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Closed Captioning Handbook by Gary D. Robson


Rise of the Data Cloud

Frank Slootman - 2020

Nikon D3100: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Jeff Revell - 2010
    A guide to the Nikon D3100 camera provides information on the camera's scene modes, composition, focus, lighting, and composition to take successful portraits and sports and landscape photographs.

The Atomic Chef: And Other True Tales of Design, Technology, and Human Error

Steven Casey - 2006
    The 20 stand-alone chapters of this new work describe how technological failures result from the incompatibilities between the way things are designed and the way people actually perceive, think, and act. New technologies will succeed or fail based on our ability to minimize these incompatibilities between the characteristics of people and the characteristics of the things we create and use.This book is the quintessential 'must read' for all those who deal with technology in any fashion. From the frustration of an awkward ATM machine to the threat of accidental, nuclear Armageddon, Casey shows how the same crucial factors come into play told through the very eyes of those people who saw and experienced these things. No student of design, psychology, behavioral science, or technology should be without this book, and neither should any intelligent member of society who wants to know what goes on with the successes and failures of modern technology.Sit ringside to the action where compelling events unfold. The stories in this book will take you to airports and airline cabins, an amusement park, a fertility clinic, a pharmaceutical plant, an emergency dispatch center, the Olympic games, and a bank; to hospitals, spacecraft, ships, and cars. From the coasts of Peru and Monterey, in orbit aboard the International Space Station, the freeways of Southern California and the back roads of France, the battlefields of Afghanistan, and a nuclear fuel plant in Japan this is The Atomic Chef.

Architecting for the AWS Cloud: Best Practices (AWS Whitepaper)

Amazon We Services - 2016
    It discusses cloud concepts and highlights various design patterns and best practices. This documentation is offered for free here as a Kindle book, or you can read it in PDF format at

Hearts Grove Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 - 12

Danielle Collins - 2020

Generation iY: Secrets to Connecting With Today’s Teens & Young Adults in the Digital Age

Tim Elmore - 2015
    Over 100,000 adults have benefitted from Tim Elmore’s insights in this landmark book, which has been updated and expanded to include new research, stories, practical solutions, and two bonus chapters to help adults connect with today’s teens and young adults.

Amazon Echo: 2017 Edition - User Guide and Manual - Learn It Live It Love It

Dominic West - 2016
    It’s compatible with a vast array of other electronics and online platforms. It can answer questions, control smart devices, play music, and more. It responds to the names “Echo” and “Alexa”. What does this book offer? Amazon Echo: The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Echo – 2017 Edition explains how you can best use the Echo’s wealth of powerful features: Setting Up Your Echo for the First Time Interacting Verbally with Alexa Setting Up Pandora on Your Echo Connecting your Google Calendar to Your Echo Amazon Echo IFTTT Channel Advice Fun (and Sleepy time) Echo Activities for Kids! Making Echo Part of Your Fitness Routine and even Streamlining Your Business with Echo! Who is Alexa? Alexa is your cloud-based, voice-activated personal assistant. Unlike other digital assistants, she has a smooth, life-like voice and an incredible variety of skills. She’s your new best friend – in a box! When you download Amazon Echo: The Ultimate Guide To Amazon Echo – 2017 Edition, you’ll find out how to engage with Alexa and maximize your use of her powerful skills. As you use your Echo, Alexa adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences. You can even download and install the Alexa Skills Kit to install her on your other devices! You deserve this next step in functionality, convenience, and fun! Don’t Delay - get your copy of this incredible book TODAY! Scroll up and click the “Buy with One Click” button. Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now! You’ll be so glad you gained this valuable information!

Champion of Aphrodite (Demigods and Monsters, #1)

D.R. Rosier - 2021
    His night would start out much like any other, as he stops off for a beer or two after work, and to meet up with friends if they’re there that night.But his life is turned upside down, as the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on walks into the bar scantily clad and right up to him, and he learns he isn’t quite as human as he’d always thought. In fact, he was a demigod, and the woman that’s doing his father a favor… well, she’s a goddess. The goddess of love, pleasure, beauty, and fertility in fact, and she needs a champion. It all seems pretty insane to him even as he accepts, especially the part about his godly stepmother wanting him dead. It only gets crazier from there and the insane ride never stops. He hopes it’ll slow down soon, even though a lot of it is insanely enjoyable and beyond surreal, if not his mind can always catch up when he’s dead…Author Warning: This is an Urban Fantasy adventure featuring a mixed monster girl and demigoddess harem and polyamory theme, with some MF to MFF scenes of an explicit nature. If that’s not your cup of tea, don’t read this book. You have been warned. This is also loosely based on Greek mythology. I’m sure I got some things wrong, and I know I made some changes to the myths fit my story.

