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Thug Passion

Mz. Lady P. - 2014
    The love they once shared has been replaced with his love for another woman and the feeling of his fists. Tahari sees no way out that is until she meets Ka'Jaire "Thug" Kenneth. He is every woman's dream come true and every nigga's worst nightmare. The relationship between them develops instantaneously. Tahari has fallen victim to Thug's Passion, but can she handle the pitfalls of being the ride or die chick he needs by his side. Past loves and enemies' vengeance and murder in mind threaten to tear down what they have built. Follow Tahari and Thug on a rollercoaster ride as they fight to save their lives, freedom, and their relationship.

Secrets of a Side Bitch 3

Jessica N. Watkins - 2014
    Beneath Simone’s long fake hair, phony smile, and saline booty is a web of trickery, lies, and murder. After being attacked by Jimmy, Simone’s web of lies begins to violently unravel. One by one, her skeletons are falling out of the closet and revealing her true colors. While Simone fights to keep the man and life that she stole, Chance is fighting desperately to keep his life with Gia. Amidst the hot and steamy passion, which builds between Gia and Chance like a scorching inferno, is the fear of Chance being locked away for the rest of his life. After a visit from the new detective assigned to Aeysha’s murder case, Eboni is intent on making Omari see the truth about Simone and her wicked ways. In Secrets of a Side Bitch 3, everyone is forced to come clean and admit their true involvement in Aeysha Walker’s murder. And finally Simone is forced to make a decision ‒ either face the aftermath of her destruction or run away from the man that she fought so hard to get.

You're My Little Secret

Chenell Parker - 2014
    Being the youngest of five and the only girl, she is sheltered from a lot of things that most girls her age experience, including boys. That is until she meets Dominic. Dominic Roberts is a young, handsome business man who owns a profitable trucking company, along with his older brother, David. When the two meet it's hard to deny the attraction that they have for one another and it doesn't take long before they act on what they both feel. The only thing standing in their way besides Brooklyn's brothers is Kennedi, Dominic's fiancé. Kennedi loves Dominic with all her heart, but Brooklyn is slowly making him rethink if marriage is what he really wants. Will Dominic drop his fiancé and make Brooklyn his number one or will she continue to be his little secret?


Takerra Allen - 2014
    Have you ever cherished the pain because you knew the kind you’d face without them would be way too unbearable? That’s me. To young Neeka Perry, Denny is one thing. In the streets, he’s a whole other entity. But she was brave enough to love both sides, upside down, all around, and back again. He provided her with all a girl could believe she dreamed of – security, desire, and most enviably, genuine love, all wrapped up in gold and diamonds.He removed her far from the course of her ordinary college girl lifestyle and swept her into his world of whimsical madness. For this and more, her love went beyond loyalty. She was devout… devout to him. But is there a such thing as too much passion? Can you love someone too much? And when you realize the person you love and the person everyone fears can also be the one everyone loves and you can one day soon fear, who will save you? Especially when the person you need saving from, is yourself…? Stop right there. I don’t want to be saved. I’ve shackled myself to him with love. And I swallowed the key. I’m in this for the long run. I am devout.

For the Love of ATL Complete Series

Desiree M. Granger - 2014
    Find out how the story begins, and how it ends. A book of 7 girls living in the most ratchet, drama filled, gossip spreading city of Atlanta. In this book I tap into the stereotypes of black girls from hoes, oreos, hood rats, and your average nerds, and boujie girls. Each having their own separate story to tell that makes this book one complete series. Find out how they find love, hate, heartbreak, and much more in the city of ATL.


Tynessa - 2014
    Ronny is every woman dream. He’s charming, his money is long and he has the prettiest set of green eyes that the ladies just love. Shaniqua is not only his stripper girlfriend of 4 years but she is also the mother of his only child and the love of his life. The only thing wrong is the fact that Ronny has a problem with being faithful to her and his cheating ways pushes her right into the arms of the next man. But is her new man as innocent as she thinks he is? With a new man in her life and a new baby on the way Shaniqua seems to have it all. There’s only one problem, Ronny still holds the key to her heart. So she chooses to keep the pregnancy a secret. Will her secret cause her to lose Ronny forever? Or do they really have that UNBREAKABLE relationship that they claim to have?? Sit back and take a ride on this emotional rollercoaster relationship between Shaniqua and Ronny!

Secrets Between Her Thighs

Ivy Symone - 2014
    For many years, all she ever thought she had was the power she possessed between her legs. Being an erotic dancer and providing ‘special services’ in the past afforded her a decent living, but it did nothing for her dignity. Seeking to find peace within self and to live a more gracious life, Jaci decided to take a journey down a different path. Things seemed to be looking up for Jaci after landing her first real job at a reputable doctor’s office, but her former boss Skyy propositioned her with a ‘special services’ job she couldn’t turn down. Will the decision to maintain her special services interfere with the normal life she’s longed for? What about her attempts to develop a decent friendship with the handsome radiology tech, Nathan Brooks? Then, there’s the risk of losing her too good to be true job. If the Secrets buried Between Her Thighs were ever revealed, she could stand a chance to lose everything she’s dreamed of. Ivy Symone is back with another banger! An exciting, fast-paced, twist of events story that will definitely having you wanting more!

The Simone Campbell Story: Secrets of a Side Bitch

Jessica N. Watkins - 2014
    Take a look back into her high school and college days, when she was causing just as much turmoil and chaos. This story's ending is only the beginning of Secrets of a Side Bitch 4, and the dots will connect even more for key players in Simone's vindictive games of love. **** EXCERPT **** My life was over, and I knew it. Honestly, I couldn’t even ask God why. I was reaping what I had sown. I deserved death because I’d sown so much death during my life. For years, I’d lied, manipulated, and terrorized. I lay there with bulging eyes, staring at Jimmy’s knife, not even attempting to beg for a speedy death. As thoughts of my treacherous past blurred my vision, I knew that I didn’t deserve the easy way out. For so long, I had suppressed the events of my past that made me the woman that I became. Yet as I faced death, those events came to mind...

Why Should I Love You?

Ivy Symone - 2014
    He’s surrounded by family and friends that adore him, and he takes pride in being an influential member within the community. Even though, all seems good, he has a troubled past and can’t find love. He thought he'd found it in his fiancé, only to find her in bed with her boss. As he’s beginning to feel that all is lost, an optimistically charming woman, by the name of Lovely, enters the picture. The beautiful Lovely Prasad is visually impaired and unfortunately, also romantically impaired. Twelve years prior, she loses her sight and any kind of possibility at ever finding that one true love. However, she remains positive and free-spirited which ultimately lands her in the arms of Abe Masters. As Abe and Lovely’s relationship grows, those surrounding them can’t seem to get it together. And, unfortunately for Abe, his past transgressions resurface. Some things are hard to let go of and other things just won’t go away, no matter how much of a changed man he is. Secrets will be exposed, and threats will be made, leaving those who are foolishly in love with only one question lingering in their minds. Why should I love you?

When a Rich Thug Wants You

Pebbles Starr - 2014
    But things really get interesting when Caesar and his boy Canyon come into the picture. These rich thugs have always been ones to get whatever they want--even sexy, stubborn women who think they can't be tamed!

Fallin' For a Boss

Lucinda John - 2014
    She still has trouble with him being completely faithful to her. Tired of being taken for granted, she falls into the arms of a street boss, Stacks. Stacks tragically lost the love of his life and kids forcing him to a new state where he hopes to finally find peace. When these two collide, will it finally be their happily ever after? Or will history only repeats itself? Join these two in the grimy streets of Miami where loyalty is tested, blood is shed, and greed is at its best. Will love conquer all or will there be a price to pay?

Fallin' For a Boss 2

Lucinda John - 2014
    With Lala missing, Stacks bleeds the block of Miami in his search for her. Will he find her and the baby in time? Or will it be too late? Join Stacks on another roller coaster ride as he starts to uncover the truth behind "Friends" and "Family". Old enemies will resurface, new love will be discovered, more blood will shed, and lines will be crossed.

Ghetto Bastard

K'wan - 2014
     Tayshawn Torres is a child born in the slums and cursed by the sins of his parents. His mother is a notorious drug addict and whore, more concerned with getting her next high than she is with his well-being. His stepfather hates him so much, that he literally treats him like an animal. Tayshawn is forced to sleep in a cage and scavenge for scraps of food wherever he can find them. Because of his squalid appearance, he is also the object of ridicule by all of the neighborhood kids who have given him the nickname, Animal. The only person to ever show him even the slightest bit of kindness is his older brother, Justice. Justice keeps him out of harm's way the best he can. However, when Justice is taken from his life, Tayshawn finds he is alone in the streets. With his guardian angel gone, he is now at the mercy of the world Justice tried to protect him from. Tayshawn quickly learns that if he is to survive the jungle, he will have to adapt. Love and companionship constantly elude Tayshawn, but death and heartache cling to him like a second skin. Gradually, the layers of the frightened child he had been are stripped away until there is nothing left of Tayshawn, and all that remains is, Animal.

