SERIES -Chains of Frost -Bonds of Fire -Ties That Bind -The Fallen King THE KATEGAN ALPHAS -Breeding Cycle -Dark Awakening -Wicked Surrender -Eternal Temptation -Dark Seduction -Tempting Whispers THE UNTOUCHABLES -Take Me -Tempting Gray OTHER TITLES -Ecstasy Overload -Jace -Midnight Sex Shop -The Vampire's Mate -Capturing Jeron

Freakn' Shifters Bundle 2

Eve Langlais - 2014
    Hours of reading, hot times and best of all, sexy alpha shifters.Please note, the Freakn' Shifters Bundle 2 (3-in-1) contains previously released stories:Human and Freakn' - Forget the dangers of the jungle. In peril is Ruth’s heart when two hunky shifters become determined to claim her despite her humanity. Jungle Freakn' Bride - Hot, steamy threesomes, chauvinism and more are running wild in the jungle. Can you handle the heat?Freakn' Cougar - Forget taming their cougar. They want her as is, even if she scratches.

Dolphin's Playground

Jaci Burton - 2004
    Jasmine "Jaz" Quinlan's life's work is to care for marine mammals at the California Bay Aquarium. What she'd rather do is spend her life in the ocean with the creatures she loves, preferring their company to any human's. When a dozen dolphins beach themselves, she takes them into her care, bound and determined to save them.Triton, guardian of the dolphins and a member of Oceana, an undersea civilization, wants nothing to do with land humans—especially females. But he's forced to work with Jaz to help his sick dolphins.The moment Jaz meets Triton, he lights a fire within her that no ocean can douse. His passion and love for sea life is an equal match for hers, and when she finds out who he is and where he lives, her wildest dreams become a reality.Despite his preconceived notions, Triton finds himself falling for Jaz's passion and caring nature. She loves the sea as much as he does, awakening desires he has to fight to keep buriedWhen two different worlds separate Jaz and Triton, love must find a way to unite them.

Alpha Breeds

Milana Jacks - 2018
    But this one belongs to me. Kingsley At the frat party, someone must have spiked my beer, because I see a bright light and find myself sitting on a bed with a huge, green monster looming over me. I screech and throw every sharp object within reach. But you know what’s really weird? I’m terrified and, at the same time, there’s something about those black eyes, that scent, that purrrr that makes my body come alive. Loven I fight for the honor of someday owning an Omega—a rare breeding female reserved for Alphas hand-selected by the king. For years, fighting alone has been enough. Until I scent this alien female, and my body emits a mating call. Omegas are the king’s property. If I don’t deliver her to the Omega Compound, I’ll lose my life, the lives of my Horde Alphas, and risk starting a full-scale rebellion. And yet, I can’t part from her. This one belongs to me. ***Science fiction alien captive romance with Mf Omegaverse flavor. Inside the pages: No cliffhanger. No cheating. Barbaric unapologetic alpha male who loves HARD. Dystopian (dark totalitarian) world.

Queen of the Damned Omnibus

Kel Carpenter - 2020
    Harbingers of the apocalypse. Destruction given form. Four of the sexiest—wait no—forget that. You get my point. So imagine my surprise when I find out everything I’ve ever been told, is a lie. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s start from the beginning. My name is Ruby Morningstar. I run a tattoo parlor in Portland with my bestfriend, have a pet raccoon, a crazy ex that stalks me, not to mention this one little thing… I’m a demon. Half-succubus, to be exact. For the last twenty-three years of my life, that’s the story I believed, but on the day a handsome stranger bails me out of jail my world is turned upside down, and suddenly I don’t know who I am anymore. Because the Four Horsemen aren’t the bringers of the apocalypse. I am. Talk about never catching a break. *This is an adult reverse harem series with mid-burn romance and a strong but relatable heroine. This series is incredibly funny, sexy, and fast-paced--but it can also be dark at times. If you need a trigger warning, then this probably isn't the series for you. If you can handle some grit in your stories and enjoy reading authors like C.M. Stunich, Tate James, Raven Kennedy, Kristy Cunning, Ivy Asher, Sadie Moss, and Linsey Hall, then one-click now!* This omnibus contains: 1. Lucifer's Daughter 2. Wicked Games 3. Infernal Desires 4. Brimstone Nightmare 5. "A Day in the Life of Bandit" Short Story

