The Hopeless Hoyden

Margaret Bennett - 2012
    Fearing for her life, she flees, running through the woods, and encounters the Viscount himself. Mistaking him for one of her pursers, she welds a large stick and nearly unmans him. Home from fighting Napoleon, Gabriel is forced to attend a house party arranged by his cousins Cecil Caldwell and his sister Deborah, who are rusticating to avoid their creditors and possibly jail when he encounters Emily. He invites Emily to join the house party, which she does with the intent to discover the Viscount’s enemy. Emily and Gabriel find themselves in a compromising situation. Gabriel is more than willing to accept an engagement with Emily. She, on the other hand, is mortified, feeling that her hoydenish ways have ensnared the Viscount. Unfortunately, the engagement puts Emily’s life in danger and Gabriel must find the proof he needs to banish his cousins.

PRINCESS DIANA: The True Story of the People’s Princess

Katy Holborn - 2017
     Lady Diana Spencer. One time wife of the heir to the throne and mother to two sons, one of whom will most probably one day be king. Challenger to the established protocols of the monarchy, a woman determined to do it her way. Trend setter, humanitarian, darling of the public. A person who appeared to have everything but whose life would end in tragedy at just thirty-six years of age. The People’s Princess…this is her story.

I'm Going to Kill that Cat!: Start reading this cozy mystery right away!

F. Della Notte - 2018
    Is this oddball detective team Heaven-sent? Busybody Mrs. B has her heart in the right place—even if her nose isn’t. As the housekeeper and assistant to Father Melvyn Kronkey, she knows everything about everyone in their little Catholic church. But when a public spat fueled by a mischievous pussycat leaves one parishioner dead and another the prime suspect, an old woman’s freedom depends on her snooping. Sorting through the victim’s pilfered journal, with help from an uncannily intuitive cat, the amateur sleuths uncover a shadowy trail of vice. But when the sanctuary suffers a break-in and a mysterious prowler is spotted around town, exposing the truth could send them to an early appointment with St. Peter. Can Mrs. B, Father Melvyn, and their feline friend nab the culprit before the church’s reputation goes to Hell? I’m Going to Kill that Cat is the deliciously intriguing first book in the Housekeeper Mystery cozy series. If you like character-driven stories, quirky personalities, and crime-solving kitties, then you’ll love F. Della Notte’s furry ball of fun. Buy I’m Going to Kill that Cat for a holy rolling whodunit today!

Lord Corsair: Pirates of Britannia Connected World

Sydney Jane Baily - 2019
     British privateer, Philip Carruthers, on a secret undertaking for Queen Victoria, has at last found the treasure he’s sought for two years. Unfortunately, he also finds a captive Englishwoman. Duty-bound to rescue her, he risks his ship, his crew, and his cat to return Lady Angsley to her father. In the midst of a dangerous world of pistols and plunder, Captain Carruthers goes from privateer to pirate in order to steal the heart of a lady. A secret royal mission or the life of a lady? Which will he choose?

On My Way To You

Monica Walters - 2018
    She went against the code of the hood, and now she is paying for it. One loyal yet twisted decision leads to Keisha hiding in a closet, in desperate need of help. Ryan sends the help she needs, but when she sees that help, she's mesmerized. From that moment on, Keisha doesn't want to imagine life without him, and she doesn't even know his name yet. Sheppard Andrews has only been in love once. That love was reserved for the mother of his daughter. When she was killed in Iraq, Sheppard entered a depression that no one could seem to pull him out of. Doing his best to walk a straight line comes to a screeching halt when he receives a call from long-time friend, Ryan, to save a chick named Keisha Landry. He doesn't know her, but if Ryan thinks she's worth saving, then that's all that matters. The moment he sees her, he knows that she possesses the power to have him groveling at her feet. So many obstacles stand in the way of Sheppard and Keisha's connection. He vows to take care of her and protect her from her not so over drama, but after blasting his way to her, they both realize that her troubles are following her wherever they go.

Her Highland Captain: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance (Beasts Of The Highlands Book 9)

Alisa Adams - 2020

The Lady and The Earl

Diedre Clark - 2012
    Allana is a lady, but not of the traditional sense. She is wild and independent, not following the conventional character of a well-bred lady. She believes the Earl will never want one such as her. But Lord Lucas Hoffman does. Can Allana bring her heart to love Lord Hoffman, or has her infatuation with the Earl ruined her ability to love another?Declan Cunningham, the Earl of Westbrook, is not looking for marriage. But when Lord Marcus Tananguard offers him a coveted piece of land, he cannot refuse. The catch? He must marry Tananguard’s daughter. True, the woman is beautiful, but where does her heart lie? Can Declan claim it, or is it already too late?

