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The Banker

Penelope Sky - 2019
    They'll take me next unless I comply with their demands. Taking down the most powerful man in Italy. Cato Marino. The man is accompanied by his security team everywhere he goes. His fortress in Tuscany is impenetrable. He's the most paranoid man in the country. And there's no possibility I'll be able to take him down alone. If I want to save my father, I only have one option. To get into Cato's bed...and stay there. **This story is not about the Barsettis, but it takes place in the same universe. There are guest appearances by Crow Barsetti and Bones Jr.**


Crystal Daniels - 2019
    Those sacrifices meant nothing after uncovering his father's dark secrets and his ex-wife's lies, and betrayal. Looking to rebuild what was taken from him, Demetri sets his sights on Montana, where his path collides with a feisty, headstrong woman who unintentionally ignites a spark he thought had been extinguished forever. Glory - Putting her life on hold, Glory dedicated two years to helping her best friend and Goddaughter escape the clutches of evil. Now with the threat dead and her friend safe, Glory feels like she can finally move on with her life. So, she thought. With one day bleeding into the next Glory finds herself feeling lost and hollow inside. Until Demetri Volkov enters her life again. Demetri is King of the criminal underworld, and when Glory gets caught in a war between two Mafia Empires - taken and used by his enemies as leverage to get what they want; he does the only thing he can. He kills. Showing no mercy, and leaving a path of destruction, Demetri proves he will stop at nothing to get her back.

Doctor Feel Good

Blue Saffire - 2019
    The only woman I’ve ever truly wanted. However, there are things that dared to stand between us and twenty years of suffering without her have left me bare and waiting. Now she’s back in my life and I refuse to let her go. Not this time and not for anyone. I will do whatever I must to have Divine in my life. Whatever. Divine He is everything I shouldn’t want. Heck, I don’t even want a man. The only type of man I need is the type that drops off the D and leaves. Truth be told, I don’t have time for that either. I’ve been building my business and living my best life. There’s just one thing missing. I want a baby and I’m going to get one. Yup, an IUI and a sperm donor are all I need. At least… that’s the plan until he storms into my life. We have a past and it threatens our future. Will she fall in love with me again before reality meets the lies? Will he prove that there’s a man I can give my heart to? Or will the people in our lives pull it all to the ground before we can overcome it all? *This a Novel in the Be Yours Series a spinoff from the bestselling series Yours Trilogy that introduced Nicholas Lincoln. While you can read this book as a standalone, it will enhance the read to Blue’s books in the provided book order. Blue Saffire’s books are written to weave, loop, and intertwine with one another. You will find that the series build together for a greater experience. **This book has strong language and sexual content. This Book is for Mature Readers 18+

Power of Lies

Auryn Hadley - 2019
     When working for a sex mage, it's the only way to stay safe. That's the first thing Jaeda learns when she's named as the Chosen.  The mage needs a sacrifice, and she's willing to give it.  Maybe too willing.  After all, this man is lust incarnate; a woman would have to be insane not to want him, even if he is dangerous. But desiring someone's body is very different from falling in love.  In her line of work, the two must never be confused.  She doesn't even know his name!  He's simply The Jackal, a terrifyingly powerful sex mage, and she's his altar.  Her lust fuels him.  He needs it. And that puts her in control. Now, she gets to spend her days with a mage who wields sex like a weapon and his assistant who's as irresistible as some long-lost god brought to life.  The things they do to her body are amazing, and the rest? These men want to spoil her with the kind of riches she's always dreamed of.  It's the best job she can imagine. Unfortunately, it's never that easy.  This is supposed to be about making magic - that's it.  Feelings have no place in a mage's temple.  Affection is a curse.  But when the enemy decides she'll make the perfect weapon to steal the Jackal's power, what's she supposed to do?  After all, she's just a stupid girl caught in the middle.  Her job is to just lie back and take it. Except, someone's been lying. It might even be her. POWER OF LIES is a complete novel with a reverse harem, polyamorous story line.  It is intended for a mature audience due to the presence of consensual sex, group sex, M/M scenes, and plenty of vulgar language - as well as some potentially triggering violence since the bad guys don't always play nice.  While this is a love story, it may not be right for all readers.

Hope Trilogy

Bink Cummings - 2019
    You just make the best of it no matter what happens. That's pretty much been my go-to since infancy. Then the charming, bald headed, blue eyed, Brent came along and I thought all the suck in life had been flushed down the drain. Ha! That's when my true journey began--motherhood.This is my story, on how I took life by the go-nads when I decided I needed closure from my past--my father's sudden death in particular. But what happens next wasn't anything I expected... It's hopeless... shattering....exciting ... scary...joyful...priceless... and I owe it all to one man... Bear, a chapter president of the Sacred Sinners Motorcycle Club.-HOPEFUL WHISPERS-Pregnant- ✔Single mother of two - ✔Biker best friend - ✔Ex that's still a D-Bag - ✔ ✔New Years is the time for new beginnings. I thought I'd gotten that when I visited Texas over Thanksgiving. Then again, very little has changed. I'm still a librarian living in the same house. My daughters are growing up fast. Sure, I've acquired a new best friend, who's convinced me it's time to give dating fair shot. Which isn't exactly easy when I'm pregnant with an As*hole's baby. Does that complicate matters? Sorta. But there's nothing left for me to do except move on. The jagged edges of my shattered heart have been polished, questions answered, and blank holes from my past plugged. Now I'm ready to take the plunge into uncharted waters to build a happier life... until a bomb comes along and tests my strength like never before. Nobody fu*ks with my family and gets away with it. Not even you.-HOPELESSLY DEVOTED-Pregnant- ✔Deaths - ✔A Baby - ✔Stress that could make even the strongest woman crack - ✔ ✔A year ago if you told me I'd wind up where I am today, I'd have you committed for insanity. Now that I've opened Pandora's Box and survived more than most have in their lifetime, Death has knocked on our doorstep and welcomed himself inside. Learning that life isn't always fair comes at a price. The question is, how much do I have to pay before I get a real chance at happiness, or am I destined to be alone forever?Warning: Contains adult sexual content, the excessive use of the F-word, cheating, and whatever else that makes it unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18.COMPLETE TRILOGY

Torn in Half

Samantha A. Cole - 2019
    Her due date is only days away, and his anticipation outweighs his anxiety, thinking about holding his firstborn. But as he’s learned the hard way, life throws curveballs at the worst possible moment. A frantic phone call in the middle of the night is the beginning of Ian’s nightmare. He has to wake his brothers and teammates, leave his wife’s side, and fly halfway around the world to save the only other woman who could bring him to his knees—his mother. The following is the best reading order for the original Trident Security series and its intertwined spinoff series - Doms of The Covenant, Deimos, TS Omega Team, and Blackhawk Security: TS Book 1 - Leather & Lace (Devon & Kristen) TS Book 2 - His Angel (Ian & Angie) TS Book 3 - Waiting For Him (Boomer & Kat) TS Book 3.5 - Not Negotiable: A Novella (Parker & Shelby) TS Book 4 - Topping the Alpha (Jake & Nick) TS Book 5 - Watching From the Shadows (Marco & Harper) TS Book 5.5 - Whiskey Tribute: A Novella (Curt & Dana) TS Book 6 - Tickle His Fancy (Brody & Fancy) No Way In Hell Book 1 & Book 2 (Co-authored with JB Havens) TS Book 7 - Absolving His Sins (Carter & Jordyn) DOTC Book 1 - Double Down & Dirty (Gray, Remi, & Abigail) TS Book 7.5 - Option Number Three: A Novella (Mitch, Tyler, & Tori) TSOT Prequel - Mountain of Evil: A Novella TSOT Book 1 - A Dead Man's Pulse (Logan & Dakota) TS Book 8 - Salvaging His Soul (Jase & Brie) Deimos Book 1 - Handling Haven (Frisco & Haven) DOTC Book 2 - Entertaining Distraction (Mike & Charlotte) Deimos Book 2 - Cheating the Devil (Brad & Avery) Blackhawk Security Book 1 - Tuff Enough (Tuff & Chet) Trident Security Field Manual: A Collection of Short Stories and More! TSOT Book 2 - Forty Days & One Knight (Darius & Tahira) TS Book 8.5 - Torn in Half: A Novella *The books of the Trident Security series and its spin-off series can be read as standalones, however, for optimum enjoyment they are best read in order. **The Trident Security series contains elements of the BDSM lifestyle, sensual romance, nail-biting suspense, and happily-ever-afters.

MC Chronicles: The Diary of Bink Cummings Shorts #2

Bink Cummings - 2019
     Things are changing, the Sacred Sinners MC isn't what it used to be. Not like when I was growing up. Secrets of a dark past have unfolded. Now life isn't just about our survival anymore. It's about theirs...hers... and we can't let them down. A new journey I never saw coming has begun and I'm ready for the ride, consequences be damned. Warning: Contains adult language and sexual content. Reader discretion is advised. - This spin-off series of short stories takes place after Vol 5 in the original series.-

Taking Her Down

Jordan Marie - 2019
    No matter the cost. The Savage Brothers MC is one of the most ruthless clubs around. Dragon, the club president, is not a man you want on your bad side. Dylan “Chains” Allen wanted Kayden West more than he ever wanted anything in his life. In his world, when you wanted something you took it. So, he did. He knows there will be hell to pay. You don't mess with Dragon's daughter and survive. But, some things are worth the price you have to pay. If taking Kayden is what is finally going to drag him down to hell, then he’ll just make sure he enjoys the ride. Welcome back to the world of the Savage Brothers MC. We might be talking the second generation, but that doesn't mean our boys are put out to pasture. They're still bad, they're still hot and they're still going to get your motor revving. It's just that the second generation might be even dirtier, grab a fan and a cold bottle of water. It's going to be a hot summer.

The Diary of Bink Cummings, Short #1

Bink Cummings - 2019
     Taking care of my Sacred Sinner family has always been top priority. So when a group of unexpected visitors throw a wrench into our everyday lives, I can either roll with the punches or push back. Too bad things aren't always that black and white. Let's hope this isn't a huge mistake, Big already has enough on his plate. Warning: Contains adult language and sexual content. Reader discretion is advised. - This spin-off series of short stories takes place after Vol 5 in the original series.-

Devils & Dust

Catherine Wiltcher - 2019
    A smooth-talking bastard with an empire of sin. I have the connections to crush my enemies. I have the looks to take what I want. I was so used to winning that I never saw her sleight of hand. Now I’m dancing with the devil, and she’s holding all the aces. NINA I jumped from my father’s penthouse to drown in this city. Just another damaged princess hiding in plain sight. They offered me freedom in exchange for his downfall. Get close. Uncover his secrets. Destroy his empire from the inside out. It seemed so easy…and when you’re as broken as I am, there’s nothing left to lose. Except for my heart.

Winter Tales

Tiffany Reisz - 2019
    In December Wine, the long-awaited story of Nora Sutherlin's first meeting with Nico can finally be told. Nora enlists her editor (and sometimes lover) Zach Easton on a mission to track down Kingsley's long-lost son. Nicolas "Nico" Delacroix turns out to be young, strikingly handsome, and very French. He wants nothing to do with his father...but everything to do with Nora.This special holiday-themed collection also includes the novellas Poinsettia , The Christmas Truce , and The Scent of Winter (previously available only as ebooks). A bonus short story starring Søren rounds out the Winter Tales anthology.

