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St. Pierre Boyz 2

Mz. Lady P. - 2016
    Pierre, the women are all on a rampage, but for different reasons. With past secrets revealed Leilani finds herself caught up in her emotions, desperately trying to decipher whether Luxe’s feelings for her were genuine or were they all a lie to get at her ex, June. Dynasty, feeling betrayed by Sebastian isn't playing with him by any means. To be with her he has to prove himself as worthy or get from around her. Diamond’s sick of Judah and his childish attitude, and the sweet woman he once knew has left the building. Soon, Judah will learn the hard way that she's not to be messed with. He's brought out a side in Diamond that not even she knew existed, and he doesn't know how to handle it. When it comes to street affairs, getting their hands dirty is something the St. Pierre brothers are no strangers to. With Ava being out of the picture the heat is turned up a few notches and it’s time to prove that they’re not the ones to be played with. In the streets, anyone who dares to cross enemy lines can get it with no holds barred. However, when it comes matters of their heart and the love’s of their lives, that's when the real war begins.

Married to the Mob: A Black Mafia Love Affair

Mz. Lady P. - 2016
    That's exactly what happens when the beautiful, plus sized British Bryant crosses paths with the Boss of the Demonte Crime Family. Don Corleone is ruthless yet gentle when it comes to British. From the moment he laid eyes on her he became obsessed with getting to know her better and bringing her into his world. Meanwhile, British can't accept that he wants a girl like her. In her opinion, men don't go for big girls like her but Corleone will show her why she's the chosen one and weight don't mean nothing to him. Corleone's brothers Dominic and Lucciano stand beside him through thick or thin and take their family business serious. They live by their own code "Loyalty or Death. Not even family is exempt from losing their life when it comes to crossing the Demonte Brothers. With so many enemies out to kill them they'll need strong women to hold them down while they take care of business. British, Katera, and Chloe have all been thrusted into the Black Mafia lifestyle and have proved that they are more than worthy of being the Mob Wives that Corleone, Dominic, and Lucci need. However, they never knew loving this men would be such a hard job before they became Married to The Mob.

Bad Boys Do It Better: In Love With an Outlaw

Porscha Sterling - 2016
    The oldest of four girls. Graduate of New York Law School, two years earlier than expected, at the top of my class and apple of my father’s eye. After years of hard work and dedication, I’m finally rewarded by being able to sit in on one of the biggest trials in the city, being handled by the district attorney himself. I’m excited and terrified about working with him. After all my years of dreaming, the time has finally come. But then I met him... Luke “Outlaw” Murray. The youngest of six boys. Graduate at the top of his class at hood university where he got his degree in the streets. Certified in Street Nigga-ology. He’s rude. He’s arrogant. He’s abrasive and he’s… did I say he was rude? He’s everything I don’t want in a man. Everything I shouldn’t want… until I do. And this... this is a story about us. But beware, because it's not your average love story.

From the Pole to the Palace 2: A Love Nobody Expected

Diamond D. Johnson - 2016
    As the days go by, Jameeka realizes that Levi isn’t the man she thought him be, but it’s too late because she’d already done the unthinkable, and Seth would never get back with her in a million years. Now that Seth and Dreka finally are in a committed relationship, is it enough for her to leave the pole alone and finally settle down in the palace where she belongs? Dreka promised herself that once she let those three words, I love you come out of her mouth, that she would hang up her dancing shoes, but is that true? In addition to everyday relationship problems, she is now faced with deep, dark secrets that she thought she had left behind in her past, but she now has to bring those secrets to light. This second installment is filled with drama, laughter, and secrets. Some will make it out in the end, but others won’t.

He Exposed Me to the Real, Now I Hate Lames

Natavia - 2016
    Damos Bennett, has it all. He is married to a successful doctor and his home improvement business is doing well. They have everything, a big house, fancy cars and everything else anyone could wish for. But that's only on the outside looking in. Behind closed doors their marriage is a nightmare and Damos isn't the prince charming she wished for.        Kwenya Smithson, is a twenty-eight year old successful bakery owner who owns five bakeries. Business is good and he has everything any young black-man could ask for, but what he is missing is love. Kwenya is a perfect catch to the public's eye, but the other life he lives is dangerous. Kwenya is not only the towns favorite baker, but he is also the hustlers favorite king pin. What happens when Kwenya and Ashanta cross paths with their own secrets? Will Kwenya reveal his other life to her and will she tell him about her marriage?      Best friends, Desi and Chasity are the city's most popular strippers. Chasity is having an affair with a married man and Desi wants love from a up and coming young hustler name, Bishop, whose name is starting to ring bells on the streets. Will two women with scheming pasts find the love they are looking for or will it turn their friendship sour as their secrets cross paths?     In this spontaneous, high-class meets hood life drama, everyone is looking for  happiness. Every woman is fighting for what all women want and that's a real man. What man has what it takes to expose them to what's real?    Friendships are being tested, marriages are crumbling and everyone has an agenda. You can't trust nobody, not even the person you are married to.

From the Pole to the Palace: A Love Nobody Expected

Diamond D. Johnson - 2016
    Slut. Skank. Those were all words that Ms. Dreka Hendrix has been called over the past few months ever since she landed her a job at Sin City. Sin City is a major strip club here in Miami Florida. While most people are there trying to showcase their talents, Dreka is there only because it is her last resort. She’s raising a six-year-old daughter by the name of Charisma, and doing whatever she has to do to provide for her and her child. In comes the new club manager, Seth Roberts. Seth immediately sees something in Dreka, but the only thing that keeps them apart is the fact that Seth is married. Will Seth give up on his marriage to pursue Dreka? Find out if Dreka has what it takes to go from the pole to the palace.

He Exposed Me to the Real, Now I Hate Lames 2

Natavia - 2016
    Everyone has a secret agenda of their own that can ruin relationships and friendships. Only the strongest survive and the weak are exposed. Ashanta Scott finally got to her breaking point, when she had no choice but to leave Kwenya behind. She escapes to Mexico where she meets a stranger named, Jesse. Jesse takes Ashanta under her wing and shows Ashanti just how strong she is deep down, and how to seek revenge on those that crossed her. When Ashanta comes back, she isn't the same timid woman she once was, and in place is a scorned woman out for blood. Without Ashanta, Kenya goes down a road of self-destruction. Kwenya is out for blood and won't stop until he finds out what happened to, Ashanta. Rakita has plans of her own, she knows that without Ashanta in the picture, she can get Kwenya back into her life. Will her plan work or is it too late? Desi has plans of her own, to expose those who crossed her. She comes up with a plan that might cost her, her life. After Bishop finds out the truth, will it be too late to rekindle the love between him and Desi? The plot thickens, in the second installment. As only the strongest survive and the weak are exposed. Who will come out on top? Only way to find out is to join the crew and to see who is real in this urban tale of deceit, heartbreak and revenge.

A Beauty to His Beast 2: An Urban Werewolf Story

Natavia - 2016
    Their lives should be filled with blissful times after the birth of their pups, but new and old enemies are emerging with treacherous agendas. Kanya is having a difficult time adjusting to the nature of her beast, the rules of the pack emerging with her beast is becoming overwhelming. What happens when Kanya’s beast test her mate’s? Keora is not willing to give up on her past infactuation of Goon, she will not stop at any cost even if it means sacrificing her heart to an ancient spirit to become powerful. But as time goes on, Keora has another agenda that can even cause Goon and Kanya’s pups their lives. But what will happen when Keora falls in love with another wolf? Will it be too late to stop the war she has created? In this second installment, secrets are revealed, new and old love is being discovered. Soul mates' love are being tested, and a war is emerging between packs as they fight to protect the ones they love.

You Needed Me

Shvonne Latrice - 2016
    But things take a dramatic turn when they become acquainted with the well known, rich, and sexy Quintons, TQ, Lendsey, Britain, and Rhys. The four boys, along with their parents and sister run the infamous Quinton Crime Family, committing all types of crimes from green card fraud to importing illegal drugs. Life is smooth sailing for both sets of people, that is until their worlds start to become one. With drama at every corner, and haters lurking in the shadows, will these unions be able to build a strong bond? Or will the brothers prove to be just another disappointment for the girls?

A Thug's Love 3

Jessica N. Watkins - 2016
    Who knew that he had been keeping such a secret from me? Just my luck, as I hid from him to gather my thoughts and deal with the pain, yet another crushing blow to my happiness was revealed. I then realized that I could no longer live for King; it was time to live for Kennedy. Little did I know, Jada was suffering the same heartbreak that I was. Dolla had torn her heart into two. My girl was miserable, but she didn’t run as I did; she was trying her best to inflict the same pain on Dolla as he had on her. Meanwhile, King, Meech and Dolla were constructing a plan to permanently get rid of the squad’s enemies. But will it work? Will the squad make it through this storm of deception and lies to continue ruling the streets of Chi? Some secrets should never be kept and some secrets should never be told because, either way, we were all about to suffer the consequences of secrets both revealed and untold.

Beauty in the Eyes of His Beast: The Pack

Natavia - 2016
    Izra and Adika had suffered from the lost of their pup. Their relationship is at stake which causes Adika to have an agenda of her own. The choices she make can cause the pack and her relationship a great amount of danger. What happens when she invites a stranger into their lives? Elle has a secret of his own. He is in love with a human name Camille. What will happen when the woman he is in love with come back into his life? Camille has something in store for Elle. Will it be for the better or for worse? Amadi and Jalesa are in love, but a terrible past still haunts him. Jalesa questions their relationship. Jalesa is pushed to the edge when she realizes the woman Amadi can't let go is dead. She has to compete with a ghost. Jalesa is left with a decision that might send her back to Anubi. Ammon has met his match and it isn't Naobi, its a witch name Ula. Ula is on a path of revenge and will stop at nothing to make sure Ammon get his karma. Ammon has a secret that is hidden and it can cause him his crown in Anubi. Anik's life isn't what it seems. She and Arya are running from their past. What happens when Anik loyalty is tested towards the pack? Anik puts herself in a great bit of danger while carrying pups. Will Dayo forgive her? In this installment relationships are tested, enemies are revealed and new additions are added to the pack. When a wolf mate they mate forever or is the saying not true? Join the pack in this fast-paced urban novel of werewolves.

Thug Mansion (Thug Passion Book 8)

Mz. Lady P. - 2016
    They've laid out the Blueprint in which most Hood couples aspire to follow. During the course of their many years together they managed to beat all obstacles and annihilate all enemies that trespassed against them. Thug and Tahari thrive off of their legendary street status as the King and Queen of Thug Inc. and Boss Lady Inc. Their camps have become the very thing they base their life off of but that's the problem their love has taken a back seat to the street status. The street life has a way of sucking you in to the point where you forget about the thing that's most important to you and that's family. The Kenneth family as a whole is about to embark on a epic journey of love and self discovery. They have been through it all and of course they still have more family drama and secrets to unfold. Only this time they get to the root of the problem. Follow the Family you fell in love with in this Finale to the Thug Passion Saga as they find out if they will meet their demise or live happily ever after in Thug's Mansion!!!!