Living for Love and Dying for Loyalty

Mz. Lady P. - 2014
    They began a love affair that felt so right that nothing could possibly go wrong. After doing a five year sentence Rahmeek has been released from prison and is ready to link back up with his old connect Juan Rodriquez. There's just one person standing in the way of their relationship, and Rahmeek's journey back to the top-- Aja's brother Markese. Markese takes pride in the fact that he has raised Aja and takes her personal life serious. Markese hails from the Westside of Chicago. He holds court in the street alongside his crew Killa, Mont, Nisa, and Boogie. Juan Rodriquez is currently Markese's connect, and Markese has no intentions on sharing his wealth. Juan has a meeting with Markese and Rahmeek and things turn sour really fast. Life in the streets is one thing ,but their personal lives are a whole different story. Relationships are tested when secrets are exposed. A series of events in the streets and in the sheets will have dire consequences for everyone involved. Follow the crew that's living for Love and Dying for Loyalty.

Her So Called Husband

Chenell Parker - 2014
    Cherika, his wife and mother of his kids, has held him down through thick and thin. However, Alexus, his side chick, is the one who holds his heart. Cherika loves Dre with every fiber of her being and she is not going down without a fight. Meanwhile, Alexus questions if loving Dre was a mistake from the start. Dre's cousin, Keanna, has an agenda of her own, but who's side is she really on? After all is said and done, who will be the last woman standing in this suspenseful, jaw dropping love drama? Find out what happens when lies are told and secrets are revealed in this enthralling beginning series of Her So Called Husband.

Dirty Laundry

Cherie Briggins - 2014
    Miami is usually a place people go to have a vacation, but to choice its pure hell. Choice is a young beautiful girl, who tries to make a bad situation a little better for her and her little sister Kyree, but that seems futile with crackheads for parents. Things change when she lays eyes on Supreme. David Givens aka Supreme is from New York, he's fresh outta prison. He moves to Miami to be close to family. With some of his friends following him from New York to Miami, Supreme makes a name for him and his crew selling drugs and running an underground dog fighting business called Da Cage. Supreme is also a lady's man and he vows to never settle down until he meets Choice. Everything is not what it always seems and sometimes family is foe. The word loyal doesn't exist and in some cases the word mother doesn't either.

The Lonely Pole Part 2

Takerra Allen - 2014
    THE LONELY POLE - A TWO PART MEGA NOVEL BY TAKERRA ALLEN! We’ve all got dreams… How far are you willing to go for yours? Baby, Nyema, Portia, and Rocsi couldn’t have any less in common than what meets the eye. But under dire circumstances and through different walks of life, they all end up in the same place. Dreamz, a seedy strip joint in the backstreets of Dirty Jerz, conceals some of the darkest secrets and holds captive the souls of many pretty girls lost. In a day and age where the strip life is glamourized and celebrated, take a walk with four women who will tell the tale a bit differently.Lost loves, broken hearts, dreams deferred, all in the name of the almighty dollar and it’s only a pop, twerk, and grind away. But how far is too far, and when do you know you’ve gotten there? And even more important, how can you find your way back? At the sad realization that the pole has no mercy, these women must come to grips with their reality. The pole is cold, the pole is greedy, the pole is wicked, the pole is deceiving, the pole… is lonely.

Female Hustler: All I See Is The Money

Deja King - 2014
    Instead of inheriting a life of luxury, she lived hers in poverty. But being the child of a notorious Kingpin, Angel has the spirit of a hustler running through her blood. She uses those skills to change her destiny. Because all Angel sees, is the money.

Unbreakable 2

Tynessa - 2014
    You would think after dealing with Dre’s craziness it would've been a wake up call for them to get it together. With Ronny’s past history it’s hard for Shaniqua to trust him but he’s doing everything in his power to prove to her that he wants her and only her. Meanwhile someone else is eyeing him and wants him in the worst way. Will he let temptation get the best of him? Or would he prove that he can be the man Shaniqua wants him to be once and for all? Bino meets a new lady and it’s love at first sight. Though she has won his heart it’s a few things that’s standing in their way of true happiness. Meanwhile Star and Cornell’s relationship has went from being picture perfect to a nightmare. These couples have one thing in common, their all fighting for love. Let’s see who really has that Unbreakable relationship they’re all claiming to have!

The Day the Streets Stood Still

JaQuavis Coleman - 2014
    When she is brutally murdered, Sean is thrust into a cold world all alone, until an old friend of his mother takes Sean under his wing and introduces him to a life of drug dealing at its highest level. Sean becomes King Sean, making a solid name for himself and rising quickly up the drug game's totem pole.Sean's only weakness is a beauty named Sunny, who is a friend from childhood--and the love of his life. Sunny has a problem with drugs, and as she travels down her own path of addiction, Sean falls victim to the vice as well--and his downward spiral from street fame will be filled with murder, lies, backstabbing, and a struggle to survive.Walk along the journey with Sunny and Sean as they hit rock bottom, stealing and lying to support their addiction. Someone will die, but not until the end will the truth be revealed.JaQuavis Coleman delivers another instant street classic with The Day the Streets Stood Still.

A Dangerous Love: Addicted To Him

J. Peach - 2014
    Not one to back down, Blaze pursues the vivacious, temptuous Peaches with no regard to her brother's threat. One kiss threatens to ignite a wildfire in their hearts and a war between friends. Will Peaches submit to her brother's indomitable will? Or will she give in to undeniable attraction to Blaze and set off a bloodbath in the streets?The answer lies between the hot, explosive pages of A DANGEROUS LOVE.

The Lonely Pole

Takerra Allen - 2014
    THE LONELY POLE - A TWO PART MEGA NOVEL BY TAKERRA ALLEN! We’ve all got dreams… How far are you willing to go for yours? Baby, Nyema, Portia, and Rocsi couldn’t have any less in common than what meets the eye. But under dire circumstances and through different walks of life, they all end up in the same place. Dreamz, a seedy strip joint in the backstreets of Dirty Jerz, conceals some of the darkest secrets and holds captive the souls of many pretty girls lost. In a day and age where the strip life is glamourized and celebrated, take a walk with four women who will tell the tale a bit differently. Lost loves, broken hearts, dreams deferred, all in the name of the almighty dollar and it’s only a pop, twerk, and grind away. But how far is too far, and when do you know you’ve gotten there? And even more important, how can you find your way back? At the sad realization that the pole has no mercy, these women must come to grips with their reality. The pole is cold, the pole is greedy, the pole is wicked, the pole is deceiving, the pole… is lonely.

Unbreakable 4

Tynessa - 2014
    While Ronny is being the best husband he can, Bino is struggling to keep his relationship together. Cornell has a new lady in his life; but with a past like his it’s hard for him to make things between them official. Meanwhile Ronny and Daddy Willie has a blowout that could possibly tear this father and son bond apart. This is the last chance for the gang to prove the bond they’ve fought so hard to keep is really Unbreakable!

Silence of the Nine

T. Styles - 2014

N.A.S (Niggas Ain't Shit)

Jessica N. Watkins - 2014
    As women, we've all experienced that. Yet, some men cause hurt beyond infidelity. Some men are so ruthless, conniving, and reckless with love that they selfishly destroy the lives of every woman that is unfortunate enough to cross their path. Some women haven’t experienced this level of deception. Those women should consider themselves lucky. However, the unfortunate that fall victim to these magicians of trickery and manipulation aren't so lucky. To these women, unfaithfulness is a cake walk. Aaliyah, Tabitha and Jaleesa are examples of these women. Sometimes you can see a man’s games from a mile away. Unfortunately, Nas and Moses put much effort in disguising their deception as unconditional love. There is no question that love is presumed to exist somewhere in these relationships. Yet, the drama that comes along with Nas and Moses’ love is life damaging, and Aaliyah, Tabitha, and Jaleesa eventually learn that bad men love love too. Fall into this gritty tale of deception, that goes far beyond petty unfaithfulness and lies, that will leave you realizing that some men simply ain’t sh*t.

Love Is Blind

Kyoshi - 2014
    She meets Cordae Thomas aka Black at the tender age of sixteen. He was her escape from the fighting at home between her parents, he gave her what she had been longing for. But somewhere along the lines things changed, he became controlling, demanding and very abusive. Will she get out before it's too late? Or will she become another statistic? Take this emotional ride with Kaylen as she learns the true meaning of "Love Is Blind".

Hold It Down: Like Sister and Brother

Nicole Jackson - 2014
    Fairy tales are just figments of our imagination. Reality is harsh and unkind. Still somehow, there are roses the bust through the ground, beyond the concrete. Love can be found in the strangest, unorthodox places. This would be the best way to define Raven and Jahrein's situation. Young and naïve Raven was when Jahrein entered her life. The fights, the jealousy, the hating transformed her from a girl to a woman. In the hood, getting with a certified hustler is deemed the come-up of a life time. But the ultimate question is: at what cost? Join Raven on her journey of self-discovery, and the quest of true love. Ride side by side with her, as she does her best to hold her man down. Is she strong enough for the task? Or will holding Jahrein down become her ultimate downfall?

