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The Bargain by Francis Ray


The Secrets of the Heart

Kasey Michaels - 1995
    Clair is the toast of the ton...and a man with a closely guarded secret. For his dazzling looks and celebrated charm mask his late-night escapades as the elusive Peacock, enemy of the rich and benefactor of the poor. Now Gabrielle Laurence, the destitute beauty who loathes St. Clair's rakish ways and power over her social standing, is close to discovering the truth. But can he convince her to trust a rogue--and take a chance on the passion that flares between them?

The Fancy

Mercedes Keyes - 2006
    However, at hearing how close he'd come to losing his mother - his priorities, his plan shifted. Dr. Quinton Thaddeus Caine had saved his mother's life - for this deed, the young surgeon deserved the best that he could give in compensation. A gift - the best - a Fancy. To his reasoning, what better gift could one man offer another? Especially considering that the new doctor had arrived and settled in their small town off the Port end of Connecticut - with practically nothing. He would need help, in more ways than one - thus - the placing of Suga - his most valuable possession - her skills far exceeded many of those whom were purchased simply to fill ones bed. According to her master, she'd been taught to serve in many more ways... than that one - as her new owner, Quinton Caine would come to find out.

The Rogue Reluctant Rose

Daphne du Bois
    She sets out to win a proposal from the wealthy Sir Timothy Stanton while struggling with her guilt over using a good man so poorly.Just when success is in sight, she catches the eye of Jasper Devereaux, the scandalous Marquis of Chestleton, whose own growing fascination with the enigmatic young woman compels him to pursue her at all costs. If he can only win her into his bed, his absurd fascination will surely evaporate!Araminta knows that to be seen in Chestleton’s company could ruin her chances of securing a marriage that will save everything she holds dear. She knows that Chestleton is not the sort of man to take a wife, and with poverty looming, she knows that love is a luxury she cannot afford. When a riding accident forces her to be his unwilling guest at a secluded country house, will her undeniable attraction override her sense of duty? Will a night of passion really be enough for the dastardly lord? And does the strange bitterness she glimpses in his eyes have anything to do with the secrets he is determined to keep close?

A Scarlet Bride

Sylvia McDaniel - 2000
    Her husband disgraced her when he wrongfully accused her of infidelity, and then divorced her. Running from her shattered life, Alexandra spent five years in England vowing never to trust another man again. Now she's returned to Charleston, South Carolina, determined to reclaim her good name. But when she crosses paths with Connor Manning, the devilishly handsome plantation owner, she soon finds herself caught in a compromising position.

My Only Love

Cheryl Holt - 2000
    Having left her with only memories all seemed hopeless. Then one day, by chance, she was reunited with the man who gave her his heart, but not his name.

Captive Bride: Warrior of Her Heart

Andromeda* - 2016
    She was her father's heir and the best warrior in their realm. In the King's desire of wanting the best for his people, he invited the enemy to make peace which shattered her world, forever . Her family was slaughtered, her people put in chains, and their wealth stolen. To put insult on top of injury, Zenobia was taken to be presented as a gift to the high and mighty King Alexander, King of the Spartans. For the sake of her people, she is forced to feed his sexual appetite whenever he commands for her presence. However, Zenobia will never forget that she is warrior Princess of Ethiopia. If Alexander thinks she going to willing lays on her back and spreads her legs, this Spartan has another thing coming.

Longbourn to London

Linda Beutler - 2014
    How did Darcy and Elizabeth manage these travails, and each other?Longbourn to London is not a Pride and Prejudice “what if,” nor is it a sequel. Rather, it is an expansion of the betrothal of Jane Austen’s favorite couple. We follow Lizzy’s journey from spirited maiden scampering about the fields of Hertfordshire to nervous, blushing bride in Mayfair, where she learns the unexpected joys of marriage to a man as willing to be teased as she is to tease him.Join us as IPPY award-winning author Linda Beutler (2013 Silver Medal, Independent Publishers Awards, for The Red Chrysanthemum) imagines the betrothal and early honeymoon of Jane Austen’s greatest couple.Includes mature content.

The Honor Of A Highlander

April Holthaus - 2013
    Raised as a warrior, he has given his heart and soul to fight for Scotland’s freedom, until he meets a lass who has captured his heart like no other, Lady Annella. After a brutal attack on her land, Rory discovers that Annella has been taken prisoner by the English. Now Rory must fight; not only to secure his own clan’s freedom but to save the woman he loves. Annella, the eldest daughter of the MacCallum clan vows to never marry, until the day Rory MacKinnon enters her life and opens her heart. Heading off to war she knew they had no future. After her father offers aid to Laird MacKinnon and his men to help in their campaign, her castle is attacked and her father is killed by the English for treason. Starved and beaten for denying to pledge her allegiance to the English King, Annella has earned her place in the gallows. Her fate now rests in Rory’s hands.Continue the series with:Book Two: Escape to the HighlandsBook Three: Highland Daydreams

Her Unconventional Suitor

Ginny Hartman - 2014
    Claire, the newly minted Earl of Danford, has just returned to England after traveling abroad for the last two years. He fully expects the responsibilities of being an Earl to be heaped upon him when he returns, but what he doesn't expect is that his three childhood friends, Griffin, Marcus, and Warren, will make his re-entrance back into polite society anything but comfortable. Forced by blackmail into accepting a bet from his friends, Benedict is required to dress as an unfashionable half-wit. And while his foolish appearance may certainly amuse them, they are not the ones he is required to impress. Part of the wager entails that he get the lady of their choosing to fall in love with him and become engaged before the season's end, no easy feat to do when the lady of their choosing happens to be a diamond of the first water and the daughter of a duke. Lady Gillian is entranced with her first season in London and flattered by all of the attention she is receiving, but when the unfashionable Lord Danford begins showing interest, she must decide if what is in a man's heart is ultimately more important to her than his outward appearance and reputation. Can she learn to look past society's high standards and judge her unconventional suitor for what he really is on the inside: a man who fascinates her while igniting her with a passion she never knew existed?