Redemption Weather

Christine Michelle - 2019
    My family was there, we had a bright future ahead of us, and the world was ours for the taking.Then the storms started coming.First, there was the one that took my family.Then, there was the one that took my husband.Moving to a new town, new state, and a new life was never on my agenda until I couldn’t take the ghosts, both living and dead, that haunted my every waking moment in the town I’d been born to, grown up and always thought I’d die in after living out my happily ever after.I’d been wrong about my life before.Wrong took me to Cedar Falls, West Virginia and left me on the doorstep of the same motorcycle club that had failed me before.It took me to a place where my future was waiting for me.If only the past would let go of us so that we could be happy.If only tragedy and storms would stop following in my wake.If only the weather would turn, so my happy could commence. Maybe this once my kind of wrong could prove to be absolutely right.​*Redemption Weather is a full length stand-alone novel in the Aces High MC World of Books. It does not have to be read in any particular order with the rest of the Cedar Falls Series or any of the other Aces High MC books.

Hell's Handlers Box Set One: Zach / Maverick / Jigsaw

Lilly Atlas - 2019
    Unfortunately, that promise leads to years of bland relationships. Bland isn’t a word anyone would use to describe Zach, the enforcer for the Hell’s Handlers MC. He stirs up every desire Toni has worked so hard to suppress. Is there any chance Toni will be able to resist Zach’s pull when her past mistakes collide with his current enemies? Maverick In the blink of an eye, FBI agent Stephanie’s entire world is turned upside-down. Kidnapped, injured, rescued by an outlaw MC, and protected by a biker who stands for everything she works against, Stephanie soon finds the lines between good and evil blurring. Unable to resist Maverick’s charms, she dives into a world of passion, lies, and deception. But when secrets are revealed, what will keep her fiercest protector from becoming her greatest enemy? Jigsaw Once upon a time, Jigsaw had a perfect life and perfect wife. He learns the hard way all he holds dear can be ripped away in a horrifying instant. Burned by experience, the fierce and independent Izzy is convinced the only person she needs to get by is herself. Danger from the MC’s enemies forces them to learn to rely on each other for protection. Can they also learn to overcome their traumatic pasts, and let love in their lives?

Club Prive Complete Series Box Set

M.S. Parker - 2019
    Is he stalking her, or is it fate? Despite telling herself that she doesn't have time for a relationship, she finds his persistent attention flattering, and can't help but be attracted to those deep blue eyes. An evening of fun and dancing turns into the most incredible night of her life, and she still doesn't have a clue about Gavin. All she knows is he's an amazing lover. Don't miss the complete series of Club Prive, but be warned – you might need a cold shower after this one.

The Camorra Chronicles Box Set

Cora Reilly - 2019
    Left to fend for himself, Fabiano is forced to fight for a place in the mafia world. As a ruthless street fighter, he quickly earns his place as the new Enforcer of the Las Vegas Camorra – a man to fear. Leona wants to build a decent life for herself, away from her drug-addicted mother. But soon she catches the attention of a dangerous man – Fabiano Scuderi. Staying out of trouble and living a normal life are near impossible with a man like him. Leona knows she needs to avoid Fabiano, but men like him aren’t easy to shake off. They always get what they want. Fabiano cares about only one thing: the Camorra. But his attraction to Leona soon puts his unwavering loyalty to the test. Is Leona worth risking everything he’s fought for, and ultimately his life? Twisted Emotions: Nino Falcone is genius and monster. As the right hand man and brother of the Capo of the Camorra, his lack of feelings is a blessing, not a curse – until his brother asks him to marry for the sake of the Camorra. Kiara Vitiello, cousin of the Capo of the New York Famiglia, is chosen to marry Nino Falcone to prevent war with the Camorra, but what she hears about Las Vegas makes her veins pulse with terror. After her father betrayed his Capo and paid with his life, her family thinks marriage is her only chance to bring honor to her name; but only Kiara knows she’s a faulty prize given in return for peace. A man incapable of emotions and a woman scarred by the past – an arranged marriage with the potential to unite, or destroy… Twisted Pride: Remo Falcone is beyond redemption. As Capo of the Camorra he rules with a brutal hand over his territory – a territory the Chicago Outfit breached. Now Remo is out for retribution. A wedding is sacred, stealing a bride sacrilegious. Serafina is the niece of the Boss of the Outfit, and her hand has been promised in marriage for years, but kidnapped in her wedding dress on her way to church by Remo, Serafina quickly realizes that she can’t hope for saving. Yet, even in the hands of the cruelest man she knows, she is determined to cling to her pride, and Remo soon understands that the woman at his mercy might not be as easy to break as he thought. A ruthless man on a quest to destroy the Outfit by breaking someone they are supposed to protect. A woman intent on bringing a monster to his knees. Two families that will never be the same.

The Lost Reavers

Mike Truk - 2019
    Anastasia, a naive but powerful sorceress, and Elena, a bar wench, who tags along for her reasons of her own, and harbors a terrible secret.Only Hugh's curse - that source of his ungodly might - gives him a chance of winning through. But choosing to embrace that power could have consequences far beyond anything he could imagine...A new harem fantasy from the author of The Five Trials.Warning and minor spoilers: This is an 18+ book intended for mature readers. It contains graphic sex, medieval violence, and harem relationships.

The Christmas Toy

Krista Wolf - 2019
    They're the three hottest guys in the office. Gorgeous, hard-bodied loners who always spend the holidays together, traveling to exotic places for excitement and fun. Only this year -- they invited me. When I took the place of Desmond's ex-girlfriend on the guys' annual trip, I didn't expect much more than a fun time. But then I found Emma's journal -- and read all about the steamy, molten hot adventures she'd experienced with -- all three of them. Now I want the same thing Emma got for Christmas. From skiing at Stowe ... to skinny dipping the hot tub behind the cabin ... things get so hot I can barely take it. And when a blindfolded kissing contest has me practically melting away in their arms ... will I have the guts to ask for what I want?Snowed into a cozy cabin for Christmas with three times the love, three times the attention. Three musclebound alphas and an unspeakably hot diary detailing all the incredible, butterfly-inducing things they've done before. Do I dare tell the boys I've read Emma's journal? That I want to be taken by them... used by them. That my deepest, darkest desire is to give myself over to them, like a willing Christmas Toy? The Christmas Toy is a sizzling, stand-alone Reverse Harem romance filled with love, humour, suspense, and fiery holiday action hot enough to burn a hole straight through your Christmas stocking. HEA guaranteed!

A Coyote Ridge Christmas

Nicole Edwards - 2019
     This year, with the help of his brothers, Travis is going to pull off a surprise that’ll lay the groundwork for the Walker Christmas tradition going forward. Of course, Travis won’t consider it a success unless he moves a few pieces on the proverbial chessboard while he’s at it. As for where those will eventually land ... well, that’s anyone’s guess.

Roots of the Wicked

Keta Kendric - 2019
    That is, until driven and charismatic Chase Taylorson stands firmly in her path with his arrogant charm. He was the first man to make her consider changing her strict no-relationship rule, but with her wicked past, she keeps him at a distance for his own good. Chase Taylorson is the head of a billion dollar empire. All it takes is one chance encounter with Jax Saint-Pierre to blow up his well-organized world. Independent and feisty, she demands he check his ego at the door, forget his entitled ways, and bury his coveted bachelor status in the sand. Jax assumed he had the perfect life, but will soon come to realize, even the privileged are tethered to wicked roots. Warning This book contains explicit language, strong sexual content, and triggers that may be offensive to some readers. If you are easily offended or triggered this may not be the book for you. Note The title of this book maybe misleading, at first. This book is one of the tamest KK has released so far. Although it contains hard subject matter, it is not the usual KK book where bodies are dropping and blood is spilling. Like, Sankofa, this book is more about the journey of two individuals who have to glance into their pasts in order to see a way to their future. This book does contain a lot of hot KK sex and drama though.

MC Chronicles: The Diary of Bink Cummings Shorts #3

Bink Cummings - 2019
     Fighting with my old man, the president of the Sacred Sinners Motorcycle club, isn't what I want and never has been. But things have happened on the compound and Big has an important choice to make... control or love, old lady or club, sometimes you can't have both. Warning: Contains adult language and sexual content. Reader discretion is advised. - This spin-off series of short stories takes place after Vol 5 in the original series.-

Dragon Shifters of Kahului: A Dragon Shifter Boxset

Brittany White - 2019
     Four dragons, Four friends and Four happy-ever-afters! THE ALPHA DRAGONS' SECRET This alpha water dragon was sent to protect me. But he ended up destroying my life instead. And turned my world upside down. He claimed to be my soul mate and I let him take control of me. And then he disappear. What will happen when he will return and find out the secret I am carrying? THE ALPHA DRAGONS' MATE This dragon won’t stop at anything until he claims me. Grey eyes, irresistibly strong, and obsessed. And me? I’m nothing if not an ordinary bookworm. His intrusive eyes make me weak in the knees. I’m desperate for him. And he will do everything in his power to protect me. THE ALPHA DRAGONS' BOND This shifter is out of control. He drives me crazy. And the only one who can tame him? Me. Apart from getting under my skin, he’s also been pulling me closer. And making me drool over his irresistible body. We have a primal mating bond. So, destiny should be on our side. But threats from our former lives might tear us apart. THE ALPHA DRAGONS' PROTECTION A dragon with a thirst for me. He mends my broken heart and protects my fragile body. His fiery touch is a balm for my wounds. It sets my skin on fire. He’s my mate, but he thinks he knows all of me. He hasn’t visited the dark corners of my life. Not yet. Will he still want me when he discovers another side of me? Warning: Intended for 18+ audiences.

Protecting Dallas

Krista Wolf - 2019
    One sizzling night of ultimate, carnal pleasure. Who would've thought hitting rock-bottom could be so much fun? With her parents both gone and her brother KIA, Dallas Winters leads a cold, lonely existence. That is, until a trio of elite SEALs rescue her from a crack team of unknown assailants, hellbent on capturing her for reasons even they don't yet understand. Enter Maddox, the chiseled blond leader of the group, who explains that her brother tasked them with protecting Dallas shortly before his demise. Along with Austin, olive-skinned and beautiful, and Kane, the brooding alpha giant, these three powerful soldiers have been guarding Dallas longer than she even knows... and will continue to do so, until every last one their enemies are vanquished. Yet when a single night of weakness ignites a powder-keg of irrepressible sexual attraction? Dallas finds herself adrift on a glorious sea of passion, sinew, and man-muscle. Jealousy is thrust aside as her three gorgeous roommates offer a sinfully unorthodox solution: sharing Dallas together, fully and completely, in every possible way. Satisfying the needs of three strapping warriors is fun at first, as Dallas is put through the exhaustingly delicious paces of being a shared girlfriend. But the sinister forces aligning against them have other plans, and even Dallas herself harbors a hidden, yet undiscovered secret... Can three brothers-in-arms love and protect one beautifully headstrong woman, while fighting off the same treacherous mercenaries responsible for their comrade's demise? Or will their budding four-way relationship - filled with lust and sharing and love - be doomed to failure before it can even truly begin? PROTECTING DALLAS is a sexy, stand-alone military reverse harem romance filled with laughter, drama, heart-pounding excitement, and enormous amounts of love. It also contains blistering hot MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes, so molten they're bound to melt your kindle! HEA guaranteed.


