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Elizabeth Moon - 1997
    There's nothing inconstant about this Moon; a fact that shines forth brightly in all her Phases.Contents:Bargains --ABCs in Zero G --A delicate adjustment --Too wet to plow --Gut feelings --The generic rejuvenation of Milo Ardry --New World Symphony --Just another day at the weather service --Politics --In suspect terrain --The happy frog --Horse of her dreams --Knight of other days --Aura --Those who walk in darkness.

The Space Opera Renaissance

Kathryn CramerRobert Sheckley - 2006
    Indeed, it can be argued that the "new space opera" is one of the defining streams of modern SF.Now, World Fantasy Award-winning anthologists David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer have compiled a definitive overview of this subgenre, both as it was in the days of the pulp magazines, and as it has become in 2005. Included are major works from genre progenitors like Jack Williamson and Leigh Brackett, stylish midcentury voices like Cordwainer Smith and Samuel R. Delany, popular favorites like David Drake, Lois McMaster Bujold, and Ursula K. Le Guin, and modern-day pioneers such as Iain M. Banks, Steven Baxter, Scott Westerfeld, and Charles Stross.

Galactic Empires 1

Brian W. Aldiss - 1976
    Been a Long Time (Lafferty), The Possessed (Clarke), Protected Psecies (Fyfe), All the Way Back (Shaara), The Star Plunderer (Anderson), Foundation (Asimov), We're Civilized! (Clifton and Apostolides), The Crime and Glory of Commander Suzdal (Smith), The Rebel of Valkyr (Coppel), Brightness Falls from the Air (Seabright), Immigrant (Simak), Resident Physician (James White), Age of Retirement (Lynch), Planting Time (Adams and Nightengale).

The Best of Lester Del Rey

Lester del Rey - 1978
    This collection of classic stories by writer, editor, critic, and cofounder of Del Rey Books Lester del Rey includes tales of robots and humans, animals and aliens, ghosts and gods, and the supernatural.

Year's Best SF 14

David G. HartwellCory Doctorow - 2009
    It is where the hot new authors emerge and where the beloved giants of the field continue to publish. Now, building on the success of the first thirteen volumes, Eos will once again present a collection of the best stories of 2008 in mass market. Here, selected and compiled by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer, two of the most respected editors in the field, are stories with visions of tomorrow and yesterday, of the strange and the familiar, of the unknown and the unknowable. With stories from an all-star team of science fiction authors, "The Year's Best Sf 14" is an indispensable guide for every science fiction fan.Contents 1 • Arkfall • (2008) • novella by Carolyn Ives Gilman 63 • Orange • (2008) • shortstory by Neil Gaiman 73 • Memory Dog • (2008) • novelette by Kathleen Ann Goonan 105 • Pump Six • (2008) • novelette by Paolo Bacigalupi 144 • Boojum • [Boojum] • (2008) • shortstory by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette 167 • Exhalation • (2008) • shortstory by Ted Chiang 186 • Traitor • (2008) • shortstory by M. Rickert 201 • The Things That Make Me Weak and Strange Get Engineered Away • (2008) • shortfiction by Cory Doctorow 247 • Oblivion: A Journey • (2008) • shortstory by Vandana Singh 273 • The House Left Empty • (2008) • shortstory by Robert Reed 294 • The Scarecrow's Boy • (2008) • shortstory by Michael Swanwick 304 • N-Words • (2008) • shortstory by Ted Kosmatka 321 • Fury • (2008) • novelette by Alastair Reynolds 356 • Cheats • (2008) • novelette by Gwyneth Jones [as by Ann Halam ] 377 • The Ships Like Clouds, Risen by Their Rain • (2008) • novelette by Jason Sanford 400 • The Egg Man • (2008) • novelette by Mary Rosenblum 429 • Glass • (2008) • shortfiction by Daryl Gregory 436 • Fixing Hanover • (2008) • novelette by Jeff VanderMeer 454 • Message Found in a Gravity Wave • (2008) • shortfiction by Rudy Rucker 458 • Mitigation • (2008) • novelette by Karl Schroeder and Tobias S. Buckell 487 • Spiders • (2008) • shortstory by Sue Burke

