Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Summary - 2009
    Save time and money and download this 8 page summary now!Forget everything you know about money. Too many of us base our financial decisions on emotions, such as fear, worry, or guilt. It’s time to learn a new approach. Think like a CEO. Use your money to make more money. Know when it’s time to take a risk. We’ll outline the basics, and give you tips to help you reach your family’s financial goals.

Inside The Male Mind: Understand What He’s Thinking, What He Wants You To Know & How To Be The Woman He’ll Never Want To Lose (Relationship and Dating Advice for Women Book 1)

Alex Altman - 2015
    In Understanding Men, that's exactly what you'll get: Learn The Secret Psychological Loophole In The Male Mind • The Key Differences Between Mature & Immature Men • How To Spot A Good Guy Worth Keeping • Understanding The Man That Wants To Capture Your Heart • Why Men Need Distance & How To Not Push Him Away • The 5 Questions To Find Out How Well A Man Handles Relationships • The Biggest Reason Men Run Away • 7 Keys To Sharing Your Needs & Wants Without Turning Him Off • Two Types of Male Commitments Discover How To Make Him Crave You & Keep His Attention • Why Men Cheat & How You Can Prevent It • The 7 Ways Women Make Men Lose Interest Slowly • The 6 Ways To Communicate Your Feelings & Bring Him Closer To You • Using The Power Of The Pussy To Communicate In The “Male Language” How To Get The Guy & Show Him You’re The One • The Top Four Ways To Show Your Interest In Him & Keep Him Interested • Learn Who’s In Charge Of The Relationship • What To Say & Do That Makes A Man Want To Commit • Do You Say These Things?… It Scares Men Away Don’t hesitate to pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page! P.S. Don't let this FREE relationship advice for women book go unless you never want to learn how to attract men by understanding how they think! These are the secrets about what men want women to know.

Radical Frugality: Living in America on $8,000 a Year

Nic Adams - 2011
    Radical Frugality tells the story of 5 people who did it: Paul, 27, discovering how to overcome student loan debt; David and Winona, late 40's, living their retirement dream today; and Dan and Charlotte, family of 4, with an underwater mortgage. Waking up every morning debt-free with cash in your pocket helps your brain feel safe, secure, and smart. Embracing the concepts in this book frees you from the overwhelming anxiety of the consumer lifestyle by showing you how to take control. You can start today. What if you could spend 66% less money than you spend today setting yourself up to live a self-determined lifestyle doing exactly what you love to do regardless of financial compensation? Radical Frugality shows you exactly how to achieve those goals within one to five years. Using our step-by-step common sense plan, we teach you what to do (break the spell of the consumer credit con), when to do it (planning and preparation), and most importantly where to do it (discover the 5 top cities for living frugally). We'll help you evaluate your financial situation. Are you in the Yellow Zone, the Orange Zone, the Red Zone, or even the Dead Zone (paying debt with debt)? This book lays out a plan for how to pay off your debt and get into the Neutral Zone (getting back to monthly break-even), the Green Zone (debt free with $1,000 a month free cash-flow) or even the Golden Zone (living a self-determined life). Whether you are desperate right now about your financial situation, facing retirement, just starting out, or just plain tired and worn-out from struggling to pay bills, Radical Frugality can show you over 100 tips for feeling better today. Radical Frugality offers a soup to nuts plan for living a self-determined life that will leave you happier and healthier than ever before. CHAPTER ONE: IT'S NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU EARN—IT'S ABOUT WHAT YOU SPEND. HOW TO TAKE CONTROL CHAPTER TWO: THE CONSUMER CREDIT CON. HOW MARKETERS PLAY TRICKS ON YOUR BRAIN CHAPTER THREE: WHY FRUGALITY? GETTING STRAIGHT ABOUT WHY YOU'RE ON THE PLANET CHAPTER FOUR: WHO ARE YOU TODAY? EVALUATE YOUR SPENDING PROFILE CHAPTER FIVE: HOW TO DO IT. YOUR STEP BY STEP PLAN TO GAIN CONTROL CHAPTER SIX: GOING GREEN AND NEVER LOOKING BACK. THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON CASH CHAPTER SEVEN: WHEN WILL YOU BE READY? LEARNING TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS CHAPTER EIGHT: LIVING THE DREAM. WHERE YOU LIVE DETERMINES HOW YOU LIVE

The Educated Franchisee: Find the Right Franchise for You

Rick Bisio - 2008
    There is nothing more expensive than ignorance -- let The Educated Franchisee serve as your guide for selecting a franchise that meets your needs!The Educated Franchisee will teach you:-- How to find a franchise that is right for you.-- How owning a franchise can create wealth.-- Where to find quality franchisors.-- What qualities franchisors look for in a franchisee.-- How to gather information from franchisees.-- How to make sure the franchise makes money.-- How to confidently select the best franchise advisors.-- The five keys to long-term success as a franchise.