Nephilim; The Truth About Genesis 6 Giants,Fallen Angels, Ancient Evil And The Days Of Noah (The Watchers,Mystery Babylon, Trans Humanism, The Illuminati And The Occult Agenda)

Alan Fawcett - 2015
    The Nephilim. Does the bible really talk about Giants? Did they really exist?The Truth and The Lie series. There are so many interesting things in the Bible that much of our modern world doesn’t even realize are there. We are going to explore many of these areas in this series. We will search for the truth and the reality of what the word of God really says, as well as addressing the misconceptions that are held about it in our modern days. The word of God contains the reality of the scientific creation that is extravagantly miraculous and still completely understandable. We will be Exploring The truth about biblical giants. The reality of fallen angels. Who is Lucifer really? Is there really good and evil? What did Jesus (Yeshua) tell us to be watching for? Can we actually know what is “truth?” If The Word Of God Is True… That Changes Everything!What if the Bible isn’t just a seemingly quaint collection of myths and self-righteous moral codes? What if it isn’t an antiquated tribal religious document like any other primitive myth? And what if it isn’t a simplistic story of primitive people trying to understand their world, a people who we judgingly suppose were without the benefit of our modern science and unable to have our modern insight? And what if this modern insight is not what it is supposed to be? We Need To Know! Where did everything come from? Who is really in charge? How old is the earth? Is there more in the bible than I’ve been told? What about the other ancient cultures?” Modern atheistic science freely admits that there is so much about the universe we don’t know, and yet can’t even conceive that there is something beyond us that is responsible for all this. Our modern science is beginning to take a peek into the unseen like never before. Quantum and dimensional physics shows us that there is indeed a supernatural realm - other dimensions of existence! The further science explores, the more it becomes apparent that the universe is more like a grand thought than a grand thing. All we see is made from what we cannot see - exactly as the Bible has maintained from the beginning. The reality of every new discovery points more and more towards a highly complex interwoven dimensional reality that is closer to a digital hologram than is comfortable to admit. We know that time is part of the space time matter realm we occupy and that it has a beginning and an end, that there is more beyond time. YHVH, Elohim God, exists outside of time. Yet science isn’t likely to offer any forthcoming admission to this possibility anytime soon.Yes, if it is true, if there is one creator God, the God of the Bible, then that changes everything! We will explore the fascinating reality that the word of God is true. It explains everything and brings our world - back - into a perspective that makes sense. It is scientifically accurate, it is realistically possible, and it is an amazing reality! You Will Learn The Truth. The truth about world history! What we have been taught isn’t all there is. The truth about ancient culture, Their legends and myths. The truth about how everything really got here The reality about the players behind world events The true existence of a supernatural world, proven by science.

Everything Electrical: How To Use All The Functions On Your Multimeter (Revised Edition 6/24/2017)

Vincent Keler - 2015
    Now in a new revised edition with new illustrations and explanation!! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Chapter 1: Introduction To Multi-meters: Manual, Auto Ranging and Analog Chapter 2: Voltage DC & AC Chapter 3: Amperage DC & AC Chapter 4: Resistance, Continuity, Diode and Capacitance Function Chapter 5: Hz & Duty Cycle Chapter 6: Temperature Chapter 7: Graphing Multimeters and Uses Chapter 8: Multimeter Accuracy and Choosing the Right Meter Chapter 9: Miscellaneous Electrical Tips And Tricks &Much, much more! Download Your Copy Today! Now In A New REVISED EDITION Created From Customer Comments and Demands. Take Action And Learn How To Use A Multimeter Fast!! Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. Last Revised 6/24/2017 Important Note When Purchasing My Books!! I am constantly updating and adding new content to all my books based off of customer comments & requests. To get the latest version after purchase please go to [Your Account] on the top right of the Amazon homepage. then click [Manage Your Content And Devices], then go to [Setting] and please turn ON your [Automatic Book Updates]. This will allow you to get the latest revised edition after the initial purchase for free . Thank you. (: Tags: Meters Electrical Electric Automotive Household Motorcycles Motorcycle Aviation Diagnosis Testing Circuit Voltmeter Multi-meter Amperage Ohmmeter Temperature Graphing Meters Diodes Capacitors Meter Accuracy Hertz Duty Cycle Tools Troubleshooting How to Diagnostics Beginner Electronics Industrial Circuit Voltmeter Multimeter Tools

Amazon Echo: Master Your Amazon Echo; User Guide and Manual (Amazon Echo Updated 2017 User Guide)