Never Knew Love Like This

Chenell Parker - 2016
    Being beautiful with a figure to die for made it easy for her to juggle men and get her needs met. She had never met a man who wasn't impressed by her outer appearance until she met Montez, a married tattoo artist. Montez has more on his plate than he bargained for. He is desperate to start a family with Destiny, his wife of 3 years, but the secrets that she's withholding make that seem almost impossible. A chance meeting from a mutual acquaintance puts Cashmere and Montez in each other's presence briefly. It's love at first sight for one of them, but not so much the other. Cashmere is used to men falling at her feet, but the lack of attention from Montez has her questioning herself as well as the beauty that she's always been known to possess. Take a ride with an insecure young woman and a very outspoken young man to see just how their lives intertwine when they cross paths with one another. Will Montez be able to resist the sexy vixen known as Cashmere or will he dishonor his vows for a taste of her forbidden fruit? Will Cashmere be able accept Montez's rejection or will she continue to pursue something that she can never have? Is Montez really off limits or will he be the man to show her love like she's never known before?

Love. Allure. Volume 2

Jai Bree'nae - 2016
    Life is great, or so he thinks. While busy monitoring his youngest brother's progress in the streets, he is unaware of a certain someone worming her way into his marriage and trying to sabotage his otherwise perfect union. Will she succeed? Adrian has been granted a second chance with the love of his life. Carmen was everything to him, that is, until he slipped up and got Tess pregnant. Now that Carmen is back, will he remain loyal to Tess, stay for their kids, or be with the one woman that could make him reconsider leaving everything behind that he thought made him the man that he is. Dru and Madison are going strong. She is his ride or die chick, and the love of his life, but there are things that haunt her, things that even he can't handle. Will they end up together, or will her issues be too much for him to handle? Drennen is taking the streets by storm, there's just one thing, Brylee isn't happy about it. Limits are tested, hands are forced, and lines are crossed as they fight to keep their love alive, but who, if anyone, will give in? Join The Pierce Men on their final journey in fighting for the LOVE. of their lives, while trying to hold onto the ALLURE. of the women and the streets that could cost them everything.

The Sins Of My Beretta

Trenae' - 2016
    From drugs to murder for hire and everything in between, these deadly sisters have the game on lock.Sin runs the city with a shoot first, ask questions never mentality. After letting her guard down once and being left for dead carrying a child, she hardened her heart and vowed to never let that happen to her again. Carrying around a secret that could potentially change her life as she knows it, she buried it, along with her feelings. But, when a new player by the name of Ghost enters the game, can Sin keep dirt on those feelings that she thought died or will he turn out to be her blessing in disguise?Beretta is a self-proclaimed killer by birth and has never had a problem toe-tagging any and everything that comes her way. Sticking to that code, what happens when one of her missions makes her question everything she lives for? When secrets are uncovered and blood is shed, can the girls handle the Sins of their Berettas?

Hate to Love You

Ivy Symone - 2016
    I was guilty. And I used to not feel bad about having those feelings. My husband was evil and most days I hated him. I used to come up with outlandish schemes in my head to get rid of him without evidence coming back on me. I’ve watch Snapped many times. You had to play that shit careful or a jury wouldn’t believe your word.Ironically, now that my husband Marcos Beauchamp was laid up in the hospital, hanging on for dear life, I kind of felt guilty about my vindictive feelings. Did all of my hopeful wishes bring this about? I can’t lie; a part of me was laughing inside. Not a giggle laugh either. It was one of those deep from the belly that worked its way up to the throat and came out forceful like you had heard the funniest shit ever. That’s wrong; I know, but you don’t understand. This man has taken me through hell and it serves his ass right.~~ Nephia Beauchamp, mother of seven and wife of a woman beaterHate to Love You takes you deeper into the life of Nephia as she recalls a traumatic past that leads up to the near fatal death of her abusive husband. She finds herself at a crossroad and unsure of what direction she will go. Take this journey along with her and see if Nephia’s faith will allow her to stand by him or simply walk away and start anew.

Ain't No Love Like a Thug's Love

K.C. Mills - 2016
    At twenty-six years of age, she is the CEO of one of the largest marketing firms in the country. Sophie is an overachiever in every area, except her love life. Finding the right guy seems to be an impossible task when you’re wealthy, beautiful, and brilliant. A bizarre mix-up at a restaurant forces Sophie to cross paths with the dangerously sexy Trooper Carter. Although Sophie is convinced that he is definitely not her type, she can’t seem to get him off her mind. Trooper Carter lives life on his terms and answers to no one. Despite his humble beginnings as the abandoned child of drug-addicted parents, Trooper has made a success of himself, and now life is great. His good looks make him very popular with the ladies, and he is only too happy to give them what they want… on his terms. He is willing to share his body, but his heart is off limits. When Sophie and Carter meet, their dislike for each other is as strong as their attraction. As soon as they decide to let their guard down and give each other a chance, all hell seems to break loose. Faced with opposition from Sophie’s family, crazy exes, and even the help, the young lovers must decide if a chance at love is really worth all the trouble.

An Affair in Munthill

Takerra Allen - 2016
    The key ingredients of intrigue are here – he’s self-aware, dominant, with a dangerous yet captivating edge. While she on the other hand, is unlike any other female he’s encountered and the nemesis to the typical ideals of the urban beauty. She’s headstrong, she’s flawed, she wears her struggles as a badge of honor – and she’s REAL. He has come to her town for a purpose, and she lives day to day searching for one. When the two collide, the world stops. Drama and suspense take a backseat to the primary emotions we all encounter – desire, fear, regret, and HOPE. The characters peel back layers and the story doesn’t skyrocket, it builds. Devout was a tornado…and this is the sweet summer’s breeze creeping through your window. Still, these pages get steamy, like a humid night in August, and they come when you least expect it. With the feel of a historic romance, journey with the everyday woman trying to make it in her world, and not so everyday things begin to occur.

King of the Streets, Queen of His Heart

Porscha Sterling - 2016
    Always eager to be the one to set things right for the people she loved, she decided, against the urgings of her cousin, Maliah, to confront the leader of the new gang in Liberty City who is responsible for serving her mother's addiction. But once she meets Legend, her life really begins to change. Legend, the unofficial leader of a group of brothers known as the D Boys because of their last name, is not only the youngest of the crew, he is the most savage of them all which is how he got his name. After being confronted by Shanecia, he decided to spare her life and let her leave but, for some reason he can't explain, he is unable to keep her out of his mind and eventually decided he had to make her his. But when he finds out that Shanecia is connected with his enemy in more ways than one, it makes him question how loyal a love they could really have. Shanecia's cousin, Maliah, is in love with Danny, the father of her children and her first love whom she has been with since high school but there is just one problem: Danny, who was once a highly paid street hustler, is now addicted to the very drugs he'd sold to others and he owes a very large debt to Mello, the head of the crew Danny is apart of, who also happens to be Legend's #1 enemy. In order to get back the money Danny owes and to take care of her three children, Maliah starts dancing at a strip club which is where she meets Murk, Legend's brother. When she starts to fall for one of the D Boys while still officially in a relationship with Danny who works for the opposing gang, it puts her in the middle of a street war that she is not sure she wants to take part in. Will she side with her heart, that is pointing her towards Murk or will she stick with the first man she's ever loved and help turn him back into the man he once was? The streets of Miami are savage and ruthless but they are nothing in comparison to what happens when love is thrown into the equation. Will love prevail or will the streets reign supreme over all? Find out in this legendary love story.

Beasts: New Beginnings

Natavia - 2016
    Goon’s sons Kanye and Akea, have grown up and are experiencing love for the first time with their mates. Kanye, is stubborn and is next in line to be the next “Alpha.” Akea, is the outcast in the pack. Akea feels like being the outcast is his rightful place because he doesn’t have the beast trait like everyone else in the pack. Will the two brother’s get along or will they become enemies? Monifa is dating a human jock at their college but her heart desires someone else. She is secretly in love with a beast, but does the beast feel the same about her? The love/hate relationship Monifa has with the one she secretly loves spirals out of control because of betrayal. Osiris, the prince of “Anubi” is cast away to earth because his evil witch, aunt Meda has bigger plans for him. Osiris is left with two choices, fight for his world or join the Underworld. Which choice will he take? In this new beginnings of the beasts, love is being tested, rules of the pack are being broken and not everyone are who they seem. New love is brewing while old love is being destroyed. Will the offspring survive fighting for love or will the past destroy the pack? Join the New Beginnings of the offspring as they start a new journey of their own.

Addicted to a Dirty South Thug 2

Shan - 2016
    "No fear and no more running," she tells herself, but with Khi's overwhelming baby mama drama and heat from the Prince brothers, she finds every excuse she can to run from her one true love. Khi is trying everything to get a hold on his life. After getting Dae out the way, the problems seem to continue to fall into his lap. With trying to figure out if Selena is really playing for the other team and keeping an eye on Briana, his love and attention for Cuba seems to fall in last place. With the threat of losing Cuba on his shoulders, will Khi make the right the decision and choose the woman that he's been waiting his whole life for? And what happens when decisions made causes brother to be against brother? They are in the middle of a war, how will they come out on top if they're beefing with each other? KaeDee is no longer able to keep the cool demeanor that he is known for having once he realizes that it's more to Deonna's suicide. Once a pretty Detective walks into his life and turns things upside down for him, KaeDee finds out the woman he married is only one of many. It all seems to break him down and forces him to be angry at the world, even his brothers. Mistakes are made and KaeDee is unable to keep it together and is quickly falling apart, but what happens when the one person he's never noticed is the one to piece him back together? In the midst of all the madness, will KaeDee see that his true soulmate had been hiding in the shadows all along. Dae's finally forced to face his problems now that he has nowhere to turn. Realizing that the only person that he could count on is the one to put him in his predicament, will Dae finally get his life together or will it be too late for him? The newest addition to the Prince brothers saga is home. The wild hair, funny looking eyes Cassidy has touched down and back to claim the only woman he's ever loved but things won't be so easy for him. His past issues was never resolved and the secret he's been holding onto has no choice but to be revealed. He works hard to fix all the issues he's caused. Once the smoke finally clears, will Cassidy have his woman, or will end up paying for more of his mistakes in the end? Things are just heating up in this installment of Addicted To a Dirty South Thug.

A Queen and a Hustla

Tina J. - 2016
    They were three siblings who were known not only as kingpins but the ones who pumped fear in every man and woman's heart. They ran their empire with an iron fist and dared anyone to challenge them.Meet FJ Coy who ran the entire southern part of New Jersey. He as well was the kingpin of his area along with his friend Rashad. They had the same mind frame as the Abdul brothers, however he found himself on their most wanted list. FJ will be forced to make a decision that can take away the one thing he loves the most besides his son.With the constant drama that followed all of them, the one person that connects them will be the one who almost destroys the Abdul family. Loyalties are tested in both camps, secrets are revealed. It ain't easy for A Queen Loving a Hustla.

