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Recipe for Christmas by Kit Morgan


Christmas Spirit

Annie Boone - 2016
    A sweet young woman. A stranger from New York. Felicity Lipscomb has loved Josh Garrett almost as long as she can remember. She thinks he’s nothing short of amazing. She doesn’t have the confidence to let him know, so she longs for him quietly, hoping one day he’ll notice her. When she overhears a conversation just before Christmas, Felicity gets an idea she’s sure will help her finally snag her dream man. To make her plan work, she needs to learn to cook. The Christmas Festival Cider Competition is the perfect opportunity for her to prove her kitchen skills to the handsome cowboy. Then the festivities begin. Secrets are revealed. Tempers flare. Nasty words are exchanged. All at a time when people should be joyful. In the blink of an eye Felicity’s happiness shatters. Can the stranger from New York make things better? Will his purpose for being there bring people together when they’ve been torn apart? Pick up a copy to find out if renewed Christmas Spirit comes to the sweet little town of Cutter’s Creek just when they need it most.

A Carol Plays

Kari Trumbo - 2016
    She’s desperate to find a husband to take care of both of them. When Dr. Manning Gentry comes to help her father, it’s like Provenance is smiling down on her, except her father doesn’t approve of the match. Dr. Gentry is taken with the young Carol, daughter of his patient, but she’s far too eager to throw her life away with just any man. Can he convince her that what she’s offering is precious before he has to go back to Boston, or will his meddling destroy any chance they have at a future?


Vivi Holt - 2016
    But it seemed destiny had other plans. She’d begun to feel as though she'd always be in the background, helping others build their families, leaving her dreams to wilt and die. That is, until the handsome Winston Frank comes courting at the church picnic. But then, Sheriff Clifford Brentwood sweeps her off her feet, literally! Both men make her pulse race. Both are determined to claim her love. Only one can win her heart. When an unexpected danger threatens her very life, Camilla will have to make a choice. Who will she choose?

Angus' Trust

Linda K. Hubalek - 2017
    This book series showcase the six sons of Pastor and Kaitlyn Reagan, first featured in the 1873 year-based Brides with Grit series. "Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health; and forsaking all others, be faithful unto her as long as you both shall live?" The young men have heard Pastor Reagan say these words to many couples over the years, and they vow to treat all women this way as they walk through life. Besides the Reagan brothers, the series will feature other men in their community. Oldest son Angus Reagan grew up fascinated with trains and has done everything from stoking engines to applying the car brakes. Now, after being a train detective for years, he's thinking about heading home to Clear Creek, Kansas. He misses his family and community. Daisy Clancy spent her childhood in the family-run café in Clear Creek, Kansas, but she left home to work in a big city when she came of age. Still single and finally lonely for family, Daisy decides to return home and open her own business. Fate puts the two childhood friends on the same train and sparks of memories cause each to think of their future, maybe even together. But a train wreck and robbery sets them on another journey they hadn’t planned on. Two Montana Sky Kindle World books, Nolan's Vow, and Elof's Mission, enter the Grooms with Honor setting right before Angus' Trust.

Alanna: Christian Historical Romance (Mail Order Brides of Pine Crossing Book 1)

Kathleen Ball - 2021

A Maid for Mason (Mail-Order Mama, #13)

Regina Walker - 2021
    Her coming of age was marked more by starting work alongside her mother than an lavish party. The young woman of the house where she works is full of wild ideas and tries to drag Mary Ann into all of her schemes. One such scheme finds Mary Ann exchanging letters with a man settling in the west, which lets her imagine something other than the life of a housemaid for the first time ever.Widowed at a young age, Mason has been left to care for his son and land alone. They have enough to get by, but it's hard to work the land, run the cows, and keep a toddling boy out of trouble. His sister and her husband help where they can, and they keep offering to take his son for a time, but Mason can’t bear the thought of letting the boy go live with them. Love is the last thing on his mind as he tries to figure out how to keep moving forward.Hannah, Mason's sister, doesn't think her brother should be trying to do everything alone. He won't listen to her pleas to do something to find a wife, so she takes matters into her own hands.Can two people, tricked by a sister with good intentions, find love on the frontier?