Edge of Infinity

Jonathan StrahanKristine Kathryn Rusch - 2012
    Those were Neil Armstrong's immortal words when he became the first human being to step onto another world. All at once, the horizon expanded; the human race was no longer Earthbound.Our destiny would now be to reach out to eternity. Brought to you by the creators of Engineering Infinity, Edge of Infinity is an exhilarating new SF anthology that looks at the next giant leap for humankind: the leap from our home world out into the Solar System. From the eerie transformations in Pat Cadigan's The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi to the frontier spirit of Sandra McDonald and Stephen D. Covey's The Road to NPS, and from the grandiose vision of Alastair Reynolds' Vainglory to the workaday familiarity of Kristine Kathryn Rusch's Safety Tests, the thirteen stories in this anthology span the whole of the human condition in their race to colonise Earth's nearest neighbours.CONTENT "The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi" by Pat Cadigan "The Deeps of the Sky" by Elizabeth Bear "Drive" by James S. A. Corey "The Road to NPS" by Sandra McDonald and Stephen D. Covey "Swift as a Dream and Fleeting as a Sigh" by John Barnes "Macy Minnot’s Last Christmas on Dione, Ring Racing, Fiddler’s Green, the Potter’s Garden" by Paul McAuley "Safety Tests" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch "Bricks, Sticks, Straw" by Gwyneth Jones "Tyche and the Ants" by Hannu Rajaniemi "Obelisk" by Stephen Baxter "Vainglory" by Alastair Reynolds "Water Rights" by An Owomoyela "The Peak of Eternal Light" by Bruce Sterling

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-First Annual Collection

Gardner DozoisJames Van Pelt - 2004
    Included are the works of masters of the form and the bright new talents of tomorrow. This book is a valuable resource in addition to serving as the single best place in the universe to find stories that stir the imagination and the heart.

Exceptions to Reality

Alan Dean Foster - 2008
    Now he turns his imagination to the short story in these spectacular tales of outer space, cyberspace, ancient gods, modern demons, and mortal horror, includingPanhandler A predatory lawyer encounters a fabled boyhood hero and falls victim to the less innocent intrigues of eternal youth.Growth Not even his minidrag Pip can save Flinx from the overly intimate advances of an intruder who goes entirely too far. Basted A lowly, hen-pecked Egyptian discovers that the Pharaoh’s tomb holds exactly what he needs for a whole new life.The Killing of Bad Bull A man with a knack for getting gambling’s one-armed bandits to give it up finds himself at the top–of several hit lists.At Sea A poor Scandinavian captain forced into running drugs is shown a way out of his desperate straits with the help of five beautiful blondes who are simply out-of-this-world. Open Exceptions to Reality to find these amazing stories and nine other irresistibly unearthly tales!

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Eighteenth Annual Collection

Gardner DozoisRobert Charles Wilson - 2001
    Included here are the works of masters of the form and of bright new talents, including:Stephen Baxter, M.Shayne Bell, Rick Cook, Albert E. Cowdrey, Tananarive Due, Greg Egan, Eliot Fintushel, Peter F. Hamilton, Earnest Hogan, John Kessel, Nancy Kress, Ursula K. Le Guin, Paul J. McAuley, Ian McDonald, Susan Palwick, Severna Park, Alastair Reynolds, Lucius Shepard, Brian Stableford, Charles Stross, Michael Swanwick, Steven Utley, Robert Charles WilsonSupplementing the stories is the editor's insightful summation of the year's events and lengthy list of honorable mentions, making this book a valuable resource in addition to serving as the single best place in the universe to find stories that stir the imagination and the heart.

