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Awakened Dragons Complete Series

Terry Bolryder - 2017
    Six sexy, larger than life fire breathers with unique, gemstone related powers who just woke up and are ready to defend humanity and learn the ways of the modern world while finding their fated mates. Warning: contains ferocious dragons, fearsome fights, fiery love scenes and fiercely cute kittens that can melt even a scale-covered heart. Onyx Dragon Isaac Morningstar III, or Zach to the few who know him, has hit rock bottom. Once an immortal, nearly-invincible dragon, he's been awakened only to have his powers and his treasure locked away until he can prove himself to be a trustworthy protector of humans. Since Zach has never liked humans, he's pretty sure he's going to end up back on ice. That is, until he meets sweet, curvy Erin, a human hairdresser who might just turn his world upside down. Sapphire Dragon Luc, the sapphire dragon, didn't want to be brought back into the world he left behind centuries ago. Especially with a collar that ensures he can't access his incredible powers until he's willing to fight for humanity. He tried that once and he's not willing to let himself care again. Until he meets Hallie, a kind shelter worker whose bright smile and sexy curves melt the ice inside him and make him want to protect humans once more. Ruby Dragon Red used to have it all. Sexy, powerful and attractive to all women, as the ruby dragon he had the world at his feet. But now he's awakened and collared, unable to use his powers and alone in the modern world. His only company is his insane adopted cat and Faye, the curvy, sweet neighbor who makes his dragon sit up and say 'mate'. Too bad the only woman he finds irresistible has no trouble resisting him. Diamond Dragon Alistair Brighton, the diamond dragon, needs to escape. Imprisoned, chained and used for experiments, his only hope for escape is Bridget, the quiet human woman who brings him his meals (and intrigues him for mysterious reasons). But Bridget isn't sure she wants to let a dangerous dragon out of his cage, and Alistair can't promise he was ever much of a hero. Amethyst Dragon With his dark, ominous powers, Dominic, the Amethyst dragon, has learned to keep his world secret. Bad things happen when he tries to let people in. Now that he's awakened, he's determined to help save the world and disappear back into the shadows. Until he rescues Lana, a feisty, damaged human who draws Dom in and tempts him to risk getting close to someone for the first time in so long. Too bad his dream woman has a no-shifter rule. Emerald Dragon After centuries of searching, the impossible has finally happened: Aegis, the Emerald Dragon, has found his long-lost mate. The only problem? She's a captive of the dark forces he's allied himself with in order to meet his own selfish ends. But Aegis knows how to be a hero, it just takes the right motivation. Like saving the only person that has ever mattered to him.


Brandon Mull - 2017
    He has long seen the sanctuaries as prisons, and he wants nothing more than to overthrow his captors and return the world to the Age of Dragons, when he and his kind ruled and reigned without borders. The time has come to break free and reclaim his power.No one person is capable of stopping Celebrant and his dragon horde. It will take the ancient order of Dragonwatch to gather again if there is any chance of saving the world from destruction. In ancient times, Dragonwatch was a group of wizards, enchantresses, dragon slayers, and others who originally confined the majority of dragons into sanctuaries. But nearly all of the original Dragonwatch members are gone, and so the wizard Agad reaches out to Grandpa Sorenson for help.As Kendra and Seth confront this new danger, they must draw upon all their skills, talents, and knowledge as only they have the ability to function together as a powerful dragon tamer. Together they must battle against forces with superior supernatural powers and breathtaking magical abilities.How will the epic dragon showdown end? Will dragons overthrow humans and change the world as we know it?

The Dragonlings’ Very Special Valentine

S.E. Smith - 2017
    It will take a very special Valentine, a few mischievous dragonlings, their best friends, some clueless warriors, and two enchanting Goddesses to help a lonely woman find the dragon who loves her. Love is in the air and not even the mighty warriors of the Valdier, Curizan, and Sarafin are immune to the power of celebrating their feelings for the women who have changed their lives. Hearts, glue, and glitter abound when the warriors help the dragonlings on their quest to assist Cupid in this delightful tale of love, hope, and happiness.

Dragons and Marshmallows

Asia Citro - 2017
    Injured magical animals come to their backyard barn for help! When a sick baby dragon appears, it’s up to Zoey and Sassafras to figure out what’s wrong. Will they be able to help little Marshmallow before it’s too late?

Dragon's Gift: The Protector Complete Series: Books 1 - 5

Linsey Hall - 2017
    No matter what.To the world, I'm a just a Conjurer. To my closest friends, I'm a FireSoul--a dangerous Magica with forbidden powers and a dragon's soul. The downside? If anyone discovers what I am, I'm dead. So I lay low, kicking butt with my weapons, not my magic.Things get ugly when I witness the murder of a powerful vampire ally and become the key suspect. Soon, I'm hunted by the sexiest, strongest supernatural I've ever met. Ares is an unheard of vampire hybrid, and it's hard to say if he wants to kiss me or kill me.I've got three days to catch the real killer. The bad news? It will take my forbidden magic to succeed. But can I control it, much less keep my secret with Ares watching my every move? Especially when the stakes get ever higher?I'm used to protecting I have to protect myself.This is just the start of Pheonix Knight's adventures. This omnibus contains all five books in the Dragon's Gift: The Protector Series.

Mabel and the Cloud Dragon

Elwyn Tate - 2017
    It is also the sequel to "Mabel and the Sock Pirates" by Elwyn Tate (we recommend you read that one first). It was a fine and sunny morning on Mabels magical farm. The chickens clucked cheerfully, the cows moo and munched, and the bees buzzed busily by. BUT!!!...Then something strange started to happen. Someone or something kept moving Mabel's sheep around. Who could it be and why were they doing it?

Burden's Edge

Sever Bronny - 2017
    . . or watch his kingdom fall. Sixteen-year-old Augum Stone is a warlock prodigy suffocating under the weight of expectations. Students idolize him. Nobles plot to exploit him. Commoners think he’s a miracle-maker. And with invasion looming, his already war-weakened kingdom expects him to be its champion. But Augum doesn’t want to be a pawn in someone else’s game. He'll forge his own path: that of the Arcaner—not a warlock or a knight, but a lethal combination of both. Legend says Arcaners once had the power to summon dragons. If true, it could change everything. Resurrecting the Arcaner path comes with consequences, however. Scandal. Malice. Treachery. And a harrowing test of character. He must survive. He must prove he’s worthy of an ancient path. And he must save the kingdom . . . before it’s too late. * * * Sever Bronny is the Amazon bestselling author of the epic coming of age Arinthian Line series. Burden's Edge paperback page count: 410 Genres: Young adult fantasy, sword and sorcery, coming of age, fantasy, action and adventure, epic, mystery. Explicit language: Mild Violence: Mild to medium To receive advance notice of Sever Bronny's releases go to and subscribe to the newsletter..

Sassing Her Dragon

Julia Mills - 2017
     What was supposed to be a simple trip across country, quickly became a fight for not only her life but also that of the unconscious man who calls to the soul of the woman and her beast. Has this feisty she-wolf finally found something she can’t fight her way out of? Can Olivia complete the treaty with the Wolfe Pack and avoid the allure of this handsome stranger or will she succumb to a Fate that cannot be denied?

Her Dragon's Fury

Julia Mills - 2017
    The books can be read as stand-alone stories, or you can experience all the love, thrills and exploits of the whole series. It's up to you. Drowning in visions of an ever-changing future, unable to recognize reality from prophecy, this powerful Guardsman was driven from the world of his kin, forced to take refuge atop the mountain of his Ancestors. Decades passed, the predictions ceased in light of his complete solitude and isolation and Fury had learned to deal with the loneliness. All was well until dreams of a fiery redhead with boundless courage and a heart of gold called to the soul of not only the man but also his dragon. Mourning the loss of two of the only three people she ever trusted in all the world, swamped with guilt and resentment, this strong-willed private investigator with the ability to see the past was thrown into a tailspin forcing her to leave home in search of answers. What started out as a simple road trip, quickly turned deadly. Her dreams of a fire-breathing dragon, who’d always been her refuge, became all too real when he saved her from a demon trying to take over her mind…and transformed into a man. When the past meets the future in the present, sparks will fly, but when Pippa meets her mate it’s bound to be explosive. After all, Fate Will Not Be Denied and no one escapes the Fury of her dragon. This book contains explicit sexual material and violence. It is only suited for mature readers 18 years of age and older.


Terry Bolryder - 2017
    Wealth, privilege, women fawning all over his beauty. Now, newly awakened in the modern world, his powers are restrained and he's forced to work at a dating club with the other noble metal dragons in an effort to acquaint them with humanity and hopefully help them find mates. The only problem? Dante isn't interested in humans. That is until Ella Stanton walks in, all curves and no-nonsense, needing his help more than she may even know.Ella Stanton needs a date and she isn't bothered by all those bad reviews for Date-A-Dragon. They're her last hope for a date to her sister's wedding in her hometown, and she isn't about to go alone. So gorgeous, golden Dante it is, despite his initial frostiness and slightly ego-maniacal behavior. He's unlike any man she has ever met, the sexiest, the strongest, and sometimes he seems to be from another world altogether. But the closer she gets to Dante, the more she realizes there might be more to this pretty boy beneath the surface.In spite of Ella's reservations, Dante's in it to win her heart from the get go. And with a little luck and a lot of romance, the overprotective dragon just may win over his sexy mate. But even the strongest of dragons can't anticipate the dangers lurking in the mountains of Ella's hometown.  Gold is the first book in the Date-A-Dragon series! It contains ridiculously hot dragons, steamy romance, and strong, curvy women. Enjoy!  This series is a spin-off of the Rent-A-Dragon series, found here: Steel Iron Titanium

Magic Unbound: A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel (Touched By Magic: Dragon Book 4)

Ashley Meira - 2017
     Her biggest fear has been realized: she’s been thrown in the Black Citadel for being a Fireborn. Except she’s not a Fireborn — and for once, that’s a problem. With her powers gone, it’s only a matter of time until the Council of Magic set her free. But is she truly free without her powers? She may have despised the target her gift painted on her back, but it was still hers. Who is she without it? As if an identity crisis wasn’t bad enough, one of Sophia's friends goes missing, leaving behind a ruined, blood-stained house. Help comes to her in the form of an old enemy, one that causes problems between herself, Fiona, and Adam. Add to that an evil sea witch bent on destroying the world, and Sophia won’t have time to feel sorry for herself. The question is: how will she make it through this without her magic? Magic Unbound is the fourth book in the Touched By Magic: Dragon urban fantasy series. This book features strong heroines and a powerful hero, perfect for fans of Linsey Hall, Ella Summers, Izzy Shows, and Jasmine Walt.