Ballad of a Boss' Wife 2

Mz. Lady P. - 2016
    That's exactly what Bianca has been doing while Bless is awaiting trial. His empire is flourishing and the money is flowing abundantly thanks to Bianca. Of course with more money comes more problems. Out in the world without her better half has been hard on Bianca but she's handled life as a wife and mother with ease. At the same time her naïve nature tends to blind her judgement of what's obvious in front of her.Of course Bless being the dominant man he is he works hard to mold her into the wife he wants her to be. Bianca wants her own identity and to be known as more than Bless' wife. Which causes more drama than the couple needs. After all the streets is talking and niggas is gossiping. They want what Bless and Bianca have. In this highly anticipated installment to the Best Selling series. Bianca and Bless will have to remain the strong united front they've always been in order to overcome the newest set of obstacles and treachery. They said that you're never supposed to live with regrets and in this case certain decisions will have dire consequences for all parties involved. Follow Bianca on her journey of self discovery and life while standing firm as the Boss' Wife!!!

Blue's Beauty

Bailey West - 2016
    Zanetta is a smart, non-traditional woman who believes that women rule the world. She also believes in love but it seems to elude her until he comes along. Blue’s Beauty is a journey of love lost, love found and redemption.

Keyshia and Cashmere 3: The Finale

Karma Monae - 2016
    With Cashmere back in the building after being hit with a Probation Violation and Prince heading in to start his sentencing, things can’t seem to get any lower. Still in all, Bree is determined to hold her man down no matter how long it is. But every woman needs a little attention in their life right? Does Bree stay ten toes down for Prince, or does she end up falling victim and betraying his trust?Jacey and Mike finally called it quits after their 10 year marriage blew up in her face. Jacey soon begins dating, and thinks she may have possibly found someone that peeked a lot of her interests. Mike on the other hand has other plans, and refuses to let his wife move on if it’s not in a body bag. But what happens when he gets a dose of his own medicine and see’s there’s always a flip side to a woman’s love? Will she give him yet another chance, or was this be the final straw that broke the camel’s back? It seems like Keyshia and Cashmere just can’t get right. One minute they are up, and the next they are down. But after Keyshia finds out the extent of Cashmere’s betrayal and leaves him stinking in the county, he is livid. Keyshia swears she is done with Cashmere, and decides to put all her focus into her work and children, but the sexy suave Rico makes it hard for her to resist. After all, he was there before Cash. Torn between the two men, Keyshia goes through a whirlwind trying to figure out which man is worthy of her love. Has Cash crossed the boundaries and his infidelity gone too far? Everyone knows without a doubt Rico is madly in love with Keyshia, and up until now, he has played the side lines but with Cash out the picture this may be the chance for him to get his queen back. Will Cashmere grow up and realize what he is at risk of losing? Or does she choose to rock with Rico, the only one she can seem to count on?The stakes are high, and each couple has too much to lose. The heart loves who it wants, and loving a thug ain't always easy. Tune in, for Keyshia and Cashmere Part 3: The FinaleWith appearances from ‘Jux and Lani’, from A Jersey Love Saga: No Faces No Cases.

When Bae's a Boss

Lucinda John - 2016
    Mayhem was the man with the plan, ruling the streets with an iron fist as founder of The Godfrey Brothers, a drug cartel that he started with the help of his brothers Maleek and Ramsey. Mayhem didn’t expect complications to rise, but when they did, he was prepared to take the fall knowing that his brothers were capable of holding it down until he was free again. Upon his release, Mayhem returned home to his wife who he no longer loved. Macy didn’t hold him down like she promised to do before Mayhem turned himself in. Mayhem doesn’t want anything else to do with her, but is too busy to sign the divorce papers.One night while in the trenches, he runs into a troubled yet alluring young woman who ran the streets and climbed the pole of many men by the name of Tiny. Opposites definitely attract in this new series by author Lucinda John.Mayhem finds himself in love with the young gal, but she needs some molding. Tiny is the product of a broken home and in desperate need of home training.Mayhem’s wife realizes that she is losing her husband and becomes desperate to keep her ring and her perfect life. She begins to dig up every skeleton in Tiny’s life in hopes to lead him away from her captivity.

The Sins Of My Beretta 2

Trenae' - 2016
    What happens when jealous ex-lovers and demons from the past refuse to stay there? Unresolved issues keeping coming back until Sin has no choice but to face them head on.Putting a whole new meaning to the term “love triangle”, not being able to handle all of Ghost’s baby mama drama, Sin finds herself in the arms of the rugged youngster by the name of Rello. Can she forgive Ghost for his short-comings or will Rello Show her that all she needed was the love that only he can give?With Rock missing in action, will the ones that vowed to always love and protect him still be there or will what he’s hiding from them be too much to bear?On this final ride with the crew, you will see what it means to do anything in the name of love even if it means killing the ones closest to you.

She Gotta Be The Dopest To Ride With The Coldest

Kyoshi - 2016
    Instead of going away to college or turning up every weekend, she spent her days behind the counter at McDonalds. With a mother fighting Lupus and bills that had to be paid, Azuri put her life on hold to be whatever her mother needed her to be. A night working the late shift changed her life. It was the day she met Kashmir “Gotti” Banks. Gotti is an arrogant, smart mouthed boss from Harlem and used to getting everything he wanted, that is until he met Azuri. Love ‘em and leave ‘em had been his way of life for the past twenty five years. Chasing women was never his style and being caught, had never been Azuri’s style. The chemistry between the two was far more than either of them could ever imagine. Not sure if Gotti is good for her, Azuri built a wall up that he was determined to tear down. A day at the Rucker started a whirlwind romance between the two, but will they have a happily ever after? Lies, drama, murder, sex and deceit threaten to destroy the union the two have built. Will their love stand the test of time? Or will too many lines being crossed, tear the two apart? Find out in this juicy tale, unlike anything you’ve ever read...

Addicted to a Dirty South Thug 3

Shan - 2016
    After her fairytale proposal and saying yes to the man she loved, Cuba was hit with the bitter and jealous filled rage of Brianna. Cuba's first thought is to run, but Khi isn't going to let that happen. He does everything in his power to show Cuba that she is his queen and he her king and ensures nothing ever happens to her again. Showering Cuba with love, affection, and gifts send these two right down the aisle of matrimony, but what happens just as the two are united? Life and betrayal has sent Khi back to the man that he had so long tried to escape. After everything that happened to his Cuba, Khi becomes the ultimate gentleman at home, but more ruthless than ever in the streets. He and his brothers are determined to reign supreme in the streets and with the new deal that's been handed to them, they plan to take it all while suffering no losses. The money begins to roll in effortlessly and the Prince name is own its way to being a legacy, but while things seem to be going great for them, someone isn't with it, and they're coming for Khi with all they have. KaeDee and Detective Destiny Henson's love story was written before KaeDee had even known. After Deonna's past was revealed and finding out the sacrifices that Destiny has made for him, KaeDee has decided to take things easy and get away for a while. Knowing he's no good for his brothers right now, he and Destiny embark on a journey to see if there a such thing as true happiness. Cassidy tried his best to be a good man to Tangie but one simple mistake causes him to lose his relationship with her. Feeling resentful and as stubborn as ever, Cassidy refuses to beg for forgiveness again and puts his all into the Prince legacy. He no longer wants to love, but when Jourdin the mother of his child walks back into his life and shows him unconditional love and Tangie finally confesses that she no longer wants to live without him, Cassidy finds himself in love with two women unsure of which one deserves his heart the most. Dae awakes from his coma feeling colder than ever. A character you all know pushes Tamar to forgive Dae and his wrongdoings against Taylana for the sake of their child. And now that things seem to be back on the right path, Dae no longer wants what he is now able to have and seeks to win back the heart of the one woman that he cost the most pain to. He wants Amber back and to build the relationship that he coldly tore apart, but she won't make it easy for him and nor will Taylana. Now that Khian, Cassidy, and Daelan are all together, the Prince legacy is in the midst of being written. These brothers have a point to prove and will stop at nothing to do so. You've never seen them so ruthless before especially when the biggest blow to come their way yet involves the last piece to the Prince brother puzzle...Emon. The Prince brothers love hard this round, but gun harder showing you just why everyone is Addicted to A Dirty South Thug.

Ballad of a Boss' Wife: Bless and Bianca's Story

Mz. Lady P. - 2016
    Lady P. Ballad of a Boss' Wife is a love tale filled with drama and captivating from the very first page. In this day in age most women dream of a Fairytale love affair. The one where Prince Charming swoops in like a thief in the night and steals your heart. This here ain't no Fairytale. This love story is straight off the streets of Chicago where it's kill or be killed.Meet seventeen year old Bianca Bismillah. She's beautiful with a bright future ahead of her. Bianca exudes more confidence and poise than most grown women. That's exactly what makes twenty five year old Brion "Bless" Williams take notice to her outside of being his younger sister Niema's best friend.In his eyes she was like a little sister. In her eyes he was everything she needed to protect her from her dysfunctional home life. Their age difference was his biggest issue but age was nothing but a number to Bianca she had to have Bless to herself.In the unluckiest of circumstances she gets him and more than she ever bargained for but being so strong minded and strong willed Bianca refuses to lose. She's going to make her mark as the Boss' Wife or die trying.

Rule and Camryn 2: A Memphis Love Story

B. Love - 2016
    He carefully yet forcefully broke down her walls and showed her that it was okay to love and trust. And she loved and trusted – so much so that she willingly sacrificed her life for his!In part two the drama and devotion continues. This time with Rule. After witnessing Camryn’s love and commitment in such a drastic way, Rule’s inner demons are brought to the surface.His childhood tragedy sends him into a deep and dark depression that only Camryn’s love can break through.Will he allow her to? Or will this be the end? Read the final installment of Rule and Camryn: A Memphis Love Story to find out!

Kaine and Karma: Luvin' A Savage

Sha Jones - 2016
     The physical and mental abuse along with the lack of love that she receives from her evil mother at home sends her stumbling into the troubled street life. When she's not being her mother's own personal punching bag, she's laying on her back or sliding down the pole for a few dollars. To hide the embarrassment and pain of the abuse she subconsciously finds comfort in the men that only want to get between her legs, hit it raw then leave her feeling lonely, but that soon changes when she runs into a real man, a true boss. Kaine is sexy, savvy and rich. His aura is so strong that when he walks into a room, time stops. The men cheer his name and the women lust over him, but the only one that he has eyes for is Karma. Karma has been mistreated by so many men she can't help but to think that all of them are the same but is unexpectedly swept off her feet by Kaine, who shows her that there's so much more to life than being bullied by her mother and spreading her legs for chump change Kaine turns on his charm, reminds Karma that she's a queen and shows her what a real man is like. He comes into her life, digs deep inside of her soul and pulls out all of the pain that she buried deep within herself since she was a child. Karma's heart suddenly goes from cold to warm, and she now has a burning love for Kaine that she just can't put out. But now, there's a problem... While Kaine is helping Karma through her struggles, he has a few of his own. With the strength that Kaine has instilled inside of Karma, will she use it to be Kaine's backbone and help him overcome his own problems? Will she be woman enough to hold her man down the same way he's been holding her down? Will they be able to stick together and fight off the demons that are trying to pull them apart? In this latest steamy romance, Karma's new found strength will be put to the test in ways that she could never imagine.

