Money & Montana 2

Chrissy J - 2015
    Despite all the drama, their relationship conquered all. Just when things seem calm, Victoria drops a bomb on Money that once again threatens to end their relationship. Will Money mess up everything they worked so hard to hold on to? Montana unable to deal with everything that's going on starts letting Bonnie step in more and more. Will she do more harm then help? Or will a blast from the past finally push Montana completely over the edge and allow Bonnie to take over completely?

Love From a One Night Stand

Trinity - 2015
    Until one night she meets Ghost a bad boy rapper with a play boy image. A one night stand with him changes her life forever. Kevin (Ghost) Jackson is a bad boy rapper who loves the party lifestyle and dealing with different women. He never thought he would settle down, until he gets Angel pregnant and is forced to slow down. Everyone disapproves of his relationship with Angel including his mother who makes him choose. Embark on the journey with Angel and Ghost as all the odds are against them to find true love. Will they become a family? Or will they allow people to get in the way of their true happiness?

Blood of a Boss: The Moreno Family

Askari - 2014
    Now, at the age of 23, his sole ambition is to lock down the streets of Philly and reclaim the power and glory his estranged father once possessed. Unfortunately, the only thing standing in his way is the grandfather he never knew existed. As Sonny begins his bloody rise to prominence, the concept of family falls by the wayside and murder reigns supreme. Love turns to hate and some who claim to be loyal commit indelible acts of treason. Will Sonny's bloodline be the cause of his success or the root of his downfall? Either way, the streets of Philly will never be the same.

Side Wife

Chevone - 2014
    Tired of fighting for her marriage and dealing with a husband who wasn't ready to be committed– will Chantel leave Dedrick and his cheating ways, or will she continue to be a side wife?

The Black Corleones 2: Love Ain't Loyal

Bella Jones - 2014
    His only goal was to come out of the shadows of his family and provide his crew with a way to be millionaires. But what Samir didn't know, was that becoming the top dog wasn't going to be an easy task. He needed to prove himself at every level. With all that was going on around him and his Black Corleone crew, the biggest threat to his empire was right in his back yard. How will Samir handle himself? How will the Corleones change the face of the drug game in Chicago? And how do they catch the snake in the grass if they don't even realize it's there? Find out how fast The Black Corleones go from boys to men and learn their biggest lesson of all, the fact that Love AINT Loyal! The Black Corleones 2 Love Ain’t Loyal; the highly anticipated sequel to the #1 Bestseller!

A Gangsta's Son

Rio - 2013
    “You know I just worked a twelve-hour shift. Gotta get me right before I go to sleep.” He smiled his ugly smile and opened the screen door. “I’ll take you shoppin’ when I wake up; spend a couple bands on you.”He put his key in the lock and turned it… But the door was snatched open before Mone’s hand could even reach the doorknob.Lacresha’s eyes opened wide with fear as she witnessed a tall masked man step from behind the door and raise a gun to Mone’s face.“Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?” The masked man stated coldly.

Breaking Down Breaking Bad: Unpeeling the Layers of Television's Greatest Drama

Eric San Juan - 2013
    The idea that his foray into meth production was not merely a dalliance with darkness, but was actually a full-blown awakening intrigued us. And most of all, the idea that we came to have no respect for the protagonist of our favorite show utterly fascinated us.We couldn’t look away.Breaking Down Breaking Bad attempts to poke into the dark corners of Walter White’s mind, explore the traits that make this show special, and revels in the joy of what is arguably the best drama ever to appear on television. In doing so, it also peels back the layers of what makes characters like Jesse Pinkman tick, explores why we were so drawn to characters like Gus Fring and Mike Ehrmantraut, and relives some of the greatest moments of this already legendary show.Because the show may be gone, but the conversation about it certainly isn’t.Eric San Juan is the coauthor of A Year of Hitchcock (Scarecrow Press 2009) and Hitchcock’s Villains (Scarecrow Press 2013), as well as Geek Wisdom (Quirk Books 2011) and other books. Before Breaking Bad came along, he thought Deadwood was the greatest thing since sliced bread. He still thinks it’s pretty damn good.

War at the Wall Street Journal: Inside the Struggle to Control an American Business Empire

Sarah Ellison - 2010
    The main character, rocked by feuding factions and those who would remake it, is the Wall Street Journal, which affects the thoughts, votes, and stocks of two million readers daily. Sarah Ellison, while at the Journal, won praise for covering the $5 billion acquisition that transformed the pride of Dow Jones and the estimable but eccentric Bancroft family into the jewel of Rupert Murdoch's kingdom. Going above and beyond her original reporting and the accounts of others, Ellison uses her knowledge of the paper and its people to go deep inside the landmark transaction—and also far beyond it, into the rocky transition when Murdoch's crew tussled with old Journal hands and geared up for battle with the New York Times. With access to all the players, Ellison moves from newsrooms (where editors duel) to estates (where the Bancrofts go at it like the Ewings). She shows Murdoch, finally, for who he is—maneuvering, firing, and undoing all that the Bancrofts had protected. Here is a superlative account of a deal with reverberations beyond the news, told with the storytelling savvy that transforms big stories into timeless chronicles of American life and power.