Stuck On Stupid

Apryl Cox - 2014
    He was her first love and his love is all she knows. She doesn’t want to let it go, no matter how much it hurts. Tori, her best friend, is tired of her girl playing the fool. She convinces her to live life for just one night, and Jazzie does just that. One night out and she meets Mr. Right, but she lets him get away because she can't stop playing the fool. Truth and Tori are best friends, but Truth wants more. Although he has proven his love and loyalty on several occasions, Tori wants to remain just friends. She appreciates their strong bond just the way it is, and doesn’t want anything to come between their friendship. She knows that Truth only wants what's best for her, especially when it comes to her line of work. But no matter how many times he complains, she says she it’s her profession to make a living and she's not giving it up; deep inside it's her own insecurities that have her in love with one man—and she calls him money! Truth isn’t giving up on her, though. He will stay by her side until she realizes that, “He's the Truth,” but his psycho baby momma ain't having that. Truth belongs to her and she's willing to go to extreme measures to prove it. Stuck on Stupid is based on real-life decisions and the consequences that come behind foolish choices. Get ready for a ride full of emotion, disappointments, drama, heartbreak, close calls, and a little laughter. Will these women ever allow real love in, or will they stay Stuck on Stupid?


Tynessa - 2014
    From the moment they laid eyes on one another, it was love at first sight. One problem is wrong with that; they’re both in a committed relationship. Being with her abusive fiancé for 8 years, Teyana saw no way out of her situation. Gambino on the other hand was ready to call it quits with his longtime girlfriend. Only problem behind it is, she refuses to let go without a fight. Take a ride with Teyana and Gambino as they show us how being in love can make you be disrespectful without thinking twice.

The Circle: Fallon's Story

Danielle Santiago - 2014
    From robbery, to drugs, to extortion; there is nothing that the infamous band of siblings havent been involved in. They devise a plan to escape to Mexico and retire at the height of their career...but the Feds came in. With the feds hot on their heels, ride with them as they make their way to Mexico to avoid the death penalty. Meet the Porters

Hold You Down

Dominique Thomas - 2014
    By chance she meets Ameer. He’s everything that she wants but doesn’t need. Married to not only the streets but to a woman as well. Sophie’s sees that Ameer is trouble from the start but she can’t seem to stay away from him. Ameer slides into Sophie’s life and changes things instantly. Some for the better and some for the worse. With an enemy determined to take Ameer and his family out trouble falls onto Sophie and the ones he loves. Ameer has a plan and good intentions but getting to the finish line is going to be a lot harder than he thought. All he wanted to do was hold Sophie down. Will he be able to have the new woman and new life or will he succumb to his old one?


Jade Jones - 2014
    Two small time hoodlums turned big time entrepreneurs, these Cali boys are just trying to get it at any and all costs. But when greed, betrayal, and a plan gone wrong comes into play, these two friends' very foundation is shaken. Can they stay afloat in spite of it all, or will they lose what they worked so hard to build together. Shayla Edwards is a spoiled little rich girl who's always walked the path that was chosen by her wealthy successful parents. However, things become a whole lot interesting when she meets a sexy D-boy that changes her entire life forever. Romeo is everything Shayla's ever wanted in a man, but will she be able to tolerate the dangerous life he lives? Kimberlyn Lopez was used to living the lavish life before her fiancee Cool was locked up on drug charges, leaving her to take care of their 2 year old son. If things aren't bad enough already, they really become complicated when Desmond, an old flame, comes back into the picture. With his smooth, charismatic appeal, Desmond has always held a part of her heart even while they were apart. But will Kimberlyn be able to tolerate his career choice--and the possibility of losing him as well? If things are complicated enough, they really heat up when Cool gets the early release he was anticipating. <"Flawless" will take you on an emotional roller coaster, that'll surely have you questioning just how far you'll go for love.


Lucinda John - 2014
    Blessed with good looks, nice bodies, a stable place to live with a mother that is willing to give them anything their hearts desire, they seem to have it all. That is until their mother’s nasty habit of popping pills and alcohol abuse leaves them in an awful situation with no one to turn to. When a baller by the name of Vic takes them under his wing he turns them into finessers, sexy women with the motives to set up any man with deep pockets. When Cinnamon falls in love with one of the licks all hell breaks loose. Secrets are revealed, lies are told, and bodies are found as Vic try his hardest to turn the sisters against one another. Join these sisters on a hectic journey and discover is blood really thicker than water.

Hold You Down 2

Dominique Thomas - 2014
    He’s given second chances to people that stabbed him in the back and tying up loose ends with Floyd’s family that’s out for revenge and looking to paint the town red with his blood. Yet the life that he wants to leave behind isn’t ready to let him go and sending Sophie away to California only caused more problems for their already troubled relationship. Sophie is upset with Ameer for sending her away and that pain pushes her into the arms of another man. Ameer won’t back down and he won’t lose his girl. He’s a natural born boss and he’ll show the world that Ameer Kadar Matin is no one to be played with. Take a ride with your favorite couple and see if they can survive lies, betrayal, and even death.

Drunk In Love

Cole Hart - 2014
    He is everything that Olivia wants in a husband, except for the fact that he’s a quick pumper and extremely boring in bed. He has no thrill or desire of being able to please her which sends her in the arms of another man. At the beat of a song, Zay erotically sweeps Olivia off of her feet. He’s a handsome, well educated, wealthy bachelor that can catch any woman’s attention. However, he’s put them on hold just to win over Olivia. What happens when vows are broken, boundaries are crossed, and friends become enemies? Will Olivia fight for a sexless, mind-numbing marriage or will she keep grinding on that wood and riding Zay like a surfboard? All is fair in love and war, but all bets are off when Zay and Olivia unexpectedly find themselves Drunk In Love. This novel is sassy, edgy, amusing and life like.

The Circle: Rain's Story

Treasure Blue - 2014
    The Porters. Honing their robbery skills since their youth, were introduced to the intricate world of armed bank robbery, diamond heist and murder by their mentor and confidant Smtty, to perfection. Fearless and daring, the Porter family pulled off dozens of licks, reaping them millions over the years. But, on the eve of their retirement, ready to leave the dirty life behind them, the unthinkable happens, changing Rain and her once close knit family forever, as every federal agency submerge and arrest all her siblings. Alone, Rain wages an all out war against the City of Baltimore in order to free her family, but a sudden turn of events will soon make her suicide-like mission to free them even harder than she ever imagined

Drunk In Love 2

Cole Hart - 2014
    Upon learning of his infidelity, Olivia turns psychotic, and then departs the country. Meanwhile, Mark struggles with not knowing the fate of his marriage as him and Felisha think of lie after lie to keep their long term affair under wraps. Olivia turns to Zay as he comforts her in her time of need. However, all is not what it seems as Zay becomes the puppet master inside their love triangle. In this second edition of Drunk In Love II the action continues, the drama deepens, and the sex is even more off the chain. Relationships blossom just as other’s are tested. Who will Olivia choose? Does love finally win? One thing that’s for sure is that KARMA will always be a hard bitch to face, no matter the circumstances.

When a Rich Thug Wants You 2

Pebbles Starr - 2014
    Will these three friends be able to juggle a rocky friendship after lies begin surfacing? And more importantly, will they be able to hold onto the relationships with the very men who were deceiving them? Canyon and Caesar were living the life before their entire world came crashing down around them. With the Feds sniffing around, they now have to be on their P's and Q's if they don't want their entire organization to crumble. Will these charming bad boys triumph in the end? Or will the presence of a relentless ex destroy everything they worked so hard to build?

The Circle: Autumn's Story

Keisha Ervin - 2014
    This fast pace book picks up where the last begin, highlighting the young lady, Autumn as she tries to get to the border and escape the feds. Keisha Ervin delivers a sure fire classic.

Stuck On Stupid 3: My New Flame

Apryl Cox - 2014
    After the death of Dezmond, Jazzie has released him and all of her past hurts—or so she thought, until an unexpected situation connects them together. Can she ever be free of him, or will he still haunt her—even after death? Jazzie battles with the decision to move on with her life, but should she wait on the man who use to love all of her, or welcome a new flame? Maine is still trying to cope with the hurt of Jazzie’s betrayal and finds himself in a different bed that leads to ugly situations. Can he find someone to take Jazzie’s place or will he settle down with Hollywood? Hollywood never expected to fall in love with Maine but she did, and now she wants the same from him. She feels he’s overly stuck on stupid in his feelings for Jazzie, and it makes her sick to her stomach. Can she make him see that she is all the flame he needs? Tori and Truth’s love for each other is stronger than ever but is Tori willing to seek help so she give him the little girl he wants? Eric and Trinity are back in Tampa for good, living under the same roof. Has Trinity matured enough to make their relationship work, or will she send Eric out to look for a new flame? The girls are taking Hot Nasty on a roller-coaster ride with all the drama in their lives, but there is some good in it. At least he finds himself talking to the Lord more often—even if he’s only asking why He place him in a circle with a bunch of stuck on stupid fools. Can he live through the stress?

Feels So Right, It Must Be Wrong

Charmanie Saquea - 2014
    With the help of her brother Symir, they take over the business their father left behind which they believe is rightfully theirs. Enters Omari known to the streets as Knowledge, moving back to his hometown he links up with Symir to be down with his team. Instantly, he has his eyes set on Asia and has plans to make her his but there’s one problem. Knowledge has a pregnant fiancé at home that’s been down with him since day one. What happens when lines are crossed and secrets are revealed? To Knowledge, everything feels so right even though he knows it’s so wrong.

