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Loved by Wolves by Jennifer McKenzie


Bond of the Mates (Mated by Destiny, #1)

Roxxy Muldoon - 2015
    After 10 years, she returns to Moon Lake and the two mates she left in the lurch. Throwing caution to the wind, she hops in the car and races home. A heartfelt apology and a little groveling should work, right? Roman and Hunter grew up hunky, passionate, and unwilling to be hurt again. When Tasha returns, so do their feelings. Roman is thrilled to see his first love return to him and cannot wait to have her, body and soul. Hunter is more wary, what if she hurts them again? The three wolf shifters must navigate through lust, romance, and pain of the past. Will Tasha be forgiven? What drove her back to Moon Lake? Will she ever find herself in the middle of an alpha sex sandwich? Reader Warning: This is for 18+ readers. This trilogy contains explicit sexual content including threesomes, rough sex, dirty talk, and more. If you’re looking for a scorcher, this is the novella for you. Settle in for a read about a curvy, chatty shifter woman and the wolves who want her. *** This novella is part one of the Mated by Destiny Trilogy. *** Buy the bundle and save 40%:

Bear Club

Miranda Bailey - 2015
    Trudi has her life mapped out before her and it was going to stay that way. When her car breaks down on her way to that life Trudi starts to see how maps can sometimes be wrong. Her GPS sent her down a lonely highway, a place devoid of lights or life. Hungry and in need of a phone Trudi is leery of walking into the biker bar she stumbles upon, the only light in the darkness. These are not the kind of people she’d ever choose to be around. Stepping inside could change Trudi’s life forever, if she’s brave enough. Can the loud, wild freedom and laughter offered to her by the Ursa Majors motorcycle club rival what Senator Blake Shippington III has to offer? Can it replace her lonely childhood of dirt and poverty; can it be better than the sterile, luxurious lifestyle the senator offers? Can she break away from tradition and have two soul mates? Are Travis and Quinn, the most tempting men fate ever had to offer up, really worth revealing the secret she has always hidden out of fear? For Trudi the decisions are hard ones to make and she has no map to guide her way anymore. She lost that map the moment she followed a constellation to a place she’d never been before. Author's Note: This book contains mature language and themes, intended for adults only.

Behind the Tupelo Tree: Secrets of the South Vols. I and II

Corinda Pitts Marsh - 2014
    These women must brave turbulent times and decide right and wrong in a hostile world too often based on color and gender. They form an alliance that lasts for generations. Pivotal in the lives of these women, big Earl loves them both and protects them, risking his own life. Coming to them from the block in New Orleans with heavy iron chains on his ankles, Earl changes their lives forever. Later he does the same for a third woman from another world. His legacy carries him into the next century as his son stands behind the Tupelo tree watching helplessly as an innocent man is lynched. The intertwining of these lives tells the story Behind the Tupelo Tree.

Saving Grindrod

Thomas A. Wright - 2016
    Daniel Westford needed a place where he could become invisible far away from his native Oregon and he found it in Grindrod amongst the farms, cattle and timber. For six years he stayed under the radar, working hard to build a life while keeping everyone at arm’s length, including his lover, Border Patrol officer Layla Stormcloud. It was one their weekends together, a clear night with a million stars and everything was right with the world. Crickets sang and a shooting star flew across the heavens. It’s just as well they only watched it and didn’t make a wish because this shooting star changed course and plummeted to the earth. The revelations awaiting them at the crash site will change everything. Heavily guarded secrets of both the man and the universe will be compromised and Daniel’s determination to keep his distance from everyone and everything in his life will be tested. He has the ability to save the town from destruction, but doing so will expose the secret he’s worked so hard to keep, and compromise a relationship that means much more to him than he is willing to admit.

Five Steps to Communicating with Spirit: Book 1: Open the Door to the Spirit World in 5 Easy Steps!

Clare McNaul - 2012
     - The difference between spirit guides and your loved ones in spirit - yes, there is a difference! - The importance of Intention and Meditation. - The TRUTH about Protection. What it is and what it is NOT. This is important information that everyone who wants to nurture his or her relationship with the spirit world must know. - The significance of symbols. - The two most powerful steps that will make all the difference to your development and success! …and more! Five Steps to Communicating with Spirit has been designed to support, encourage and help those who are just starting out on their journey to connecting with spirit. It offers safe and sound guidance from an experienced, natural born medium who has been in your shoes. While aimed at beginners, those who have already begun their development and are looking for ways to improve their skills or add to their practice will also find this book valuable. You are just a few pages away from knowing exactly how to start developing and nurturing your ability to communicate with spirit! Don't miss Five MORE Steps to Communicating with Spirit Book 2: Mobilize Your Medium Within! available on Amazon NOW. Get your copy today!

