Book picks similar to
Evan's Pride by Misha McKenzie


Kiss of the Texas Maverick

Charlotte Dearing - 2021

Saving Sarah (The Gold Coast Retrievers Book 1)

Melissa Storm - 2021

Walk With Me

Emily Fern - 2021

A Change of Heart (Oregon Dreams #2)

Montana Ross - 2019
    Rebekah is uninterested in marriage, but her Uncle wants nothing more than to see his nieces happily settled with loving husbands. He attempts to find Abigail a beau in the form of Elijah Cook, an eligible and wealthy bachelor. Life begins to get complicated as Abigail has her heart set on marrying Elijah, but it is evident that he has fallen for Rebekah. Rebekah is forced to face her feelings and her ideals while trying to maintain the relationship she has with her sister. As she battles the truth and her sister's displeasure, Rebekah learns that there is more to being the woman she wants to be than being the perfect sister. Find Out Now - Get Your Copy of 'A Change of Heart' - Today!

Love is in the Air

Emily Harvale - 2021

Frontier Bride On The Oregon Trail (Western Romance)

Maya Stirling - 2020

His Unexpected Christmas Bride

Faith Reynolds - 2021

Bound By Love

P.G. Van - 2018
    But when his eyes met with those of a simple and beautiful woman he grew up with, his heart longs for her. He wants her but fights the fierce attraction towards her even if he can't take his eyes off her. The way he looks at her makes her heart thud with excitement but she knew he is supposed to marry another woman. How long will they be able to deny the passion between them? Bound by Love is a standalone, passionate romantic short story.

A Pregnant Christmas Bride for the Bad Mannered Brick Layer: Mail Order Bride Historical Romance (The Twelve Mail Order Brides of Christmas Book 7)

Emma Morgan - 2018
    She is relieved to find a man willing to take on a pregnant wife, and resolves to make the union work. Even is the man is a bit loud, spends too much time at the pub, and speaks to her as if she had no mind of her own. Robert Killiam works as a bricklayer in the city, and living a solitary life has not does much for his manners. He’s used to folks who speak their mind, and mild-mannered Alice seems happy to go along with whatever he suggests. She’s lovely and kind, but—he thinks—also a bit dull. But the Christmas holiday bring back sad memories for Alice, and she finally puts her foot down. Robert sees something new in this timid woman, and he’s more determined than ever to make her happy. And when the baby suddenly arrives early, he realizes how much this budding family has already changed his life.

Katherine Moves To Kansas (Modern Mail Order Brides Book 14)

Olivia Gaines - 2022

A Much Anticipated Bride: Country Brides & Cowboy Boots (Lime Peak Ranch, #2)

Lucy McConnell - 2017
      Lime Peak Ranch is home to the Dumont and Ruggles families who raise cattle, train horses, and compete in PRCA rodeos. Life down the dirt road isn’t as perfect as it seems and secrets have roots deeper than the maple trees.   Ellie Dumont isn’t ready to face the music and return home to Lime Peak Ranch. She’s done the unthinkable and put a fence right down the middle of the family. To overcome her betrayal, the family will have to forgive thirty years’ of wrongs and look beyond her new last name. Dr. Robert Canton is falling in love with Olivia Dumont. After an electric kiss, he knows she’s aware of what’s happening between them. That’s why he has to tell her why he really came to the ranch. If Olivia understands, then they have a future together. If not, then he’ll have to pack his things and go because the Lime Peak Ranch isn’t home without Olivia’s hand in his. Carol Dumont agreed to move to the ranch so her son, Levi, could be closer to his father. In subtle ways, George has changed, he’s softer, more considerate of her feelings. And in other ways he’s still the same. He can melt her knees with a look and make her heart pound like a queen’s horse circling the arena. She’s fallen for his charms before and ended up alone and lonely. She’ll have to work extra hard to keep her heart safe with this cowboy living down the lane. Bonnie Ruggles is on the move. She has the money she needs to make one of her lost dreams come true and she’s feeling crazy enough to follow through even though. This leap may mean the end of her marriage—or it could save her soul from withering away.    Follow this family full of heart and love and loyalty as they work to navigate the revelation of long-buried secrets, bitter rivalries, and love in the second book in the Lime Peak Ranch series.

Road To Somewhere: Book Two in the Clearwater Series

Julie Mayerson Brown - 2019
     The day her kitchen ceiling collapses on top of her, Patty’s life unravels. Whether a sign from above or plain bad luck, she has no idea. But her brush with death shakes her to her core. With no boyfriend, no plans, and no where to stay, she leaves her condemned home and heads to California wine country to be near Cece, her best friend, confidant, and quintessential voice of reason. A few days in the quiet small town of Clearwater will give her the comfort she needs to contemplate one of life’s most enduring questions: "What now?” But instead of quiet and comfort, Patty is met with even more troubles—Cece suffers a crisis of her own, a new friend ropes her into a demanding situation, and an enticing yet complicated man has her spinning toward romantic disaster. However, it’s the mysterious arrival of her younger sister that pushes Patty to the brink and forces her to question everything she thought she knew about her siblings and about the family that rejected her. Now, faced with a monumental decision, Patty has no choice but to gamble on the one person she trusts the least —herself.

Marriage Jitters

Madhuri Tamse - 2020
    She struggled organizing the wedding as Viren Dewan’s classy extravagant attitude kept hurdling her work. Least did she know they had a history together, a knot which his family easily forgot and hers denied to accept. What would happen when that past resurfaced?A roller coaster ride of a forgotten accidental marriage, claiming its identity between Innocence versus Power.

The Stolen Street Girl

Nell Harte - 2021
    Now, she must learn to survive.Forced to be both mother and father to her siblings after Ada’s mother turns to gin, and no longer able to scour the banks of the Thames as mudlarks, Ada turns to picking up cigarette butts from the filthy streets and repurposing the tobacco into a saleable item.Assisted by Elijah the son of a stonemason the Blair family manages to keep a roof over their heads, until their mother’s addiction spirals out of control and they find themselves out on the street.Desperate for safety, Ada takes a risk and is befriended by the well to do Mr Beauregard. But not all things are as they seem and soon Ada is torn from her family and thrown into a world of corruption she could not have imagined.When a chance meeting with Elijah reveals the truth, Ada’s life is at a crossroadsCan Ada leave behind the new life she now finds herself in? Will Elijah ever forgive her for what she has become? Or should Ada let the past remain behind and leave her family in peace.Nell Harte writes sweet and clean Historical Romance.

Shadows of Conflict

Jennifer Bohnet - 2013
    But with an American film crew in town intent on uncovering buried secrets from WWII, and a disgruntled relative amongst other problems, life is neither simple nor quiet. When Patrick, her ex-boss, unexpectedly offers Katie her dream media job, she must decide whether it is worth turning her back on everything and everyone in Dartmouth - including Leo, a friend from the past, who wants to be a part of her future. Will Katie make the right decision?