Rule and Camryn: A Memphis Love Story

B. Love - 2016
    She closed her heart and vowed to never let love in. Her philosophy – you can’t be hurt by someone you aren’t attached to. So, she lived her life without romantic love. And she was just fine with her lifestyle… until she met Rule.It was no secret… Rule loved the life he was living. He was the King of Memphis. There was one problem – he didn’t have a Queen or an Heir to his throne. His legal throne that is. If there was one thing that he could change about his life that would be it. Rule had had his fair share of women in his short life because of his passion for love and acceptance… but he had yet to find a woman who could truly hold his interest… until Camryn. Even with their first phone conversation he knew there was something different about her. There was something in the tone of her voice as she spoke to him that let him know that she was someone he needed to keep around.When these two head to Vegas for a weeklong trip together Camryn is determined to prove she can live without love, and Rule is determined to prove that she can’t.Who will win? Will Camryn fold and submit to love; or will she end up doing what she’s spent her life avoiding to Rule – lusting and letting go?Read part one of Rule and Camryn’s love story to find out!

Not Another Thug Story

Desiree M. Granger - 2016
    For the rest of the readers that already know what's up? Welcome back. Let's continue with Montana's story.

Casanova and Cassidy: Thug Relationship Goals

Briana Crosby - 2016
    Being determined to care for those that she loves draws her to a new city. Luckily for her, she ends up scoring a win by getting a position at the Alcatraz of the South - Angola, Louisiana State Penitentiary. What seems like a promising job, turns out to be something that she has never experienced. She gets sucked in by a force she never knew existed. He's domineering, dangerous, powerful, and of course a thug that you just can't get enough of. This romance will pull you in from the very first page, and will have you wanting more Casanova... find out how Cassidy copes with this possessive force in Casanova & Cassidy: Thug Relationship Goals.

How the Baptiste Boys Took Over North Carolina (How the Baptiste Boys Took Over North Carolins Book 1)

Natisha Raynor - 2016
    Jules possesses the street smarts, the hustler's mentality, and the ruthlessness that it takes to come to an unknown city and take over blocks. It doesn't take long for Jules and his crew to start shining, but the more money they accumulate, the more drama that begins to unfold. The locals don't take too kindly to the Baptiste boys’ sudden arrival, and things begin to heat up in the streets. Lyric is just getting over the death of her fiancé, and all she cares about is raising her child and being successful in her career. When the charming Jules enters her life, she is smitten as well as torn. Lyric is battling herself on whether to give in to her desires and let Jules love her, or stand firm on the promise she made to herself. Will all of Jules’ drama remind her why she no longer wants a dope boy, and cause her to push him away? Will love conquer all, or will Jules’ lifestyle cost him the woman that he's fallen deeply in love with?

The Arraignment: Prequel of The Underworld

Nako - 2016
    The Arraignment invites readers into the personal lives of the members of The Underworld the night before the court case. Not only are readers granted access into the homes of the defendants but the prosecutors as well. The Arraignment is a short-story that serves as the Prequel of The Underworld. The Arraignment should serve as a "go-to" guide for readers to refer too after reading a new book added to the street-crime collection. 12 new characters are introduced in The Arraignment, read carefully. Is the snitch revealed? The Underworld is a 25 book street crime collection written by NAKO. Books 1-5 are now available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, Please Catch My Soul, Pointe of No Return, From His Rib, The Christ Family, and Stranger In My Eyes.

Play For Your Love

AshleyNicole - 2016
    You have to open yourself up to the possibility of being hurt. You have to expose yourself in a way that you usually wouldn’t; allow others to see vulnerabilities that you try to hide. Journalist Aria Smith tried that three years ago and it ended in disaster. Now, she’s just trying to focus on moving up the ladder in her career. She’s just been handed the most coveted interview in sports writing, so it looks like she’s well on her way. Basketball star Tory Barker is fresh off of a championship season and is in high demand right now. He’s riding high off of his success, avoiding drama as he does so. His usually introverted and stress free lifestyle is upset when he comes face to face with Aria. She’s everything he never knew he wanted and everything he plans to get. Aria’s not sure she’s ready for the likes of Tory. Yes, he’s a sweetheart. Yes, he’s easy to talk. However, living life in the limelight was never her dream. Nor, was dating a basketball player. She’s throwing up strong blocks every time he makes a move. Tory knows she’s worth it and is more than ready to play for her love. Can he win is the question…

Big and Aimee: Beautiful Chaos

Charae Lewis - 2016
    Big has everything going for himself; from being a successful business owner to being a member of his family's notorious crime operation. Things couldn't be better for Big, especially after finding true love with his girlfriend, Aimee. But when Big is forced to choose between what he wants and what he needs, he is faced with a detrimental predicament. When certain situations start to interfere with his relationship Aimee, Big contemplates doing something he said he would never do. Follow Big and Aimee in this enthralling drama as their patience and love is put to the test.

If It Ain't Hood It Ain't Real

K.C. Mills - 2016
    That was until their wealthy father is jailed for tax evasion, yanking that plush cashmere rug right from underneath them. Forced to make ends meet since their gold digging mother has sank her claws into another rich man, Fallen and Frankie turn to burglarizing homes in their old neighborhood. Not knowing many technical aspects of robbing homes, the girls run into some big problems, two of them being tall, handsome, and a tad bit annoying. Dreyton and Kamadi just want to make enough money to be able to go legit, and provide for their families. Not wanting to become tied up in the world of drugs, they decide to hit a few licks, hoping it will secure them enough to turn in their ski masks once and for all. But what happens when these four people from very different worlds unwillingly collide? Will it be hate with a little bit of love at first sight? Or will their differences tear them apart, leaving everyone right back at square one?

Me and My Dope Boy

Shvonne Latrice - 2016
    Now that the originals have retired, the empire has been passed down to Kendrick King Jr., Kaleeini, and Kendrin. Follow the new generation of King men as they try to balance an empire, significant others, and what's a good a story without a crazy jump off or two? In this story, you will meet a new group of friends Gianna, Aysia, Willow, and Shannon, whose lives never have a dull moment when dating a King man. This is a spin-off of Good Girls Love Thugs.

Heartbeat of the Block: A Street King's Love

A'zayler - 2016
    Thriving off the respect of others while enjoying the perks of being hood rich, the pair effortlessly dominate any and everything they’re a part of. Though they’re nothing more than friends, the inner fire that burns on the inside of them both for the other, is starting to become unbearable. Lu is well known in the streets for being Brasi’s first lady, and because of this, things between her and her longtime boyfriend are diminishing. Loving Brasi with everything in her, but still drawing the line at their friendship, Lu’s able to balance it all out, until Brasi presents his truest feelings to her. A young street king and a self-made boss in his own right, Brasi Gibson is living the life. He’s got money, women, and anything materialistic at the tip of his fingers, but all of that means nothing to him without true love. Having always known that Lu was indeed made for him, Brasi doesn’t stress her personal life until it starts to get in his way. Accustomed to getting anything he wants, he feels as if Lu is no different and disregards everything in his way of having her. Breon is Lu’s younger sister and has pretty much been along for the ride. Never challenging Lu or getting involved in anything that has to do with the streets, Breon lives a pretty peaceful life. However, all of that is quickly dismissed once Brasi’s right hand man, Wren Moore, starts to pursue her. Street and as hood as they come, Wren is fearless and sees no boundaries when it comes to the things he wants. The only problem with that is, the one thing he really wants, he can’t have. Breon seems to fight him at every turn, but being the persistent young hustler that he is, he weakens her and quickly captures her heart. Find out just how far these men will go to obtain the heartbeat of their blocks.

Harlee and Kayo: The Street Legacy Continues

K.C. Mills - 2016
    His circle is small, only consisting of his cousin, Davoni, who was more like a brother, and his business associates June and Jy Frost. Life wasn’t perfect, but it was damn good. Kayo had money, respect, and no real worries to speak of. The only thing that he could see upgrading was his love life. Being the faithful and loyal type, Kayo had put eight years in with is current situation, Sienna Jackson, but things just weren’t like they used to be. So, when he laid eyes on Harlee Starr, a new and happening Atlanta R&B Diva, he found himself intrigued. Unfortunately for him, the night they crossed paths just happened to be one of the worst nights of Harlee’s life. She had no interest in entertaining Kayo. Not pressed for attention from any female, Kayo kept it moving and didn’t let it bother him. But fate had other plans, and they soon crossed paths again. From the outside looking in, Harlee Starr had the perfect life. She was on top of the charts thanks to a musical make over by Atlanta's hottest producers, Jy and Jy Frost, but everything is not always what it seems. Harlee's life is so far from perfect that it would make your head spin. Her career and one-sided relationship with local rap artist Razz, has her in a downward spiral, that is until Kayo forces his way into her life. Feeling bad about the way she put him off after their first encounter, she requests a do over and the two have a chance to get cozy. Harlee falls immediately because Kay is like a breath of fresh air and exactly what she needs. Unfortunately, those closest to her are against the union. Hannah, her manager, sees Kayo as a distraction, while her best friend, Kazz, thinks feels like Harlee is in over her head with Kayo’s lifestyle. Will these two figure out how to blend their worlds, or will the people around them play a role in keeping them apart? Welcome all this Harlee and Kayo love story, as the street Legacy continues.

The Love of an East Atlanta Boss 3

A'zayler - 2016
    With Jet and Sonic having found love in each other, it's only right that Esso and Ezana have their chance as well. Building a future with the person you love is exciting and can be one of the most exhilarating things in the world, as long as it's done right. As long as there's no demons from the past resurfacing to cause turmoil and resentment in the present. Esso is a strong man, and one of a commendable caliber, but just like everyone else, he has things that he allows to get the best of him. With one of the most important ones being the beautiful free soul that has captured his heart. Ezana Takato. The love of Esso's life, and the happiness that he's always craved. Blending into his world and practically taking it over, Ezana leaves an impression on Esso's heart that not even the deepest addiction can taint. With more love to give than time she has to sacrifice, Ezana stands in Esso's corner, fighting for him when he's unable to fight for himself, loving him when he feels unlovable and guiding him when he's lost his way. Though it takes time for the couple to get on the right path, they finally do, only to be detoured once again by the past. This time, a woman. Will Esso continue being the strong intelligent man that he was, or will he allow his past loves to mess up his future?

Big and Aimee 2: the finale

Charae Lewis - 2016
    Knowing that her mother's death was no accident, leaves Aimee devastated and hurt. Revenge is the only thing on her mind, but when she learns that Big may be in trouble, her plans come to a halt and her love is put to the test.Big finds himself in a sticky situation when he's on the other side of the gun. He's pissed off so many people in recent weeks that it could be anybody holding him at gun point. Big tried to come up with a plan, but when things don't go as he hoped, Big soon finds himself fighting for his life.Will Aimee put her mother's killers behind bars? Will Big make it out of his situation alive? Are Big and Aimee meant to be together, or are they done for good? Follow this thrilling suspense to see if Big and Aimee will find their way back to one another.

