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Throne of Glass eBook Bundle: An 8 Book Bundle

Sarah J. Maas - 2020
    She is a prisoner, but if she can defeat twenty-three killers, thieves, and warriors in a competition to find the greatest assassin in the land, she will become the king's champion and earn her freedom. But the evil she encounters in the castle goes deep, and as dark forces gather on the horizon – forces which threaten to destroy her entire world – the assassin must take her place in a fight greater than she could ever have imagined.This is the epic, heart-stopping fantasy series that has turned #1 New York Times bestselling author Sarah J. Maas into a worldwide phenomenon. Fans new and old will dive into this ebook bundle containing the whole series: Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows, Empire of Storms, Tower of Dawn, the thrilling finale Kingdom of Ash, and the companion anthology The Assassin's Blade.

All Hail

J. Bree - 2020
    I’ve always known what I wanted but now I’m not so sure.But the criminal underworld of Mounts Bay never sleeps and with new players on the board there’s all new threats and the stakes have never been higher.But one thing is for sure.I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Heart Bones

Colleen Hoover - 2020
    After carving her path all on her own, Beyah is well on her way to bigger and better things, thanks to no one but herself.With only two short months separating her from the future she's built and the past she desperately wants to leave behind, an unexpected death leaves Beyah with no place to go during the interim. Forced to reach out to her last resort, Beyah has to spend the remainder of her summer on a peninsula in Texas with a father she barely knows. Beyah's plan is to keep her head down and let the summer slip by seamlessly, but her new neighbor Samson throws a wrench in that plan.Samson and Beyah have nothing in common on the surface.She comes from a life of poverty and neglect; he comes from a family of wealth and privilege. But one thing they do have in common is that they're both drawn to sad things. Which means they're drawn to each other. With an almost immediate connection too intense for them to continue denying, Beyah and Samson agree to stay in the shallow end of a summer fling. What Beyah doesn't realize is that a rip current is coming, and it's about to drag her heart out to sea.

Angel Unseen

J. Bree - 2020
    I’ve seen what the Callaghan Curse has done to my uncles and I know for sure that my mom was one in a million. I’ll stick to going on runs and fucking biker bitches. Now there’s rats in my club and a web of lies being woven around me, I can’t afford to lose my head over a piece of ass.There’s no way I’m being ‘struck.No way I’m losing everything to a stripper.AngelWith a fake ID in one hand and the keys to my dead daddy’s Chevy in the other, I roll up into Coldstone with a plan. Get a job, finish college, and never rely on anyone for anything.Problem is the only thing I can sell is my body.The stage of the strip club becomes a safe haven. No one can touch me there and the MC is brutal in how they protect their girls.I was never expecting to find a biker of my own, especially one who’s made a name for himself amongst the other strippers by fucking them all.Well, seems like he’s shit out of luck.He can’t have me.

From Blood and Ash

Jennifer L. Armentrout - 2020
    The life of the Maiden is solitary. Never to be touched. Never to be looked upon. Never to be spoken to. Never to experience pleasure. Waiting for the day of her Ascension, she would rather be with the guards, fighting back the evil that took her family, than preparing to be found worthy by the gods. But the choice has never been hers.A Duty…The entire kingdom’s future rests on Poppy’s shoulders, something she’s not even quite sure she wants for herself. Because a Maiden has a heart. And a soul. And longing. And when Hawke, a golden-eyed guard honor bound to ensure her Ascension, enters her life, destiny and duty become tangled with desire and need. He incites her anger, makes her question everything she believes in, and tempts her with the forbidden.A Kingdom…Forsaken by the gods and feared by mortals, a fallen kingdom is rising once more, determined to take back what they believe is theirs through violence and vengeance. And as the shadow of those cursed draws closer, the line between what is forbidden and what is right becomes blurred. Poppy is not only on the verge of losing her heart and being found unworthy by the gods, but also her life when every blood-soaked thread that holds her world together begins to unravel.

Devils' Day Party

C.M. Stunich - 2020
    To be fair, he deserved it. But Calix and his friends, Barron and Raz, they don’t see it that way. Not that it matters. They’ve bullied me for years, and I’ve never known why. At least today, they have something real to be pissed about. All of which would be fine, if today was a normal day. But it’s not. It’s far from normal. My mantra has always been: this too, shall pass. But not today. Not the worst day of my life. Hot bullies, busted cars, and pain. Somebody kill me now.


Emilia Finn - 2020
    I’m a pro fighter, the son of a murderous wifebeater, overprotective big brother, and Evelyn Kincaid’s best friend.I’ve known Evie since we were kids. I loathed her on first sight, and picked on her as often as she picked on me, but somewhere around my fifteenth birthday, my dislike was replaced with something else. It was foreign and new, potent and exciting.Now Evie is the woman I’d die for. The friend I would kill for. The girl I will love for eternity.Evie may be a pro fighter too, capable enough to fight her own battles, but she’s wild, and too spontaneous for her own safety, so I’m going to be right here, protecting her six, cleaning up her crazy, and praying she gets on board when I tell her I’ve loved her for years.My five-year plan has been put in place, my claim has been made, but I could lose more than a round in the octagon when another fighter enters a competition he was never invited to.What I feel for Evie was never up for negotiation, but she’s always been my wildcard.From the author of the best selling Rollin On series, comes this beautiful coming of age story that will make you sigh, scream, melt, and giggle; all on the same page.


Tate James - 2020
    I wasn’t dead. But I was set up.After being charged with a string of offences--and made an example of by my political minded father--I’m eventually released back into Shadow Grove with one thing on my mind.Hate.Someone is going to pay for derailing my carefully laid out future. Someone is going to catch the full force of my hate. How very convenient that someone just moved into the bedroom down the hall from me.Archer D’Ath and his boys messed with the wrong chick and they’re about to learn just how cold Madison Kate’s hate can run.HATE is a full length mature college/new adult romance with enemies-to-lovers/love-hate themes. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book one of four in the series.


Siobhan Davis - 2020
    The night I met Saint, Galen, Caz, and Theo. Those manipulative a-holes set out to ruin me after our hot night together, but they didn’t realize you can’t destroy something that’s already broken. And it only works if the victim cares. Which I don’t. Because I’ve been in hell for years, and nothing penetrates the steel walls I’ve erected.Until The Sainthood decides I belong to them and cracks appear in my veneer. Their cruel games, harsh words, and rough touch awakens something inside me, and now, I’m in trouble.They draw me deeper into their dangerous world, until I’m in the middle of all the violence and gang warfare, tangled up in all the secrets and lies, and there’s no turning back.Because they own me. And nothing has ever felt so right.I’m exactly where I should be.But with enemies on all sides, survival becomes a deadly game with no guarantees.And, sometimes, saints become sinners.Due to mature content, this book is recommended to readers aged eighteen and over. This is a full-length reverse harem dark romance novel with enemies-to-lovers/bullying themes. Cannot be read as a standalone and ends with a cliffhanger. Book 1 of 3.

Out of Love

Jewel E. Ann - 2020
    Corruption. Serial killers.You name it—I'm fascinated by it. My mom always blamed my overly curious and highly suspicious mind on my dad.My incredibly overbearing dad.Mr. No One Is Good Enough For My Daughter has been terrifying my dates since I turned fifteen.College is my chance to be free from his control and date any guy I want. I'm absolutely certain he would hate Slade Wylder—almost as certain as I am that I do too.Since when have I shied away from trouble? Slade fascinates me. He lives in a house I'm certain is haunted. His dog is trained as well as any guard I've ever seen. Rumor on campus is that he deals drugs. It would explain a lot.But it doesn't explain why he saves me from my darkest moment.It doesn't explain why I can't stop thinking about him.And the explanation I finally discover is far more dangerous than any rumor.

