I Love You, More: Short Stories of Addiction, Recovery, and Loss From the Family's Perspective

Blake E. Cohen - 2019
     Society offers little to educate the public or de-stigmatize the problem of addiction.I Love You More is distinct and unique from other books on the market on addiction as it is meant to be an emotional education on the family systems affected by addiction using three, fictional short stories, all with very different endings.These three powerful stories have common threads of hope, pain, mistrust, grief, worry, change, acceptance, belief, and the constant presence of varying levels of sanity across a broad spectrum.I Love You More offers insight into the various perspectives and experiences of family members who have dealt with the harrowing disease of addiction.  The goal of this book is to be the conduit that allows you to enter the body and mind of a substance abuser and their family, to see the world through their eyes as they navigate their way through one of the most heart-breaking and gut-wrenching hardships they will ever face.The author, Blake Cohen, is a recovering alcoholic and addict himself for multiple years. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is a Certified Additions Professional.  He currently works in the field of substance abuse treatment in the position of National Outreach Manager. Blake’s role allows him to be of assistance to families, and their loved ones, as they begin their journey into recovery. Blake is also a public speaker using his experience and education to help bring understanding to the public regarding the disease of addiction.From mothers to fathers to siblings to aunts and uncles to grandmothers and grandfathers, as well the individuals struggling themselves, these stories contain emotional tidbits from the author’s years in the treatment field, interviews with families, and his own personal experiences.The hardest thing for a person to do is watch a loved one slowly kill themselves while you standby; unable to do anything about it.  For the family, addiction is frustrating, heart-wrenching, exhausting and time-consuming.  It can lead to bouts of anger followed by bouts of hysteria.  It can leave you bed-ridden and paralyzed by insurmountable sadness and depression. Although we cannot make our loved ones better, we can learn to take care of ourselves through it all. This book is emotional support for anyone and everyone whose lives have been touched by addiction.

The Woman who saved my life

Himanshu Goel - 2021
    When jaspreet and Sameer meet on the edge of a cliff, they had one thing in mind, to end their lives. Could the two of them, both determined to commit suicide, end up saving each other? Himanshu goel's latest book is an emotional roller coaster ride. Written in the novel in verse format, the book is dedicated to the value of each human life penned in his unique poetry style.

General Principles of Astrology

Aleister Crowley - 2002
    Ghostwriting for Evangeline Adams, it was Crowley who wrote the vast majority of her classic textbooks, Astrology: Your Place in the Sun (1927) and Astrology: Your Place Among the Stars (1930). General Principles of Astrology finally acknowledges Crowley's authorship.Crowley's goal was to abandon traditional assumptions, so he based his findings on actual charts and how they were expressed in people's lives. In his characteristically clear and elegant prose, Crowley discusses each planet from a scientific and mythological point of view. He provides an exhaustive analysis of astrological types, drawing conclusions for over 180 astrological nativities of wellknown artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, politicians, and business leaders from the 18th to the 20th century.This new book is composed of painstakingly gathered work, primarily ghostwritten by Crowley, and published in various early twentiethcentury texts. It is published here in one volume for the first time, in an undertaking endorsed by both the Adams and Crowley estates.

Kabbalistic Astrology: And the Meaning of Our Lives

Philip S. Berg - 2004
    Kabbalah, in fact, offers arguably the oldest and wisest application of astronomy and astrology known to humankind. Kabbalistic Astrology is a tool for understanding one's individual nature at its deepest level and putting that knowledge to immediate use in the real world. A natural addition to Berg’s many writings on spirituality, the book explains why destiny is not the same as predestination and shows that we have many possible futures and can become masters of our fate. Written in Berg’s trademark clear, intelligible style, the book teaches how to discover challenges faced in previous incarnations and how to overcome them, as well as the secrets to finding the love, success, and spiritual fulfillment.

Artificial Jelly: A LitRPG Dungeon Mob Searching for Hope

Dustin Graham - 2021

Sexscopes: How to Seduce, Stimulate, and Satisfy Any Sign

Stuart Hazleton - 2001
    Sexscopes exposes each sign's sexual proclivities and pet peeves, providing tips and tricks for attracting a particular sun sign. For instance, did you know that Virgos are turned on by class, while Taureans get excited by cash? That Capricorns like to dominate, while Pisceans love to be possessed? That Scorpios get off on giving orgasms, while Arians prefer to get them? The sexual landscape of every sign is explicitly explored in tantalizing detail, including: -Pick-up lines that actually work -Erogenous zones, and how to work them -Compatibility ratings between each sign, in and out of bed -Favorite sexual positions, sex toys, flavors -- and more!

True Beauty

Priscilla Wu - 2014
    It is the people living in it that are ugly."For centuries it has been tradition for the child of a noble to receive a Noye, a slave, as their coming of age present for their 21st birthday. Although it is only Hana Acacia's 18th birthday, her father has deemed it appropriate to grant her with the one thing she dreads the most, a Noye. Hana has lived her life categorizing everything she has ever encountered into either being beautiful or hideous - but with an exceptional twist; she doesn't judge on appearance, but instead by what each individual holds within. That is why, despite his rough hair, harsh eyes, and faded scars, Sean Ambrosia is the most beautiful thing Hana has ever laid her eyes on.

Astrology Superstition Blind Faith or a Door to the Essential?

