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Rocky Waters by C.M. Steele


Make Me a Match

Ella Goode - 2021
    The buyers are usually of a certain age with strange requests. He’d rather spend a week locked in a room with his football students fielding questions about puberty than strutting down the stage in a penguin suit waiting to be sold. While his mother and sister plot his downfall, Gant tries to come up with a plan to save himself.When her long-lost grandmother showed up in her hometown, Paislee Rhodes thought she was doomed. After all, the grandmother was from her dad’s side—the side that had kicked her mom to the curb and Paislee to be raised alone. Her grandmother has different ideas. She spirits Paislee away to the Abbott mansion to make a match between the wealthy Freres family and the Abbotts. Step one: get Paislee to buy Gant Freres at the bachelor auction. Step two: profit. While her grandma plots her downfall, Paislee tries to come up with a plan to save herself.


Allie Scott - 2020
    I didn't blame them. I'm massive. Over six feet tall. Nothing gets past me. Except maybe the fact that the girl I've been secretly obsessed with is equally as interested.They call him Thunder because of the sound he makes on the field. The only sounds I could ever hear were my heart beating when I looked at him. He was everything I ever wanted but couldn't have. I was tiny. Just another girl in the crowd. He never noticed me. Until he did. Until I found out he'd been watching all along.

The Mechanic's Princess

Jenna Rose - 2020
    Her car needs a quick fix, but Chase isn’t about to let her get away that easy – not until he’s given her a good inspection and taken a look under her hood.But there’s a big problem standing in his way; Nicky’s already engaged. But Chase isn’t about to let that stop him. As a mechanic, he solves problems for a living, and even if it’s a rocky ride, he’s up for the challenge.

Only Us: A Surprisingly Safe Book

Brandy Ayers - 2017
    One she didn’t even want to go on, not when she has studying to do. Not only was dinner awkward, but her date decides taking her to an orgy in the middle of nowhere is the perfect way to end the night. On a first date. That her aunt set her up on. Now Jenny is witnessing things her virgin eyes will never be able to unsee. Spencer Wainwright might be the most discussed college quarterback in years. But not for the reasons he would prefer, like his athletic abilities. No, instead people can’t stop talking about his sex life. Or lack of one. His teammates feel the need to help him get rid of his pesky virginity by kidnapping him after practice and dropping him off at an orgy in the middle of nowhere with no phone and no ride. One glance across a sea of writhing, naked bodies changes their lives forever. Safe Read: A book where once the hero and heroine meet, there is no one else in the picture for either of them. No attraction to anyone else. No kissing anyone else. No hooking up with anyone else. NO cheating. Every Surprisingly Safe book is guaranteed to not only be safe, but also HOT with a little humor, and can be read over your lunch break. Enjoy!

Hitman's Heart

Mink - 2020
    Taking people out doesn’t give me any heartburn, especially when it means my bank account grows fatter after each assignment. So what if I drink away the days between missions, and maybe I try to forget all the things I’ve done—I’m not soft. Not for anyone. . . Except her. Margaret. My little ray of sunshine, the only bright spot in this world of darkness. She’s the only thing I have to look forward to, and when she’s threatened, I can’t sit idly by. Not even when I’m ordered to take her life or lose my own. I’ll keep her hidden and safe, but how will I protect her from myself?MINK's note: Get you a lap kitty and a hot coffee for this sweet story of a hitman and his heart. HEA included.

Given to the Gladiator

Olivia T. Turner - 2020
    Who can resist an obsessed alpha in a loincloth? Insta-love at its finest in a SAFE read with no cheating and a super sweet HEA guaranteed. Enjoy!


Ella Blaire - 2016
    Look at Adam and Eve for exampleAria Wallace has been dealt a bad hand in life and to make up for her lack of money she finds herself working for Mobile Madam X. She becomes enamored by a man that calls himself the "Father".Father is a filthy, dirty man that gets her off like no other. Never in a million years did she think she'd come face to face with him. When Aria finds out that the Father is no other than the priest at her Sunday mass, things get hot. Deliverance is out of reach. It's time to repent. WARNING: This is a total taboo, short, quick, and fire hot book. Extra panties may be needed.


Lena Lucas - 2020
    Her curves had every male part of me wanting to consume her.Mine.For a year, I watched her, obsessed over her, befriended her. I kept other guys away, acting like a protective big brother when the truth was far from it.I just wanted her all for myself.I wanted her to be filled by me in every. Single. Way.And tonight, I was making McKenzie mine. Tonight, she’d take it all.She’d take all of me.She’d never crave another guy again.Lena’s note: I know you like them fast and right to the point so don’t worry, this one gives you all the goods but with a healthy dose of romance thrown in. No drama of any kind to get in the way of the juicy bits (pun intended). Just a good old-fashioned double virgins smut-fest. Enjoy.