Pretty Little Savage

Lucy Smoke - 2020
    1: Don’t piss off the Sick BoysThey’re cruel. Reckless. Impossibly fucked up.The Sick Boys feed on the order they create. They rule Eastpoint University just as their families have for decades. But their power doesn’t stop there. The three of them are heirs to some of the largest fortunes in the world, and behind that kind of wealth lies an underworld of corruption.On the surface, they’re perfect princes and he is their King. But underneath it all, they’re filled with blood, lies, and secrets. With all of their connections, they have the power to crush anyone who gets in their way. But just because they’re as warped as I am doesn’t mean I’m going to give them a free pass.Because I, Avalon Manning, bow to no one, and I live to break the fucking rules.***This is a Dark MF New Adult Enemies to Lovers Romance.***

Project Hero

Briar Prescott - 2020
    Not an especially promising start when my plan is to finally let my best friend know I have a crush on him. No worries, though. I have a plan. I just need a complete makeover. Change everything about myself so that when Falcon returns from his summer vacation, he can finally see I’m the love of his life. I totally know what I’m doing here.Well, not really.If I knew what I was doing, I wouldn’t look like every nerd cliché wrapped into one awkward package.In short, I’m screwed.But then Law Anderson enters the picture…Law:It’s all very simple. I need somebody to tutor my hockey team, and Andy needs somebody to help him with his crush. Sounds like a match made in heaven.Only the more time I spend with Andy, the more I like this quirky guy who makes me laugh, and pretty soon I’m the one who’s tutoring Andy in way more than we initially agreed upon.It’s fine.I have it all under control.But as weeks pass and the chemistry between us turns explosive, I’m starting to think that I might be in way over my head with Andy.If only I could make Andy realize that he doesn’t need to change himself for love. If only I could make Andy see that he just needs to be with somebody who has considered him perfect all along…

The Golden Boys

Rachel Jonas - 2020
    He isn’t the boy next door, or the kind you trust with your heart. He’s the devil in designer jeans, with all the charm of a bona fide psycho.Trust me.He swears I did something to cross him before I even stepped foot inside Cypress Prep, but it’s a lie. No one knows better than me that I’m all out of chances. One more misstep and I can kiss my future goodbye, which means I can’t possibly be guilty of whatever he thinks I’ve done. West marks me with a target anyway, and as this town’s football star, no one dares to go against him. His money, status, and the loyalty of his equally entitled brothers makes him seem untouchable. Only, I know better than that.This false god isn’t infallible like he wants the world to believe. Whenever I stare into those devilish green eyes, I see it plain as day. The chink in his armor. His one and only weakness.Me.The King of Cypress Prep has finally met his match and taking him down just became an inside job.*Final cover coming soon!*

Those Heartless Boys

E.M. Moore - 2020
    Maybe just maim him a bit. Peel off his perfectly chiseled handsome looks until he knows what it feels like to be normal. And while I’m at it, I’ll throw his friends in, too. They all deserve to be taken down.I should’ve seen it coming. I should’ve felt it in my gut. The moment my treasure hunter father went missing, my arch enemies sprang into action. While I still reeled, they mapped out their twisted trail of retaliation. They planned their payback, finally acting on what they’ve always wanted.Because grieving is the perfect time to blackmail someone in the Jacobs’ playbook. Well, I have news for them. My back may be up against the wall now, but a Wilder will never bow to a Jacobs. Never.


Bea Paige - 2020
    Dance is in my blood.It’s what keeps me sane, out of trouble. It used to keep them out of trouble too. A group of boys I grew up with.Xeno, York, Zayn and Dax.We were a crew once and we ruled the clubs.Separate we were insanely good, together we were unbeatable. F*&ing on fire. I was their girl and they were my Breakers.Until they did something they promised they never would; break my heart.We were sixteen when they left me.You see, for kids like us, dance was all we had.Growing up in a rundown housing estate in London with no prospects can make you view the world differently.It can make you choose the wrong path.I chose dance, and they chose crime.Three years later I’ve won a scholarship to Stardom Academy. I try to forget my past.But how can I do that when the four boys who hurt me are back?And this time they won’t walk away even when I ask them too.Freestyle is book one of this new gritty, contemporary reverse harem academy trilogy for 17+ readers and deals with adult themes and some subjects you may find upsetting. If you love dance, your men on the criminal side, alpha hot holes and the enemies-to-lovers trope, this is for you. Contains foul language and sexual scenes.


Carrie Gray - 2020
    Two boys.One tragedy.Grief bonds us.The mystery of this murder will break us.My best friend was brutally ripped from this world, but her brother and boyfriend are still here.One of them wants to use me.The other wants to forget me.Both of them make me feel alive.We’ll find Violet’s murderer, no matter the cost.Two boys.One tragedy.Grief bonds us.Love will tear us apart.**This is an emotional forbidden romance with dark themes that might be triggering for some readers.

Playing with Fire

L.J. Shen - 2020
    A scarred girl without direction. A love story carved in secrets, inked with pain and sealed with a lie. Grace Shaw and West St. Claire are arctic opposites.She is the strange girl from the food truck.He is the mysterious underground fighter who stormed into her sleepy Texan college town on his motorcycle one day, and has been wreaking havoc since.She is invisible to the world.He is the town’s beloved bad boy.She is a reject.He is trouble.When West thrusts himself into Grace’s quiet life, she scrambles to figure out if he is her happily-ever-after or tragic ending.But the harder she pushes him away, the more he pulls her out of her shell.Grace doesn’t know much about anything beyond her town’s limits, but she does know this:She is falling in love with the hottest guy in Sheridan U.And when you play with fire—you ought to get burned.

Drowning in Stars

Debra Anastasia - 2020
    She blew bubbles through my window. I shot my Nerf gun through hers. We both had secrets, but one of us was fated to get hurt. I wanted it to be me.Pixie: When I was afraid of the dark, he would shine a light in my window. We shared our popsicles and I taught him how to get a good swing on the playground. I never imagined I’d have to decide who got to live and who didn’t. I chose him --and he could never know.She walked a tightrope five stories up just to save my life…★☆★ Drowning in Stars is a full 100k standalone. ★☆★

The Big A.S.S. Party

Caroline Peckham - 2020
    Though of course, Venus is in my chart and Lady Petunia has caught sight of the bothersome barracuda once more.Max Rigel is my most sinful of temptations, the shark in the dark who wishes to lure me to his sea cave and I don’t know if I’m Fae enough to resist him for long.But one thing is for sure, I will make certain the Vegas get the big A.S.S. party they deserve for their birthday or I’ll die trying. Succulent squids be damned!This is a 25k novella set in the world of Solaria during Book 5 of the Zodiac Academy series, Cursed Fates, featuring Geraldine and Max as they attend the party of the century and try to resist the lure of the moon as it pushes them together once more. It’s full of slippery salmons and more buttery bagels than you can shake a stick at and is best read after Cursed Fates.

The Girl in the Love Song

Emma Scott - 2020
    But most of us knew them as the Lost Boys...Miller Stratton is a survivor. After a harrowing childhood of poverty, he will do anything it takes to find security for himself and his mom. He’s putting all his hopes and dreams in the fragile frame of his guitar and the beauty he creates with its strings and his soulful voice. Until Violet. No one expects to meet the love of their life at age thirteen. But the spunky rich girl steals Miller’s heart and refuses to give it back. Violet McNamara’s life hasn’t been as simple as it looks. Her picture-perfect family is not so perfect after all. Her best friend Miller is her one constant and she is determined not to ruin their friendship with romantic complications. But the heart wants what it wants. As Miller’s star begins to rise to stratospheric heights, what will it take for Violet to realize that she’s the girl in all of his love songs?Lost Boys is a new series of interconnected, coming-of-age standalones from USA Today bestselling author Emma Scott, coming in 2020

After His Banana

Penelope Bloom - 2020
    Before you assume I’m a potassium sucking harlot, Let me explain… I didn’t have time for relationships, especially not with someone like Miles Chamberson. But considering my circumstances, I didn’t really have a choice. Yes, he was the kind of offspring only generations of exceptionally attractive people could create. Practically dripping with so much perfection you could choke on it. Then again, I was almost certain he was certifiably insane. Within a few minutes of meeting him, he was already posing as a nude model for my clay sculpture class in a failed attempt to expose himself to me. So when he handed me a banana, it was almost normal by comparison. And after his banana found its way into my mouth, well… I wish I could say that was where the saga of Miles Chamberson and I ended. Miles I prefer to start every potential relationship with an oddly phallic, edible object. Why, you ask? It’s simple. Watch any woman with a suggestive object and prepare to unlock the secrets of the female psyche. Does she favor it with a secretive little smile? Nymphomaniac. Does she flinch back, only to guiltily grab it a moment later? Cautious, but wild once she opens up. Does she throw it back at your head and score a direct hit, concussing you for two weeks? Softball player. Or, does she pick it up and devour it, inch by inch? Does she slide that bad boy into the hatch and relish every moment of it? If she does, you have yourself a keeper. The recipient of my latest banana was the latter, but there was one glaring problem. Commitment and I had a troubled past. And now my old man, Bruce Chamberson, says there’s only one way I’ll earn my rightful spot in the family business. I’ve got to show him I can stick with something “for once”. Lucky for me, I’ve got just the girl in mind.

Somethin' About That Boy

Lani Lynn Vale - 2020
    Especially when his reputation follows him all the way to Kilgore, Texas.***Perry Street hates school. She hates her peers—most of them anyway—and she hates her classes. All she wants to do is finish her senior year, graduate, and find a place that will give her a full scholarship so that she doesn’t have to be stuck here forever.That’s her goal, anyway.Then she walks into first period, on her first day of her senior year, and sits down. Seconds later, he walks in and changes every single plan she’s ever made.It isn’t long before Perry starts to fall for the bad boy who doesn’t care who he does and doesn’t impress. The boy makes her heart flutter. The boy makes her want things that she’s never wanted before. Not ever.The boy brings trouble with him that nearly kills her.

