The Territory

Jack L. Knapp - 2019
    The Apache Indians were apt to bolt from the reservation at any time and murders were commonplace. Every man went armed and bad whiskey was common, as was over-indulgence; in New Mexico, fights that might have involved fists in other times and places involved guns, and often enough the fight left one or more dead by the time it was over. Corruption was the norm. The Santa Fe Ring, an alliance of crooked lawyers, politicians, and land speculators, controlled the courts. Cattle theft, ‘rustling’, was for many a way of life. But it was a way of life that threatened the survival of the honest ranchers and herdsmen of the time. It was little wonder that the rustler often ended his life at the end of a rope! Liam Clancy, Irish immigrant and recently-discharged veteran of the Union Army, had lost his young wife and unborn child to cholera. Grieving, he sold his homestead and headed west. More by accident than design, he ended up in Lincoln County, New Mexico Territory. Crooked sheriffs and corrupt politicians, beware! This is as far as he will go. He will fight to protect himself, his property, and the young woman he intends to make his bride!

The Keyhole House

Elayne Kull - 2015
    She'd thought her dreams had come true when her favorite house in town, one she had named the Keyhole House as a child, was up for sale. The same day that Ashley and Saia move in, they realize that they may have purchased more than just an empty house. As strange happenings begin to occur, Ashley learns that a tragedy from Cypress Falls' past had much more to it than she'd heard.A tragic tale unfolds as mother and daughter learn more about the house and its former inhabitants. Ashley's former high school sweetheart-turned-teacher teams up with Ashley, Saia and Saia's new friend Holly to right a tremendous wrong committed more than 20 years ago. Can they settle troubled spirits, bring the guilty to justice and make the house the perfect place for mother and daughter to start over or will the Keyhole House remain haunted by the memories of its past?


Mark Eller - 2009
    Two worlds. Last Chance. On the edge of a far frontier rests a place of gentle manners and common civility--Last Chance. Threats of war change all of that. A hero is needed. A Savior. Meet Aaron Turner, the unassuming man who runs the Last Chance General Store. He may not be all that they hoped for. The Turner Chronicles - Traitor - Betrayed - Pawn - Crusade

We Will Build / It's Hell to Choose / Release the Dogs of War / Sued for Peace / We Have Contact / My Ride is a Bitch / Don't Cross this Line

Michael Anderle - 2018
    While the massive amount of data Bethany Anne’s team was throwing at him was more than enough to assuage his curiosity, he had never felt this way in the last one hundred and fifty-two years.He wanted a vacation.He pulled the top manila-folder and took a look at the name, “Clarissa Bernier, CEO.” He opened the folder, and it was now in the agreed upon fashion. There was one page with her typical information of name, age, location, and a two paragraph background and the requested punishment. It was a type of joke now between Barnabas and Bethany Anne. No matter the requested punishment, she would strike it out and write “DEATH” and put a happy face on, with fangs.It let him know that she was not letting up on her desire to make a lot of people pay for Michael’s death. Sued for Peace Greed and Fear, two emotions that rule both individuals...and Countries.Now, China has decided that they will do whatever it takes to acquire TQB technology.There was a glaring flaw in their plan. When they kill an unborn little baby in a raid, the Queen Bitch is Released.Now, China has two options...Kill Bethany Anne, or Sue For Peace. We Have Contact When you least expect it, expect it.Bethany Anne has been notified there is a spaceship inside the system...but they can't find it. Is it Kurtherian, someone else? The governments have to be told about aliens, which sparks a worldwide effort by Governments to find what TQB has... My Ride is a Bitch It's out there, it's always been out there - just no one believed it.Governments, Black Ops, Rich Businessmen...All want alien tech and some are going to great lengths, illegal lengths, to procure it. Someone went so far as to endanger a young girls family.  A young girl who wrote a letter to the Queen Bitch. Now, those that are searching for the technology will have to deal with TQB.  If there is one thing that will get Bethany Anne's attention...