Forever the Plug's Wife

K.C. Mills - 2016
    The Jack Girl even goes as far as saying "I do" to a complete and utter stranger, finding herself inside the most expensive hotel on the Las Vegas strip to commensurate her wedding. A rebel without a cause? Not so much, Sanaa has an ill brother, Rakeem, and she’s prepared to do anything necessary to ensure her twin lives to see another day. But what happens when the man you dupe into marrying you and rob blind isn't just some ordinary man after all? What if he turns out to be the most dangerous plug on the whole east coast? She soon finds out that what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. Feared my many and respected by all, Yaseer runs New York with an iron fist. After a business meeting in Vegas, he finds himself in the right place at the right time. When he runs into Sanaa who assumes she’s playing him, he offers her an opportunity that she simply cannot refuse. Little does she know, even with the false identity that she’s parading around with, Yaseer is well aware of who she really is. How could he not be? Unbeknownst to her, Yaseer has loved her for as long as he can remember. When he realizes that he's been robbed by his new wife, he arranges for her to be kidnapped and transported to his home in Jamaica. Somewhere down the line, the unlikely pair fall madly in love. Things between them are almost too good to be true. But when Yaseer's shocking secret is revealed, Sanaa will be forced to make a tragic decision. To kill the love of her life or forever be the plugs wife. In this gripping love tale of lies, murder and deceit, you'll find out that things are not always what they seem.

When Bae's a Boss 2

Lucinda John - 2016
    His true intent is shown, threatening to ruin what Mayhem and Tiny has built. Will he succeed with his wicked plan? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned is a saying that applies to Macy. Pissed that she is forced out of the Godfrey family her ultimate goal is to bring everyone down one by one. With the help of her new man and Elias she oppose as a deadly threat to the Godfrey empire. A simple walk down the isle to happiness turned into a trip to hell for Joie. When her secrets unfolds In front of her piece by piece she finds herself in a dilemma with Maleek, the craziest Godfrey of them all and the mother of his child, Stacy. With old beef arising and new enemies appearing the Godfrey brothers find themselves doing anything in their power to keep their family safe, even if it may fatally cost them their life.

Rule and Camryn 3: The Wedding

B. Love - 2016
     The destination - love for eternity.

The Lion

D. Camille - 2016
    A retired professional baseball player, he returns to his home in Detroit to purchase a major league franchise. Rion has to tackle government corruption and systematic racism in his quest. He didn’t realize that one person held the key to all of his dreams until she knocks him off his feet. Rion becomes completely mesmerized by hazel eyes along with a no nonsense attitude and tough city girl exterior. Tauri Patterson is the city Prosecutor and her job is to fight for the citizens of Detroit. Her strength and intelligence have made her one of the top litigators. Little did she know that when she received Rion Shaw’s case on her desk, her life would never be the same. The six-foot four decadent chocolate dream walks into her office and changes her life. She’s swept off her feet by the confident warrior who knows who he is and what he wants. Together they must overcome the threats against them in order to achieve the task before them. Rion and Tauri find that love and family can overcome every barrier.


Nicole Jackson - 2016
    Jahrein Junior and Josairah are the offspring of two hood legends; Jahrein and Josh. They’ve grown up around each other, practically their entire lives, but as time goes on, their mutual attraction can’t be denied. Thinking that their situation was better left in secrecy, the two forge ahead as a couple, only no one knows. But when everything’s out in the open, will Jahrein Junior truly be ready for a commitment? Or will he need Josairah to Freeze, until he’s ready to be the man she needs?

His Heart Ain't Loyal

K.C. Mills - 2016
    He’s street raised but business minded. Being part owner of a Harper’s, a successful bar and grill, affords him a certain lifestyle and plenty of women who want to share it with him. Larken is young and paid, and in no way interested in settling down anytime soon. Family secrets have a way of curbing his appetite for commitment, and he has no issues with that whatsoever. Sydney knows what she wants, she just can’t seem to get all her cards lined up to make it happen. Life somehow keeps getting in the way of her future plans. Sydney’s only focus is finishing school and starting her career, which leaves no room for relationships of any kind. The down side is that without a car and a job, she doesn’t have the ability to make that happen. When both are snatched from her because of a shady business deal, she’s at a loss and struggles to figure out her next move. Larken just happens to be in the right place at the right time and offers a solution to Sydney’s current situation. The two have no intention of making any kind of connection, but sometimes you find just what you need when you aren’t really looking. Will Sydney tame Larken’s wild side, and will he prove that he’s worthy of her time? Or have the two crossed paths at the wrong time, rendering them incapable of the love that neither of them know that they’re missing.

Power and Elle: A Memphis Love Story

B. Love - 2016
    She had just gotten out of a relationship with a man who cheated on her because she devoted so much time to her dancing career. The last thing she wanted to do was get distracted and be disappointed by a failed relationship or be the reason a man fell for her and not be able to catch him.Power wanted Elle, and he was determined to do whatever it took to get and keep her. He refused to let his ex, Trina, or her ex, Rico, stand in the way of that. When it seemed as if they were free of their case of the exes, they found themselves faced with two obstacles that seem impossible to overcome – themselves.Elle’s fear of loving and losing and Power’s secret has the potential to rip them apart before love truly cements them together. Will they succeed in sabotaging the relationship that they both desperately need? Or will they get out of their own way and allow themselves to be loved by one another unconditionally?Read Power and Elle’s story to find out!

Giving You All I've Got: Love Me Forever

A'zayler - 2016
    I’m here no matter what. Whatever it is that you need, you look to me to provide it. The past is over, the future is now. Let me save you. Let me have you. Allow me to be the person to make it all better. Give me your body. Give me your mind. Give me your heart… just let me have it all. If nothing else, I’ll be happy with you just giving me all you’ve got. Uzoma Youngblood, the Cameroonian powerhouse has fallen and fallen hard. He’s loved before, but it cost him his heart. He’s given before, and it’s cost him his soul. Even with both of those things being of the utmost importance to who he is as a man, he’s not ready to give up yet. He’s ready to love and to be loved. To be the man and the protector that Joc needs. Jocelynn, Joc, Waters, is the self-conscious and emotionally damaged woman who has caught Uzoma’s attention. Beautiful with a fun loving personality, she’s all that a man would want, the sad part is, she doesn’t know it. So what are two people with troubled pasts going to do for each other? Love seems far away, and so does happiness, but with a passion and desire that’s determined to prosper, they win. They find love, they make it work, and they start a relationship that’s built to last, or at least built to last as long as their pasts stay a secret. Zino has lived through one trial after the next. Being disappointed and let down time and time again. So when he meets Lonnie, his expectations are no different. Though he likes her and enjoys the time they spend together, he’s more than positive she’ll be like the rest. With a wall around his heart, Zino not only rejects Lonnie, but he rejects the love and friendship she tries to give. With a heart of gold and a personality to match, Lonnie has become Zino’s favorite past time. However, that’s only during the time he actually allows her in. She’s happy and ready to make his life better just by being herself, but that’s proving to be more than a struggle. Having dealt with her own share of grief and pain, shying away from Zino’s is not an option. With both of them having different interpretations of their relationship it's nearly impossible to give it all they’ve got. ,

A Player's Prayer: Baltimore's Most Wanted

Kellz Kimberly - 2016
    Thou shall not hit these clubs. Every night of the week lookin for some groupie love. Thou shall respect your heart. Thou shall not play you hard. Growing up with a mother who firmly believes that love will get you killed is something that has stuck with Chicago all of his life. The word love is foreign to him. He runs through chicks the same way that bosses run up checks. He was loving life in the fast lane & for a while that was okay for him, until he realized he wanted more than meaningless sex. Kapri is Chicago's best friend and one true love. However, she's not up for the games that Chicago plays. After being cheated on once by Chicago, she realizes that they are just better off as friends. Tahiem is Chicago's right hand while Nelly is Kapri's best friend. Both Tahiem & Nelly help their friends realize that they have a deeper connection than they are willing to admit. All the while Nelly & Tahiem form an interesting relationship of their own. Dive into the world of these four friends as they overcome obstacles such as deception, lies, & death. Get a glimpse into how they overcome fear and their insecurities while learning to love whole heartedly.

Feelin' Some Type of Way

K.C. Mills - 2016
    She lives her life by her own rules and that includes her relationships. As far as she is concerned, men are only good for one thing, sex on demand. That attitude leads to a series of one night stands which she uses to mask and escape feelings. She’s been there, done that, and it didn’t end well. That was until she crosses paths with King Lion. He forces his way into her life and changes everything. Dometrius, known as King Lion to boxing fans, is all about his career. He’s worked hard to make it and is enjoying every second of his successful life, which means living with little or no regret. Although he has plenty of women at his disposal, he’s thrown off and pulled in immediately the second he lays eyes on Lourdes. After one night in Vegas with her, she leaves him with a wrong number and a lot of questions. As fate would have it, Dom and Lourdes both live in Miami, and his fame as a high-profile boxer affords him the resources to track her down. After a little resistance, Dom finally gets Lourdes to agree to an official date, but life seems to weave its way into their worlds, reintroducing the past that they both have to be held accountable for. Life isn’t kind when your heart wants more than life is willing to give. Will Dom and Lourdes have a fighting chance, or will they be left Feeling Some Type of Way?

I Can't Be the One You Love 2

Jahquel J. - 2016
    With his gun and his right hand, wife right by his side he’s ready to get some answers, that’s until Royalty springs the news of Celine’s pregnancy on him. After the loss of their daughter, it’s nothing he wants more than to have another baby with the love of his life, but will he get that? Will Celine do the unthinkable and break her vows because of her fears? Zigz has always been considered the one with a few screws missing. What happens when Autumn has been the one with the screws all this time? Will Zigz step up and be the man that both Levi and Autumn need in their life? Will Autumn find out about what Zigz was doing the night he was arrested? Or will Zigz take it to his grave? Being surrounded by women that shoot first and ask questions later, Zigz doesn’t want to expose Autumn to the lifestyle, but will he have a choice? Lord stepped in and took what was his; Royalty. But, what about Mia? Where does that leave her in their lover’s triangle? His mind is on one thing and that’s making Royalty into the woman he needs, not the spoiled bratty girl she was with Kansas. Will he be able to achieve that or will Royalty go running back to Kansas? Will Lord finally throw the towel in when it comes to Royalty and find out what’s really out there for him? Everyone is in love in this sequel, but are they with the right people? We know who we want together, but is that what their heart is telling them? I present to you I can’t be the one you, the sequel.

Never Thought I'd Love a Dope Boy 2

Sol - 2016
    How the hell did Senior know who I was?“Who the fuck is Karrington?” Dreaux asked incredulously. The barrel of his gun was now pointed at me as if he already knew the truth and was waiting on me to lie.My heart dropped into the pit of my stomach and my words got caught in my throat as his question echoed inside of my head relentlessly. Hearing my name, my real name, slip out of Dreaux’s mouth before I could explain everything to him was paralyzing because I wasn't ready for that. The way he looked at me when he said it was even worse.“Keri!” he snapped. His eyes were clouded with anger, as he demanded that I answer him. “Who is Karrington?”“Come on Karrington,” Senior egged on in delight as he saw how much it tore Dreaux up to not know what was going on. Though Senior spilled the tea all over the goddamn place, it was my fault that the shit was hitting the fan because I should have talked to Dreaux sooner. “This is going to be so good. Go ahead, tell him."“I’m so sorry,” I apologized to him, as much as I hated to do this I had a job to do.