Dragon Burn

Donna Grant - 2017
     Marked by passion A promise made eons ago sends Sebastian to Italy on the hunt to find an enemy. His quarry proves difficult to locate, but there is someone who can point him in the right direction – a woman as frigid as the north. Using every seductive skill he’s acquired over his immortal life, his seduction begins. Until he discovers that the passion he stirs within her makes him burn for more… Gianna Santini has one love in her life – work. A disastrous failed marriage was evidence enough to realize she was better off on her own. That is until a handsome Scot strolled into her life and literally swept her off her feet. She is unprepared for the blazing passion between them or the truth he exposes. But as her world begins to unravel, she realizes the only one she can depend on is the very one destroying everything - a Dragon King.

Finding the Dragon

Jessie Donovan - 2017
    Please read at least Reawakening the Dragon first.**On the day Jane Hartley’s online video series finally launches, she and Kai receive word that his younger half-sister, Delia, is missing. Gaining permission to search for her in Wales, Kai and Jane work together to find the teenage dragon-shifter before she winds up in the hands of the dragon hunters, or worse.As the danger amps up, Kai and Jane’s relationship is put to the ultimate test. Will Kai and his dragon choose Jane above all? Or, will a ghost from Kai’s past end up tearing them apart?Approximately 30,000 words with a happy ending (novella). / 18+ for explicit language and sexual situations.

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

Stephanie Burgis - 2017
    And she's ready to prove it to her family by leaving the safety of their mountain cave and capturing the most dangerous prey of all: a human. But when the human she finds tricks her into drinking enchanted hot chocolate, Aventurine is transformed into a puny human girl with tiny blunt teeth, no fire, and not one single claw.But she's still the fiercest creature in the mountains -- and now she's found her true passion: chocolate! All she has to do is get herself an apprenticeship (whatever that is) in a chocolate house (which sounds delicious), and she'll be conquering new territory in no time...won't she?

Dragon Down

Julia Mills - 2017
    Now, this story has been rewritten and extended, including 15,000 additional words. Book 22 in the Dragon Guard series. The books can be read as stand-alone stories, or you can experience all the love, thrills and exploits of the whole series. It's up to you. Revenge is a dish best served cold… Cold was not Kamdyn’s style. Never had been. Never would be. She was the daughter of Evan McGregor, heiress to the power and magic of a hundred centuries of unstoppable witches and no one, not even a cold-hearted, thieving murderer was going to take it from her. She would get back what was hers, defeat the traitor who’d dare to take her family from her, watch him burn then leave his ashes for the Elements. Revenge may be cold, but vengeance burns white-hot. If it hadn’t been for that blasted dragon… Be careful what you wish for… Wishes and dreams were for other people. Callum had learned at a young age to make the most of the hand he’d been dealt. Life was tough, but he was tougher. As the son of one of the most revered Guardsmen of all times, he would take what he wanted and make no apologies. Go down with your sword in your hand and no regrets in your heart was the O’Shea family motto but this dragon had no intentions of going down and regrets… well, they just weren’t his style. Come to think of it, neither was being careful. If it hadn’t been for that infernal witch… Secrets revealed, rising passions and an enemy they never saw coming force this couple to accept their Destiny and fight side-by-side to save all they hold dear. Will it be enough? Will they be in time? Will this be the one time that Fate will be denied? This dragon may be down, but he’s definitely not out… or is he? This book contains explicit language, sexual material and violence. It is only suited for mature readers 18 years of age and older.

Franklin's Flying Bookshop

Jen Campbell - 2017
    One day, he meets a girl named Luna who, rather than being afraid, is fascinated to meet Franklin, having recently read all about dragons in one of her books. They instantly become friends and talk nonstop about what they’ve read: books about roller-skating, King Arthur, spiders, and how to do kung fu. Together they hatch a plan to share their love of books with others by opening a bookshop―a flying bookshop, that is―right on Franklin’s back!Franklin, a well-read and peace-loving dragon, and Luna, a young girl with an independent spirit and an insatiable love of reading, make fantastic role models for young children. Franklin’s Flying Bookshop brings the magic of classic fairy tales into the twenty-first century through exquisite illustrations, and will enchant children as well as anyone who loves books.

First Flight

Sarah K.L. Wilson - 2017
    Learn to Fly. Sixteen-year-old Amel arrived at Dragon School just like everyone else – with a dream to ride dragons and join the Dominion Dragon Riders. But Amel has a crippled leg and Dragon School training is grueling. Before she can even become an initiate, she must complete her First Flight on a dragon. Can Amel survive First Flight and become a Dragon School initiate or will her dreams dash on the rocks below?

Constantine: A History

Donna Grant - 2017
    Here is your chance to learn some of this enigmatic leader’s history – and get a unique look inside the Dragon Kings. This is a short story involving Constantine from the New York Times bestselling Dark Kings series from Donna Grant.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Sassy Little Star

Julia Mills - 2017
    It's up to you. ENJOY! Back to the swamp. Back to the wolves. Back to her… From the moment Grey laid eyes on Star he knew beyond all doubt she was the woman for him, but the sassy little she-wolf wouldn’t even give him the time of day. Then he was called home and all hopes of claiming his mate disappeared. Now, he’s heading back to the sweltering heat of the Florida wetlands and this time she will be his. Fight the rogues. Fight the wizards. Fight the attraction she has for him… Star thought the problems with her love life had flown out the window as she watched Grey fly off into the sunset, but now the sexy dragon is back and looking better than a man has a right to. Not only is he tall, dark and handsome, but he makes her wolf roll over and beg to be taken. What’s a girl to do when her happily ever after is staring her in the face but she’s not sure she deserves it? The Florida Swamps have never been hotter. The wolves are under attack, the full moon is only days away and as if that wasn’t enough, out-of-control wildfires are closing in on all around them. Praying for a miracle won’t work. Fate and Destiny can’t help this time. Only the white-hot magic created by a dragon and his one true mate can save the day and Grey has no intention of taking no for an answer. “Twinkle, twinkle, my sassy little Star. This dragon knows exactly who you are. And baby, I’m coming for you…” After all, Fate Will Not Be Denied…or will it?

Dragon Storm

Lindsay Buroker - 2017
    Magic is feared and forbidden in Iskandia, so he’s struggled his whole life to hide his eccentricities. As a boy, he was forced to watch his mother’s execution. Her crime? Witchcraft. Understandably, Trip wants nothing to do with the power that lurks within him, always threatening to reveal itself. Instead, he dedicates himself to serving as an officer in the king’s army, to battling pirates and imperial conquerors. He longs to become a soldier as respected and renowned as the legendary General Zirkander. But his country is in need of more than a soldier. After disappearing for over a thousand years, dragons have returned to the world. A few of them are willing to be allies to mankind, as they were millennia before, but far more want to destroy or enslave humans and claim the world for themselves. There are few people left with the power to fight dragons. For reasons he doesn’t understand, Trip may be one of those people. But if he chooses to learn more about his heritage and the power he can wield, he risks losing everyone he loves and everything he longs to be.


Nicole Conway - 2017
    Never send a hero to do a monster’s job. Forty years have passed since Jaevid Broadfeather brought peace to Maldobar and Luntharda. But that fragile truce will be tested as darkness gathers on the horizon. The vicious armies of the Tibran Empire have crossed the far seas and are threatening to destroy Maldobar completely. Not even the dragonriders can match the Tibran war machines. And after an attempt to awaken Jaevid from his divine sleep fails, the fate of Maldobar is looking grim. Reigh has never known what it means to be a normal human. Raised amongst the gray elves in the wild jungle of Luntharda, he’s tried everything to fit in. But the dark power within him is bursting at the seams—refusing to be silenced. And while his adoptive father, Kiran, insists this power must be kept secret, Reigh knows he’s running out of time. As Maldobar burns, the world is desperate for a new hero. Destiny has called, and one boy will rise to answer.

Tangled in Tinsel

Julia Mills - 2017
     It’s over the river and through the woods, and straight to Christmas hell for Chance Nichols. His twin has taken off on a mission to the Frozen North and most of the other Guardsman are cuddled up with their mates, so it’s up to Chance to get the Lair decorated before the snow begins to fall. One trip to town for decorations and Happy Holidays has turned into Scary Grinchmas. According to the latest report, the North Pole is completely shut down. The elves have revolted, the reindeer have flown the coop, and Mrs. Claus is on strike – talk about up the proverbial tree without an extension cord. Visions of sugarplums can’t fix this one. It’ll take a whole lot of dragon magic, sprinkled with fairy dust and tied together with yards of tinsel and garland. Grab your eggnog and a bowl of figgy pudding, cause the Gingerbread Man has made a call and Fate is on the way. Never fear, if all else fails, we’ll be tangled in tinsel and singing Jingle Bells. There’s no better way to spend your holidays. This book contains explicit sexual material and violence. It is only suited for mature readers 18 years of age and older.

The Dragon Realm Complete Series

Selena Scott - 2017
    Desperate for an heir who will be able to protect the throne, Lucy looks to be the perfect candidate to provide the King's offspring. The Chosen One, lost in a realm of lust, evil, and a power-hungry King - she needs to escape. Torn between a loyalty to all he has ever known and a growing desire for Lucy; can Amos find a way through this? Will the consequence for them be too much to risk, and what would it mean for the entire Dragon Realm? The Dragon's Touch - Book 2 It is the time that dragon females come of age to mate. Zara irrationally fears that King Dalyer will find her and recapture her as his bride; she was his favorite –though untouched- wife. Solar dreads it because he grapples with a forbidden attraction to Zara and he is certain that the men around their camp will try to claim her once she is of eligible age. Torn between the Oracle's prophecy and his burning desire, can Solar stay loyal to the cause? To what end will he use Zara to achieve the revolution's ultimate aim? Dragon's Desire - Book 3 Following the clues from a dream to the human realm, the Oracle is searching for the lost man that he’s had visions about. The man whom he thinks is the only one who can destroy King Daylor. But his encounter with the beautiful single mom, Melanie, unnerves him. He is unsettled by the intensity of the protective instinct that is rising up in him. It’s unlike him to be serious about anything. But this is so different. Where will this burning desire lead and what does it mean for the Oracles quest? Dragon's Passion - Book 4 In the exciting conclusion to the dragon shifter series, Idris and other series favorites must rise to the occasion to battle the evil King Dalyer once and for all. For freedom. For the dragon realm. For love. For their true mate. This series contains strong sexual themes/language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

The Dragon Seller

F.G. Ferrario - 2017
    Like one of the famous commercials says: “Thanks to advancements in genetic engineering, Dragons are finally out of myth, and in your local pet stores!” From playful Outbacks to unpredictable Jade Tangs, these little dragons usually don't burn much, they love fruit and don't molest young virgins. But they are still monsters, and Jack Ports knows this very well. He sells all kinds of varieties in his Flight Garden, including the most dangerous of all: the American Mustang, a species of battle dragon created by a failed experiment of the U.S. Navy. Dumped by his fiancee before the wedding and short on cash, Jack just wants to put his life back together, but after a colleague mysteriously disappears, he finds himself with a dragon egg of unknown origins. Set on raising it, Jack discovers that the egg contains a Primus, the First Dragon of a new species, whose genes hide a secret that many men are looking for. And some are willing to kill to have it.