Nasty Secrets Part 2

La'Tonya West - 2012
    She has moved and started a new relationship but still she longs to be with Ericka. Find out what happens when Jas revisits her past. Will it be a beautitful blissful reunion or are there more nasty secrets waiting to be uncovered?

Wireless Communications: Principles and Practice

Theodore S. Rappaport - 1995
    Building on his classic first edition, Theodore S. Rappaport reviews virtually every important new wireless standard and technological development, including W-CDMA, cdma2000, UMTS, and UMC 136/EDGE; IEEE 802.11 and HIPERLAN WLANs; Bluetooth, LMDS, and more. Includes dozens of practical new examples, solved step by step.

Why You Suck at Golf: 50 Most Common Mistakes by Recreational Golfers

Clive Scarff - 2011
    From trying to keep your head too still, to poor on-course strategies, if there is a common, easily correctible mistake a golfer makes, it is in this book. 52 chapters in all, each discussing a mistake and how to correct it in simple, concise terms.So whether you want to have a little dig at the addicted golfer among your friends or family, or you are serious about eradicating shot-costing mistakes in your game, “Why You Suck at Golf” is a must read. Written by Teaching Professional Clive Scarff, author of the #1 ranked “Hit Down Dammit!” golf instruction book, also available on Amazon. Now also available in Paperback.

Editing Made Easy: Simple Rules for Effective Writing

Bruce Kaplan - 2001
    Because of the different spellings and conventions of American English, it has been unavailable here--until now. The new book is thoroughly revised, updated, expanded, and Americanized. It maintains the attractions of the original--friendly, easy-to-understand rules for improved writing. It's a quick read, and an easy reference for anybody who wants to communicate clearly with American English. The book is non-technical in its approach. It doesn't cover grammatical terms such as present perfect progressive or correlative conjunctions. It boils grammar and style into a few simple rules that will serve you well whether you are a journalist, a student, a novelist, a business executive, a blogger, or anybody else who would like to make effective use of written language.

How to Draw Manga: Mastering Manga Drawings (How to Draw Manga Girls, Eyes, Scenes for Beginners) (How to Draw Manga, Mastering Manga Drawings)

Andrew Harnes - 2015
    Whether you like to simply draw one character, or even make a comic book out of it, this will definitely make drawing easier for you. Here’s what you’ll learn in this book: Materials When You’re Starting Out The Fundamental Elements of Art Practice Warm-ups before You Start Techniques on How to Draw Facial Features Drawing the Face in Different Angles How to Draw Different Hair Styles Using the Anatomy Model to Draw the Body–Hands, Trunk and Legs Drawing your Characters in Action Designing your Character Clothes, Accessories and Shoes This book is very easy to follow and illustrates different images that will serve as your guide in making the very basic shapes to finally drawing images that you desire. With a whole lot of practice and the right tools on hand, you would be good to go! When it comes to drawing, patience and hard work is needed. In the book: How to Draw a Manga Character everything is brought down to its simplest form so that learning is more convenient and enjoyable! So grab your own copy NOW and don’t forget to scroll up! Look for the “BUY” Button to download. Have fun!

Thug Paradise

Mz. Lady P. - 2015
    formally the Santerelli Crime Family, he has handed his street operation over to his young protege King Carter. Standing on the battle lines besides King is his younger brother Nasir and their childhood friend Dutch, the three young rich niggas are making their mark on the streets of Chicago. Just like their predecessors it’s either get down or lay down. Gucci, Chanel, and Dior are madly in love with King, Nasir, and Dutch. Love is supposed to conquer all. That is until secrets are revealed and family ties are closer to the couples than they think. With more money comes more problems and of course thirsty females enter the equation.In this chapter of the Thug saga, follow the new breed of goons as they deal with the harsh realities of street life and making names for themselves. They're just young niggas living their lives in Thug Paradise!!

WIFEY : Tales of a Contract Killer

Kateri Young - 2014
    A woman left to survive alone at the age of 10 with $20,000.00 that her parents left her. What will become of her life? What will she do to support herself? After meeting four like-minded woman, they figure out a way to support themselves. They decide to take a job only women can do without being detected. So is born the Ghost Squad, Contract Killers for hire. If the price is right, they are your women!