The Dragon's Fake Fiancée

Sadie Sears - 2020
    Scaring off her evil ex is a bonus.She makes the fire deep inside of me rage with desire and I need to make things real.Will she accept me if I tell her I’m a dragon shifter?Hell, I don’t even know if she’ll believe me.Wizards have come to town and they’re up to no good. Why do they want Gretta?It doesn’t matter. I’ll keep her safe.My heart is ready to heal, and my inner dragon is sure of one thing: she’s my fated mate.New relationship? No thanks … Fake one? Sign me up!People say workaholic like it’s a bad thing. Those people don’t know my life.Love? Ha! Not in the cards. I’m still trying to get rid of my disastrous ex.Then Samuel shows up like a knight in shining armor. He’s ready to fake it all to keep the evil ex at bay.One tiny problem: Nothing feels fake with Samuel.He makes me crave the heat of his embrace and long nights in his bed.I think I’m ready to trust him with my heart. But when Samuel reveals an impossible secret it’s no longer my sister, my work, or my ex that I’m worried about.Can I really be falling for a guy that breathes fire?Dragons for Hire is a brand-new paranormal romance series where the dragons are smoking hot and ready to claim their mates. Samuel will need to convince his mate their fake relationship is real if she’s going to be his.


Cari Silverwood - 2016
    He survives, recovering from wounds no man should be able to heal. Months later, his perplexed doctor lowers the dosages of his medications and Wolfe begins to change.His powers awaken.Kiara, his nurse at the rehabilitation village, thinks she only has to hand him over to Russian intelligence agents to save her parents from punishment. It won’t be that simple. Kiara isn’t safe.The kidnapper becomes the victim.When free of drugs, Wolfe becomes ferocious and animalistic in his desires and actions. What if a man who is almost an animal could command you to do anything he wanted? And you couldn’t resist…Kiara may be taken past the point of survival.Be careful who you dare to betray.WARNINGThis is a dark romance and written to be disturbing.You’ll find some graphic scenes of violence and sex within these pages, plus a smidgen of horror. Though the ending may be sweet, this is a very kinky, twisted, and dark story.

The Lion's Love Child

Jade White - 2015
     A hot one night stand with a handsome man named Dylan got extremely complicated when Grace discovered she was somehow pregnant. Little did she know, Dylan was actually a WereLion and she was now carrying the Lion's love child. With no way to contact him, Grace was resigned to raising the baby by herself however it soon became very apparent that this was no ordinary pregnancy and this would be no ordinary baby... If you love a thrilling paranormal romance featuring action and adventure alongside scenes of hot romantic mating then scroll up and start reading this now!

Midnight with the Devil

Emma Castle - 2018
     What would you do to save a loved one’s life? Make a pact with the Devil? In Diana Kingston’s defense, it was the middle of the night in the deserted hospital chapel… surely it was just a dream. She hadn’t really sold herself to a brooding stranger to save her father’s life, right? Then she wakes and her father is fully recovered and a mysterious letter arrives from the tall, dark, handsome—um, Devil? Yep, it was right there on the contract, Lucien Star, aka Lucifer Morningstar, that had been his name in the dream… Gulp. What would the Devil himself want with her? Sex. Three months of hot, sweaty, Friday night sex. Ooookay. Breaking a pact with the Devil doesn’t seem like a smart move. So she’ll do it—but she won’t like it. Not much anyway. But she starts liking it – a lot—and every night they spend together, she likes it and Lucien a little more. Being with him allows her naughty side to come out and play, but Diana starts to see more than just a sexy-as-sin, rock-hard … er…Anyway, he might be Satan, but even he was an angel once. Kind. Noble. And she sees glimpses of that man still inside him… But how in Heaven’s name do you save the Devil from himself?

Ozark Mountain Shifters Boxed Set: Books 1-4

P. Jameson - 2015
    A wolf who can’t secure a mate will only endanger the pack. Destined to be denied by his mate, he’s been on his own ever since, surviving, waiting... hunting her. Now that he’s found her, he has a plan. A threat from a rival pack will have him returning home in hopes of saving the very people who cast him out. But he can’t go alone. He’ll have to convince the woman who doesn’t want him, to help. A Mate’s Sacrifice- Book #2: Vesh is a ferocious and cunning guard, and second in command of the Ozarka pack. But he didn’t get that way overnight. The cruelty was bred into him, passed along the generations on his mother’s side. His wolf side. When the alpha sends him to spy on the drifter, Trager, and his new mate, Vesh vows to make their life hell… and possibly steal the luscious Kerrigan away from a wolf who isn’t good enough for her. His plans fall to pieces when he comes face to face with the bold and lovely Braeh, who by some ironic twist of fate, is not only Kerrigan’s sister, but his mate. A Mate’s Revenge- Book #3: Cael is an alpha who has no mate, and he isn’t looking for one. His heart forever belongs to his long lost childhood sweetheart. Years ago, her intended mate laid claim, ripping the two of them apart. Cael has never forgiven him for the injustice. Or her, for betraying him. But even with his bitterness riding him like a bad omen, he can’t look away while she is brutally mistreated. There’s only one thing to do: exact revenge on his enemy, and deal with the woman who betrayed him later. A Mate’s Submission- Book #4: Lexar has given up on finding a person to spend the rest of his life with. His former mating ended as an epic disaster, with his intended unwilling to even speak to him, and living on an island in the pacific. He's satisfied spending his nights alone and his days serving Ravendale as the pack's most trusted guard. That is until an intriguing alpha female has him questioning his role as a wolf... and as a hot-blooded man. When Lexar is sent to support the new alpha, he finds himself caught in a seductive game of push and pull that sets his wolf on fire and makes him wonder if a relationship between two dominant wolves is possible. ***Contains explicit language and sex

