Whose Values Do You Value?

John Bytheway - 1993
    Do you sometimes feel like the Lord thought up the commandments just to keep you from having fun and enjoying life? John Bytheway explains how the Lord's guidelines fit into our lives and how they can help us solve our oproblems.

Conquering Your Own Goliaths

Steven A. Cramer - 1988
    And you can claim it beginning now. The well know Bible story of David and Goliath is the back drop that Steven A. Cramer uses to show how we can enlist the aid of the Lord in overcoming any of our problems. In our day, we do not have to face nine-foot giants physically, but often our Goliaths come in the form of spiritual giants that will not yield to a stone or sword.

Holding On: Impulses to Leave and Strategies to Stay

S. Michael Wilcox - 2021

Understanding the Sacred Symbolism of Temple Clothing

Kim Gibbs - 2018

Spiritual Plateaus

Glenn L. Pace - 1991
    Sometimes we stay on one plateau thinking that is all we need to do, but if we can move forward toward the next plateau we would find that there is more to learn and more to do.

The Holy Covenants: Living Our Sacred Temple Promises

Anthony Sweat - 2022

Contentment: Inspiring Insights for LDS Mothers

Maria Covey Cole - 2009
    And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.” —D&C 64:33Caring for small children or keeping track of teenagers often leaves many women struggling to find contentment in their calling as mothers. In this inspirational text, Maria Covey Cole discusses the importance of gaining perspective on motherhood, shunning comparisons with others, and allowing our natures to be changed through the grace of Christ.This beautiful book provides a valuable perspective on the trials and joys of raising a family and the noble calling of motherhood by intertwining heartwarming stories, quotes from prophets and Apostles, and numerous scripture verses.

Lost and Found: Reflections on the Prodigal Son

Robert L. Millet - 2001
    This book contains stirring insights and an exciting message to all of us, whether parents or not. We are all loved by Jesus Christ, infinitely and perfectly.

What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Chieko N. Okazaki - 2008
    Her latest book is filled with evidences of the Savior's unlimited love for us. Chapters on the power of prayer, trusting in the Lord, and the joy of living the gospel invite us to claim the blessings our Savior has in store for us and demonstrate how the Lord gives and gives until we are fuller than we ever would have thought possible.

I saw the Lord: Joseph's First Vision Combines from Nine Accounts

Kerry Muhlestein - 2020
    Yet, because the details of the vision are spread over nine different accounts that vary in emphasis and some finer points, many people do not know all they could about this remarkable and world-changing experience.Kerry Muhlestein, professor of Ancient Scripture at Brigham Young University, presents a faithful, harmonized version of the First Vision story to show how each of the various accounts might share select aspects of the vision yet all be consistent with the actual event experienced by Jospeh Smith. As the Prophet recorded or shared his remarkable vision, he emphasized different details depending on the audience and circumstances at the time. All nine accounts—four firsthand and five secondhand—are combined into one compelling story in this retelling of Joseph Smith's incomparable vision. Also included are the original accounts in their entirety so that readers can feel for themselves the powerful witness of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Strengthen your testimony of this singular, foundational event that would lead to the Restoration of Christ's Church upon the earth.

The Mother's Mite: Why Even Our Smallest Efforts Matter

DeAnne Flynn - 2011
    As mothers, grandmothers, nurturers, and caregivers, we are often tempted to view our ordinary daily contributions as an endless string of undersized tasks, none of which seem worthy of any special consideration. But they are. This collection of small-and-simple moments provides reassurance that although our small offerings may not seem significant at the time, these tiny tributes undeniably make an immeasurable difference to those we love. • Each true story concludes with an unexpected gift, an offering far greater than the act of service. • Includes recipes and ideas to inspire your own "mother's mites." • A perfect Mother's Day gift for women in all stages of life.

Why Isn't God Answering Me?

Gerald N. Lund - 2018

I Like Me Anyway: Embracing Imperfection, Connection & Christ

Brooke Romney - 2020
    Wherever you are on your perfectly imperfect journey, Brook Romney lovingly designed this book to make a difference in your daily life. Relatable real-life stories on every page will remind you of your worth, your power, and the overflowing grace you can access right now. Simple exercises at the end of each chapter give practical ideas for increasing your personal peace. If you have ever felt overwhelmed, underprepared, or out of your league in life, I can't recommend this book enough." -Emily Orton, Author of Seven at Sea

Refuge and Reality: The Blessings of the Temple

John H. Groberg - 2012

Happiness, Finders' Keepers

Mary Ellen Edmunds - 1999
    What is it, and where can it be found? Is it an ideal to be hoped for in the next life, or a reality to be sought here and now? "To me there was never a time when we had a greater need for happiness and for the peace, contentment, serenity, hope, gratitude, and joy that are part of it," writes Mary Ellen Edmunds. In Happiness: Finders, Keepers, she offers a wealth of practical, cheery, spirit-filled suggestions for living a happier life. Since our Father in Heaven's plan is "the great plan of happiness," and since one of the reasons for our very existence is that we "might have joy" (2 Nephi 2:25), it's clear that we're meant to be happy right now, here, today! We can do so, even in the midst of trials, if we understand the true nature of this heavenly gift. "I am convinced that even with the heavy burdens, the awful injustices, and the tragedies in the world, there is happiness all around us," writes the author. "We must be the finders and the keepers — those who are aware of and who cherish this holy, abundant blessing." Overcoming stress, maintaining a sense of humor, remembering our blessings, feeling gratitude — these are just some of the paths to happiness discussed in this delightful book. Warm personal stories and solid insights from the scriptures and the words of Church leaders help shape our perspective. The message is one of hope: There are things we can do and feel that will make us almost instantly happier. As Mary Ellen says: "May we remember that we already chose the great plan of happiness, but we need to choose it again, hour after hour and day after day, through all our earthly experiences. . . . If we will, we can live happily ever after!"