Her Cowboy Bear

Meg Ripley - 2021
    A very real danger.JesseBeing in charge of the horses on the Crawford Ranch has its perks.My favorite? Having my pick of the female visitors looking for a ride.I’m not tied down to a mate, so every day’s an adventure.Until my parents throw a wrench into my wild bachelor life.They’re selling the family farm that was supposed to be passed down to me—Unless I can show them I’m finally ready to settle down with a mate.I’m not ready for all that, but they don’t need to know.I’ve got a plan up my sleeve, and it involves the new blue-eyed beauty in town.We both need fake mates.The only problem? My bear isn’t convinced our little game is fake at all.AspenAfter leaving my abusive ex for dead, I needed to get out of Colorado. Fast.I escaped to Wyoming, hoping to start anew.But my genius idea didn’t go as planned.The jerk survived, and now he’s on my trail.So when a cocky cowboy asks if I’ll pretend to be his mate, I’m all in.I’m not looking for a rebound, only a cover.Even if that slow smile of his has my bear doing cartwheels.Hell, I know he’s my mate, but why did I have to find him now?Especially when I’m carrying something from my past that could turn our lives upside down. Steamy shifter love scenes and an HEA inside! No cheating or cliffhanger in this standalone romance. Readers 18+.

Alison Brownstone Omnibus #1

Judith Berens - 2020
    And for Alison Brownstone that’s both a blessing and a curse.But it’s time for her to step out of her dad’s shadow and make a new name for herself. On Her Own: What’s the harm in taking a break from protecting the city for one date? Alison is about to find out…Bounty hunter license in hand and attitude in place, Alison is ready to house-train the city’s malevolent magicals.But even a Brownstone needs a little downtime! Courting can be tricky when you’re busy taking out the neighborhood trash and facing off assassination attempts by power-armored goons. My Name is Alison: What’s stronger than magic itself? A Brownstone with a mission.Brownstone Security continues cleansing Seattle’s magical mobster underbelly while Alison draws strength from her trusted circle as she fights off the virus draining her powers.She uncovers the smuggling of magical pets and the harmful side effects of testing savage spells on humans and still has time to chase down her enemies.It’s dirty, dangerous work and leaves her friends the targets of vicious attacks. The Family Business: The Bitch is back. Alison’s powers are restored, and her magic is sizzling Dark Wizards gather in Seattle for a meeting. Alison isn't about to let them set up business in her town.Her friends have her back, even if one of them may be a traitor. The Brownstone Effect: When you want an Angel, call God. When you want someone to kick ass… Call a Brownstone.Alison and her team are looking to expand Brownstone Security. Good timing, too, as it sounds like something is brewing.An unexpected phone call sends Alison to D.C. where she meets up with an old friend.Danger follows this Brownstone, but it isn’t prepared for her counter. The Dark Princess: When a Power Broker is threatened, she knows who to call… a Brownstone.Alison and her team have to travel across the world to protect Abigail Wilson, CEO of Aeternum, as she negotiates for mining rights of a mysterious crystal. The simple escort mission turns deadly. They aren’t the only ones interested in the crystal’s power.

Prairie Justice (The Bounty Hunter Book 3)

G. Michael Hopf - 2018
    Oscar Milke and other settlers are rejoicing in the land they’ve claimed and have plans for its future. However, they soon discover that it’s occupied by two outlaw brothers who declare the land theirs. The dispute sets in motion a violent series of events that will end in a deadly clash.

World's Worst Day Ever: A Kurtherian Gambit Supplement

Craig Martelle - 2017
    Plausible. Scary in its simplicity. Horrible in its effect. Set in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe, this story explains how a few mistakes can have grave consequences. Unfortunately, the technology in the following short story is real. Yes, this could happen. Dammit. Who wants to really dwell on these things? This story was written by Craig Martelle, based on the original WWDE Document as authored by Jeff Morris. Otherwise, I would label this, "CrapI don't want to ever, ever, ever think about."

