Autophagy: How to Leverage Your Body’s Natural Intelligence to Activate the Anti-Age Process, Detox Your Body and Lose Weight Faster Than Ever Before

Alaina W. Bolton - 2019
    But there was nothing inherently special about them! They only knew to abide by an ancient rule of nature. Nature, in turn, rewarded them with strength, agility, and health.Your lifelong health is largely determined by what goes on inside your body at the microscopic level. Every meal you eat, beverage you drink, and moment of exertion or rest impacts your internal machinery. With the right intake of food, regular exercise, and an occasional break from both, your body begins to experience autophagy. And that is what this book is going show you!This book will teach you about: What is Autophagy and how it works How to age slower and be vigorous throughout your life Which foods make you live longer and build muscle How to promote health and longevity with intermittent fasting the various ways to fast the weight loss effects of fasting How to use autophagic processes to delay or prevent signs of aging Autophagy mistakes to avoid This manual is for everyone who values their life and health. It is for who is young and old alike who value healthy living and would like to keep their bodies and immune systems resilient to all forms of disease attack. The teachings of this manual are your ticket to a long, good life, without the fear of your body failing you any time soon. Buy this book right now and invest in your own health. You don’t have a second to lose! Just Click on “Buy now button” And Start Your Journey Toward a Healthier You Today!

Your Simple Guide to Reversing Type 2 Diabetes: The 3-step plan to transform your health

Roy Taylor - 2021
    In this pocket version of his bestselling Life Without Diabetes, Professor Roy Taylor offers a brilliantly concise explanation of what happens to us when we get type 2 and how we can escape it.Taylor's research has demonstrated that type 2 is caused by just one factor - too much internal fat in the liver and pancreas - and that to reverse it you need to strip this harmful internal fat out with rapid weight loss.In simple, accessible language, Taylor takes you through the three steps of his clinically proven Newcastle weight loss plan and shows how to incorporate the programme into your life.Complete with FAQs and inspirational tips from his trial participants, this is an essential read for anyone who has been given a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes and wants to understand their condition and transform their outcomes.

One Meal A Day: The Best Way to Fast: Lose Weight Quickly, Rejuvenate, Reduce Inflammation, Fight Diabetes and Improve Your Mental Clarity with One Meal A Day

Rose Heale - 2019
     Yet most of us fail... The problem is that we’re surrounded by tons of food and therefore it's not only your fault! " You don’t need to do anything extra to lose weight. You only need to STOP doing extra things. " If you are also struggling with your wait without getting results, then keep reading... If you have always desired to lose weight and lead a healthy life but all your efforts have disappointed you, then keep reading... If so, KEEP READING because you are just where you need to be! Weight loss is not as difficult as it sounds, our body has the ability to shed the weight it has accumulated. Diets, calorie restriction methods, and exercise routines have hope but they cannot bring consistent results. Let me explain what is the Main Reason: Your body is not really conditioned to lose weight. It doesn’t get the right environment. It is not the failure of the procedures but lack of right internal conditioning. If you have started thinking that nothing could make a difference, think again. One Meal a Day routine can bring the results you have been looking for In fact, it’s easier than you think. This book will help you in understanding the amazing concept of One Meal a Day Intermittent Fasting Routine and the correct way to follow it. Here’s a sneak peek at what you may find useful in your diet journey: The scientific reasons for the failure of most diets The real fat burning mechanism of the body The ways One Meal a Day Intermittent Fasting routine can lead to fat burning The amazing health benefits of One Meal a Day The way to follow the routine The correct way to prepare the body for the routine The things to ex

Lose Weight Here: The Metabolic Secret to Target Stubborn Fat and Fix Your Problem Areas

Jade Teta - 2015
    They are often left with the same shape they struggled so hard to change. Lose Weight Here shows readers that "spot reduction" is possible and how they can lose weight quickly in all the right places.Lose Weight Here rethinks traditional weight-management techniques by optimizing the two proven components for successful weight loss: low calories and hormone balance. By combining the hormonal science of fat burning with the revolutionary science of spot training, Lose Weight Here shows readers how to reverse metabolic damage so they can get the bodies of their dreams.Lose Weight Here is based on hard science, sound nutritional and psychological data, and remarkable testimonials, which include before-and-after photos from some of the 100,000 people Jade and Keoni Teta have helped in their gym and online. Unlike traditional diets, Lose Weight Here instructs readers on how to successfully alternate between periods when you eat more and exercise more, and periods when you eat less and exercise less. This method deactivates fat storing receptors and targets the belly, butt, hips, and thighs. At last, dieters can lose fat in targeted areas and maintain their results.

