Corps Strength: A Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant's Program for Elite Fitness

Paul J. Roarke Jr. - 2010
    Corps Strength applies the same techniques used to develop and maintain each Marine's combat readiness to a day-to-day program for top-level fitness. Every aspect of training is incorporated into the program including warm-ups, stretching, upper body, core strength, lower body, cardio, running, goal-setting, and motivation. The author has trained thousands of people and witnessed time and again the amazing results achieved by these proven techniques. Regardless of current fitness levels, this personalized training methodology will enable readers to begin today and immediately progress in absolute strength, muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, and joint flexibility. The workouts in this book are packed with grueling mind- and body-draining tasks that test the mettle of any athlete while bringing him or her to top physical form.

Weight Training for Dummies

Liz Neporent - 1997
    Weight Training For Dummies, Third Edition, is packed with all the information you need to start your own personalized weight training program and get yourself into peak condition fast. You'll find out about: Circuit and resistance training 20-minute weight training routines The newest and best weight training equipment Combining weight training with other exercise Gender differences in weight training goals and routines Specific approaches for baby boomers and seniors just starting out Using weight training to address specific health conditions Preventing injuries Weight training for children and teens If you're getting pumped about weight training, don't delay. Buy Weight Training for Dummies, Third Edition today, and you'll be in shape in no time!

The Greyskull LP

John Sheaffer - 2012
    Quite simply the most flexible, and user friendly system for anyone interested in building strength and muscle. This book explains in detail the principles of Johnny Pain's famed Greyskull LP method used in the construction of hundreds of beasts around the globe. Cut through the dogmatic B.S. that pollutes the internet, and produce the outcomes that you desire from your training efforts.A must have for anyone serious about getting strong.

The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning: How to Get Stronger and Tougher--In the Gym and in Life--Using the Training Secrets of the Athletic Elite

Zach Even-Esh - 2014
    If there’s a hardcore, super-functional tool or tactic for maximizing strength, speed or muscle, it’s here—bodyweight, kettlebells, barbells, tires, ropes, sandbags, kegs and sleds. The bodyweight section alone is worth more than the price of the book—it’s a ‘must read’ for calisthenics fans. No book combines the old-school methods of strength training and muscle-building with the new science of performance enhancement and athletic conditioning better than The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning. And no author delivers his knowledge with more heart and passion than Zach Even-Esh. This 'bible of strength' is an inspiring must-read for every athlete, coach and fitness enthusiast of any age who wants to help themselves or others get an edge on the competition and become bigger, stronger, faster and tougher.Zach Even-Esh has filled his book with the kind of wisdom that can only be obtained from years in the trenches making mistakes and learning from them. Zach outlines techniques and tactics to build not only useable strength, but well-rounded athleticism that enhances performance and provides resilience from injury. The ultimate report card for a coach is results, not knowledge of theory. Zach gets results for real people.•Become the Total Athletic Package, with a farm boy’s all-around power and a gladiator’s whipcord resilience…•Develop the mental toughness, durability and spiritual fortitude that would do a hardened Spec Ops proud…•Develop the steely, never-ever-quit endurance capacity of a true champion…•Become fully prepped to overcome the rigors and uncertainties of your combat-sport—or whatever else gets thrown at you…•Combine the horsepower of a Ferrari with the grinding strength of a tow truck…•Get stacked with righteous cords of “GO! GO! GO!” hyper-powerful, hyper-functional muscle…•Make relentless progress in your physical prowess—without sacrificing your health…•Develop a tigrish self-confidence that guarantees you NEVER surrender to any set back or apparent obstacle…You CAN have all of this—and a whole lot more—because master-athletic coach Zach Even-Esh, has already delivered on these promises to literally thousands of real-world athletes over the last 25 years…Zach has spent over 25 years figuring out what REALLY works in the REAL world to be utterly devastating athletically. And he is ready to share ALL of this hard-won know-how with you…Zach’s sole mission in life is to pass on to the world what truly does work to produce an EFFECTIVELY strong and powerful human being.Punch a ticket to ride with Zach—and enter the exalted territory of the “Soul Athlete”…“Soul Athletes” see the whole world as their physical-transformation playground. Doesn’t matter where you are—you work with what you got…trees, sand, tires, sledgehammers, kettlebells, barbells, ropes, trucks, sandbags, ocean, kegs, stones, sleds, bodyweight, free weights, training partners, playgr

The Men's Health Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts: A Leaner, Stronger Body--in 15 Minutes a Day!

