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A Place To Belong by Victoria Summer


Snapp vs. Snapp: A Blood Hounds Novel (The Blood Hounds Book 4)

Ron Schwab - 2021

The Gruff Cowboy's Triple Baby Trouble

Emma Morgan - 2019
    Now he has three women who’ve traveled to marry him, and he has to decide which is the best for him, and for his young family. But who is the best choice? Sweet Emma Roberson, a fine cook who has come looking for love, or the proud Aggie Hamilton, who can organize a household and tend to the books? Or Margaret Mitchell, who lost her husband recently and is desperately seeking a family to care for? It takes a brush with death for the choice to become clear, and for each heart to find its place.

Santa Fe Brides and the Rescued Animals: 3 Book Box Set (Santa Fe Brides Volume 1)

Indiana Wake - 2018
    Can an old Indian and animals in need of rescue heal hearts and secure futures? Find out in this Special 3 Book Set of sweet and inspirational historical romances. Book 1 A Kitten to Help her Trust Again. Emma’s heart was broken by a man she trusted, one she always believed she would marry. That was until she walked past the church to see him in the arms of his new bride. Hearing about a group of women looking for husbands and leaving for Santa-Fe she goes with them. A new place, a new start is what she needs. Only it's hard to trust again and she is pushing men away. Can she ever get over her heartbreak? One day she finds a kitten in pain. She goes to John Blackwolf, the Native American man who runs an animal rescue center. While there, she bumps into Robson Metcalfe, the local sheriff who is looking into attacks on the center. When a fire breaks out will all be lost? Book 2 The Dog, the Marshal, and the Groom. Losing her husband was heartbreaking for Paula. When a man starts to pressure her into marriage she heads west for a new life. To keep herself busy she has been helping at the animal center and loves the dogs. One day while walking her dog she comes across trouble and stumbles across a marshal. Once he has arrested the man he is chasing she recognizes that it is Tony, her friend’s brother and the man she had a crush on before her marriage. When the man who was pursuing her arrives in town things get complicated. Can a dog without a home help her find love and a new home for herself? Book 3 The Lawyers Bride Simone lost both her parents and became homeless. She has always been told what she can do and she is looking for freedom as well as a husband. She has her eye on a rancher but she doesn’t know how to ride and asks John for a horse to practice. Mark is the local lawyer and he is intrigued with Simone. He offers to give her riding lessons and the two become very close. Soon he understands what is driving her. She craves the freedom to make her own decisions. Even though he believes she is making the wrong one, the rancher is not a nice man, he knows he must step back and let her make it her own decision. Will Simone make the right decision or will she be blinded by charm and fall for the wrong man? Find out in this 3 book box set of sweet and inspirational historical western romances by bestselling authors Indiana Wake and Belle Fiffer. These books are sweet and inspirational and are suitable for all ages.

Yuma Prison: A Western Adventure (Marshal Jack Black Book 6)

Ash Lingam - 2019
    Deputy Marshal Harold Stampede. But the outlaw has managed to break out and take a dozen hardened convicts with him as they sweep a path of violence across Southern Arizona. The leader of the gang has sworn an oath to kill the deputy marshal for shooting dead his partner, Jimmy So-Fast. And Marshal One-Eyed Jack Black intends to do whatever he can to stop him and protect the citizens of Cochise County – all this, while an unsuspecting killer is on the loose in Peirce City during the lawmen’s absence.

A Mother for her Birthday (Mail Order Brides of Arkansas)

Susannah Calloway - 2020


Sandra Cox - 2019
    Still reeling from the loss of his sister, he receives another shock when his childhood friend Randa Lockhart steps off the stage with his niece Kallie. He’s stunned to see that the little pigtailed nuisance that tagged after him, and his best friend, years ago has turned into a beautiful young woman. Randa and Kallie have barely settled in when Coop finds buffalo hunter Marvin Doolin beating the local blacksmith within an inch of his life for laming his horse. Coop steps in and when the buffalo hunter tries to kill him, shoots him. Now Doolin’s four brothers are out to even the score. When they go after Randa, they cross the line. They’re about to find out that’s there’s nothing Coop won’t do, and no one he won’t track down to protect the two females that have burrowed hard and fast into his heart.

