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Love in the Time of Cholera: A Portrait of the Film by Mike Newell


Sophie's Heart

Lori Wick - 2019
    He and his three children are lost in their grief...until Sophie walks unexpectedly into their lives. Having left her native Czechoslovakia, Sophie has discovered the land which seemed so bright with promise is far from her dream. A highly educated woman, Sophie now finds herself keeping house for Alec and his family.How can Sophie find peace in her new job? Will God use her gentle spirit to help heal Alec's broken heart?25 years after its initial release comes this exquisite silver anniversary edition of Lori Wick's bestselling classic, Sophie's Heart (over 350,000 copies sold worldwide).Get swept up anew in Sophie and Alec's love story with this beautifully designed keepsake version of one of the most beloved Christian romance novels of all time.

Peppercorn Woman

Meg Hutchinson - 2001
    She flees to save herself, but cannot save her child and the memory of that tragic loss haunts her days. Taken in by a band of Black Country Romanies, Garnet is touched by the warmth and generosity of the gypsy people, even if not all of them offer her an equally charitable welcome. Although loved by their leader, Garnet moves on once she has regained her strength and determines to take revenge on her husband.

Boss Me

Hannah Ford - 2015
    But when she starts working for the sexy and mysterious Noah Cutler, Charlotte can’t help but dream about the gorgeous billionaire, even though she knows it’s just a fantasy. Men like Noah – gorgeous, dark, and driven-- usually aren’t interested in women like her. Noah Cutler is a man who doesn’t take no for an answer. His drive to go after exactly what he wants has made him one of the most powerful men in the city. And while he could have his pick of any woman, his sights are set on Charlotte. And he won’t stop until he’s taken control of every inch of her deliciously curvy body… HIS TWISTED GAME (BOOKS 1-4) One family with devastating secrets… Avery Buchanan has always hated her older stepbrother, Cole. With his piercing blue eyes and ripped body, Cole has gotten everything handed to him, floating through school and life effortlessly. One girl who will never forget… But when Cole leaves Avery and their dysfunctional family behind and heads to New York City to create Buchanan Enterprises, one of the most successful tech firms in the world, Avery vows never to forgive him. One man who won’t take no for an answer… After getting kicked out of the house by her mentally ill mother, Avery has no choice but to ask her stepbrother for help. Cole agrees to let her stay with him, under one condition – that she follow his rules, whatever they are, no questions asked. Cole is used to getting what he wants – and what he wants is Avery, no matter how wrong it is.... OBSESSED WITH HIM (BOOKS 1-3) Some promises are meant to be broken… Twenty-year-old Olivia Reilly has promised herself to one man and one man only – her best friend and soulmate, Declan Keene. And she’s kept that promise, through countless foster homes and moves across state. She’s never even kissed a boy – all because of a vow she made to Declan years ago. There’s only one problem. She doesn’t know where Declan is. Enter Colt Cannon. When Olivia starts working for the sexy and dangerous bad boy, she asks him to help her find Declan. Surely someone with Colt’s money and power will be able to track him down. Colt agrees, but he also demands something of Olivia in return. Something dark, sexual, and dangerous that will test her will and push her self-control to its limits...

A Feeling Beyond Words

Abhishek Kothari - 2010
    Through this book of fiction, the author has made an attempt to answer several questions which we tend to place in front of others and which the world places in front of us. He has explicitly placed the phrases like "World says: Love can never be one sided, Where as some says: There is nothing called Love, But to the author: Love sees no side. It happens, to be the only Law of Life. And is the most Powerful thing one can possess". This romantic story whirls around a young boy who loved his dream girl in his thoughts and wanted to wait for her till his last breath. He was surrounded by many feelings but not the one that touched his heart and soul. He was heart broken and totally isolated. This was the moment when his lady love enters his life with with promises of eternity and endless love. His past experiences have made some unseen wounds on his heart and mind and before he could understand the selfless love of his Love, it was again too late. A beautiful piece encircled with love, hatred, frustration, depression and promises. This fiction book will let you know what love exactly is ? A truly romantic, heartwarming story for today's younger generation.

The Chirkuts

Alok Kumar
    A novel by Alok Kumar.

Home for Christmas

Lizzie Lane - 2014
    Robert is the nephew of a Lord, and Lydia a mere doctor’s daughter – and a German doctor at that. While her parentage is no hindrance to their relationship in peacetime, when war is declared Robert’s family makes it clear they no longer approve of the match. With no means of contacting Robert on the Western Front, Lydia volunteers herself, joining the Red Cross. But her love affair with Robert has had more than one consequence…

Excess Baggage

Judy Astley - 2000
    But as a penniless and partnerless house-painter with an expired lease on her flat and a twelve-year-old daughter, she could hardly turn down her parents' offer to take them on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Caribbean. She'd just have to put up with her sister Theresa (making no secret of preferring Tuscany as a holiday destination) and brother Simon (worrying that there might be some sinister agenda behind their parents' wish to take them all away) with their various spouses, teenagers, young children and au pair. In a luxury hotel, with bright sunshine, swimming, diving, glorious food and friendly locals, any family tensions should have melted away in the fabulous heat. The children should have been angelic, the teenagers cheerful, the adults relaxed and happy. But...some problems just refuse to be left at home.

