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Midnight Sun by Amanda Harte


Cajun Bride

Eugenia Riley - 2015
    . . Orphaned at seventeen, Cajun beauty Angelique Fremont is left to the tender mercies of her profligate Uncle Giles in antebellum New Orleans. Then Giles cruelly betrays his niece, offering her on the auction block to his depraved poker companions! Only the intervention of Jean Pierre Delacroix, notorious rogue turned Cupid, saves innocent Angelique from a fate worse than death. Yet Jean Pierre knows he can never make this untouched angel a proper husband, so he engineers a marriage of convenience for Angelique with his wealthy, enigmatic cousin Roland. TO BECOME A PLANTER’S BRIDE Angelique is stunned to find herself forced into marriage to handsome, formidable Roland Delacroix. All too soon she is Roland’s bride and mistress of Belle Elise Plantation. Angelique’s mysterious bridegroom both allures and unsettles her, and she struggles between her pride and her budding desire for him. Why does her masterful husband seem to want her one moment, then shun her the next? Why is he so jealous, so determined to control her every move? What are the terrible hurts, ghosts, and betrayals haunting Roland, painful secrets he withholds from her even as their passion ignites? Barely past girlhood, Angelique must confront a woman’s dilemma and fight for Roland and their marriage. For only through overcoming Roland’s demons can the tempestuous couple find true passion, love, and happiness together. Cajun Bride is a vivid and emotional historical romance of approximately 120,000 words. EDITORIAL REVIEWS (for previous edition entitled Angel Flame): Four Stars! “Both passionate and dramatic . . . a stirring love story. It is Eugenia Riley’s most colorful, touching romance to date.” —Romantic Times Five Stars! —Heartland Critiques

Twin Willows

Kay Cornelius - 1997
    It is there, too, that the chestnut-haired beauty will be reunited with her beloved Stuart, the brave soldier-turned-schoolteacher, whose kisses ignite her with overwhelming desire.But frontier life holds promise and peril far greater than any Anna could ever imagine. The growing conflict between native tribes and white settlers threatens to erupt in bloodshed. And in this untamed land is a sister Anna doesn't even know exists, a twin named Willow, hidden at birth and raised among the Indians. As settlers and Indians clash, fate will bring Anna together with her unknown sister...and lead her to a passion beyond her wildest fantasies.

Dakota Dreams

Constance O'Banyon - 1988
    Independent Lady Breanna Kendall couldn't believe her gambling brother had cashed in on her freedom to pay off his debts. Now she was trapped into marrying not only a stranger but one who had been raised by Indians in uncivilized America. Taking out her fury with a reckless ride, the amber-eyed hothead was thrown -- then stunned to awaken in a handsome stranger's arms. Their attraction was undeniable, and the betrothed beauty couldn't keep from succumbing to her virile rescuer's charms. But when she discovered her mysterious lover was her buffalo-hunting fiance, she felt betrayed by the philanderer ... and swore she'd never relent to his velvet touch again! Chained by Heritage ... If his Indian father hadn't forced him into a deathbed promise, towering Dakota Remington would never have left his rugged Arapaho life for stuffy England. Since the muscular white brave had no choice, he decided to happily explore his paleface people's homeland ... until he discovered he'd become wed to one without his consent! But after the raven-haired warrior saw Breanna, he knew he had to conquer her as any male who'd found his mate. He could always leave her behind when he returned to his real nation. For now he'd pursue her, torment her, tease her -- and seduce her with the magic of his DAKOTA DREAMS...

The Poacher's Daughter

Mary Nichols - 1995
    They all knew she was not the poacher’s real child, though few knew the mystery of how she came to be living with him. Kate herself was not sure; Josiah had told her he had found her abandoned as a baby, but was Josiah telling the truth?He loved her and she was devoted to him and she did not question what he said until two mysterious men came to the village on the same day, both handsome, strong, self-possessed men, but so very different in every other way. Something was happening in the village, something important, something that would affect all their lives…

Daughters of the South Wind

Aola Vandergriff - 1983
    But their story was no fairytale; for their father died on the trail and they were stranded, without money or means to go on. So, Tamsen McCleod became "Poppy Franklin," one of the girls at the cantina, to get the money to take her and her sisters to San Francisco. Soon, Em found a place in society--and in the heart of a prominent man; Arab danced her way into a life that promised love and a castle in Spain. But Tamsen's "other life" that had made it all possible now threatened to tumble all their dreams.


Linda Lael Miller - 1986
    Her own husband had died at the door of a town saloon. With hymns and hatchets, Lauralee and the women of Halpern's Ferry closed down all the taverns--all but the one Jay McCallum was determined to save.After his brother, a saloonkeeper, was found brutally slain, Jay had come to town ready to accuse Lauralee--only to be captivated by her winsome beauty. The proud, powerful man melted Lauralee's defiant heart with the aching hunger of his love--and with the sweet, urgent ecstasy they shared.But even as she surrendered to her rich and wild desire, Lauralee's joy was shadowed by the haunting mystery of Jay's brother's death...a mystery whose shocking outcome could forever destroy her future's radiant promise.