The Dancer

Jordan Silver - 2018
    After losing his dream to play professional ball three years in, he finds himself the proud owner of four night clubs he won one lucky night at the tables. He lives his life fast and loose, and that's the way he likes it. The son of a single mother who grew up in the Bronx, he's made a lifelong pledge never to break a woman's heart the way his old man did. So to keep that promise, he steers clear of anything even resembling a serious relationship. Enter Annabelle Bridgewater. A new transplant from Ohio, she's had to kill her dream of attending Juilliard after her father left the family for a much younger woman, taking his money and his love with him. The two clash in a head on collision when the seemingly brash young woman walk into his club looking for a job, dancing on his stage. Max doesn't know why one look at the mouthy baggage conjures memories of his childhood and the mother he'd watched struggle all his life, but he knows there's no way in hell she's dancing on his stage or anyone else's for that matter. Not if he can help it.

Be My Baby

Ember Flint - 2019
    26-year-old Gavin Stoke is the CTO and sole heir of Stoke Incorporated International, but aside from being a handsome and eligible bachelor, under his tailored expensive suits and genius computer know-how, he is anything but your typical businessman or geek, in fact, he is the epitome of the eccentric billionaire. When he was a teenager, a terrible accident left him in a coma for weeks. After dreaming of a hauntingly beautiful voice, he woke up with ESP abilities and with the unstoppable obsession to find the woman behind the intoxicating voice that made him fall in love, the woman he knows is going to be his wife someday.Eight years have gone by since the first time she sang into his subconscious and he is yet to look upon her mysterious face, but he won’t give up. He simply can’t. She will be his ‘Baby’. 24-year-old Pastry Chef Maeve Lennox has been dreaming for years of an enigmatic man she has never met but loves with all of her heart and, in the deepest part of her soul, she knows he is real and waiting for her. She is so obsessed with him that when it was time to open her bakery, Dreamy Love Cakes & Cookies, she did it in the city where she has always known they will someday meet, no matter that it meant moving to the other side of the country. He will be her ‘Baby’. How do you stop looking for your one true love?For both of them, the answer is easy: you don’t. This Halloween, at a lame costume party, in an even lamer nightclub, their patience will finally be rewarded with way more than candies! Dear Reader: Witch please, by now you know you can trust me:I'm serving you an extra sugary-sweet treat on a piping hot silver platter. As usual, there's NO-cheating, no OW/OM drama and a guaranteed happily-ever-after that will rot your teeth. This steamy novella features a passion that's been building up for eight years, a bountiful, innocent but sassy heroine that sings like a nightingale and an OTT dominant, protective alpha hero that is in love with her even before he sees her. I don't think insta-love can get any faster than this. *wink* Boston has never seen this kind of October scorching AF heat before, and neither have you!Come for the caramel apple pops and stay for the filthy smut, but don’t forget that reading this is not advisable while flying: park your broomsticks on the side of the road before attempting this dirty tricky-treaty ride. You’ve been warned!

Cards of Love: Judgment

Jenika Snow - 2018
    He might have done it to protect me, but he was still convicted and locked away for seven years.
And for that entire time, I waited for him, knowing that once he was released, things needed to be said, the truth needed to be spoken.
And that day was today.
I loved him, but the look he gave me, the possessiveness and pent-up arousal reflected in his eyes … had me realizing one thing.
Now more than ever, he wouldn’t let me go. Arsen I went to prison for Harper, and I’d do it all over again to make sure she was safe. She was all I thought about the entire time I was behind bars, and it was her weekly visits that got me through the years, even if I tried pushing her away.
But after seven years of being locked up, I was finally released … and I was going to make her mine. Warning: This is a short, dirty story about a hero who will go to any lengths to make sure the woman he loves is safe. With darker undertones and graphic scenes, there may be material some readers find offensive. Reader note: All of the books in the “Cards of Love” series are standalone. They are not connected in any way. The only thing they all have in common is a tarot card theme. That means you can read and enjoy any of them in any order! :)

Perfect Chemistry

Aria Cole - 2017
    Until Karoline Kingston steps through his door, with the body of a goddess and innocent eyes that beguile him. He's distracted throughout class but vows to keep his distance, despite every primal urge telling him to take her hard and mark her as his own. Karoline and Devon count down the days until she's eighteen and Mr. Walsh can finally touch the woman that he's been waiting for his entire life. But when he finds another student assaulting her in a dark hallway, Devon loses his mind with rage. Threatening to expose the risky road Karoline and Devon had found themselves on, he vows to protect Karoline no matter the cost. (Note:) Previously released as part of the Hot For Teacher Anthology.