Spring Music

Elvi Rhodes - 1999
    She had to leave the comfortable home she had shared with Edward and their three children, now all grown-up, and move into a small flat in the middle of Bath. The dramatic change in her lifestyle threatened to overwhelm her. But gradually Naomi began to appreciate the changes, and even to enjoy them. For the first time in her life she could do what she liked, and make her own friends. If these included men friends - well, why not? Unfortunately her children could think of many reasons why not, and Naomi began a battle to establish her own independence, and to persuade her family that she had moved into the springtime of a whole new life. In this warm and inspiring new novel, Elvi Rhodes's wonderful storytelling skills are used to explore a dilemma faced by many women today.

You Found Me: New beginnings, second chances, one gripping family drama

Virginia Macgregor - 2018
    They ask him if he's okay. But he doesn't know. He doesn't know the answer to any of their questions - not even his name. Isabel takes him to the hospital she works at, but when the tests show there's nothing physically wrong, she realises she can't walk away. She promised River that they would help this man, but with no way to identify him, Isabel worries about what secrets his memory loss might be hiding. Can they trust him? ? Virginia Macgregor, 2018 (p) Oakhill, 2019

Love on the Frontier: Mail Order Bride 16 Book Box Set

Maddie Walker - 2020

Ardnish Was Home

Angus MacDonald - 2017
    There he falls in love with his Queen Alexandra Corps nurse, Louise, and she with him.The story moves back and forth from their time at the field hospital to the west highlands of Scotland where Donald grew up. As they talk in the quiet hours he tells her the stories of the coast and glens, how his family lived and the fascinating life of a century ago: bagpiping, sheep shearing, celidhs, illegal distilling, his mother saving the life of the people of St Kilda, the navvies building the west highland railway and the relationship between the lairds and the people. Louise in turn tells her own story of growing up in the Welsh valley: coal mining, a harsh and unforgiving upbringing.They get cut off from the allied troops and with another nurse are forced to make their escape through Turkey to Greece, getting rescued by a Coptic priest and ending up in Malta. By this time their love is out in the open, but there is still another tragic twist to their story waiting on the way back to Donald’s beloved highland home . . .

Sleep In Heavenly Peace Inn

Malinda Martin - 2014
     What could be a better destination for the holidays than a peaceful inn tucked in the picturesque mountains of Vermont? But when a blizzard hits, three couples will be forced to deal not only with the weather but also with the reality of their relationships. Mary Michaels, competent innkeeper is very good at her job. And at hiding her growing attraction for the inn’s handyman, Joe Puletti. Friend of her late husband, Joe is a great catch, but with a five-year old son and complications from her past, Mary is not. Lila Benson needs to reinvent her life. What the quiet, second grade teacher doesn’t need is to run into a face from her past—Dan Hamilton, football star that she helped tutor in high school. And fell hopelessly in love with. Celia and Richard Davis have brought their children Kevin and Jenna for a family vacation. It will be their last since the divorce will be final soon. However, Kevin and Jenna have hopes that a little time together is all their parents need to heal their family. Can these relationships be saved? Anything’s possible at Christmas. Especially with the help of three children, a man with a white beard, the inn’s mysterious manager, and a reindeer.

Emotional Rollercoaster: A Long Island Love Story

Ionaa - 2014
    After years of mental abuse and blatant disrespect she learns that moving on might just be in her best interest. Luckily for her, she meets a handsome man named, Honest. He's someone that's simple, yet so different. This within itself attracts her to him even more. However, there is a problem. By quickly moving on with him, Yonnie learns that overcoming her love for Si will be no easy task. With her best friend Kay riding shotgun through all of the drama and chaos with her, Yonnie quickly learns that her life is being tested. Make sure that you're seated and restrained, because Emotional Rollercoaster is going to take you on a fast paced, uphill ride with vertical loops and winding turns that are sure to leave you on the edge of your seat and wanting more.

Their Journey to Love: 15 Book Box Set of Sweet, Clean, Mail Order Bride Western Historical Romance

Montana Ross - 2021

Born a Workhouse Baby: Victorian Romance

Dolly Price - 2021
    Deserted by a selfish man, and driven to the workhouse, young Annabel and her midwife mother face a harsh and hopeless future.A critical situation for the workhouse governor then opens a door of deliverance for them both, but it seems that revenge and bitterness hound their every step.A harrowing story of stolen love, rich and poor, faith, family, and fearful odds, Born A Workhouse Child, will keep your heart pounding and your hopes soaring to the end.Join Dolly Price for her most heart-warming Victorian romance yet, and follow Annabel’s courageous quest to discover the real meaning of love, faith, and family.