Cassandra Robbins - 2019
     He’s pure adrenaline and smells like smoke and leather—the kind of guy you look at and know he’s going to be a combination of nasty and irresistible. The moment I allowed myself to touch his hot skin and kiss his full lips, I. Was. Done. Like currency, I’ve become part of a transaction. Blade took me to pay off a debt. I try to tell myself, Eve, you should hate him. He’s a bad guy. But then again, I’m not a good girl. Blade’s the president of the Disciples, the notorious motorcycle club. I should be frightened, yet somehow, he doesn’t scare me. If anything, I think I scare him. It takes a lot of work to become the club’s Queen, but I’ll stop at nothing to have the King!

What We Do in the Night

Stylo Fantome - 2019
    She's learned to lose herself to her nights, forgetting all her day time woes as she charms every man she meets. It's easy enough to do when she doesn't let her feelings get involved. Then Ari Sharapov walked in and changed everything. Working for his father's law firm has left Ari with very little control over his life, so when he meets Valentine for the first time, he sees a girl who is desperate for someone to take care of her. To take over her. So what he can't get for himself in the day time, he'll simply take for himself at night. But when power struggles lead to real feelings, who's actually controlling whom? Some relationships are better left in the dark.

Let Me Be Your Motivation

Tay Mo'Nae - 2019
    What Jordyn wasn’t expecting was running into her high school crush. Newly single, NFL running back Amir Hamilton is the man most women would dream to have. When he takes a vacation to Cabo to let loose before the upcoming season, he didn’t expect to meet the shy beauty in a drunken state. What was supposed to be one night of pleasure for both quickly turns deeper and the two of them quickly learn it’s not easy to forget about the other. In this standalone join Amir and Jordyn and learn if the bond they form in Cabo is strong enough to ignore their ex’s from their past.

The Dark Orchid Omnibus Edition

Auryn Hadley - 2019
     When working for a sex mage, it's the only way to stay safe. That's the first thing Jaeda learns when she's named as the Chosen.  The mage needs a sacrifice, and she's willing to give it.  Maybe too willing.  After all, this man is lust incarnate; a woman would have to be insane not to want him, even if he is dangerous. But desiring someone's body is very different from falling in love.  In her line of work, the two must never be confused.  She doesn't even know his name!  He's simply The Jackal, a terrifyingly powerful sex mage, and she's his altar.  Her lust fuels him.  He needs it. And that puts her in control. Magic of Lust: The rules of magic are changing, and she's going to make sure they work for her. Mages are always men. Until her. They harvest the power of simple, primitive emotions. Until her. Jaeda is something new, and the best way to protect herself is to make sure the enemy doesn't have a clue. That's going to be difficult with an Adevian mage about to take her town. Shahwa has become her home. A haven of pirates, whores, and vagabonds, this desert oasis is a myth to many and a scourge to the rest, but there's something special about it. It's filled with compassion and made up of people who know exactly what it's like to belong nowhere else. Now, it's her job to protect them. Hopefully, she won't have to do it alone, because the Jackal still hasn't shown up. She thought what they had was special. Now, she's not so sure, even though her heart says he'll still come. Her mind says she'll save herself either way. But the Jackal promised her everything, and he meant it. One woman, three men, and they're all bound together by magic. He's not about to let that go. Together, they have a chance to find happiness, yet before any of that is possible, they have to sort out their own issues. If they can figure out how to do that, then these four have something worth fighting for: each other. Because what they have is more than just the magic of lust. Spell of Love: There's nothing stronger than love, except maybe desperation. All Jade wanted was her own happily ever after. Unfortunately, it's never that easy. Being a woman and a mage complicates things. Falling for three men at the same time? At least that's working out. Everything else is a mess. And it's all the Spider's fault. That man just can't help himself. He wants power, and Xel is the best source he's ever found. To fuel his own addiction, the Spider will destroy everything in his path - including the quiet little village of pirates and whores that Jade has claimed as her own. But everyone has a price. For Jade and her men, it's the people they care about. For the first time, they've found a family, and the Spider wants to destroy that too. After all, his goal is pain. He doesn't even care whose. The only way to stop this is to go for the source. If the Sultan is this desperate to have his mage wars, then she'll play. After all, Jade has mastered the one weapon these men won't even consider. Love - it cuts both ways.

What Happens in Vegas

Krista Wolf - 2019
    No strings, no money, no guilt, no pressure. Just two unbelievably hot guys... double the pleasure, twice the enjoyment. Only I'd called it. Somehow I'd pulled it down from the strip and taken it back to my empty hotel suite, where in a fit of loneliness, I'd even sent over a pic or two in my sexiest dress. All thanks to the goddess of red wine. So when the guys keep calling the next day, asking to meet up? It's hard to say no. Especially when they turn up absolutely gorgeous, all rock-hard abs and rippling muscle. Heart-stopping good looks, and shoulders that go on for days. After a failed ten-year marriage and a year without sex, I'm ready to take them up on their offer. But when one sordid night of dripping hot pleasure turns into an even filthier second date, an avalanche of feelings and emotions begin to emerge. And when Brody and Corey's beautiful friend Mason shows up, for their annual week away in the windswept desert? I might just be on the menu... especially when it comes to things to do. An impromptu trip to Hollywood. One glorious night in LA. Follow along with Lauren on the wildest week of her life, as she's shared and spoiled by three college-aged hunks, all of them hellbent on pleasuring her in every which way. WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS is a sizzling, stand-alone reverse harem love story filled with humor, suspense, and sweltering MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes, hot enough to melt your kindle. HEA guaranteed!

Monster Girl Islands

Logan Jacobs - 2019
    They needed a man to help build their homes. They needed a man to teach them to survive. They needed a man to defend them from the evil slaver-pirates. And most of all, they needed a man to impregnate them and rebuild their population. Fortunately for them, a man named Ben came from our world to give them everything they needed.

faire l'amour

Jessica Gadziala - 2019
    Shackled with a debt she has no way to pay off, she makes a decision she never could have seen herself making. One contract. Three months. Complete financial freedom. But at what cost? He’s a man who has never been in love… But there was no mistaking that love was exactly what he was feeling toward a woman who never should have stepped into his office to begin with. The kind of woman his filthy hands never should have touched in the first place. But there was no going back. And as feelings grow, he wonders how could he even begin to explain to her all his deceptions, or expect her to ever be able to trust him again enough to give something real a chance? * This book contains taboo/risque themes. Read at your own discretion.


Randi Darren - 2019
     Or who he was. He doesn’t know anything, actually. Not even where he is. Other than a vast open field of dirt. All Steve knows is that he’s apparently supposed to build a farm. At least that’s his only workable assumption. Given the number of farm-tools left to him. That and the massive number of sacks full of seeds. Unfortunately, this isn’t even the strangest part of this new life. Hidden inside the farm tools, Steve finds messages. Messages that appear in floating windows in front of him. Messages from his past self, telling him that he’d already failed once. But he has no idea what he actually failed at. Or how he can succeed this time. Beyond all this, and unfortunately for Steve, the world just underwent a radical change. A change that’s going to have Steve fighting the undead, bandits, nature, and even himself. All while the world falls down around him. And the only weapon he has is an axe. Warning and minor spoiler: This novel contains graphic violence, undefined relationships/harem, unconventional opinions/beliefs, and a hero who is as tactful as a dog at a cat show. Read at your own risk. This story is an Adult Fantasy novel.

The Open Door

Laurelin Paige - 2019
     Breaking every rule in my club. I never forget how he made me feel that night. With all the women in that room, all those bodies on display, but his eyes were only on me. Of course I married him. Now years have passed. Kids have been born. We’re still in love as always, and the sex is still fantastic... And yet, it’s also not. Like many who’ve been married for a while, I long for the high intensity of those days of the past. I’ve heard rumors for years about the Open Door. An ultra-exclusive voyeur’s paradise. A place to participate in—or watch—any kind of display you can imagine. My husband’s eyes would still be on me. And maybe other eyes too. If that’s what we want. So when an invitation to come play arrives, how could we turn it down? **Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

Herald of Shalia

Tamryn Tamer - 2019
     Sebastian Frost’s most recent memory was waking up in a field naked, in a body that wasn’t his own, in a world that definitely wasn’t his own, and three stunning pointy-eared women staring right at him. He also remembered hair as white as starlight, eyes like amethysts, and the name Shalia. Fortunately, it was the right name to know. Shalia was the elves’ goddess and that made him her herald. If that wasn’t enough of a blessing, he was in a game world, he was high level, he had hundreds of ability points to spend, and the elves were practically throwing themselves at him. Of course, there was a catch. Shalia, her followers, and now Frost himself were viewed by the world as bringers of misfortune and everybody hated them. Although, to be fair, Frost was going to rain misfortune on anybody who attempted to harm his lovable new followers. Herald of Shalia is a fun fantasy LitRPG by Tamryn Tamer and contains attention starved elves, beast-girl courtesans, foul language, twosomes threesomes and foursomes, and completely over the top love making. You've been warned.


Quin - 2019
    I’d been a traveler, floating adrift, while he’d stayed in one place. How was I supposed to know he’d become my anchor? My light. My everything. But would I ever become his?***As a standalone romance, “Black” features detailed adult m/m content, a hurt/comfort relationship as well as "kitty play."

Art of Sin

L.M. Halloran - 2019
    Worshipped for his bold paintings as much as his divine looks, he’s the art world’s biggest celebrity. Under normal circumstances, our paths would never cross. But when his extracurricular activities threaten a high-profile business deal, I’m forced to take him as a client. My task : keep him out of the tabloids for six months. Jobs, including mine, hang in the balance.But Gideon doesn’t want a publicist.He wants a new muse. As I fall deeper under his sinful spell, a lifetime of secrets and carefully crafted lies unravels. Too late, I remember the sinister truths they protect:I am already someone’s masterpiece.And the original artist wants me back.*Art of Sin is book one of a duet and ends on a cliffhanger. But don't worry, book two, Sin of Love will be released March 28th! *This duet takes place in the world of the Vision Series but can be read as a standalone.

Embracing Fate

Ellie Masters - 2019
    My job is straightforward. Buy a girl. Make her mine. Infiltrate a human-trafficking ring and take it down. It doesn’t matter which unfortunate girl I choose. I’ll sacrifice one to save the many, or some such nonsense like that. Does that justify what I must do? Does that make me the hero?No. It makes me a monstrous man, but I'll do what needs to be done.I don’t want to know her name. I’m not her savior. I’m not her knight in shining armor galloping in on a white horse to save the day. I’m her nightmare, a man who will break her so others may live. There's only one rule. Don't fall for the girl.But when have I ever followed rules?