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Sixteenth Annual Collection

Gardner DozoisStephen Baxter - 1999
    Many of the field's finest practitioners are represented here, along with stories from promising newcomers, including:William Barton * Rob Chilson * Tony Daniel * Cory Doctorow * Jim Grimsley * Gwyneth Jones * Chris Lawson * Ian McDonald * Robert Reed * William Browning Spencer * Allen Steele * Michael Swanwick * Howard Waldrop * Cherry Wilder * Liz Williams A useful list of honorable mentions and Dozois's insightful summation of the year in sf round out this anthology, making it indispensable for anyone interested in SF today.Contents xi • Summation: 1998 • essay by Gardner Dozois1 • Oceanic • (1998) • novella by Greg Egan37 • Approaching Perimelasma • (1998) • novelette by Geoffrey A. Landis56 • Craphound • (1998) • shortstory by Cory Doctorow72 • Jedella Ghost • (1998) • shortstory by Tanith Lee87 • Taklamakan • [Chattanooga] • (1998) • novelette by Bruce Sterling118 • The Island of the Immortals • (1998) • shortstory by Ursula K. Le Guin126 • Sea Change, with Monsters • (1998) • novella by Paul J. McAuley161 • Divided by Infinity • (1998) • novelette by Robert Charles Wilson181 • US • (1998) • shortstory by Howard Waldrop191 • The Days of Solomon Gursky • (1998) • novella by Ian McDonald234 • The Cuckoo's Boys • (1998) • novella by Robert Reed277 • The Halfway House at the Heart of Darkness • (1998) • shortstory by William Browning Spencer289 • The Very Pulse of the Machine • (1998) • novelette by Michael Swanwick304 • Story of Your Life • (1998) • novella by Ted Chiang339 • Voivodoi • (1998) • shortstory by Liz Williams349 • Saddlepoint: Roughneck • [Saddle Point • 4] • (1998) • novella by Stephen Baxter393 • This Side of Independence • (1998) • shortstory by Rob Chilson404 • Unborn Again • (1998) • shortstory by Chris Lawson416 • Grist • (1998) • novella by Tony Daniel462 • La Cenerentola • (1998) • shortstory by Gwyneth Jones476 • Down in the Dark • (1998) • novelette by William Barton510 • Free in Asveroth • (1998) • shortstory by Jim Grimsley524 • The Dancing Floor • (1998) • novelette by Cherry Wilder544 • The Summer Isles • (1998) • novella by Ian R. MacLeod603 • Honorable Mentions: 1998 • essay by Gardner Dozois

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fourth Annual Collection

Gardner DozoisDavid D. Levine - 2007
    Levine * Paul J. McAuley * Mary Rosenblum * Daryl Gregory * Jack Skillingstead * Paolo Bacigalupi * Greg Egan * Elizabeth Bear * Sarah Monette * Ken MacLeod * Stephen Baxter * Carolyn Ives Gilman * John Barnes * A.M. DellamonicaSupplementing the stories are the editor's insightful summation of the year's events and a list of honorable mentions, making this book a valuable resource in addition to serving as the single best place in the universe to find stories that stir the imagination and the heart. Contentsxiii • Summation: 2006 • (2007) • essay by Gardner Dozois1 • I, Row-Boat • (2006) • novelette by Cory Doctorow28 • Julian: A Christmas Story • (2006) • novella by Robert Charles Wilson66 • Tin Marsh • (2006) • novelette by Michael Swanwick81 • The Djinn's Wife • [India 2047] • (2006) • novelette by Ian McDonald112 • The House Beyond Your Sky • (2006) • shortstory by Benjamin Rosenbaum121 • Where the Golden Apples Grow • (2006) • novella by Kage Baker164 • Kin • (2006) • shortstory by Bruce McAllister172 • Signal to Noise • (2006) • novelette by Alastair Reynolds204 • The Big Ice • (2006) • shortstory by Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold221 • Bow Shock • (2006) • novelette by Gregory Benford251 • In the River • (2006) • shortstory by Justin Stanchfield266 • Incarnation Day • (2006) • novella by Walter Jon Williams295 • Far As You Can Go • (2006) • shortstory by Greg van Eekhout305 • Good Mountain • (2005) • novella by Robert Reed350 • I Hold My Father's Paws • (2006) • shortstory by David D. Levine360 • Dead Men Walking • (2006) • novelette by Paul J. McAuley374 • Home Movies • (2006) • novelette by Mary Rosenblum395 • Damascus • (2006) • novelette by Daryl Gregory418 • Life on the Preservation • (2006) • shortstory by Jack Skillingstead431 • Yellow Card Man • [The Windup Universe] • (2006) • novelette by Paolo Bacigalupi457 • Riding the Crocodile • (2005) • novella by Greg Egan492 • The Ile of Dogges • (2006) • shortstory by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette499 • The Highway Men • (2006) • novelette by Ken MacLeod524 • The Pacific Mystery • (2006) • shortstory by Stephen Baxter540 • Okanoggan Falls • (2006) • novelette by Carolyn Ives Gilman566 • Every Hole Is Outlined • (2006) • novelette by John Barnes589 • The Town on Blighted Sea • (2006) • shortstory by A. M. Dellamonica606 • Nightingale • [Revelation Space] • (2006) • novella by Alastair Reynolds653 • Honorable Mentions: 2006 • (2007) • essay by Gardner Dozois

TNT: Telzey Amberdon & Trigger Argee Together

James H. Schmitz - 2000
    Trigger Argee is a crack shot, with reflexes that make lightning look lethargic, and also a top agent of the galaxy's Federation of the Hub. Separately, they have been making life miserable for human criminals, unfriendly aliens, and nefarious members of all species. But when a danger to the entire Hub civilization brought these two together, the galaxy would never be the same!

