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Black Lace And Linen by Susan Carroll


A Secret Visitor to Saltmarsh Quay

Ian Wilfred - 2017
    Recently life started to change for her. Why is she in England, hiding at Saltmarsh Quay, and what is her big secret? David was recently divorced from his wife, who left him for one of his best friends. He should be sad but he isn't as he has another love in his life; the five star hotel he manages in Norfolk. Saltmarsh Cliff is one of the top Hotels in Norfolk but life for the staff and the hotel is going to change forever. Or is it? One actress One hotel Two secrets

Sins of Innocence

Jean Stone - 1994
      Jess has led a charmed life, but now that her beautiful teenage daughter is pregnant, all she can think of is the baby she gave away. Susan lost one child years ago, and now, as a divorced college professor, she’s terrified of losing another. P.J. overcame an unwanted pregnancy to become a high-powered art director, but her whirlwind life is halted by an unsettling discovery. Ginny makes an unlikely Hollywood wife, but men, money, and four marriages can’t erase the horrors of her past—or satisfy her need for love.   Twenty-five years ago, they met in a home for unwed mothers. At the time, all they had to hold on to was one another. Now Jess, Susan, P.J., and Ginny must find the courage to face the past: The date is set for a reunion with the children they have never known. And no matter what happens, their lives will never be the same.Jess’s story continues in Jean Stone’s Tides of the Heart!  Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Trying to Score, Long Simmering Spring, and Scarlet Lady.

Stranded with the Tempting Stranger \ The Executive's Surprise Baby

Brenda Jackson - 2013
     RISKY BUSINESSHigh-powered lawyer Brandon Washington knew how to win. He had to be ruthless, cutthroat and, for his latest case, irresistible. His biggest client, the family of the late hotel magnate John Garrison, had sent Brandon under an assumed name to the Bahamas to track down their newly discovered half sister. He would find her, charm her and uncover all her secrets.But as soon as Brandon met the beautiful heiress, the lines began to blur. Between the truth and the lies. Between her secrets and his. Between his ambition...and a chance to be loved. And as a storm gathered over the Caribbean, Brandon knew the reckoning was coming. And this time, winning could be the last thing he wanted.BONUS BOOK INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME!The Executive's Surprise Baby by USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine MannBrooke Garrison planned to keep her baby's scandalous paternity a secret...then hotel mogul Jordan Jefferies learned the truth. Her family and his were archrivals, but that was not going to stop Jordan from claiming what was his--the baby, and Brooke.

Temporary Wife

Rossi St. James - 2015
     It should’ve been me. Instead, I'll be standing next to his bride, whom I can’t stand, as an honorary bridesmaid as a favor to him. I’m a bundle of nerves on the plane, and the hot stranger sitting next to me is about to regret asking me what my problem is. I’m about to give him an earful; beginning with the first time I knew I loved Derek Saunders. I didn’t mean to start crying. I didn’t mean to make the guy feel bad for me. But for some strange reason, he takes pity on me. So he offers a solution. A proposal, if you will. He’ll be my fake husband. I’ll be his temporary wife. It’s the only way I’m going to get through this weekend, and so I say hell yes. But I wasn’t prepared for what came next. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is episode one of a new mini series! Approx. 40 pages with a cliffhanger. EXCERPT: “So what’s your answer, Odessa?” The way he said my name sent instant heat between my thighs. My name oozed like melted butter off his tongue before rounding itself out with a hint of distant thunder. “You want to have fun this weekend or what?” “I don’t know.” I hemmed and hawed. As enticing as the idea was, I wasn’t sure I could go through with it. Then again, it might be the only way to get through my best friend's wedding. A distraction in the shape of a handsome stranger calling himself my husband for a few days would definitely help keep the tears at bay. “I’m only in town until Sunday,” Lincoln said. “Look, Blue Eyes, I’ll give you my number. You call me if you want to do this. I’ll be there. As your temporary husband. No one will be able to tell the difference. Maybe not even you.”