The Substitute Bride

Dorothy Mack - 1977
     Can a spirited governess find happiness with an enigmatic viscount? Regency London Having spent a childhood summer with Viscount Giles Weston, Angelica Wayne has never forgotten his kindness. But when he employs her as his daughter’s governess, she finds him cold and formidable. A widower, Giles is engaged to the beautiful but indifferent Lady Barbara Darlington. Darkly cynical, he avoids emotional commitment and wishes to be married in name only. Despite Giles’ attitude, Angelica comes to enjoy his company, and her feelings for him start to rekindle. When Barbara calls off the engagement, Giles asks Angelica to take her place as his bride. And Angelica must decide whether she can marry a man seemingly incapable of returning her affection… What is the reason for Giles’ haughtiness? Can Angelica thaw his frosty exterior? Or are both condemned to a life without love? THE SUBSTITUTE BRIDE is classic Regency romance full of suspense and intrigue.

The Duke and the Dressmaker

Keira Montclair - 2013
    Fighting to survive, she opens a dress shop in London only to become the victim of a vicious blackmailer.Ever since his wife ran off with another man, Philip St. James, the sixth Duke of Brentwood, vows never to fall prey to the conniving female gender again. Imagine his surprise when a chance meeting finds him staring into the beautiful eyes of the widow of his ex-wife’s lover. While he’s able to fight the immediate attraction, his conscience and honor won’t allow him to ignore the fact she is being tormented by an unknown assailant.He promises to protect Lady Downey, but can he guard his heart from the sweet widow?

The Slum Angel

AnneMarie Brear - 2019
    Yet, she is drawn to help the poor families in the slums, much to her family’s disgust. When her uncle dies suddenly, her cousins blame Victoria, and she is thrown out of the house with nothing.Victoria flees to the poor side of York to start again in a world that is full of perils. To combat the heartache of being without her family, she befriends the destitute women and children in the slums, but such friendships come with the danger of disease, and increasing poverty, and the threat of a brutal man could cost her everything.Can Victoria find the security she has lost? Will a certain doctor be the man she can give her heart to? Or will the ghosts of the past return to take away everything she has worked so hard for?

The Edge of Forever

Suzan Tisdale - 2016
    Fate and circumstances lead her to Turin, Italy where she is saved from living in those dark, bleak back alleys by a stranger’s kindness. After becoming the dressmaker to a group of courtesans, she sees the world from a new perspective and makes a decision that will forever change her life. Charles Emmanuel, the heir apparent and Prince of Piedmont was despised by his father. Never meant to be prince or king, Charles’ life and destiny were changed after the death of his older and much favored brother. Call it fate or destiny. Charles and Isabella are brought together. Just as one tiny spark destroyed her life, a spark of desire and passion changes it again. She was more than his courtesan; she was the love of his life. A love story that spanned decades and defied all the odds. But the hatred of one woman – Charles’ wife and queen – threatens to destroy what they have. He will do anything he can to keep Isabella safe; including setting her free.

Hannah's Vow

Pam Crooks - 2002
    But when he dies at the hands of an angry mob, she flees to a monastery to escape the world and her sins.QUINNHe is betrayed by his brother and sentenced to a life in prison. Only the thirst for revenge keeps him alive. He will do anything to escape . . .TOGETHER . . .They must run for their lives to survive their pasts. And in the journey, they find truth . . . and an unlikely love in their hearts.

The Western Novels: Brighter than Gold, Fireblossom, Wildblossom

Cynthia Wright - 2012
    When roguish Jack Adams, an adventurer with a secret, rides into town one sleepy afternoon, Katie’s life is changed forever. FIREBLOSSOM (A Matthews/Hampshire Novel)Fox Matthews, a recent survivor of Little Bighorn, is in no mood for love, but when he meets proper Madeleine Avery in rollicking 1876 Deadwood, South Dakota, passion kindles in spite of the obstacles between them. As cultures collide between new settlers and the Lakota people, Fox and Maddie discover the secrets of their own hearts. WILDBLOSSOM (A Matthews/Sandhurst Novel)“An English Duke and a woman from the Wild West – that’s a combination you just can’t beat!” says author Catherine Coulter. Join impetuous Shelby Matthews, daughter of Fox and Maddie, as she manages the family ranch in Cody, Wyoming and promptly loses half of it in a poker game to dashing Geoffrey Weston, an English nobleman who has come to the West in search of adventure. "Cynthia Wright magically entwines passion and history!" ~ Kathe Robin, ROMANTIC TIMES