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Wildflowers by Teresa Greene


The Wicked Wolfe: De Wolfe Pack Connected World

Mary Lancaster - 2019
     Captain John Wolfe, known as Mad Jack, has left the army under parental pressure. But fighting is in his blood and he does not take well to civilian life. In his own words he is “going to the devil” and is in Blackhaven to sell a minor property in order to continue on that course. Until his house and his hangover are invaded by the genteel but poverty-stricken James family and their terrifying dog. Linnet James’s chief concern is to make her mother well again. Between that, money worries and caring for her young siblings, she has no time and less inclination to consider marriage. Until she encounters Wolfe. Their meeting is the start of an adventures involving highwaymen, poets, pawnbrokers and thin ice—and sudden, unexpected love. Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

A Carriage For The Midwife

Maggie Bennett - 2003
    The youngest son of a landowner offers her marriage but his brother seduces her little sister and then betrays her in the most brutal of ways. Susan faces losing everything.

Gentle Savage

Jeanie Johnson - 2015
    However, along the way, she is captured by a Sioux War Chief, Silver Fox. At first she fears him, even though she is irresistibly drawn towards him, against her will. When she is forced to spend more time in his village, Dianna, now dubbed White Fawn, by him, starts to learn more about the mystic people who have taken her captive. She begins to accept their way of life, as her love and understanding, for Silver Fox grows. Being torn between her mystic War Chief, and her past love of Captain Stanley Miller, there is always the concern of what she will do, if Stanley ever comes to rescue her?

First Love, Last Love

Judith Saxton - 1992
    Sybil and Lizzie Cream, brought up in a fisherman's cottage on the edge of the cold North Sea were content to leave privilege where it belonged: with their friends the Wintertons. Christina Winterton was the same age as Sybil and the two girls were inseparable, but it was Lizzie whom Ralph Winterton, three years older, found irresistible.Then war came to East Anglia, and so did Manchester-born Fenn Kitzmann now of the American Army Air Force. At their first meeting he is attracted by Sybil's subtle charm, but before he sees her again her own personal tragedy has struck, and he finds her changed almost out of recognition...

Rising Summer

Mary Jane Staples - 1991
    They managed splendidly - and then came the war. Tim Parkes became Gunner Parkes and Aunt May spent most of her nights in the Walworth air raid shelters with Tim keeping an eye on her whenever he was able.When he got posted to Suffolk he wasn't too pleased - Suffolk was Country, not like London at all. But in fact there were a lot of things about Sheldham that reminded him of home - the Walworth evacuees for a start. Those of them that weren't creating havoc in the Suffolk village were creating havoc in Tim's life. Minnie Beavers - ex-Camberwell - was fifteen, pert, pretty, and wildly in love with Tim. She was determined to inveigle him into marriage the minute she was old enough. Tim was equally determined to escape and choose his own girl.By the time Tim had gone away to fight the war, and Minnie had joined the WAAF, a great many things had changed in both their lives.

Goodly Creatures: A Pride and Prejudice Deviation

Beth Massey - 2012
    This Pride and Prejudice deviation takes the reader on a journey through a labyrinth filled with misunderstandings, bias, guilt and fear - not to mention, laughter, animal magnetism and waltzing. As Elizabeth says, 'she shed enough tears to float one of Lord Nelson's frigates' but as she learned from her father 'unhappiness does, indeed, have comic aspects one should never underestimate.'Though the path for our protagonists is much more arduous than canon, the benefit remains the same; a very happy Janeite ending for these two star-crossed lovers. Along the way there is retribution, redemption and reward for other characters - including a few that recall players in two grave injustices as written by Ms Austen in ‘Sense and Sensibility.’ These grievances prompted this long-time struggler for women's rights to write a tale that provided these women vindication.

Night Music: A Novel

Deanna Lynn Sletten - 2018
    Desperate to learn more about the war, she joins a group of college women who send letters to soldiers and befriends Joseph Russo, a young soldier. But a few months after they begin corresponding, his letters stop coming, and Char moves on, still confused as to why so many young lives are being lost so far away from home.Two years later, Char begins college in her small Illinois town of Grand Falls. She's been dating her brother's long-time best friend, Deke Masterson, who is a senior in college and is deep into the anti-war movement. Char is still confused over how she feels about the war. Then a stranger comes to town and changes everything.Joseph Russo served in the Vietnam War, earning a Purple Heart for his injury as well as a life-long limp. He's ready to put the war behind him. While in Vietnam, he'd corresponded with a girl from Grand Falls and he enjoyed reading about her idyllic life. When he's discharged, he moves there to attend college. And when he meets Charlotte in person, he's taken with her sweetness, intelligence, and beauty.The battle lines are drawn as Deke resents Joe's presence around Char. What started out as a well-deserved escape to a small town for Joe soon turns into a battle of wills between him and the idealistic Deke. And there stands Charlotte, right in the middle.Night Music is a story about a moment in time when the world was chaotic and nothing was completely clear. In the midst of all the chaos, can Char and Joe find enough middle ground to fall in love?What readers are saying about Night Music:--"Sletten has crafted an emotional story centered with conflict that brings the characters to life." ~ Write-Read-Life--"Characters who feel three-dimensional, a setting that is almost its own character, and a story that entertains while also challenging us to think." Melissa at Bibliotica--"All the characters seemed so real..." Comfy Reading--"It was refreshing to read a story based on the late 1960's..." Sara at Chick Lit Central-- "A wonderful job of capturing both the turmoil and the love of that time." Susan at The Book Bag

