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Twilight by Kit Gardner


The Substitute Bride

Noël Cades - 2017
    He has no idea that an innocent girl has taken her place.When the passion he arouses in Lily only confirms his belief that she’s a wanton, how can she ever convince him of her virtue?The Substitute Bride is a classic Regency Romance by forbidden romance author Noël Cades.

To Bewitch a Beast

    She is plain and barely passes the category of pretty. And she is secretly in love with him. He is the Lord of Devonshire...Benedict Everard is the eldest of all Everard children. He is a beast and he secretly believes the governess is a bore.A past...Hers is dark, his is never talked about. An unstoppable love that cannot be will test a fun and quirky family living in the affluent and wicked town of Wickhurst.

My Lady Beloved

Lael St. James - 2001
    On the way to her nuptials to Sir Cyprian Avendall, sweet and sheltered Gabriella Redclift is abducted by vengeful Morgan Chalstrey, and soon they cannot resist yielding to the passion and love building between them.

Forget Me Not

Tammy FalknerAndris Bear - 2015
    Join Tammy Falkner, Jane Charles, Ava Stone, Marquita Valentine, Lexi Eddings, Lj Charles, Andris Bear, Jerrica Knight-Catania, Caren Crane and Diane Franks to help combat this terrible disease. Tammy Falkner: Always, April- You probably love to hate her. She's the woman who broke Matt's heart and inspired that awesome letter in MMM. But whatever happened to her? Find out about the crazy dream that made her ditch her unfaithful husband in Scotland, and let's give her some closure, shall we? (Matt has a pretty big cameo in this one!) Andris Bear: Inked - The only thing officer Brent Copeland wants when he enters Reeds’ is some fresh ink to honor his fallen partner. But when he comes face to face with Honor Sloan, a hellcat he arrested six months ago, he must confront the mistakes of his past if he is to have any chance at a future. Jane Charles: Rattled - She enters the tattoo shop with an envelope full of memories and a heart filled with longing. What she leaves with is more than she dreamed of, and it just might be the first step to healing the wounds of the past. LJ Charles: Burned - Fred’s agony over past mistakes is so overwhelming he craves a reminder of them—one that will be burned into his flesh forever. Little does he know the past is about to explode into present-day reality. Ava Stone: Hold Me Tight - Film student Seth Elliott can hardly believe his luck when Molly Wolfe, a pretty face from his past, stumbles into the Reeds' looking for a tattoo to remember her brother. Finding her after so many years is even better than any of the classic movies he loves so much. Lexi Eddings - Coldwater Blues - Michael Evans is the poster boy for trouble on two legs. After losing the one person who ever believed he'd amount to anything, he hitches his way across country to the Big Apple, convinced he can outrun the mistakes that forced him to leave his hometown. But as his dear Gran always said, "Wherever you go, Mike, there you are..." Jerrica Knight Catania: The Knot - Ethan Masters never imagined he'd go for a girl with a tattoo, but when he learns the story behind Madison Kennedy's mysterious design, all he wants to do is take care of her. But Madison is still struggling with great loss in her life, and is terrified of getting close to anyone ever again, especially someone as perfect as Ethan Masters. Marquita Valentine: Skin Deep - After one reckless night ends in tragedy, Scottish rugby player Maddox Stuart turned his back on his former life, leaving everything behind, but when the girl he left behind ends up as his client in the Reed Brother's shop, Maddox is forced to face his demons. Caren Crane: Lakewood Confidential - Tondra is struggling for attention on the New York art scene when a chance to ink notorious hip-hop legend Lakewood lands in her desperate hands. The reclusive rapper shares a part of his history he's never told anyone, forcing Tondra to choose between ensuring her own success and safeguarding Lakewood's secrets. Diane Franks: The Test of Time - He's not the man he used to be. She's desperate to find a way to bring him back to her. She needs a tattoo to help her remember. She needs a tattoo so he won't forget.

Grayson Brothers Series Boxed Set

Wendy Lindstrom - 2012
    Four strong men—four stories of passion and once-in-a-lifetime love.“This entire series is absolutely epic.” —megga reader “This series is FABULOUS! Captured me from the beginning…I laughed, I cried, I was completely enthralled with the Grayson's and their path to finding love.” —Mmoore “The most compelling series i have read in quite a while” —Arlean Crabtree“Wonderful series… engrossing and really enjoyable.” pjraccoon

More Than Willing

Laura Landon - 2010
    The second son of the Earl of Camden, he knows what it’s like to do something so horrific that he can never be forgiven. As penance, he lives up to everyone’s low expectations. But when his father tires of his son’s wastrel existence, Gray is forced to earn his living by running the brewery his father won in a card game. Now, he must learn everything about the brewery before anyone discovers that he is the new owner, while proving to the woman with whom he’s fallen desperately in love that he is nothing like her father.Lady Margaret Bradford has one passion – the brewery that’s been in her father’s family for generations. But from the moment Grayson Delaney enters her life, she realizes she’s not only in danger of losing the brewery that she loves, but also of losing her heart – to a man exactly like her father.Now, she must not only safeguard the brewery from accidents that are getting more deadly by the day, but protect her heart from a man who causes her to lose control of her emotions at every turn.If only he had never kissed her and awakened the passion she was so certain she’d buried.Note to readers: This is the second publication of MORE THAN WILLING. In 2010 it was released by Wild Rose Press, and was Laura Landon’s very first book to make its way into the hands of eager readers.