Osho - 2013
    From ancient India to the lost civilization of Sumeria, from Pythagoras to Paracelsus to Piccardi, we discover that for thousands of years there has been a thread of awareness of how all things in the universe are interconnected – an awareness that modern physics is still struggling to define in scientific terms today.As Osho says: The universe is a living body, an organic unity. In it, nothing is isolated, all is connected. Whatever is far away is connected to that which is near; nothing is separate. So no one should remain in the fallacy that he is an island: isolated, separate, aloof. Everything is connected to the whole, and everything is all the time affecting others and being affected by others.Astrology aficionados and skeptics alike will find something in this small volume to provoke a new way of looking at what really “makes the world go round.”

Cancer: The Art of Living Well and Finding Happiness According to Your Star Sign (Pocket Astrology)

Sally Kirkman - 2018
    You are the home lover and memory keeper of the zodiac. The signs of the zodiac can give us great insight into our day-to-day living as well as the many talents and qualities we possess.But in an increasingly unpredictable world, how can we make sense of them? And what do they mean?This insightful and introductory guide delves deep into your star sign, revealing unique traits and meanings which you didn't know. Along the way, you will discover how your sign defies your compatibility, how to improve your health and what your gifts are.The Pocket Astrology series will teach you how to live well and enhance every aspect of your life. From friendship to compatibility, careers to finance, you will discover new elements to your sign and learn about the ancient art of astrology.Other books in the series include: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius,Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

The New Chinese Astrology

Suzanne White - 1993
    The easy-to-read reference guide describes each animal sign's individual characteristics, special capabilities, and particular health problems, and explains how the five Chinese elements affect it. Discover the terrible Tiger's major weak spots. Find out why Rats get married so often. Even learn why Oxen should avoid spicy foods!You'll also discover how people of the various signs combine and relate to one another as friends, lovers, and colleagues. Suzanne White tells which matches are truly harmonious-- and which unions are a recipe for disaster. She also explains which celebrities were born under the various signs, and offers valuable advice for improving your destiny. Best of all, The New Chinese Astrology predicts what the next twelve years bode for you, your friends, and even your enemies!Lively, accessible, and witty, this book is full of sound advice. Whether you're a seasoned expert or just curious about your own or your loved ones' Chinese animal signs, The New Chinese Astrology is a marvelous resource in anyone's quest for higher understanding.

Superteam (Raptors #2)

Jaime Castle - 2021
    Trust me.If you did…Wow. Who saw that coming? I know I didn’t.As you know, I’m the Red Raptor. Now that things have… changed, I’ve asked my friend Amy to help tell the story. No, seriously, she’s just a friend. I mean—I guess if it were up to me? But… no.Okay, so there’s a new threat—a bunch of punks called the Neon Knights. They’re causing mayhem, armed with some kind of plasma-photon-light weapons that I can’t even begin to understand, and as usual, I’ve gotta stop them.However, this time I’ve got help. That’s right, I formed my own superteam. One for the ages.But first, I’ve gotta do my shift at Big Frankie Junior’s. What? You like eating burgers, right? Well, someone has to cook them. We can’t be heroes all the time.From Washington Post Bestseller Jaime Castle and CJ Valin comes the next installment from the best new superhero universe, perfect for fans of both DC and Marvel. Actually, its for fans of anything superhero-related. You’re gonna like it. Promise.

Knowing Me, Knowing You

Helen Bailey - 2011
    Something that Channy is intent on investigating - despite the distraction of gorgeous French exchange student, Antoine.

The Essential Edgar Cayce

Mark A. Thurston - 2004
     Edgar Cayce is one of the most mysterious men of the twentieth century. Sometimes called "The Sleeping Prophet," he was prone to pick up taglines that reflected the sensationalistic side of his work rather than its real depth and meaning. The core of his life's work was actually being an intuitive healer and Christian mystic. More than one hundred books have been written about his teachings and his life story. Yet no book has combined insightful commentary with lengthy, verbatim selections of the full range of his contribution to holistic healing, practical spirituality, and the psychology of the soul. The Essential Edgar Cayce gives the reader an understanding of each major area in which Cayce helped pioneer the modern holistic living movement, as well as the contemporary popular approach to spirituality that weaves together the best of Eastern and Western religious traditions. The book's substantial introduction frames Cayce and his life's work, and is followed by eight topical sections in which commentaries by Mark Thurston guide the reader through some of the seer's most significant readings. Here is a truly integral portrait of the life and work of one of the twentieth century's most fascinating spiritual figures.

Incarceron, and Sapphique by Catherine Fisher

Catherine Fisher
    NY Times Bestseller: Incarceron and Sapphique

Astrology 101: Decoding Your Energetic Signature

Alanna Kaivalya - 2016
    If you have ever dabbled in astrology, asked someone about their sign or wanted to know how to understand your astrological blueprint, this book is for you! You learn how to plot your own natal chart,  the energetic signatures of the zodiac signs and how to apply them to your big three: your sun, moon and rising signs. This gives you the power to unlock your astrological blueprint and take the power of the stars into your own hands. As a part of this book, you gain access to a secret cheat sheet that helps you master the qualities of each zodiac sign with ease.  Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D. wrote this book out of her own experience of spending decades trying to learn astrology. She wants to turn that around and make it accessible for you to learn and understand the power of the stars!