Pregnant Mail Order Bride And Her Troubled Rancher (A Western Historical Romance Book) (Evergreen Frontier)

Florence Linnington - 2020

The Fourth Horseman (Sage Country)

Dan Arnold - 2018
    After Texas won its independence, the Mexican people left stranded on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande continue to live as they have for centuries. Not even the Civil War and Reconstruction have changed their way of life. Politics and greed are about to put an end to all that, even if it means murder. Outraged at being treated like second class citizens, the Mexican people have a different outcome in mind. They outnumber the Anglo population by ten to one. If they are to be treated like dogs, it's time for the dogs to bite. As blood flows on both sides of the conflict, an undercover Texas Ranger is sent into El Paso County to investigate. In a region where life is cheap and crime and corruption are as common as dirt, can one man find a just solution and prevent a war, or will death and hell ride into the borderlands on a pale horse? The Fourth Horseman is another great book for fans of Dan Arnold’s Historical Fiction. The story is based on one of the worst chapters in the history of Texas, the San Elizario Salt War. Fans of Louis L’ Amour will love this Western which may also remind them of Robert B. Parker or Elmore Leonard, with a touch of Cormac McCarthy for good measure.

No Rescue for the Traitor

Derek Levine - 2021
    His perfect little life is disrupted though when Curley, his business partner, goes missing while on a buffalo-hunting expedition. Benedict is not the kind of man to give up on his friend. He’s determined to find him and bring him home safe. There’s another problem, however; Curley's sister is dead set on coming along to search for her brother. Benedict admired Hallie’s feisty personality, even though she’d always been out of bounds for him. Now, in close quarters as they go on the dangerous hunt together, can he resist the soft spot he’s always had for her?Hallie lost her parents suddenly a few years back. Since then, she’s been very protective of her brother, the only family she has left. When Curley goes missing, there is no way she will let this pass without a fight. When she discovers to her horror that the vicious Pablo Javier gang is behind this, she knows there’s no time to waste and that she should act immediately. If she has to put up with Benedict for a few days in order to save her brother… so be it. Yet, Hallie has always liked Benedict, more than she’d care to admit. Can she put her pride aside and convince Benedict that she is the competent and skillful comrade that should join him on this perilous quest?As Benedict and Hallie embark on their journey together, they’ll soon find that their quest was never what they thought it would be. What started as a rescue mission ends up becoming an escape plan to save their own lives. With shots fired, and a gang that even has corrupt sheriffs on their side, will Benedict and Hallie manage to help each other out? How will they ever manage to survive when they realize that they're not the ones on the hunt after all, but those being hunted?A pulse-pounding drama, which will make you turn the pages with bated breath until the very last word. A must-read for fans of Western action and romance."No Rescue for the Traitor" is a historical adventure novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cliffhangers, only pure unadulterated action.

Boone's Bride

Christy Chapel - 2014
    Life was going Boone’s way almost perfectly lately: he had plenty of healthy cattle, loyal and hardworking ranch hands, and he was able to work day in and day out with his younger brother, Bryce, by his side. His cowboy dream had come true and he wanted nothing, not even a woman, to alter the state of things. So when a terrified and enchantingly beautiful woman stumbles onto his ranch and begs him to bring her to safety, Boone does what is right and bravely defends her from a posse of brutes. Boone assumes he can help the poor woman and be done with the whole inconvenience in the same night, but try as he might, he can’t deny that Ally Winters has already found a way into his heart. Will Boone’s stubbornness and painful past demand that he stick to his simple life and avoid change? Or will Ally Winters spin his world upside down and show Boone what life and love are really about? Please enjoy Boone’s Bride, a sweet, clean, historical western romance.

They Called Him Cav: Reloaded

William Coury - 2014
    He has long since passed away, but his book remains, gathering dust on my shelf when it should have been entertaining good folks like you. So here it is at last: a western with heart written on an old manual typewriter. The story takes place in the badlands of West Texas (where he lived), and is chock-full of all the sprawling drama, heartache, triumph, tragedy, and gun-slinging grit one could desire. The cover of the book is adapted from an oil painting brushed by our father back in 77—one of many. I remember it hanging on the wall when I was a kid. I believe it was his favorite, so thought it only fitting that it be the cover. Now, finally, after all these years, our dad will get the recognition he deserves for both his writing and his painting. I sure hope he can see what's going on down here, 'cause I know it would make him smile. So take a deep breath, and let the troubles of the modern world slip away as you journey back to a simpler time (two simpler times, actually), the old west, and the 1940's....