Promiscuous Girl

Nicole Jackson - 2014
    Taraj was introduced into the game of life at the ripe age of eleven. Against her will, she’s thrust into some of the seediest acts known to man. She soon finds out that this world is cruel, and she must fight against the grain to truly live. One tumultuous situation after another, Taraj attempts to weather the storms. Steve is the man that is forcibly in her life. He seemingly offers his helping hand to a troubled Taraj, but his help comes at a heavy price. Eventually, things seem grimier than ever before…until Taz enters the picture. Coming fully equipped with his own demons, he’s the unlikeliest person to ever reach back and rescue the next. But there’s something about Taraj that compels him to save her, even if she’s unaware of needing saving. In Taraj’s world, being pretty had never done a thing for her besides bringing heartache and pain to her doorstep. Surely Taz is just like all the others; waiting to take advantage. Life has hardened her, and she’s become a promiscuous girl. Therefore, she can’t see the forest for all the trees. Ultimately, she needs to be saved from herself; but who’s willing to take on that task? Will Taz be her knight in shiny armor, or will he lead her down a fast road of self-destruction?

Til My Casket Drops

Ca$h - 2014
    But what he soon discovers is that New Orleans' niggas are even grimier than the dudes he left dead in Atlanta. Lines are crossed; friends turn into bitter rivals and the only certainty in Mayhem's life is death and bloodshed until he stumbles upon Keedy, a diamond in the hood. When they meet, it's true love at first sight-hood style. But the price they must pay to be together could be death. Mayhem fears nothing. Keedy has nothing to lose. All they have is each other as death closes in on them, threatening to obliterate their epic love. Will they succumb to the laws or their enemies? Or will true love and their always handy guns be their shield?

Can't Trust these Bitches

Nicole Jackson - 2014
    She and her, best friend and roommate, Aaron have always been friendly rivalries. It was all fun and games, until a wickedly handsome Keyon enters the equation. He’s smooth, suave, and debonair, just Randi’s speed. The problem is that Keyon’s a natural chick magnet, and Randi soon realizes that she’s far from the apple of Keyon’s eye. Still, she’s up for the challenge of making Keyon her man. He’s fly and flashy, and that’s exactly what Randi loves about him. Aaron, on the other hand, feels that a guy like Keyon can only offer two things; money and pipe. She feels that her girl is an absolute fool for pursuing a man such as Keyon, but for the life of her she can’t understand how he manages to get her panties wet. Curiosity gets the best of her, and she finds herself tangled in Keyon’s alluring web of sex and scandal. Situations gets sticky and there’s only one thing perfectly clear: you just Can’t Trust these Bitches. And for anyone who enjoyed Hold It Down: Like Sister and Brother there’s an eight chapter sneak peek of another book titled: The Other Side of the Sheets: Tyra’s Story.

Heaven Sent

Tynessa - 2014
    But what happens when the one you want the most doesn’t want you? Zylen is well-known in the streets and someone Heaven has been trying to get into her bed for the longest. One thing wrong, Zylen has never liked a wild female or the type of woman that Heaven portrays to be. Heaven decides there’s more to life than partying and does a complete 360. Going away to college for two years Heaven returns and ready to start a new life. Loving the woman she’d become Zylen just had to have her. Not knowing their relationship would gain enemies after enemies. But the drama that comes alone with being Zylen’s girl might be a little too much for Heaven to bare.

The Circle: Dayvid

Ty Marshall - 2014
    After years of terrorizing the streets of Baltimore through murder, armed robbery and extortion and frustrating every law enforcement agency in and around the state of Maryland. Dayvid and his infamous band of siblings are on the verge of accomplishing what so many before them had failed to do…retire on their own terms, at the top of their game. But as with most things in the life, nothing goes as planned, when ATF raids their safe house following their final heist. After escaping the Solitary Housing Unit of a federal prison and a for certain death penalty. Dayvid is offered an unimpeded fresh start from an unlikely ally but spurns the opportunity when it is told to him that the woman he loves could not be included. Returning to Baltimore he discovers that his woman and his money have gone missing. In his search to recover them both David learns the old adage that No man can serve two masters, when he is forced to choose between love and money. Follow Dayvid’s journey to be reunited with his siblings in this fast paced, action packed, gangster love story.

Crack Money With Cocaine Dreams

Jahquel J. - 2014
    And so are the drug dealers that flood them. When your pockets are empty but your needs are full, you do the unthinkable. After her mother walks out on her at seven years old, Messiah Garibaldi was groomed to be a boss. Being the daughter to a mob boss and maid, she learned early to never mix business with pleasure. Messiah and her best friend, Jaylah, cook some of the best dope to man, which is how the ruthless drug lord, Tech, enters her world. Never being the one to be in love, Rasheed enters Messiah’s life and opens her to the possibility to love. Will Messiah mix business with pleasure? There’s only one thing in his way: Eli, Messiah’s companion. Eli is money hungry and broke. When giving the opportunity, Eli pulls off a stunt that might end his life. LB is a low-level nickel and dime drug dealer for Tech. Tech has been promising to put him on for years. Tired of being broke and watching Tech reaps the benefits of his labor, LB decides to step out and link up with Rasheed. Staten Island is small, everyone knows everyone…but do they really? When you have crack money but cocaine dreams, envy becomes your best friend.

The Teflon Queen PT 3

Silk White - 2014
    All Angela wants to do is disappear and live a quiet life. All is well until she bumps into an innocent eight year old child by the name of Ashley. Before witnessing her father's head get blown off right in front of her, he managed to slip Ashley a thumb drive that obtains some very important information. While running for her life she runs into a stranger better known to the world as The Teflon Queen. With some very important men after that thumb drive poor little Ashley is sure to see an early grave; that is until Angela steps in and decides that a innocent child being murdered on her watch is not happening. Join Angela as she and little Ashley take you on a ride that you won't forget. Silk White delivers the stunning trilogy to The Teflon Queen. A story that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and begging for more.

The Fix

K'wan - 2014
    After the arrest of her notorious father, she is whisked away from Harlem, the only place she has ever called home, to be raised in an affluent neighborhood in Long Island City. Her mother and stepfather shower her with the best that life has to offer. During her senior year in high school, she convinces her parents to let her transfer from Catholic school to attend public school. That is the start of her problems—but it’s hardly the end. In her new school, Persia is reunited with the friends she was forced to move away from, and starts to drift further and further from the life her mother and stepfather have built for her. To the sheltered Persia, the Harlem underworld is like one big adventure. Things promise to get even more interesting when she starts dating a dealer named Chucky. He introduces her to his world of sex, money, and drugs, dragging Persia along with him on a long and bitter ride into the bowels of addiction.

Stuck On Stupid 2: Is Love Enough?

Apryl Cox - 2014
    Ever since Jazzie left Dezmond, his life hasn’t been right. He’s developed a heavy drug addiction, he’s on the run from the police, and he’s also on Maine’s most-wanted list. Will the love and hope he has to win Jazzie’s heart back be enough to risk his life for? Jazzie is stuck in a dilemma. She’s madly in love with Maine and wants nothing more than to be his wife, but will her past heartbreak interfere with their future? Maine's little sis, Trinity, and Hollywood are hanging tight and they both feel that Jazzie should not be with him. Can they convince him to leave her? Tori and Truth are crazy in love, but with a jealous baby-momma like Shayla, who hates the ground Tori walks on for stealing her man, they may need a little more than just love to make it work. In the midst of it all, Tori’s past comes back to haunt her, bringing her rebellious side out. Truth loves Tori through and through, but he secretly battles with feelings that can keep him from tying the knot. Can he deal with Tori’s past life? Can they both take the pressure and keep it all together? It’s time to find out! Is Love Enough, or are they still, Stuck on Stupid?


Nicole Jackson - 2014
    Paris, Jay Rock, Bee, and Kiara have all had their fair share of both. These are four people that are vastly different but share something in common. They’ve swopped and dated the other’s spouses inadvertently. There’s the saying that three’s a crowd, so what to do when there’s four? Paris is the on the surface “good girl” while Kiara is the wild child. Kiara uses her sex appeal to gain attention, but Paris uses her head to gain a man’s loyalty. Men take interest in the two of them for different reasons. Still, somehow they seem to attract the exact same men. This is baffling to the girls and it transforms them both into enemies. Bee had Paris and left everyone wondering just how he did it. He wasn’t the most attractive or the biggest baller. Jay Rock had conquered most broads in the hood, including Kiara. Kiara now had her sights set on Bee and didn’t care who he was with. Jay Rock wanted so badly to deny that he had a thing for Paris that went beyond her being the only girl to turn him down. In the game of connections through money, love, and drugs chaos always seems to be the recipe. It’s all about who can play the game the best, and nobody wants to come in last place. It’s a race to the finish line, and everybody around wants to know who will be the last man standing. Will anyone leave the race unscathed? Or will the connection they all have be their downfall?

Money & Montana: A Love Story

Chrissy J - 2014
    He's trying to stay afloat and run his empire alongside his mentor, Grant, when he happens to stumble across Montana. Neither of them are looking for love, but once they cross paths they become inseparable. Montana King is living the life that every girl dreams of until her dad is arrested by the Feds. Forced to move out of Atlanta and relocate to New York City with her uncle, Montana has no choice, but to leave everything and everybody she once knew. Little does Money know, but Montana has a few secrets of her own that could cause a shift in Money’s life. Will Money and Montana’s love be able to survive all the secrets that surround them? Or, will it cause them both to meet an untimely fate?