Rescued by the Mountain Man

Dana Alden - 2018
    She heads West to work at her stepbrother’s mercantile and maybe find love one day. But, her mule train is attacked before she even gets there. Mountain Man Cal Ayers agrees to lead Amanda safely across the mountains. It’s not long, though, before they realize the attack was aimed at Amanda – and that living with her stepbrother might not be the safest plan. Amanda can’t establish a new life when someone is trying to kill her. And she can’t imagine a new life without Cal, who she’s falling for. But Cal is fighting his feelings as he is already engaged. Can Cal save Amanda’s life, and their burgeoning love, in time?

Hearts of the West

Leah Atwood - 2015
    Whether you have just a few minutes to enjoy a novelette, or the time to really get immersed in the dust and grit of a western town, there's something here for everyone.Step into a day when outlaws ran free, the land was wild, and guns blazed at the drop of a hat! After the Rain    Rand McCade made a promise to his dying wife to one day remarry. He doesn't want to remarry, but a promise is a promise.   Pressured to marry a violent man, widowed and pregnant Lettie Morgan seeks out an agency which finds brides for men in the west.   Can two hearts, broken and grieving, put their pasts aside and blend their lives into one? A Lady in Defiance    Charles McIntyre owns everything in the lawless mining town of Defiance. When three sisters show up stranded, alone, and offering to open a "nice" hotel, he is intrigued enough to let them stay...especially since he sees feisty middle sister Naomi as a possible conquest.   Naomi wants no part of Defiance or the saloon-owning, prostitute-keeping Mr. McIntyre. It would seem however, that God has gone to elaborate lengths to bring them together. The question is, "Why?" Does God really have a plan for each and every life? Rocky Mountain Oasis    When Sky Jordan hears that his nefarious cousin has sent for a mail-order bride, he knows he has to prevent the marriage. No woman deserves to be left to that fate. Still, he's as surprised as anyone to find himself standing next to her before the minister.   Brooke's new husband turns out to be kinder than any man has ever been. But then the unthinkable happens and she holds the key that might save innocent lives but destroy Sky all in one fell swoop. It's a choice too unbearable to contemplate...but a choice that must be made. Bounty    Luke Jordan's mother's dying words rang in his head. "Take these to your brothers." His brothers? The Jordan gang of outlaws. Why did he have to waste time tracking them down?   Cat Cahill's morning rides are a pleasant diversion from her mother's lectures on marrying a civilized man from the east. Despite her prayers, Cat hasn't found the man she would want to spend the rest of her life with until she runs into Luke.   One town trying to avoid a buyout, one gang worth their weight in gold, bounty hunters intent on taking the Jordan gang in more dead than alive = two in love and a bunch in trouble. Charity's Gold Rush    After Charity saves handsome Gabriel Williams' daughter from being trampled he asks her to marry him. And Charity believes he's the answer to her prayers.   Gabe and Charity agree to a marriage in name only, although Charity is upset that now that she has found a man she could see herself making a life with, he isn't interested in anything more than someone to watch his children, and he's a gambler to boot - just like Pa who got her into this mess.   By the beginning of the following spring, if both parties are in agreement, they'll annul the marriage and part ways.   Neither expects love to interfere with their plans or for God to intervene with a plan of His own.

A Family for Christmas

Cynthia Woolf - 2016
    Lost in a blizzard on Christmas Eve, she fears she will die before ever seeing her sweet baby's face. When her horse throws her, all hope seems lost, until a handsome stranger appears, takes her in his arms, and carries her to the warmth and safety of his remote mountain cabin. Adam Masters lives alone in the mountains of Montana Territory outside Morgan's Crossing. The last thing he expects to find on his property is a half frozen woman. The last thing he wants is to deliver a baby on Christmas morning. But Charlotte and her new daughter begin to thaw his cold, grieving heart. Adam already lost one family. When danger comes to his door, he'll do whatever it takes to protect the two women he's grown to love, but can he convince Charlotte to take a chance and give him her heart.