The Shepherd's Heart Series: A Boxed Set Book Bundle Collection Volumes 1-4

Lynnette Bonner - 2016
     This set includes all four books in The Shepherd's Heart series! 1. Rocky Mountain Oasis: Brooke Baker, sold as a mail-order bride, looks to her future with dread but firm resolve. If she survived Uncle Jackson, she can survive anyone. When Sky Jordan hears that his nefarious cousin has sent for a mail-order bride, he knows he has to prevent the marriage. No woman deserves to be left to that fate. Still, he’s as surprised as anyone to find himself standing next to her before the minister. Brooke’s new husband turns out to be kinder than any man has ever been. But then the unthinkable happens and she holds the key that might save innocent lives but destroy Sky all in one fell swoop. It’s a choice too unbearable to contemplate…but a choice that must be made. 2. High Desert Haven: When her husband dies in a mysterious riding accident, Nicki Trent is left with a toddler and a rundown ranch. Determined to bring her ranch back from the brink of death, Nicki hires handsome Jason Jordan to help. But when William, her neighbor, starts pressing for her hand in marriage, the bank calls in a loan she didn’t even know about, bullets start flying, and a burlap dummy with a knife in its chest shows up on her doorstep, Nicki wonders if this ranch is worth all the trouble. To make matters worse, terrible things keep happening to her neighbors. When her friend’s homestead is burned to the ground and William lays the blame at Jason’s feet, Nicki wonders how well she knows her new hand…and her own heart. 3. Fair Valley Refuge: Victoria Snyder, adopted when she was only days old, pastes on a smile for her mama’s wedding day, but inside she’s all atremble. Lawman Rocky Jordan is back home. And this time he’s got a bullet hole in his shoulder and enough audacity to come calling. Since tragedy seems to strike those she cares for with uncanny frequency, she wants nothing to do with a man who could be killed in the line of duty like her father. But when an orphan-train arrives at the Salem depot, Victoria is irresistibly drawn toward the three remaining “unlovable” children…and stunned by a proposal that will change all of their lives forever. Can she risk her heart, and her future happiness, on someone she might lose at a moment’s notice? 4. Spring Meadow Sanctuary: Heart pounding in shock, Sharyah Jordan gapes at the outlaw staring down the barrel of his gun at her. Cascade Bennett shattered her dreams only last summer, and now he plans to kidnap her and haul her into the wilderness with a bunch of outlaws…for her own protection? She’d rather be locked in her classroom for a whole week with Brandon McBride and his arsenal of tricks, and that was saying something. Cade Bennett’s heart nearly drops to his toes when he sees Sharyah standing by the desk. Sharyah Jordan was not supposed to be here. Blast if he didn’t hate complications, and Sharyah with her alluring brown eyes and silky blond hair was a walking, talking personification of complication. Now was probably not the time to tell her he’d made a huge mistake last summer…. Other historical Christian romance novels by bestselling author, Lynnette Bonner! The Wyldhaven Series – Christian Historical W

The Seven Sisters of Oakwood Box Set

Terri Grace - 2019
    Burdened with the task of getting these beloved, bright but stubborn young girls married to suitable husbands, Osborne enlists the help of Molly White of the Cozy Bridal Agency to aid his cause – with surprising consequences! Read the complete joy filled series in this beautiful bargain boxset - the complete saga! Includes every book in the series... Secrets of The Past: The Story Of Matilda Wilde And Jeremiah Sherman To Catch A Bride: The Story of Lilith Wilde and Andrew Bellinger Beloved Rescuer: The Story of Holly Rose Wilde and Michael Fairway Doctor of Her Heart: The Story of Jasmine Belle Wilde and Randolph Green Beyond The Scars: The Story of Daisy Wilde and Phillip Bright Make Way for Love: The Story of Poppy Wilde and Lawrence Cleaver Run For Your Love: The Story of Alyssa Wilde and Samuel Tapper True Riches: The Story of Iris Wilde and Kevin Rothchild Love in the Wilde: The Story of Osborne Wilde and Tabitha Flanders If you love clean and wholesome Mail Order Bride stories and family sagas that warm the soul, you will love The Seven Sisters of Oakwood

The Ranchman

Charles Alden Seltzer
    You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

On the Trail of a Vicious Killer

Ethan Westfield - 2019
    When the Arapaho mine collapses, a series of tragic events are to follow: murdered bodies of locals are identified in the woods, as well as downtown. Jack will attempt to solve the riddle of the sudden deaths, while he'll be confronted with an impossible dilemma: Is it a creature that should be blamed for the mysterious losses, or is there another evil force that is threatening the town?Laura Allsop had just moved to Griswold along with her husband, when he tragically died in the mine cave-in. Although they got married for companionship and she was never genuinely enamoured with him, Laura is deeply traumatized by his bitter end. Despite the fatal start of her new life in Griswold, she will not give up. She is determined to stay, and run a small kitchen in order to make her living. Will she finally manage to overcome the sorrowful events of the past and build a better future? A thrilling story full of adventure, mystery and romance, where the expected becomes the unexpected. How will Jack and Laura trace the dangerous menace, so that the cursed town doesn't face another horrific loss?