Save the Date

C.J. Morrow - 2021
    What’s wrong with that?Absolutely nothing. After ten, fun filled years in London, Zoe Tydeman has returned to the sleepy Wiltshire village of her childhood. She’s bought a house, got herself a lovely new job in a craft shop, and she’s finally growing up and moving on. She’s put behind her the mistakes of the past and life is now sunshine and smiles.Until a pink envelope lands on her doormat. ‘Save the Date’ has never hurt so much. Her best friends are getting married. A love she hoped would fizzle out has become permanent, very permanent. Where exactly does that leave Zoe? A singleton at the kids’ table, that’s where.Will Zoe get over her unrequited love? Can she forgive her friends? Is it time to stop wasting time and get over herself?Join Zoe on her quest to get a life – of her own.A romantic comedy for all those who feel let down by love.

Little Secrets: His Unexpected Heir

Maureen Child - 2017
    Six months. That's how long Rita Marchetti has mourned Jack Buchanan. Yet here he is, alive, standing in front of her, perfect...and devastatingly sexy! Even more amazing is the former marine's admission that he wanted Rita to think he'd died. But the two of them are about to become three and Jack is back just in time.That baby Rita is carrying is his. Despite the pain he holds so close to his heart, Jack can't walk away from his child. A marriage in name only would solve everything. Everything except a desire too deeply buried and too long denied...

Mistletoe and Mates: Shifters in Love Holiday Anthology

V. Vaughn - 2021
    Our USA Today and Bestselling authors have written brand new holidays stories just for you!A Furry Little Christmas - C.D. GorriStephanie needs a Santa Claus stat! What she doesn’t need is entanglements of any kind while she figures out what it is she really wants to do at this stage of her life.Tell that to the hunk her Pack’s Alpha sent to work for the almost fifty she-Wolf.What do you get when you mix two Wolves with a little holiday spirit? A furry little Christmas…Unwrapping Her Dragon - Julia MillsLiving without him for sixteen years sucked, but Everleigh survived. Now that blasted sexy Dragon is back with a tall tale and a basket load of apologies, and she can’t forget how bad it hurt to lose him the first time. Can she leave the past behind and trust Deacon to stand by her side for all eternity, or will she give up on the holidays forever? Only time will tell, but if Fate has anything to say about it that sweet Baker Bear will be unwrapping her Dragon sooner rather than later.Her Cowboy Warrior – Liv BrywoodTen years ago, bear shifter Gage Davis’ darkest secret ruined his relationship with his best friend. Now Raven’s back and she needs protection from her ex-husband. Gage has a second chance to make things right, but to win her heart, he’ll have to reveal the monster inside his soul and risk losing his fated mate forever.Tis the Season for Sass – Melanie JamesWhen a shadowy premonition forebodes the harshest winter in decades, Black Paw’s Alpha counts on the pack’s strongest wolves to help everyone pull through. But the Seer’s visions are swirling with majik and suggest an ancient legend will deliver more than just a blizzard to the wolves of Black Paw.A Fated Mate for Christmas – Selena BlakeWhen a fight between their packs sends Gabrielle Landrum to Alpha Garrett Kingsdale’s doorstep begging for a truce, she half expects to be thrown out into the snow. She is the rival’s daughter, after all. Garrett’s instinct is to not trust a word coming from the seductive beauty. But the more he listens and watches, the more he’s drawn to her. Especially those lips. The next thing he knows, he’s kissing her and he can’t even blame mistletoe. To keep her safe, he whisks her far away to work on a truce of their own.The Honeybear’s Xmas Curse – Jacqueline SweetThree years ago, Theresa Grimm had her Christmas ruined by an ex-boyfriend's curse. But Gauge Morrissey, bear shifter in exile, might have the solution to her problem. But breaking the curse will require facing down a warlock and risking it all.Her Cowboy's Christmas Surprise – J. K. HarperGarret Reeves and Callie Mayfield have been in love for several years. They are true mates, and wolf shifter Garret will always adore his very sexy human woman Callie. But when Callie starts to be a bit away from him, Garret is worried. He has no idea what is going on with her. His thought is that he must entice her back to him, for sure. Especially with the perfect wild Christmas night eve that they will spend together to reintroduce their perfect soul mates.Gracie’s Gift – V. VaughnGood things didn’t happen to Gracie, which is why when she meets Jack, the hot new employee at Sugar Mountain, she doesn’t dare to believe he’s interested in her. But he’s relentless in his pursuit of Gracie, and she lets herself fall for him when he tells her they’re forever. What she doesn’t know is what forever with Jack means.