The Farmer & The Belle

D.A. Young - 2016
    She doesn't have time for distractions like relationships, family and love, because she's seen firsthand how they can complicate things. Unfortunately Max Hayes didn't get that memo. One look at the petite dynamo and he decides she's a complication worth having and keeping. So he erases the boundary lines when she's not looking and before Georgina knows it, she's falling in love with the gorgeous farmer and a town she thought she hated. Can she take a chance on him or will her dream and complicated past get in the way? This is the first book in the Baymoor Series about the Carlton siblings who find love in the most unexpected places.

Love Me Right Now

B. Love - 2016
    Ever. My life wasn’t set up for me to do something this taboo. This risky. This… sexy. This… reckless. As a preacher’s daughter there were just some things in this world I was not allowed or expected to do – meeting a total and complete stranger for sex was probably on the top of the list. This wasn’t planned. Okay, well maybe it was. Let me start from the beginning. Him I ain’t no fool. I know sex could never lead to love. I’ve never believed in love at first sight. So what was this that I was feeling for Akela? Akela. Even her name speaks to what she is. What she was. Alone. She didn’t know that I knew that that was what her name meant. We really didn’t know too much about each other. Just the basics. All I know is when I laid eyes on her I wanted her. And when I was inside of her I needed her. I never wanted to let her go. But she made it clear last night before we went to sleep that this was going to be a onetime thing. She wanted to forget she ever knew him. He wanted to be as close to her as her skin, yet as distant as enemies. After their night together, they are forced to be together for two months because of her accident and his career. Could a one-night stand turn into something more?

Caged Love: A Story of Love and Loyalty

B. Love - 2016
     Sunshine Cage created and leads the biggest drug cartel in Memphis – La Familia. She runs La Familia with her sisters and cousins. Sunshine is known for her beauty, street smarts, and soft heart. As the youngest of the Cage crew, Sunshine’s sisters and cousins guard her heart ferociously. They give no man the chance to enter Sunshine’s life and heart. She is the brain behind everything they’ve built. She approves every deal and every hit they make. She is the foundation they stand on. So, what happens when the foundation is rocked and no longer able to keep steady? That’s the question the rest of her family is left asking when Qwazi Marine comes into Sunshine’s life and gives her the love she’s been seeking desperately. The love they’ve been trying so hard to keep her away from. Sunshine’s bad habit of falling for the potential of what a man could be to her puts not only her caged heart at risk… but also the success of all that La Familia has built. Will Qwazi be the man that proves Sunshine can have both love and the cold heart needed to run the streets? Or will he be the reason her heart and freedom become another one of love’s casualties?

Mekhi & KoKo: A Ghetto Love Story

Sol - 2016
    Moving into her own place was the start to self-sufficiency after a horrible split with him. His controlling ways trumped her confidence, and caused her to reject love in any form when expressed by a man. However, a fated encounter with a handsome stranger quickly changes her outlook and causes her hurdles to dwindle in size. Still, reservations and fear aided by Homicide’s existence lingers much longer than Koko would care to admit. Once the wifey of a plug, always the wifey of a plug, and Homicide is the street king of Dallas. Like a knight in shining armor, Mekhi rescues Koko, setting her heart on fire and putting her love in the air. Hustler turned business owner, Mekhi is a self-proclaimed boss, who’s put his street ways behind him. He could have any woman he wants, that is until KoKo walks into his life. She’s the complicated beauty with a lot of extra baggage, who is hell bent on giving him a run for his money. He’s got his work cut out with her but at what cost? How far is he willing to go to steal the dope man’s girl? Or will he get anywhere at all? Mesha, Koko’s well cared for and materialistic bestie, is at her wits end with the secrecy and denial of the relationship that she shares with her play brother, Nas. While Nas doesn’t want to ruin the bond they’ve created over the years, Mesha is searching for more. She finds it within Dutch, a new crewmember of the same organization that Nas is a part of, Cokeboyz. Against Mesha’s better judgment, she pursues a relationship that was tainted from the start, and places both herself and Nas in the line of fire. Between the pages of this fast-paced, grimy, yet, beautiful tale of hatred, love, and forgiveness, this Dallas crew appears to be bound for destruction. Gather your bearings as the chain of spiraling events causes you to wonder who you’re riding for, and if they’ll make it to see the light of day.

She Gotta Be The Dopest To Ride With The Coldest 2

Kyoshi - 2016
    Both of these love birds have things they need to work on individually before they can become one again but when a new situation occurs the love they think they lost is put to the test.Naomi is back recking havoc on the lives of the people who did her wrong. However when a love she thought was real turns sour, her back ends up against the wall leaving her with two options; kill or be killed.After losing the one she gave her heart to Megan doesn't know if she's coming or going. With a baby on the way she has no other choice but to weather the storm. Unbeknownst to her the storm doesn't last forever when an unlikely person offers her a shoulder to lean on. Tamir is still out & about lurkin' in the shadows, doing everything in his power to take down Kashmir Gotti Banks. With revenge & larceny in his heart who would've thought love would be the one thing to make his crazy seem normal. New players enter the game as more secrets come to the light in this gritty love story. Just remember when you think you have it figured out, things are really never as they seem

I Just Wanna Be Yours

Lucinda John - 2016
    With a promising future ahead of her, she has her life figured out, well everything except her love life. Jerecho is the father of Tyreema's child and boyfriend of seven years. He constantly struggles with being faithful and keeping his hands to himself, but still Tyreema choose to stand firmly by his side. Tyreema thinks what she has with Jetecho is as good love gets until she meets Saire. After losing his parents and girlfriend of three years to drugs Saire vows to never deal with them. Being the only kin to his baby brother Sage, Saire is forced to join forces with a Russian mob running a weapon trafficking business. Saire has it all except love, a feeling he's immune to due to the heartbreak he experienced when the love of his life chose drugs over him and the life of their unborn child. Saire is content with getting money and messing with plenty chicks until he meets Tyreema, a woman in a situation. Naria, Tyreema's best friend is sassy, beautiful, successful and heartless. Experiencing her first life changing heartbreak, she decides to treat men how they treat women. When she meets a younger man, she decides to play with his emotions until her plans backfires leaving her wanting more. This drama filled urban love story will take you on an emotional roller coaster. You'll meet broken people in need of restoration and lost souls searching to be found. Lies will be told, secrets will arise, and hearts will crumble; when love, a powerful emotion comes into play.

Addicted to a Dirty South Thug 4

Shan - 2016
    With a secret dangling over their heads, Cuba leaves her marriage to Khi and decides that she’s better off on her own. Khi refuses to let his wife go and does everything in his power to get his wife back with him where she belongs especially when something comes up that may have Khi fighting for all the time he has left. Tangie and Cass are back together and Tangie finds herself being a mother to a child that she never wanted to accept. After Cass brings his daughter home to live with them, Tangie finds out that Cass is still up to his same old ways and has the both of them questioning if their relationship is even meant to be. KaeDee’s police girlfriend’s intentions are finally revealed and just when KaeDee thinks he has her out of the way, she comes back harder than ever showing him how better they were together as a team than apart. Dae finds that it’s easier to move on and start over when it’s revealed that Amber is dating other men. No longer the one to fight fire with fire when it comes to the ones he love, Dae is ready to put in work while in his search for love. The finale is fast and filled with drama from the very first page. Be sure to read along in full and stay tuned to see why everyone is Still Addicted to a Dirty South Thug.

Love in the Trap

Lucinda John - 2016
    Romeo's case being worse than Mia because he finds himself homeless after the death of his grandmother. Mia's mother has a nasty gambling problem that is so severe that Mia has to go without food and everything else a young girl her age needs to survive. With no other option, she is forced to steal in order to keep clothes on her back and food in her stomach.When an unfortunate event brings these two together, they realize that they need each other in more ways than one. A friendship that was only based on business has now flourished and turned personal. Together they turn into a force to be reckoned with beating down traps in order to survive.Murder is the man in the streets. He’s handsome, charming and has more money than he can spend. Murder finds himself in a dying relationship with Trixie who doesn’t care what he does as long as she can remain his main chick.When he run into Mia, he immediately falls for her not knowing the real reason behind their encounter.

I Can't Be the One You Love 3: In Love with a Trap Lord

Jahquel J. - 2016
    The one to keep a straight face, even if she feels like she’s dying on the inside. When she finds out that her sister was shot by Kansas, will she keep her emotions in check? Or will Kansas cause a new Celine to emerge to protect her baby sister. The meaning my sister’s keeper never rang more true for Royalty and Celine. Always being the one to keep her little sister in check and offer her opinion, what happens when she just might be short a sibling? Along with dealing with her sister, she’s carrying new life. Will Celine be able to bond with her new child or will the fear of possibly losing another child block her from being a good mother? Zigz has all he needs when it comes to Autumn and Levi. Everything he didn’t know he wanted, he has. Except, a little secret he’s been hiding from Autumn. When Erica pops back on the scene, will Autumn be willing to keep her promise about not letting anyone get her out of character, or will she remind Erica about their last encounter? When Autumn finds out Zigz secret, will she still be willing to make it down the aisle and become the third Mrs. Capo? One thing is stopping her from walking down the aisle, the fact that her mother doesn’t know anything about she and her fiancé’s relationship. Will her mother accept Zigz or cause more strain on their engagement? Lord has been thinking about stepping out the game. According to him, he has stacked plenty of money and thinks it’s time to step out. But, will Sha agree with him? Will Lord’s loyalty to Sha allow him to hang up his hat when it comes to dealing with the drug game? One thing he wont do, is leave the game without making Kansas’s bleed. Royal and Mia are working on their relationship, except no one wants to be the first to admit their true feelings. Still dealing with the feelings he carries for Erin, it stops Royal from being all in with Mia. Will these two find their way with each other or will Royal go back to what he’s familiar with, even if he knows it’s not good? In this finale, everyone is tighter than ever and have only one thing on their minds – Revenge!

I Can't Be the One You Love: In Love With a Trap Lord

Jahquel J. - 2016
    I can't be the one you love” - Kevin Gates Royalty is engaged to be married to the love of her life…. well, who she keeps telling herself is the love of life. Kansas locked Royalty down soon as she became of age. Tossing diamonds, cars and fat rock on her finger everybody knows she’s off limits; all except for Lord. Lord has always had a crush on Royalty before he got locked up. Once he was released, Royalty was engaged to Kansas and planning a wedding. Never one to give up, he continued to pursue Royalty and not giving a care about how her man felt. When Royalty and Lord cross the line, will she still be Kansas’ girl? Or will that crossed line cause her and Lord to go their separate ways? Celine is always down to ride for her husband, Sha. Known to run her barbershop during the day and bust her gun whenever her man needs her to, she’s know as Lady Sha in the street. Sha and Celine’s marriage is perfect, except one thing; the death of their daughter. While Sha wants another baby, Celine can’t get over the loss of their daughter. When someone starts messing with his family, Sha is ready to pull his guns out blazing to find out who’s bold enough to mess with the Capo family. What happens when it’s someone that they all know? Will Sha be able to protect his family? Or will he fall short? Autumn has escaped her abusive baby father and started over with her son in New York. She loves working for Celine and coming home to her son at the end of the day. That is until Zigz sits in her chair with his fine looks, smart mouth and crazy antics. She realizes that both the Capo brothers have a few screws missing, but love just as hard. Zigz is one to pick up his bags and go off for weeks at a time. Known to never have a chick around for more than a week, he can’t get his mind off of Autumn. A woman who could teach him a few things, is his type of woman. When Autumn’s ex comes into the picture and does the unimaginable, Zigz isn’t here for it. Will Zigz listen to Autumn and let karma do his job, or will he become karma? In this book, nothing is what it seems except the realness of these relationships. While Celine and Sha are happily married, marriage is a work in progress and only the strongest survive. Lord and Royalty have a friendship before anything else, but will their friendship survive these new feelings they both start feeling? Autumn is used to being with a man who doesn’t know her worth. Although Zigz is crazy, he loves hard and knows how to treat a woman, but will Autumn give him that chance? Everybody has come to that point when they’ve all said “I cant be the one you love.”

