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Viking Beast by Emmanuelle de Maupassant


MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy 3 Books Collection Pack Set

Kresley Cole - 2011
    If You Desire Kresley Cole is back with more steamy adventures! In this sexy historical romance Kresley takes readers on a journey through the Scottish Highlands with hunky leading men. If You Dare: IF YOU DARE is the first book in a new trilogy from featuring the three MacCarrick brothers. Kresley takes readers on a journey through the Scottish Highlands to Andorra with hunky leading men and a fantastic romantic storyline.

The Sheik Retold

Victoria Vane - 2013
    A savage son of the Sahara who knows no law but his own...When pride and passion vie for supremacy, blistering desert days are nothing compared to sizzling Sahara nights..."There will be inquiries." I choked out. "I am not such a nonentity that nothing will be done when I am missed. You will pay dearly for what you have done.""Pay?" His amused look sent a cold feeling of dread through me. "I have already paid... in gold that matches your hair, my gazelle. Besides," he continued, "the French have no jurisdiction over me. There is no law here above my own." My trepidation was growing by the minute. "Why have you done this? Why have you brought me here?" "Why?" He repeated with a slow and heated appraisal that made me acutely, almost painfully, conscious of my sex. "Bon Dieu! Are you not woman enough to know?"Pride and passion vie for supremacy between a haughty young heiress and a savage son of the Sahara in this fresh new telling of E.M. Hull's romance classic.

The Town: The Lady Who Left

Greenwriter - 2015
    Oh, how she tried in some rare occasions to be proper! Yet they never worked. And she's had enough. She wants to find something else The Town can never offer her: freedom and true love. And so she will find a way out of The Town, a land that lives in the past and away from modern civilization. But there is just one problem: no one has ever gotten out of The Town. Or so they think. With enough determination, she manages to go to a completely different place, one she has only heard in stories and read in books, with hopes of finding what her heart has always longed for. And yes, to escape an impending marriage to a man equally determined to not have her as a wife.

Scandalous Seasons: Volumes 4-6

Christi Caldwell - 2015
    She’s offered first the position of governess to his wayward sisters…and then mistress for the man known as Sin.But Juliet will settle for nothing less than marriage. Can she tame a hopeless rogue? A Marquess for ChristmasLady Patrina Tidemore gave up on the notion of true love after having her heart shattered.She finds peace in the cold winter days at Hyde Park—until two little hellions shatter it. Two hellions who happen to have a devastatingly handsome, but coldly aloof father, the Marquess of Beaufort. At the Christmastide season, Patrina and Weston, unexpectedly learn true love in one another. As Patrina’s scandalous past threatens their future and the happiness of his children, they are both left to determine if love is enough. Once a Wallflower, At Last His Love Miss Hermione Rogers has been crafting stories as the notorious Mr. Michael Michaelmas and selling them for a meager wage to support her siblings.In London for her first Season she seizes the chance to write the tale of a duke. In her research, she finds Sebastian Fitzhugh, the 5th Duke of Mallen. The Duke of Mallen has been deceived so many times during the high-stakes game of courtship, he’s lost faith in society women.He’d like to trust Hermione, he’d like to do a whole lot more with her too, but should he?

Loved by a Bear

Lauren Lively - 2017
     Rose came from a broken home and Paula, her aunt and the only family she had ever been able count on is dying. After leaving her abusive ex in Seattle and running from a life forever shattered, she moved in with her aunt, determined to start over and build a new life in Black Salmon Falls while also helping care for her in her last days. Asher is the privileged child of royalty. The son of the Chief of the Q'lapa Clan of werebears – the dominant clan in Black Salmon Falls. He is betrothed to Mariana, the daughter of the Chief of the N'gasso clan – the second most dominant clan. Asher is not thrilled with his life, but he is loyal to his clan and will do everything – including marrying somebody he does not love – in the name of his people. But when fate intervenes and Asher meets Rose, things begin to change. On the surface, they couldn't be more different. And yet, they apparently have more in common than they think. As they get to know each other, they both find something in each other they never expected. And as their affection for one another grows, it begins to cause strife within Asher's family and clan. A series of murders begin to shake the foundation of the truce between Q'lapa and N'gasso clans. Tensions rise and both clans are beating the drums of war. It's up to Asher to step up and take control. To figure out who is behind the attacks and what the aim of the mystery man whipping up the winds of war is really up to. He has to move quickly and potentially sacrifice everything in the name of his clan to stop a war before it breaks out in his beloved town of Black Salmon Falls. Loved by a Bear features a curvy woman who struggles with insecurities and an irresistible werebear who falls passionately in love with her. This book is a standalone, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happy ending!

Mulligan Stew

Deb Stover - 2002
    Widowed mother and aspiring chef, Bridget Mulligan, leaves small-town Tennessee and the only home she's ever known to take her son to Ireland and the in-laws she's never met. They are welcomed by all but one member of the Mulligan Clan--her brother-in-law, Riley--who believes she is a fraud and fortune-hunter. However, when the old Mulligan Curse lures Bridget to the sealed castle on their land, Riley Mulligan must face all his demons--the past and the present--along with the powerful longing both he and Bridget battle for each other.

