Satisfying Her Needs 3: A Hotwife Revealed Story (Satisfying Her Needs Series)

Blaise Quin - 2021

Suck Me Dry (Erotic Flash FIction Series)

Dyphia - 2013
    He was her first and will be her last if she doesn’t have some type of fun before they get married next year. The college life has done nothing but torment her of everything she’s missing sexually because Amari is an old fashion lover. When he leaves for a weekend business trip, Tiffany decides to let her hair down and fulfill those sexual desires/fantasies. Little does Tiffany know, her desires will also bring secret crushes to surface and this very well may be the weekend secret to take to her grave.

Tainted Love: The Complete Alpha Billionaire Romance Series Box Set

Elizabeth Nelson - 2016
    Show you what a big mistake you made. He wasn’t just anybody. He was billionaire Jared Northrup, my ex. I knew what he’d done. Why we broke up 3 years ago. But seeing him now forced me to forget the pain he’d put he through. The way he looked at me was simply irresistible and I realized right away that I wasn’t over him. Not even close. I tried to be strong. I really did; but his temptation won me over and I couldn’t resist jumping into his bed. But I wasn’t the only one he had his sights set on. Or at least that was what I thought. Once a playboy, always a playboy. And if it came down to having him choose me or her, you better believe I wasn’t going to be the one going home alone. Not this time around. I was in it to win it. Mature audience only. 18+

Killing Me Softly With a Love So True

Bianca Marie - 2016
    Genesis Bass has lived in hell since the age of fourteen and hasn’t gotten any better. Being locked away in an extravagant mansion one would think she was living the life of a Queen only to find out that she is living the life of a prisoner. Under the watchful eye of Master Knight Genesis can only pray that she would one day be set free. With no one to love her and no one looking out for her she learns how to deal with her situation instead of allowing her situation to become her. Even though she is strong she is not strong enough to escape from the hands of Master Knight until her she is shown the truth about keeping faith. Khalid ‘Truth’ Richards is considered the real deal. A man who believes honesty is key and is as cool as fan should never be taken lightly especially when in a blink of an eye he can become deadly. Successful business owner by day and hired hitman by night he hustles to make sure his money is always looking right. Love doesn’t live in the world of Truth because once a man’s heart is broken it is broken beyond repair. But what happens when a deadly hit man with a broken heart finds someone who is as equally broken? Killing Me Softly with a Love so True is a tale about finding love in a hopeless place all the while learning how to conquer any bad situation. Both Truth and Genesis have never experience love until they fate pushed them together. Will they be able to put their differences to the side and embark on a love journey that can lead to marriage bells or will they self-destruct never experiencing what real love feels like?

Her Drama, Her Ecstasy 2

T.M. Pigatt - 2018
    Wonderful businesses, great best friend, a woman that he loves with all his heart and mind blowing sex. Everything seem to be going great until jealous people and the danger from the past resurface. Kenya had the love that that she had been dreaming of. She has a surprise to give to him, but will she be able to tell him? Or will her sister’s actions cause her future to slip through her fingers? Will Robert and Kenya make it through the storm together? Or will the drama rip them apart?

Dirty Becky: A Wife Sharing Romance

Jason Lenov - 2019
    When Jeff reveals that he is fascinated by her former husband, Quentin, Becky discovers a side of Jeff she didn't know about. The two embark on an exploration of the boundaries of their union.

Kiss-Mate Shifters

Juniper Hart - 2020
    I wanted a fresh start, away from those who judged me so harshly.Why, then, does fate keep conspiring against me and throwing Harry in my path at every possible opportunity?I’m an Omega female all alone in the world with only one person who understands—an Alpha who isn’t even my friend and who can never know the secret I’m hiding.********Books in this Shifter Romance Collection:Bear’s LegacyWolf’s HeirVampire RegentDragon’s RulesKiss-Mate Shifters Series EpilogueContent Warning: Explicit love scenes and lots of sexy shifters. Intended for mature audiences.

Immortal Blood (A Mage's Cultivation Book 5)

Bruce Sentar - 2022

Tom vs. the Volcano God

Marilyn Foxworthy - 2019
    Robert K. Jensen, international man of mystery. The letter was just as mysterious. It came with warnings and non-disclosures and descriptions of dire consequences if I didn’t follow his directions to the letter. Accompanying the letter was a large shipping crate. And inside the crate was a portal to Wonderland. I had no idea that afternoon that my life was about to change so radically. It had changed completely less than a year earlier when it seemed like everything that I had loved was taken away form me. But in this box was something that was a whole new life. Inside the box was Sarah: a non-organic artificially intelligent companion, designed and built by Robby. I didn’t know what it all meant, but Sarah knew exactly what to do. That was Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday, my whole life was different. It was as perfect as Sarah herself. And as she led me down the rabbit hole, I saw and did things that I could have never imagined. Sarah wasn’t the only surprise. No, Sarah was my adventure guide. A decidedly sexy robotic adventure guide, to be sure, and she wasn’t the only beauty on this adventure. There were days I laughed so hard that I nearly passed out; and other days that I loved so much that I actually did. Robby is a man of mystery, but he sure knows how to give a nice gift when we wants to make your life something you can’t imagine. Apparently, I’m supposed to rescue these damsels in distress from a volcano god, or something like that.

A Billionaire in Disguise, Books 1-3

Terri Marie - 2013
    This is a collection of updated versions of my first three books in A Billionaire in Disguise series! Now you can get:Forbidden Disclosure, Book 1A Perfect Plan, Book 2The Wrong Side of Midnight, Book 3All three for a lower price!Want a friend or relative to enjoy A Billionaire in Disguise? This is a faster, more cost-effective way to share or to give as a gift!