Make-Believe Marriage

Marilyn Shank - 2000
    Otherwise, she'll lose her inheritance. Trevor Mathison, Headmaster of Brookshire School, needs both a sixth-grade teacher and a wife.When a comedy of errors leads Claire's grandfather, the Chairman of the Board, to believe Claire and Trevor are married, they play along - both too afraid to tell the older man the truth.A powerful magnetism sparks between the couple but her free-spirited lifestyle clashes with his highly structured one. The conflicts they face both at school and at home turn Trevor's organized life into instant chaos.Can Claire and Trevor make their love last? Will they turn this pretend marriage into happily ever after?

A Second Chance For The Sheikh (Sweet Sheikh Surprises Book 2)

Holly Rayner - 2021

The Summer of Going Topless

Liz Davies - 2019
    No one seems to notice her - not really. Heck, she often doesn’t notice herself, except for her monthly scrutiny in the mirror to check on her body’s steady slide towards middle age.But when her ancient, practical estate car is consigned to the scrap heap, Candice falls in love with a cute, purple convertible, and from that moment on her life begins to take on a whole new meaning. Strangers wave at her and people stop to talk, and suddenly she isn’t invisible any longer.Life seems to be looking up, especially when she meets silver fox and handy-man, Paul. There’s just one fly in the ointment, one thing that has her second-guessing herself.Is it the car that Paul sees - or is it her?

High Blue Sky (The House in the Clouds Book 2)

Victoria Connelly - 2021

Just Love Me

Shenaé Hailey - 2019
    From her college choice down to the flowers she'd have on her wedding day and what she'd name her children. With just a few days left before her thirtieth birthday, Hailey is in a sour mood. Her perfectly planned path has been horribly shattered by fate. Not only is she divorced, but she doesn't have any children, and she hasn't put her degree to use since she received it. Kane Travis has never been one to force anything. He's preferred going with the flow to avoid disappointment. Right after his thirtieth birthday, Kane finds himself taking inventory of all that he's accomplished in life. He doesn't regret much that he's missed out on because of his laid-back attitude, but there is one thing he's consistently regretted - not pursuing Hailey as actively as he desired to. Ten years ago, Kane and Hailey met and instantly clicked. Because of Hailey's strict plans for her life, she refused to entertain the thought of settling down with any man before finishing college. With Kane believing in things happening in their own timing, he offered what they considered to be the perfect solution - meeting up for Hailey's thirtieth birthday if they're both still single. There's just one problem - life has changed them both… and neither can say if it's for the better. Two old friends, one cabin, and zero chances of their lives not being changed. Will their old flame reignite and burn more passionately than it ever has, or will reconnecting be as impossible as capturing scattered ashes?

His Only Desire: The Complete Collection Boxed Set (Taken by the Billionaire, Running from the Billionaire, Found by the Billionaire, Escaping with the Billionaire, Marry Me Anyway)

Lucinda DuBois - 2013
    She fears for her life and turns the only person who can help her, who has always helped her, family friend and billionaire Remy Merrick. Brash and powerful, Remy had always been the object of her desire. But the disparity in their statuses and Sydney's own insecurities had always kept them apart. Kept her from allowing herself to be taken. But now, with nowhere and no one else to turn to, Sydney gives in to her desire.(This is a spicy contemporary romance that contains graphic language and steamy, passionate love scenes.)

Taming the Texan

Jules Bennett - 2018
    But then she meets brooding Texas rancher Hayes Elliott. Heir to an empire and suffering deep emotional pain, he tries to push her away—even as she craves his touch. And when a storm strands them together, their undeniable chemistry explodes. Now Alexa finds herself introducing Hayes to her precious son, imagining herself in Hayes’s world and keeping secrets that could destroy everything…

The All or Nothing Girl

Amanda Egan - 2014
    What happens when your comfortable life is suddenly denied you?When the Chanel make up’s dried up, the designer gear’s been flogged on eBay and the Persian rug has been well and truly pulled out from under you?Meet Francesca Milton-Harris as she realises that one ‘little mistake’ is going to change her life in ways she could never have imagined.The All or Nothing Girl …because sometimes you have to lose it all to see how much more you can gain.