Cast Down World (Book 1)

James Haddock - 2020
    Even a glancing blow would be catastrophic. Earth's governments and militaries united to try to shift Wormwood's path. Earth launched every nuclear missile she had and succeeded in changing its path, just enough to miss her surface. In doing so, shards from the asteroid, caused by the nuclear blasts, struck the earth. In those shards were spores that caused a change in all forms of life. Wormwood also changed Earth's magnetic field, affecting weather patterns and causing earthquakes and tidal waves.The devastation caused society's collapse. Only the strongest survived the Great Dying. In the years that followed, mutations began to appear in animals and people. It was a time of lawlessness, where the only law was the one you could enforce. Cities and larger towns became walled city-forts. Some chose to live outside the city-forts as ranchers, farmers, and scavengers. They enforced the law with violence, and the law of the old west returned. Out of this came the Peacekeepers, modeled after the legendary Texas Rangers. They were empowered by the city-forts to be judge, jury, and executioner. They were a group of hard men: hated, feared, and respected.This is the story of Price—a human mutation, raised in the frontier wilderness—who becomes a PK Scout.

Blue Water Woman (The Nations Book 7)

Ken Farmer - 2016
    Miller, former Deputy US Marshal turned bounty hunter—she doesn't backwater to any man. Fiona Mae and her partner, Deputy US Marshal Brushy Bill Roberts are on a suspense filled encounter peppered with old west Indian mysticism, shapeshifters, Spanish gold, and outlaws on the scout in Blue Water Woman. In a country and lifestyle normally reserved for men, Fiona Miller is a special breed of woman. She's rattlesnake fast, an expert shot…with either hand…can ride anything with hair on it and doesn't tolerate injustice or rudeness anywhere or from anyone. Who is she after now? Who is the Blue Water Woman?


Loki Renard - 2020
    I was created in solitary darkness.Made by medical scientists, I am not a person.Not until he finds me.They keep me caged.They say I’m too far gone,But Doctor Ares thinks I can be saved.He will wrest humanity from the animal I’ve become.He will train me to be civilized.He will unleash my deepest desires, and then he will tame them.I will be his.Forever.FREAK is a standalone dark romance.

Iron Edge

P.S. Power - 2016
     George Elder is a man torn between two worlds. In one, he’s a hard-working auto mechanic and wounded war veteran with a mysterious past. In the other he’s a young Weapons Master, just starting out in life. The problem is that he doesn’t know which is real. If either of them actually is. Regardless, if his home in either world is going to survive, George is going to have to become something that he’s never tried to be in either life. A hero.

Bride to the Beast

Samantha Madisen - 2019
    Despite her best efforts, however, her escape attempt fails and she quickly finds herself held in place over his strong thighs as her bare bottom is thoroughly spanked.Thanred's plans for Royla include much more than merely using her to keep his lust at bay. She will be his mate and bear his children. But to end his exile and take back his place among his people he will need to master his little human completely, claiming her publicly in even the most shameful of ways and leaving every potential rival in no doubt that she is his and his alone.Publisher's Note: Bride to the Beast includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.


Robert Black - 2012
    The human and animal populations were decimated within months. The developed nations of the world each blamed one another for releasing a bio-weapon, either out of malice or incompetence. In 2035, the world saw its first nuclear war.The decade that followed saw the human race desperately trying to survive. A new generation inherited a world poisoned by nuclear and chemical weapons. Only with the aid of automatons - highly advanced robotic laborers - was mankind able to recover and begin to rebuild.However, the automatons were not perfect. For years malfunctions had become more and more common. Units would shut down, or exhibit unusual behavior. In rare cases, automatons might endanger human life. And while some of these cases could be attributed to tampering or sabotage, the cause behind the vast majority remained a mystery.In 2074, the City-State of Chicago in cooperation with The Company - which produced most of the world's automatons - authorized the formation of "Wrecking Crews." Part cop, part garbage man, the Wreckers would be responsible for dealing with the aberrant machines, and investigating the cause of their malfunctions.Among the Wreckers, an automaton that attacks a human is referred to as "Bad Metal".Wrecked is the story of Gibson, a young man down on his luck. With no job, no prospects, and little hope, things seem grim for Gibson. But when the automaton landlord that runs Gibson's apartment complex begins murdering the tenants, Gibson's fortunes take a surprising turn...

The Ethereal Vision

Liam Donnelly - 2014
    The only significant thing that she connects them to is a devastating accident that occurred in her childhood. Amidst the stirrings of an approaching danger she cannot articulate, a distantly remembered spectre from her past — a non-human entity by the name of Max — returns with a warning: a dangerous man is pursuing her. Now, the walls she had so carefully erected around her psychic abilities begin to crumble as she is forced to defend herself against this new intruder.