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Melville's Folk Roots by Kevin J. Hayes


The Rose of the World

Daniil Leonidovich Andreev - 1991
    It is a journey to places where, according to the author, many of us have already been but about which we have forgotten. It is also a journey within, into that psychological space where our ideas and beliefs about God, spirituality, and religion reside. During both journeys, we are likely to encounter wonder and recognition, skepticism and acceptance, rejection and admiration, confusion and long-sought understanding. For some, this journey will be the start of a much larger one; for some it is but one more leg of a journey undertaken earlier; in any case, The Rose of the World is not a final destination." Completed in 1959, hidden from the Soviet secret police for twenty years, The Rose of the World was first made public through excerpts in the magazine Novy Mir in 1989. The Rose of the World is a unique and poetic cosmological treatise, passionately written out of personal spiritual experience. It offers a prophetic call for the spiritual reunification of all people and an open and harmonious relationship among the great world religions. For Daniel Andreev, The Rose of the world is a spiritual flower whose roots are in heaven; each petal is a unique image of the great world religions and cultures, and the whole flower is their joint co-creation with God.Lindisfarne Books is proud to publish the first English translation of this masterpiece of contemporary Russian spiritual literature, a work that belongs to Russian religious thought in the tradition of Vladimir Soloviev, and to the West in the tradition of Dante and Blake--truly a work for the twenty-first century.

Cards as Weapons

Ricky Jay

Jan Saudek

Jan Saudek - 1998
    Internationally famous Czech photographer Jan Saudek is no exception, and equally as uncompromising in pursuit of his own unique vision. For over four decades Saudek has created a parallel photographic universe, a two-dimensional home full of longing, peopled with the most extraordinary characters and colored by desire. The timeless strength of his hand-tinted photographs lies in their poetic compositions and their forceful?at times ribald?pictorial language, with its overtones of medieval genre pictures and Baroque mythology. Rejecting the traditional beauty in his famous nude photographs, Saudek shows the distinctively different: old women, fat women, children; real people in tableaux vivants that remind us of everything from surreal early movies to fin-de-siecle carnival nights. They exist outside time, a uniquely colored and almost mythical theater of dreams. Covering his debut in the 1950s through his lesser-known work to recent images, this dazzling collection offers us the true "velvet revolution," fertile and unsettling images from the dreams we might still have. The author: Daniela Mr?zkov?, critic and editor of the Czech magazines Revue fotografie and Fotografie-Magaz?n, is the author of sixteen books on photography published in the Czech Republic and abroad, and the curator of around fifty photography exhibitions. She has been a member of international juries, and has authored film and television documentaries on photography and photographers. She hasfollowed Jan Saudek's work since his early years and is the author of Saudek's first Czech monograph, The Theatre of Life.

Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Applications

E. John Finnemore - 1985
    This book is for civil engineers that teach fluid mechanics both within their discipline and as a service course to mechanical engineering students. As with all previous editions this 10th edition is extraordinarily accurate, and its coverage of open channel flow and transport is superior. There is a broader coverage of all topics in this edition of Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Applications. Furthermore, this edition has numerous computer-related problems that can be solved in Matlab and Mathcad.

Big Girls Need Love

Rukyyah - 2012
    This raunchy love story is about Toya, Tershia, and Lauren. They are big beautiful women who are a force to be reckoned with because they stop at nothing when it comes to finding and keeping love. But, Lauren’s love is a little different from the rest. She rather have money than love and sex with wealthy men spells love to her. Toya is hopeless when it comes to love. She is no stranger to heartbreak and her husband is the cause of most of it. So, Toya wonders if her Mr. Right is out there or will she have to settle for a man that’s not worthy of her love. Tershia is married with kids. She is deeply in love with her husband. They have a big house, cars, and own a salon, so she feels that she is the envy of Toya and Lauren. Find out why Big Girls Need Love and how these ladies handle this twisted sensation they call love.

Sheikh's Babymaker

Sophia Lynn - 2016
     Melanie Roberts is desperate. She needs money fast—and lots of it—or her mother is going to die. Enter Riyad al Tahan, a handsome sheikh who is equally desperate—for an heir. From the moment he sees Melanie, his desire burns him inside out. And he can have her...for a price. For Melanie, the arrangement seems first. But what begins as business soon becomes a sensual journey for them both. What will happen when the contract is up? With their fates intertwined forever, can either really say "goodbye"? Note: this story features hot, sexy scenes between a powerful sheikh and an innocent female lead.