The Devil's Artwork

C.M. Owens - 2013
    After her father's fade, her heart was hardened, she turned bitter, and she became too strong for her own good. Kaceton Brice just happens to be the right amount of fire to melt her glacial exterior. But with the threat of a fade always lurking, love is a dangerous journey to embark on. They find themselves in the middle of an ages-old conflict, and the thing Arena hates the most becomes her best ally.

Curse of the Alpha: Episodes 3 & 4

Tasha Black - 2014
    Best of all, she was far away from the unusual college town where she grew up. Until a tragic accident forced her back to Tarker’s Hollow, and she found herself caught up in a steamy web of shifters and magic, locked in a power struggle for control of the pack she left behind. ˃˃˃ Step back into Ainsley's magical world of shifters and romance... In Episode 3, Ainsley must retaliate after a shocking betrayal. Information from her past helps her to see things in a new light. But how will she react when she receives a ghostly visitor? In Episode 4, Ainsley makes a plan to leave Tarker’s Hollow, but ends up running for her life. Will she manage to escape in time to use what she has learned to shape her future? ˃˃˃ A continuing story... Curse of the Alpha: Episodes 3 & 4 are part of the Curse of the Alpha serial that will be told in six episodes, much like a TV show. It tells the story of Ainsley Connor, a female werewolf, and her struggle to come to terms with her past, and accept her true nature and her role in the future of the pack. It contains strong sexual elements, and is NOT intended for readers under the age of 18.

Immortal Ops: Collection I

Mandy M. Roth - 2011
    Something about her has left him staring at her picture and wondering what it would be like to touch her soft skin. When the time comes for the team to strike, Lukian senses danger and aborts the mission. He makes an attempt at meeting Peren and is set in his place by an independent young woman who knows what she is, and isn't, looking for in a man.Lukian is having trouble telling Peren that he's what she fears most, a werewolf. Can they make the passion that burns between them last, or will Lukian's condition be too much for Peren?Critical IntelligenceBook TwoWhen loyalties are questioned and bonds forged, the I-Ops find themselves fighting a war to guard not only their secrets but their lives as well.Missy Carter leads a rather boring, overworked life as a system analyst for the State Department or rather, that's what she lets everyone believe. No, in reality her life is anything but boring. As an agent with the Paranormal Security and Intelligence, she's seen and done it all. Intelligence is her specialty, assassination is her hobby. The only problem is that the things she spies on don't die easily. In fact, some of them were dead to begin with. She's learned to handle anything life can throw at her. That is until the biggest paramilitary pain her ass shows up again. Lucky for him, he's sexy.Roi Majors, second in command of the I-Ops, is having a hard time believing that Intel can only get half the information needed to bring down an underground ring of vampires with big spending backers who are hell bent on creating a race of supernaturals with multiple strands of DNA in them. As the team searches for answers, Roi searches for sexual release. When he finds himself paired with the one woman in the world who seems immune to his self-proclaimed charms, he can't wait to see her to safety and then bid her good riddance. He never counted on falling in love with her. And he sure in the hell never counted on her claiming to be an agent with a branch of the government no human should know about.

Raising Cain

Kelli Ireland - 2015
    Dani Fayel’s backbreaking job as a stable hand at The Freaks’ Fair isn’t glamorous, but for someone looking to keep to the shadows? It’s perfect. Neither paranormal freaks nor human norms ever notice her. But when Dani is forced to either let a child die in order to maintain her anonymity or choose to save him and risk being discovered, she finds herself unwillingly thrust into the spotlight. Cain, Hell’s premier assassin and a predatory incubus, is close to fulfilling his final contract and earning his freedom. Hired by the Archangel of Death to find his daughter, Cain follows her trail to the Fair. He works undercover, certain his mark is inside one of the portable canopies or traveling cages. Dead or alive, she equals his ticket to freedom. When Cain’s objective is divulged, Dani realizes she can’t outrun her destiny. As the fabled Key—the one soul with absolute free will who is tied to the three realms of Heaven, Earth and Hell—only she is capable of opening the gates for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Whoever frees the Horsemen allegedly commands them. Now both Heaven and Hell are vying for her allegiance, and there are no limits as to how dirty they’ll fight to obtain it. With Hell raining indiscriminate chaos as Heaven maneuvers its players around her, Dani realizes her would-be assassin may be the only man capable of helping her survive.