In Love with A Dope Boy

Treasure Bee - 2014
    At a young age, Tyler was forced to grow up and become the man of his family. Always the protector and provider for his sister, Tyler turned to the streets early on in order to survive. Despite her beauty, Skyler is insecure and unsure of herself. With no one to turn to except her brother, she often feels lost in Tyler’s crazy lifestyle. Tori is Tyler’s ride or die, but like most young girls involved with a street nigga Tori is struggling to hold on to her sanity while trying to deal with all the b.s. and drama that comes with being Tyler’s leading lady, as well as dealing with her own demons. Friends will turn into enemies. Secrets will be revealed and love will be tested. Only the strong survive, so who will be left standing?

Every Thug Needs A Down Ass Bitch

Yo Loni - 2014
    After all, she was a hustler’s girlfriend. Riding side by side with her man while he ran the streets of Philly, she stayed down until those same streets sent him to the grave. This in turn, causes her to reevaluate her life and start anew. Months later, she finds herself in South Carolina with her family and has gotten a job as a correctional officer. After a few months of working at the state Prison, Camille meets someone from her home city of Philly and immediately they develop an astronomical bond. While adjusting to this new life of hers, Camille learns that the people closest to her may not be as they appear. Can she handle her new life of greed, betrayal, envy, secrets and power? Find out in Every Thug Needs A Down Ass Bitch.

A Boss Chic

Shantay - 2014
    From the moment he saw Jasmine he wanted nothing more than to be with her in every way that he could, but will it be that easy to win her love? A Boss Chic takes you on a journey with Jasmine you’ll see why she’s first place with her mouthpiece and even quicker on her toes. Will love conquer all or will this be another fail attempt at hood love? Will Jared still remain the same understanding, loving, and caring man that Jasmine first met?

Yolo: The Lovely Little Lunatic

Sa'id Salaam - 2014
    After being saved by a caring nurse she was given a new lease on life. Being born from death you would think there was nowhere for her life to go but up. However the sickly baby survived only to be placed into the dangerous New York state foster care system where she was passed along from one dysfunctional foster home to the next. Things quickly went from bad to worse when she was placed at the Brown's residence, which also happened to be the town's brothel. At the Brown's the impressionable young girl witnessed every scandalous sex act imaginable along with brutal acts of violence as her foster parents waited for her to become of a ripe age to be sold. As fate would have it Yolo was saved from a life of prostitution when her foster mother died an untimely death. Upon the woman's death Yolo was then placed in the care of an aging gentleman who just happened to be a hitman for the notorious Black Mob. The elderly man took the young girl under his wing and starts grooming her to one day be his replacement. All young girls develop crushes and Yolo was no different with the exception that her crush wasn't a rapper or an actor. Instead Yolo had fallen for a methodical killer by the name of Killa and vowed to claim him as her own. Knowing that one day their paths would cross and they would meet she embarks on a murderous journey to impress him. The two indeed meet and when they do all hell breaks loose. Yolo takes you on a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish and it's ending will leave you speechless. So buckle up and prepare to take the ride of a lifetime with Yolo, the LOVELY LITTLE LUNATIC.

Bitchery 2 (Vindictive)

Karmel Divine - 2014
    Maybe this is it; this might be my last night on earth. I close my eyes and once I reopen them, I find myself looking into my tub as water surrounds my whole head. I can’t breathe; water is in my nose, mouth, ears, and eyes. I struggle, trying to get away from Siles’ grip; but he’s holding me down by my head into a tub full of water. He’s drowning me and I can’t fight back. I move my arms and legs, kicking like a rag doll. He lifts me out by pulling on my red hair. As I am eye to eye with him again, taking a deep breath, water runs down my face and I spit out water as it rolls down my chin. “I told you, you gon’ respect me Blu.” “I am …” Before I can say sorry, he’s stuffing my head back into the tub full of water again. I didn’t get a chance to take another deep breath before entering. The longer he holds me under, the more I lose the strength to fight. It feels like forever before then he pulls me back out of the tub again. “You what bitch?”

A Woman's Worth

Jahquel J. - 2014
     Tiffany leaves her abusive baby father, Reshawn, to start a new life in Miami with their daughter. She soon finds out the drama she left in New York doesn't compare to what she’s about to meet in Miami. While trying to juggle a career, motherhood and her dating life, will Tiffany let this break or make her? Mezzie thinks she has it all just being a side chick: money, house, and her meal ticket for the next eighteen years – her son. She soon realizes that being second doesn't compare to being number one; especially when it starts to cost her. Tyrisha loves her man, Tone, but soon realizes Tone isn't faithful to her. She meets Moses and falls head over heels with him. But Tone won’t take Tyrisha leaving easily – especially since Moses is his business connect. These three woman are all searching for their worth, but while searching they all end up into a web of deceit, drama, and betrayal. Will they ever get what they deserve?

South Beach Cartel - Part 1

Nisa Santiago - 2014
    She's making savage rounds through Miami until she can bring her own brand of hood justice to the cartel who messed with hers.After a reunion that seemed like a dream come true, Citi and her mother Ashanti clash heads in a power struggle. Ashanti plays her position as the head chick in charge, and Citi is ostracized from the family. With no money, she's once again forced to make her way back to the throne.Apple is growing restless in Colombia with Kola and Eduardo. She's tired of the controlling situation and wants to resume making money. Plus, she can't let go of the idea of finding her daughter Peaches. The search takes her to Miami, where she runs into her old friend from New York, Cartier.When Apple, Cartier, and Citi meet up, there's an instant realization that the three can take down their opponents and rule the MIA, inflict pain and taking their spots as the Queen B's of Miami.

Main Bitch Dreams, Side Bitch Status

Leondra LeRae - 2014
    That's how the saying goes but will that saying hold true for Quan and Bianca? He's everything she's ever wanted in a man. He has the looks, the drive, ambition, street credibility, and to top it off he treats her like the queen she is. There is only one problem; like most men he has a wandering eye. She is his all. She possesses everything a man could want in a woman. Beauty, brains, a banging body and street sense. But is all of that enough to keep Quan's attention? They say love conquers all but after a night out with the fellas, Quan's attention is captured by another. Mistakes are made and what Quan does in the dark comes to the light for Bianca. Will one wrong move cost Quan his future? Will one weak moment result in a lifetime of heartache for the couple who appear to have it all? Step into the lives of these two lovers and see if love will overcome all.

Bitchery 3: Secrets

Karmel Divine - 2014
    I can hear Zoe on the other side yelling and crying out loud. My screaming must have caught a few people’s attention as those two Spanish girls come running up behind me, watching. I fall down onto the floor; I’m tired, but I don’t care. I continue kicking on the door while screaming. My tears land to the floor beneath me. I peek over my shoulder and see Siles leaning against a wall, watching me from a distance with a smirk on his face. He has his arms folded across his chest as he smiles, satisfied with what is going on. I knew right at that moment that he did this. He wanted Rim to take Zoe away from me and take advantage of her. He needed that upper hand again. “Siles please, please stop Rim from hurting Zoe,” I cry out at him. He just stands there; looking at me oddly as my crying words goes unnoticed to him. Zoe’s cries can be heard through the closed door. I sit on my knees in front of the door. My hands are raw from me hitting the door so much. Siles moves towards me slowly and I ball up my hand into a fist again and raise it in mid-air. I look at him, ready to do what I have to do. He kneels down and whispers with a tight lip and a scowl on his face, “Hit my baby one more damn time bitch, and not only will I kill Zoe, I will cut my baby out of your fucking stomach and let you bleed to death.” He grins, satisfied with the shocked expression that is on my face. He stands back up and walks away, leaving me to watch his back as he disappears into the living room. I cry right along with Zoe until I can’t cry anymore.

Real Riders Never Die

A'zayler - 2014
    No matter how hard she tries it seems she’s unworthy of the affection of others. That is until she meets the beautiful Assassin Demoto Youngblood. He’s perfect in her eyes. From the moment he entered her life, nothing’s been the same. Although she doesn’t agree with his profession, she could never imagine escaping the irreplaceable love he gives. Demoto Youngblood is a ruthless killer with a past filled with vengeance, betrayal and murder. These things compiled together are enough to make anyone heartless. The moment he laid eyes on Taryn, all of that goes out of the window. In a world full of lies and dishonesty she’s the one thing that’s remained true. It would be a beautiful thing for Taryn to have finally found her happy ending, but how long will it last? The moment she’s found her safe place everything comes crashing down.