Christmas In Wichita Falls

Cyndi Raye - 2017
    If her dead husband hadn't gone and died on her she wouldn't be in this situation. Now she finds herself the victim of a train robbery near Wichita Falls. Everything is riding on her getting to California by the end of the year. Will she get there in time to save her sisters from becoming victims of the Mercy Train? David Morgan vows never to marry after the woman he loved betrayed him for the town banker. He had enough of fake women until Holly comes along and changes everything. How can he show her she belongs in Wichita Falls before time runs out? Enjoy this delightful clean and wholesome western and pioneer romance and visit with many of the other brides from Wichita Falls.

Lottie's True Love

Lisa M. Prysock - 2019
    Nothing is the same since he enlisted, promising to return. When her cousin, Kitty Gardner, writes to her about a mail-order bride agency in Ottertail County, Minnesota, Charlotte writes to the proprietress, Miss Ella Milton, hoping she might be able to find her a suitable match. She doesn’t expect her heart to stop aching for Ryan, but moving forward with her life has become more appealing than the devastation of the war. The last thing Lottie expects is for Ella Milton to match her to Captain Caleb Brooks, a handsome Yankee hero who sweeps her off her feet right from the start. He doesn’t expect her to be so beautiful, and he certainly doesn’t expect her to turn his life upside-down. When Ryan, the handsome young Master of Bally-Belle Plantation, turns up on the scene in Pelican Rapids alive, suffering from a severe case of Soldier’s Heart and searching for his fiancée, Caleb may have to enlist the help of some unlikely company to bring his bride safely home again. Adventure, drama, history, humor, and sweet romance leap off the pages in this captivating mail-order bride series. Purchase your copy today and enjoy every moment in this Christian Historical Romance novel.

Gunsmoke and Gingham

Kirsten Osbourne - 2017
    She has no desire to be in the town where they grew up together and memories of him will flood through her at every turn. After five years as a cook, her employer suggests she become a mail order bride to a man who has no desire to find love…only a life partner. Unsure if she’s making a mistake, she sends a letter in reply to the ad, unsure if she’ll be able to handle marriage to a stranger after expecting a life of love. William Jones has always known he’d marry his love, but when her father insists he goes West to make his fortune before they can marry, he reluctantly agrees. After all, he wants his love to get everything she ever wants in life. When he finds out Mary has died after a tragic illness, he gets his farm ready, but he can’t go through his entire life without love. He sends for a mail order bride, getting the biggest shock of his life. Will he ever be able to trust his bride? Or will he spend the rest of his life regretting his decision to marry? THE ECHO OF MUSIC by AMELIA C. ADAMS: When acclaimed opera singer Orinda Lou Britt loses her voice, she leaves the stage and her home in Chicago to live in Topeka, where no one knows her and she can start over again. Along with her, she brings her cherished heirloom piano, a gift from her grandmother. Nathan Perry travels the country tuning pianos in every town, and there is no one Orinda Lou trusts more. But when it comes time for her piano to be repaired, Nathan seems nowhere to be found, and when he does finally arrive, the reason for his absence may drive them apart forever. TETON SEASON OF PROMISE by PEGGY L. HENDERSON: Olivia Barkley knows how to take care of herself. Growing up in an orphanage, she’s learned that good things don’t come easily and certainly don’t last forever. While escaping the unwanted advances of her employer, her path crosses with a man who made a promise he didn't keep. Caleb Walker has lived a life of freedom among the spectacular Tetons, surrounded by the love of his family and friends. Unexplained restlessness prompts him to leave his beloved mountains in search of answers. When he joins an expedition into the wilderness, he is shocked to come face to face with a woman from his long-forgotten past. Caleb and Livy must find a way to come to terms with their unexpected meeting. If they can move beyond the guilt and misunderstandings of the past, they might discover that they were meant to be together all along. THE GUNSMITH’S BRIDE by KRISTIN HOLT: Morgan Hudson can’t begrudge his widowed father a second chance at happiness. So when Dad’s mail-order bride arrives in Mountain Home with a beautiful daughter, Morgan’s life flips upside down. The lovesick fifty-year-olds need a chaperone, and Morgan can’t remember to treat Lizzy like a sister. Will their emergent love survive their parents’ romance, threats from the past, and a law forbidding kissing on the streets of Mountain Home? HANNAH’S HERO by MARGERY SCOTT: US Marshal Kirby Matheson is on his way to testify at the trial of an outlaw when he comes across Hannah on the trail, unconscious and hurt. He feels a connection to her unlike any he’s never felt with another woman. He’s sure she feels the same, so why is she so frosty toward him? And why is he suddenly thinking about giving up the one thing he’s always valued – his freedom? When Hannah Wilde is rescued by a handsome stranger after being thrown from her horse during a storm, she finds her