The Trial

Larry D. Thompson - 2010
    She had volunteered for a clinical trial of a drug that both the company and the FDA knew was dangerous. When his daughter's liver starts to fail, and he realizes a liver transplant is out of the question, he decides to fight the drug company on the playing field he knows best...the courtroom. Discovering what was hidden from the public, he finds himself faced with a ruthless adversary willing to commit bribery, kidnapping and murder to keep the drug on the market.

Isle Be Seeing You (Islands of Aloha Mystery Book 9)

JoAnn Bassett - 2017
    She learns having kids probably isn’t in the cards for her at the same time her friend and kung fu sifu, Doug Kanekoa, reveals his wife’s stepping out on him. Her husband’s ultra-classified job sends him to parts unknown and he hints at ending their marriage. Friend Farrah frets over a machete-wielding ghost stalking her children, but when Pali steps up to help, she gets thrown under the bus for her trouble. Pali’s doing her best to keep the faith when death deals her a body blow. It’s personal, it’s painful, and this time it’s ‘ohana.

The Pirate's Captive

Maisy Archer - 2016
    Her plan to thwart the lawless rogue quickly goes awry, however, when she is carried off from her home and held as a captive aboard his ship. Evelyn soon discovers that while the handsome buccaneer has no intention of doing her any harm, he will not tolerate disobedience, and when she attempts an escape she ends up over his knee for a painful, embarrassing spanking in front of his entire crew. Though the stern punishment infuriates Evelyn, she cannot help wondering what it would be like to be mastered much more thoroughly, and before long she is blushing crimson and quivering with desire as he teaches her exactly what it means for a beautiful lady to surrender her body to a dominant man. Despite her growing attraction to her captor, however, his plans for her remain a mystery. She is to be delivered to a man in Boston, but she knows neither who he is nor what he wants with her. All she can be sure of is that with each passing day she feels less like a prisoner and more like a priceless treasure. But will old enemies or the dangers of the high seas tear her from her lover’s arms? Publisher’s Note: The Pirate’s Captive includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


J.C. Allen - 2011
    Scott Carver is asked to make this decision when "M.O.D." asks him to help plan a revolution.

The Accidental Duchess

Sandy Blair - 2013
    Needing a few weeks of peace in order to sort out his financial problems and secure his childhood Highland home, Connor Kenroe, the Duke of Kilgory, returns to his closed London townhouse after a long sojourn in Egypt to find a lovely slip of a woman asleep in his bed. When his shocked mother and ex-fiancée arrive unexpectedly at the bedroom door, he spouts the first lie that comes to mind, trapping himself and his feisty trespasser in a complicated web of lies they now have to unravel.This novella was originally published in the anthology How to Marry a Duke.

Wedding Cake to Turin

Lynda Renham - 2010
    Torn between feelings for her boyfriend and a new man that she meets at the airport, she embarks on a journey of hilarious situations, finding herself mixing with the rich and famous and the Italian Mafia. Charlotte has to decide just how much she is prepared to do for love but does the man she love truly love her? Charley's journey to find love is both hilarous and touching.

Wide Plank Porches

Laura Frances - 2017
    The second to some, would be considered outright lying, the last a surprise to those who view them as ladies with a gentle upbringing. But the Parker legacy has never been what it seems and keeping up appearances has trumped the truth every time. Just as Charlotte is about to break the news of her plan to strike out on her own, her daughter, Janie, returns from college to announce she’s pregnant. Her sister, Purdy, becomes desperate to take control and devises a sinister plan to rid the Parker’s of yet another family secret. But Janie’s upbringing has instilled a deeper faith in her than anyone realizes. Compelling and unexpected, Wide Planked Porches is a moving novel that will make you rethink family duty, faith, and fortitude. For fans of Kathryn Stockett (The Help) and Sue Monk Kidd (The Secret Life of Bees), a must-read for lovers of the South, and eavesdroppers who love to listen in on someone else's family drama.


Barbara Ebel - 2011
    But a policeman is about to make a horrible mistake.There is despair and hope, loss and recovery, guilt and romance; and a world of characters who spring to life around the central tragedy of the ensuing car crash and it is through Karen's organ donation that a woman with liver disease may be given a second chance.But what happens when a pilot aborts the transplant team's flight? And what becomes of the hurricane-battered dog who escapes the crushed metal pile into the blowing sand and gusty wind?And above all, what happens in the operating room during one of the most difficult surgeries performed in medicine?