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Coppelion Vol. 25 by Tomonori Inoue


The Unpaid Intern

Patrick Hurd - 2015
    But unknown to her, the program was on its last leg, and a working sample needed to be shown soon or the funding would dry-up. So the head of the program did what any mad scientist would do in such a situation… used his unpaid intern, Katie, as his guinea pig; tricking her into unknowingly ingesting several mass-producing, self-sufficient, self-powering nanites. After successfully forming a physical and psychological bond with the nanites, and becoming the corporation’s most valuable asset, Katie found herself the subject of brutal, inhuman testing. But now, to escape, Katie will have to rely on the nanites’ vast database of knowledge and uncanny adaptive abilities, along with the advanced strength and speed gifted her by their inclusion into her system.

Reforged (Bolt Eaters Trilogy Book 2)

Isaac Hooke - 2018
    Trapped on an alien world. Struggling to survive. The mission was supposed to be easy. Travel to an alien world on the far side of the galaxy, do some recon, go home. But the operation proved tougher than expected. A whole lot tougher. Eric and the Bolt Eaters have been taken prisoner by a former member of their platoon, a Mind Refurb who has sold out Earth to the aliens. Normally, Eric and the platoon members wouldn't stand for such a blatant act of betrayal. It's just too bad they're all restrained aboard an otherworldly transport and scheduled for immediate disassembly. Some days it really sucks to be a human-machine hybrid.

Alien Abduction

Irving Belateche - 2016
    Captivating and entertaining. If Breaking Bad were a science fiction novel, it would be Alien Abduction... A fresh and original science fiction story. (An) irresistible mix of smart plotting, great characters, and compelling twists." -- Must Read Novels Review Eddie Hart couldn't have lost his job at a worse time. His family has been hit with a medical emergency and his son's and daughter's college tuition is looming over him. He's broke, too old to start over, and desperate--until he discovers an unexpected solution to his troubles. An extraterrestrial solution.

Ghost (The Exigency Chronicles Book 2)

Terry Schott - 2020

ZAP Agent Mathis

C.R. Daems - 2015
    Of course it did fit a pattern of not being able to decide what she wanted to do with her life since grammar school. In college she had tried a variety of subjects, played sports, and partied, excelling at each, but she had graduated as undecided as she had been in grammar school. And the Ad, interview, and current speaker made the training sound like hard work and the job dangerous. But they had dangled two worms in front of her: the chance to see the lives of the rich and powerful up close and to protect important people. And she could quit if she decided it wasn’t what she was looking for—whatever that was. To everyone’s astonishment, can't-make-up-her-mind and party-girl Kate Mathis survives the training, makes agent, enjoys her job, and finds something she loves—outmaneuvering the terrorists.

The Irish Brigade: A Fallen Empire Novel

J.F. Holmes - 2020

Rescue on Gimhae: Stories of the Orphan Corps 1

Earl T. Roske - 2018
    Comfort. Defend. There is no love lost between the Radial Marines and the Hospitaller Orphan Corps. So, when Sergeant Seavers learns a platoon of Marines will be tagging along for the drop down to the surface of Gimhae, he’s certain this will doom his chances at officer candidate training.As if that wasn’t enough for one mission, the colonists on Gimhae are acting skittish and uncharacteristically rude. Sgt Seavers isn’t used to this kind of behavior. Not from people his team of Hospitallers has come to save from the terraflu.Something’s amiss. Sgt Seavers can feel it. And it may have something to do with the smuggler ships hiding over the next hill.Rescue on Gimhae is the first book in the Stories of the Orphan Corps series. It is also a standalone story in the Hospitaller universe. There is no required sequence to the books in the Stories of the Orphan Corps series. Be the first on deck to experience the beginning of the adventures with the Orphan Corps. Buy it now!

Gantz Omnibus Volume 4

Hiroya Oku - 2019
    Visually spectacular, shockingly violent, and singularly horrifying, Gantz is a relentless fever dream of consummate skill and fiendish imagination. This value-priced omnibus collection features 680 pages of havoc and horror!Kei Kurono's work as a Gantz alien fighter is a hellish nightmare, but his life as a high-school student is looking up, with a new ladylove opening his heart. But when his beloved is threatened by a Gantz-obsessed schoolmate on a shooting rampage, Kei must face the murderous student without his Gantz suit for protection!Collects Gantz individual volumes 10, 11, and 12.

MegaMan NT Warrior, Vol. 6

Ryo Takamisaki - 2005
    But living in cyberspace isn't always fun and games. High-tech crimes and pesky viruses are always a big problem for the authorities. Thank gookness for MegaMan and his NetOperator, Lan Hikari. Together, they do their best to keep their hometown safe from being permanently deleted.But now a strange and dark aura has surrounded all of DenTech City. The Dark Forces have arrived and they're making a bid to destroy the brick-and-mortar megalopolis. Just when things look their worst, MegaMan suddenly and unexplainably appears. What the heck is going on?! Everyone knows the Net Warrior can't exist in the real world. Has MegaMan's network transmission gone completely phooey?