Drake (Steel Cobras MC Book 3)

Evie Monroe - 2019
     But when we meet in the bar on Steel Cobra's turf, I don't even recognize her. I only know I want her panties in my pocket, her sweet lips on mine, And her curvy hips in my hands. Her dad’s one mean son of a B, And the President of Hell’s Fury. Having her means war. It means more blood on my hands. While I can stitch my brothers up thanks to medical school, I can’t bring ‘em back if they’re dead. But I want Caitlyn the second we meet. There’s no way I'll give her up. Bring on the damn war. She's mine no matter what. Love filthy talking bikers who can drop your panties with just a whisper? You got it, babe! Drake is a full-length standalone Motorcycle Club romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA!

Saved by the SEALs

Cassie Cole - 2019
    One lucky college girl. I went to a Barcelona nightclub to celebrate my last week abroad. And the Navy SEALs I met there? They gave me the send-off of my life. Cairo, the olive-skinned and amber-eyed sailor whose muscles make my stomach squirm. Hunter, the chiseled blond beauty with the boy-next-door smile. Logan, their distinguished Lieutenant Commander who has the most experience of the three. But my three new lovers have some vicious enemies. Catalan terrorists who want to blow up Barcelona. Men who want to kill the SEALs—and me too. Now my powerful SEALs insist on protecting me. Even if it means keeping me from my own vacation plans. Is their vigorous protection just paranoia? Or will these three alphas do anything to keep their woman safe? SAVED BY THE SEALS is a thrilling, steamy, stand-alone Reverse Harem Romance filled with humor, action, and suspense. It also contains sizzling hot MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes. HEA guaranteed!

Duncan's Pride

Xyla Turner - 2019
    Duncan can handle it, I said. We can handle it, I said. Shit, we can't handle it. We said... Duncan: Portia had this undeniable belief that the two of us having a child would be a good thing. She had no evidence to confirm these suspicions, but I had first-hand experience. Therefore, I charted what having children would mean for my mental sanity. The percentage was low. It was especially low for my wife. Also, I did not factor twins into the calculations. -- Author's Note: This is a novella and readers should read Book 1, Trent and must read Book 2: Duncan as those characters are heavily intertwined into Duncan's Pride. Cameos by Mr. Vega and Faith, Trent and Bernie. Also, this book, specifically the Hero, is a bit different than a typical Xyla Turner book. It is IR, BWWM, and HEA, but Duncan is a different kind of perfect. I hope you give him another chance. BONUS: Read the first two chapters of Zena Wynn's hot release, Played. You can see more like this book with the following titles: Trent | Duncan | Mr. Vega | Declan | Carter | Across the Tracks | Take A Knee | Always Right | Cole | 10-80: Line of Duty | 10-99: Line of Duty | Extraction | Power of the Pen | By Chance, No Choice | Undertones

Wanting Her

Raquel De Leon - 2019
    The only thing she does know is that she doesn't like the newcomer. April Hawkins is determined to make her new job work. Left as the sole provider for her niece, she just wants to keep her head down and collect her paycheck. That proves to be difficult when one of her bosses seems to hate her and the other seems to like her a little too much. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the one she's attracted to seems bent on making her job as excruciatingly unpleasant as possible. When Vivian and April's personalities collide, they find their passionate dislike has an unforeseen bonus—a scintillating, consuming chemistry in the bedroom.62,700 words

Skulduggery 1: Building a Criminal Empire

Logan Jacobs - 2019
    But I know how to make whiskey. In fact, that’s the easy part. Selling it under their noses and not getting caught and hung will be the hard part. I’ll need to build a crew, I’ll need to slit some throats, and I’ll need to be five steps ahead of our overlords. Wanna join me in building a criminal empire?

Beauty in the Broken

Charmaine Pauls - 2019
    He gave his daughter to Jack Clarke in exchange for the excavation rights. Today, I’m walking free, and I’m coming for him with a vengeance. Six years of cruelty make beasts out of men. I’m going to take back what he stole from me, and more. I’m not interested in his properties or shares. I don’t want his small change. I want his biggest asset. Beautiful, mentally unstable, Angelina Dalton-Clarke.Worth billions, she’s the wealthiest widow in the country, and also the craziest. Her self-harming tendencies had Jack declare her incompetent before he put a gun to his head and blew out his brains. Lina isn’t allowed to touch a cent of her riches. Her father manages her finances. He has all the signing power. As her husband, that 'chore' will fall to me. But if she thinks I only want her for her money, she’s sadly mistaken.*This book is a stand-alone. No cliffhangers.

Sin of Love

L.M. Halloran - 2019
    The mask that protects fragile skin. And happiness is something for those who have suffered less.Happiness doesn’t live here,in the house of broken dolls.Only sin.*This duet takes place in the world of the Vision Series but can be read as a standalone. Contains emotional triggers and violence. HEA guaranteed.

Nasty: An Erotic Spin-off (Erotic Series Book 2)

Sabrina B. Scales - 2019
    But rules are made to be broken, right? That's just what happens when Seth and Phalin finally come face to face for the second time, and sparks fly that won't be so easily extinguished. One thing leads to another and before either of them knows it, things get nasty in the best kind of way. The trouble starts when the heat leaves the bedroom and attempts to travel some place else. Some place deeper. Some place closer to love. Note: These characters, Seth and Phalin, were introduced in "Naughty: An Erotic Christmas Novella". Please get acquainted with them there before taking on this Nasty excursion!


Cassie Cole - 2019
    Until I met the three of THEM.Foxy, the tattoo-covered goofball who’s always making jokes--and who smiles like he wants to tell me a secret. Derek, the pretty-boy blond who has been flirting with me since jump school... And who harbours a dark past. Trace, the shredded six-foot-six weightlifter. Thighs like ripped tree trunks, with the ability to easily lift me with one arm. Now we’re all living in the same barracks. Eating together. Fighting wildfires together. Playing together. But if we’re not careful? Getting caught will be the least of our worries. Because the raging wildfires in California aren't the only dangers we face. Someone is sabotaging our gear. Sending us on missions too dangerous for normal smoke-jumpers.And if we don’t stop them soon? Our sizzling love affair will go up in smoke. SMOLDER is a scorching, stand-alone MFMM Reverse Harem love story filled with humour, suspense, and a race-to-the-finish ending that will leave you sweaty and breathless. HEA guaranteed!

Fostering Faust: Compilation: Rebirth

Randi Darren - 2019
    Please read all the way through.)) Alex is dead. Dead, and apparently with a one way ticket to a place that only the worst of the worst go. All for a simple choice he made about a product his company owned. Damned for all time. Luckily for him, he’s about to be given a chance. Another choice to make. He can instead, return to the land of the living, though his soul would belong to another. Except the world he’s being sent to, isn’t the same one he came from. It’s not even a similar period in time, but from something long past in history. The dark ages. And part of the deal to live again, is to make pacts with others. Pacts that would bind others in secrecy. That they could never speak of what they'd done. Deals for anything, and everything. From things as simple as a meal, to their very lives. How much would you give of yourself to live on in the world is an easy question. The better question, is how much would you take from others? If Alex wants to keep living, to keep his soul from being sent to the darkest corner of hell, he’ll have to ask himself that question. Daily. Warning: This novel explores dark subjects, and what people will give up of themselves, and each other, to get what they want. The main character is written as a real person in a tough situation, and will not make choices that line up with societal and cultural norms. It contains adult themes and moral ambiguities. As with my previous work, explicit scenes are found within. It has violence and a harem relationship. This is the Omnibus edition of the 1st Fostering Faust Trilogy. It contains all three books of the first trilogy. Only the description of the first book has been included to prevent spoilers from occurring. (Product Page for Book 1: (Product Page for Book 2: (Product Page for Book 3:

The Biker's Kiss

Glenna Maynard - 2019
     Roane Connors doesn’t do relationships. He’s been burned before and isn’t looking to repeat past mistakes. All he needs is a warm body in his bed for the night. Someone to ring in the new year with. Julie Wilson ticks all his boxes. She’s back in town, hot, and single. When the clock strikes midnight one kiss ignites a spark this royal bastard’s not ready for.The Biker’s Kiss is a Royal Bastards MC holiday novella.

The Complete Marriage Raffle Series Boxset

Stasia Black - 2019
    It’s the law. Welcome to the apocalypse. Theirs to Protect Nix never put his name in the marriage raffle for a reason. He doesn’t need a woman. There aren’t that many to go around anyway after a genetically engineered virus wiped out 90% of the female population. He has his job as head of the Security Squadron and it’s all he needs. He looks out for the township. He protects the few women there are left. But when his name is called to be one of the five husbands to the woman rescued from the badlands, he doesn’t speak up to correct the error. Because Audrey’s like no one he’s ever met before. Fiesty. That’s the name for her. Not like so many of the women they’ve brought back before. She’s not broken. She might be just the woman to handle a rough, brutal man like him. Theirs to Pleasure Shay came into the township knowing she’d be a lottery bride. So she’d have to marry five men. She wasn’t the naïve girl she’d been eight years ago. She’d learned the lessons that had been beaten into her and she’d learned them well. So yes, so she’d share her body with her new husbands. But her secrets were still her own. The men are different than she expected, though. They each had their own reasons for entering the lottery. There’s Charlie, who’s so sweet and kind. Rafe, who’s a light-hearted jokester during the day but dark and demanding in bed. Then Jonas and Henry and Gabriel, each bringing their own damage and beauty to the clan until, day by day, they begin to feel like a real family. There’s just one little problem with the happy new family clan. One of them isn’t who he appears to be. He is a spy for the enemy. Will Shay and the township be doomed before she and her husbands have a chance at lasting happiness? Their Bride All Vanessa ever wanted was to be loved. Okay, strike that—all she wanted was not to die at the hands of the homicidal maniac who was obsessed with hunting her down—and to be loved. Was that too much to ask? The plan was simple: Go to Jacob’s Well. Enter herself in the Marriage Raffle. After years of barely surviving, finally get her happily ever after. But nothing’s ever that simple, is it? Turns out she’ll have to fight tooth and nail for her fairytale ending. The prize has never been more worth it, though—Five men who love and adore her, and at long last, a home and a family. … if she survives to tell the tale. Theirs to Defy Drea was completely lost except for Eric’s hands cupping her face. Eric’s blue eyes piercing hers. “This isn’t a marriage where each of us get a sliver of you. No, baby, that’s not how this is gonna work. You have to give every one of us all of you. Pour it all out. Every single drop of yourself and trust that we’ll fill you back up.” His stare only grew more intense. “We will never leave you. Never forsake you. We are yours until the end of time. And baby, you are ours.” She defies them at every turn.

A.D.I.D.A.S.: All Day I Dream About S*x

Frankie Love - 2019
    And her legs.Scandalous? Hell no.She wants it as bad as I do.I'm not the only one dreaming about it all day.But she needs to take a leap of faith and learn to fly.I'll sure as hell be there to catch her if she falls.Dear You,Luca is a skydiving hero who's ready to get some with the girl he's always wanted.Pack a parachute and hold on tight because this naughty novella is gonna be a wild ride!Xo, Frankie & Chantel

Horse's Bride

E.C. Land - 2019
    When she disappeared into thin air I stopped caring, fucking whoever, whenever. The one thing I didn’t plan for was seeing her face in all of these women. No one could ever compare to her and here she is, her ghost haunting me every day. I thought that relocating with the club to start our new charter would be the change I needed to move on, but what happens when I see her again. Only this time, she isn’t a ghost. She’s real.

