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Will (Goodman Brothers, #1) by Katy Winters



Hannah Ford - 2019
    The kind of place where women fall to their knees, call men sir, and get lashed with a belt. Gage Stratford. Dark, damaged, cold-blooded and gorgeous, with secrets so deep you could drown. He touched me that night, made me feel things that excited and terrified me in equal measure. When I turned up at my internship the next day, I was shocked to find he was my new boss. My billionaire boss was the one who had made me feel like I couldn’t help but fall to my knees and do whatever he commanded. He says he can’t stay away from me. That he needs to make me his submissive, to take me over his desk, to punish me and make me his. But our horrific pasts have made us who we are, and to get close to him means to crack each other open and expose the very things we’ve worked so hard to bury. And when our secrets come out, not only our love but also our lives will be on the line -- leaving us bound together forever, or destroyed and shattered beyond repair. Being together isn’t an option. But staying apart is impossible….


Kate Tilney - 2020
    But now that I’m home to take the helm, I find out my parents have gone and hired some corporate wannabe with a fancy degree to help. I’m determined to send her packing until I get a good look at her.Though she represents everything I hate, I find myself drawn to her. She’s a temptation that’s hard to resist.OliveHelping the family-run apple orchard reach the next level seems like a good stepping stone for bigger and better things. It would go a whole lot better if the owners’ son didn’t question my every decision.And it would be a whole lot easier if he wasn’t so good looking.I’m here to do a job, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to mix a little pleasure with business.Instalove Fall Festival is a series of standalone short, sweet, and steamy romances filled with the best parts of Autumn and happily ever afters. Read this series if you love strong, protective heroes and confident, curvy heroines who find true love, and maybe some hot apple cider along the way. No cliffhangers! No cheating!

Her Naughty Rich Boss (A Secret Baby Romance)

Lauren Wood - 2021

Celebrity Daddy: An Age Play, DDlg, ABDL, Instalove Romance (Sugar Daddy Club Book 2)

Lucky Moon - 2021

Bride for the Russian Boss: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance

Bella King - 2021

Rough Ride: A Cowboy Romance

Piper Stone - 2021

Every Little Thing

Lana Dash - 2020
    At three, he takes first priority, and I'm always there for him. But when my sexy new neighbor Trace moves in, there's someone else on my mind...usually at night. My plus-one for my friend’s wedding cancels on me the night before. I don't want to go, but then...Trace offers to step in and be my date. He’s only doing me a favor so I don't look stupid. I've never been the kind of woman who attracts guys like him. But the way he holds me close makes me think I might've been wrong all these years... Trace From the moment I lay eyes on Kate, I want her, but I never thought the curvy beauty next door would ever look my way. When her date flakes on her, I jump at the chance to step in and replace him and show her what it's like to have a real man at her side. Her priority is her young son, and I respect that, because I respect her. There's no room in her life for a guy like me. But after one steamy night together, I can't let her go. I'll do whatever it takes to show her I'm the man she needs in her life, and she's the only woman for me. EVERY LITTLE THING, is an insta-love, happily-ever-after, STEAMY romance. No cliffhangers, no cheating. This is a standalone short story.


Brynn Hale - 2020
    He doesn't know about the baby, dog, and two cats. He actually doesn’t know much about me, anymore.But it’s not him I’m really here to see.I’m going to tell Kash something and change his life forever. He’s tall, tatted to the hilt, slightly brooding, and he says and does all the right things.I want to trust him, but my past tells me men can change. Will he always be like this and will he turn out to be the one?KashI could tell she was special and from the moment I met her eleven months ago, and I wanted to make her mine. But she asked me to go without any contact.When the curious kitten with a body so hot it could melt metal takes a little time away from the baby, she asks me to lay down a design on her pristine skin.But the session gets away from both of us and I can't take back what I do or say.Her brother finds us and it’s never good when Cray’s involved.She can trust me. But maybe I can’t trust myself around her.