Op File Revenge

J. Clifton Slater - 2018
    Skilled. Dangerous. Some of the words used to describe Master Sergeant Diosa Alberich of the Galactic Council Marine Corps. Her call sign: Warlock. As one of the toughest and most-accomplished Striker Team Leaders in the Corps, Warlock has had her share of victories...and failures. And now, with her old team in shambles, she moves on to advanced Phase V training and a new team, ready and anxious for action. But right out of the gate things go wrong. Pirates have attacked a tramp steamer mother-ship, something they should have no interest in. But these guys are determined, and along the way Warlock is injured. An event that will change her life forever. Now equipped with a sophisticated, neural-linked bionic eye, the device is more than just a way to see. It's the most-advanced sensor array around, giving Warlock seemingly super-human abilities. And in her line of work, super abilities always come in handy. But when the powers-that-be decide Warlock is a risk, more than an advantage, she finds herself fighting not only the enemy, but her own people, determined to keep this new super-weapon under their ultimate control. Despite the forces allied against her, Warlock follows a higher calling, and sets out to save one of the most vital assets the Realm has against the Empress and her deadly forces...if it doesn't kill her in the process. Call Sign Warlock, Op File Revenge is military science fiction at its best. Full of action and adventure in a universe of exotic worlds, alien beings and heroic figures. And this figure isn't only smart, skilled and dangerous, she's also up for the challenge. Call Sign Warlock, Op File Revenge is set in author J. Clifton Slater's Galactic Council Realm universe. Warning: There is no magic or fantasy in the novel, just good old-fashioned Space Marine adventure. Pick up your copy of Call Sign Warlock, Op File Revenge today. Other novels by J. Clifton Slater: Space Opera, Galactic Council Realm series: On Station, On Duty, On Guard & On Point Historical Fiction, Clay Warriors Stories series Clay Legionary, Spilled Blood, Bloody Water, Reluctant Siege, & Brutal Diplomacy

Lockheed Elite

Tyler Wandschneider - 2017
    Now Anders must decide quickly—stay and fight or cut cables and run.Either way, it’s too late. Someone has other plans for them. The trap has been set, they’ve rescued the woman and taken the bait, and before long Anders and what’s left of his dwindling crew must navigate with caution through the grips of the military and an especially vile outlaw.But Anders doesn’t captain just another team flying the black. With a genius mechanic who uses his ragtag high-tech machine shop to aid them in getting in and out of trouble, they’ve earned a reputation as the best of the best. With Anders’s careful planning, this motley crew must band together and flip the military to use them on a monster heist and dig themselves out from the heat pressing in from both sides of the law.Fly with them. They are clever, they are fierce, they are Lockheed Elite.

The Trench

Paul Mannering - 2017
     Marine Biolgist Michael Armitage is recruited to investigate an emergency at a secret military research facility, deep in the Kermadec Trench, 18,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. Now trapped with a squad of Marines and the few survivors, they must fight to survive and discover the terrifying secret that lurks in the darkness of The Trench.

The Fall

K.M. Fawkes - 2021
    Trying to live the straight life as a journalist, a relapse to her former hacker lifestyle uncovers some harrowing news; an international death cult is planning to release a nerve gas worldwide, killing the entire population. And they’re going to do it soon.When you know you’re right, and everyone else is wrong.With the government, security services and media all unwilling to believe a lone, female computer hacker with a record, Michelle doesn’t know who else to turn to. Forlorn, she decides to find shelter. Her uncle, a doomsday prepper, seems to have the perfect solution: Michelle should join him and some select friends underground, and wait out the apocalypse…When the only way to survive is to bunker down.As the world comes to a shuddering death rattle above ground, tensions fray below ground, and Michelle’s unstable uncle seems to be losing the plot. Prepared for the worst, but unable to handle the reality, a series of violent escalations means Michelle has to risk it all; she has to go above ground.When the time comes to climb above the surface, and survive…

Wilson's War

T.S. Paul - 2016
     Athena Lee's Quirky AI. Wilson has his origin story revealed at long last. Discover why he wants a Cat. Ever wonder why Hannibal Lee is afraid of the Farm? Meet lots of new characters and visit a few of our friends. Follow Wilson's adventures as he has fun at the expense of others. Taking advantage of Humans is too easy. Plotting Galaxy Domination is more fun. Prepare to Get down and Get Funky as the Hits just keep on coming!


Nathan Lee Green
    When a terrorist attack rocks a quiet outer ring mining colony, Aera Maccarin decides to leave her career and her world behind to follow in her parents' footsteps and try to become a Greysuit, one of the most powerful—and illegal—super soldiers in the Coz.Attempting to stop the terrorists before they develop their own Greysuit soldiers, Aera joins a handful of other candidates on a dead end world under the supervision of a crusty veteran, his quiet but strict colleague, and a slightly off kilter biotechnician.Can Aera come to terms with the family legacy that haunts her and survive training, Greysuit fusion, and enemies popping up on every side? Will she make the sacrifices required to change the universe and become the hero it needs?