President Daddy’s Excessive Love: Volume 1

Bei Xiaoai - 2019
    In the end, she was forced to leave another country. Five years later, she returned with a pair of beautiful dragon and phoenix treasures! However, on the day of her return, she had offended the handsome CEO. What shocked her even more was that this CEO and her son looked exactly the same! "A pair of cute photos of Gongzi Bao accidentally went viral on the internet. One day, the CEO stepped forward and blocked her path." "Women, let's talk about the right to the care of children!" "Let's not talk about it!" A man placed her against the wall, "Alright, let's not talk about our children. Let's talk about when we can get a marriage certificate!"

Jubal's Field Trip To Heaven: Jubal and Chanan Enter Through the Narrow Gate (Jubal's Divine Adventures #1)

Ginger Baum - 2019
    Chanan (Chan) is a dove, and he's also Jubal's best friend. They both venture on to an exciting place where they discover truths about the Bible, arrive at one of the pearly gates of Heaven, and have heavenly play time. Jubal and Chan get to ride a comet, and also meet their favorite divine beings. The closing of the last chapter has an unexpected ending that your child will be sure to enjoy. The images were carefully illustrated to keep children entertained and looking forward to the next page. This exploration book is a fun Biblical learning tool, an exciting way to gain insight, encourages a close relationship with the Lord, and is 100% kid approved! Parents and kids alike will stay immersed from beginning to end. Come and join in on the greatest adventure of all time!

Khaled Hosseini: "A Thousand Splendid Suns"

Ayse Gökce - 2011
    Today every school in Germany offers English as school subject, even the primary schools. Consequently it must be put great emphasis on teaching it accurately by taking into consideration any aspect of English language acquisition when learning it, for example the acquisition of a distinctive vocabulary, the ability to use grammar rules correctly, the ability to spell correctly, the ability to understand what is been said when native speakers talk in English which we call listening comprehension. Another very important part of learning English as a foreign language is undisputedly reading comprehension. The ability to read out correctly, to understand what is been read and to be able to work with a text effectively is not only a competence that should be concentrated on in the foreign language but also in the mother tongue. The PISA Study is a perfect proof of this which will be mentioned later on. In this paper I will try to accentuate the importance and significance of reading in the English class. In order to illustrate this I will introduce the novel A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, an American author and doctor with Afghan origins, and use it for the elaboration of the importance of reading activities in the English class. Initially I will focus on the didactic analysis which includes the reference to the syllabus. The syllabus is of course the signpost in terms of guidelines when planning the lessons, choosing age-appropriate media and methods. What role does reading play in this context? What is said in the syllabus when it come

His Obsession (His Obsession Series Book 1)

Mia Black - 2015
    All she wants to do is make her mark in the world to make her family proud. But when she has an unexpected encounter with a sexy stranger, everything in her life is bound to change. Is he the perfect man that he appears to be? Or is there more to him than what meets the eye?Find out what happens in part one of His Obsession!


Mike Baron - 2013
    Ginger Munz, a woman dying of cancer hires him to find the son she lost as a baby. The child’s father is a sadistic sociopath named Moon who has vowed to kill her and Josh’s girlfriend Cass, for ratting him out. The trail leads to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and west into no-man’s land where Josh learns the monstrous fate of the stolen child.Josh is the BIKER, caught up in a race for survival against a human monster on the road between heaven and hell at the end of which lies either salvation or damnation. Baron spins a tale of unrelenting suspense and horror that moves across his narrative landscape like the roar of a chopper’s engine.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Psychology: A Manifesto for Reforming the Culture of Scientific Practice

Chris Chambers - 2017
    The Seven Deadly Sins of Psychology diagnoses the ills besetting the discipline today and proposes sensible, practical solutions to ensure that it remains a legitimate and reliable science in the years ahead.In this unflinchingly candid manifesto, Chris Chambers draws on his own experiences as a working scientist to reveal a dark side to psychology that few of us ever see. Using the seven deadly sins as a metaphor, he shows how practitioners are vulnerable to powerful biases that undercut the scientific method, how they routinely torture data until it produces outcomes that can be published in prestigious journals, and how studies are much less reliable than advertised. He reveals how a culture of secrecy denies the public and other researchers access to the results of psychology experiments, how fraudulent academics can operate with impunity, and how an obsession with bean counting creates perverse incentives for academics. Left unchecked, these problems threaten the very future of psychology as a science--but help is here.Outlining a core set of best practices that can be applied across the sciences, Chambers demonstrates how all these sins can be corrected by embracing open science, an emerging philosophy that seeks to make research and its outcomes as transparent as possible.