How To Become Money Workbook

Gary M. Douglas - 2015
    Simple steps to getting clarity around money and how to start having MORE! What if money was just a vehicle to change the world? What if you were willing to receive unlimited amounts of money?

Rich As F*ck: More Money Than You Know What to Do With

Amanda Frances - 2020

Real Clever Solutions & Ideas: Tips and Tricks to Save You Time and Money

Naya Lizardo - 2013
    This indispensable book is packed with tried-and-tested solutions, clever life hacks, bright ideas, and tricks of the trade that will save you time, effort, and money, making your life a little easier.

Your 3 Best Super Powers

Sonia Choquette - 2016
    You wantthem. You feel that life would be better with them. You wish you couldhave been born with them. The good news is you have super powers!According to world-renowned intuitive guide and spiritual teacher SoniaChoquette, you are blessed with three incredible super powers:meditation, imagination, and intuition. When cultivated, they give youthe ability to live a life of tranquility and empowerment.In Your 3 Best Super Powers, Sonia uses meditation to tap into your other super powers, allowing you toclear mental space and to take charge of the source of all creativity,imagination--which is essential to envisioning and enacting your heart'sdesires. Then she seamlessly guides you to your sixth sense, intuition,to help you make the smartest, safest, and most satisfying decisions inyour personal and professional life.Filled with inspiringstories, this invaluable book synthesizes Sonia's experience workingwith hundreds of clients for more than three decades to provide proventechniques and practical tips that can be easily incorporated into yourdaily routine.Includes a digital download of guided meditations "The best part is that by developing your three best super powers, you addto the beauty, peace, creativity, and harmony of the universe. Thesethree super powers are gifts to you that keep on giving to the world." --Sonia Choquette

Minimalist Budget: Simple Strategies On How To Save More, Spend Less, And Curb Spending Temptation (Without Living On Ramen)

Zoe McKey - 2017
    Minimalist Budget will help you to turn your bloated expenses into a well-toned budget, spending on exactly what you need and nothing else. This book presents solutions for two major problems in our consumer society: (1) how to downsize your cravings without having to sacrifice the fun stuff, and (2) how to whip your finances into shape and follow a personalized budget. This is not a get rich quick book. But I can promise day-by-day, month-by-month, you’ll budget better and become richer as a consequence. Regardless of how much your income is we’ll find a way to budget, save, and increase your net worth. Since my youth, I’ve had to live on a budget that ranged from $100 to $200 a month if I was lucky. Even though I never knew how much I would have the next month, I was always able to have enough for my essential expenses, personal pleasures, and savings. If you’re tired of the false and impossible-to-follow promises of “finance gurus,” try out my simple, straightforward, easy-to-stick-to methods. Improve your spending habits: • Incorporate minimalism into your finances • How to avoid becoming a minimalist consumerist • Learn the psychological traps that make you overspend • Control your compulsive spending habits Feel financially secure every day: • Learn about two A-Z budgeting methods and how to make them work for you • Learn ratio-based budgeting and fixed-amount budgeting • Discover the best budgeting software programs • Design a bulletproof savings strategy to get out of debt, be prepared for emergencies, and set yourself up for retirement Stop hating your financial life: • Learn how to set SMART financial goals • Increase your self-confidence with budgeting • 50 small budgeting tips Financial education is not part of our educational system. It is normal that we don’t know how to budget when we step into the craziness we call adulthood. But it is not normal to stay ignorant about a field of life that (like it or not) guarantees our material survival. Money management is an essential skill for everybody who earns, shops or consumes. If you follow the budgeting tips in this book, you’ll be able to keep track of your finances. You’ll clearly know where your money goes, where it comes from and where can you save. You won’t feel stressed of running out of money unexpectedly, you’ll clear yourself out of debts and have savings for bigger expenses like a vacation, new car or unexpected events. Leave money struggles for yesterday. Grab a copy of Minimalist Budget by hitting buy now in the top right corner of this page.