Secrets The Secret Never Told You;Law of Attraction for Instant Manifestation Miracles: 5 Secrets Never Told on How to Use the Law of Attraction (Law of ... Instant Manifestation Miracles Book Book 2)

Linda West - 2014
    Direct your amazing mind power. Set your manifestation goals effectively. Attract the right people. And become more successful.You are already good at manifesting because your thoughts automatically attract what happens to you. So, the big issue with manifestation is the QUALITY of what you attract, and how you can achieve it.ANYONE CAN MANIFEST AND ATTRACT LOVE, SUCCESS and MORE OVER 20 POWERFUL TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES INCLUDING: What you need to know about vibrations and frequencies that may have been holding you back How to manifest in 5 easy step that won't fail! How to attract what you want within 24 hours or less How to manifest the career you love, simply by loving it How to draw you soulmate to you and keep them loving you How to become the most powerful and happy person you can be The trademarked process of THE TRIANGLE CHECK to eliminate blocks to your success. An inspirational technique that pulls your dream in from the astral realms today Why frequencies are the answer to all your problems and how to deal with them. How to stay in a high frequency and automatically attract what you want without affirmations or visualizations. Why vision boards only HALF work. Powerful step by step client studies working with the law of attraction to help you understand. The most simple book on mastering the law of attraction and making it work for you all the time. LOOK INSIDE!Download this book today and be on your way to having your dream tomorrow!Tags: Inspiration, law of attraction, frequency, manifest, soulmate, attract loveHave you struggled with making the Law of Attraction work for you? You can do it! I will show you how! Hundreds of clients have successfully used this method to produce the results they desire. Most likely you're reading this because there's something you really really want and you're wondering if you can use this book to get it. The answer is YES. After years of helping clients and attendees at my lectures learn to manifest their dreams, I developed a simple 5 step process to help you manifest right away. The secrets the Secret never told you. If I can do it, and they can do it, you can do it! Sometimes the process is just about getting out of the way. In any case can't wait to hear all your happy stories afterwards please do come back and share:)If you don't understand the science behind manifesting then you are leaving your life up for chance! Direct your destiny with frequency atttunment.Tags: Law of Attraction, Manifest Miracle, Attract Love How is this book different? I take you through step by step client stories from desiring something to manifesting it into their lives. You can easily see through their stories where you may be going awry in your own personal efforts.

Your Husband, My Man 2

K.C. Blaze - 2014
    Tori is now fighting for a marriage he no longer thought he wanted while Lauren uncovers some deep secrets about her past. Marriage is a delicate thing and now that all secrets are bared will any of them get through it? Follow part two of this compelling story. It will have you thirsty for more!

CD5: To Live and Die in LA (Coke Dreams)

Arabia - 2014
    Even all the way in California, no one’s safe. In the 5th installment of the Coke Dreams series, all your favorite couples are back and once again they are racing the clock to fight for love in this ever gripping tale where nothing is what it appears to be. Lines are crossed and battle lines are drawn. Who will come out on top and who will pay the ultimate price with their life?

Your Husband, My Man 3 (YOUR HUSBAND MY MAN)

K.C. Blaze - 2014
    Lauren isn't done with married men and will go all out in one extreme attempt to save face. Though her one real love may be standing in her face the entire time. Will The Carter's find closure and finally have the complete family they always wanted? Will Lauren realize a man of her own is just a stones throw away?


K.C. Blaze - 2014
    Her definition of the perfect man is the one with long pockets and a wife. She only dates married men with limited time and lots to lose. Her latest sugar daddy, Arnold Blake happily funds her business ventures until she finds herself sucked into a truly forbidden love triangle with Tori, her best friend's husband. Tori is the only man she dates for fun. He's gorgeous, well-hung and more romantic than anyone else she's been with. She convinces herself that she is saving Tori from the neglect he's receiving from her best friend. Lauren's choices will lead her down an almost deadly path too difficult to recover from.

Bitchery 4: Secrets We've Kept

Karmel Divine - 2014
    As she’s bending it his eyes pop open and I move towards the bed, watching as he struggles to take a breath. Zoe smiles while tears roll down her face. I look on watching him fight for his life. He reaches out, trying to grab for Zoe and I grab a pillow from off the couch behind me and place it over his face. I press down hard. Zoe releases the tube and begins pressing down on the pillow with me too. We both press with all our might.


Nicole Jackson - 2014
    Little girls want to do big girl things much too early in life. A girl becomes a mother, before she ever discovers what being a woman is all about. This is LaShay’s circumstances. She’s the product of a child having a child, and is forced to find her own way through life. Josh is Shay’s cute next door neighbor, and although his dilemmas aren’t as grim as Shay’s, he deals with his own struggles. Together the two deicide that fighting against the odds with one another increased their chances of survival. But in life nothing goes as planned. Recognizing the potential Shay possesses, a local ghetto super star sets his sights on Shay. Shyne is handsome, fly, and holding. He’s every little ghetto girl’s wet dream, but he wants one girl. Josh’s Shay. Knowing that Josh is young and dumb, Shyne knows that it’s just a matter of time before Shay is his. And if time isn’t on his side, he’s willing to create the perfect circumstances for Shay to see things his way.

The Game Never Changes

Nicole Jackson - 2014
    Sincere hails from New York, and wants to get his feet wet in Houston’s drug trade. Jahrein is the man to see, and when the two link up there’s no holds barred. Getting money should be the motive, but all bets are off when Sincere brings his cousin and brother Chad and Shareef to Houston. Immediately, the two are sidetracked when they’re introduced to true southern hospitality in the form of two beautiful women. Shareef is instantly smitten by this chick’s poise and beauty. There’s just one problem. Raven is indisputably taken. Still, Shareef is confident that he can get her, and any other woman. But the one thing he doesn’t count on is the hustlers being just as vicious as the ones he’d left back in the Big Apple. Being hard headed Shareef will have to learn that no matter the place…The Game Never Changes. And stay tuned until the end for a 4 chapter sneak peek of She Got It 2: Gotta Get It

Silence of The Nine 2: Let There Be Blood

T. Styles - 2014
    The trouble is in reality she's married to her cousin, has a nephew for a son and is hosting Noel and Samantha's wedding, who happen to be brother and sister. Only a year since she's been free, she quickly learns that the incestuous rituals bestowed upon the family by the patriarch Kerrick Prophet were the least of their troubles. Jealousy, lies, curses and even revenge run rampant as Nine struggles with reality while still clinging to the tales of the Roman stories she was accustomed to during her darkest days. Still, she holds onto the hope that their family will endure but she forgot about one loose end- her bitter cousin Alice. Silence of the Nine 2 holds no punches. It delves deep into a taboo world that may offend some but entertain all. Be warned.


T. Styles - 2014
    Things appear to look up for Roman when Billy Bob Adams, a career criminal, finds him and whisks him to Baltimore, Maryland. With modern day slavery as his motive, Billy Bob teaches Roman every villainous trick he knows...including murder. From the moment Yoko was born she was unwanted. Born with a visible handicap people judged her upon first sight. Before long they turn the sweet child into a bitter young adult who does anything she can for attention. Even if it means taking responsibility for crimes she didn't commit. When Roman and Yoko meet they become an escape for one another. Since an idle mind is the devil's workshop they put their skills together and become living nightmares for unsuspecting drug dealers. Many years later, Roman vows to trade his turbulent childhood and crimes for a family of his own. Which means leaving Yoko and her volatile love of blood behind. When Roman must rely on his murder game to provide for his family, he excels and becomes the primary assassin for a multi-million dollar drug operation. But what happens when Yoko returns with a request that Roman doesn't want to honor? Explosive drama. Goon is an action packed thriller with unpredictable twists and excitement! Enjoy!

Wife of A Legend (Wife of a Legend Book 1)

Choe Je'Nore - 2014
    He has women falling at his feet daily, but he takes none of them seriously until he meets a young woman by the name Treasure, but there’s only one problem Treasure is a witness to a homicide he committed. He knows he should kill her and get it over with but there’s something about her that makes it hard for him to go through with it… Julianny’s mother Pam never thinks any woman is good enough for her son, especially not Treasure but when the two quickly fall in love all hell breaks loose ands lines are crossed… permanently.

Can I Taste It 2: Can I Taste It Again

David Weaver - 2014
    Read for yourself and decided if you're #TeamNolan or nah.

Bitchery 5: Daddy's Love

Karmel Divine - 2014
    The finale will have you on the edge of your seat as you find out how true daddy's love really is. Will Moonie, her new baby and Zoe escape the horror of Siles' grip once and for all or will everything crumble? Will Moonie ever find her brother Zain? What about Suki what’s going on with her? Let’s not forget that Moonie's daddy has arrived what secrets does he has hidden away? Find out more about daddy and see what he has to say about the horrible life his daughter Moonie had to live through. Remember before reading Bitchery 5 you most have read: Bitchery 1 Bitchery 2 Grimey Bitch Bitchery 3 Bitchery 4 Tha’ Gangsta’s Wife To have a complete understanding of these characters.

For the love of ATL

Desiree M. Granger - 2014
    All combining to make one full series. When you take the Urban life of Atlanta, and combine it with the drama filled life of students on HBCU (Historically black colleges, and Universities," anything can happen. Black Greek probates, parties, love, heartbreak, cheating, and men on the down low. All goes down in this 4 part series. No other words to describe this book. Better than Reality TV.