Daddies of the Castle: A Masters of the Castle Anthology

Maren SmithAdaline Raine - 2019
     After almost a year of construction, the Castle looms on the cusp of its grand reopening. The only problem is, it isn’t ready. Something is up with the construction crew Marshall had hired to get them back to full working order. So when, two days before guests are due to arrive, the construction company bails, leaving Marshall with a Castle that is barely functional, he is forced to do the unthinkable. He calls in outside help in the form of any contract laborer who will answer his call. In addition to Wanting Winona, this full-length story by Maren Smith, eight of the hottest authors have teamed up to bring you seven brand new novellas. Undoing Una – Tabitha Black Educating Ella – Katie Douglas Restoring Rylee – Pepper North Addi’s Adventure – Delia Grace Izzy’s Indulgence – Lesley Clark Daring Daisy – Allysa Hart and Rayanna Jamison Leading Luciana – Adaline Raine


Natasha Knight - 2019
    I always wanted my own Willow Girl.What happened on that island didn’t break me. It twisted me. Corrupted me.Made me into a monster.Although, I guess it’s true what she says. You can’t become something that wasn’t inside you all along. This was always going to happen. I was always going to take Amelia Willow. History and destiny sealed her fate. Sealed both of ours. For months, I’ve been waiting.Watching.Preparing.And tonight, everything will change. Because tonight, I’ll collect my own Willow Girl.Author’s Note: Twisted is a standalone dark romance, no cliffhanger!

Into The Fire

Leah Sharelle - 2019
    Her parents were dead, and she was catapulted into a full-blown adult whether she was ready or not. Without support from her boyfriend, Lake found herself a guardian to her siblings and the owner of the family’s fledging bakery, not to mention a house that was falling down around their ears. Life as she knew it was changed forever. Especially when a hunky hose man walked into her bakery asking for catering … and a kiss. All of a sudden her sexy daydreams of firemen with kittens and puppies became very real. Carson Hogan had a lot on his plate. His ex-wife was spending money faster than he could earn it, his two daughters were out of control, and to his utter shock, becoming too much like their mother. And he was doing his best to protect his son from the crazy women in his life. Add a stressful but fulfilling job, he wasn’t looking for anything else. At least he thought he wasn’t. Until he entered the bakery across the street to find a silver eyed blonde sprite begging for sex … sort of. Love blossoms quickly between the two but with all the outside interferences promising to ruin their new found love, will they risk everything and walk into the fire and claim their happily ever after?

Brother's Best Friend Box Set

Katy Kaylee - 2019
    All books in the box set are full length (80,000 words each), standalone, second chance romances.Best Friend's Li'l Sis: I don’t care if she’s had kids since us – I’ve always wanted to be a dad. She’s my best friend’s li’l sis – we’ll figure that out. I’ve got money – but I can’t buy her. I was her first – she was mine. I want her to be my last.Just Another Chance: Our attraction is instant, the chemistry undeniable and don’t even get me started how good he is in bed. I want him so bad, but can’t let him know about our daughter. There’s no way our relationship could work. They say war is hell, but isn’t love a torture!Misunderstood: Well, sleeping with a client is a no-no. Making out with him on my desk – a bigger no-no! Making a baby with him? What was I thinking!Misbehaved: Pregnant with my brother’s best friend? No, that can’t happen! They say, the universe always conspires to give you what yoú’ve always wanted. In my case, it’s revenge with Jax Michaels. My brother’s best friend, my sworn enemy, and now my new boss.Just Faking It: I seduced my brother’s best friend to take my innocence, and he convinced me to fake marry him! Jake Dunne: Sinfully handsome. Naughty . Funny. Piercing Blue eyes. And kisses like nobody’s business… Jake Dunne: Also the man who broke my heart, five years ago. My fake husband but my baby’s REAL father! Described as insanely hot, romantic, captivating and entertaining, grab this box set now to experience a roller coaster of emotions leading to the perfect HEA that you crave!

Destiny; Part 1

Grace Goodwin - 2019
    She doesn’t play nice with others, she doesn’t dress up in pretty clothes, and she has absolutely zero interest in behaving like a lady. Especially when she’s so close to catching the people who tried to have her killed. Oh, and kidnapped her mother, queen of the planet Alera. Destiny’s sex-starved body, and it’s annoying Aleran Ardor, might kill her if her enemies don’t find her first. But she’s not afraid to suffer, or risk her life to protect those she loves, but she’s terrified of risking her heart. Vennix was trained to hunt and to kill from the shadows. After years of serving in the Hive wars as an elite member of the Coalition’s Shadow Unit, he returned home to fight for the one thing he believes in, honor. Dedicating his life to the queen’s guard was an easy decision—but watching the most beautiful woman he’s ever met repeatedly risk her life is about to drive him mad. Because Destiny is his. His body awakened for her. And if his new mate thinks Nix will stand idly by as she suffers without his skillful lover’s touch, she is very, very mistaken…

The Dom's Submission: Complete Series Books 1-3 (La Petite Mort Club #1-3)

Ellis O. Day - 2019
    When he sees something he likes, or more accurately, something his d**k likes, he gets it. His women are hot, successful and experienced in BDSM. Until, he meets Maggie.She’s not at all his usual type. She’s round, lush and a hot-mess of a woman. It’s obvious she doesn’t belong at La Petite Mort Club and he can’t help following her. She needs someone to look out for her. She’s a little rabbit in a club full of predators.When she gets herself into a situation, he has no choice but to rescue her. When he realizes that she’s a natural submissive and innocent of the kinkier side of sex, he’ll stop at nothing to have. He can’t wait to show her how good it’ll feel when she surrenders to his desires.Maggie had no idea that the club she was going to was a “sex” club. She tries not to look, but there are people doing it everywhere. She is not getting turned on by it. Not at all. Really, she isn’t. All she has to do, is find her friend and get out of there. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Not only has she bumped into just about every person in the club, but one of the men—a very handsome and extremely rude stranger—not only follows her, but suggests that they “do it” in the hallway. As if she’d ever do something like that. She’s a recently divorced, mother of three, not some wild, young woman.She tells him, in no uncertain terms, what she thinks of his suggestion but then, she finds herself in a dangerous situation.Will the rude stranger save her, or will he turn out to be even more dangerous than the others?

Destiny; Part 2

Grace Goodwin - 2019
    While her brain might want to kick his ass across the galaxy, the rest of her wants to jump him like a bouncy house. Ardor or not, she’s hunting a killer. Nix is going all protective, alpha male, claiming she’s his mate just because she had a few mind-blowing moments in his bed. And she’s trapped deep undercover in the most dangerous place on the planet. If anyone discovers the truth, she’ll be dead. But if she gives up now, her mother will be lost forever. And Nix is about to find out Destiny’s dirty little secret…she’s even more stubborn than he is. One Click Now as Destiny and Nix fall deeper into trouble...and love.

Hijinks Harem: The Complete Series

Tate James - 2019
    If not for her dodgy, ancient, messed-up plumbing … none of this would have happened. But, there’s no use crying over spilled toilet water, right? What started as a simple—if costly—plumbing job, has turned into a battle for the fate of all elemental dragons. People are all, “Ari, you need to save the world!” and “Ari, let me snake your drains!” and I’m over here thinking, what the hell? I’m not cut out for this heroine crap! I mean, I’m a barista, not a superhero! Here it goes, my story of discovering the supernatural, falling in love with six elemental-dragon plumbers, and learning to control magic of my own. Read with a glass of wine and a smile, and make sure there’s a cold shower waiting nearby. Things are about to get hot. THIS SET CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING BOOKS: Elements of Mischief Elements of Ruin Elements of Desire Elements of Fertility (a short story)

Sharing Hannah

Krista Wolf - 2019
     It started with an article - the most important one of my life. It ended with me in bed... with three ripped, beautiful men. A trio of gorgeous best friends, who shared absolutely everything. There was Adam, the shredded blond Adonis, hellbent on saving his father's construction company. Dante, the dark-haired pretty boy, with heart-stopping good looks and a devilish smile. Finally, Trey. Six-foot five, with shoulders that stretched on forever. A three-letter athlete with an engineering degree from Cornell, hiding his own twisted secret from the world. I never meant to get attached to them. They weren't supposed to fall for me. We got caught up in the chemistry; a dripping hot whirlwind of twos and threes and fours. And me, caught in the eye of the whole wicked hurricane. Torn between the sanity of normalcy, and the forbidden heat of my deepest, darkest desires. SHARING HANNAH is a scorching, stand-alone reverse harem love story filled with humor, suspense, and sizzling MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes, hot enough to melt your kindle. HEA guaranteed!

The Pleasure Island Collection

Anya Summers - 2019
    Where the Doms are fiercely loyal, protective, and incredibly gorgeous. Where the women are strong enough to withstand a hurricane yet soft enough to surrender to the intoxicating desire found in their Dom’s arms. It is a vacation experience like no other. Welcome to Pleasure Island, where your every fantasy awaits… This is the complete set of all nine full-length scintillating, spicy romance novels by bestselling author Anya Summers. It includes... HER MASTER & COMMANDER Jared leaves his homeland of Scotland with a broken heart and the desire to start again. He forges a new life far away, building the premier vacation destination for those in the lifestyle. Jared immediately recognizes the sweet submissive within his newest employee and sets out on a campaign to conquer Naomi’s hesitation, show her pleasure beyond her wildest imaginings, and convince the sweet sub to submit to him for more than one night. HER MUSIC MASTERS When Jax and Lachlin spy the lovely Amaya on the island, they both realize she was the one who got away. The three had spent a passionate night together at the Dungeon Fantasy Club almost a year previously and neither Dom had forgotten her sweet cries of submission… THEIR SHY SUBMISSIVE From the moment Deke and Shep began working on Pleasure Island as catamaran captains, ferrying guests and supplies to and from Nassau, they have craved the shy, sweet, voluptuous beauty, Yvette. Can they convince her to be their submissive – not just for the night, but for forever? HER LAWFUL MASTER When Piper asks Theo to pose for her, he turns the tables and makes a proposition: submit to him while they are on the island and at the end of the week, they go their separate ways. No harm, no foul, no attachments. What starts as a simple arrangement morphs into something a lot deeper as Piper surrenders more than just her body to Theo’s skillful mastery. When her secret is revealed, will it tear their fledgling relationship apart? HER ROCKSTAR DOM Julia has a secret. She’s an imposter planted on Pleasure Island, an undercover agent. Until now, she’s been able to pretend that she is part of the lifestyle. But that all changes when she receives a new set of instructions from headquarters. She’s to get close enough to their latest suspect that she will be forced to do something she’s never considered herself capable of doing – submit. DUETS & DOMINANCE Lizzie has a problem of epic proportions – she’s the oldest virgin in the world. Invited to perform on Pleasure Island with her best friend Solomon, she devises a plan to seduce him and rid herself of that infernal status. After all, they shared a mind-blowing kiss a year ago, and that has to count for something, right? HER UNDERCOVER DOMS Patrick and Nick have been chasing the gorgeous beauty, Sherry, and jump at the chance to entice her into their arms. But will a hurricane and investigation into a sex trafficking ring tear them apart? MENAGE IN PARADISE When Ian and Eric cause a stir with their antics on Pleasure Island as they each attempt to win Olivia, they will be forced to contemplate another means of attaining their prize.