Never Been Kissed

Lucy Darling - 2020
    But he’s the one threat I never saw coming. Silent, strong, and far too good-looking, he makes me feel when I should be doing anything but. I’ve always prided myself on keeping up with the boys. But this time, with this man, I don’t want to be just one of the boys to him. I want to be his everything.She’s the kind of woman you savor. One that deserves devotion and sacrifice. I’m more than willing to give it all to her. Strong and soft, courageous but hiding secret fears—she’s the woman who owned my heart from the moment I saw her. Sharing my life with her includes sharing my nightmares, but will I be strong enough to fully let her in when the time comes? Knowing losing her would be the biggest nightmare of them all.

The I Love You Series

Julie Capulet
    It then deepens into an all-encompassing love affair that awes them both. As they succumb to the ultimate obsession, secrets from their pasts resurface and forces beyond their control converge, threatening to break their beautiful bond.Get swept away by this steamy and romantic love story in which Rafe and Lexi's damages prove to be the link that binds them irrevocably.Box set includes:XOXO I Love YouXOXX I Love You MoreLove You The Most (brand new 50-page series epilogue including babies!)MaxXOXO I Love YouA young graduate. A ruthless CEO. And an attraction neither of them was prepared for. After graduating from college, Lexi Blondeau moves to L.A. By some miracle, she gets an interview for a dream job, at Downtown, the "It" company of the decade. If rumors are anything to go by, CEO Rafe Black is not only one of the most ruthless men in the city, but also one of the hottest men on the planet. At the interview, the last thing Lexi is expecting is for the mysterious--and unbelievably sexy--Rafe Black to literally sweep her off her feet. To say their chemistry is off the charts would be an understatement. Within days, Lexi's life seems to have transformed itself in every possible way, and all because of her new boss, who also happens to be her passionate new lover. Rafe takes Lexi to his private estate in Kauai so he can keep her all to himself. But will Rafe's obsession become too much?XOXX I Love You MoreLexi and Rafe's connection began with an intense lust and a white-hot obsession. Then it deepened into an all-encompassing love affair that awes them both. But when Rafe's jealousy reaches fever-pitch, it only drives Lexi away ... and literally into the arms of Rafe's rebel brother, Max. Will Rafe find her? Will Max cross a line? And can Lexi forgive Rafe for loving her too much? Their tangled web only gets more complicated as Lexi returns to Downtown to begin her new job. Rafe has to somehow figure out how to balance his love with his overprotective urges. But will an ex from Rafe's past and a colleague who has his sights set on the CEO's gorgeous new assistant be enough to drive them apart again? Or are Rafe and Lexi destined to be together?Love You The MostA brand new 50-page series epilogue (includes babies and an OTT steamy and romantic HEA!)MaxMax Black is a rebel and always has been. His dark past has left him scarred, but under his hot, bad-boy exterior is a shining heart of gold. When a cute, sassy chef who looks like an angel serves Max a slice of her warm apple pie, he notices an unmistakable bruise around her left eye and knows exactly what caused it. Can Max handle this new obsession and control his lust long enough to save her without destroying her? Peach Sutton spends every waking moment cooking, baking and working to make her new restaurant among the best in Los Angeles. But when one of her customers turns into a stalker, she runs--literally--straight into the arms of the gorgeous blue-eyed stranger who could be either the devil or a saint. Is Max Black just as dangerous as the man Peach is running from? Or is he the white knight lover she never expected to find? Max is a spin-off from the I Love You series and is a sexy standalone story.

Not Safe: A Mafia Romance

Olivia Ashers - 2021
    Something so terrible that it plagues my nightmares.I know that if I tell someone about it, my life will be in danger, so my plan is to keep my head down and hope the whole thing blows over.But the more times passes, the more I’m sure someone’s watching me and following my every step. And then I find proof that my stalker is real and not a figment of my tortured imagination.His name is Nero Tirelli, and he’s the son of a notorious mafia boss.Even though his father is set on killing me, Nero has a proposition for me. He wants me to marry him in exchange for his protection.His darkness and his obsession with me terrify me, but his mysteriousness intrigues me and his magnetism makes me crave him more than anything else.I may be safe from his father.But my heart isn’t safe from him.A standalone mafia romance. Mature language and content.