Intermittent Fasting 101: A Simple Guide to Losing Fat, Building Muscle and Becoming an Alpha Male

Peter Paulson - 2014
    Spaghetti arms and stomachs that “jiggle” are not. And, if you’re unhappy with the shape you’re in then it’s time to change that, and change it quickly. So, Let Me Introduce You to Intermittent Fasting. The most sustainable and easy to adopt fitness approach ever. And, no, I’m not exaggerating. So, if you want a stupidly simple way to lose fat, build muscle, increase your testosterone and feel like a new man then keep reading... Intermittent Fasting is not a diet or a fad, it doesn’t involve crazy workouts or expensive supplements, what it does is deliver results… fast. Simply put, it is a new approach to eating... An approach that delivers head-turning, jaw-dropping and life-changing results. Intermittent fasting is simply the process of cycling between periods in which you eat with periods that you don’t eat. This process causes your body to produce a multitude of hormonal responses. And, this is what delivers such incredible benefits and results, such as… - Rapid fat loss (without muscle loss or crazy dieting) - Spiked testosterone levels and human growth hormone production - Ability to build lean, hard muscle. Fast. (thanks to those spiked Test levels) - Increased energy levels - Improved cognitive functioning Best of all… it’s not bro-science. Intermittent fasting has scores of scientific studies backing it. And that (along with the result it delivers) is one of the reasons it’s loved by celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Hugh Jackman, Beyonce and Benedict Cumberbatch. It’s easy to adopt and you don’t need to go on a crazy diet or change your lifestyle to get the results. In fact, I won’t be surprised if you laugh when you see how seamlessly it will fit into your life. So, if you want to build lean muscle, shred fat, feel incredible and get head-turning results. Grab this book now. Inside you will learn exactly how intermittent fasting works. Why it’s so powerful and exactly how to implement into your life. This book contains no fluff or filler. It’s short, to the point and actionable. So, buy the book now, don’t hold off until tomorrow… separate yourself from the crowd and be the one who gets results. To your success! Peter Paulson P.S. If you buy now you’ll get access to 2 incredible free gifts valued at $27. These gifts simply throw gasoline on the fire of your success. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Intermittent Fasting 101 now.

The First Survivors of Alzheimer's: How Patients Recovered Life and Hope in Their Own Words

Dale E. Bredesen - 2021
    In his first two books, Dr. Dale Bredesen outlined the revolutionary treatments that are changing what had previously seemed like the inevitable outcome of cognitive decline and dementia. And in these moving narratives, you can hear directly from the first survivors of Alzheimer's themselves--their own amazing stories of hope told in their own words. These first person accounts honestly detail the fear, struggle, and ultimate victory of each patient's journey. They vividly describe what it is like to have Alzheimer's. They also drill down on how each of these patients made the program work for them--the challenges, the workarounds, the encouraging results that are so motivating. Dr. Bredesen includes commentary following each story to help point readers to the tips and tricks that might help them as well.Dr. Bredesen's patients have not just survived; they have thrived to rediscover fulfilling lives, rewarding relationships, and meaningful work. This book will give unprecedented hope to patients and their families.

OMG I Would Die Without Chocolate - How I Quit Sugar and Didn't Kill Anyone.

Ellen Parker - 2014
     There are loads of 'sugar free diet' books available right now, but precious few that give you a blow-by-blow account of what happens when you cut sugar from your diet. And believe me, LOTS happens! This is a personal story (cut through with some good information on going sugar free) about what happened to me, my body, my mood, my family when I started my sugar free diet. If you're considering taking the big step of cutting sugar from your diet and you want to know what you're in for, then this is the book for you. If you want detailed, scientific information on the nutritional benefits of a sugar free life, go look elsewhere. If you want a 12 step plan, go buy a different book. This is one woman's struggle with her sugar addiction and her waistline, and her determination to become healthier without going insane (from lack of chocolate.)

Don't Blame Fat

Bryan Walsh - 2015
    But new science reveals fat isn't what's hurting our health. This Spotlight Story from TIME explores America's antifat obsession and how it is impacting our health.

Fat Funeral: The Scientific Approach to Long-Term Weight Loss

Daniel Dell'uomo - 2018
    But don’t blame yourself if you’ve struggled losing weight. There’s a lot of conflicting information and nonsense out there. Drawing on years of research, Fat Funeral answers critical questions, busts myths, and introduces The Five Golden Weight-Loss Habits—a system of simple, science-based habits that are proven, practical, and powerful enough to completely change your life.

The Realist's Guide To Sugar Free: How To Quit Sugar And Stay Sane In The Real World

Sherri Nicholds - 2016
    For good. Quitting sugar in the real world is hard. Sugar is everywhere and your friends think you’re mad for not eating cake. You’ve done the 8 week detox plan and part of you still craves chocolate so much that you develop a mild twitch when you see a brightly coloured wrapper on the shelves in front of you. Deeply addictive, sugar is everywhere. Even added to the most unlikely foods, the majority of us exceed the recommended daily intake without even realising it. Instead of teaching you how to cook fake cake, or pretending that quinoa really is an exciting grain that will revolutionise your view on salads, this book guides you through the myths about sugar in our food and through the realities of addiction. The 9 step action plan then helps you make the change and really stick to it. Even if you’re not quite ready to eliminate all sugar from your life, this book contains practical tips to help you shop wisely, create good habits and sustain better lifestyle choices.

Magnesium: What Your Doctor Needs You To Know: Including: How to Fight Diabetes, Have a Healthy Heart, and Get Strong Bones!