Three Alpha Romeo

Krista Wolf - 2019
    It was only a matter of time before we shared each other... Two gorgeous Navy SEALS, with the same grim vendetta. A strapping Army Ranger on a mission of unimaginable vengeance. They saved me from my own destruction. Took me under their wing... and then into their beds, as well. Now they share me together, mind, body, and soul. As girlfriend. As lover. As the partner who binds them, writhing helplessly beneath their panty-dropping good looks and dripping hot touch. Holden is the square-jawed leader, strong and beautiful, tormented by an inescapable past. Randall is the pilot - a total loose cannon - sharp-tongued, tattooed, and devilishly handsome. Finally there's Marcus, the silent giant with a chest and shoulders to die for. An ex-Army Ranger turned dark mercenary, struggling desperately to right his wrongs. Four damaged people, bound by the same promise of revenge. Coming together after having our lives shattered by three horrific events... forged by the fires of tragedy and passion, into unstoppable weapons to accomplish our ultimate goal. Can one girl be this insanely lucky? And can four lost souls pull love - and a sizzling hot reverse harem arrangement - from the dark depths of utter despair? THREE ALPHA ROMEO is a sizzling, stand-alone military reverse harem love story filled with humor, suspense, and sweltering MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes, hot enough to melt your kindle. HEA guaranteed!

Wild Ride

Jayne Rylon - 2019
    It’s taken him time to figure out what he wants in bed and out of it. Understandable, since he’s attracted to both men and women and surrounded by a network of friends who seem to have no trouble finding love in any combination. When he meets Trevon—the sexiest man ever—on the side of the road, only one thing keeps Quinn from pursuing him: Trevon’s even sexier wife, Devra. Like Quinn, Trevon and Devra have led rough lives. Financial and safety concerns forced them into a marriage of convenience they both secretly wish was more. The lessons Quinn’s past taught him should put the brakes on his fantasies of propositioning Trevon and Devra for a one-night ménage. But the need to atone for his previous transgressions, along with pure temptation, drives him to bring the struggling couple closer, even if it means breaking his own heart in the process. This is a standalone book in the Hot Rides series and includes an HEA with no cheating. The series is part of the greater universe where both the Powertools and Hot Rods books are also set, so you can visit with many of your previous favorite characters and see what they’re up to now!

Club Deep: The Complete Series

Penny Wylder - 2019
    Feeling daring? Then come on in... The men who run this club know what everyone wants. And they're eager to share it. Inside these walls, anything goes. Contains Tease/Bang/Spread. Like all my books, there's NO cheating in here. Just loads of heart-throbbing heat and the best kinds of happily ever afters around.

Faith; Part 3

Grace Goodwin - 2019
    But Faith has always been unpredictable—just ask her sisters— and nothing will stop her from getting what she wants…and she wants Thor. Even if it kills her. Download now for the exciting conclusion to Faith's story!


Livia Grant - 2019
    Despite that, old insecurities flare after she is turned down for a coveted role.  Khloe quickly falls back into old habits that lead down a dark and dangerous path.If she hurries, she can achieve her goal weight by the time anyone finds out. Because stopping is always the easy part, right?Black Light: Purged is a short story set in the Black Light world. It gives a candid glimpse into the life of a woman who struggles with eating disorders. For this reason, it could be a trigger for some readers. Black Light Series (Allstand-alones) Black Light Season 1 Infamous Love by Livia Grant , prequel to Black Light (released October 17, 2016) Black Light: Rocked by Livia Grant, Book One (released December 16, 2016) Black Light: Exposed by Jennifer Bene, Book Two (released January 12, 2017) Black Light: Valentine Roulette novellas, Book Three (released February 10, 2017) Black Light: Suspended by Maggie Ryan, Book Four (released March 31, 2017) Black Light: Cuffed by Measha Stone, Book Five (released April 20, 2017) Black Light: Rescued by Livia Grant, Book Six (released October 5, 2017) Black Light Season 2 Black Light: Roulette Redux novellas, Book Seven (released February 8, 2018) Complicated Love, A Black Light Novel by Livia Grant (released July 11, 2018) Black Light: Suspicion by Measha Stone, Book Eight (released July 29, 2018) Black Light: Obsessed by Dani Ren�, Book Nine (released October 16, 2018) Black Light: Fearless by Maren Smith, Book Ten (released November 14, 2018) Black Light: Possession by LK Shaw, Book Eleven (released January 14, 2019) Black Light Season 3 Black Light: Celebrity Roulette novellas, Book Twelve (released February 6, 2019) Black Light: Purged (Short) by Livia Grant, Book Twelve.five (released March 16, 2019) Black Light: Defended by Golden Angel, Book Thirteen (Released September 19, 2019) Black Light: Scandalized by Livia Grant, Book Fourteen (Released October 21, 2019)


Elizabeth Knox - 2019
    It started when I was young and progressively has gotten worse over the years. But for the first time ever I’ve found myself in a compromising position — backed into a corner. Forced to run to the one person on this planet who doesn’t view me as a callous creature, I go to the only blood I have left. My daughter, Boss, the Prez of the Iron Vex MC. There’s no chance to save my soul, but I will save my club by doing the only thing I can. The Demons of Hell will be no more. It’s time for a new era. I can only hope they find safety in the Iron Vex MC.

Hart (Steel Cobras Book 5)

Evie Monroe - 2019
     Charlotte: A night of hot monkey s-x. Trust me, I’m a vet. I know what happens in the wild. He’s such a bad boy, And I’m not into his type. Unless they look like him. Or taste like him or feel like him. Note to self: it was a one time deal. Now, my brother is set to join a biker gang, So I swallow my pride to ask him to help. He’s just the man to talk him out of it, And I find his momma named him right. Hart is all heart under that delicious biker veneer. Hart: Charlotte has been taking care of things her whole damn life. Her animals. Her little brother. Everyone. Until one night, she lets me take care of her. (And I took care of her really well.) She says I'm not her type. But she needs my help, I’ll do anything for her. From monkey business to mating for life. It’s high time someone takes care of her. And our precious baby. Love filthy talking bikers who can drop your panties with just a look? You got it, babe! Hart is a full-length standalone MC romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA!

Andre's Mechanic

Nikki Sex - 2019
     I’m also sexually submissive with kinky fantasies, but unfortunately I also have an amazing ability to attract bad men. That’s why André Chevalier is helping me find the right Dominant. But he set me up with the wrong guy! I’m turned on by men who are trim, tall, and urbane; Max O’Neal is built like a linebacker. I love culture: Max acts like a caveman, and looks like he’s done time. The man's André’s mechanic for crying out loud! I’ll give him a chance though. . . even if only to prove the sexy Frenchman wrong.

DOM DIARIES : THE CHASE: A Billionaire searches for love.

Jax Hart - 2019
    Arrogant. Dominant. Unbending. Even men cower in my presence; sensing the danger in me. So why does this slip of a girl invade my thoughts? Somehow she got past my defenses... and the only way to regain control is to make her bend. But when things don't bend--they break. She wouldn't bend. I refuse to break. From AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR, JAX HART comes a tale of cat and mouse. A story of a dangerous man and the lengths he goes to find the one woman who is an enigma to him.

Sensation Fantasies 1

Kimberly Knight - 2019
     Sensation. A sacred place free from judgment or inhibitions. The only rule: Ask before you touch. Sensation is an exclusive black-tie party attended by at least one hundred and fifty of the clubs most privileged members, and held once a month at an undisclosed mansion in Beverly Hills. You may watch. You may interact. You can come together or you can choose to come alone. The choice is yours. Would you like it rough? Would you like to be caressed and worshipped? Or would you simply like to observe? What do you desire?

First Contact

S.J. Sanders - 2019
    If a male wasn’t born into the upper tiers of Forad society, he would never know the comfort of his own mate. Ehmhy was not such a fortunate male, he was a trader of a long line of traders. Resigned to his lot in life, he never expects to be stranded on an isolated primitive planet with his nephew whom he’d recently become guardian of. Separated in the crash, Ehmhy is desperate to find his nephew and get back home. What he doesn’t expect is to meet a local female who does what no offworld female ever has done before—make him yearn to make her his mate. Gerry works in the French Quarter and while her life isn’t glamorous, she enjoys her simple lifestyle. Things become complicated quick when she helps a stranger during Mardi Gras wearing a complicated cat-man costume who’d become separated from his nephew. When he is revealed to be a stranded alien in need of help, she couldn’t, in good conscience, retract her offer. Without the government on their trail and a Forad boy in need of rescuing they become closer as passions stir and something more blooms. But they have no future—or maybe they do.

The Naughty List

Cassie Cole - 2019
    No matter how handsome and flirty they may be. Yet when my promotion puts me in charge of the three of them? That policy is going to be hard to follow. Liam, the chestnut-haired boy-next-door I’ve flirted with for five years--and who is finally single. Arthur, the suave French accountant who pronounces my name like it’s an expensive wine. Robbie, the bashful computer nerd whose chiseled body and sleeve tattoos hint at something deeper. The four of us have to finish our big project by Christmas. Which means my gorgeous employees are totally off-limits. But that just makes our professional relationship even more tantalizing. Especially as we start working long hours in the office. With our careers on the line, can we ignore the growing attraction between us? Or will we all end up on Santa’s naughty list? THE NAUGHTY LIST is a sizzling, stand-alone Reverse Harem love story that is sure to fill you with holiday cheer. HEA guaranteed!


Tiana Laveen - 2019
    (Not limited to but including: Profuse violence, gratuitous profanity, detailed sexual encounters, drug usage.) It is recommended for audiences 18+ years or older. *Ladies and Gents, please be aware that this is a big book. BLURB Maximus Savage is no ordinary man. His distinctive and dysfunctional upbringing was the catalyst to a wild life, one lived by his own rules. When his natural talent as a brilliant marksman and skilled fighter is discovered in the seedy underworld of Sin City, Maximus quickly makes his mark on the world, slash by bloody slash... Dr. Zaire Ellington is a psychologist who runs a successful vlog and podcast from Los Angeles, California. A workaholic, she spends long hours doling out expert relationship advice to those in need of soothing and direction in their lives. Stressed and needing a weekend away, she and her girlfriends take a trip to the Las Vegas strip for fun and relaxation. The last thing she is looking for is a one-night stand, but when she spots Maximus rolling the dice, all bets are off... The unlikely duo cross paths and become quickly entangled in each other’s lives, unravelling secrets, unlocking passions, and dangling the keys to survival and love... Can a heartless top hitman with a penchant for violence find a way to emotionally accept and embrace the woman who has captivated him from the moment he laid eyes on her? And can an educated, classy lady look deeper into the black abyss known as Savage, and see the fervent, beating heart he’s tried to deny since the moment he drew his first breath? Read, “Savage”, to find out!