The Honey Bee: A Business Parable About Getting Un-stuck and Taking Control of Your Financial Future

Jake Stenziano - 2019
     The Honey Bee tells the story of Noah—a disappointed, disaffected salesman who feels like his life is going nowhere until the day he has a chance encounter with a man named Tom Barnham, the beekeeper. In his charming, down-home way, Tom the “Bee Man” teaches Noah and his wife Emma how to grow their personal wealth using the lessons he learned from his beekeeping passion. Full of concrete lessons delivered through chapter after chapter of engaging vignettes, each of which includes actionable advice for new or aspiring entrepreneurs. Workbook-style sections at the end of each chapter help bring the lessons home, including questions to help you apply the lessons to your own business, and links to rich digital resources for even more information on how to get started creating your own multiple streams of income.

Your Money Ratios: 8 Simple Tools for Financial Security

Charles Farrell - 2009
    Forget complicated, abstract philosophy—people need sound financial advice that's easy to follow and can be implemented immediately. For the first time, a leading financial adviser has developed a remarkable set of guidelines to give individuals the same kind of objective insight into their personal finances that successful businesses have. Your Money Ratios will help readers effectively manage debt, invest prudently, and develop a realistic and effective savings plan to ensure both financial success and security. Readers need only plug their income and age into Farrell's ratios in order to get an instant picture of their savings status and overall financial health, as well as a roadmap for the important choices they must make in the future. Here’s what you will find in this book:IF YOU ARE IN YOUR 20s OR 30s: Your Money Ratios will tell you how to get started and what you need to do over the next 35 years to stay on track. If you are lucky enough to read this book when you are young, you will have a clear vision for where you need to go throughout your working career. By setting yourself on the right path, you won’t have to work so hard later in life to meet your goals.IF YOU ARE IN YOUR 40s: You can benchmark your own financial circumstances against the ratios and see how you are doing with respect to your savings, debt, investments and insurance. You have plenty of time to make adjustments if necessary and plot out your path to retirement.IF YOU ARE IN YOUR 50s: The formula will provide you with a realistic assessment of your ability to retire. It will help you make the important decisions about how to allocate your financial resources over the next 10 to 15 years, and how to put on the final push for retirement.

Every Single Day: A Simple Prescription for Transformation

Bradley Charbonneau - 2017
    It's the secret of all life happiness." "Secret of all life happiness?" Whoa. Sounds pretty good to me. Just a little "daily momentum"? No problem, right? But what if you're stuck? Maybe you've been trying to break through but just can't seem to get ahead. Every day seems like groundhog day: the same disappointment as yesterday. Or worse: one step forward and two steps back. Ugh. In his new book, "Every Single Day," Bradley Charbonneau offers a simple prescription for building daily momentum that leads to true and, if you really, really want it, lasting and powerful change. HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE? HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT SUCCESS? "Every Single Day” has become a practical mantra worth repeating for anyone with dreams hidden in the attic, cellar or heart. He has gathered his best work in this wonderful, conversational book. Bradley writes the way he speaks, with warmth, passion and possibility. He is living proof that a little every single day takes you a long way." -- Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★ “I love how you handle deep subjects in such a light-hearted way.” -- Kay Bolden, Author ★★★★★ “If you’re ready to live your dream (as compared with simply dreaming your dream), this book will help you do it." -- L. King ★★★★★ PRACTICE DOESN'T MAKE PERFECT. PRACTICE IS PERFECT. From the foreword by John Muldoon, "I want you to know that it is possible to change. It is possible to do things you can't imagine right now." "The result is daily improvement (even if doesn’t feel that way when you’re in the middle of it all)." -- R. Robinson ★★★★★ "You woke something up in my system." -- H. Baltes ★★★★★ "Every Single Day provides encouragement for writers who are facing the mountain." -- A. Ford ★★★★ "He lights a path that you can choose to walk down." -- R. Simon ★★★★★ THIS ISN'T FOR THE FAINT OF HEART -- THIS IS FOR THE HEART. Bradley Charbonneau's life drastically changed when on Nov. 1, 2012, he accepted a challenge to Write Every Day for a month. He was familiar with monthly challenges like weight loss or waking up early, but the difference this time was that this one was close to his heart. What happened next changed his life in ways he could have never imagined. The book, "Every Single Day" tells his story--and teaches you how to achieve what you're after. Because you are after something. I know it. You know it.