He's Still B.A.E.: A B.A.E. Spin-off

Jahquel J. - 2016
    Essence is dealing with becoming a first time mother, figuring things out with Kamari and being the VP of Fufi’s spa. All she wants to do is be a good mother but, with not having much experience, she battles with her insecurities of motherhood. When things are going good, something always has to pop in and that is Sept. Sept is still on the path of destruction and doesn’t see it ending anytime soon. Will Essence go against her relationship and help Sept out or will she learn you can’t help someone that doesn’t want to help themselves?Tammy is smitten with her new bundle of joy. She has her baby girls and her prince. Along with her King, Latrell, she feels like things are just starting to look up for her. Except her mother is moving back to the city and with Big Mama having a new man, where does that leave her mama? Tammy has been dealing with her demons when it comes to her mother, but is she ready to have her under the same roof? When dealing with the death of Rick is finally becoming easier, someone pops up and turns her whole world upside down. What will Tammy do when she realizes that Rick is still in the picture?Avon is a struggling child actress that wants to rebrand herself. While trying to show everyone that she’s not the little girl on the popular sitcom, she runs into Ace, a producer with a whole lot to prove. While, at first, she wants nothing to do with him, she gives him another chance and falls for him. Instead of jumping head first in a relationship, they develop a friendship but both of them want to be more to each other. Will she still become involved after learning of Ace’s situation?Ace and his high school sweetheart share two children. Their relationship has been done for a while but Lesha, his kids’ mother, wants to continue the act for the kids and her family. Never being one to tell Lesha no, Ace goes along with it. That's until he meets Avon and falls head over heels for her. Knowing he can't continue to live under the same roof with Lesha while pursuing Avon, he takes the steps to move out. Once he moves out, a whole sequence of events happen and leaves him debating weather or not he will end up with B.A.E after all.

When A Thug Loves A Woman

Charmanie Saquea - 2016
    Casino has his share of women throwing themselves at him but there was something about Bambi that he couldn't shake. When Casino finally gets Bambi to give in, not everyone is too thrilled about their union and there will be some serious repercussions.Coming home from doing a nine year bid, all Canaan wants to do is lay low, stack his paper, and get acquainted with the son he never knew he had. Secrets that his first love hid from him start to come to the light and Canaan doesn't know who he could trust.Lives and relationships will be put on the line and the betrayal will be high, find out exactly what happens when a thug loves a woman.

Heartbeat of the Block 2: A Street King's Love

A'zayler - 2016
    After years of playing games with each other, they’ve at last given in to their real feelings. Realizing that being together was more of a force for their personal and street relationship, they become the power couple that the hood needs. However, their happiness is short lived. Brasi has been ripped away from her, and Lu momentarily loses everything she’s used to survive. Her mind and street instincts. Luckily, Wren and the rest of Brasi’s team are there to push her back to where she needs to be. Now the queen of the streets, and the one person Brasi needs to make it back home, Lu becomes the ruthless heartbeat of his block. Trapping all day and night, Wren is happy to have finally found the solace that he’s desired to end of each of his days. The young and meek Breon is nowhere near the type of girl Wren is accustomed to, but she quickly becomes all that he requires to carry on with his everyday life. Not too sure if she’s the right woman to love Wren the way he needs to be loved, Breon shies away from him for a while until she discovers that it’s nearly impossible. She wants and needs him just as much he needs her. Together, they take it one step at a time until they make the necessary connection to become the love they both need. It’s crazy how one minute everything can be going the way it should be, then the next your entire world is flipped upside down. Experience life’s unexpected ups and downs with this group of friends. Seeing, working and believing, until they all have nothing left.

That Dirty South Kinda Luv

K.C. Mills - 2016
    As part owner of Dirty South Vibe, one would think that he was simply the hottest producer in the South, but Juno was far from just good at sending artists to the number one spot on the charts. June, as they called him, was one of the biggest plugs in the south. He and his brother, Jy, supplied all of Georgia, North & South Carolina, Virginia and Florida. That alone had the streets talking and enemies lurking. Even with their celebrity status, June and Jy were too deep in the game to let it go. Money was good and the respect made it even better. On a chance meeting, June encounters Serenity and knows that he’s found his future wife. Problem is, she wants nothing to do with him. Even after she finds out who he is and what he's about, the fact that she couldn’t care less makes him want her even more. Serenity Lewis grew up rough. She had very little, so she did whatever necessary to make things happen. At an early age, she became accustomed to what life in the streets meant, and for her it was a combination of love and loss. After losing the one man she ever really counted on at only eighteen to a drug war, Serenity decided that life wasn't for her, so she worked hard doing any and everything she could to find a way out. Now, six years later, she owned her own interior design business, Serenity Spot, and the life she lived before was a distant memory. That’s one of the reason why she refuses to even consider giving June a chance. The celebrity part she can deal with, even though that’s not really appealing to her, but his illegal activities are what have her on the fence. Jy Frost, the other half of Dirty South Vibe was a wild card. He ran things with his brother, both legal and illegal. The two of them had more money and fame than they could deal with, but the one thing that Jy wanted and he couldn't seem to get was Nixon, an up and coming artist that they were working with. Nixon was smart, cool as hell, and all about her business. Not to mention she had the looks to match it. Problem was, one drunk night put her and Jy’s brother June together for a one-night stand that neither of them remember. Jy is willing to look past that to give her a chance, but the problem is Nixon doesn’t seem to want it. Will June win Serenity over? Will Jy convince Nixon to let the past be the past? It's true what they say, more money more problems, and June and Jy are living examples of the cliché. Add in their illegal activities, and you have a twisted tale of love, loss, and drama, that will have you begging for more.

My Miami Rude Boy: Dolla and Dream

Traci B - 2016
    In case you need a reminder, they are four Jamaican brothers who inherit their billion-dollar empire from their father, Kymani Whyte, a former legendary drug kingpin. Their last name alone ring bells throughout the city. 'Whyte' holds so much rank and weight that it is almost a death sentence to have any beef with the Whyte Brothers. These brothers keep their circle tight and make sure not to let any snakes in. Females consider it a blessing to be affiliated with either Staxx, Rich, Paper or Dolla Whyte even if it is only for a night. Dolla Whyte, the youngest and deemed most ruthless of the four, is considered the most attractive. From the start, he warns women that there are two things he can’t give them - money and a relationship. All of that changes during a morning routine trip to Starbucks. Dream Washington's name can be found under the definition of a "go-getta". Since a pre-teen, she saved every child support check from her father so that she can attend her dream college, University of Miami, thirteen hours away from home. Now a junior in college, Dream is focusing more on obtaining her degree to live the life she wasn't given a chance to due to her parents' negligence. She also happens to be the new barista at Starbucks. When Dolla ends up in her line, their interaction doesn't go too well. Unbeknownst to her, Dolla is just naturally a "rude bwoy". That very well may be the reason Dream finds herself attracted to him. All of a sudden, Dolla finds himself breaking his own rules. Whenever Dream has a problem, Dolla runs to her rescue. Dolla doesn't know how to describe his feelings for Dream, but he dares not use the L-word. To him, love is only an emotion to describe the way he feels about his family, not a woman. Staxx is the oldest and runs the empire. There is nothing he loves more than his daughter and youngest brother. As with every man with wealth and power, women are his weakness. Self-control is something that he lacks. Staxx has been married for almost fifteen years to his daughter’s mother, but he hasn’t been faithful for over a decade. His infidelities catch up to him in a way that he never expects. Meet Shonda, the loyal, loving wife of Staxx. She has rightfully earned the huge rock on her finger after holding Staxx down since they were seventeen. Shonda hardly ever asks Staxx for anything throughout their marriage, but she wants another baby. Staxx, being heavy in the streets and sheets, doesn’t want another kid. The pressure from Shonda causes their marriage to crumble. Each brother has woman problems, which can easily be solved if the brothers weren’t so set in their ways. Running an empire is already hard, try adding needy women and greedy men to the equation. One thing is for sure, drama is bad for business. Will these Miami boys be able to protect their empire and give their hearts to the women that love them? Or will the brothers fold under pressure?

I Fell In Love With A Real Street Thug

Pebbles Starr - 2016
    The intelligent, charismatic, and handsome Constantine "Cue" Saldana. He's everything she ever wanted in a man...but there's only one problem. She already has a man of her own. A ruthless Caribbean king pin serving a 10-year bid that's not willing to let her go without a fight. Aubrey will stop at nothing to keep his fiancé Khari right where he wants her--even if it means using manipulation and murder. As far as he is concerned, she belongs to him and he'll go to great lengths to ensure that everyone knows it, including Cue. Kylie has been wrapped around Jamaal's finger for as long as she can remember. He's used and abused her at every turn but for some reason she just can't seem to stay away. When he pops back up in her life with a get rich quick scheme, Kylie cannot resist. Will her love and devotion for the bad boy she can't let go of be her ultimate demise?

Never Thought I'd Love A Dope Boy 3

Sol - 2016
    The more pain, betrayal, and lies that surround him, the further the notorious Dreaux Newsome pulls away from the man above. And you know what they say…a man without faith is a man lost. Enlisting the assistance of his younger brother Ace, Dreaux gradually tries to separate the man he is at home from the kingpin he is in the streets. But after receiving one devastating blow after another, he quickly finds out that old habits die hard.Will he really be able to walk away from it all?Will Keri and the babies survive?Will the lovebirds make it down the aisle?Sit back and enjoy this hot urban romance novel from two African American bestselling authors. As they take you on an unforgettable experience of love, drama and treachery. Never Thought I'd Love A Dope Boy 3 will leave you with your mouth wide open.

The Love of an East Atlanta Boss

A'zayler - 2016
    Sweet talk and flirtatious gestures, paired with the hardness of his body and the heaviness of his pockets, has been a gift from the beginning. Swooning any and every female counterpart that crosses his path, known around town as one of the calmest yet most sought after men, Sonic uses this to his advantage. Having been referred to as withdrawn and emotionally detached, Sonic Red is anything but. With no family and very little friends, there’s only one thing in the world that occupies the softest part of his heart, Jet Limits. When fire and ruthlessness finds its way out of the ghetto, you get Jet. Jet Limits, is an around the way girl that’s spent her entire life in the hood. With a love for nothing but art and her tattoo gun, she leads a pretty secluded life. Having never met a man that’s interesting enough to take her mind off of her money, Jet Limits is caught off guard by the handsome young champion that’s becoming her main focus. Not necessarily afraid to love, just not really interested, Jet Limits is a little opposed to giving Sonic a chance. Avoiding him was her method of solitude. Little did she know, she was dealing with a conqueror. A man that wasn’t accustomed to losing, one who’s job was centered on facing challenges and beating them. The only man that would remain standing, even after her final blow. What will happen when the infamous Sonic Red’s toughest opponent and most strenuous fight yet becomes the little street girl with the stone heart? Find out in this intense, passionate, drama filled fight for love.