Daddy Bear

Laylah Roberts - 2019
    On her own terms. There’s just one small problem. On her way to that new life, she crashes her car during a snow storm and is rescued by a huge hunk of a man. A man who goes by the name of Bear, has thighs as big as tree trunks, and an extreme case of bossiness. If anyone ever needed a keeper, it was this girl. Bear knows he shouldn’t touch her, shouldn’t get involved, and yet the close quarters of a tiny cabin in a snow storm make him do things he normally wouldn’t. Like offering her a temporary arrangement, with him as her Daddy Dom. Contains a hot, alpha Daddy Dom and a woman who needs his special brand of love.

Dirty Beginnings (Dirty Duet, #1 incl'd; Dirty Games Duet, #1 included; Dirty Sweet Duet, #1 included

Laurelin Paige - 2019
    But he's going to have to play real dirty.Meet the love scrooge, Dylan Locke, in Sweet Liar, book one of the Dirty Sweet Duet: British ad exec, Dylan Locke, isn't looking for love. He isn't looking for fate. He's definitely not looking for the pretty, young, romantic Audrey Lind.But when the girl, who's twenty years younger than him, literally lands in his lap and asks for his expertise, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't interested.

Her Dueling Daddies

Lee Savino - 2019
    Both Bear and Sawyer have muscles for days but they want to know who’s better in bed. And they want me to judge. Their game, their rules, but I can play along. They call the shots, in and out of bed, and disobedience has delicious consequences. As the final round approaches and the stakes are raised, I’m hoping this isn’t just a game. I'm falling, fast, and I don't think I can choose.They're both playing to win. But which one’s playing for keeps? Her Dueling Daddies is an MFM novella expanded from the short story in the Daddy's Demands boxset (no longer available). Fans of Her Marine Daddy will enjoy Bear, Evie & Sawyer's story.

Lunchtime Chronicles, Issue 3: Taste Test

Xyla Turner - 2019
    Lunchtime Chronicles: Taste Test was written by USA Today Bestselling & Multi-Award Winning Author Xyla Turner Coy:  She scratched my car because I took up two spots. That was a six-figure vehicle and because she had a whole temper tantrum, I had to bear the consequences. Not happening. She would pay and I had other ideas of what she could scratch.  Yadira: He was arrogant, wealthy and thought the world was his oyster. Therefore, his indecent proposal was a 'hell no.' Until it started to get more appealing. He wanted me to taste test him out, but I stick to what I know. Well, before I went and scratched his car up, of course.  This is an IR novella in the Lunchtime Chronicles Serial with Siera London, Olivia Gaines and Reana Malori.

Risking Everything: A Steamy Anthology of First Responders

Kara LianeK.L. Montgomery - 2019
    All proceeds go to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.Romance on the Rig by Kara Liane: Finding love on and off the ambulance proves difficult for Air Force veteran Murf—until he meets Lana, a game-changer. Murf may be an EMT hero, but he’s only human. Mistakes happen in love, and a misunderstanding keeps them apart. It’s time to make things right and answer the call from the heart.Reconstructed Heart by K.L. Montgomery: Trey Prince never expected to make a gruesome discovery at an accident scene only a few months into his new job with the Collision Reconstruction Unit, and he never expected Trooper Jenna Labato to be the one who helped him pick up the pieces. No matter how badly Jenna wants to help him heal, Trey isn’t sure his heart or faith can ever be restored—not without something close to a miracle.Walk the Line: Gage by Harlow Layne: Gage Walker never thought a call to a scene would change his life forever until he met Claire Blake. Sparks fly, but when his fellow Brothers in Blue’s girlfriends are targeted, Gage wants nothing more than to protect her—even if that means he has to give her up.Always Kind of Love by Amanda Siegrist: The last thing Ethan McCord wants to deal with is his old high school flame, even though his desire for her hasn’t diminished. Battling the burning blazes and an arsonist bent on destruction is nothing compared to fighting the temptation to rekindle the love he always wanted.Beautiful Persuasion by A.K. MacBride: Raelyn wasn't supposed to fall for the rebound guy, but the moment Griffin opened his mouth, he drew her in with his sexy Irish accent and dark gaze. As one night of sizzling passion develops into something more, she's forced to choose between the man who sets her heart ablaze and the only family she has left.Going Down by Jody Kaye: Devastated by her parents’ divorce, Kat’s looking to regain the stability she took for granted. Dash Newhouse is a drifter, paying his bills by skiing at a new mountain each season. Paired together on ski patrol, Dash reminds Kat that she can’t live life to the fullest while playing it safe. But when the snow melts, will he ride off with her heart?Rescuing Ryan by Syd Ryan: Ryan is out of the frying pan and into the fire, working the oldest profession of all time to finish her last year of nursing school. On the first day, she meets Chris, the sexy firefighter, as he is licking his wounds of rejection. For Chris, rescuing Ryan will be the hardest rescue of his life.Perfect For Me by Alyne Hart: Firefighter Luke O'Conner and ex-model Grace Adams shared all their firsts in a tiny cabin just outside Sugar Creek. Nine years later, Grace is back in town, and they find themselves waiting out a storm in that very same cabin. Fire burns between them as neither seems able to keep their lips or their hands to themselves.Call of Fate by Kelsey Cheyenne: After surviving a school shooting, Aubrey Winters became a dispatcher, dedicating her life to helping people. One fateful call and a meet-cute at a coffee shop leads Aubrey into the arms of English teacher Noah Burgess. Can their trauma be overcome when true love calls?Loving Lindsey by Larissa Gail: Firefighter Gavin Thomas has no desire to settle down anytime soon. He’s having too much fun playing the field. That is until he meets Officer Lindsey Allen, who’s moved to Oaktown to start over after a devastating loss. Can the blue-eyed beauty convince him to change his ways?

Resolution: Exposure

Tracy Lorraine - 2019
     As a single father, I spend a lot of time at home — but it’s a new year, and I’ve made a resolution: Get out more. So I sign up for an evening photography class, ready to learn how to take better photos of my little girl. The first lesson has barely begun when Harper and I are assigned partners. Photographs aren’t the only thing developing between us. I didn’t expect this, but damn, she has me all spun up. She’s gorgeous, funny, and I’m not ending this night without her. I want her. Now. It’s time to turn out the lights and head to the dark room. This woman belongs with me, and I’ll make sure she knows it. But will the shutter come down on our fling when she discovers I come as a package deal? Join fifteen of your favorite romance authors as their stories get off… on the right foot this year. Champagne corks aren’t the only things popping!

Royally Twisted

Elle Boon - 2019
    Her best friend taking his life and the family she thought loved her like one of their own pointing accusing fingers toward her leaves her with an emptiness she’s felt only one other time. Tymber is a survivor, a fighter… He’s fought wars in foreign countries, lost his mother to breast cancer and still he fought. Now, as a man who prides himself on being strong, he battled with insecurities after finding himself facing that same diseaseA chance meeting…Tymber knew the moment he sees Ivy something is different with her. She wasn’t broken, just a little bent and he is just the man to fix her. He just didn’t know how close he’d been to losing her before he’d gotten the chance to find her. Together, they’ll learn to love again while freeing themselves from an MC who didn’t like to lose.

The Proposition

Cassie Cole - 2019
    Four handsome theater men when all I expected was one. But then they laid a breathtaking proposition on me. One that dropped me, quite literally, to my knees. They want to share me…. In every way. Ryan, the redheaded stagehand bulging with muscle, is looking for a friends-with-benefits situation. Andy, the bespectacled lighting technician with the body of Adonis, wants to court me on elaborate dates for a long-term relationship. Dorian, the slender actor with long hair and a dramatic flair, just wants a platonic friend. And Braden, the beautiful lead actor who I have a huge crush on? He needs a pretend-girlfriend to get his parents off his back. Juggling these four gorgeous men ends up being harder than I ever expected. Especially when Dorian and I become more than just friends, and my fake relationship with Braden turns into something very real. But something strange is happening at the theater. Malfunctioning lights, equipment crashing to the stage, and broken trapdoors—it seems a saboteur is determined to stop us from making it to opening night. And the worst part? Everyone thinks the saboteur is me. Can I find a way to balance the intense love from these four amazing guys? Or will I end up the saboteur’s final victim on opening night? THE PROPOSITION is a suspenseful, steamy Reverse Harem Romance filled with humor, action, and a shocking twist-ending. It also contains sizzling hot menage encounters, in single and multiple partner scenes. HEA guaranteed!

Cross + Catherine: The Saga

Bethany-Kris - 2019
     They were meant to be. Even when everything stood in the way. Always. Fall in love with the saga of Cross + Catherine, and their story of a love revered, and a life lived so unruly. The Saga: Cross + Catherine is a boxset of the full Cross + Catherine series featuring the full-length novels Always, Revere, and Unruly as well as the series novellas, Cross + Catherine: The Companion and Naz & Roz.

Destiny; Part 3

Grace Goodwin - 2019
    But explosions, murder plots and chaos are just the beginning. And now she has more on the line than ever before. Now, she's in love. And Nix isn't the sit-by-and-watch kind of guy. He's right there next to her, risking everything. For her. Every time they get close, their enemy slips through their fingers like a thousand grains of sand. The hunt is on. The end is near. And if Nix dies protecting her, she'll never forgive herself.

Jetson (Steel Cobras MC Book 4)

Evie Monroe - 2019
     Jetson A bullet to the gut lands me in hospital. Those bastards thought they could end me, Instead, they land me in the arms of the angel of ER. Doctor Nora is sweet, sinful, and . . . not interested. Or so she says. But as the enforcer of the Steel Cobras, women can’t resist me. One look, one smile, and panties drop. But when she risks her career and life to protect me, I know Nora is exactly what I need. Nora When I first meet Jet, he’s bleeding out all over the ER. He’s also naked and so damned hot it should be a crime. Well, he is a criminal. He makes me forget I’m a doctor—I want to do more than just to make him well. But damnit, I took an oath—one that has nothing to do with steamy sponge baths! One blue-eyed glance, one sweet smile, and my resolve isn’t the only thing that’s shaking. I see the real man, see beyond his hard exterior, He may be the exact dose of medicine to cure my ailing heart. Love filthy talking bikers who can drop your panties with just a whisper? You got it, babe! Jetson is a full-length standalone Motorcycle Club romance with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA!