Texting Box Set: The Complete Series

Teagan Hunter - 2020
    He didn’t plan to fall in love with her, especially not since she’s his ex-girlfriend’s best friend…CAN’T TEXT THIS – SINGLE DADMonty Andrews just wanted to blow off some steam. She didn’t mean to wind up in the bathroom of a bar with a sexy, tattooed stranger…or in his bed.Everything’s going as planned—until they discover she’s his son’s teacher.TEXT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME – SECOND CHANCEShep Clark is aiming to rehab his reputation after a disastrous year both on and off the field.Denver Andrews just happens to be aiming for a promotion at the paper, and an exposé on the local pro-baseball star would be the perfect piece…if they can keep their past out of it.TEXTIN’ UP MY HEARTGet caught up with the gang as Zach and Delia try to navigate their future.

Savage Lands

Stacey Marie Brown - 2020
    A battle for dominance is brewing between the elite fae and the privileged humans in Eastern Europe. The prejudice between the sides is bubbling with hate and violence. Nineteen-year-old human, Brexley, has grown up in privilege, but not without heartbreak. After being orphaned, she is taken in by General Markos, living in a walled city rife with power grabs and ruthless political games. Then one night the course of her life changes, and Brexley is thrown into the most feared prison in the east. Halalhaz, the House of Death—where you go in but don’t come out. She must learn to live with the worst of fae and human criminals. The rule of hierarchy puts humans on the bottom, where the only way to survive each day is to make alliances with the fae.Here she meets the sexy, vicious legend, Warwick Farkas. A myth among man and fae. He is as brutal, cruel, arrogant, and as lethal as the lore says he is, ruling the prison with unchallenged authority. Brexley can’t deny an intense draw to him, one that might cost her life.If The Games don’t take her out first—A fight to the death where only one survives.

Dear Ava

Ilsa Madden-Mills - 2020
    Once upon a time, I wanted to be part of their world--until they destroyed me.The last thing I expected was an anonymous love letter from one of them.Please. I hate every one of those rich jerks for what they did to me. The question is, which Shark is my secret admirer?Knox, the scarred quarterback.Dane, his twin brother.Or Chance, the ex who dumped me. . .Dear Ava,Your eyes are the color of the Caribbean Sea.Wait. That's stupid.What I really mean is, you look at me and I feel something REAL.It's been ten months since you were here, but I can't forget you.I've missed seeing you walk down the hall.I've missed you cheering at my football games.I've missed the smell of your hair.And then everything fell apart the night of the kegger.Don't hate me because I'm a Shark.I just want to make you mine.Still.Mature Content. Recommended for 18+.A short excerpt of Dear Ava appeared in Team Player 2. (No longer available) This all-new, full-length version is 376 pages and 100,000 words.

Royally Hitched: The Fae Princess

G.K. DeRosa - 2020
    Not only did we both end up falling for the prince, but we also discovered we might be more than Fae phonies after all. Now that Drake knows the real identity of our father, will he be able to forgive us so we can discover the truth of our heritage? Doubtful.And even if he does, will the king’s council ever let Drake choose his own wife? Doubly doubtful. With a murderer still on the loose, the lesser Fae rioting, and the competition coming to an end, tensions quickly escalate in the palace and my twin takes matters into her own hands, making a decision that changes everything. The chaos reigning in the Spring Court is no match for the turmoil in my heart because the biggest question still remains… Who will become the next Fae princess?

The Queen

Jennifer L. Armentrout - 2020
    Armentrout comes the next installment in her Wicked series.The King must have his Queen....Bestowed the forbidden Summer’s Kiss by the King of the Summer fae, Brighton Jussier is no longer just human. What she is, what she will become, no one knows for sure, but that isn’t her biggest concern at the moment. Now Caden, the King, refuses to let her go, even at the cost of his Court. When the doorway to the Otherworld is breached, both Brighton and Caden must do the unthinkable—not just to survive themselves, but also to save mankind from the evil that threatens the world.**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

Four Months, Three Words

C.W. Farnsworth - 2020
    Not only has playing professional football been the dream since he was a kid, the financial incentive isn’t one he could walk away from even if he wanted to. That is, until a chance collision has the unexpected outcome of making Jace realize he might want something more than the goal he’s spent most of his life pursuing. Might want someone more. …she’s the girl he can never have. For Vivienne Rhodes, the opportunity to attend Lincoln University represents what she’s always craved more than anything: normalcy. One semester is all she has before returning to a future that’s set in stone. Her mere presence on campus is only made possible by an elaborate arrangement. The essential component of it is that no one can know her real identity. Falling for the star quarterback is most definitely not part of the plan. But it will all be fine, just as long as she keeps those feelings to herself. Because that unchangeable future? Can’t include Jace Dawson.

A Love Song for Liars

Piper Lawson - 2020
    I will never forgive his betrayal.But some nights... He makes me want to.A Love Song for Liars is Book 1 in the angsty new adult, academy-inspired Rivals trilogy. From USA Today bestselling romance author Piper Lawson!


Kaylee Ryan - 2020
    Every milestone, every memory of my youth was entangled with his. We were inseparable... until college.It wasn’t his friends, girls or even sports that came between us— it was me. Tired of being in the friend zone, I finally made a move. Turns out it was the wrong one. Cooper walked away to play his first year of professional football and left me behind with a broken heart. Cooper It’s always been her. Even before I really knew what love was, Reese Latham was by my side, making me swear we’d be best friends forever. And we were... until one night changed everything. I knew how she felt because I felt it too, but I pushed her away to save our friendship. The longer we’re apart, the more I realize she’s not only my best friend, Reese is the love of my life.I was kidding myself thinking I could let her go because now I know that living without her is the worst kind of agony.

Daughter of No Worlds

Carissa Broadbent - 2020
    Her blood for love. Her soul for vengeance.Ripped from a forgotten homeland as a child, Tisaanah learned how to survive with nothing but a sharp wit and a touch of magic. But the night she tries to buy her freedom, she barely escapes with her life.Desperate to save the best friend she left behind, Tisaanah journeys to the Orders, the most powerful organization of magic Wielders in the world. But to join their ranks, she must complete an apprenticeship with Maxantarius Farlione, a handsome and reclusive fire wielder who despises the Orders.The Orders’ intentions are cryptic, and Tisaanah must prove herself under the threat of looming war. Even more dangerous are her growing feelings for Maxantarius. The bloody past he wants to forget may be the key to her future… or the downfall of them both.But Tisaanah will stop at nothing to save those she abandoned. Even if it means gambling in the Orders’ deadly games. Even if it means sacrificing her heart.Even if it means wielding death itself.

Torn Apart

K. Webster - 2020
    This story contains MF/MFMM/MM scenes. It’s the first book in the Torn and Bound duet and ends with a cliffhanger.

Fake It 'Til You Break It

Meagan Brandy - 2020
    He didn’t have to break me to win. But he did it anyway.

On His Face

Tabatha Kiss - 2020
    Learn a new life skill.2. Get a tattoo.3. Pay off my car.4. Enter the Art Fest. Win.5. Fall in love with a stranger.Yes, I know #5 isn’t technically a goal, but I couldn’t think of anything else. Little did I know, I’d cross it off my vision board two weeks into my first semester at Chicago North University.He was the model in my art class. Full lips, piercing eyes, and a jawline carved from solid rock.Who wouldn’t fall head over heels the moment they laid eyes on his face?But strangers like that don’t fall for awkward art school girls like me.They don’t give me winks and hidden smiles when no one’s watching.They don’t give me rides home in the pouring rain and good night kisses.Until… they do.His name was Drew Rose… and I didn’t know that he was my big brother’s best friend.I fell for the one off-limits stranger on campus.But his was a face worth falling on!On His Face is a stand-alone brother’s best friend romantic comedy with a smooth-talking hero, a shy heroine, and enough spark to light your face on fire! One-click your copy to find out why romance lovers can’t get enough of Tabatha Kiss and her delicious heroes!