For The Love Of A Sister

Meg Hutchinson - 2005
    When her sister Eden visits her, she is sent away with a stinging slap, to prevent her from catching the predatory eye of Myra's mistress. Puzzled by her sister's behaviour, she sets off to make her way in the world.

Behind a Lady's Smile

Jane Goodger - 2015
    But raised in the forests of Yosemite, she’s met precious few men to practice her smiles upon. Until a marvelously handsome photographer appears in her little corner of the wilderness and she convinces him to take her clear across the country and over the seas to England, where she has a titled grandmother and grandfather waiting to claim her. On their whirlwind journey, she’ll have the chance to bedazzle and befuddle store clerks and train robbers, society matrons and big city reporters, maids and madams, but the one man she most wants to beguile seems determined to play the gentlemen and leave her untouched. Until love steps in and knocks them both head over heels…

Comanche Flame

Madeline Baker - 1992
    But if his reputation as an outlaw didn't warn decent women away, his Comanche blood did... Heartbreaker He saved Jessica's life out on the desolate plains, then made her a willing captive of his savage desire. But even when he had left her behind to rejoin his people, Jesse found she could not forget him. Safe and respectable once again, she longed for her once-in-a-lifetime love, knew she would give up everything for just one more night of ecstasy with the man called Dancer.

Mail Order Bride And The Gift of Children (A Western Historical Romance Book) (Evergreen Frontier)

Florence Linnington - 2020

Shadow Bear

Cassie Edwards - 2007
    Before he died from the Indian arrow that pierced his body while he was hunting gold outside Fort Chance, Shiona Bramlett's father, the colonel, revealed a shocking secret. Now, armed only with her father's map and her courage, she's determined to honor him-and to fulfill her own destiny. After a fierce prairie fire, Shadow Bear, Chief of the Grey Owl Band of the Lakota tribe, is desperately looking for his missing brother Silent Arrow. His search leads him to a beautiful woman in desperate need of help. Shadow Bear loathes the white man-but he cannot help but protect her. With a passion that is undeniable, they must learn to put their mistrust aside and share their secrets before all is lost

Lawless Love

Rosanne Bittner - 1985
     When Moss Tucker smelled danger he shot it. When he needed shelter he grabbed it. And when he wanted a woman's touch he bought it. But then he saw Amanda Boone's sparkling azure eyes—an innocent beauty like her would never get involved with a lawbreaking man like him. Chestnut-haired Amanda tried to keep her gaze on the vast frontier that flashed past her train window—but it kept straying to the buckskin-clad stranger. Every inch of him was virile and strong. She knew it was wrong to even think of his muscular arms crushing her soft curves in a fierce embrace. Yet she vowed that before the trip was through he would be the one to tame her savage desire with his wild and lawless love. "Bittner's characters spring to life...extraordinary for the depth of emotion with which they are portrayed."—PUBLISHERS WEEKLY "Time after time, Rosanne Bittner brings a full-blown portrait of the untamed West to readers. Her tapestry is woven with authenticity, colorful characters, intense emotions and love's power over every conceivable obstacle."—RT

First Love Wild Love

Janelle Taylor - 1984
    And in First Love, Wild Love, she continues her bestselling traditional on the sprawling plains of western Texas where a sheltered beauty loses her heart to a rugged rancher leading a dangerous double life... First Love, Wild Love Reared in the civilized society of far-off England, Calinda Braxton was unschooled in the ways of passion until she arrived in the exotic wilds of the untamed western frontier and a rugged, gunslinging stranger stole into her hotel room - and her bed! Roused from slumber by his breathless kisses, the beguiling innocent surrendered to her bold seducer's virile charms...never dreaming that he was a Texas ranger on a dangerous secret mission... or that his searing caress would awaken her heart to the soul-stealing ecstasy of a magnificent, once-in-a-lifetime love!

Hearts of Starlight

Audrey Adair - 2017
    She escapes across the sea to the western prairies, unknowing what is ahead of her but intent that she will never again allow a man to dictate her future. He will honor his promises and hold his family together… Callum McDougall, future chieftan of the McDougall clan, is journeying to the North-West Territories to determine what has become of his missing cousin. Once his mission is complete, he will honor the family tradition and return to Scotland to lead his clan. Together in the new world, what will the future hold? Callum and Victoria fight their intense attraction to one another, as Callum must return to Scotland while Victoria vows to remain true to herself. Soon, however, they find themselves unlikely allies in their respective predicaments. With a future continents apart, will they succeed in denying their growing feelings for one another, or will love prevail? "Hearts of Starlight" is a historical romance novel of approximately 57,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.


Norah Hess - 1998
    More important, her son needed a father. But how could the lonely saloon owner think of other men when she couldn't forget Tanner Graylord, the man who'd proposed to her eight years before? And how could she ever forgive him? He'd shown her firsthand all the pleasures love had to offer, then abruptly walked out of her life, leaving her to bear his child alone.Well, now Tanner was back. No longer the poor cowboy Roxy's father had despised, he returned from the war to the most prosperous cattle ranch in Denver. Though he tried to put the past behind him, when he saw Roxy he was, flooded with desire and memories of those soft, sweet nights. If only she knew that he had never stopped loving her, could never stop loving her, they might live the life they'd always planned--in each other's arms.