The Littlest Train

Chris Gall - 2017
    Mighty Max, Chloe Cogs, Sara Speedster, and Farley Freighter can reach all the best sights, lickety-split. But when the day is done and the sun goes down, will the littlest train find his way home? Calling all train lovers: All aboard!

Night Train, Night Train

Robert Burleigh - 2018
    Largely painted in black and white, breathtaking illustrations feature pops of color as the train continues its trip until the full-color spectrum appears as dawn breaks and passengers arrive at the station. A nostalgic and innovative choice for readers fascinated by trains.

The Rain Train

Elena de Roo - 2011
    . . "All aboard the Rain Train!" What child wouldn’t like to hop on a train, hand over his ticket, and set off on an exciting ride through a rainy night? Safe from the elements, a young boy listens and watches— in his seat, in the dining car, and snug in his sleeper— as his train whooshes past city lights, over rivers, through tunnels, and straight on to morning.

This Is the Firefighter

Laura Godwin - 2009
    The firefighter responds. He jumps in the fire truck and races to a daring rescue! Will he be able to save the trapped people in time? Luckily, there's a happy ending for everyone: This is the smokeAs it drifts far away.This is the glowAt the end of the day.This is the company --Eight-fifty-zeroThis is the firefighter.This is the hero. Get ready for an adventure as Laura Godwin and Julian Hector celebrate one of our bravest everyday heroes.

Good Night Engines

Denise Dowling Mortensen - 2003
    The soothing text and large, up-close pictures of trucks, planes, and fire engines, among others, will make this a favorite bedtime story of all toddlers and preschoolers who are fascinated with things that go.

Steam Train, Dream Train

Sherri Duskey Rinker - 2013
    In this book with rhyming text, the dream train pulls into the station and all the different cars are loaded by the animal workers, each with the appropriate cargo.

Whoosh and Chug!

Sebastien Braun - 2012
    Whoosh, the passenger train laughs at Chug and calls him a slow coach. But one day, going too fast leads Whoosh into terrible danger. Can Chug come to the rescue?Go, Chug, go!A fast paced adventure, perfect for young rail enthusiasts!

Choo Choo Clickety-Clack!

Margaret Mayo - 2005
    Bounce, zoom, and rattle along in this bright, playful book jam-packed with vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Hopper and Wilson

Maria van Lieshout - 2011
    So the two sail off in a boat made of paper . . . only to discover they already have everything they could wish for in each other, and at home. Maria van Lieshout's adorable new picture book tugs at heartstrings, inspires discussion, and reminds us all how good returning home can feel.Praise for HOPPER AND WILSON"...van Lieshout's story is filled with adventure, emotion, and imagery that supplies lots of effervescent warmth."--Publisher's Weekly"Winsomely ambiguous and otherworldly, this sweet, quirky story offers fantastic footholds for dizzying discussion."--Kirkus Reviews

This Train

Paul Collicutt - 1999
    Using a refreshingly simple approach, Paul Collicutt has crafted the perfect book for young railroad enthusiasts. Each page features a vividly colored and detailed painting of a train, and the spreads show how they are different -- long and short, fast and slow, old and new. As a bonus, full-color endpapers feature captioned renderings of real-life engine models from all over the world that were the inspirations for the trains depicted throughout the book.

Beach Day!

Patricia Lakin - 2004
    It's the perfect day for the beach. And once they've put on their swimsuits and packed a picnic lunch, they're off! But with Sam, Pam, Will and Jill, nothing is as easy as it seems. Will they actually make it to the beach?

Being You

Alexs Pate - 2018
    YOU is a beautiful picture book celebrating every readers' individuality and talents. With an authentic voice, YOU's poetic message of love and optimism for the future speaks directly to today's children. YOU helps us to see the wonder and light within each of us.

Bad Bye, Good Bye

Deborah Underwood - 2014
    . .” A boy and his family are packing up their old home, and the morning feels scary and sad. But when he arrives at his new home, an evening of good byes awaits: bye to new friends, bye to glowing fireflies, bye to climbing trees. The New York Times bestselling author Deborah Underwood's spare text and the Boston Globe–Horn Book Award winner Jonathan Bean's lush, layered illustrations perfectly capture the complex emotions of moving day. The child-centric transition from dreary morning to cheerful evening comforts young readers facing big changes of their own.

Follow the Track All the Way Back

Timothy Knapman - 2017
    He runs through a field and rattles across a bridge. Clickety-clack! Rattly-tat! Then he climbs a mountain and races by the river. Clumpety-clip! Zippety-zoom! Oh, no! Now he's gone too far. Will Little Train recall what his mother and father said about finding his way home? With a nod to beloved classics such as The Little Engine That Could, here is a celebration of independence and parental reassurance that is sure to chug its way into the hearts of little readers everywhere.


Myra Cohn Livingston - 2007
    From January through December, the months of the year are celebrated in a book that is a treat for all seasons.