How to Pray When You are under Attack

D.K. Olukoya - 2010
    Now more than ever, he unleashes his rage and destruction against people because he knows that his time is short. Christians especially experience strange attacks, both physical and spiritual, day and night. In such conditions, we are not expected to be helpless or defenceless, rather, we are supposed to pray and subdue the enemies who have come to attack us, and quench them as the fire of thorns.

The Killer On the Bell Tower

Issy Brooke - 2020
    Here, genteel dinner parties hide murderers; sparkling balls harbour dastardly villains; and every light society conversation hints at a darker scandal.The Earl of Calaway and his wife, Adelia, have raised and married off seven daughters. Now free of domestic duties, they are building an enterprise as private detectives of a very personal nature, guaranteeing to keep aristocratic reputations intact.In this short story, which can be read at any point in the series of full-length novels, Adelia and Theodore are invited to the trouble-ridden parish of Peverham where the local vicar is convinced that the death of Sir Phileas Hinge was no accident.After all, so many people wanted him dead. Sir Phileas’s ancestral home of Pever House is now occupied by the bombastic Vice Admiral Frankhaus, and both men hated each other. Then there are the Smiths – the oldest and most established family in the area – who look down on everyone else as being merely shabby new money. All three families – the Hinges, the Frankhauses and the Smiths – are vying for control of the parish, and this comes to a head when the vicar asks for money for a new bell in the church. Each family wants to be the one who contributes the most and to have the bell inscribed with their name for all time.The death of Hinge removes one of the players – but who will be next? Theodore and Adelia race to discover the murderer before death strikes again.This book is written in British English by an actual Brit who used to have to curtsey to the local aristocrat from “the big house” when she visited the village school at Christmas. The spelling and grammar is British English throughout. Splendid!

THE IMMUNE - The Complete Series: Books 1 - 5

David Kazzie - 2019
     Within days, the lethal Medusa virus is burning across the globe like a wildfire. Society crumbles as a terrified populace seeks refuge from the horrifying spread of the disease. In Virginia, Dr. Adam Fisher struggles to save his dying patients while he remains inexplicably immune. In New York City, Sarah Wells, an Army captain harboring a tragic secret, is ordered to maintain a military quarantine at all costs. And in Georgia, aging football star Freddie Briggs grieves as his family falls, one by one, to the disease. For these three survivors, staying alive was just the beginning. VOID Civilization is but a memory, and this is the dismal world left behind. As Adam, Sarah, and Freddie trek across a ruined American landscape, the challenges mount, including the horrifying prospect that the Medusa virus may not yet be done with the survivors. EVERGREEN Adam and his fellow travelers take refuge in Evergreen, a lonely town in Oklahoma that promises a better future for all of them. But as Adam acts on the thinnest of leads regarding his quest, a new threat from within may prove his downfall. CITADEL Every apocalypse has an end. Having lost everything, Adam embarks on a dangerous journey to find a missing loved one. To save her, he will venture deep into the heart of darkness, where he will come face to face with the shocking truth about the plague that destroyed humanity. THE LIVING Thirteen years have passed since the Medusa virus wiped out nearly 99 percent of the world's population and pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Climate change triggered by nuclear skirmishes in the last fevered days of civilization decimated agriculture and livestock, and the hardened survivors battle for what few resources remain. Eleven-year-old Will Callahan is one of the lucky ones. In their small community in Nebraska, he and his parents have access to food, clean water, weapons, and medical care. More importantly, he's the only child known to have survived infancy since the plague. But everything changes when someone comes looking for him. A POST APOCALYPTIC EPIC SPANNING NEARLY 1,000 PAGES AND TWO DECADES