The Goddess and the Gaiety Girl

Barbara Cartland - 1980
    Closer still, then his lips were on hers. She was kissed for the first time in her life.It was not only the Duke who held her captive. It was also the mystery of the Castle and the Knights who had lived in it, the legendary magic…all her secret dreams rolled into one.She felt as if a sudden shaft of sunshine swept through her.“You have bewitched me!” the Duke cried out. “And whatever you have done in the past, your future is with me…”

The Poor Relation

Margaret Bennett - 2013
    They are invited to a house party, where, without London’s restrictions, Chloe walks her aunt’s Yorkshire terrier. She blunders into Viscount Camden during his clandestine activities. As circumstances throw them together, Chloe cannot deny her growing feelings for Camden, a renowned rake, but knows he is not for her.Oliver Camden, an agent for the Crown, is recruited to discover a British traitor and French agents and prevent stolen documents from falling into the wrong hands. He rescues Chloe when she unwittingly encounters the French agents. Never one to dangle after an innocent, Camden, however, is drawn to Chloe’s beauty and integrity and finds himself seeking out her company.

Unmapped Country: The story of North and South continues

Chrissie Elmore - 2012
    For them this will be an extension of the extreme pleasure they had first time round. However, readers unfamiliar with this enduring classic, need not turn away. The novel stands alone and only entices them to discover the back-story. As the author has discarded Mrs Gaskell’s much disliked ending (even by herself), John and Margaret’s struggles continues. Will they ever truly understand one another? Or will their opposing ethics and social prejudice force them to seek companionship with more appropriate partners?Written in the original’s Victorian style, the frenetic city and the original participants all stay true to Mrs Gaskell’s creation, while contemporary events and new characters both help and hinder John and Margaret’s progress towards a conclusion.

Dearly Beloved

Lewis Whelchel - 2012
    As she begins her mourning under the protection of Mr. Bingley and struggles to heal from the pain of losing her beloved sister Jane, Elizabeth discovers a new source of hope in Mr. Darcy. His pride is overcome by her vulnerability, and his eyes are opened to her endearing qualities. Can he console her during the year of mourning and win her love and hand at the end of it? Will Charles Bingley, whose heart is broken, ever find love again?

Friendship & Folly

Elizabeth Squire - 2020
    Wickham directly after her stay at Netherfield Elizabeth was once again forced into the company of Mr. Darcy? Could this chance meeting lead the stubborn Elizabeth and arrogant Darcy down a path to friendship and eventually love without the obstacles of distance and misunderstanding they endured in the original? Although not without some pride and prejudice this story and its characters wend their way to a happy ending down a different road, encountering some new and some familiar difficulties.This approximately 49,000 word novella is low angst and true to the spirit of its inspiration.The second in my What if series, we are once again imagining what might happen if one detail from our beloved Pride and Prejudice were changed. How would this affect the rest of the story? Each book in the series is a stand alone

The Quality of Love

Rosie Harris - 2009
    Studying hard to please them, she earns a place at Cardiff University. Here she is swept off her feet by handsome Gwyn Roberts, but when she becomes pregnant her parents are devastated and turn her from their door. All Gwyn and Sarah can afford are two squalid rooms in the infamous slums of Cardiff and Sarah soon realises she's made a terrible mistake. Gwyn becomes increasingly distant and when the baby dies in infancy, he leaves Sarah with little choice but to fall on her parents' mercy. But just when Sarah is starting to pull her life back together again, she is drawn to the charms of Stefan Vaughan and finds herself in trouble once more...

Mail Order Bride: Tilly and the Orphans (Brides and Orphans Book 1)

Emily Woods - 2016
    When the man she loves rejects her, she heads west to find love as a mail order bride.Owen looks for a mail order bride to start a family, but doesn’t know the first thing about loving a bride.Owen and Tilly start their relationship with very different goals. With the help of prayer and some adorable orphans, they just might find love.This book is a sweet, clean, western, historical, romance short story. It is a complete story, but it is also part of the Wyoming Brides and Babies series. Be sure to read them all - in any order!Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

The Doctor's Daughter

Amy Blizzard - 2010
    Boston native Dr. John Carson is their only hope. Molded by a lifetime of pain and loss, John is impersonal and withdrawn, and treats symptoms instead of people. When he arrives in Templeton, he finds he must work with Sarah Bethel, the late doctor's daughter who has been treating the ill, and his staunch attitude is challenged. She is bright, caring, dedicated to her neighbors, and has a temper that matches his! He is mesmerized by the woman whose fiery spirit infuriates him and inherent compassion intrigues him. Will Sarah's kindness be enough to heal the scars of the past and allow John to open his heart and create a new future?