Little Lies

H. Hunting - 2020
    You mean nothing to me. I never loved you. I turned my words into swords.And I cut her down. Shoved the blade in and watched her fall. I said I’d never hurt her, and I did. Years later, I’m faced with all the little lies, the untruths, the false realities, the damage I inflicted, when all I wanted was to indulge my obsession. Lavender Waters is the princess in the tower. Even her name is the thing fairy tales are made of. I used to be the one who saved her. Over and over again. But I don’t want to save her anymore. I just want to pretend the lies are still the truth.A standalone angsty new adult romance. Heroine: Lavender Waters (Alex and Violet Waters’ youngest daughter, PUCKED and FOREVER PUCKED couple origin, Pucked Series )Hero: Kodiak (Kody) Bowman (Rook and Lainey Bowman’s son, A LIE FOR A LIE couple origin, All In Series )

Hunker Down with the McKallisters

J. Bengtsson - 2020
    Bengtsson comes a funny, heartwarming companion novella featuring the Cake characters in lockdown.Just like the rest of the world, the McKallisters find themselves struggling to conform to a new way of life after the virus confines them to their homes. These connected short stories give fans a chance to catch up on all of their favorite Cake characters as well as enjoy a bonus epilogue and interviews with the characters.Find out how Jake and Kyle cope with isolation—and each other—after they enter quarantine following exposure to the virus. Follow Finn and Emma as they desperately try to prevent a super spreader event at Perryland—while attempting to ration the toilet paper. And go on a humorous journey with Quinn as he searches for a place to stay after initially refusing to lock down with the others. And in a bonus epilogue, Keith is called upon to lead the family on a secret mission that unites them all.

Hollow Heathens: Book of Blackwell

Nicole Fiorina - 2020
    Cold and hollow.They said I shouldn’t go near him.Still, there was this aching pull to Julian Blackwell that I couldn’t escape.A nostalgic pull as if we’d been here before.


S.M. Shade - 2020
    It’s true I have no car, have already been fired from my first job, and can’t cook without starting a fire, but I can do this. Anything is better than the life I was raised to lead as some successful man’s arm candy.I’m adjusting to my new circumstances living with three roommates on Violent Circle, a neighborhood known for being eccentric at best and an insanity filled edible trip any other day. On my own for the first time, I am quickly realizing there’s a lot I need to learn, so signing up for the adulting club that teaches life skills at college seems like the perfect solution.Until I walk into the first meeting and come face to face with my gorgeous economics teacher. Screw learning how to change a tire or file your taxes.There are much more adult things I want this man to teach me.Each book in this series can be read as a standalone novel.

There Is A Light

Ban Gilmartin - 2020
    A new school, a new city, a tenth attempt at a second start. All he has to do is stop making bad decisions and stick to something for once in his life. All he has to do is stop being himself.Jude Pujari is thinking of calling it all off. He’s overstressed, depressed and frozen in place, trapped by grief and fear of change. He doesn’t exactly want to die—but he’s not sure he wants to live.When Jamie gets a job at Jude’s family bookstore and crash lands into his life, all the stories they tell themselves come crumbling down. If they want to make it through, Jamie has to stop running, and Jude has to stop hiding.THERE IS A LIGHT is a Scottish New Adult novel that follows Jude and Jamie through 80s music, childrens’ fiction, communism and climate change as they figure out if it’s really possible to start over, and if life is safe to live.

Looking to Score

Alley Ciz - 2020
    Ladies Man. Campus Celebrity.Guys want to be me and girls want to bed meCommitment? What's that?Then I saw her--tiny, gorgeous and oh so...MINE.Mason Nova is an egotistical jerk.Player. Persistent. Pain in the Pom-Pom.I don't care if he's the star of the gridiron or how tight his end is.I know his stats both on and off the field. My answer will always be NO.The last thing I need in my life is another charmer who's looking to score.


Kate Stewart - 2020
    I gave into temptation and fed the beating beast, which grew thirstier with every slash, every strike, every blow.⁣⁣Triple Falls wasn’t at all what it seemed, nor were the men that swept me under their wing. But in order to keep them, I had to be in on their secrets.⁣⁣Secrets that cost us everything to keep.⁣⁣That’s the novelty of fiction versus reality. You can’t re-live your own love story, because by the time you’ve realized you’re living it, it’s over. At least that was the case for me and the men I trusted my foolish heart to.⁣⁣Looking back, I’m convinced I willed my story into existence due to my illness.⁣⁣And all were punished.

Devil May Care

Angel Lawson - 2020
    They wanted me to leave, too, but I refused. I’m sticking around to make sure they follow through on the deal the snobby, elite crew of jocks made with the administration.The arrangement is simple. No one ever speaks about what happened to Skylar again, and no one gets punished.But that's not exactly true, is it? I still get punished, each and every day that I walk down the halls. No one speaks to me. No one looks at me. No one even admits I exist.It doesn’t matter. I know what they did. And I know who’s in charge; Hamilton Bates.Handsome, smart, and ridiculously privileged.He’s the lead Devil, and my hatred for him is all in the details.All it takes is one slip, one heated argument, one mistake, and everything gets even more complicated.We get complicated.Is this love or has the Devil found a new plaything?Devil May Care is the gripping, angsty, enemies to lovers, bully romance, by USA Today Best Selling Author, Angel Lawson, you’ve been waiting for!

This Dark Wolf

Everly Frost - 2020
    Mateless. Unable to bond.Cast out of my pack, I live in a supernatural safe house filled with broken women. Other women come and go, but I remain.I'm waiting.For him.Tristan Masters—the ruthless alpha of the most vicious pack in the city.He fought for my life when my pack wanted to kill me. He saved me. I should be able to trust him.But I know better.Tristan Masters wants my wolf; my killer soul. When he’s ready, he will use me to destroy his enemies.Tristan thinks he owns me. He thinks there are no consequences because I can't bond to him.He's going to discover that I am nobody’s to command.This dark wolf will bite back.This is a dark urban fantasy romance. Full length. 17+ for sex scenes and language.

The Love Below: A Prototype Series Glimpse (Devin + Willow)

Jacinta Howard - 2020
     This is a very brief "glimpse" into the lives of Prototype founder/drummer Devin Walker and Willow Harden following the events in their book, 'Keeping Willow' —Book 3 of The Prototype Series. *This super short is best read only after you've completed The Prototype Series in its entirety. (The Prototype Series reading order: Happiness In Jersey, Finding Kennedy, Keeping Willow, and Loving Cassie).

Raise Hell

Ashley Gee - 2020
    And I will do anything to make it happen.Even pretend to fall in love.People like to say that revenge is a dish best served cold. But it takes planning and patience to seek true vengeance when you’ve been wronged.And the best revenge takes time. You have to smile when you want to scream. Laugh, when you want to cry.Play nice, while you dream about going for the jugular.For that, you need boiling rage.I am the cleansing fire that will burn St. Bart’s Prep to the ground.Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord. But I can’t wait on heaven, so instead I’ll raise hell.Coming November 2020


Kristy Marie - 2020
    I, Ainsley James, am crazy.Desperate and crazy. It’s the only explanation as to why I’m nauseous, standing outside Maverick Lexington’s door.I mean, it’s possible the stories about his deck of playing cards—with the words IOU scrawled across the back—are just rumors of the ruthless quid pro quo deals he barters. But the flutters in my stomach know better. Maverick is as cold as they come. But, I need one of those cards. I NEED to owe Maverick Lexington a favor… Whatever the terms, I’m willing to pay. Because, at this point, I have nothing left to lose.

A Cavendish Christmas

Becca Steele - 2020
    A weekend away in the French Alps at the Alstone Holdings cabin sounds like the perfect snowy escape. And together with Cassius, I've planned a special Christmas surprise for Caiden, Weston, and Zayde...Available for free from Becca Steele's website.

Of Thorns and Beauty

Elle Madison - 2020
    But she carries secrets of her own, and the scars of her haunted past.Handed off from one monster to another, she has no choice but to do her best to survive and protect her sisters.Even if it costs her everything.A Beauty and the Beast retelling you won’t want to miss, where nothing is what it seems and time is running out.

Temptation Deleted Scene (The Hunted Series, #1A)

Ivy Smoak - 2020

Fragile Things

Samantha Lovelock - 2020
    And we definitely weren’t supposed to fall in love. But fate, and Folkestone, had other plans.A past kept hidden from me.A secret buried for years.A love I never expected.And now the dark history of this town threatens to rip us apart.I knew this was a mistake.♥Fragile Things is the debut novel from Samantha Lovelock, and the first book in the suspense-filled Folkestone Sins series. As it is part of an ongoing series, this book does end on a cliffhanger.This is a star-crossed lovers, angsty, mature new adult high school romance with a twist. It contains situations and flashbacks that may trigger some readers, including drug use, mental health issues, foul language, and scenes of a sexual nature.

