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World of Darkness: Crimson Thaw #2 by Danny Lore


Reptilian Odyssey

F. Gardner - 2021
    Eternity Mall. The establishment is supposed to have an upcoming video game on display. A game called “Reptilian Apocalypse.” An advanced virtual reality game, about mankind’s struggle for survival against shapeshifting beings. What starts off as a leisurely trip to the mall for the young men, turns into something they had not anticipated. These individuals, have been targeted. Stalked, by someone or something for a nefarious purpose.

Code Name: Wild Hunt: Curse of the Wendigo

D.A. Roberts - 2020

Bad Jack

Adam Moon - 2013
    These objects are dangerous to the touch, but not to Jack.When his superiors discover he can interact with the objects, he's brought even further into the fold.Soon he's introduced to bizarre creatures that just a handful of people have ever witnessed.His simple life has turned into a freak show.And it only gets worse.

Grave Decisions

Stephen R. King - 2016
    Follow the terror and drama in five short stories that will bring you gravely close to your fears. The winds are howling, can you hear the screams? WARNING: Not the famous Stephen King from Maine.

The Mystery of Chateau Beaumont (Triquetra Series Book 1)

L.C. Kincaide - 2019
    What better way to embrace a new decade heralding her thirties than to rise to new challenges and make exciting changes in her life?Embarking on the project in the small town of Beaumont, with the expert help of her reticent but skilled and handsome contractor, the work progresses smoothly. Only one thing puzzles her, though — the townsfolk who refuse to speak of the people who once lived there, only to say that one day years ago, the family mysteriously disappeared.Digging into the Chateau’s past, Hannah discovers a distressing past, and more disturbing is how it relates to her future.What began as an exciting adventure spirals into a terror she never could have imagined.Hanna’s story is the first book in the Triquetra Series about three close friends and the unpredictable turns their lives take.

Zombies in Paradise (Guardians of the Apocalypse Book 2)

Jeff Thomson - 2018
    Humanity seems lost. The Zombies have taken over. But the crew of Sassafras and True North aren't about to just kneel down and take it.

Called From Beyond: The Spirit Guide: Ghosts and Haunted Houses

Caroline Clark - 2017
    Is Mark going mad or was his girlfriend Called from Beyond? Mark’s girlfriend dies in a car accident before he can tell her how much he loves her. He never believed in ghosts, but a well-meaning friend and guilt push him into new and dangerous territory. All he wants is the chance to say he is sorry. To speak to her one more time. During a desperate, alcohol-fueled binge, he buys an Ouija board and calls Alissa. Is his drinking problem or survivor’s guilt making him doubt his sanity? Or are the footsteps in the night and inexplicable messages real—has Alissa returned? Gail and Jesse have their own guilt to bear, both tormented by a secret they have no choice but to keep. Is it their fault Alissa died? All they want is to help Mark through his grief, but his true plight soon becomes apparent. Evil is waiting and it’s worse than they can imagine. Will Mark be sucked into the darkness or will he send away his love to save his own life? Scroll up now to find out in this thrilling, fast-paced ghost story that will have you reading well into the night. Just remember to keep the lights on. This is the second book in the exciting Spirit Guide Series. Each book is a complete story and they can be read in any order. They follow Gail and Jesse as they search for ways to put spirits to rest and to save those who are tormented by them. The first book in the series is The Haunting of Seafield House It is permanently 0.99 and FREE on Kindle Unlimited or get an introduction to the series for free - Get The Black-Eyed Children at

Deadly Secrets Royalty: Brothers that Bite Book 5 (Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite)

E. Bowser - 2020
    Now forever means something vastly different for the two best friends. Taria just being a college student she never thought she would run into a vampire serial killer or being accused of murder, to becoming a vampire herself. Taria never thought that asking for excitement in her life she would end up with Michael a sexy vampire with deadly secrets but who made her his Queen. Michael has always seen visions, but he never saw Taria coming into his life. The couple is more than just lovers but soulmates who were destined to be together. Michael can feel his power growing as the New Year approaches as he fights whoever attacks his family and friends. He knows that he must protect his people as he takes the throne, but before that can happen, he had to take the Van Allans down. With Taria by his side, Michael knows he can defend and rule the vampire covens, or they would die trying. LaToya never imagined finding someone who loves her enough to let her be herself. She never thought she would have children and now can’t Imagine life without them. LaToya went looking for answers about herself and found that she was more than what she appeared. Quinn with deadly secrets himself found his mate and would never let her go. Finally finding of his own past, he has to find the True Alpha inside if he wants to keep his mate, children, and all wolf shifter packs safe. Enemies are all around the friends who became more. They found allies, friends and more secrets to uncover but before they can move on to their next adventure in their lives, they had to deal with the fact something wants to end the world, and another wants to rule it. It's up to these four to make it right even at the cost of their own lives. They will come to realize nothing lives forever. Will Michael gain the power that belongs to him or will Victor Van Allan finally take it? Will Quinn be able to be the True Alpha of his kind? Will LaToya keep her children safe while learning to use her birth given gifts? Will Taria be able to fulfill her hunter role, help Michael rule the vampire covens, and finally figure out the power that is hidden inside of her? Who will make it in this last installment of Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite? This story will be best read if you read Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite 1-4, Desire of the Harvest Moon: The Change, Twice Marked Witches and Wolves first.