The Last Blackstone Dragon

Alicia Montgomery - 2017
     Brooding dragon shifter + feisty human + a marriage of convenience = sexy shifter action, hot romantic moments, and a HEA to satisfy you! Henry “Hank” Lennox was the last of his family of dragon shifters, and heir to the crumbling Blackstone empire. In order to protect his people and his legacy, he decides on the unthinkable: buy himself a wife to produce the next generation and secure the future of his family. It was a purely business transaction, so he never thought the bride he meets on his wedding day could also be his mate. Riva Sinclair would do anything to save her father and their family business, even going into an arranged marriage with a dragon shifter. It was supposed to be a marriage of convenience, a contract that stated she was bought and paid for. Still, she never expected to be so attracted to her husband, and the sky-high walls she put up to protect her heart are starting to crumble. The same circumstances that brought to them together are about to tear them apart. Can they learn to trust each other or will their pasts destroy the fragile feelings that are only starting to bloom?

Dragons of Preor: Volume Two

Erin Tate - 2017
     Zadri - What’s a single, pregnant woman supposed to do when her family kicks her out? Go to Preor Choosing Station Tau and hope a dragon shapeshifting alien is her mate, of course. Hatched - Taulan joi Lana Coburn, War Master of the Preor third fleet, is finally having his wishes granted. He has a mate and will soon have two dragonlets to protect and love. But only if he can live to see them born. Or, as his Lana says, hatched. Ivoth - He has to choose—love or honor—because he can’t have both. Did you miss books 1-3? Search for: B01MZEYMJY in the search bar.

Sadie's Shadow

Julia Mills - 2017
     Sadie’s life has never been easy, but then who's is? She's taken every obstacle, every trial…every tribulation and turned it to her advantage. Now the stakes are higher than ever before... Secrets, ancient curses and a prophecy she's been running from for over a century have all come to find her. Can she prevail once again? Can she face the winds of change? Can she defeat the evil threatening her happily ever after and save the one man meant to fight by her side? Fate and Destiny battle for this dragoness' soul but only her Shadow knows the truth... Join the journey of the Ladies of the Sky… Once You Take Flight, the World Will Never Look the Same Again. This book contains explicit sexual material and violence. It is only suited for mature readers 18 years of age and older.

The Dragon Kings: Box Set

Kimberly Loth - 2017
    All her life, she’s been fascinated by the dragons who roam near her home in Yellowstone Park. Yes, Dragons. Though no human has ever gotten close enough to touch one. Except Aspen. While most people avoid the national parks because of the resident dragons, Aspen spends most of her free time in search of the feared and misunderstood creatures. For her, studying the dragons is a way to escape a painful past and avoid getting too close to anyone. She’d rather track dragons in the wild and through the lens of her camera than talk to real people. But then Aspen meets a hot new guy at school, Sid King. He’s the one person she’s ever met who shares her obsession with all things dragon. But even as she feels strangely drawn to the mysterious boy, she senses he’s hiding his own set of dark and powerful secrets. When hikers start turning up dead in the park, everyone suspects the formidable predators. Unless Aspen can prove their innocence, every one of her beloved dragons is in danger of eradication. After Aspen and Sid uncover a sinister plot behind the brutal attacks, Aspen can no longer deny that Sid somehow knows more about the deaths than he should and the secrets they both keep threaten to rip their lives apart forever.


Terry Bolryder - 2017
    Now they’re trapped on a beach with no way to take their true form, no knowledge of the modern world, and no way to get in touch with others of their kind. Just when they’re ready to lose hope, a kindhearted human woman offers to take them in. The only problem? Seaton’s sure he has just found his mate. Jenny Reed runs a small restaurant frequented by beachside visitors and, with a few exceptions, life is simple and quiet. That is, until a towering, sexy, shirtless man walks in, asking for help and looking like he’s just survived a shipwreck. Not one to abandon someone in need, Jenny takes the man and his seemingly-lost siblings home. But what she gets from Seaton is a lot more than she’s bargained for. Despite his quirks, Seaton’s protective, kind, and the most beautiful thing on two legs. And he makes it very clear he wants Jenny. Badly. But as romance sparks, Seaton must still solve the mystery of why he was awakened. Meanwhile, it won’t be long before someone catches wind of the arrival of the three sea dragons, and not all dragons are friends. Warning: contains a smoking hot dragon who likes to do sexy things in (and out) of the water to his curvy fated mate, intense scenes of action, mystery, and hilarious hijinks caused by a clueless dragon family.

Wyrd Blood

Donna Augustine - 2017
    What it was like before there were Wyrd Blood, or we were forced into hiding.  And that's what I've been doing for years, hiding me and my crew. But that's about to end. My crew is starving and things are getting dire. When I get desperate enough to try and steal from Ryker, one of the toughest men in these parts, things go bad and my Wyrd Blood origins are outed.  But it's not all bad. Ryker can help keep me alive from the mysterious illness that's been plaguing me. He can also feed my crew. The only thing I have to do in return is start another war.

Top Scale Academy - The Complete Dragon Shifter Series

Amelia Jade - 2017
    Six dragons coming to grips with their powers, their future, and most importantly, their mates. The prestigious Top Scale Academy is where all dragons go to learn the ways of their kind. Once there though, student and teacher alike are just as likely to fall in love. The lure of their fated mates is strong, and these dragons had better be ready to defend them, because their enemies are growing more powerful, and they won't hesitate to strike where the scales are weakest: Their hearts. Contained in this collection are the following full-length novels: Frost Dragon Fire Dragon Electro Dragon Gale Dragon Fume Dragon Aurum Dragon Warning: Contains fearsome dragons with amazing powers, human mates stronger than the hardest scale, sizzling love scenes, and a whole lot of good old fashioned fun!

Dragon VIP: Syenite

Starla Night - 2017
    When she’s ditched on her thirty-third birthday by an online hookup who tells her he’s not that desperate, she hits rock bottom. No one will ever look past her zany hair styles and festive fashions to love her. Certainly not the deliciously hard-bodied male across the campus bar, drinking her in as though he’s never seen a woman before.Dragon shifter Syenite “Syen” Pyroxene craves a mate. But his family’s dishonor on their home planet Draconis means the coldly efficient bodyguard will never earn the attention a female. Until her. Evalina’s mouthwatering smiles tempt his lips, her sparkling eyes make him lose his focus, and her lush curves cry out for his hands to mold them until she melts with pleasure.These two wounded souls won’t easily risk their hearts—but they must. Dark forces from Syen’s past are circling Earth’s atmosphere, and Evalina is the only one who can save him…This novella comes with a happy ending! It features steamy love scenes, sparkles, and a big, beautiful woman who finally finds the dreamy lover she deserves. No cheaters, no cliffhangers, and satisfaction guaranteed. Take flight with the dragon shifters of Draconis today!

Dragon Mates Box Set

J.K. Harper - 2017
    HarperDark, dangerous dragon shifters who just need true love...Dazzled"I could NOT put it down. This is one sexy mesmerizing love story.""OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I absolutely loved it. Everything about it was amazing especially the chemistry between Sebastian and Lacey."Dark dragon shifter Sebastian must find his family's stolen legacies, or he will die. Curvy human Lacey is his fated mate--but only if she can unlock his shattered heart in time.Thrilled"A water dragon that can also fly, sign me up! Kai is my new book boyfriend!""The story was well-plotted out, superb and extremely entertaining." -Night Owl Reviews, 5-star Top PickDevastating loss destroyed the heart and powers of gorgeous water dragon shifter Kai. Sexy daredevil Gabi is his mate--but she has a dangerous secret that might mean his total destruction.Burned"The perfect level of heat with a nail biting ending, I couldn't put it down.""I love Teagan and Ash! ... They are each carrying scars, Teagan's on the inside and Ash's on the outside. ... I loved seeing them open up to each other."Beauty & the beast...with dragons! Fate brought scarred dragon shifter Ash and nerdy girl Teagan together, but their love may be a double-edged sword...

Dragon's Breath

Michael Gordon - 2017
    That's why learning proper dental care is really important for a little boy and his friend Dragon Joe. * Teach the importance of brushing teeth in a cute and fun way * Create more positive attitudes in preschoolers * Perfect book for kids who love dragons *Solutions that help keep teeth clean and healthy It has a great message: "This picture book inspire dental hygiene and encourage kids to brush their teeth while having fun." -- John “’This is a really helpful story because I've never met a preschool kid who was motivated to brush his teeth" -- Kate Children’s book that makes you laugh: “ It was a great picture book! Made my 3 year old laugh!! “ - Mandy "This is just too funny because I keep thinking about this happening with my family. My kids loved the Dragon Joe " -- Liz And Cute illustrations with nice rhyming story Not too long, grabs kid’s attention GET IT NOW and get the ebook for FREE!! Add this amazing kids book to your cart and ENJOY!

Dracones Rogue (Book 5)

Sheri-Lynn Marean - 2017
    Raven was an avenging angel sent to patrol the Fallen—until evil warrior witches attacked and sank them both into darkness with no room for anything or anyone but vengeance. A promise to his dead mate and hatred kept Soroyan, an immortal wolf shifter alive. But four-hundred-years is too long. With his volatile power under tight rein, he’s done his duty to protect his pack. Only now, a purple-eyed female he tried to hate, has shattered the ice around his heart. For twenty-years Raven has hunted the enemy—closed off and alone. Until the big bad wolf awakens her. He sets her blood on fire, except she also senses a dark void eating away at him. Afraid to feel again, Raven must decide how much she will give up to save the male who just may be her second chance at love. Book five for readers 17+ If you enjoy dark, sexy wolf shifters, dragons, angels and other magical beings, get Dracones Rogue and fall in love with Soroyan and Raven.