Brazen Rush

Ali Dean - 2020
    It’s hard to stay under the radar when I’m the only girl at the skatepark, especially when I’m better than the guys. Not every guy though. Early one morning I find the only other person at the park with me is none other than Beckett Steele, world champion. Now his attention I don’t mind one bit, and I crave more of it. That’s until he blows me off as soon as he learns I’m seventeen to his twenty-five. Whatever, it’s for the best. I could never handle hanging out with a famous guy like him.When someone posts a video of me skateboarding that goes viral, Beckett’s best friend offers me an opportunity I never saw coming. It would pull me into the world of sponsorships, competitions, and social media frenzy. A world where Beckett Steele is front and center. I’m not cut out for that kind of pressure, and taking it on could ruin the sport I love. Am I willing to risk it if it means getting closer to Beckett?

Treachery Prequel

Lily White - 2020
    To read the prequel, you can now find it in Treachery (Antihero Inferno #1)Ninth Circle.Treachery.Also known as Tanner Caine.He is a temptation with cold, dark eyes. A man with a seductive smirk and a body built for pure sin. The linchpin of a group of wealthy bad boys known as the Inferno.A dark presence that repels as much as he attracts, Tanner is the poisoned apple I want to bite even when I know it will destroy me.Our story started in college, but I ran from him so far I believed I was safe.I should have known he’d find me eventually.I should have known that nobody escapes.He has me in his sights again with an offer I can’t pass up.I know better than to make a deal with the Devil. Not unless I’m willing to pay his sensual price…(Treachery Prequel comes before Treachery of the Antihero Inferno Series and occurs during the college years.) Each novel in the series depicts a unique romance, but the plots through each book connect in one world. For the best experience, read the series in order.Nine Standalone novels. Nine dangerous men. Nine unrepentant sinners you’ll hate to love.

Love Notes

Piper Lawson - 2020
    A god with a guitar.I don’t trust musicians, but he was different.At seventeen, I offered him my home, my life, my heart… …He stole them all.From USA Today bestselling author Piper Lawson comes an emotional new adult forbidden romance series.Love Notes is a 15,000-word prequel to the new Rivals trilogy.

Love on Repeat

D. Rose - 2020
    After years of late nights and periods of self-doubt, their careers were finally on track and they were doing what they loved.They had the perfect lives, right?They thought having successful careers was everything until they met each other.Their love for music brought them together. The love they shared became the soundtrack to their lives.Will the love they shared be enough to keep them together when life threw unexpected curveballs in the forms of probing mothers and unrelenting exes?

A Lovely Obsession

Coralee June - 2020
    He hates me. He protects me. He watches me. My stalker is obsessed with keeping me safe. He calls me his prettiest debt. An assassin in the notorious Bullet gang, he uses his empire to control my life. Everything I know is a lie. What started as a debt turned into something more. What started as regret turned into obsession. Ambition is his muse and I am his conscience. Our past may bind us together, but his enemies will tear us apart. My guardian angel is a devil in disguise. He hates me. He protects me. And I think I love him.

Upsy Daisy

Chelsie Edwards - 2020
    Determined to use college as her chance to bloom anew, she’s focused on only one thing, leaving the Payton name behind and forging her own path—even if she has to tell the teeniest of fibs to do it.Trevor Boone has nothing.Abandoned as a child.Raised by distant relatives.Constantly reminded he’s a burden.Trevor’s lived at the edges of opulence for years, having all he’s ever desired dangled just out of reach. But his ambition is finally about to pay off and nothing will distract him from his goal—finishing college top of his class and starting life, on his own terms.When Daisy and Trevor meet it’s clear from the start that they’ll tempt each other to distraction, can they learn to put their ambitions aside and fall or will they lose it all?

One More Step

Lillian SchneiderL.K. Farlow - 2020
    Where they took that first sentence was completely up to them.Every story is different.No story is related.The only thing these stories have in common is their starting point.All of the authors showcased in this anthology were featured in The Bookworm Box charity during 2019.Each author has graciously donated their story so that 100% of profits from this anthology will be going to the various charities The Bookworm Box is able to support because of you, the readers.

Hood River Rat

K. Webster - 2020
    Approachable. I make friends easily.Cool car. Nice clothes. Good attitude.Everything will be fine.School is school.I’ll keep my head down until graduation and try not to stick out.College will be here before I know it.Yet my first day proves to be anything but easy.The Hood River Hoodlums—our school’s most notorious group of bad boys—have put a target on my back.Their leader, Roan, hates me.He calls me Rat.To him and his friends, I’m a loser who doesn’t belong at their school.I could pretend I don’t care about their hate.If only Roan wasn’t so hot.He’s mean, cruel, and sexy as hell.My nemesis is impossible to ignore…and a secret part of me doesn’t want to.Here I thought being gay was the worst of my problems.Turns out, being gay and crushing on your enemy takes the cake.This is a full-length high school enemies-to-lovers and new adult romance with high angst, suspense, and gutting emotion. It's book one in the Hood River Hoodlum series that will have interlinking storylines. Hood River Rat can be read as a standalone and starts off a four-book planned series that gives each Hoodlum a book. This is the only MM story. The others are MF.

The Not-Outcast

Tijan - 2020
    I was an outcast.He was best friends with my stepbrother, that same stepbrother who hated me.His two parents loved him. My mom was a junkie. My dad barely knew me.Years passed.I got my life together.Cut went onto NHL stardom.Then there was a text.I was drinking.There was a party.Cut was there...I loved Cutler Ryder since the first moment I saw him.The only problem? He never knew I existed.

Dirty Empire

K.A. Tucker - 2020
    Tucker comes the dark and sexy Empire Nightclub series Mercy Wheeler and Gabriel Easton’s sordid tale continues in Dirty Empire as Mercy finds her loyalties tested and Gabriel’s attempt to break free of his family’s legacy comes with unexpected consequences. Dirty Empire is the third book in the Empire Nightclub series and should be read after Sweet Mercy and Gabriel Fallen.


A.M. Brooks - 2020
    The night of my seventeenth birthday leads to the final event that catapults my future in a different direction. One call for help turns into my only chance of survival.Now, the only way to stay safe is to keep hidden.Hidden in a small town in the middle of “No-where”, Minnesota, away from my friends, my prestigious school, and my family, I have to mesh with the other hidden children in order to survive.Though, it’s not just the Bogeyman that keeps me up at night…Ciaran Jakobe, with his frosty blue eyes and instant dislike for me sets my nerves on end. There is no escaping his sharp words and constant torment. Every push from him sparks a fire of fight inside me. Every smirk from his full, pink lips makes me want to punch him in the face. He’s my nemesis and my dark hero. I may be paying for my parent’s mistakes but I won’t let a Midwest Boy get the best of me.

Reckless Times

Michelle Hercules - 2020
    Useless. Freak. Those are the words used to describe me. I’m an Idol who can’t see, and in this savage world where power is everything, being born with a disability makes me an aberration. Idols are the direct descendants of the gods. We’re supposed to be perfect. My parents kept me protected behind walls most of my life. They fear I won’t survive in the real world. They have no idea what kind of power runs through my veins. Stephan Silverstone—the most perfect Idol I’ve ever met—does. He’s cocky, annoying, and pushes my buttons like no other. But he sees me, the real person behind all the preconceived notions. Without effort, he’s breaking all my barriers; he’s claiming my heart. When I’m with him, sparks fly. I want to be reckless and forget everything. If only things were that simple. We’re both keeping dangerous secrets that could tear us apart. War is coming, and I’m not sure if what we have will survive. *This is a spin-off of Gifted Academy Series. This is not an RH romance.

The Best Man

Winter Renshaw - 2020
    Together we watched our young children playing in the sand, the warm ocean lapping at the shore behind them as the setting sun painted the sky. She was my soulmate and this was our life, our beautiful forever … Then I woke up—alone in a hospital room, connected to wires and machines. There was no wife. No kids. Not a single soul waiting for me. That life I dreamt of—never existed. The woman I loved, the woman I knew better than I knew myself—wasn’t real. Until she walked into my life six months later …And it was both the best and worst day of my life because the woman of my dreams—was about to marry my best friend.AUTHOR'S NOTE: This angsty contemporary romance contains NO cheating or love triangles.

Defending the Rush

Jamie Bennett - 2020
    She likes her life and everything in it to be clean, neat, and orderly. And it was, until her father took the position as head coach of the Woodsmen football team, uprooted their small family, and moved them to Michigan. Now she's living in a place where she has no job, no college, and no friends. Awesome.That’s how things are going, anyway, until she meets Jory Morin. He’s a giant of a guy who plays for her dad, and Meredith can’t figure him out—the way he shows up at her house uninvited, his wild hair and beard, his RV full of concrete animal statues and cat food. And he doesn’t have a cat.Yeah, a little…weird.And then there’s the thing about him fighting, in trouble with his team, and making her wonder if the violent way he plays football is just who he is. Should she even be with him?But there is more to Jory, as Meredith finds out. He has a heart that’s bigger than his old truck, and a brain that may not go in the same direction as hers, but it’s always going. In fact, Meredith will need to work keep up with him. Jory also has work to do to, to break down the defenses that she has built up to protect herself from the hurt in her past.It won’t be easy to figure each other out, but together, they may have created an unstoppable rush!

