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The Funny Thing by Wanda Gág


The Popcorn Dragon

Jane Thayer - 1989
    The temptation is irresistible, but Dexter quickly becomes insufferable. First he watches his own reflection in the river in order to admire the smoke. Then he puffs it in the faces of his friends: the zebra, the giraffe, and the elephant. He even blows smoke rings around his own tail to prove how clever he is.Soon Dexter has no friends left. He is a very lonely dragon indeed, until quite by accident he discovers a way his talent can be used to win back his playmates.This wonderful story -- first published in 1953 -- will delight both young readers and their parents, and so will Lisa McCue's appealing new pictures of this lovable show-off.

The Emperor of Absurdia

Chris Riddell - 2006
    Trees are birds, umbrellas are trees, and the sky is thick with snoring fish. Join one small boy as he tumbles out of bed into a crazy dreamland of wardrobe monsters, dragons, and amazing adventure. This gloriously rich and beautiful picture book comes from a uniquely talented artist at the height of his powers. With a story to enchant the youngest reader, and pictures to gasp and pore over whatever your age, it is an extraordinary achievement and one to savor.

Muffin Dragon

Stephen Cosgrove - 1974
    They will have to learn about sharing and cooperation for everyone to be happy. Full-color illustrations.

A Lion in the Meadow

Margaret Mahy - 1969
    and in fact the dragon was there too?

How Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head

Bill Peet - 1971
    Droofus the kindly dragon has a price on his head, but the small boy who befriends him refuses to sell him to the king.

Cecily G. and the 9 Monkeys

H.A. Rey - 1942
    and the Nine Monkeys was the first book to feature Curious George, as well as being Hans and Margret Rey’s first book for children. In this initial effort, about a lonely giraffe befriended by George and his eight siblings, we see all the hallmarks of Curious George’s signature style: humor, adventure, playfulness, and the episodic storytelling that later characterized classic George set pieces like the flyaway balloons, the rocket ship, and the bunny escape.

The Balloon Tree

Phoebe Gilman - 1984
    Little princess Leora likes balloons very much, but her evil uncle hates balloons and he destroys all the balloons except one.

The Sandman

Ralph Fletcher - 2008
    Ground dragon scales make magic sand that Tor sprinkles in the eyes of children to help them fall asleep. But how does he get the scales to make the special sand? He has to venture into the lair of a dragon, and that’s no easy feat!This imaginative telling of the legend of the Sandman combined with fantastical, illuminating pictures will be enjoyed by the whole family.

Dragon Pizzeria

Mary Morgan - 2008
    A map on the final spread provides a “key” to all the fairy tales mentioned in this inviting pizza picture book.

The Tale of Jack Frost

David Melling - 2003
    Then along come the goblins, who smell of boiled cabbage, make many rude noises, and love to tell lies. The goblins are jealous because they believe that the magic of the forest should be in their power�1/2not in Jack Frost�1/2s. When they try to steal Jack�1/2s magic, they discover that he is a great deal more clever than they are! David Melling�1/2s enchanting full-color illustrations on every two-page spread are as filled with magic as the story he tells. Here is a wonderful picture storybook that offers a very appealing bedtime tale to kids.

Johnny Crow's Garden A Picture Book

L. Leslie Brooke - 1903
    NB: Also available online as an e-book.

All About the Dragons: with audio recording (How to Train Your Dragon 2)

Judy Katschke - 2014
    There are dragons that fly, dragons that swim, dragons that breathe fire, and more—and you can learn about them all in this Ready-to-Read story.How to Train Your Dragon 2 © 2014 DreamWorks Animation L.L.C.

That's Not My Dragon...

Fiona Watt - 2006
    The enduring appeal of Rachel Wells' charming illustrations, the opportunity to interact with a variety of different textures and the gentle humour of the simple, yet appealing text make these books pre-school classics. Will appeal to the imaginations of very young children, as they discover the many different dragons included, which are complete with fuzzy ears, scaly wings, sparkling horns and spotty skin. The descriptive text and touchy-feely pages will promote sensory awareness and language development in very young children.

Lovabye Dragon

Barbara M. Joosse - 2012
    In his nest in his cave in his mountain, a dragon dreams of a girl.When a lonely dragon follows a trail of princess tears, a beautiful friendship is born. They march and sing, roar and whisper, hide and seek, then settle into snug companionship at bedtime. Barbara Joosse’s fiercely protective and gently loving dragon cavorts across the pages, endearingly illustrated by Randy Cecil. At the end of the day, who can resist curling up in the embrace of a lovabye dragon?

Maisy's Morning on the Farm

Lucy Cousins - 2001
    In MAISY'S MORNING ON THE FARM, there are chickens and pigs to feed, and the cow to milk. After the chores are finished, there's just one more thing to do—eat a yummy breakfast!