Phil Cummings - 2017
    CLING CLANG CLONG! ROAR!Boy lived in a silent world and couldn't hear the fighting. But Boy could see the fear around him... and how everyone would be much happier.

Gambling on Her Dragon

Anna Lowe - 2017
     Shifter Trey Dixon can play poker like his wolf can howl, but what he doesn’t know about the shady underworld of Las Vegas gambling might just get him killed. By the end of one crazy night, he’s sucked into trouble — and falling hard for the petite dragon shifter who steals his winnings along with his heart. Before he knows it, it’s not just money at stake — it’s his destined mate’s life. Kaya Proulx didn’t mean to fall for the mystery man who was supposed to be her ticket out of a tight spot. But that spot only gets tighter when her sizzling-hot lover leads her straight into a den of wolves. She has enough problems with vampires, gargoyles, and her missing sister. Now, the clock is ticking and her life is on the line. Can she trust her inner dragon and bet against the highest odds of all? * A zany paranormal romance with adult content — not to mention vampires, gamblers, card-dealing werewolves, and much more! *

Dracones Primalthorn

Sheri-Lynn Marean - 2017
    All dragonkind are born with a deeply ingrained calling to protect the innocent. As Primalthorn, the Ultimate Guardian, it becomes Skulla’s duty to preserve his dying race as well. But with his responsibility comes a great burden as he’s tasked with ending the lives of those on the verge of going rogue. Year after lonely year, only his obligations keep Skulla clinging to sanity, until the day he meets his mate. Kiah-thorn brings light back into his darkened soul. With the lives of not only dragonkind but his family at stake, Skulla is hesitant when the Ilyium call on him for assistance. For his choices may just end all dragonkind.Get Dracones Primalthorn and delve into the magical world of dragonkind to find out how the curse came to be. Can be read either before or after bk1, Dracones awakening.

Trial By Flame

M.K. Eidem - 2017
    Eidem Autumn thought she knew who she was then she discovered she was a rare type of dragon shifter called a Supreme Dragoon. Now she is heading to her new mate’s home world to meet more of their kind. Nerves were to be expected, but Autumn is about to get more than she bargained for. Kirall always knew who he was, a Prime Dragoon, one of the strongest of his kind. He'd never doubted who he was or his place until he traveled to Earth and met her. Autumn descended from a line of Dragoon thought to have died out many millennia ago. Their mating changed all he'd been taught to believe. Together they will face challenges neither of them expected. With their mating threatened and everything Kirall holds dear in jeopardy, it’s up to Autumn to show who really is the baddest Dragoon of them all. Relentless Fire by Michelle Howard Rude Sarcastic Unbending Three words which best described Varyk, King of the Green Dracol. Events in his life taught him to hold his heart back to avoid the pain of loss. To do so, he used his insufferable attitude as protection and it worked. Until fate came into play. Fierce Determined Loyal Inez is a soldier with the Black Dracol who has no problem saying what she means. Love and mating are for the distant future. Until an act of betrayal causes her path to cross an arrogant King. Suddenly two opposing forces must find a way to work together to ensure the continuation of the hard fought peace between their kind.

The First Crown

Meg Cowley - 2017
    It's hard to kill a dragon. Is it impossible to kill a god?Bahr, the god of Fire and War, is terrorising the land, annihilating men, Eldarkind and dragons alike. Nothing can stand before him and Beren, chief amongst men, faces everything he loves being lost to Bahr’s fickle fires.After witnessing Bahr’s devastating power, Beren despairs, until the mysterious king of the Eldarkind offers him one glimmer of hope – but it comes at great cost. To have any chance of success, Beren must have faith in the enigmatic Eldarkind, set aside his lifelong differences with the dragons, and place his trust in the enemy who has destroyed his home and family. Unless he does so, they are all doomed.As Bahr’s vengeful eye turns to their hostile alliance, their differences threaten to divide man, Eldarkind, and dragon. Can Beren forge the strongest allies from his bitterest enemies before Bahr destroys them all?Discover how the epic fantasy tale begins in this prequel, The First Crown: A Caledan Novelette. If you liked The Lord of the Rings, The Inheritance Cycle, or the Books of Pellinor, then you’ll love the Books of Caledan series.

Ethereal King

Ariana Hawkes - 2017
    With tensions boiling and no understanding of the rules of the human world, he and his clan seem to be doomed to a wretched life on a volcanic Pacific island. That is, until a boatload of tourists brings prophesied salvation in the shape of a feisty, curvy human named Josie. The only problem? He needs to convince her to become his mate and bearer of his dragonlets, but she’s having none of it. Josie Stanton has no idea what kind of royal prince Xephyr thinks he was in his former life, but he’s not going to be the boss of her! So what if the drop-dead gorgeous dragon has saved her from a violent fate, he's desperate to marry her, and he's everything she’s ever wanted in a man? With a father on the brink of collapse from exhaustion and two morons making her life hell at work, romance is the last thing on her mind right now. When Xephyr asks Josie for her help she finds it impossible to say no. But for this royal prince to win Josie’s heart and save his clan, he’ll need to prove to Josie he loves her for all her human qualities and become the hero that she needs. This is the first book in a brand new dragon shifter series, full of romance, sexy dragons and laughs. HEA and no cheating, of course! An additional story is included as a special FREE bonus!

Her Warrior Dragon

Ariel Marie - 2017
    After she’s done picking her jaw up off the floor Faye immediately gets to work saving this shifter’s life. When he awakens, Faye finds there is an instant attraction between them… and it is undeniable. Vander Kelmeyer was battling his mortal enemy before he crash-landed under Faye’s care. From the moment their eyes meet he knows that she is his mate. After his wounds have healed Vander tracks Faye down and pursues her, his dragon desperately seeking her soft touch. Yet Vander’s enemies are searching for a weakness, and he’s just given them one. Faye and Vander’s romance ignites into a fire, one that quickly becomes deadly. Dragon shifters are legendary, considered a myth, yet here is one demanding that Faye become his. Despite the danger Faye cannot resist his smoldering stare… or the heat of his passion. Will Faye survive being a mate to a dragon shifter? Or will their happily-ever-after go up in smoke? Her Warrior Dragon is a steamy, action-packed love story that will leave readers fanning themselves with desire and holding their breath in suspense. This HOT paranormal romance featuring sexy dragon shifters, a strong, smart heroine, and thrilling villains is an exciting fantasy romp by author Ariel Marie.

Sky Woman: Book One of The Empress Saga

Stuart R McCafferty - 2017
    She is a healer, herbalist, and midwife. When she is visited by Jin, a beautiful assassin in service to the king, Enfri is confronted with the truth of her heritage and the reason she has been condemned to die by the crown. Using her wits and the magic of a scholarly dragon to survive, Enfri flees into the desert from a coterie of killers.


May SageMarilyn Peake - 2017
    Lee, Emma Alisyn and other popular paranormal romance authors have come together to offer you standalone novels and longer novellas featuring dragon shifters. Scorched will be available on a temporary basis.

A Dragon Speaks Her Name

Kira Nyte - 2017
    She hears voices in her head and dreams of fiery apocalyptic wars. That’s nothing compared to the terror she feels when the only people she loves are taken from her and she’s forced to run for her life all the way to Nocturne Falls. The town promises her one of two things: Answers to her madness or a one-way ticket to an asylum.Zareh Lutherone is shattered to discover the Firestorm dragons’ ancient enemy has found and murdered his Keeper. He is plotting his next move in preparation for another war when a beautiful stranger literally falls into his arms. He doesn’t know who she is, only that the dragon inside him demands he protect her at all costs. It doesn’t take long to understand why. Faced with a daunting task of convincing Kaylae she isn’t crazy—she is his Keeper and lifemate—just got complicated. Their enemy is hot on their tail and will stop at nothing to get their hands on Kaylae in order to destroy the last of an ancient dragon race.

The Defender of Rebel Falls

Erik Christensen - 2017
    As a librarian—a reluctant one—his reports catch the eyes of a powerful nobleman, who selects William for an important mission. As he faces danger after danger, he soon realizes that having the right weapon is one thing, but having the wits to use it is quite another. Because when he faces his ultimate challenge, it's more than just his own life at stake.

Exiled Dragons Box Set

Sarah J. Stone - 2017
     Can be read standalone but recommended to read Volume I by copying the link below: Contains: Book 6: Seeking the Dragon Book 7: Journey to India Book 8: Stuck in the Cabin Book 9: Awakening the Dragon Book 10: Dawn of the Dragons

Stonebriar Academy: School for Dragon Riders - Book Two

Thomas Boyhan - 2017
    First he had to win admission when only one hundred applicants would be selected from over four hundred. Then Jamie had to learn how to use the power of a Dragon belt and learn to fly with a Dragon. Added to all of this, against all tradition, Jamie has been bonded to a Dragon in his first year. But Jamie overcomes all of those difficulties and even helps his bonded Dragon, Tomith, whom he has nicknamed Tommy, to learn how to fly. Now Jamie and Tommy face the second semester, and in this semester they will continue to struggle— but not only with their classes. They have now been caught up in the Stonebriar House Championship. Each year, the five Houses—Blackburn, Warwick, Aubondale, Waverly, and Pembroke—all compete for the coveted House Championship. Jamie’s and Tommy’s House, Aubondale, has finished in last place for the previous seven years. The overriding passion of every student in Aubondale is to finally get their house out of last place. To help accomplish this, Jamie and Tommy will have to compete in the school’s Dragon races, something they know nothing about. Even as Jamie and Tommy settle into the day-to-day struggles of school life at Stonebriar, they have been marked for capture or assassination by a shadowy organization known at the Sisterhood. For decades, the Sisterhood has been seeking to fulfill a prophecy that will grant the sisters total control over all the nations of Aurellius—along with immortality. But, in order to achieve their goal, they must eliminate Jamie and Tommy. Jamie’s and Tommy’s greatest challenge will not be helping get their House out of last place—their greatest challenge will be to simply survive.