The Scottish Selkie (Long Swords, Hot Heroes & Warrior Women)

Cornelia Amiri - 2011
    A bow and arrow carrying Pict beauty takes vengeance on a royal target but fails at her attempt to slay the Scot King, Kenneth McAlpin. To save her life, she is forced to wed the king's cousin, Malcolm. Just as the Scot warrior and the Pict Princess begin to forge a bond, Malcolm must reveal his incredible secret and choose between two worlds, one with Bethoc or one without.(A Cornelia Amiri, Long Swords, Hot Heroes, & Warrior Women novel)

Blazing Nights

Linda Barlow - 2013
    But when you're pretending to be a witch, you're likely to draw the attention of a witch-hunter.Internet crusader Daniel Haggarty takes his job of exposing frauds and charlatans seriously, and he has no tolerance for Kate's psychic mother, her seances, or her reincarnated cat.While protecting her mom from the skeptical Daniel, Kate is irresistibly drawn by his dark sensuality. As the fires of love threaten to consume them both, it is no longer obvious who is practicing magic and who is under a spell.

A Red Hot Valentine's Day

Megan Hart - 2009
    And getting there is definitely half the fun in Megan Hart's wickedly wild Get There.Eternal damnation has its perks—especially for a voluptuous succubus who is about to receive a very special, very hot Valentine's Day "gift" from her demon Jackie Kessler's ode to paranormal passion, Hell Is Where the Heart Is.London's most irresistible rake has one week to prevent the woman he loves from marrying another. And he plans to do so by adeptly employing his most well-practiced arts—seduction...sensation...and erotic love—in Jess Michaels's sumptuous feast of juicy Regency romance, By Valentine's Day.

The Mist of Her Memory: A Pride & Prejudice Romantic Suspense Variation

Suzan Lauder - 2019
    She continues to suffer from strange, angry voices in her head and to recall events that people tell her never happened. Even those who love her refuse to believe her. Elizabeth can barely endure the confusion. Fitzwilliam Darcy is desperate for any hint of his beloved’s well-being, yet he lacks the information he seeks as her family forbids him contact with Elizabeth. His frustration mounts when he learns that her mental impairment incited taunting and torment in her home village of Meryton. Which of Elizabeth’s recollections bear the closest resemblance to the truth? And what is the result of her sister Lydia’s elopement with Mr. Wickham? How is Mr. Darcy to rekindle his romance with Elizabeth when her aunt and uncle strictly shield her from him? Prepare to grip the edge of your seat during this original romantic tale of suspense and mystery, another Pride and Prejudice variation by bestselling author Suzan Lauder.

Daughters of the Dagger

Elizabeth Rose - 2013
    She's heard of the superstition that to buy a jeweled dagger from a blind old hag would ensure her of conceiving a child. One child for each dagger bought.The old hag she hunts down has many jeweled daggers, but Mirabelle has limited coins and wants many children. Her greed gets her in trouble and she finds herself in a predicament which causes many circumstances in her life to change. Four jeweled daggers and four daughters, each with a story, and a surprise later in life that none of them would ever suspect, in Daughters of the Dagger. Ruby - Book 1; Sapphire - Book 2; Amber - Book 3; Amethyst - Book 4.Watch for each of their stories coming soon!Excerpts included at end of prequel.

His Ruthless Heart

Johanna Lindsey - 1988
    Love Only Once and Tender Rebel

The Marauder

Tessa Bowen - 2015
    The spoiled sovereign expects a night of torment and shame. Instead, her unlikely bedfellow introduces her to a world of carnal delights. Prince Taran, dreaded leader of the savage Picts, approaches. He plans to pluck Guendolen’s prized maidenhead. Once she carries his heir he will claim her father’s throne. King Cedric hatches a frantic scheme. His daughter must lie with one of their own. Better a Briton babe growing in her womb than a Pictish one. With every last man fighting on the battlefield, there is only one lad who is available for such a task; and that is Phalen, her childhood nemesis. Mysterious as he is defiant, the adopted son of the village blacksmith has little interest in Guendolen’s beauty and considers the overindulged “jewel of the kingdom” to be a royal pain in the rear. Sparks fly each time they meet. On the fated night, Guendolen does her best to obstruct Phalen from carrying out his orders, but what starts out as an act of duty soon turns into an evening of passion. Our hero and heroine reunite two years later. She, having given birth to his son; and he, having returned from battle—now a formidable warrior. Under constant pressure from her father to marry, Guendolen agrees to wed the father of her bastard child, whose touch she still wears like a brand. The elusive Phalen continues to rile the Princess with his taunting gaze, denying her the attention she craves in and out of the bedchamber. Will she ever be able to win the favor of this dark and brooding man?

Carry the World

Susan Fanetti - 2019
    She does all she can to help them keep the small family farm going. But times are hard, and there’s never enough. During one of her infrequent visits to town, she sees a help-wanted notice for the Pack Horse Librarian Project, seeking librarians to ride up high in the mountains and bring books to the people there. Before her marriage, Ada was a teacher, and the thought of returning to the work she loved is impossible to resist. The mountains are her favorite place, books are her great joy, and her horse is her best friend. But not everyone on the mountain is happy to see her.Living in a crumbing cabin at the highest, most isolated point of Ada’s route, there’s a family that catches her attention. The father keeps to the shadows. There is no mother to dote on the happy, curious children. But soon Ada comes to love them just as fiercely as the woman they lost.And makes it her mission to bring them the world.

Secrets: Volume 1

Bonnie Hamre - 1995
    A Lady's Quest by Bonnie HamreIn A Lady's Quest, author Bonnie Hamre brings you a London historical where Lady Antonia Blair-Sutworth searches for a lover in a way that is sure to shock and please the reader. 2. The Spinner's Dream by Alice GainesThe Spinner's Dream weaves a seductive fantasy that will leave every woman wishing for her own private love slave, desperate and running for his life. 3. The Gift by Jeanie LegendreWith The Gift you are immersed in the historic tale of exotic seduction and bondage of a concubine's surrender to the Sultan's desires. 4. The Proposal by Ivy LandonTake a read on the wild side of love. The Proposal will taunt you, tease you, and shock you. A contemporary erotica for the adventurous woman.