The Book on Flipping Houses, Revised Edition: How to Buy, Rehab, and Resell Residential Properties

J. Scott - 2013
    In this completely revised and updated edition, you’ll get updated costs associated with rehabbing a house, new explanations on the ins-and-outs of flipping real estate in any type of market, expert tips on creative ways to finance your potential flip, and a focus on larger renovation projects not previously discussed!This no-fluff book contains detailed, step-by-step training perfect for both the complete newbie or seasoned real estate pro looking to build a profitable house flipping business.In this book, you'll discover how to:* Fund your deals using creative financing options* Evaluate deals in your market quickly and accurately* Determine the types of properties you should invest in* Find great investment properties from motivated sellers * Create a scope of work, budget, and schedule that makes you a profit* Hire the best contractors and manage your rehab to completion* Sell the newly flipped property as efficiently as possibleLearn everything you need to know to build a profitable, efficient house flipping business in a practical and easy-to-follow approach—all in one single book!

How to be a Productivity Ninja - FREE SAMPLER: Worry Less, Achieve More and Love What You Do

Graham Allcott - 2014
    IT INCLUDES THE FIRST 42 PAGES OF THE FULL BOOK. If you would like to purchase Graham Allcott's How to be a Productivity Ninja in full, you can do so with all good ebook retailers. In the age of information overload, traditional time management techniques simply don’t cut it when it comes to overflowing inboxes, ever-expanding to-do lists and endless, pointless meetings. Thankfully there is a better way: The Way of the Productivity Ninja.Using techniques including Ruthlessness, Mindfulness, Zen-like Calm and Stealth & Camouflage you will get your inbox down to zero, make the most of your attention, beat procrastination and learn to work smarter, not harder.Written by one of the UK’s foremost productivity experts, How to be a Productivity Ninja is a fun, accessible and practical guide to staying cool, calm and collected, getting more done, and learning to love your work again.If you enjoy this free sampler why not check out the complete book and learn the ways of the Productivity Ninja!

Mind Over Money How to Program Your Mind for Wealth

Ilya Alexi - 2011
    Discover the little-known secrets of thinking rich in order to finally created financial freedom in your life and avoid the critical mistakes that keep most people trapped in a cycle of money problems. DAY 1: This Moment Is Your Point Of Power DAY 2: How to Stay Light-Years Ahead of the Masses DAY 3: Three Simple Steps To Unleash The Power Of Goals DAY 4: How To Instantly Change Your Limiting Beliefs DAY 5: Protect Yourself From The Negativity Of Others DAY 6: The Power Of Auto-Suggestions DAY 7: The Greatest Secret of Modern Science... DAY 8: Why Your Feelings Are The Gateway To Riches DAY 9: Your Desires Are the Key to Your Evolution DAY 10: How to Be Happy... Right Now! DAY 11: You Will Get Exactly What You Focus Upon DAY 12: How to Supercharge Your Magnetic Power DAY 13: How Joyful Expectancy Creates Financial Miracles DAY 14: You Are Always in the Right Place at the Right Time DAY 15: How to Live Effortlessly DAY 16: The Magic Key of All True Wealth DAY 17: How to Generate Powerful Self-Confidence DAY 18: The Genius, Power, and Magic of Boldness DAY 19: Opportunities Are Everywhere DAY 20: Never Stop Learning to Create Financial Freedom DAY 21: There is Always Enough Money to Meet Your Needs DAY 22: The Magical Powers of Kindness DAY 23: Freely Accept the Gifts of the Universe DAY 24: Five Ways to Enjoy Sharing Your Wealth DAY 25: Your Unique Personality Will Make You Rich DAY 26: Ask Your Dreams For Money-Making Ideas DAY 27: Happiness Will Make You Money DAY 28: How to Become a Powerful Source of Good DAY 29: It's Time to Take Action! DAY 30: Celebrate, Have Fun, and Enjoy Your Life!