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Eleventh Annual Collection

Gardner DozoisMark Rich - 1994
    Many of the field's finest practitioners are represented here, along with stories from promising newcomers. A useful list of honorable mentions and Dozois's insightful summation of the year in SF round out this anthology, making it indispensable for anyone interested in SF today.Contents xi • Summation: 1993 • essay by Gardner Dozois1 • Papa • (1993) • novelette by Ian R. MacLeod35 • Sacred Cow • (1993) • shortstory by Bruce Sterling49 • Dancing on Air • (1993) • novella by Nancy Kress95 • A Visit to the Farside • (1993) • shortstory by Don Webb107 • Alien Bootlegger • (1993) • novella by Rebecca Ore179 • Death on the Nile • (1993) • novelette by Connie Willis200 • Friendship Bridge • (1993) • novelette by Brian W. Aldiss223 • Into the Miranda Rift • (1993) • novella by G. David Nordley278 • Mwalimu in the Squared Circle • (1993) • shortstory by Mike Resnick290 • Guest of Honor • (1993) • novelette by Robert Reed319 • Love Toys of the Gods • (1993) • shortstory by Pat Cadigan333 • Chaff • (1993) • novelette by Greg Egan352 • Georgia on My Mind • (1993) • novelette by Charles Sheffield390 • Cush • (1993) • novelette by Neal Barrett, Jr.422 • On the Collection of Humans • (1994) • shortfiction by Mark Rich425 • There and Then • [Silurian Tales] • (1993) • novelette by Steven Utley461 • The Night We Buried Road Dog • (1993) • novella by Jack Cady507 • Feedback • (1993) • novelette by Joe Haldeman529 • Lieserl • (1993) • shortstory by Stephen Baxter545 • Flashback • (1993) • novelette by Dan Simmons586 • A Child's Christmas in Florida • (1993) • shortstory by William Browning Spencer592 • Whispers • (1993) • novelette by Maureen F. McHugh and David B. Kisor612 • Wall, Stone, Craft • (1993) • novella by Walter Jon Williams683 • Honorable Mentions: 1993 • essay by Gardner Dozois

Going Interstellar

Les JohnsonMike Resnick - 2012
    It may be that we have to get out of Dodge before the lights go out on Earth.  How can we accomplish this? Wonderful questions.  Now get ready for some answers.  Here is the science behind interstellar propulsion: reports from top tier scientists and engineers on starflight propulsion techniques that use only means and methods that we currently know are scientifically possible. Here are in-depth essays on antimatter containment, solar sails, and fusion propulsion. And the human consequences?  Here is speculation by a magnificent array of award-winning SF writers on what an interstellar voyage might look like, might feel like—might be like.  It’s an all-star cast abounding with Hugo and Nebula award winners: Ben Bova, Mike Resnick, Jack McDevitt, Michael Bishop, Sarah Hoyt and more. Comprehensive Teacher's Guide available.

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year, Volume 5

Jonathan StrahanDiana Peterfreund - 2011
    A multitude of astonishingly creative and gifted writers are boldly exploring the mythic past, the paranormal present, and the promises and perils of myriad alternate worlds and futures. There are almost too many new and intriguing stories published every year for any reader to be able to experience them all. So how to make sure you haven’t missed any future classics?Award-winning editor and anthologist Jonathan Strahan has surveyed the expanding universes of modern sf and fantasy to find the brightest stars in today’s dazzling literary firmament. From the latest masterworks by the acknowledged titans of the field to fresh visions from exciting new talents, this outstanding collection is a comprehensive showcase for the current state of the art in both science fiction and fantasy. Anyone who wants to know where the future of imaginative short fiction is going, and treat themselves to dozens of unforgettable stories, will find this year’s edition of Best Science Fiction and Fantasy to be just what they’re looking for!The depth and breadth of what science fiction and fantasy fiction is changes with every passing year. The twenty-nine stories chosen for this book by award-winning anthologist Jonathan Strahan carefully maps this evolution, giving readers a captivating and always-entertaining look at the very best the genre has to offer. Jonathan Strahan has edited more than twenty anthologies and collections, including The Locus Awards, The New Space Opera, The Jack Vance Treasury, and a number of year's best annuals. He has won the Ditmar, William J. Atheling Jr., and Peter McNamara Awards for his work as an anthologist, and is the reviews editor for Locus.