Triple Team Box Set

K.C. Crowne - 2019
     The Spenser sisters have a serious problem... They can't make up their minds about which irresistible Marine, Fireman or Cowboy they want more. Lucky for them, they don't need to choose! Join three flirtatious, feisty and VERY lucky sisters in their journeys to find lasting love and mind blowing romance with the men of their dreams in this box set that will have you wishing you were born a Spenser sister! Book 1: Men on a Mission In the midst of danger, four marines are in a mission to conquer the heart of one very lucky lady. I'm a girl that can hold her own. In the Marines, I found myself surrounded by men who underestimated me. But that was before I met the Marines I'd later call family... Its ridiculous right? Wanting all four men for myself. But then we discover someone dear to us is in trouble and we know one things for sure... When it comes to my boys and I - we'd go through hell and back to save one of our own. Book 2: Christmas with Four Firemen Who wouldn't fall head over heels for a hot fireman? Heroic. Brave. And an expert in using his... hose. Not to mention those damn sexy pants... I can't get enough. Now multiply that by four and you have a Christmas gift fit for a queen. Book 3: Dirty Cowboys Milo Bucknell has been haunting my dreams since I was a teenager. And now he looks at me like he's trying to convince himself I haven't grown up. Well he's wrong. His brother Sawyer, the ex-football player, sure has noticed. And so has his TV star brother Eli. They're all back in one place now that the ash has settled, and I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. I want them. All.

The Kane Series Boxset

Stylo Fantome - 2019
     Tatum O'Shea is poor and is used to taking whatever she can get. Follow them across years and state lines and to different countries as they try to find a way to meet in the middle, and discover what a great many people already have - sometimes falling for the devil isn't such a bad thing. FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY BOXSET - ONLY AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME INCLUDED IN THIS COLLECTION: Degradation, The Kane Series #1 Separation, The Kane Series #2 Reparation, The Kane Series #3 Completion, The Kane Series #4 Reception, The Kane Series #5 Checking In, A Kane Series chapter Kane Before, A Kane Series boxset exclusive feature Deleted Scenes Bonus Material


Jane Henry - 2019
    Because I get retribution when there’s none to be had. Because my name is Jace Mercy... but I show none. Freya: Stood up at the altar, I ran from everything familiar... and straight into trouble. Now I’m the lone witness to a backwoods execution. A wanted woman with a price on my head. I’m trapped in a cabin with the one man who can save me. I’m under his protection. I’m in his bed. But there’s a price to pay for his protection. Obedience. Surrender. Total submission. And there’s nowhere left to run…

Pervade London

Vanessa Fewings - 2019
    Their love fuels the power that pervades London.From an early age, Emily lived for the violin.Practices were a joy. Recitals were a celebration. She only felt truly alive when the meticulously crafted, finely tuned, string instrument was in her firm grasp.You could say that Emily lived for the violin, and that it was her true love. You would have been right......but that all changed the day she met Xander Rothschild.Emily Rampling thought she understood the nature of power.But she didn't know the unexpected forms power could take, bending and adapting to suit its needs. She wasn't aware of the ways power could infiltrate unnoticed into the highest echelons of government, soaking the most hallowed chambers with its influence.She didn't realize the methods in which power could weave an invisible fabric that manipulated society with hidden secrets and unannounced agendas.In fact, Emily Rampling didn't understand anything at all about the nature of power.But she was about to find out.About the ways power could pulse.About the ways power could penetrate.About the ways power could PERVADE.

Boss Daddy

Shanna Handel - 2019
    After he takes a job overseeing events at the ranch where she serves as the wedding planner, however, Louanne soon learns that Hayes is a man who expects things to be done his way, and when she pushes him too far with her sharp tongued defiance she quickly earns herself a painful, embarrassing spanking on her bare bottom.Despite her efforts to hide it, the strict correction arouses Louanne deeply, and when Hayes tells her she is a naughty girl in need of a firm-handed daddy her panties are left shamefully soaked.Though she never imagined herself falling for a man who does not hesitate to take her over his knee whenever he feels it necessary, it isn't long before Louanne is discovering how pleasurable it can be for a little girl to surrender her body completely to her daddy. But when the time comes to plan her own wedding, will the pressure to make it perfect end up driving her to distraction?Publisher's Note: Boss Daddy is a stand-alone sequel to His Ranch, His Rules and Her Cowboy, Her Daddy. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Shared by Her Bodyguards

Cassie Cole - 2019
     Sound like a dirty joke? That’s because it is. I’m a senator with big ambitions. I don’t have time for love. Yet after a bomb threat, who do they send to watch my house at night? The hottest young cop in the city. Anthony is a cocky young Capitol Policeman who smiles like he knows all my secrets. And after the night we spend together? I know all his too. But he’s not the only one assigned to protect me. Ethan, the steel-jawed hunk who looks more like an MMA fighter than a personal bodyguard, shows up the next day. And the two of us already have a secret history. Then Agent Luca Santos, a grizzled Secret Service agent with experience in his eyes, is assigned to my detail. Now it’s one big beefcake slumber party. How am I supposed to focus on my campaign with these delicious hunks watching me all day? The only thing more difficult than keeping them off my mind… …is keeping them out of my bed. SHARED BY HER BODYGUARDS is a thrilling, sexy, stand-alone reverse harem romance filled with humor, action, and suspense. It also contains sizzling hot MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes. HEA guaranteed!

Sun, Sand, and Seduction

Olivia T. Turner - 2019
    Those dark eyes. Mmmmmm....And his shredded tattooed body is pure perfection.Every twist on his surfboard shows off a new ab muscle that I didn't even know existed.I thought I was too large for him, but one look at me and this rich billionaire surfer becomes obsessed.Who knew that Bodhi Slater likes his girls with curves?He's a possessive alpha who owns the island and gets whatever he wants.But what happens when all he wants is me?Who's ready for the beach? Grab your bathing suit and a cold drink because you're about to spend some time in the sand with a hot Over The Top surfer with a possessive attitude and a big board!

Bad Babygirl: The Con-Artist

Zoe Blake - 2019
    I will. No is not an option. My little con artist is about to learn I run my criminal enterprise with an iron fist. She is no exception. She will do as Daddy tells her or there will be pain. Little does she know how much I will enjoy inflicting it. This is a dark romance daddy dom series. There are no sweet hugs and kisses from these domineering daddies. Note: This is part of a continuing series and not a standalone.

Cherry Popper

Victoria Quinn - 2019
     Because there's only one kind of woman I like to screw. Virgins. I pay top dollar for the experience. And sometimes women don't want me to pay at all. I get off to their tightness, their tears. I get off to the drops of blood on the sheets. All men have fantasies...I just happen to be rich enough to fund mine. When Monroe comes into my life, she has a hefty student loan that she can never pay back. On top of that, she's responsible for paying for her mother's cancer treatment...even though she lost her anyway. Suffocating in debt, she doesn't have many options. Except one. To sell her virtue to the Cherry Popper.

Wait: The Brazen Bulls Beginning

Susan Fanetti - 2019
    He’s not the same man he was when he left Oklahoma, and he’s come back to a home he doesn’t quite recognize. He’s struggling to get his life going again. Maureen Quinn was just a girl when she was ripped from her home in Northern Ireland and dropped into the middle of Oklahoma, a world she didn’t understand, with family she’d never met. Even years later, she doesn’t quite fit. But she has big plans for her life, and the drive to reach them.One spring day, while Brian’s out riding to clear his head, he stops at a small-town store. The blue-eyed Irish lass behind the counter captures his interest with her beauty and sass.Mo eyes the scruffy biker buying rubbers and smokes and finds herself intrigued by his husky voice and wry smirk.And the rest is history.Their life isn’t easy. Brian’s war isn’t over yet, and Mo’s fight is just beginning.But their love is forever.What they have is worth waiting for.

Halloween with Dad's Best Friend

Flora Ferrari - 2019
    Since her parents divorced, she hasn’t had much to do with him. Now, he’s looking to be a bigger part of her life, starting this Halloween at his costume party. Enter Wes, her Dad’s older, hot best friend. He’s forty-one, charming and sexy, even when he’s at a masked ball. He might be twenty years older than her, but Zooey can’t hide her attraction to him when they meet for the first time. As Zooey gets closer to her father and spends more time with Wes, she’s about to discover what it really means to fall for your Dad’s best friend. *Halloween With Dad’s Best Friend is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

Kill the Power Gamer

Éric Vall - 2019
     He was a full time retail employee with dreams of becoming a professional gamer. But little did he know that his perfect woman was about to travel back in time to change history. This is a stand alone novel.

The Perversion Trilogy: Perversion, Possession & Permission

T.M. Frazier - 2019
    Ours is a death wish.I'm the executioner for the Bedlam Brotherhood. She's a con artist working for my greatest enemy. I use her. She manipulates me. We find ourselves on opposite sides of a bloody war. My heart and head tell me I have to stay away. My lust for her says otherwise. POSSESSION (Book Two) War is on the horizon. we've come so far. We'll have to fight for what we have. Or die trying. PERMISSION (Book Three) War breaks out in Lacking. Just when I think things can't get any worse, an unexpected guest arrives.I'm forced to make a choice between the life I've always wanted and a life I never knew I could have.

Lover Calling

Jocelynn Drake - 2019
    The second full novel in the series will be out in early June.

The Bartender's Pride

T.J. Dallas - 2019
    (Also available in audiobook). ~Semi-finalist for the BBNYA (Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Award) 2020~Lara’s world is turned upside down when her boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend and she’s forced to move to a new city. Desperate for money, she lands a job in an LGBT nightclub, but her racing heart and inappropriate thoughts about the club’s owner, Harry, must have everything to do with the stress she’s under. She’s not gay.There’s something about Harry. She’s stunning, cocky, and looks far too good in a shirt and tie, ignoring the fact she’s telepathic and can read Lara’s emotions like a book. Harry is one of seven managers at the Cardinal, and she has a set of skills that can help Lara, but she has to manage her own feelings about three of the other managers in the meantime—Lust, Gluttony, and Envy.When things go downhill for Lara, can Harry ultimately make her proud of who she is without admitting their deadly secret? Or will Lara’s shame, depression, and her homophobic parents, lead her down a path of destruction?*18+, mature and sexually explicit content, 1 x brief M/F scene, depression/attempted suicide

His Lesson

Ellis O. Day - 2019
    One full weekend at La Petite Mort Club. Together. Just the two of them -- Dom and Sub. She’s a little nervous but she trusts him and she's promised that he can do WHATEVER he wants. She means it. She does. Really. Terry's d**k can't wait to get started but his head and heart aren’t so sure this is a good idea. Is she really ready for the Club and all the kink? Is she really ready to be his Sub? To obey him completely? She's still so unsure of her attractiveness as a woman. No matter what he does to prove to her how f***ing hot he finds her it isn't enough. On second thought, the Club—filled with rich, experienced men—might be the perfect place to teach her how attractive she truly is.

Heart of the Resonant: Book 1 Pulse (Fantasy Harem Adventure) (Resonant Series)

B.C. Handler - 2019
    Instead, he ran for his life as eldritch monsters ripped into his university, bumped into strange characters, and went toe to toe with evil incarnate to save his classmates and crush, almost costing him everything. Just as Al thought his story ended, he awoke in a strange place with strange people, broken and scarred. From there, he is presented a horrifying revelation and a seemingly impossible decision that could impact billions of lives. Al comes to question everything he's ever known, being faced with the presence of magic, the knowledge of a cosmic war, and coping with the harshness of reality. While in the company of a buxom mage and a battle-hardened warrioress, Al determines his place in the order of all things. Second Edition: 9/23/2019 Warning: This book contains graphic language, imagery, harem elements, and explicit sexual content. Not intended to those under 18 years of age.