Scarlett 3

Tiece - 2014
    Luke loves her with all his heart, but the only thing standing in the way of their happiness is the fact that he could be April’s baby daddy. Scarlett feels hurt and finds herself drawn in an unlikely relationship with Troy as he sets out to win her heart. However, unbeknownst to him, she’s not exactly keeping things completely honest. Nina wants nothing more than to get back with her kid’s father, Stephen. However, Stephen has moved on with an old friend of Nina’s and this union threatens any type of chance that she and Stephen have at being together. Rick continues to lurk in the shadows, definitely making it hard for Nina to ever find happiness with anyone other than himself. Sheila struggles with loving Jay as Jay struggles with losing Scarlett. To add to the confusion, Jay refuses to come to terms with the possibility of being April’s other baby daddy to her unborn child. Sheila is still on a road to redemption, but finds herself questioning Scarlett’s loyalty to her as veiled secrets are slowly being revealed. Will she find out the truth about Scarlett and her father messing around or will the tables turn and reveal some nasty details about herself? There are always two sides to every story. However, in this series, there are numerous sides to a story that only one can imagine… SCARLETT3

Ain't No Wifey

Jahquel J. - 2014
    To wives, she’s a home-wrecking, gold-digging whore. But to their husbands she’s the best they ever had. To her family, she’s simply Minka: a girl whose mother swept her under the rug so no one will ever know about her or her absentee father. Minka lives the life most want: nice car, house and endless amounts of money. But is she happy? As always, when one door closes another one opens. Just when Minka gave up on love, she meets a Micah. Micah shows Minka that a man should value his woman and she was made to be a wife. While falling head over heels with Micah, will everything come crashing down when Micah finds out about her past? Or will Micah also have a couple of skeletons in the closet as well? Follow Minka down a road of finding herself. Will she ever find out who her father is or has he been closer to her all along? Will Minka finally find her role as a Wife or will she remain Ain’t no Wifey?


Cole Hart - 2014
    For Mark, this truth has become his worst nightmare. After finding out that his wife, Olivia, is cheating on him he pulls the unthinkable and leaves everyone in pure shock. During this showdown between husband and wife, Olivia quickly finds out that all is not fair in Love and War. Regardless of the circumstances, one should not think that they’ve won the battle until the fight is completely over. What has been done in the dark has certainly come to light. Entangled lies, heated sex, undeniable betrayal, and unforgiving deception have its hold on just about every character in this book. In the end, will there finally be some kind of peace found among the crew or will the death of an unexpected loved one keep this rivalry going? Find out why everyone is so Drunk In Love with this Super Intriguing read.

Your Pastor, My Husband

B.M. Hardin - 2014
    Despite rough beginnings, she could finally say that above all else...she was happy. Her life changed for the better when she married the respected, adored and handsome Pastor Shelton Cartwright. To her, her husband was nothing less than least that was what she'd thought. But soon Maxine is reminded that even Pastors have a Past. Maxine's life spirals out of control and little by little she discovers that her Pastor of a husband isn't who he appears to be. Soon she discovers that she doesn't have a clue as to who she's really married to. Was he really a Saint...or was he still a Sinner? That's the one question that Maxine was dying to know the answer to. But there was more than one missing piece to this puzzle. And when the answers start showing up at Maxine's front door, all hell breaks loose, and things for the Cartwright's will never be the same. Whats a woman to do when she learns that the one man that she thought was "praying" for her...had all along been "preying" on her? A full, complete story of lies, deceit...and everything else in between! **Also order authors newest book "Read the Warning Label First***

If Your Girl Only Knew

Kenya Moss - 2014
    It was only natural that she pursue a career that allows her to analyze other people's business and get paid for it. The tables turn when she must decide between her job or loyalty when information told to her by one of her patients causes a life or death situation for one of her best friends. Natalie - Natalie and Lewis have been happily married for several years. Aside from his baby mama drama, their life together has been good. That is until Monica decides she wants Lewis for herself. Monica shows herself a viable threat by sabotaging, manipulating, and seducing Lewis. She is determined to get this man. May the best bitch win! Lyn - Three months away from her wedding date all hell breaks loose. The man she thought was her knight in shining armor is showing signs of major deceit. Derrick is staying out all night and behaving suspiciously. Lyn sets out to find out what he's up to. What she finds out turns her world upside down! These three friends cope through lies, betrayal, and continuous DRAMA. Get ready for a sleepless night. The drama is so intense in this page turner that you won't be able to put it down!

Chi-Town Hood Affairs

Nicole Black - 2014
     Cola has that special something that makes all men want to have her. Her unstable ex-boyfriend, Zell took betrayal to another level with the things he did behind her back. After a tragic event caused Cola to lose her unborn child, she starts to fall out of love with Zell and in love with a man named Baker. Baker is the man in the streets and he knows how to treat his woman. He has no secrets and he tells no lies. Baker is a protector, provider and everything else a woman can dream of. Life is good for Cola until she gets the shock of her life when Baker’s cousin comes into the picture. Will Baker’s cousin keep Cola’s scandalous secret from her past? Or will the cat be let out of the bag? After being silent for years, Zell reappears and tries to wreak havoc on one of the people that means the world to Cola, but Zell makes the fatal mistake of not seeing things through himself. Will relationships and friendships end when things that were once done in the dark come out in the light? Come take a wild ride with Cola, Baker, and their crew as they plot revenge against the man who has caused turmoil in their lives.

Diary of a Triflin' Bitch 2

Platinum - 2014
    How will she overcome the depressing thoughts of knowing she will die? Diamond finally got rid of Jay and has moved on in life. She has found love but will it cost her more then she bargain for? Tip is still missing in action. Who is the father of her baby? Is she alive? Diamond, Tracy, Tip, and Brandy are back in this page turner with more drama than ever! The turn of events get wild and crazy and they all have to get over the obstacles of life. Who will come out on top?

Retribution: Deep Throat Diva 2

Cairo - 2014
    To uncover the names of her attackers who played a brutal role in her abduction and vicious assault over a year ago, then lure them—one by one, to their demise. As fate would have it, there’s someone else who has also been scheming for information about the events leading up to her kidnapping. And in one night, Pasha’s life is suddenly turned upside, refueling her desire for revenge. As a result, unsuspected alliances are formed, new friendships are forged, and Pasha finds herself entangled with someone who may be as ruthless as she is fabulous. Suddenly, as lies unfold and truths are told, Pasha’s thirst for payback takes on a dramatic new twist, causing her to weave a dangerous web of seduction—using her greatest assets: her mesmerizing beauty and sexual prowess—to get what she wants, by whatever means necessary. But before she can take down the cold-blooded man she once loved and his goons, she must first confront the one person who deceived and hurt her the most. And those around her will soon learn that betrayal can cost you everything, including your life.

Emotional Rollercoaster: A Long Island Love Story

Ionaa - 2014
    After years of mental abuse and blatant disrespect she learns that moving on might just be in her best interest. Luckily for her, she meets a handsome man named, Honest. He's someone that's simple, yet so different. This within itself attracts her to him even more. However, there is a problem. By quickly moving on with him, Yonnie learns that overcoming her love for Si will be no easy task. With her best friend Kay riding shotgun through all of the drama and chaos with her, Yonnie quickly learns that her life is being tested. Make sure that you're seated and restrained, because Emotional Rollercoaster is going to take you on a fast paced, uphill ride with vertical loops and winding turns that are sure to leave you on the edge of your seat and wanting more.

I Will Always Love You

Goddess Love - 2014
    When Wise is locked up and sentenced to fifteen years, he tells Emery to go on with her life if it’s meant to be they would get back together. Now years later Emery is happy with a career and family of her own, when Wise is released earlier than expected he sets off to do what he said he was going to do, find Emery. Emery’s heart belongs to Wise but it also belongs to her husband. Now she is forced with the hard decision to choose between the man who was there with her from the start through everything and the man who picked her up when she didn’t have anything or anybody. Who will Emery choose? Filled with sex, betrayal and drama


Ambria Davis - 2014
    She had to fend for herself at a young age; life was hard from the get-go, and she must figure out a way to get herself out of the poverty stricken environment. Unlike other girls her age, young Mimi wants more out of life; she wants a way out of the ghetto. Fate intervenes on her behalf when she meets one of New Orleans’ biggest dope boys. She instantly falls in love with this mysterious stranger; everything in her life changes for the better and her future seems brighter. She will soon learn however, that being a hustler’s wife comes with serious consequences. Years later, Mimi decides to move to Atlanta, where she has it all; a beautiful family, fast cars, the finest clothes and everything that she’s ever dreamt about. How can a woman that has so much going for herself be so unhappy? With a man that’s constantly cheating and her past rapidly catching up to her, she must figure out a way to get all these secrets out in the open—without taking a loss. Take a ride on this roller coaster with Amina Washington and uncover the SECRETS OF A KEPT BITCH.

Black Lotus

K'wan - 2014
    He’s a hard cop who doesn’t mind bending the rules to the point of breaking them to make a case, which is why Internal Affairs is digging in his backyard, looking for buried bones. People are starting to wonder: Which side of the law is the Lone Wolf really hunting for? His career hanging on by a thread, he needs a major show of good faith to keep employed and out of prison. That’s when he gets the call.From the moment he arrives at the crime scene, Detective Wolf knows that he’s in over his head. He’s a narcotics detective, called in to consult on a homicide, but this is no ordinary homicide—a priest was butchered and left for dead inside his own church, with the promise of more bodies to follow. The only lead is the killer’s calling card: a black lotus flower left at the crime scene. Detective Wolf now has the opportunity to quietly track and stop the Black Lotus before the next victim is claimed, in exchange for wiping his service record clean.Accepting this case started as Detective Wolf’s attempt to get Internal Affairs off his back. But when his hunt for the Black Lotus leads him to a cold case from his past, it becomes personal.Infamous Books, curated by Albert “Prodigy” Johnson of the legendary hip-hop group Mobb Deep, is a revolutionary partnership that pairs the Infamous Records brand with Brooklyn-based independent publisher Akashic Books. Infamous Books’ mission is to connect readers worldwide to crime fiction and street lit authors both familiar and new.