Dragon Temptation

Amelia Jade - 2017
    Although difficult at times, she has stood by it. Until now. Tasked with a new job that appears to be another attempt to drive her out of the military, her first order of business is to bring the tall, ripped stranger who claims to be able to breathe fire up to speed. Without breaking her own rule. Gulp. Awakened from the long sleep into which he fled to escape his past, Kallore quickly finds that his “teacher” is more than just that. She’s the woman he’s been searching for. Suddenly his attempt to run away seems more like fate driving him into her deliciously curvy body. Now if only he can convince her that he’s not just another soldier, but something more. The more time they spend together, the harder it becomes for Elin to resist the dragon’s temptation. He’s scorching hot and determined to say and do everything right to gain her trust. But the past can’t stay away, and when it rears its ugly head, they both lose sight of their true purpose. Can they focus on each other and the reason for Kallore’s awakening, or will they get caught up in ancient wrongs, blinded to the danger coming straight at them? For a VERY limited time this includes the bonus novel Furnace as well!

Dragon My Heart Around

Marianne Morea - 2017
    She’s hopeful a call to Gerri Wilder and the Paranormal Dating Agency will fix the lack of romance in her quiet librarian’s life and put her between the sheets instead of just between the pages. What she didn’t expect was the fantasy hero who appeared in her living room, naked and ready to please. Talk about a book boyfriend come to life! A sex-slave cursed into the book Gerri gave her, his story is too fanciful to believe, yet somehow Camille knows he’s telling the truth. Now all she wants is him and to break the curse so they can have their own happily ever after.

The Dragon Orb

Mike Shelton - 2017
    At 15, he’s lived at the Wizard Citadel for most of his life. Everything seems to be working out like he’d hoped. He just got promoted to Level 1 and despite being painfully shy, he has a friend.Kharlia knows medicine.And he really likes her.When Bakari finds an ancient map that marks a source of power, he must check it out. With Kharlia by his side, they wander through the Kingdom toward the spot on the map. The trip isn’t what they expect.Magical creatures have made it through the barrier.Should they fight or flee?Bakari knows they are in trouble. He isn’t a battle wizard. As they struggle against the beasts, the worst thing Bakari can imagine happens.Will they survive?You’ll love this first book in The Alaris Chronicles, because of the beautifully woven story with diverse characters, great adventure, and political intrigue.Get it now.

Wings of Stone

J.D. Monroe - 2017
    But when he discovers the princess of his people has been brutally attacked and left for dead in a human hospital, he must act. He just wasn’t prepared for a gorgeous human doctor to witness him transform into a dragon and fly away. And he definitely wasn’t prepared to ask for her help. Doctor Gabrielle Rojas is a practical, logical woman, so the last thing she expects is to meet a dragon while working the night shift. But after watching the hot stranger turn into an honest-to-God dragon and fly away with one of her patients, she can’t deny what she’s seen. When she answers Tarek’s call for help, Gabrielle is drawn into his dangerous world of dragons, magic, and ancient wars reignited. Embroiled in the intrigue of a distant world, Gabrielle and Tarek can’t deny their growing attraction. Can two souls from different worlds find love?

The Blackstone Dragon Heir

Alicia Montgomery - 2017
     Catherine Archer is running away from her past and those trying to hurt her. She knows she needs to keep her head down and falling for a dragon shifter isn't exactly keeping a low profile. She needs to resist him, for his and her sake, but can she ignore her heart?

There Is No Dragon In This Story

Lou Carter - 2017
    Nobody wants him in their story. Not Goldilocks, not Hansel and Gretel - no one. But Dragon will not give up! He shall continue on his course of finding someone who wants him in their story. ANYONE. His boundless enthusiasm surely won't get him into any trouble. Surely ...A glorious story about dragons, heroes and ice cream with sprinkles. From author Lou Carter, a phenomenal new talent, and Deborah Allwright, illustrator of the bestselling The Night Pirates.

Dark Kings Bundle: 3 Stories by Donna Grant

Donna Grant - 2017
    Because of that, we will be giving 100% of the sales revenue from this bundle to Donna and her family. We thank you for your support of this effort. Dragon King Grace Clark has never colored outside of the law, but she has a book due and has found the perfect spot to break through her writer’s block. Or so she thinks. Right up until Arian suddenly appears and tries to force her away from the mountain. Arian is a Dragon King who has slept away centuries in his cave. Recently woken, he’s about to leave his mountain to join his brethren in a war when he’s alerted that someone has crossed onto Dreagan. He’s ready to fight...until he sees the woman. She’s innocent and mortal - and she sets his blood aflame. Dragon Fever Rachel Marek is a journalist with a plan. She intends to expose the truth about dragons to the world – and her target is within sight. Nothing matters but getting the truth, especially not the ruggedly handsome, roguishly thrilling Highlander who oozes danger and charm. Suave, dashing Asher is more than just a man. He’s a Dragon King – a being who has roamed this planet since the beginning of time. With everything on the line, Asher must choose to trust an enemy in the form of an all too alluring woman whose tenacity and passion captivate him. Dragon Burn A promise made eons ago sends Sebastian to Italy on the hunt to find an enemy. His quarry proves difficult to locate, but there is someone who can point him in the right direction – a woman as frigid as the north. Gianna Santini has one love in her life – work. A disastrous failed marriage was evidence enough to realize she was better off on her own. That is until a handsome Scot strolled into her life and literally swept her off her feet. She is unprepared for the blazing passion between them or the truth he exposes.

Moss Forest Orchid

Shari L. Tapscott - 2017
    Looting dragon hordes hasn't proven profitable lately, and she's tired of waiting tables. Her business partner usually finds the work, but Sebastian isn't speaking with her, and Lucia's getting desperate.Luckily, Lucia finds a simple request posted on a community board. All the man wants is an orchid. Nothing to it.Except the flower only grows in a montane cloud forest in Grenalda... And Lucia must take a ship through sea serpent-infested waters to get there... And her new helpful friend—the one and only, dashing Captain Avery Greybrow—just might be a pirate.At this rate, Lucia's not sure if she'll ever reach the orchid. But she's determined to try.A new fantasy adventure romance from the author of The Eldentimber Series.

Christmas: Dragon Style

Serena Akeroyd - 2017
    Then, a dragon pops up in her life, informs her he’s her mate, doesn’t understand the Internet, is seriously confused by Netflix, and continuously calls her his ‘lemon’. Once friends with the Vikings, Remy Dreconis has seen and done a lot. What he hasn’t done, however, is his mate. The horizontal tango is in his future if she can get past the fact he was around for the Black Death and really doesn’t understand how cell phones work. For five centuries, the Mother has forsaken dragonkind, denying them their lemans because of a heinous crime committed by one of her children. Remy and Mia must traverse a new phase in dragon society, creating history as they go. But Mia’s stuck on the fact she has to live in a realm with no cell service, and Remy’s obsession with books tops her love of Jimmy Choos. This odd couple shouldn’t have what it takes to form a lasting mate bond, but the Mother knows something they don’t… Standalone full-length novel with a smexy hero and a heroine who'll make you LOL. Book two in the series is coming February 14th 2018!

Fire Kissed

Shayne SilversEmma L. Adams - 2017
    Get a taste of lethal love, high-stakes poker games with monsters, rebel Fae, and cunning demons.Because sometimes the monsters are the good guys…Including stories from such renowned authors as: C.N. Crawford Aimee Easterling Author Julia Mills New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carina Wilder Domino Finn New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Gena D. Lutz New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Emma L. Adams USA Today Bestselling Author Simone Pond McKenzie Hunter Katerina Martinez Val St. Crowe Tricia Owens Shayne Silvers <

Sizzling Dragons Box Set

Alisa Woods - 2017
    Five hundred years is truly enough for a man like me. A monster. Yet a ten-thousand-year treaty will die with me, if I don’t spawn a dragonling to take my place. My two brothers are no use in this task. It falls to me, the eldest by a hair’s breadth, and yet, I cannot face the horror of another sealing. Another death. Another woman’s blood on my hands. ARABELLA: I was saved from death in a dark Seattle alley by an impossibly beautiful man who swooped in on golden wings. Now he’s taken me to his lair, opened my eyes to a world of immortals I didn’t know existed, and given me an impossible task—find him a mate. Then, and only then, will he set me free. He needs her more than he wants; she wants him more than she should; and the fate of both the mortal and immortal worlds depends on not just repairing their hearts, but finding a Love that’s True… The FALLEN IMMORTALS series is a modern Beauty and the Beast story with flaming HOT dragon shifters, vengeful Dark Fae, and beguiling fallen angels. THE FALLEN IMMORTALS SERIES Lucian and Arabella Kiss of a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 1) Heart of a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 2) Fire of a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 3) Leonidas and Rosalyn Chosen by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 4) Seduced by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 5) Touched by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 6) Leksander and Erelah Loved by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 7) Marked by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 8) Claimed by a Dragon (Fallen Immortals 9) Of Bards and Witches (Fallen Immortals 10): Leonidas’s Story

A Mate for the Dragon

Zoe Chant - 2017
    A peaceful vacation in a cabin in the woods seems like the perfect way to get some alone time and mend her broken heart. She thinks she can do without love in her life - at least until the drop-dead gorgeous Stefan walks into her life. Dragon shifter Stefan Novak is the last of his clan - and unless he finds a mate soon, his lineage will die with him. But Stefan knows that even if he finds his mate, she too will be in deadly peril from the rival dragon clan who is hunting him. He's made up his mind he won't seek out his mate, even if it means he'll be alone forever - but he doesn't expect his mate to come looking for him. The connection between Holly and Stefan can’t be denied, but old foes resurface, threatening to pull them apart. Can they survive the battle between rival dragon clans? Stefan's enemies will stop at nothing to defeat him - even if it means threatening Holly's life. Can he keep her safe and win her heart? A Mate for the Dragon is an action-packed standalone paranormal romance. No cliffhangers!

Dumb as a Roc

Mina Carter - 2017
     Unable to find a mate, her dragon is asleep, and the curvy dragoness is running out of time. In desperation, she makes an appointment with the matchmaker, Geri Wilder. Perhaps Geri can work some of her magic on Razzy and find her a man that will literally save her life. But before she can speak to the matchmaker, Tall, blonde and handsome storms in, kisses her like there’s no tomorrow and carries her off on the wing to his mountain-top lair. She’s been kidnapped… by a wyvern of all things. Not just any wyvern, but Roc, the king they claim they don’t have… Dragons and wyverns don’t get on. Like, ever. So why does she want to climb her sexy captor like a tree, and what will he do when he finds out she’s the dragon king’s sister? Roc needs a mate to be king. He needs to be king to save his people from themselves. Because they’re dumb… Which means he needs a woman, and for that, he needs to see the matchmaker. And she delivers. Barely out of the meeting and he has his arms wrapped around the tiniest, curviest, most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. One breath and he knows she’s his mate. One kiss and his heart belongs to her… forever. Instinct kicks in and he carries her off to his lair. Alone, away from everyone, she’ll have no option but to fall for him. Just one problem, she’s the sister of his greatest enemy… and he wants her back.