Nolan Edwards - 2015
    In today’s world, more than 80% of people have a deficiency in magnesium, almost all of which are misdiagnosed. Magnesium deficiency can cause a number of unpleasant side effects and impact your feelings of overall well-being as it is an imperative mineral that affects your nervous system. To cope with daily life, we actively decrease the mineral density in our bodies as a way to boost our nervous system. Learn the detailed explanation of the causes, effects and remedies to many physical and mental disorders that all find their root in magnesium. So, do you have enough magnesium? Do you know how much you actually require during different phases of your life? Find out for yourself by reading this informational book! Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Magnesium and Your Blood Chapter 3: Magnesium and Insulin Chapter 4: Magnesium and Your Energy Chapter 5: Magnesium and Hormones Chapter 6: Magnesium and Muscles Chapter 7: Magnesium and Nerves Chapter 8: Magnesium and Bones Chapter 9: List of Common Disorders Associated with Magnesium Chapter 10: Magnesium and Your Diet NEW BONUS CHAPTER Bibliography Scroll up to the top and click: Buy Now!

The Mediterranean Method: Your Complete Plan to Harness the Power of the Healthiest Diet on the Planet -- Lose Weight, Prevent Heart Disease, and More!

Steven Masley - 2019
    News and World Report in 2021--helps readers lose weight and improve the health of their heart, brain, gut, and microbiome.From southern Italy, Sardinia, and France to Spain, Greece, and Northern Africa the Mediterranean region is synonymous with sparkling azure waters and clear blue skies. It's also home to most of the world's longest-lived and vibrantly healthy people. Now we know why! Repeatedly ranked the #1 diet by U.S. News and World Report, the Mediterranean eating style--abundant seafood, vegetables, fruits, beans and nuts; lots of olive oil; a wide variety of herbs and spices; and even dark chocolate and red wine--has been scientifically proven to maintain a healthy gut and healthy weight, thereby reducing your risk for heart disease, dementia, memory loss, and many cancers in the process.Taking this famously healthy and life-enhancing "prescription" one step further, Dr. Steven Masley--renowned physician, nutritionist, bestselling author, and trained chef--offers all the flavors and benefits of the Mediterranean diet, but with a "skinny" twist: he focuses on delicious ingredients with a low-glycemic load. Including 50 recipes for food everyone at the table will love--from hearty breakfasts, crowd-pleasing appetizers, soups, and sides, to family-style salads, memorable main meals, and irresistible desserts--The Mediterranean Method is a revolutionary program for losing weight and maintaining the amazing health you regain. Slim down and protect your heart, your brain, and your healthy longevity--all while you enjoy the amazing bounty, variety, and joy of Mediterranean cooking!

The MIND Diet: A Scientific Approach to Enhancing Brain Function and Helping Prevent Alzheimer's and Dementia

Maggie Moon - 2016
     Enjoying a high quality of life as you get older means taking care of your brain as much as your body. And research suggests that what you eat today will help (or hurt) your cognitive abilities later. The MIND Diet explains the science behind mental fitness in an approachable and understandable way. More importantly, this helpful guide presents an easy-to-follow program for keeping your mind sharp by eating the right foods and avoiding brain-harming ones. Packed with dishes that are not only delicious but also help improve memory, concentration and mental acuity, The MIND Diet’s healthy recipes include: • Brussels Sprouts Frittata • Sweet Potato Lentil Soup • Pistachio Mint Couscous • Guacamole-Stuffed Tomatoes • Apricot-Glazed Salmon • Tango Fish Tacos • Banana Chocolate Cookies • Roasted Chicken with Fennel

Everything You Need To Know About Fat Loss

Chris Aceto - 2001
    You will learn and understand the effects total calories, types of calories and exercise exert on body fat loss and body fat inhibition. The author covers 8 important topics in 11 chapters. The topics include: *Physiology of Weight Loss *Calories *Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat *Fat Storing Foods *Hormones *Drugs *Diets *Exercise

A Pound of Cure, Change Your Eating and Your Life, One Step at a Time

Matthew Weiner - 2012
    Matthew Weiner, a bariatric surgeon, who has identified a style of eating that can bring about the same metabolic changes seen after gastric bypass surgery. The shifts in your metabolism that block hunger and prevent weight loss plateaus after surgery can be obtained by focusing your diet on nutrient rich foods like fruits and vegetables. The style of eating outlined shows you how to use food to control hunger, eliminate cravings and prevent a slow down in your metabolism that plagues typical starvation diets.A Pound of Cure is a step by step guide that shows you how to change your style of eating sensibly, over time. Each of the 12 changes, or “stations” outlined in the program brings you closer to gaining control over the hunger and food cravings that have sabotaged your previous efforts. It is designed to be a lifelong change and nothing less and does not buy into the madness of starvation or fad diets. If you are tired of the fad diets and the commercial diet industry that peddles artificial, synthetic diet foods as healthy choices, the Pound of Cure plan will show you how to eat sensibly, control your hunger and lose the weight for the rest of your life.