Devious Little Liars

Elle Thorpe - 2020
    Some of us are just better at not getting caught.”He murdered my uncle then covered it with fire. A fire that should have killed me, too. Instead, he hauled me from the floor while flames licked the walls, strong arms holding me close.He saved my life.Now I want to know why. I never saw his face. All I know is the letters on his shirt. SVH.Saint View High.The worst school in a hundred miles. Full of drugs and despair. Breeding ground for future criminals. Armed security guards and weapon checks at every door.A far cry from my privileged life of money, private school, and fancy vacations.With the police doing nothing, I take matters into my own hands. I enroll in a school I have no business being at.But the Untouchables are quick to let me know exactly how big a mistake I’ve made. They’re the group of boys even the teachers are scared of.Colt. Banjo. Rafe.Every teenage girl’s dream. Good looking. Popular. Powerful.And determined to break me.Thing is, I’m not that easily broken. And I’m coming for them, too.Devious Little Liars is the story of three bad boys and a girl who knows how to stand her ground. It is a mature high school/new adult, reverse harem, #whychoose romance, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This book contains enemies-to-lovers and bullying themes. It is the first book in an ongoing trilogy.

Fire Night

Penelope Douglas - 2020
    It was special."The clock at St. Killian’s chimes as whispers float in the dark staircase above. Snow falls from the black sky beyond the windows, and candles glow, the flames lighting up the longest night of the year.⁣⁣Devil’s Night isn’t the only holiday we celebrate. Tonight, we’re pulling on a different mask.⁣⁣Some call it Midwinter.⁣⁣Others call it Yule.⁣⁣We call it Fire Night.⁣⁣***⁣FIRE NIGHT is a 28K word holiday novella.


V. Kelly - 2020
    When Symone Esquire fails to woo her best friend into taking her virginity, his rejection is the catalyst that inspires her to create a sex contract with a local legend, a man nicknamed “The Cherry Popper”, to take her virginity instead. Sid Cooperton is used to being solicited for sex, being the lead singer of a local rock band does have its perks . . . but when the nerdy, yet intriguing, Symone approaches him with a proposition to take her virginity in exchange for his college tutoring. It’s simply an offer he can’t refuse—even if his reputation for being a virginity exterminator is grossly exaggerated. Symone wasn’t expecting anything more than a business relationship with Sid, but she soon realizes there’s so much more to her sex tutor than just sex. Matters become even more complicated when her once uninterested best friend, suddenly wants to take their relationship to the next level like she always wanted. With the relationship she’s always dreamed of within her reach, Symone must make a decision: choose her best friend, the man she’s been in love with her whole life, or choose Sid, the man who has suddenly become the subject of all her fantasies. The contract has been signed: Symone’s virginity for Sid’s B average.It was supposed to be simple, until she broke his only rule.

Vicious Lies

Ella Miles - 2020
    This is a story of all the reasons we can't be together. Reason number one: we lie.Liesel Dunn has a secret. One I literally ripped from her hands when we were kids. Her secret was in a letter that I tore in half. I have half the secret. She has the other half. We've always refused to share our part of the truth, so we've lived separate lives. Until fate brings us back together. She needs a hitman. I answer her call. I'll do her this favor. But she'll owe me a debt. And I plan on collecting...Vicious Lies is book 1 in a dark romance series. It ends on a cliffhanger.


E.M. Snow - 2020
    It is not recommended for readers under 17 as it contains dubious situations and triggers that some readers may find offensive. It is NOT a standalone and ends in a cliffhanger.

Hard Pass

K.G. Reuss - 2020
    A weekend in Vegas. And a challenge that changes everything.LexyTravis Owens has been a pain since he tugged my ponytail and challenged me to our first dare when we were eight years old. Time hasn’t changed a thing in regards to the hotter-than-fire football hero, except the game we play with one another now has higher stakes. A weekend in Vegas and a fake marriage assignment ensures nothing will ever be the same between us. Because I think I’m falling for my enemy, and the ring on my finger says he’s already won.TravisLexy Hale is every guy’s wet dream, but she’s off-limits since she’s my best friend’s twin sister. I’ve spent our entire childhood challenging her to dares, hoping to one day beat her. But she never backs down. This time, I have a plan that will ensure I’ll win. A drunken night in Vegas and a fake marriage assignment are all I need to set this plan in motion. Except I didn’t plan on falling for her.She thinks I’m just a jock with too many notches in my bedpost. Now, I need to prove her wrong because everything I’ve ever wanted is at stake. Getting her to marry me is the easy part. Trying to keep her is the real challenge.Hard Pass is a standalone enemies to lovers college football romance. Guaranteed HEA. Contains mature content.

Nude Awakening

Penny Clarke - 2020
    Then I never would have―quite literally―bumped into Levi Hart moments before he dropped trou in class.He can turn up the charm all he wants―I’m not sleeping with the guy that starred in a sex tape circulating campus last year (and no, I didn’t watch it. Much). Even if the more he takes his clothes off, the more it turns me on, it’s not happening.Levi is no stranger to nudity.Yes, I was in that video. But I’m trying to put that behind me, which is why I’m doing this art class modeling gig. Now, I just need to convince Rylie Stone to overlook my past mistakes…and maybe not run away every time I get naked.Rylie can deny it all she wants, but I’ve seen how she stares at my body. She wants me. And I want her. So I’m pulling out all the stops (and taking off all my shirts) until she realizes just how much fun can be had when you go after what you want.

Rich Prick: A Shy Girl Bad Boy Sports Romance

Tijan - 2020
    I guess that's what happens when you're a prick, rich, and you're best friends with the ruling school's king. Also didn't hurt he's drop dead gorgeous. That's all fine. I mean, I have nothing to do with them. I'm a loner, invisible, and that's how I wanted it to be. I was even proud of it, until I wasn't. Until I saw a girl kneel before him.Until I couldn't look away.Until he caught me watching. His name is Blaise Devroe. My name is Aspen Monson. He only knew how to get, command, and demand attention. I knew how to do everything but that. And this is our story. *Rich Prick is a full 100k standalone.


Ivy SmoakIvy Smoak - 2020
    Everyone knows Matthew Caldwell.Charming.Gorgeous.Wealthy.And way out of my league.So when he invites me into the lifestyle of the rich and famous?I agree in a heartbeat.But behind all the glitz and glam?Secrets.Lies.Betrayal.All hidden behind a perfect smile and a tailored jacket.I should have known better than to pretend to belong in his world...


Candace Wondrak - 2020
    After my mom forced us to uproot our life and move to a fancy new town, I’m effectively the outsider. Still, somehow a charming jock and a dangerous bad boy catch my attention. Not even a week into our new lives, something is wrong. The man my mom works for is hiding something, and I think my crush’s family, the Scotts, are a part of it. More than one person has gone missing here. Midpark might look shiny and new, but underneath it lies a darkness no one can deny. I’ve been lied to, used and discarded. I can’t trust anyone around here. Everyone has their secrets…and some of them are deadly. The rich have their vices, and when they have enough money to cover up their crimes, it’s always people like me who end up paying the price. Feisty is the first book in the Midpark High trilogy. There are steamy scenes, along with multiple love interests. Everyone in the book is 18 years of age or older. Just as a warning, future books in the trilogy will get darker. A High School Bully Romance

Family Dinners with the Billionaire

Amberlee Day - 2020
    Can she turn his mansion into a home, and will he give his heart to a new kind of beauty? Welcome to The Cove With heavy iron gates, two security stations, and a groundskeeper's cottage, The Cove has everything a billionaire could ask for in a home. Dubbed Billionaire Bachelor Cove because of the resident's single status and income portfolios, The Cove is the perfect place to hide away from the world. But, as the residents soon find out, they can't hide from love. Family Dinners with the Billionaire When Jetton Bolt’s supermodel wife died two years ago, his kids handled it surprisingly well. After all, she was hardly ever home. Now that they’ve moved back to Jetton’s home town of Seattle, however, problems arise, and the counselor he’s hired recommends he spend more time with his children. First thing on the list: eat dinners together, and cook them together, too. Jetton doesn’t cook, but that’s what money’s for, right? Julie Kiyama has earned a name in Seattle and beyond as a talented chef, but when it comes to running a business in a saturated restaurant market, she struggles. Hoping that the third time will be the charm, she opens a “restaurant” where diners actually help cook their own dinners. She never dreamed that this odd foodie niche would land her a job helping a billionaire and his kids learn to cook together, or that she’d be driving daily to the luxurious private neighborhood known as The Cove to make it happen. When sparks begin to fly in the Bolt kitchen between Jetton and Julie, both will have to redefine their ideas of success if they have any hope of believing what their hearts are telling them.