Queen of the Trap Toledo

Hydiea - 2018
    The degree’s and lifestyle they had planned for her was decent, but it wasn’t what she wanted. GiGi wanted more. She was born in Maumee, Ohio on the outskirts of the Toledo, which was also known as the Mud. She was tired of the wealthy lifestyle that she was born into; she wanted excitement, drama, and action. Tecumseh gave GiGi exactly what she was craving, plus some. She began running the whole city at the age of 18, not because that’s what she wanted to do, but because she was on a mission to avenge the death of the love of her life. Flex was gone, and she was determined to keep his name alive through her. He wasn’t alive to check niggas, so she quickly filled those shoes for him. If they didn’t know about GiGi, if they haven’t heard about GiGi, they better ask somebody! She’s nothing to be played with!

D-City Hit Squad Novella: The Final Ride

Annitia L. Jackson - 2018
    She will do anything to protect her family, even if that means giving up what she wants the most, a life with Santano“Tan” Morales. Tan knows that something is going on between Kia and his father but is not sure what. Tan has a lot on his plate with trying to keep his ex-wife’s advances at bay and finding out the secrets his wife and father are keeping from him. Will Kia trust Tan enough to confide in him? Sable Mills thought she had escaped her troubled past life in Nashville. Her controlling father was dead, and so was her cheating husband, thanks to being rescued by Kole Morales. Unfortunately, her past finds her and threatens to take away her newfound freedom. Can Kole save the woman he is falling for? Or will his secrets come back to not only haunt him but Sable as well? The D-City Squad comes together for one final ride, to battle new and old enemies. Viper and the crew will have to deal with more lies and drama. But will all of them make it out with their lives?

Training to Love It 3

Kenny Wright - 2016
    Their shared fantasy unlocks a side of Erin that neither of them suspected—a submissive who craves wild sex, who gets excited at obeying the whims of another man. Tom loves this new side of her almost as much as he fears it. They've already gone too far once before. Could it happen again?All actions have consequences, and those consequences are about to hit for Erin and Tom. Will this couple falter under this ultimate test, or will they emerge stronger than ever?

COAST GUARD INVESTIGATIONS: A 5-Books Military Romance Series

Lola Silverman - 2017
    5 books and NO cliffies! Book 1: Pipe Down
 There’s nothing like meeting a really terrific woman on board a luxurious yacht travelling through the Aleutian Islands. Brooke is beautiful, talented, and fun to be around. She’s everything a guy like me could want. At least that would be true if I wasn’t lying to her because I’m currently on an undercover mission for the US Coast Guard. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I’m supposed to just stand by and let those modern day pirates try to raid the yacht. That’s why I’m here. This chartered cruise ship is a potential target, and the passengers are just bait. Too bad I can’t see Brooke as just another passenger. Not anymore.

 Book 2:  Over a Barrel
 There is nothing about the phrase being captured by pirates that sounds normal in this day and age. Unfortunately for me, that’s exactly what’s going on here. Add in a fierce storm, a sinking cruise ship, and we pretty much have the makings of a dramatic made for TV film. It’s true. We even have a drop dead gorgeous lady pirate named Jade who is the sexiest antihero I’ve ever seen. I know she’s not like the rest. She’s already saved my skin too many times for that. But Jade isn’t just an unusual pirate, she’s an unusual woman. And no matter how this whole adventure turns out, hers is the story I want to follow. 

Book 3: Toe the Line 
I thought I had everything under control when I went aboard the Inuit Cruiser to take charge after the storm put the ship on the rocks. But about the time I start handing out the orders and trying to put things to rights, out walks Grace Morgan and all of a sudden I am a bumbling eighteen year old once again. The woman is even more beautiful now than she was on the day we divorced. The sexual tension is so thick it’s practically suffocating, and even my men are starting to notice. But Grace has changed. And the more we try to unravel this whole pirate plot to hold her and her son for ransom, the more I realize I’m going do to anything I can to keep her safe.

 Book 4: Loose Cannon
 I’ve always done my duty for the Coast Guard. That’s why I’m a Chief Petty Officer. But right now I feel like our whole unit is off course and headed nowhere fast. My task? I’m supposed to watch the former head of security for the cruise ship because my commanding officer has put her in jail. The thing is, I just don’t think this is where Liane belongs. And it has nothing to do with how gorgeous she is. Well mostly nothing. People don’t see Liane the way they should. She’s tough as nails and she’s hiding some things that I think will shock us all. But without trust I’ll never learn those secrets until it’s too late.

 Book 5: Hand Over Fist
 Miranda Cray has never done anything to deserve the bad reputation that seems to follow her like lint. The girl lost her father while at sea during a storm. I think everyone is entitled to a little bit of crazy after that happens. But the thing with Miranda is, she’s not the kind of woman to get knocked down without getting right back up again. That’s what I respect about her. When these pirate jerks find some new way to bend the law, Miranda is the first person to come up with a way to get in their faces and make the charges stick. She’s brave. She’s pretty as hell. And I’m almost certain that I’m in love with her. The problem is, I’m not the kind of guy that does long term relationships that that’s what Miranda deserves.

Monster Girl Hunter

Jack Porter - 2020
    But now, with the help of a magic beacon, I’m seeking those who are tainted. The impure. Abominations.Monster girls.But not to kill.They need my help. All kinds of help.I'm more than happy to provide it, to do all I can to keep them safe from the real monsters that exist in the world.