Acting on Faith

Jann Rowland - 2013
    Little does he know that his peace will soon be disturbed. To his surprise, his aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, descends upon him in a fury, demanding that he agree to marry her daughter. She neglects to tell him, however, that she has just parted ways with Elizabeth in Hertfordshire, the "unsatisfactory" result of the meeting being Elizabeth's refusal to promise never to marry him. Amid what he fears is a whirlwind of rumors, Darcy is forced to move forward in his quest to secure Elizabeth's hand with no assurances of her regard. Unfortunately, neither Caroline Bingley nor Elizabeth's childhood friend Samuel Lucas intend to make it easy for him.Picking up after chapter 56 of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, this charming tale of love and determination explores what would have happened if Fitzwilliam Darcy had no indication other than his own observation, that Elizabeth Bennet’s opinion of him had changed. His fortitude and constancy once more put to the test in the face of blatant interference, her mother’s dislike, and her father’s ambivalence, Darcy is required to “act on faith” to secure the woman of his dreams.

Boulder Brides Box Set

Natalie Dean - 2018
     18 heartwarming mail-order bride stories that are full of fun, romance, adventure, and thought-provoking inspiration, AND stay true to the time period of the 1860’s and 70’s. Featured Series: Boulder Brides The Teacher’s Bride, Book 1 A strong-willed young bride attempts to make her way into a reluctant teacher’s heart. When she sees he’s not interested, she questions whether she should stay in Boulder, or make her way further west on the next wagon train out. Will he have a change of heart once he finds out she’s leaving? The Independent Bride, Book 2 Hannah's got a fierce independent streak, but that doesn't mean she's immune to love. She thinks Jeremy, a wealthy rancher, is everything she wants in a man... until she meets the brother of her best friend; a young and carefree missionary carpenter who has decided to settle in Boulder. Who will be charming enough to win Hannah’s heart? The wealthy rancher or the down to earth missionary carpenter? The Perfect Bride, Book 3 Though Lucy is a New York girl, she’s far from prim and proper. When she agrees to marry the son of a wealthy cattle rancher out west, her parents convince her she needs to become a more refined lady to win his heart. Zack’s friends tell him that ladies from New York prefer to marry proper men and if he wants to win her heart he needs to become a gentleman. How long can the two of them keep these charades up? And will they still feel the same about each other once their true passions are revealed? The Indian’s Bride, Book 4 Elsa’s fed up with a medical career that’s going nowhere, and no marriage prospects on the horizon. When the Women’s Society gets a letter from a missionary correspondence out west looking for a bride for an indigenous man, she surprisingly jumps at the opportunity. Elsa’s become inspired by a sense of missionary duty – and the chance to marry a Native man. BUT…challenges arise daily as Elsa tries desperately to understand her prospective Ute mate. She wants to get to know the community and it’s needs, but he has other ideas in mind. Will a bad mining accident help them realize they have more in common than they thought? The Civil War Bride, Book 5 Bethany journeyed out West to get away from the war-torn South. Now she faces more danger than she ever thought possible… When Bethany steps off the stagecoach in Boulder, instead of getting married right away, she decides to help out at an orphanage. Good thing she made other arrangements…now she’s got two handsome cowboy suitors visiting her at the shelter. Jason and Max. Not only is Bethany’s heart filled with compassion for the Ute babies in her care, she’s also falling head over hills in love with one of the cowboys. Will Bethany find the courage she needs to face the danger that lies ahead? And will she have a change of heart about fighting when it comes to protecting the ones she loves? Also included in this Mail Order Bride Compilation are the following short stories by Natalie Dean and Grace Weston: &lt

While I Was Waiting

Georgia Hill - 2015
    Mary, HerefordshireI am really not sure why I am writing this. A foolish whim by a foolish old lady and it will probably sit in a box unread and decay much like its writer when Death makes his careless decision.But perhaps someone will find it. Someone will care enough to read and somehow I know that will happen.April 2000, Clematis Cottage, Stoke St. Mary, HerefordshireTired of her life in London, freelance illustrator Rachel buys the beautiful but dilapidated Clematis Cottage and sets about creating the home of her dreams. But tucked away behind the water tank in the attic and left to gather dust for decades is an old biscuit tin containing letters, postcards and a diary. So much more than old scraps of paper, these are precious memories that tell the story of Henrietta Trenchard-Lewis, the love she lost in the Great War and the girl who was left behind.