Bared Souls

Ellie Wade - 2020
     I knew he wasn’t lying, and I loved him anyway. I believed in love—in him. I just wasn’t prepared to carry the weight of his demons. I wanted forever with him, but life showed me love was temporary, and forever was a dream. Despite everything that happened, even now, I wouldn’t change any of it. For a love to have the capacity to destroy you, it has to be extraordinarily powerful—and that kind of love is impossible to walk away from. Leo Harding I warned her that I’d ruin her. I knew that I’d taint her innocence with my bad intentions. I was weak. She was perfection. I was nothing. The truth is that I loved her, and I selfishly wanted to hold on—to her, to the man she had made me, to the life we could have. I wanted to dance with her in the light despite knowing that the darkness would find me anyway. Heartbreak was inevitable. Yet I held on to the sliver of hope that I was wrong, that love really was enough. Destiny isn’t something I buy into, but she makes me want to believe.

The Brightest Night Sneak Peek

Jennifer L. Armentrout - 2020
    Armentrout returns to the world of the Lux with this steamy, shocking third installment of the Origin series that will leave readers reeling. Download a FREE sneak peek today!The hardcover edition of The Brightest Night includes a bonus short story, and the first printing will be signed by the author.He is the darkest star.She is the burning shadow.And together, they will bring about the brightest night.Less than a year ago, Evelyn Dasher was a normal girl, living a safe, rather unremarkable life—a life that was a total lie. Now she’s learned the truth about who she was and what she is.Hidden within Zone 3, she knows that if she loses control of her dangerous abilities again, she not only puts everyone in the secret community at risk, but also the beautiful, deadly inhuman Luc. He will do anything to keep her safe. Lie. Barter. Beg. Kill.But there are truths that not even Luc can prepare for, and as Evie’s abilities evolve, the consequences of everything he’s done turn devastating.Luc is stepping into the darkness. But Evie might already be lost to the shadows.At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Blue Skies

T.L. Martin - 2020
    And maybe to spread a little love where she can. When she gets the opportunity to live with a father she’s never met and to enroll in public school for the first time, she brings her optimistic and free-spirited nature with her. But it’s not long before she meets her polar opposite, Joshua Hunt, whose hard edges resist every smile she sends his way . . . Hunt’s never met a girl who smiles so easily. It can’t be normal. Combine that with the flowers in her hair, constant daydreaming, and a knack for sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong—and he wants nothing to do with Blue Everest. He’s got enough going on without her distractions, and everything, everyone, he cares about is depending on him to stay focused.Blue’s ready to go wherever the wind takes her, and Hunt’s determined to steer his own ship. But sometimes the wind changes course, pulling two people into a rough and devastating storm that can crush the strongest of hearts. And sometimes, it takes more than you ever thought you were capable of to get back to blue skies.CONTENT WARNING: contains sex, profanity, and sensitive subject matter, including addiction and suicide.

Necessary Cruelty

Ashley Gee - 2020
    He is beloved by his subjects and ruthless with his enemies.We used to be friends, once. Not anymore.It’s no secret that he hates me, but only the two of us will ever know why. And the guilt of what I’ve done makes me hate myself more than he ever could.Except love and hate are two sides of the same coin and both will make you burn.Then he comes to me with a proposition: one fake marriage in exchange for enough money to finally escape this town and leave the past behind me. The offer is hard to refuse and Vin is used to getting what he wants.I want to know why me, but I won’t ask for his secrets when it means revealing my own.He is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me.My savior and my destruction.It’s a deal with the devil.I’ll let him take my hand in marriage.The only question is whether or not he also gets my soul.

The Lost Legends

Cait Marie - 2020
    A prophecy. A centuries-long curse.All her life, Princess Adalina heard tales of the legendary, immortal warriors known as the Nihryst. Cursed and bound to a deck of tarot cards by her ancestors, the Nihryst were stranded on a remote island nearly a century and a half earlier. Her brother, Prince Shane, is destined to rule the kingdom of Detmarya. Though preparing for this role has encompassed his entire life, control of the kingdom may come sooner than expected due to their father’s sporadic behavior.Discovering the king's plan to set a war in motion with a mass assassination, Ada unwittingly joins a crew of pirates in search of the only beings powerful enough to stop him: the Nihryst. Meanwhile, Shane and a group of underground rebels make a haunting discovery of a plague infecting the streets of Detmarya. With a looming deadline to save multiple kingdoms and thousands of innocent lives, both royal siblings join quests worthy of Ada’s beloved fairy tales.

A Broken Past

Cara L. Silver - 2020
    But my broken past continues to haunt me, even in the City of Angels. Camden Carter, a mysterious law student, walks into my life and begins to shatter the walls that took my entire life to build. Somehow, I end up right in the middle of a replication of my past that I can’t escape.I was always fine being alone; I actually thrived in it, but I soon find out that Cam is the lover that I never knew I wanted. Will I finally find the strength that I never knew I had?TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual Assault

Long Lost: A Small Town Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

Cora Brent - 2020
    Forbidden friendships and small town secrets. Enemies-to-lovers and tragic legacies."Why are you trying to make me hate you?""Because you should."We should have been enemies from the beginning.But we were children when we met and children tend to ignore such rules.Even if the rules exist for a reason.Because Jonathan came from a family of savage killers.While I was born into the broken aftermath of their victims.For one short season we were inseparable.All it took was one terrible day to turn us into strangers.For years I refused to even think about him.Until he shows up here, far away from where we started.The gentle boy I remember has grown into a volatile man with a steely glare and a different name.He won't admit to who he is.Or where he comes form.Or who we are to each other.And I knew I shouldn't have provoked him.I knew I shouldn't have touched him.Most of all I knew I shouldn't have given him my heart.Yes, Jonathan and I were born to be enemies.And maybe that's how our story will end after all...

London Dynasty

Geneva Lee - 2020
    A name that opens doors, more money than god, an Oxford education, and rumors that she’s caught the eye of Spencer Byrd, the heir to one of England’s most powerful aristocratic families. I’m an orphan, running from a tragedy I can’t face. Being mistaken for her is flattering until her father arrives at my door with an indecent proposal. His daughter has fled her perfect life, and he wants me to step into her shoes until she can be coaxed back to her pedestal. The arrangement is simple. For one year, I will be Kerrigan Belmond. The perfect daughter. The charming socialite. The ideal future wife. For one year, I will do anything she would do. And for one year, I will keep the attention of Spencer at all costs.I can’t say no, but as soon as I meet Spencer and his brother I realize the mistake I’ve made. To the outside world, the Byrds are London society and Spencer is the golden boy groomed to become prime minister. Behind closed doors, his family is as twisted and tangled as the web I’m walking into.Spencer demands loyalty. He expects discretion. And he’s ready to claim the woman he’s been promised in every way. Keeping him happy means I might lose more than a year of my life, but I can’t turn down the proposition. Not with what the Belmonds have promised me in return.They say everyone has a price. I know mine.Ten million pounds.


Jaxson Kidman - 2020
    Not a chance. Could never happen. Ever. And I fall for her. I’d known her for a long time. We weren’t friends. We weren’t enemies. We were just different. That was it. An emergency brings her into my life for good. And it changes everything I think and I know. This is the real story that goes way beyond what happened before. To make this right I have to face the past. I have to stay in the present. And when I’m near ‘her’ … All I can think about is the future.

10 Costly Medicare Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make

Danielle Kunkle Roberts - 2020

The Leopard Twins' Christmas Mate (Uncontrollable Shift Book 4)

R.E. Butler - 2020

Tatum: Taming the Professor (The Campbell Brothers, #4)

T.C. Clark - 2020
    He liked the order he'd set up in his life, and love was definitely not on his agenda.Tatum had watched his brothers fall victim to love, and although he was happy for them, he had other plans for his life. Plans that were being challenged by his feisty new colleague.Sabrina Richardson was the new professor in town, and she loved every minute of it. She'd landed a teaching position at one of the top universities in Scotland. She'd worked hard for the job, and her students were adjusting well to unusual teaching methods.Everything was going great until the chief of the Science department arrived at her door with questions about her curriculum. Tatum Campbell was condescending, arrogant, and sexy as hell.The chemistry between them was unwanted but undeniable. Can Tatum and Sabrina fight the tension building between them, or will Tatum end up just like his brothers?Tune in here to find out....