Andrew McKinnon - 2015
    This revolutionary device: Is Easy to Access Has Excellent Voice Quality Provides Superior Voice Recognition Handles Many Privacy Concerns Has Frequent Software Upgrades Offers Natural-Sounding Voices Allows for Cloud Processing Has Solid, Dependable Hardware What can this book do for you? Amazon Echo: Master Your Amazon Echo; User Guide and Manual teaches you how to use Alexa, how this feature is designed, and how to set it up. You'll learn about: The Body The Blue Light How to Use the Microphones Using Sensors Remote Control Functions Essential Setup Tips You'll find out how to Navigate the Echo and its App, Use the Echo Pen, and Activate your Echo with Voice Command and the remote control. You'll learn to use Bluetooth and connect other home devices to your Echo - including music services! Let Amazon Echo: Master Your Amazon Echo; User Guide and Manual take you by the hand and turn you into an Amazon Echo expert! Download your copy TODAY!

AWS Well-Architected Framework (AWS Whitepaper)

Amazon Web Services - 2015
    By using the Framework you will learn architectural best practices for designing and operating reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective systems in the cloud.

Information Technology Project Management: Providing Measurable Organizational Value [With CDROM]

Jack T. Marchewka - 2002
    The author uses the concept of MOV, combined with his own research, to create a solid foundation for making decisions throughout the project's lifecycle. The book's integration of project management and IT concepts provides students with the tools and techniques they need to develop in this field.

The Speed Of Time

Sharad Nalawade - 2012
    The world you live in is stranger than fiction... as you read this, you exist in other places at the same time. Do not regret having missed the chance to realize your dreams, for you may just have fulfilled it in another universe.. * Are the trillions of atoms that make you, nothing but vibrations in 10 dimensions?* Is it true that we are all connected with each other?* Can you go into the future to change the present?* Why do scientists and philosophers struggle with the concept of Time?* Can science explain consciousness through physics?* Is our fate driven by the underlying randomness in nature?* Is nature hiding the best-kept secrets which can never be unravelled by humans?The Speed of Time approaches the most complex and esoteric theories of science in lucid, clear and simple language and in the style of a thriller, leaving you wanting more... while addressing questions through the enigmatic theories in Physics such as Quantum Mechanics, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Time, Chaos, and much more. Just start reading and you will not put it down.

The British Military Quartet: Let Not The Deep, King’s Shilling, Long Reach and Congo Blue.

Mike Lunnon-Wood - 2019
     This specially-priced boxset includes: BOOK 1: LET NOT THE DEEP A crippled cargo ship drifts helplessly in the face of an oncoming hurricane-force storm. On board, a passenger whose presence means the world is watching. Only the skill, determination and raw courage of a lifeboat crew and the British military forces despatched to save them offer any hope of survival. But set against the savagery of the Atlantic even that might not be enough... BOOK 2: KING'S SHILLING As a powerful insurgent army closes on Liberia’s capital, London is forced to act, and HMS Beaufort is despatched to West Africa to pull British nationals from the teeth of encroaching danger. But when the volatile situation ashore unravels, the frigate’s crew must draw deep on reserves of skill, ingenuity and sheer bloody mindedness to save it. And with time running out Beaufort’s Captain makes the decision to take his ship up river... BOOK 3: LONG REACH When Belize is invaded by a powerful neighbour it’s Britain that must spring to the defence of this old outpost of empire. But intervening in distant Central America will test the limits of the former colonial power. And in the end the outcome will turn on the skill, boldness and heart-bursting bravery of handful of British forces already in country... BOOK 4: CONGO BLUE When a group of missionaries get caught up in bloody African civil war London is forced to act. For the men of 40 Commando, Royal Marines, it should be a quick in and out. A nice clean operation. But what awaits them will test them like never before. And, facing overwhelming odds, this time the skill and raw courage of these legendary fighting men may not be enough.. *Note: Congo Blue was previously published as Heraklion Blue. What everyone is saying about Mike Lunnon-Wood’s books: ‘Mike Lunnon-Wood is a great thriller writer’ -- Rowland White, author of Vulcan 607 ‘Absolutely Magnificent! Never has a book twisted my emotions as much as this book has. What a brilliant author Mike Lunnon-Wood is.' ‘Storytelling at its best. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.’ ‘I have just finished reading Congo Blue after reading Let Not The Deep, King's Shilling and Long Reach all in sequence and almost without a break. I just could not stop. I see completely why Rowland White praised these books. I recommend anyone to read them all.’ ‘These four books are probably the best series I've read.’ ‘The quality of his writing and the depth of his characters are brilliant.’ ‘I was lost from the world while reading this and books like that don't come along too often.’ Mike Lunnon-Wood’s books are perfect for fans of Red Storm Rising, Sniper One or Bravo Two Zero or movies like Red Dawn, Dunkirk or The Siege of Jadotville.