Aaron Bunce - 2019
    Down on his luck and desperate to make quota, Jacoby happens upon a “cherry rock”. The kind that wouldn’t just meet his quota but put him into a sizeable financial bonus. But there’s a problem. A scan shows a sizeable hollow cavity inside, and company procedures are clear: voids must be drilled and tested for potentially explosive gases. That would mean handing it over to a specialty drilling team, and thus, kissing his payday goodbye. Refusing to hand his financial future away, Jacoby ignores his terminal’s warning and stakes his claim. Except, his saw cuts into more than just rock.Something was inside… something alive. Jacoby quickly learns that some rocks are hiding more than just precious minerals and trace metals. And when some things are set loose, there is no putting them back.Mankind will never be the same.

Darkling Smiles: Tales of Brightness Darkled

Michaelbrent Collings - 2019
    Tales of lives bright, lives dim. Stories of a universe fallen, where every happiness has its opposite, and every smile will be inevitably darkled... Amazon readers rave: "A fantastic collection" - Heather Escobedo"A Must-Have Book for Michaelbrent Collings fans" - D. Hilton"I was blown away by this collection of stories.""I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves surprise endings and twisted tales." - Jeffrey C."Stories that will haunt your dreams." - Kimberly A"I couldn't put it down." - Shirley"If you enjoy horror, you'll love this book." - Jason"You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll scream! What more can you want?" - E. Taylor

The Bug: Complete Season One

Barry J. Hutchison - 2016
    A wave of violence is sweeping Hoon's city, and reports are flooding in that the whole world is rapidly tearing itself apart. As anger and violence gives way to full-blown madness, Hoon finds himself babysitting a group of survivors, who he has reluctantly vowed to protect. But with the madness that's gripping the rest of the world rapidly affecting him, can he get them to safety before he himself becomes their greatest threat? Meanwhile, across the ocean in Boston, two teenage slacker grocery store clerks are discovering that the end of the world isn't as much fun as they'd always imagined, as they are hurled into a desperate battle for survival - and a quest to find and rescue their parents. But the hordes of crazed infected are only the start of the world's problems, and things take a decidedly creepy turn when the true instigators of the violent epidemic come crawling out of the shadows... Because it isn't a virus that ends the world. It's a Bug.


Hugo Navikov - 2018
     An Above-Top-Secret project brings military brass, elite commandos, ice-drilling experts, and abducted scientists to investigate a 100-mile-long 'gravitational anomaly' half a mile under the West Antarctic Ice Shelf. Their target: a spaceship buried for millions of years, home to a menagerie of alien and prehistoric horrors that could be unleashed on Earth and end every life on it.

Jurassic Ark

Edward J. McFadden III - 2020
    Led by Brazilian guide Diogo and a contingent of mercenaries, the husband and wife team trek into the jungle to investigate.The trail of dead monkeys leads deep into the rainforest and the group fractures when Mic describes seeing a fifteen-foot spinosaurus prowling the forest. Despite the defections of their guide and two guards, the scientists track the dinosaur in search of answers.The horrors they discover quickly turn their mission to one of survival as the team fights monsters of the past… and the unknown.

The Burning Tree: Book 2: Rebirth

Christopher Artinian - 2021

The Awakening

Dirk Patton - 2019
    But when she discovers her husband has spent them into financial ruin, things quickly begin to spiral out of control. Desperation growing, she questions her sanity when she starts having visions of an apocalyptic world inhabited by hideous creatures. As her marriage disintegrates, she hatches a desperate scheme to steal drug money, but unwittingly sets a cascade of tragic events into motion. With her life in tatters and a ruthless cartel enforcer in pursuit, she discovers her visions are not only real, but demons bent on the destruction of the world have already arrived.