Unfolding Ethan

Mahi Mistry - 2020
    She shouldn't have imagined his devilishly handsome face between her legs.But it was too late.Kiara and Ethan had been best friends since they were children. They'd shared everything in their eighteen years together except romance.But that all changed at the beginning of their senior year.Kiara began noticing Ethan's washboard abs when he hopped out of the pool dripping wet after swim practice. Ethan began gazing at Kiara’s golden skin in a bikini as a grown woman instead of the girl next door he grew up with.That kiss should have never happened.It was just one moment in a lifetime of moments, but they both felt its power. They knew the thrumming in their veins and desperation in their bodies might give them all they ever wanted or ruin everything if they followed it.Kiara and Ethan knew they should have never kissed. But it's too late to take that choice back, so they have a new one to make.Fall for each other and risk their friendship or try to forget one little kiss that might change everything.

The Hunt

Ann Howes - 2020
    The full gamut-from missing innocent victims to the worst of human scum. Having survived Afghanistan, he's battle hardened and army strong. With women, he keeps it simple and uncommitted. So how did that little redheaded spitfire manage to crawl under his skin, creep into his dreams and complicate his life? Helen Resnick is on a hunt of her own-for her ex. He disappeared after a violent drive-by shooting along with her cash and a treasured family heirloom. How annoying he's also the target of that over-the-top hot dude, Carmine-a man she really ought to stay away from but for whatever reason keeps popping up in her life Problem is, she now has to work with him. But can she trust him, and do their interests align? Will they get what they're looking for, or is what they discover along the way enough to destroy them?

When Shadows Follow

Callie Rae - 2020
    Stay quiet. Survive.Fallon Blake is starting her senior year in a new town with the goal of sliding through to graduation unseen. Despite her attempts to lay low, she makes a snap decision to act when the king of Cherry Creek High School, Jesse Callaway, gets jumped at a party.Now, fearing Fallon needs protection from the mess she threw herself into, Jesse refuses to let her recede back into the shadows. Little does he know, with each lingering glance, or brush of his hand, he is reigniting a fire within Fallon that burns her to the core. Every gentle touch scorches the scars on her fragile heart.As sparks fly between them, Fallon fights to snuff them out. How can she trust her own judgment when it failed her horrifically before? But when the past catches up with her, Fallon is left with two options. Confide in Jesse... or run.Will Fallon break the vicious cycle of the past by taking a chance on the future? Or will fear torch any chance she and Jesse could have had?

A Bridge Between Us

K.K. Allen - 2020
    ⁣⁣As the seasons changed, the corn stalks grew strong, and the grapevines flourished with hope. But none of it mattered, not when the soil at our feet bound us in a century-old rivalry. We’d never even had a chance. ⁣⁣They said life flashed before your eyes on the way to death, but on that night, after my final scream burst from my throat and my world started to fade to black, I only thought of him. Of his sweet chocolate eyes, his desperately cautious stare, and his silence that carried more weight than gold. ⁣⁣I should have died that night. Instead, I crossed the moonlit bridge and never returned. ⁣⁣I let rivalry win. If only that had been enough to keep us all safe. If only we didn’t have a bridge between us.⁣

Clearwater University: The Complete Series

Eva Ashwood - 2020
    "Your face is a killer. Your fierce spirit is the worst of all. You were made to bring men to their knees.” They were my bullies once.Three boys I hated more than anything.They made my life hell for a year--until I escaped their cruelty when my dad's job moved us away.I've never forgotten them though. Never forgotten what they did. And I know they haven't forgotten me.But when I'm offered a full-ride scholarship to the prestigious Clearwater University, I refuse to let old fears stop me from accepting.Because I'm not the girl I used to be.I'm stronger. Tougher.Angrier.And if West, Reese, and Trent think they can screw with me again... well.We'll just see who breaks first.This box set contains the complete Clearwater University series, a new adult reverse harem enemies-to-lovers/bully romance. It contains cursing and lots of steam.

My Billionaire Fake Fiance: A Romantic Comedy

Elyse Riggs - 2020
    Add a cocky billionaire. Throw in a fake engagement. Let the games begin.KayleeI have one rule. I don't date tourists. Ever. Because vacation boyfriends never last. But my life is a hot mess. So much so that my friends throw me a love-life intervention. Never heard of that? Me neither. I may have a problem. So I decide to break my rule just one time because the tourist is unbelievably sexy. Hey, it's more of a guideline than an actual rule. What's the worst that can happen?Cue Chase Covington, the relationship-averse billionaire who blows into my life like a category five hurricane.My Billionaire Fake Fiance is a full-length, standalone romantic comedy with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a HEA.

The Wreckage of Us

Brittainy C. Cherry - 2020
     I know I should stay away from Ian Parker. But when my drug-dealing stepdad kicks me out, I have nowhere to go. Squatting in an abandoned shed on Ian’s grandpa’s farm seems like as good a plan as any. Ian finds me there, of course, and he insists on me moving into his spare room. I should say no, but the appeal of a roof and a warm bed is too much. Not to mention Ian’s brown eyes and strong arms. We’re nothing alike, but the spark between us is undeniable. My life is finally looking up. Until I call the cops on my stepdad and unintentionally get my pregnant mom arrested. Now I have to sacrifice my dreams to take care of my mom’s baby. She’s the only family I have left. Meanwhile, Ian’s band is taking off; his dreams are coming true. Ian is my one chance at love. I just hope he doesn’t become the one chance that got away.

Control Us

J.M. Walker - 2020
    Passionate.Fierce.After Luna Stone and I went from friends to lovers, my only purpose was showing her how worthy I was. But how could I convince her when I didn’t believe it myself? I craved her touch and her smiles but most of all, her heart.I vowed to protect her and show her father that I could be the man for his daughter. I pushed.She pulled.And when all was said and done, I’d have to go through an even higher power to prove that I deserved her…Myself.~LunaHe was quiet.Withdrawn.Intense.Zach Porter and I had been friends since we were kids, but it had never amounted to anything more than that. Until now.But as close as we were getting, he was still closed off. He protected his heart and put up walls, even though he had no reason to. He shoved.I grabbed hold and never let go.If I didn’t fight for what was ours, he’d succumb to his demons and believe their vicious words telling him that he’s not good enough. To give up.On us.

Loving My Best Friend

Roxy Reid - 2020
    Loving My Best Friend is a stand-alone novel with no cheating, no cliff hangers and a sumptuous happily ever after.

Pretty When She Cries

A. Zavarelli - 2020
    Ours was baptized in fire.I was the new girl trying to find her place.Landon was the brooding neighbor I tutored over the summer.I didn’t know he was a legend at Black Mountain Academy.I didn’t know they worshipped him like a religion.But I fell for him before I knew those things.To me, he was just the tortured soul who drew me in like a magnet.And then he did something so unspeakable, so unforgivable, it shattered me.I ran away then because I was weak, but I’ve shed my tears.He stole my heart and my dignity, and I’m here to take it back.The only problem is… he’s not giving it up without a fight.


H.L. Swan - 2020
    That is until Emilia dances into his life, setting a blazing fire of color through every dark corner he’s hidden himself inside of.The question remains, is her light to bright, her soul too pure to be so utterly consumed with someone that has such dark demons lurking around at every corner?Is Emilia ready to be involved with the dangerous games that Aiden’s empire entails?

Whitsborough: The Chronicles

C.A. Rene - 2020
    Through tragedy, she’s forced to move to Ontario, Canada with her mother’s sister and husband. These books will lead you through the small town of Whitsborough, filled with wealthy and prestigious individuals, ones whose exteriors shine with a clean brilliance, but their insides are rotten to the core.In a world where money talks and immorality is masked by power, a young woman finds herself caught in a world where her resilience is often tested. Once Ember is pushed too far, she succumbs to her inner villain, and no one is safe from her blade, no matter how much money they have.Take this journey of pain, darkness, finding the light, then ultimately, the road to redemption, and witness just how dark a person can get to protect the people she loves.

Whatever It Takes

Krista Ritchie - 2020
     Call me what you want: Bad Boy Next Door. Trouble. That Kid Who Can’t Do Anything Right. When Willow moves into my neighborhood, nothing should have happened. She’s geeky. Shy. A true wallflower. Willow is a good girl. Too good for me. And how the hell was I supposed to know that she’s related to Loren Hale—yeah, that douchebag celebrity that lives on my street. The same guy I've been pranking by spray painting vulgar words on his mailbox and worse. Much worse. Don't ask me why I do the things I do. Don't ask me why it had to be her. I'm cursed. Simple as that. But here's the thing about people who are cursed—they break everything they touch. And yet. . .I still want to touch her. ​ Whatever It Takes is the first book in the Bad Reputation Duet and can be read and enjoyed without reading any of Krista & Becca's other novels.