Kissin' On My Tattoos

Niyah Moore - 2014
    That’s exactly what Charity and Daquan are trying to do in this drama-filled love story. Charity Manfredi is one of the hottest female tattoo artists in the city. She’s loving all the perks of having celebrity clientele to being featured in the hottest magazines. Being married to the owner of King’s Studio starts to have its problems as she struggles with being a wife and a career woman. That is until Daquan Davis starts working at King’s Studio. Daquan Davis is an up and coming tattoo artist in Brooklyn, trying to make his mark in the industry by opening up his own shop one day. While dealing with his nagging baby mama, it keeps him on edge, but when she goes too far, he has to call it quits. Besides, he has his eye on the boss’s tatted up wife. When an opportunity is presented to Charity and Daquan, nothing will stay the same. Cory Manfredi is Charity’s husband. Born to one of the wealthiest families in Staten Island, his ego is out of check. All he wants is a wife who stays at home, cooks, and can give him some babies. What happens when he starts spreading the love to someone other than his wife? Will love, lust, and scandal push Charity into Daquan’s arms?

Street Bitches Don't Need Love

Alicia Howard - 2014
    She has everything a street bitch would want the cars, money, clothing, looks, and to top it off the best plug to the dope game in the world, yet all she really wants is the love her father use to give. Have you ever been in love? No! Hurricane hasn’t either up until her father’s dead. Until she thought she meet the man of her dream. She married him, they work together side by side in the street. Yeah he did normal nigga shit, lie, and cheat, but that’s what men do. Hurricane father schooled her on that when she was younger. He would say if you leave nigga because he cheats you will never have a man. He told her street don’t need love, they need money that was her daddy motto. Hurricane catered to her husband, head every morning, breakfast in bed, clothing laid out, bath water ran daily! So tell me this why would he try to kill her??? You can’t believe it? Me either gone read the book you haven’t heard the half of it.

The Illest Chick

Cassie - 2014
    Nakhai loves Quinn as if she was his little sister, and wants nothing but the best for her. When Quinn makes the decision that she wants to help Nakhai run the “business” while DJ is locked up, he is reluctant, butagainst his better judgment, he brings her in and teaches her everything. Khai has just stepped up from the world of marijuana and into the world of cocaine and has linked up with the only other team that can make as much money if not more than he can. When Khai links up with Stylez and Mar, the streets of Buffalo don’t know what hit them. After running into Quinn in the mall, Stylez wants nothing more to make her his, but can he handle the fact that she’s the other half of the duo that’s serving him his product? Will Quinn ever tell Stylez that she is his supplier, or will she remain a silent partner until her brother comes home and bow out gracefully without ever saying anything to him?

Every Girl Needs a Thug

Shantay - 2014
    Shanice is just a young vibrate teenage girl that is trying to focus on graduating college and making something out of herself. When she meets Money, a young rapper that captures her heart and changes the course that she is directed in, instead of only doing her she does him, but will loving him get her burned in the end? JaeCia is going through the motions being that her dad is locked up and her mother doesn’t care about her. She finds solace from her crazy world in TJ, someone who has always been there for her but will she allow her heart to open and be loved? Amora is living her days in hell, hiding secrets left and right but trying to keep a cool exterior. She just wants to be loved and focus on school but when she meets Bangga she finds herself doing things she would have never done and telling him things she never would tell even her two bffs. Will Bangga he be her diary? Or will their pages be burned?Authors Shantay, Yanni and Lola Bandz weave together a story of young love, heartbreak, truth and lies and will have you asking yourself is it worth it to really love a thug in this 1 part of a 2 book explosive love series. Come find out why Every Girl Needs a Thug.

V.S.O.P.: A Very Special Love Story

Danielle Marcus - 2014
    After being forced into teenage parenthood by a brutal rape at the age of 17, she turns to alcohol to numb the pain. Due to her addiction, her life seemed to have completely passed her by, including being a mother to her daughter. But after a health scare, she is forced to face her reality through a sober mind. Davon “Diesel” Jones was the player that had all the women falling to his feet. He’s a hood legend with stylishly good looks, lots of money, and an even bigger ego. But, when his playboy ways catches up to him, it ends in the tragic death of his fiancé and their unborn child. Over 9 years later, he’s still suffering the repercussions. Both Renee and Diesel had pretty much given up on having a normal life, and love even. But after fate brings them together, and submerge them into an explosive love affair there’s no turning back from there. So take a journey with this modern day Bonnie and Clyde. The depths of their relationship is electrifying!

Single Ladies 7 & 8: " That's What Friends Are For"

Blake Karrington - 2014
    Tammy, Falisha, Kim and Lisa are all back and with new issues as old relationships threaten each lady’s happiness. Tammy finds herself deeply in love with her new man Darious, but when a secret is revealed, will it destroy her now seemingly perfect world? Lisa and Ralphy, still hospitalize, are forced to evaluate what they mean to each other. Will this near death experience convince them that love can conquer all? Lamar finally got up the nerve to pop the big question to Kim, but is Falisha all the way out of his heart? Speaking of Falisha, will the news of Lamar and Kim run her back into Fox's arms?

Can't Trust Her

Kyoshi - 2014
    On an unexpected night she meets Zacari Roberts and there is an instant love connection between the two. The whirlwind romance between the two is almost perfect, but everybody isn't happy about their newfound love. Find out what happens when the people you trust and love the most turn on you because of their own selfish reasons. Will Skye continue to be blind or will she find out that she really "Can't Trust Her?"

Rude Boy

Autumn Crum - 2014
    Jamaican born brothers, Kenji, Clive, Knox, and Lennox Grimes are relentless in their pursuit of the almighty dollar. The leader of the crew, Kenji Grimes is a natural born charmer. He is sure he can use his charm and good looks to gain him anything his heart desires, but when approached with the job of a life time, Kenji isn’t so sure he can pull it off. This one last bank heist could guarantee his retirement from the world of bank robbing forever. There is only one obstacle that stands in Kenji’s way. Her name is Ava Buchanan, wealthy billionairess and sole heir to World Bank, a banking dynasty. Ava’s perfect world spins out of control when she meets Kenji Grimes. Ava’s falls hard for the handsome stranger but is unaware of the danger lurking behind his bad boy persona. She will soon find out that this rude boy rebel not only hides a painful past but also a deadly secret. One so deadly it may very well cost the heiress her life.


Deja King - 2014
    Drake, a man who believes he has the game all figured out, has to learn the hard way, that no matter how much money you're making, the takers can get taken. Cindy, an ambitious hustler, pushes her way through the ranks, wanting nothing less than to control the lucrative drug trade in Philly. But will her thirst to be the ultimate boss cost Cindy her life? Prepare yourself for this gripping street tale, in the gut wrenching story of Drake.

Love Games

Tyrecka Liggons - 2014
    Since the death of their parents, the girls have struggled with the numerous curve balls thrown at them by this thing we call life. On a path full of lies, secrets, and betrayals the sister search for the love that died along with their parents. Colie Santee, is battling with past demons and lost all hope for ever being again. Unexpectedly she meets the man of her dreams. Falling madly in love and filling an empty void is all she ever wanted. Can Colie maintain her happiness when her skeletons start to surface? Madison and Ohana Santee, are identical twin with night and day personalities. Maddie, the firecracker with a take no shit attitude, while her twin Ohana is the quite book worm. The difference in personality doesn’t seem to affect their commonality of attracting no good men. Follow them as the experience love and heartache. Layla Santee, is the youngest of the Santee sisters and unknowingly to her sisters Layla is keeping a dark painful secret that could cost her, her life. Young naïve and dying to be loved. Layla'a problem is that she’s looking for love and all the wrong places. Willing to do whatever to win a man’s heart even if it causes her more pain than anything else. The Santee sisters believe that burying their past demons is the way to happiness. They will learn that there can be no such thing as secrets when it comes to matters of the heart… Let the Love Games begin.

Power Part 2

Deja King - 2014
    Alex is determined to seek revenge for the death of his fiance but can a new love heal the pain from losing his first love? Deion continues on his path of destruction but will the streets finally deal him a hand he can't win? As both men struggle with personal and business difficulties their once unbreakable bond seems to be on the verge of complete devastation. More lives are lost and secrets are revealed that will give only one man all the power.

Champagne For The Pain

Tonii - 2014
    Her insecurities play a major role in the poor decisions she continually make. Her first love, Savion Santiago, breaks her heart. In return, she leaves him only to find herself jumping from one bad relationship to another. After being physically abused and taunted, suicidal thoughts began to plague her mind. As Tara loses hope, a handsome new man enters her life seemingly accepting her flaws and all. However, Savion still lurks in the shadows, regretting the day he ever hurt her. Will he fight to get her back or has Tara found true happiness with her new beau? When a woman scorned is deeply distressed, drinking Champagne for the Pain becomes the key to solving all of her problems OR it will either lead her down a very destructive path of no return.