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Closed Hearts by Regina Puckett


The Actress and the Rake

Carola Dunn - 1995
    He assumed they’ll fail. Fuming but penniless, they accept the challenge, but a host of hopeful relatives is determined to throw them into each other’s arms, and Sir Barnabas’s cantankerous ghost lends a hand! Regency Romance by Carola Dunn: originally published by Zebra as The Lady and the Rake

Balter: A Retelling of Pride and Prejudice

Newton Priors - 2020
    They stop to see Pemberley and Elizabeth encounters Mr. Darcy, a man she has never met before. She expects never to see him again, but her expectations prove mistaken. Repeatedly.

Acting on Faith

Jann Rowland - 2013
    Little does he know that his peace will soon be disturbed. To his surprise, his aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, descends upon him in a fury, demanding that he agree to marry her daughter. She neglects to tell him, however, that she has just parted ways with Elizabeth in Hertfordshire, the "unsatisfactory" result of the meeting being Elizabeth's refusal to promise never to marry him. Amid what he fears is a whirlwind of rumors, Darcy is forced to move forward in his quest to secure Elizabeth's hand with no assurances of her regard. Unfortunately, neither Caroline Bingley nor Elizabeth's childhood friend Samuel Lucas intend to make it easy for him.Picking up after chapter 56 of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, this charming tale of love and determination explores what would have happened if Fitzwilliam Darcy had no indication other than his own observation, that Elizabeth Bennet’s opinion of him had changed. His fortitude and constancy once more put to the test in the face of blatant interference, her mother’s dislike, and her father’s ambivalence, Darcy is required to “act on faith” to secure the woman of his dreams.

The Ghost and Miss Hallam

Barbara Bartholomew - 2012
    Lynne Hallam, working hard at researching the journals of Maud Bailey Sandford at the late author's isolated ranch home in the red hills has an unexpected visitor that nobody else can see. In his last minutes after a terrible accident, Moss has demanded not justice, but grace from the universe and is convinced that the lovely Lynne has been sent to him to balance the scales of an unfair fate.

Mr. Darcy's Perfect Match

Kelly Miller - 2020
    What can solve his dilemma?When circumstances compel Darcy’s return to Hertfordshire in assistance of his friend Mr. Bingley, he must confront his unfathomable attraction to Miss Elizabeth.In this "Pride & Prejudice" Regency novella, one afternoon spent in company with Miss Elizabeth Bennet is enough to make an indelible and life-altering impression upon Darcy, setting him on a rocky course towards the fulfillment of his desires. Will Darcy attain happiness, or will his ingrained pride be his downfall?

From Admiration to Love: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Sophia King - 2017
    Mortified and angry, she reveals her presence. Darcy is deeply ashamed of his words, but Elizabeth refuses to listen to his apology. She is more convinced than ever that he is the most arrogant, unfeeling man who ever lived. Darcy is troubled by Elizabeth’s stay at Netherfield Park where she is caring for her sister, Jane. He is utterly bewitched by her, and in an effort to convince himself of the unsuitability of a union between them, he reminds himself aloud of her family’s low connections, not realising Elizabeth can hear everything. But the more time he spends with her, the more he can feel his resolve crumble. After the ball at Netherfield Park, he leaves Meryton for London in an attempt to forget her. After refusing the proposal of her cousin, Mr Collins, Elizabeth is banished to stay with her aunt and uncle in London. Her mother is sure that her banishment from Longbourn will be sufficient punishment for Elizabeth’s defiance in turning down an offer of marriage. The only part Elizabeth considers a punishment is that her father orders her to take her youngest, most troublesome sister Lydia with her to keep her away from the militia, whose presence in Meryton has wreaked havoc among the young ladies. When Elizabeth and Darcy encounter one another again in London, Darcy is dismayed to find he is more in love with her than ever. But this is a woman he has criticised twice within her hearing. How can he convince her he is not the odious, unfeeling man she thinks he is? And will she be willing to give him a chance to prove himself worthy of her? When Lydia’s encounter with a man from their past threatens to ruin her and her entire family, Elizabeth has no other choice but to turn to Darcy for help. And she realises that maybe she has been wrong about everything she thought she knew.

The Transformation of the Bashful Lady

Fanny Finch - 2020
    Neglected by her mother after her father’s death, she lacks the knowledge of social etiquette and proper appearances. But her life will change when she receives proper tutelage from a strange lady.Andrew Clayton, the Marquess of Somerset, is a sworn bachelor, as he had his heart broken once already. But when he witnesses the transformation of a timid girl into a dazzling woman, his views on marriage will fly out of the window.But Sarah is not the only one trying to win Andrew’s heart and her rival will use everything in her arsenal to eliminate the competition…*If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “The Transformation of the Bashful Lady”!

A Prior Attachment

Dorothy Mack - 1989
     Who is the right man for Gemma? Regency England For two years, Lady Gemma Monteith has awaited the return of her old friend Captain George Godwin, who has been away fighting in the Peninsular war. Having been in love with him since childhood, she is determined to become his wife. But Gemma’s father wishes her to marry kindly barrister John Delevan in order to rebuild the family’s dwindling fortune. When John is invited to stay at Monteith Hall for the summer, both suitors are thrown into Gemma’s path at once. To her dismay, George seems uninterested in rekindling their romance. And as she and John grow closer, Gemma begins to question her heart… A Prior Attachment by Dorothy Mack is a classic Regency romance with a lively, vibrant heroine.

The Fourth Marchioness

Jayne Davis - 2021

Mr. Collins' Deception: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Renata McMann - 2015
    Collins was originally a man of 'great humility of manner,' but suppose that wasn't true. What if Mr. Collins was a very different person than he appeared to be? His false portrayal of himself is all part of "Mr. Collins' Deception." This short story is also included in the compilation Pride & Prejudice Villains Revisited - Redeemed - Reimagined: A Collection of Six Short Stories.This short story is about 16,000 words.