Draigon Weather

Paige L. Christie - 2017
    Cleod struggles with divided loyalties as he learns he cannot be a Draigon hunter while remaining a friend to a tainted woman. Leiel seeks forbidden knowledge and old secrets, placing herself in danger of sharing her mother’s fate.When Draigon Weather returns to the land, Cleod has the chance to fulfill all his promises—both to Leiel and to his new masters, the Ehlewer.  But as the rivers choke on their own silt and heat cracks the ground, the choices the two friends have made begin to catch up with them—for what plagues Arnan is more than just a monster.

Cyrus LongBones and the Curse of the Sea Zombie

Jeremy Mathiesen - 2017
    Unjustly blamed for the disaster, Cyrus is forced to flee his crumbling island and sail out to sea in search of a new home.When Cyrus learns that a creature known as the Sea Zombie is at the root of his brother’s death and his people’s corruption, he must make a decision that could forever cost him his soul. Will Cyrus risk all to rescue his village, or will he abandon all hope to save his own skin?Welcome to book 1 in the Cyrus LongBones adventure.

The Helmet Holdup (Geronimo Stilton Micekings #6)

Geronimo Stilton - 2017
    and while they're there, the dragons attack! Can all the mice work together to save their fur?

3013: The Series Anniversary Box Set

Laurie Roma - 2017
    Unfortunately, this set was pirated before it was even released, and now we are having multiple issues with distribution sites. Going forward, we figure that our best option is to release these books separately (Kali’s books in one set, and mine in another) to get them back to you as soon as possible. We are sorry for the delay, but we promise to figure out the issues as quickly as we can.On a personal note, since I’ve been sick, 3013: UNITY was not included in the box set. I feel terrible about not getting this novella to you, so I will be sure to include it once we get everything fixed. We take pride in the books we release in this series, and we are saddened that this happened. Don’t worry, we plan to put the books on special discount when they are re-released to make up for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding." - Laurie Roma-----------------------Original description:It’s Unity Day, a time to celebrate love, loyalty, and the joining of the allied races. Meet new friends and catch up with old favorites in these four all-new novellas & two bonus shorts!!3013: UNITY by Laurie Roma – Gabriel Titan is the commander of the Capital on Earth, while Vasera Lyrica Snowden rules the Southern Isle on Xenthian. When duties stand in the way of fate, will their love be enough to conquer all?3013: BROKEN by Kali Argent – Can Tarin female Cerys open her heart to Liaison Officer Eli Eaton, or will her painful past as a slave on Tartarus prove too much to overcome?3013: EXODUS by Laurie Roma – Krytos brothers Rogan and Lucian Adaro own a sanctuary in Zion, but seeking safety is the last thing Dragon Warrior Jade Vyper needs. They may be destined mates, but can true love flourish when one side must give up everything they have ever known?​3013: TRINITY by Kali Argent – Alliance Commanders Quaid Jansen and Oz Michaels have always rejected the status quo, especially when it comes to the idea of sharing their future chosen. So, what happens when they meet Helios shifter Natalia Hess and find themselves falling for the same female?


Dzintra Sullivan - 2017
    A freak gust of wind catches her off guard, and she falls into the ocean below. As the last breath of air leaks from her lungs, Payton surrenders to the cold black arms of death. Prince Volos, the oldest son of the Water Dragon King, stands proudly with the human spy he’s captured. His father will surely renounce the crown to him as he proves himself worthy. When this small, dark haired beauty causes his heart to start singing, Volos now wonders what’s more important. Being the next King? Or being immersed in the arms of true love? Miles under the surface of the ocean a choice must be made. A choice where ripples will be felt far and wide. What is the depth you will go to for true love?

Sworn to a Highland Laird

Sky Purington - 2017
    Unfortunately, when she arrives, she finds the home abandoned and the man who contacted her non-existent. If that isn’t enough, the mystery only deepens when she discovers something in the attic she dreamt about as a child. A Claddagh ring that whisks her back in time to medieval Scotland. Reborn into a new life, Laird Adlin MacLomain knows things are about to get complicated. Devoted to both William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, he and his clan are determined to fight in the First War of Scottish Independence. However, it will take more than brawn and battle skills to see their country through to freedom. It’s going to take help from the future. Specifically, from a lass named Milly. When Adlin and Milly connect across time, enemies take notice. England becomes more of a threat as well as its unknown allies. After all, there’s power to be had in a Scottish Laird and a modern day woman finding each other…remembering one another. The life they once shared. The love that was theirs. More so, the strength and perseverance they were capable of together. Will it be enough to fight all that’s coming their way? Find out in Sworn to a Highland Laird.

Dragon Knights Anthology Volume 1

Bianca D'Arc - 2017
    Epic fantasy menage romance at its best. Volume 1 contains RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Award Nominated Maiden Flight, Border Lair, and The Dragon Healer. Maiden Flight A chance meeting with a dragon seals the fate of a female poacher. The dragon’s partner, a knight named Gareth, falls for the girl. He wants her for his mate, but mating with a knight is no simple thing. To accept a knight, a woman must also accept his fighting partner too. War is in the making and she must choose her fate—life with two men to love, or her lonely life in the forest. Border Lair A widow, Adora never dreamed love could find her again. Lord Darian finds something to live for in Adora’s smile, but his old friend, Sir Jared, is also intensely attracted to her. As war looms, romance grows, even as evil invades the land. The knights and dragons must stand fast against the onslaught, the beautiful woman of royal blood bringing them hope, healing and love. The Dragon Healer Silla hears the cries of a dragon in distress, and comes to his aid. The dragon’s knight, Brodie, is fascinated by her. Geoff knows that when Brodie finds a wife, they will share her because their dragons are mates. Love at first sight turns out to be real and strikes them hard. Silla is the missing link that will join their lives and make them a true Lair family—if she will only agree. Note: For adults only. Contains graphic language, multi-partner sexual situations and swashbuckling knights riding dragons who meddle in their knights lives more than you’d think!

The Panther’s Lost Princess

McKenna Dean - 2017
    A child of the foster-care system, she didn’t get many breaks, but the one thing she can do is sing. It’s her only ticket out of poverty and obscurity. Nothing else matters, not even the nagging sense that she’s different. She's headed for great things. She only needs a chance. Jack Ferris couldn’t agree more. His firm, the elite paranormal agency Redclaw Security, has been hired to find a missing princess and return her to her family. Discovering that Ellie, a waitress in a hole-in-the-wall diner, is both the princess and his fated mate is like being hit with a sledgehammer. Ellie West can't be his mate. She's the mission. The sooner Jack completes this job, the better, only Ellie has no intention of throwing her dreams away for a kingdom she's never known. With hired assassins on their trail, Ellie might not have a choice. They must do whatever it takes to stay alive.

Benny's Carnival

Lissa Kasey - 2017
    Only when Aki comes down with some sort of flu, Shane immediately fears that maybe they haven’t cured Aki after all.When Jack Taylor, Shane’s best friend, asks for a favor, it couldn’t be worse timing. But Aki assures Shane that he’s okay, and Shane knows if the roles were reversed, Jack would drop everything to help Shane. Shane agrees to accompany one of Jack’s lover’s, Candy, to a brothel for one of Candy’s rescue missions, while Jack’s other lover, Ivy watches over Aki.Shane expects it to be a fast trip, in and out, save the whores and back home to care for Aki. Only it’s not that simple. There’s a dragon in the attic with a lot of secrets and even more answers.

The Crown & the Flame, Book 3 (The Crown & the Flame, #3)

NOT A BOOK - 2017
    Kenna and Dom must choose their alliances wisely to halt the grim advance of a seemingly unstoppable foe. Can enemies work together, or will betrayal seal the fate of The Five Kingdoms?Reading Progress Percentage:1) 6%2) 12%3) 18%4) 24%5) 29%6) 35%7) 41%8) 47%9) 53%10) 59%11) 65%12) 71%13) 76%14) 82%15) 88%16) 94%17) 100%

Of Dreams And Dragons

Karpov Kinrade - 2017
    Mountains will bleed. An old magic awakens. The day darkness descends into my life begins like any other.Taking care of the kids I call my own. Fighting fires in my small town. How could I have known evil walked my streets and would soon rip apart my world? But death comes for us all, and when a stranger with mysterious abilities shows up demanding payment for a promise I never made, I refuse. When he kidnaps my baby sister, I fight back.And I discover the power of the dragons within me. Now, I must leave everything behind and travel to a world of magic and wonder in order to train with a charismatic dragon lord, in the hopes that one day… I can save my sister. Or make her killer pay with blood. But nothing in this world is what it appears. And my closest friends are keeping secrets from me. Secrets that could tear the worlds apart.Begin reading now to uncover the truth!This is the story of Nine Worlds, and how they were created. It is the story of dragons, and what happened to them. It is the story of fate, of love, of magic and adventure and destiny and free will.

The Serpent's Heir

Dean DeBlois - 2017
    But their lives are imperiled by a madman and an incredible new dragon who even Toothless—the alpha dragon—may not be able to control!* Dragons writer, director, and producer Dean DeBlois is coplotting these stories.* Stories tie in to the upcoming 2019 film.

Her Wounded Dragon

Sky Purington - 2017
    Especially for someone like Vivienne with her complicated past and closely guarded secrets. Yet when she has a chance to get near enemy because of a sexy dragon shifter haunting her dreams, she doesn’t think twice. Even if it means seeking out the Paranormal Dating Agency, and tagging along incognito to scope him out as her best friend goes on a date with him. Kage knows within minutes of meeting Vivienne that she isn’t who she pretends to be. As the right hand man of the enemy, it’s his job to figure out if she’s a threat. More so, if she’s a risk to his hidden agenda and well laid plans. Soon enough, he realizes the only danger she poses is to his hardened heart. After all, there’s no defense against the scorching desire dragons feel when they find their long lost mate.