My Father's Son

Jamilla Mozelle - 2014
    Malik, having been abandoned by both parents and left in the care of his Grandmother, struggles to find his own identity.

Stonybrooke Shifters: The Complete Collection

Leela Ash - 2019
    Meet all TEN shifters as they overcome all adversity to claim their true mates... In the first tale, Clark thought the shady new shifters in town were his biggest problem. Then Carmen arrived. Sexy, sweet, and charming, she’s everything Clark could ever want in a woman. There’s just one problem: she’s his 20-year-old daughter’s best friend. As corruption begins to set his pack on a course toward self-destruction, can Clark resist temptation with Carmen long enough to avert disaster? And will any of them survive when their new twisted leader revives an ancient practice many now see as barbaric? **** All titles in this shifter romance collection: Daddy Shifter’s Virgin A Secret Baby for the Shifter The Shifter’s Mail Order Virgin Daddy Shifter’s Fake Fiance The Seal Shifter’s Secret Baby Claimed by the Alpha Daddy Nanny to the Shifter The Shifter Protector’s Virgin Second Chance with the Shifter Shifter Redeemed Shifters and the Stone (series epilogue!) Also included is a short preview of Dragon Protector These shifters will do whatever it takes to protect and secure their mates—whether he’s a Seal or a billionaire boss, they will deal with the villains and protect the nannies. With suspense, mystery, a secret baby, and mail-order brides, there is something for everyone. The shifters of Stonybrooke seek to unlock the mysteries of their kind. Do you want to go along for the ride? This collection also includes a brief epilogue to the series - found only within this box set... These stories contain No Cheating, No Cliffhangers and of course all have HEAs ; ). Warning: This ebook contains mature themes and language and is meant for 18+ readers only.

Jaguars of Brigantia: Shifter Romance Box Set

Lisa Daniels - 2018
    This ebook contains mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only.

New Games

Mel Todd - 2018
     Perc Alexander is one of the rare humans who can shift into an animal, in his case the form of an extinct cat. As a professional athlete who trained his body for years before the shifter revelation, he doesn’t think much about this new ability. Not until the NFL suspends him for being a shifter. Never one to give up easily, he works within the system to fight shifter discrimination in professional sports.Perc knew arguing the suspension would make him a target. What he didn’t expect was being knocked out and abducted by an outfit running an illegal operation involving shifters. He finds out just how far his animal instincts will go to save himself and others from their brutal abductors. In the aftermath he questions if he could have done more, saved more if he fully embraced his cat sooner. Still reeling from survivor's guilt and guided by a newfound sense of purpose, Percival is determined to fight for his career and shifter rights, more so now that he understands how high the costs may be. He knows for certain he is more than a football player and cat shifter. It’s time the rest of the world learned that as well, no matter what it costs him.

The Assassins series, Part 1/2 (Face Off & The Cleaner): A crime action thriller series

P.J. Mercedsen - 2015
    One, new to the game, sees himself as a gift to the world of assassins. The other, a veteran of the craft, is a feared and respected hitman for one of the biggest crime families in the city.When their worlds collide, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Every hit has to be carefully prepared – but they never planned on each other.Don't miss the first in a five – episodes serial full of thrills, conflict and intrigue! Episode 2: The CleanerTwo killers. One brings death. The other is Death.A Mafia’s score – settling went wrong. Two hitmen who have nothing in common must partner to handle it, despite their mutual contempt.Assassins don't usually work in pairs, and Eddie is no different. Worse, Eddie boss's boss puts him with Liam, an impulsive young hotshot who almost screwed up his last case, and neither one is happy. When Eddie finds out that the mark is an old friend, he has to decide where his loyalties lie – but if he makes the wrong decision, Liam will be there to fix it by any means necessary. That is, unless they kill each other before the hit.Don't miss the second installment of this five – episodes series of murder, mayhem and mystery. Buckle in as things take off for our protagonists, setting things in motion that will change their lives forever.-- The Assassins series --Enjoy suspenseful crime fiction with some dark humor and irony? Check out The Assassins, a fast-paced fun series about the “bad” guys.In the vein of LT Ryan’s Jack Noble series and Remington Kane’s Tanner books, action-packed The Assassins series introduces readers to Eddie and Liam. Fans of anti-heroes from early Tarantino movies like Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs will enjoy riding along with these two gritty hitmen.Warning: this material contains strong language and violence. Recommended for mature audiences only.Note: This bundle is Part 1 out of 2. It contains episodes 1 and 2 of the Assassins series. It’s a free preview of the five-episodes series. If you enjoy it, you can complete the experience with the three remaining episodes (The Target, Killing Floor and Face Off) in a go, and at a discount rate here: (just copy and paste into your browser).(You can also read them for FREE with Kindle Unlimited)." This story had me turning the pages and I was disappointed when it ended. You're going to want to read the next one! It's certainly a thrill ride and plenty of insight into the characters to build the series." ~Amazon Reviewer, Nickinic – Ebooks Galore (Ep. 1 - Face Off)" Very tense and full of action. I look forward to reading more of this series." ~Amazon Reviewer, Saintly1 (Ep. 1 - Face Off)" A good read. Fast, good action, great characters." ~Amazon Reviewer, Moser (Ep. 1 - Face Off)"Really enjoyed this book, it ended at the right time (not over done drawing it out). I was pretty gripped throughout, but towards the end I literally could not put it down.