Darcy's Honor: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Victoria Kincaid - 2017
    Darcy leaves the area after the Netherfield Ball. But she soon runs afoul of Lord Henry, a Viscount who thinks to force her into marrying him by slandering her name and ruining her reputation. An outcast in Meryton, and even within her own family, Elizabeth has nobody to turn to and nowhere to go. Darcy successfully resisted Elizabeth’s charms during his visit to Hertfordshire, but when he learns of her imminent ruin, he decides he must propose to save her from disaster. However, Elizabeth is reluctant to tarnish Darcy’s name by association…and the viscount still wants her… Can Darcy save his honor while also marrying the woman he loves?

Reckless, Headstrong Girl: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

Grace Gibson - 2021
    Wickham, proving he is no gentleman, does the unthinkable and casts Lydia out of a second-rate coach. Filthy, exhausted, and penniless, Lydia is just facing the beginning of her ordeal! How can a spoiled, uneducated girl of fifteen—used to having her way—survive a night in the wilds of Sussex?As Mr. Bennet and Mr. Gardiner vainly search for her in London, Lydia’s sisters struggle to keep her secret from their Meryton neighbors. Though they fear the worst—that Lydia’s wild life has ended in tragedy—all hope is not lost. Mr. Darcy, in the midst of reigniting his courtship with Elizabeth Bennet, is determined to recover his love’s unfortunate sibling.Will Mr. Darcy succeed in finding Lydia and restoring her to respectability? In what shocking condition will this catastrophe render such a reckless, headstrong girl?

Distinguished Rogues Book 1-3

Heather Boyd - 2012
    Come along on the journey as each wicked rogue seeks his one true love in this special edition boxed set.Chills (Book 1): Constance Grange has always clashed with the haughty Marquess of Ettington but nothing prepared her for the peril of choosing a husband that fails to meet his approval. Chills is a lively tale of reckless spending, fraudulent correspondence, and the humorous twists and turns of falling for the right rogue…Broken (Book 2): Unrepentant rogue Giles Wexham, Earl of Daventry, is dedicated to avoiding needy women, and marriage. During his summer retreat, he becomes reluctant nursemaid to Lillian Winter, his former betrothed. Shy, fragile Lilly tempts him but to claim her Giles must expose the dangers her past—before it’s too late.Charity (Book 3): Darling of the ton Oscar, Lord Carrington, has thoroughly lost his way but knows what he needs to be happy. However, righting past wrongs isn’t easy and he’ll have to risk scandal to make everything right again for the woman he loved and lost.Three complete stand-alone novels.Distinguished Rogues Series (also available as collections)Book 1: Chills (Jack and Constance)Book 2: Broken (Giles and Lillian)Book 3: Charity (Oscar and Agatha)Book 4: An Accidental Affair (Merrick and Arabella)Book 5: Keepsake (Kit and Miranda)Book 6: An Improper Proposal (Martin and Iris)Book 7: Reason to Wed (Richard and Esme)Book 8: The Trouble with Love (Everett and Whitney)Book 9: Married by Moonlight (Gilbert and Anna)Book 10: Lord of Sin (Julian and Portia)Book 11: The Duke’s Heart (Sinclair and Kitty)Book 12: Romancing the Earl (Price and Lenore)Book 13: One Enchanted Christmas (Otis and Meg)Book 14: Desire by Design (Alexander and Sylvia)Book 15: His Perfect Bride (Harry and Ophelia)Book 16: Pleasures of the Night (Teddy and Eugenia)

Second Chances

Tess St. John - 2011
    When she learns her father is scheming to marry her off, only one man can protect her—the earl’s trusted friend, Viscount Drake. After losing his wife, Lord Harold Drake vowed never to marry again. But his heart warms to the young widow he’s promised to protect. Emma’s love frees him from the darkness that’s consumed him. But now Drake must protect her from her father’s evil whims, or face losing her forever. SECOND CHANCES is Book 1 in the Chances Are Series. Each book stands alone, but might be more enjoyable read in sequence.

The Loring-Abbott Series Box Set: A Collection of Regency Romances

Elizabeth Johns - 2017
    Viscount Easton, wounded and sent home, falls for the unrefined beauty on the voyage home. Can Easton help her overcome her aversion to men? Can Elinor conquer her fears and give love a chance? Seasons of Change Cruel pranks motivated by jealousy spoil her betrothal and send Lady Beatrice Chalcroft, daughter of a Duke, into rustication at an orphanage in Scotland. Lord Vernon decides to move on and forgo love, until a chance meeting awakens his heart to Beatrice, but he isn't sure love is enough to overcome her shrewish ways. Seeking Redemption Lady Lydia Markham and Lord Nathaniel Fairmont find love in a whirlwind season, but a tragic incident caused by his wild behaviour force him to leave abruptly and join Wellington. He comes home and unexpectedly runs into Lady Lydia—but will secrets and war spell disaster for rekindling their romance? Shadows of Doubt Gwendolyn Lambert's finds her life reduced to penury and homelessness after her father is killed in a duel, and her invalid mother dies. Her godmother, the Dowager Duchess of Loring, is determined to see Gwendolyn taken care of and restored to her rightful place, and schemes to bring her handsome grandson up to scratch as Gwendolyn's perfect love match. But will they be able to overcome being separated by oceans, storms, and the interference of scheming mamas? Second Chance The Dowager Duchess of Loring has a chance meeting with a flame from the past—Luca Faranese, Conte de Salerno—a man who was never able to forget the woman who stole his heart. Fate gives them a second chance, but will their love be enough to keep them together forever the second time around?