Exiled Duke

K.J. Jackson - 2021
    She's the only woman to have ever cracked into his cold heart. Now, he's determined to force her exactly where he needs her to be...exiled.A desperate woman trades everything for a chance of escape.Penelope Willington is an innocent—innocent to a fault—and she never should have stepped foot into the rookeries, much less sought out the man that had once been her whole world—when she was ten. But that was a long time ago. Desperate times call for extraordinary actions, and Pen can't afford to miss her one and only chance to find a future free of the vile man determined to force her under his thumb and into his bed.Her survival depended on his cruelty.After his parents died, Strider Hoppler was forced to exile the one other person in the world he loved—Penelope Willington. He did it to save Pen, did it cruelly, and he never once looked back. Not until sixteen years later, when she strolled into his lair in the heart of the East End of London.A cold ruler of the underground.She entered a world she had no right to be in—his world—a world she should never know for its monstrosities of humanity. No matter that she needed his help. Try as he might to get rid of her, she's stubborn, and before he knows it, Strider is helping her untangle the web of her past.The more time they spend together, the more Strider finds it impossible to resist the inexplicable draw between the two of them. But is it even possible for this hardened rogue to find the one thing he destroyed long ago—his heart?Join the adventure today! You'll love Exiled Duke, the first in the Exile series and a can't-miss enthralling regency romance by USA Today bestselling author K.J. Jackson.Note: The novels in the Exile series by K.J. Jackson are each stand-alone stories and can be read individually in any order. These historical romances are set in the Regency and Victorian eras and do not shy away from scenes with steamy heat, occasional naughty language, and moments that might possibly make you squirm.

Night Fire / Night Shadow / Night Storm

Catherine Coulter - 2002

Doubting Thomas

Elizabeth Rose - 2013
    The last thing he needs is a snoopy, sexy social worker showing up at his door! The residents of Thunder Lake all believe Thomas Taylor is guilty of killing his second wife. They've called him an unfit father, and he fears that his six young sons will be taken away from him before he can clear his name. He prays for an angel to guide him but ends up with a snoopy, yet sexy, social worker on his doorstep instead. She pretends she is vacationing up the road at the Ainsley's Bed and Breakfast, but he knows she's lying. She has the power to take his children away, and he will do anything to keep that from happening.Angel DeMitiri is a single mother working for Child Protective Services. She arrives with her young daughter at the lake for a vacation but gets talked into going on an unofficial call instead. The town believes Thomas Taylor killed his wife, but the cops can't find the murder weapon to convict him. She needs to find out if the man is dangerous. If so, his six young sons will need to be protected from him. Thomas is gruff and very strict, but Angel realizes there is more to him than meets the eye.When push comes to shove, Angel needs to make a choice that will change more than one person's life forever.Will a woman on a mission keep a family from being torn apart, or will she be the cause of it instead?(Sons of a preacher, but far from saints. These men are nothing but trouble!)

Sins of Omission

Fern Michaels - 1989
    American soldiers Reuben Tarz and Daniel Bishop have both been wounded fighting in the trenches in France. But then the beautiful and sensual Marchioness Michelene Fonsard spirits them from the hospital to her lavish French chateau, opening the door to Reuben's dreams of wealth and power. Reuben and Mickey fall in love and life is idyllic for the three friends -- until the arrival of the lovely and spoiled Bebe Rosen unleashes savage passions and desperate deceptions that explode in... Sins of Omission.....From the enchanting French countryside to the glittering Hollywood of Rudolph Valentino and Theda Bara, spanning twenty years of sin and seduction, of love and losses, of secrets and scandals, of heartbreak and betrayal, here is a breathtaking novel that will be remembered long after the last page is turned.

Mulligan Stew

Deb Stover - 2002
    Widowed mother and aspiring chef, Bridget Mulligan, leaves small-town Tennessee and the only home she's ever known to take her son to Ireland and the in-laws she's never met. They are welcomed by all but one member of the Mulligan Clan--her brother-in-law, Riley--who believes she is a fraud and fortune-hunter. However, when the old Mulligan Curse lures Bridget to the sealed castle on their land, Riley Mulligan must face all his demons--the past and the present--along with the powerful longing both he and Bridget battle for each other.

Scars of the Heart

Joni Keever - 2015
    Kade Roberts, the outlaw son of white father and Indian mother, plans to keep a low profile as he journeys to Texas to claim the ranch of his birthright. But emotional claws from his past pull Kade off course when he witnesses the whipping of a young lad. Before rational thought returns, Kade rescues the boy and finds himself promising to help the ragged orphan. Carly Dawson's life has taken a dangerous turn since coming west. If she can maintain this guise as a boy, perhaps she can eventually return to her beloved Virginia home. Two strangers--each tainted by injustice and resentment--reluctantly journey together in pursuit of their own objectives. While this savage desperado and spoiled eastern debutante also travel paths of self-discovery, will they learn to appreciate each other's differences and find love, despite their Scars of the Heart?