Sweetwater Springs Christmas

Debra HollandBev Pettersen - 2013
    E. AYERS - A CHRISTMAS FAR FROM HOMEFar from home and with love in their hearts, a young Wyoming rancher and the daughter of a Montana railroad businessman learn the true joy of Christmas is in giving.LINDA CARROLL-BRADD - WISHES ON A STARWill a wish on a star foretell the future of a young suffragette and a visiting rancher?MJ FREDRICK - ABIGAIL'S CHRISTMAS ANGELA lonely widow and a lonelier marshal make peace with their past.DEBRA HOLLAND - THE GIFT OF MUSICCan two reserved people overcome their limitations and find love?DEBRA HOLLAND - A FAMILY FOR IKEAn orphaned boy finds an unexpected family.DEBRA HOLLAND - THE JOY OF CHRISTMASThe town banker learns that perhaps some things are more important than money.PATY JAGER - A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBERIda doesn't remember the last two years, but her husband is determined to find her and reignite their love.JILL MARIE LANDIS - UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEARA spinster discovers it's never too late to embrace love and the surprises life has in store.TRISH MILBURN - A NEW HOME FOR CHRISTMASA woman scarred in face and heart finds love with a cowboy.LINDA MCLAUGHLIN - THE BEST PRESENTA grieving ten-year-old girl anticipating a sad Christmas receives some surprises.BEV PETTERSEN - THE CHRISTMAS CROSSINGWith a little Christmas magic, two searching hearts discover they can bridge much more than a raging river.TORI SCOTT - A PROMISE FOR CHRISTMASFaced with her first Montana winter without her husband, Rachel Tanner and her young son need a miracle.CYNTHIA WOOLF - SUGARPLUM DREAMSJulia Bosworth travels west to fulfill a special dream and finds her heart's desire.

Mail-Order Christmas Brides Boxed Set: Mail-Order Mistletoe Brides\Mail-Order Holiday Brides

Jillian Hart - 2014
    Enjoy three romances of adventure and faith in one great bundle! A little girl longs for a new mother for Christmas so she convinces her single father to advertise for a mail-order wife, whose arrival offers them the chance to forge a real family. A would-be bride discovers her intended groom has abandoned her before she even arrives but then she unexpectedly falls for the groom's brother. A gruff rancher's marriage offer to a widowed single mother is based solely on convenience…until it becomes a matter of the heart. This bundle includes: MAIL-ORDER CHRISTMAS BRIDES MAIL-ORDER HOLIDAY BRIDES MAIL-ORDER MISTLETOE BRIDES

Father's Day

Elizabeth Ellen Carter - 2019
    At the same time, Naval veteran and retired spy Adam Hardacre learns he has an adult son he never knew existed. Thrown together one Christmas, by circumstances beyond their control, father and son must find mutual ground on which to come to terms with the past. Life is too short to hold on to regret, and a greater regret awaits if the two men cannot work together to save a life. Love comes in many forms... and none more strongly than the love from father to son.