Return of the Alpha: The Crown (Mackenzie Grey Book 12)

Karina Espinosa - 2021
    Those who I once thought were my allies, and others who I worried would stab me in the back have now partnered up with the demon to take what I hold most dear to my heart.Some will be hurt, some will survive, and others will die in this battle to the finish.Will we get the happily ever after we desire? Or will it all come to an end here?

Caught Between A Beast And A Hitta

Mystique - 2018
    She’s proven her loyalty to him time and time again, even helping him and his brothers rise to power. Soon, his infidelities bring out a raging beast in her that she can’t control and she’s thrown into a cycle of destruction. That is, until she meets a mysterious man that’s far more than a coincidence. This new love will also bring new enemies, deception and turmoil. Will she finally get her fairy tale ending or will it turn into a nightmare she never expected? Not too many people know about Siren’s inherited worldly gifts. Once they find out, it’s something they will fight hard to try and forget.

How to Talk to Spirits: The Beginners Guide For Reuniting With Your Loved One's on the Other Side

Michael Martin - 2014
    What happens to our loved one's after they die Is it possible to communicate with the dead? What is an ADC or after death communication? Are they COMMON......or if I've had one, am I just going nuts? Can meditation or prayer help my deceased family communicate with me? If so.....HOW so and what are some of the best meditations for talking to our loved ones after they've crossed? If any of these questions are this brand new book written for the recently bereaved, Michael Martin, well known empath and author tackles some of the BIG questions about the afterlife, and some of the EASIEST timeless techniques that average people can use to get PERSONAL PROOF that life doesn't end at death.

The Right Bear's Arms: BBW Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance

Nora Eli - 2015
    She’s in for a surprise…Copper-haired, curvy Katie grew up watching her mother chase one alpha bear after another, and swore that would never be her. She wants nothing to do with werebears, especially pushy, conceited alphas. When she meets sexy street musician Jake, the heat between them is instant and undeniable. He seems too good to be true, and everything she ever wanted. Jake can’t believe his good luck when he sees Katie. She’s everything he’s ever dreamed of in a mate, and his instincts says she’s destined to be his. Jake’s a rare thing: a werebear living in the big city. He’s on the run from his past, refusing to be the alpha his family expects. It’s destiny versus reality when Jake has to decide how he and his bear can overcome Katie’s reluctance and convince her that he’s the right bear for her, and Katie has to decide whether to let her past rule her future. This is a sizzling hot, standalone BBW bear shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

Hollow Earth Dragons

Juniper Hart - 2018
    **The final book in the series, Protecting His Mate, can only be found in this romance collection!**Dragon DesireA forbidden wish. A dragon prince. A fairy who could change everything. Chosen MateForbidden love. Dragon royalty. An international conspiracy that threatens to ruin everything.Bound to the AlphaThe daughter of an Alpha Lycan and the Dragon Prince of the Hollows were never meant to fall in love… until fate pushed them together. Secret MatesCan a human be trusted with a secret that’s been kept for thousands of years?Protecting His MateShe holds the power to save the kingdom. Wilder will do all he can to protect her. Now, all he has to do is find her. Series EpilogueA final twist to the story of the Hollows! If you love dragon shifter romances, bad boys, and alphas who know how to take charge, then you will love the Hollow Earth Dragons shifter romance collection. Content Warning: Explicit love scenes and lots of sexy shifters. Intended for 18+ audiences.