Raven Scott - 2020
    The swagger. The cocksure smirk.The kind of man you might call a living, breathing god.The problem with this man?They say he has no soul, and they’re right.Bruno will stop at nothing until he owns this town – he vows to make San Diego his no matter the consequences.He’s the man of your dreams and nightmares all at once.In his world, anger and hate are the only emotions that make any sense.I wanted nothing to do with that.A man like that cannot love. He proved me wrong.My friends say I’m insane, and it’s true.That look in his eye – it makes me high.An explosive chemistry I’d lose my mind without.The beast with him took me over, devoured me, possessed me.He gives me the courage to live the life I want…with him.To lose him now would be a death sentence of its own kind.So why is he the only man who makes me feel safe?Bruno is a full-length standalone DARK MAFIA romance.It deals with sensitive subjects some may find triggering.

Wicked Lies

M.V. Kasi
    Her new client is the darkly handsome stranger she had met before in a club under scandalous circumstances.Sparks fly and awareness buzzes, but she resists the strong attraction towards the brooding billionaire. And when she finally decides to give in, she shockingly discovers that the man she is falling for has spun a passionate web of wicked lies she is unable to escape...Bhargav Varma is known for his icy control and meticulous planning, especially when it comes to destroying his enemies. But a chance encounter with a beautiful woman changes it all.Although his plans to avenge a past family betrayal weren't supposed to include the beautiful architect he deliberately hired, he is determined to claim the woman who vows to hate him and fight him with a burning passion...Wicked Lies is a standalone contemporary romance.

Doctor Dreamy

Alana Jade - 2021
    He blew my mind.It was just a wedding fling, and we would never see each other again, right?Being paired with Doctor Dreamy wasn’t something I was prepared for.The night was unforgettable, in more ways than one.The connection was instant, but all good things come to an end.But those blue eyes can’t be mistaken.The new supervising doctor starting today at my hospital is none other than Doctor Dreamy. It’s my final year of residency, but the memory of his body drives me wild. I need to fight these feelings with everything I have…But he’s resisting this energy we have by pretending he doesn’t know me.So, I have a choice to make.But is he worth the risk…

Vicious Knight (Safaryan Bratva Brotherhood #3)

Amaya Black - 2021

The Sheikh's Tempting Nanny

Leslie North - 2021
    He’s a bit ashamed of how he’s wasted his life so far, with too much time spent partying, and is rather desperate to improve his image—especially to his brothers. American Sarah Jenner might just be the answer he’s looking for. She’s smart, good with the children, compassionate…and just happens to stir Imran’s blood like no one else. Even though he knows he should keep their relationship professional, the two are acutely aware of a growing attraction, one that Imran is having difficulty ignoring…He’s her boss. He’s a sheikh. Sheikhs don’t end up with nannies except in the movies. No matter how many times Sarah reminds herself to be sensible, she just can’t help being attracted to Imran. He’s so sexy and nice and understanding. Falling for her boss would be monumentally stupid and Sarah is definitely not stupid. It’s her heart that seems to be the one that’s not listening, and after fighting it she finally gives in to her desire. Then she does the dreaded Google search and sees, in vivid color, just how much of a playboy Imran is. Is she just another notch in his belt? A meaningless dalliance with the nanny? Doubts flood her. And when the two face their biggest challenge, they’ll have to learn to trust one another—or end up alone.

Daddy's Girl

Miley Maine - 2021
    From the moment he walked into the casino, I thought he was the perfect Greek God.Tall, muscular and handsome.Then fitness mogul, Erik Jansen makes me an offer I can’t refuse.Be his date while he’s doing business in Vegas, and he takes care of my debt.Erik shows me a world I’ve never experienced before.Lavish parties, exclusive restaurants, and his massive penthouse suite on the strip.He makes me feel safe and protected.Like a daddy.And I can’t wait for him to be my first.My heart wants me to be ‘Daddy’s Girl.’But my mind tells me that doing so could only lead to one thing – a heartbreak.