Selene Yeager - 2011
    If there's a way to accomplish a job quicker and more efficiently, they're allfor it. That goes for work and working out. Now, new research shows that as little as 15 minutes ofresistance training is just as effective in spiking a man's metabolism—his fat-burning furnace—asa workout lasting more than twice as long. All it takes is 15 minutes to achieve lifelong results—andmen are more likely to stick to an exercise plan if it's chopped down to those 15 minutes.The Men's Health Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts - by Selene Yeager and the editors of Men's Health - contains fast-paced circuit training and interval workouts that boost calorie burn, build muscle, and fry belly fat in half the time of regular workouts. Readers can choose from at-home, body-weight-only workouts and total-body barbell programs to exercises that target major muscle groups—the chest, arms, legs, and back—and sport-specific workouts. Other highlights include:-a special section of 15-minute core workouts to build a rock-hard six-pack-an eating plan with delicious meals that take 15 minutes or less to prepare-workouts for the office or when you're traveling and can't make it to the gym-hundreds of tips from America's best trainers, nutritionists, and exercise scientists

Cool Yoga Tricks

Miriam Austin - 2003
    Although it seems like everyone from Madonna to your eighty-three-year-old Uncle Teddy is practicing yoga, most of us are unable to do even the simplest classic yoga poses without undue stress and strain. Now in this clear, understandable, easy-to-follow book, Miriam Austin offers alternative yoga routines that help you reap the greatest rewards from your yoga practice, and she reveals shortcuts to help you perform yoga like a pro.Using everyday items, such as chairs, walls, and blankets, Miriam Austin shows how those of us with normal flexibility limitations can experience the very real benefits of yoga--without dislocating our joints, overstretching our muscles, or giving up in frustration. She makes the basics simple, doable, and down-to-earth.Dog Tricks--lengthen your spine more fully with these Downward Facing Dog tricks, designed to relax your neck, shoulders, and back--and make your Dog Pose much more lovable.Befriending Backbends--increase your preztebility with a little help from your friends--and from some garden-variety folding chairs.Tweaking Your Twists--learn the techniques that will stretch your spine and give you more life energy.Super Stretches--feel as limber as your average bowling ball? Gently coax your muscles to new lengths by practicing the routines in this chapter.

The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer: The Art, Science and Philosophy of a Bodybuilding Legend

John Little - 2005
    In "The Wisdom of Mike Mentzer," you will discover Mike's most advanced training techniques and philosophies--previously known only to his inner circle and personal clients.Drawing upon never-before-released materials, his longtime colleague John Little reveals Mentzer's most powerful lessons and workout plans, including: The importance of working to failure Techniques for pushing past mental and physical plateaus How overtraining impedes progress A complete advanced "Heavy Duty" training systemThe workout that worked "like magic" for Mr. Universe himself More than an instruction manual, this thorough compendium brings together a lifetime of insights, training truths, and personal philosophies from one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

Jump Rope Training

Buddy Lee - 2003
    wrestling champion Buddy Lee presents his jump rope training system used by over 25 U.S. Olympic teams.Workouts for a variety of sport skill and fitness components are included, such as endurance, strength and power, speed, agility, and balance. This second edition also includes the latest on rehabilitation of sport injuries and optimizing body composition for athletic performance. And, to get you started immediately, Jump Rope Training presents sample sport-specific training programs for more than 40 sports.If you're ready to take your workouts to the next level, turn to the system that the world's top athletes have come to rely on. Jump Rope Training will not only change the way you train but also change how you feel, look, and perform. It's the proven approach to improving fitness and performance.

Beginner's Luck Guide For Non-Runners: Learn to Run from Scratch to an Hour in 10 Weeks

George Anderson - 2013
    You may have tried and failed in the past to make running stick, but never the less you are determined to master it. You may tell yourself that “running is hard”, or “I’m just not a runner”, but the truth is that anybody can learn to run if they have the right approach. You will likely have many questions; “how do I build up my running distance?”, “how do I stay motivated to run?”, “how do I warm up and cool down?”. All of these and more are covered off within the pages of this book along with a step by step guide to building up your running to 60 minutes. There is more to learning how to run than just going out and seeing how far you can go three days a week. Some people will undoubtedly have success with this method, but for most beginner runners it takes a little more guidance and support to truly master the art of running. More and more beginners are deciding to take their first steps and learn how to run. Races are popping up all over the place geared towards beginner runners and it remains one of the most accessible sports around. Learning how to run should be a fun and rewarding experience in itself, not just a means to achieve a goal. Beginner’s Luck is a complete program that teaches you everything you need to build your confidence as a runner. The program itself removes the pressure of having to stick rigidly to a set rate of progress, and instead allows you to progress at your own pace. If you are a beginner runner who would like to learn how to run for up to an hour AND surprise yourself as to how easy it really is, get Beginner’s Luck and start out on your journey today.