By Fairy Means or Foul

Meghan Maslow - 2017
    Literally, no denying, because compelling the reluctant detective is all part of a unicorn’s seductive magic. To add to his woes, Twig is saddled with the unicorn’s cheeky indentured servant, Quinn Broomsparkle. Dragons are supposed to want to eat humans, but Twig’s half-dragon side only wants to gobble up Quinn in a more . . . personal way. Making matters worse, it’s obvious the smokin’ hot but untrustworthy sidekick is hiding something. Something big. And not what’s in his trousers. In the PI business, that means trouble with a capital Q. Throw in gads of zombies, a creepy ghost pirate ship, a malfunctioning magic carpet, and Twig’s overbearing fairy father’s demands to live up to the illustrious Starfig name. Naturally, an old but abiding enemy chooses this time to resurface, too. Those inconveniences Twig can handle. The realization he’s falling for a human who isn’t free to return his affections and whose life may hang on the success of his latest case? Not so much.

The Shifter’s Secret Son

T.S. Ryder - 2017
    She wants revenge. Let the game begin . . . Julia is on a mission: Seduce the crown prince and then rip out his heart. Why, do you ask? He unknowingly impregnated her best friend Cynthia and destroyed her life. After Cynthia dies and with the baby now in her care, Julia swears to seek revenge. But his highness, with his stormy eyes and smoky scent, makes her knees buckle and turns her into a drooling puddle. That wasn’t the plan. Benjamin is prince playboy. The giant Dragon warrior is under stress though. He’s supposed to get married, because a Dragon king without a mate is nothing. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do forever. He needs some pant-dropping to distract him. Who’s that new servant girl? But what begins as an innocent flirt soon spirals way out of control. Between a pushy queen trying to claim him and an assassin waiting to strike, Benjamin and Julia are slowly falling for each other. She’s the one making his flames scorch his throat. As feelings deepen, Julia has to ask herself whether Benjamin is really the monster she thought he was. Has she bitten off more than she can chew? Will he love her when he discovers her secret? When he discovers he has . . . a son? This is a 107-page stand-alone paranormal story with dragon shifters, lots of action and lots of steam. It has an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This is a HOT story with mature themes and language. Most definitely for 18+ readers only.


H.L. Burke - 2017
    A hideous face. A looming curse. As the ugly twin to a perfect sister, Princess Laidra lives her life in the shadows—until her parents offer her as bait for a giant serpent. Her escape attempt leaves her shipwrecked on a secluded island with only one inhabitant: Prince Calen, who lives under a curse. If anyone looks upon him, he turns into a giant serpent. Speaking to him in the darkness, Laidra sees past the monster to Calen’s lonely soul, and she determines to free him from the magic’s hold. But if Laidra can’t break the curse in time, Calen will become a mindless creature of scales and fangs forever. A YA mythology/romance that retells the myth of Eros and Psyche with adventure, magic, and true love.

Dragon Mated

Eliza Gayle - 2017
    If they can survive the firestorm. Jami Raye doesn’t believe in fate or fairy tales. She’s got voices in her head taunting her, a possible stalker (or a really bad case of paranoia), and she’s just lost her third client to a drug overdose this month. So she definitely doesn’t need a hot, Russian gazillionaire trying to convince her she can help him solve a murder. Nope. She just needs some sleep. And maybe an intervention. She hears him out anyway and things get really crazy from there. Half-human and half-dragon, Maxim Drago wants nothing to do with other shifters. Until his unquenchable thirst for control and power hits a tragic road block that brings him face to face with his fate, a sexy, but haunted drug counselor who may hold the key to finally unlocking the uncontrollable violence inside him. When a killer targets the mate he didn’t know he wanted, Drago will do anything to protect her…

Dragon Lyric: A Short Story

Bethany A. Jennings - 2017
    And the dragon is hungry. Drawn by his allure, Theryn left everything behind to live with Roth in his mountain cave. But then her fiery-eyed husband transformed into something else: a monster of scales, claws, and wings. The dragon has only one use for her—to bear his dragon egg, now forming in her womb. After the egg is laid, she will be nothing but fresh meat. But Theryn refuses to suffer the same fate as Roth’s former brides. For her own sake, and for the baby dragonshifter she carries, she must find a way to escape the monster, and break the enchantment of the dragon lyric.


Garon Whited - 2017
    The money's nice, sure, but you become a hero because something inside compels you, drives you to it. Defending people from monsters simply doesn't pay well enough to make it a good career move. As for hunting dragons... well, the money is usually good, but the job really bites. A group of five professional heroes goes into the lair of the dragon. Who will win? Spoiler: The dragon. But it turns out killing a hero sometimes does nothing more than make him even more determined. Sometimes, heroes are never more dangerous than when they're dead!

Flame and Form

Jenna Elizabeth Johnson - 2017
    When Brienne intervenes on behalf of a draghan, a wild, fire-breathing beast from the realm of Firiehn, she only means to save the creature from a fate worse than death. What Brienne doesn’t realize, however, is that this monster is cru-athru, a shapeshifter capable of transforming into a man, one whose very presence heats her blood like draghan fire.

Call of the Dragonbonded (The Dragonbonded Return, #1)

J.D. Hart - 2017
    Everything from his vocation to the girl he will marry has been planned. So when he receives the Calling and embarks on his trek to find his life-long animal bond, he is far from prepared for the adventure ahead, or for the Cosmic "gift" he is about to receive.​ On the other side of the realm, the headstrong Princess Veressa of Griffinrock demands secret training from her prudish yet powerful Ranger protector. Veressa, too, receives the Calling and drags her mentor along on one last high adventure. ​ As the paths of these two sixteen-year-olds begin to intertwine, neither can foresee the desperate struggles before them nor the heroic journeys they will be called upon to undertake. Ages: 13 and up Genres: Young adult, coming of age, fantasy, dragons, magic, epic, adventure, mystery Explicit language: None Explicit sex: None Violence: Mild to moderate This is the first of the four-book adventure The Dragonbonded Return series. Be sure to pick up Book 2 in the series! For further details about upcoming books by the author, visit To receive advance notice of JD Hart's upcoming releases, go to and subscribe to the author's mailing list.

The Dragon's Rider (Kaylyn's Story Book 2)

Kristin Stecklein - 2017
    Now she and Nightfire have a new challenge; to help raise not only a baby dragon, but train a new Dragonrider. The Silons are preparing for war, and it's only a matter of time before the fighting starts. Meanwhile, Kaylyn's already embroiled in a political battle, fighting for peace between humans and dragons, and fighting for those in power to accept the Dragonriders as people worth more than their fighting skills. But time is running out, and things are changing. Once, Kaylyn swore to never fall in love again, but she's finding out there's someone worth loving, someone waiting for her to love him back, and the battle with the Silons is about to begin and threaten everything she has.


Leia Stone - 2017
    Until now. The female dragon shifter from his dreams. She’s real. But he won’t see an end to his loneliness unless he can keep her alive. (This is a 10K word short story which precedes book one, Skyborn.)

The Great Easter Bunny Hunt

S.E. Smith - 2017
    The children must work together to recover Jabir’s coveted eggs after the Great Easter Bunny is caught taking them away. Can the Dragonlings and their besties save the day?

A Dragonling's Haunted Halloween and Night of the Demented Symbiots: Two Dragonlings of Valdier Novellas

S.E. Smith - 2017
    Soon, her dream of building the ultimate playground for the dragonlings is a reality.When Abby laughingly mentions the new playground looks like the perfect place to have a Halloween party, Cara goes into high gear to create the perfect haunted house adventure for the babies. The fun kicks into high gear when the men discover what Cara has been up to and decide to "test" the playground first!Cara has no idea that her new project would create a sense of panic, wonder, or hilarious consequences in the palace when she unveils it. Discover what happens when another Earth holiday is unveiled, with the help from a couple of mischievous goddesses, the symbiots, and dragonlings in A Dragonlings' Haunted Halloween.Night of the Demented SymbiotsThe dragonlings and their besties are excited about the preparations for another Halloween holiday. As the night of the festival draws closer, the dragonlings, Roam, and Alice discover a threat to the newest members of their families: the Queen of the Demented Symbiots plans to send her minions to capture the newest babies and take them to the land of Halloween where she lives. With their parents busy organizing the huge festival for the people of Valdier in an underground cavern, the dragonlings and their friends are left with no choice but to prepare for the ultimate battle--to save Morah, Leo, and Hope from the Queen of the Demented Symbiots. Join in a holiday adventure that you won't forget as the little ones use their special skills to protect their friends and family in Night of the Demented Symbiots.

Dragon's Prize

Maya Starling - 2017
    Life and love proven through blood and flame. Choices changing destinies on a dime.”After slaying the dragon and “rescuing” Olivia, Crown Prince Magnus will settle for no one but her as his bride - his final challenge to overcome before becoming King Magnus, Dragon Slayer.Through trials of blood, fire, and death, Kaden has broken the curse confining him to a dragon’s form for over a century. With fire brewing inside him, he struggles to reach his beloved Olivia in time to save her - and his own sanity.Unsure of the fate of her dragon, Olivia is consumed with grief. She consents to wed the prince in order to save the lives of her family. His advances push her to take her destiny into her own hands.But trouble stirs deep in the woods, as an old enemy seeks to rectify a curse broken. The prize of a life earned must be stripped away again… permanently.

The Dragonkin Trilogy

Michael Meyerhofer - 2017
    All he ever wanted was to become a Knight of Crane and wield a kingsteel sword against horrors he's known since childhood. But that dream crumbled—replaced by a new nightmare. War is overrunning the realms, and in a world where no one is blameless, the time has come for one disgraced man to decide which side he’s on. Knightswrath: Rowen Locke has achieved his dream of becoming a Knight of the Crane, and he now bears Knightswrath, the legendary sword of Fâyu Jinn. But the land remains torn, and though Rowen suffers doubts, he would see it healed. His knightly order is not what it seems, though, and allies remain thin. When Rowen and his friends seek an alliance with the forest-dwelling Sylvs, a tangle of events results in a midnight duel that teaches Rowen a dangerous lesson and leaves him with a new companion of uncertain loyalties. The sadistic Dhargots still threaten the kingdoms, but another menace lurks in the shadows, playing a game none can see. As Rowen struggles to prove his worth—to his allies and to himself—chaos raises its hand to strike. A price must be paid, and not even the wielder of Knightswrath will remain untouched. Kingsteel: Rowen Locke has won the battle. But from the shadows comes an ancient enemy--a calculating and merciless foe who has been waiting centuries for the chance to strike. Despite all he has already suffered and sacrificed, Rowen finds himself mired in a war bigger and more terrible than anything he could have imagined. The world’s only hope lies in Knightswrath, whose hard-won powers he has only begun to understand, let alone control. Calling upon unlikely new allies, Rowen must raise an army to defeat the vengeful Dragonkin before everything he loves becomes a smoldering ruin.