Rael Isacowitz - 2006
    In Pilates, world-renowned Pilates expert Rael Isacowitz shows you the same repertoire that he has used to train 10 Olympians, including U.S. figure skater Sasha Cohen and diver Wendy Williams, as well as an elite group of professional instructors who work with celebrities and athletes around the world. Starting with the foundation for all the exercises, Pilates presents an in-depth treatment of mat work, including photo illustrations and detailed breathing instruction to help you perform the movements correctly. A unique set of challenging exercise sequences allows the movements to flow in one continuous motion. Following mat work, where most books stop entirely, Pilates just gets going. The same depth of instruction and photo illustrations are applied to the full range of Pilates apparatus: Reformer Cadillac Step and ladder barrels Magic circle Wunda chair Ped-a-pul Arm chair The complete repertoire includes a customized grouping of exercises in blocks that progress from the fundamental level through the intermediate and advanced levels to challenge you at all stages of Pilates development. With 210 exercises in all, Pilates is the most comprehensive guide available on the Pilates method. A contemporary approach to the work of Joseph Pilates, this is the one book you need in order to improve posture, muscle tone, core strength, and flexibility.

Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed

Jay Dicharry - 2017

The Shift: How I (lost and) found myself after 40 – and you can too

Sam Baker - 2020

The Female Body Breakthrough: The Revolutionary Strength-Training Plan for Losing Fat and Getting the Body You Want

Rachel Cosgrove - 2009
    It can’t be found in a magic pill. According to strength coach, Rachel Cosgrove, the key to shedding fat and keeping it off can only be found on the strength-training floor. After trying—and failing—diet after diet, hundreds of women have turned to Cosgrove and her revolutionary Fit Female strength training program to finally get the fit, strong, and healthy bodies they’ve always wanted. Her clients have lost up to 70 pounds, dropped up to six dress sizes, and drastically changed their body shapes and muscle-to-fat ratios. Now any woman can get the same results with The Female Body Breakthrough. A program for every female who is tired of starving herself, exercising for hours with no results, and feeling bad about it all, this revolutionary plan uses a combination of innovative strength training and sensible nutrition. The 16-week program includes: A 2-week Bodyweight-Only Jumpstart Phase that will help women adjust to strength training while seeing results in just days Over 100 fully illustrated warm-up moves and innovative strength-training exercises using everything from dumbbells and barbells to bands and straps A comprehensive nutrition plan including nutrient-timing strategies that work with workouts, satisfying foods that promote optimum health and energy, and even an indulgent snack every day A Do-It-Yourself guide to program design so women can craft a program that works toward her personal goals and with her schedule Written in an accessible, girlfriend-to-girlfriend tone, The Female Body Breakthrough delivers doses of motivational advice, testimonials from real Fit Females, and all the know-how any woman needs to get a strong, healthy body.

The Pilates Bible: The Most Comprehensive and Accessible Guide to Pilates Ever

Lynne Robinson - 2010
    Participation in Pilates has skyrocketed by more than 500 percent in the last five years. Today 9.5 million Americans do Pilates at least once a week. The Pilates Bible is the modern guide to this superb fitness program. The authors, all expert Pilates instructors, correlate their own practical experience with up-to-date knowledge, new exercises and brand-new modifications supported by recent medical findings.Clear step-by-step photographs show the exercises, and captions provide tips on form and movement. There is a range of workout choices designed for sessions lasting 20 to 30 minutes, 40 to 50 minutes and 60 to 70 minutes.The book includes:The guiding principles and fundamentals of Pilates Beginner, intermediate and advanced mat work General health benefits and benefits for specific medical conditions Pilates for sedentary and active lifestyles, sports and weight training Pilates in the local gym, at work and while traveling Prenatal and postnatal exercises Exercises for menopausal and postmenopausal women A survey of studio equipment and small equipmentDesigned as a practical all-in-one guide, The Pilates Bible is the most authoritative and comprehensive book on Pilates available. Students, practitioners and instructors will find this book indispensable.

Lift Like a Girl: Be More, Not Less.

Nia Shanks - 2017
    If you’re like most women, you’ve been through this vicious cycle more times than you can count. But what if fitness wasn’t about fixing flaws and shrinking sizes? What if your workout could be uncomplicated, energizing, and even fun? Fitness coach Nia Shanks has helped countless clients reinvent their mindset around exercise, nutrition, and body image. Based on her wildly popular blog, Lift Like a Girl is so much more than a workout program. It’s an empowering lifestyle built around discovering the strength you never knew you had. Along with her practical, step-by-step approach for getting proven results in the gym, Nia breaks through the weight-loss clichés that keep too many women dissatisfied, depressed, and constantly on a diet. Find out how good it feels to lift like a girl, and leave the gym feeling more awesome than ever.