Heart of the Dragon

Kym Dillon - 2017
    Not where diamonds are concerned. She’s a jewel thief caught stealing from the mafia. With a hitman and the cops on her tail, a mysterious escape route seems heaven-sent…  When a deranged immortal summons Daya to steal a super-rare red diamond, it’s an offer the klepto can’t refuse. Especially since her other option is death.  THE DRAGON KING Arken Imyr isn’t another thief after the same jewel like Daya thinks he is. When the alluring mortal infiltrates his keep to steal a treasure he’s sworn to protect, she should die a swiftly death. Yet, centuries of isolation with no release have made Arken a very dangerous man.  He is a raging inferno, in fact, and Daya is his gasoline. Passion like theirs is destined to ignite. But, while he can quench his lust, he can’t promise love because…   …If she steals his Heart, she steals his kingdom.

Invisible Library series Genevieve Cogman Collection 3 Books Bundle With Gift Journal

Genevieve Cogman - 2017
    Description:- The Burning Page The third title in Genevieve Cogman's clever and exciting The Invisible Library series, The Burning Page is an action-packed literary adventure! When it's your job to save the day - where do you start? Librarian spy Irene has standards to maintain, especially while on probation. And absconding from a mission via a besieged building doesn't look good. But when her escape route home goes up in flames, what's a spy to do? However, it seems Gates back to the Library are malfunctioning across dozens of worlds. Worse still, her nemesis Alberich is responsible -and he plans to annihilate the Library itself. The Masked City Librarian-spy Irene is working undercover in an alternative London when her assistant Kai goes missing. She discovers he's been kidnapped by the fae faction and the repercussions could be fatal. Not just for Kai, but for whole worlds. Kai's dragon heritage means he has powerful allies, but also powerful enemies in the form of the fae. With this act of aggression, the fae are determined to trigger a war between their people - and the forces of order and chaos themselves. The Invisible Library The first in a gripping, adventurous series, The Invisible Library is the astounding debut from Genevieve Cogman. Irene must be at the top of her game or she'll be off the case - permanently. . . Irene is a professional spy for the mysterious Library, which harvests fiction from different realities. And along with her enigmatic assistant Kai, she's posted to an alternative London. Their mission - to retrieve a dangerous book. But when they arrive, it's already been stolen. London's underground factions seem prepared to fight to the very death to find her book.

Mouth of the Dragon: Prophecy of the Evarun

Tom Barczak - 2017
    But as the veil of the dragon rises, so does the veil between prophecy and the past, where the Prophecy of Evarun suffers no rivals.

Rex Draconis: Under The Dragon Moon

Richard A. Knaak - 2017
    A world familiar, yet a world new. A world where gods intrude at their whim. A world created by the author of The Legend of Huma, Kaz the Minotaur, and more with the cooperation and assistance of fans of those works.And a world where a great leviathan is said to watch over gods and the younger races, preparing to judge each as it sees fit. As is its right.REX DRACONIS*****When the minotaur captain Rath and his fellow survivors manage to escape the piratical wheyr after stumbling across them on an island, they and others discover too late that something ancient came with.Now, with humans and minotaurs on the brink of war, an uneasy alliance of characters must uncover the truth about an ancient war once again stirring, a war between two manipulative races using all others as their pawns...*****REX DRACONIS

The Dragon Prince's Baby Bargain

Zoe Chant - 2017
     She's a lonely virgin on vacation who just happens to look exactly like the missing princess. Has he got an offer for her... Prince Victor can't inherit the crown until he fathers a child on a woman of royal blood. For the sake of his kingdom, he agrees to an arranged marriage to a princess... who up and vanishes the day before the wedding. Debbie Jameson, a virgin 7-11 clerk from Tennessee, was thrilled to win an all-expenses paid vacation abroad. But much bigger thrills are in store for her when the alpha dragon shifter Victor sweeps her off her feet with an offer she can't refuse: impersonate the missing princess, marry him, and have his baby! It's a fairytale romance... until someone who definitely isn't a noble knight tries to slay the dragon's mate. Can Victor protect his beloved Debbie from mysterious assassins? And what happens if the real princess returns? A wild ride full of romance, action, and plenty of humor, The Dragon Prince's Baby Bargain is a must-read for fans of Celia Kyle and Terry Bolryder. Contains steamy scenes between a lonely woman who wants a family and a sexy dragon shifter who wants to make her his queen.

The Gwythienian

Savannah J. Goins - 2017
    It was set in a cheap metal fitting, nothing fancy. But it made her wonder if she was crazy. Sometimes, when she had it on, she could disappear. She couldn’t make it happen. It just worked on its own. But always at convenient times, like when she’d needed to hide again from Caleb. Maybe she'd only been imagining it; insomnia could do that to you. The nightmares had never left since that day seven years ago and she'd never really learned to cope with them. But what if she wasn’t crazy? When she finds out that someone else has been searching for the stone—someone from another world—she must decide what to do with it. Should she get rid of it? Or find out what other secrets it holds?

In the Shadow of Dragons

Sonya Bateman - 2017
    Since then, our world has never been the same.Six years after the dragons, magic is an insidious infection leaving some people untouched, others scarred, and more slowly transforming into mythological creatures. But once a year, on the anniversary of dragons, a worldwide Eclipse and an intense surge of magic puts everyone at risk for Changing completely -- with deadly results.The Bishop Corporation was a small, unremarkable drug company until they released HeMo, a drug that combats the magic infection and prevents people from turning into monsters. Most of the time. Now a rising global power, BiCo patrols the population to detect and detain those who show Magesign -- and the elite BiCo Knights ride forth to slay the monsters and protect the people from themselves.But not everyone believes in BiCo's benevolent stranglehold on magic. The Darkspawn, a small group of rebels, fight to destroy HeMo and allow magic to take hold naturally. For better or worse.When BiCo sends Teague Harlow, one of their Knights, to join the Darkspawn as a spy, she soon uncovers dark secrets -- but not those she was sent to find. Because BiCo's rule isn't always the beneficial security blanket they claim to provide.And the real danger may lie in the drug that's supposed to save the world.

Broken Magic

Catherine Vale - 2017
     After Alicia's parents disappeared unexpectedly, she made it her life's mission to find them. Her search has taken her into dangerous worlds filled with mythical beasts, dark magic creatures and otherworldly monsters. But nothing could prepare her for the world she is about to enter. When Alicia finds herself stuck in an unusual world called Wonderland, she knows that it'll take more than spell-work to survive. She will have to risk everything if she wishes to defeat the ruthless Queen who is determined to have her head. What begins as a curious journey into an unusual realm where nothing is quite what it seems, quickly turns into a battle for survival with the most unexpected partner by her side: a mysterious dragon shifter who works for the realm. Alicia will need to unlock the closely guarded secrets of a world filled with murder and mayhem in order to outrun the darkness that will stop at nothing to destroy her. Broken Magic is the gripping first story in the Worlds of Magic Series. If you enjoy stories filled with enchanting creatures, otherworldly monsters, inhuman allies, and a dash of romance in a fantasy setting, this is the series for you. "Incredible characters with a fun throwback to Alice in Wonderland! Absolutely loved this story and can't wait to read more from this author!" - Janice Donaldson ★★★★★ "This is a really different kind of fantasy story and I loved every bit of it! Fresh story, captivating characters and a fast paced adventure set in a beautifully strange world. One of my favorite reads this year." - Hannah L. ★★★★★

Single Dad Shifter

T.S. Ryder - 2017
    As a single dad, he needs to make sure his twins are cared for. And he’s just found the perfect woman for the job. Or so he thinks… Arabella’s on a mission. She's been hired to kidnap Grayson’s children to force him to step back from politics. What she hadn’t counted on is that the guy’s the hottest target she’s ever had. His sexy body, sun-kissed skin and sharp jawline make her want to… Stop it! She should focus on the mission. But it’s already too late. Before she knows it, Arabella finds herself entangled in a web of lies. How can she complete her mission and save the twins at the same time? How will Grayson react when he discovers her secret? This is a 112-page stand-alone paranormal story with BBW, shifter, and action elements. It has an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This is a HOT story with mature themes and language. Most definitely for 18+ readers only.

Winter Queen

Erica Marie Hogan - 2017
    and change the world forever.It's been five years since Roderick Kael murdered King Vihaan Sundragon, claiming the throne of Sunkai and all of Nfaros for himself. Five years since the Princesses Adlae, Mirae, and Brae were forced to give up everything they've ever known. Five years since the Creator of All allowed winter's snow to fall. But now the wind stirs with a familiar chill. Winter is coming down from the Ice Mountains, brought by the only one who can wield the storm. The Winter Queen herself.In a faraway wood, one who survived watches and waits for her chance to reclaim what is hers by blood and birthright. Within the walls of the city, another bears the burden of survival and the consequences that came with it. Across the sea, from the distant mountains, two strangers come in search of one who can save them from the ice of winter. Within the palace of Sunkai, evil stirs. Loyalties are tried; love tested. And amidst these strange events, the Winter Queen prepares her storm ... and Nfaros is not ready for her rage.

Scarlet Reign (Dragon Queen, #1)

Ink Rose - 2017
    With escape only found by becoming a cursed dragon, Aelwen must find a way to undo the transformation and restore her land to its former glory by defeating the beastly legions and their monstrous empress. In her quest for victory, Aelwen unlocks the secrets of the land, finds refuge within a mysterious tribe, and befriends a knowledgeable, yet reluctant companion, Gerel. And so begins the scarlet reign...

Prophecy of the Dragon

Mike Shelton - 2017
    That is the mission given to Imari in this prequel novella to The Alaris Chronicles. The King of Alaris and the High Wizard of the Citadel are getting greedy for more power, so Imari, a young wizard apprentice, must flee the Citadel and warn the Dragon King of the wizards’ planned aggression and invasion of neighboring kingdoms. On his tail is his best friend Hannah—a young battle wizard apprentice that believes in the High Wizard’s cause. Traveling from Alaris to Mahli, Imari finds a forgotten barony, meets the Dragon King, and flies on a dragon, which is more adventure than Imari ever thought he would have as a relatively young and weak wizard. But, when the Prophecy of the Dragon is spoken, will Imari take up the cause to protect the legacy of the Dragon King at all costs—even if that means losing his best friend? Read this adventurous and magical tale either before or after reading The Alaris Chronicles, a three-book fantasy series that begins with The Dragon Orb.