How the Baptiste Boys Took Over North Carolina 3

Natisha Raynor - 2016
    Shaka is the female version of the Baptiste boys, and with her joining the crew, heat comes to the city faster than anybody can blink. Shaka makes a lasting impression on a lot of people, especially one of the men in the crew. An unsuspecting hero comes along and does for Lyric what she feels Jules should have, and that causes tension in their marriage. Jules is determined to get his marriage back to where it was, and he doesn't care who he has to eliminate to get it done. He and Lyric have to learn to put their egos to the side and learn to fight for each other and not with each other. Emilie finally finds love, or so she thinks, but she soon finds that it's not all fairytales and happy endings. In true Baptiste boys fashion, this finale is going to rock the city.

Never Thought I'd Love A Dope Boy

Sol - 2016
    At 28, he’s seen it all, done most of it, and has everything a man could ever want. He's even a God fearing man. The only thing missing in his life is a woman to share the fruits of his labor with. That is until the beautiful Keri enters the picture and everything seems perfect. Keri Young never expected to find the love of her life in the infamous King of Diamonds Strip Club nor did she expect Dreaux ‘DJ’ Newsome to be the person she fell for, but when she does her world is turned upside down. With each day that passes, she grows deeper in love with the man that Dreaux is. But when the lies she’s buried threaten to surface, everything, including her life and their love is put in jeopardy. Follow them down a dark path of love, deceit, betrayal and death. Don't be surprised if a snake bites you along the way. You'll have to ask yourself, is God really blessing all the Trap Niggas?

He's Still B.A.E. 3: A B.A.E. Spin-off

Jahquel J. - 2016
    Does she tell her best friend or handle the matters on her own? With her relationship with her mother being better than the past, will Tammy cut her mother out she and the kid’s life for good this time? Tammy has to deal with everything that happens, but what happens when Latrell starts staying out late and taking secret phone calls? Is Latrell cheating on Tammy or is her mind playing tricks on her? Essence got herself involved in a love triangle, but she is only loving one part of the triangle. She’s falling head over heels back in love with Sept and could give a hell about her failing relationship with Kamari. Will Sept change for Essence or will he fall back into the same hole he’s crawled out of many times before? Honey is set on getting Essence out of her son’s life for good. Knowing their relationship is sinking, she decides to put more weight on the sinking boat when she reveals the secret that she has been hiding for her son. Will Essence throw in the towel this time or is her love for Kamari too strong? Avon and Ace’s relationship has been heartbreak after heartbreak. After Ace dismisses her for giving up a role that could of changed her life, Avon isn’t ready to call it quits. She’s tried of running and wants to finally make it work with Ace. Ace is worried about his daughter and if she’ll pull through this. Knowing Iesha kept this information from him, he files paperwork in court, but will he be able to get his kids? Will Iesha try to play dirty and get his kids taken from him all together? Will Avon and Ace finally get their fighting chance and be together, or will the two find themselves running away from the relationship before it could even start? In this finale to the BAE saga, we find out just how close these friends are. They’ve been through hell and back together before, but will they all make it out of their own personal hell?

The Castle Cross the Magnet Carter

Kia Corthron - 2016
    Simultaneously, in small-town Maryland, the sons of a Pullman Porter--gifted six-year-old Eliot and his artistic twelve-year-old brother Dwight--grow up navigating a world expanded both by a visit from civil and labor rights activist A. Philip Randolph and by the legacy of a lynched great-aunt.  The four mature into men, directly confronting the fierce resistance to the early civil rights movement, and are all ultimately uprooted. Corthron's ear for dialogue, honed from years of theater work, brings to life all the major concerns and movements of America's past century through the organic growth of her marginalized characters, and embraces a quiet beauty in their everyday existences.

Love Don't Have to Hurt

Lucinda John - 2016
    Living paycheck to paycheck, Aimee works to help her mother pay of her debts, take cares of her brother, and attend a few classes at a community college. When Aimee's best friend, Shanice presents her with the idea of dancing at a strip club for extra money, she meets Lucas. A punch, slap, and a few kicks is how Aimee can explain her abusive relationship with Lucas. The guy that is suppose to be her safe haven, is the one that is causing her the most pain; physically and emotionally. Aimee feels obligated to stay with Lucas because of how he changed her and her family's lives, but when things turn fatally will Aimee learns that love is not suppose to hurt? Or will it be too late?

Promising My Love to a Boss

Käixo - 2016
    With nowhere to hide, Fatima endures eleven years of abuse at the hands of her bitter mother. Her escape ironically comes by the hands of her mother as well... when she's kicked out of the house and ends up living in her car. But anything is better than living in hell at Jewel's house. With her mind messed up but made up, Fatima thinks she's alone in the Windy city, born into this world to fend for herself, not knowing everything that was beaten into her was a lie. Also in Chicago is Torin Taylor, the youngest brother of four boys who were given away by their mother at birth. One-by-one, each boy leaves the nest to run the streets with only one goal: getting rich. Only thing is, Torin was born rich, he just doesn't know it. With the truth somewhere out there, Torin has no idea he's a wanted man... not by the FBI but one of the richest people in the world. After being caught up in a shootout orchestrated by Torin and his brothers, Fatima falls into Torin's life. Once a loner with no care in the world, Fatima melts the ice around his heart and becomes an important part of his life. There's just one thing: his brothers think she's dead and Torin can't bring himself to tell them he secretly hid her away to protect her from them. Death brings them together but will it also tear them apart?

The Love of an East Atlanta Boss 2

A'zayler - 2016
    right? Because if it is then almost everyone in the world is insane. What person in their right mind would want to be in something that's only going to hurt them in the end? Why not just live life free? No love, no hurt, no nothing. All of those were thoughts of the infamous Sonic Red. That was until he stumbled upon the independent, tough, bad girl; Jet Limits. For a moment, he thought she was the one woman that could tame him, but after finding out the identity of the company she'd been keeping, he's no longer sure. Secrets and a bad temper was all there was to Sonic Red. He was the womanizing fighter that could have anything and anyone he wanted because of the reputation he built for himself. In the beginning, that had been intriguing to Jet, but now that he's finally opening up and allowing her to see the real him, she's ready to run for the nearest exit where he no longer exists. Being in love with a person that has a personality that's identical to yours may not always be a good thing, but it most definitely becomes a safe thing. With Jet and Sonic being so much alike, they're never blindsided by the other, always privy to what's next and prepared to fight until the end. Fall deeper in love with the bullheaded but passionate duo that not only refuses to lose against the world, but refuses to lose against their fight for love as well.

He's Still B.A.E. 2

Jahquel J. - 2016
    With Tammy stuck with Rick’s infidelity sitting in her face she has to face whether or not she wants to do the right thing or what her heart's telling her to do. Everyone knows Tammy is good for running and pushing everyone away when things get hard, but with Latrell there it prevents Tammy from going back to a habit she’s known her entire life. Then, her life is altered when she finds out something might be wrong with Ricky. Will Tammy let the pressure make her crack? Or will she allow Latrell to take some of the burden she’s carrying?Avon is stress free and enjoying her career. While living in Los Angeles, she gets cozy with the director of her new show, but can’t move on because Ace is in her mind. Her mind gets back to thinking of what could have been, instead of moving on. When she gets back to New York and finds out that Ace hasn’t moved on and is waiting for her, will she get back with him? Or will she continue to leave what they had in the past?When you’re done; you’re done and there is nothing Iesha could do. Ace is ready to be with Avon and give her his all. He wants nothing more than to make her his and pick up where they left off. Except, Avon isn’t so quick to forgive. What happens when he finds out that Avon arrived in New York, but she’s not alone?Essence is stuck between a rock and a hard place. With the truth of what Honey and Kamari did behind her back, she stuck. She loves Kamari and all that they have, but doesn’t want to be back in a relationship based off lies. With the hate brewing in Honey, she’s ready to rid her son from Essence anyway possible, even bringing up some skeletons that Kamari hid back in Houston when he boarded the plane to New York. Will Essence be willing to fight for what she has with Kamari or throw in the towel? Sept is up and finally ready to get his life together. Thinking he has another chance to make what he messed up with Essence right, he takes a chance. Will Essence fall back into bed with Sept over Honey’s revelations? In this drama filled sequel, things are sure to take off and secrets will be revealed. In the end, let’s face it, there can always be one BAE.

A Bad Boy's Dream: Egypt and Rome's Story

K.C. Mills - 2016
    He was handsome, smart, fluent in Italian, courtesy of Mafia affiliated father, and paid. Not really attached to anyone other than his so called situation, Ebony, Rome was known for doing his own thing. He was basically the type who had it all. Women loved him, and he loved them right back, which meant that he had no plans to slow his lifestyle down anytime soon. One night at Bandz, a local strip club, changed things for him in ways he never expected. As a present from his sister, Denver, he encountered Dream, who left her mark on Rome in a way had him wanting more. Unfortunately, she had kept her identity hidden, so he had no idea who she was and no way of finding out. Egypt had learned the hard way that everything that glitters ain't gold, as was the case with her last relationship. Reggie loved the money she made him more than he loved her, which led Egypt to flee New York and start a new life in California. Needing a way to support herself, Egypt created Dream, every man’s fantasy and every girl’s enemy. Not wanting the drama that came from just being a stripper anymore, she convinced Carl, the owner of Bandz, to let her offer men The Dream experience. She found a way to keep her identify hidden while still offering her clients the experience of a lifetime. It was a win, win. All of that seemed to work until she met Rome Moretti. Egypt quickly realized that she was missing something in her life, and he was it. Denver and Lucky hadn't planned on falling for each other, but it happened, and the two had been sneaking around for almost a year, knowing that Rome wouldn't approve of their relationship. Lucky was his best friend and Denver was his sister. He loved them both, which was why he didn't want them together. For Denver and Lucky, what had started as just sex ended up turning into something twisted and complicated. Denver was in denial because she was protecting her heart, which she sure that Lucky was going to break, while Lucky pressured her to accept things for what they really were and give it a chance. Lucky had a few secrets that could potentially complicate things for them, but he was determined to be with Denver. The only problem was that they needed to tell Rome. Being that they all were in business together, matters of the heart had the potential to complicate things, but it was too little too late. Join Rome, Egypt, Lucky, and Denver as they navigate their way through love, lies, and lust to find out who will survive and who will fall victim to their hearts’ desires.

A Passionate Night

Candace Shaw - 2016
     Harper Bennett’s motto is work hard, play hard. Lately, she’s forgotten the latter and has focused her time as part-owner, along with her brothers, of the hottest nightclub in Atlanta. When an intriguing client enters, Harper forgoes her promise to never date a man that doesn’t live in the same city and she finds herself playing hard to get with Hunter Arrington. The passion that has ignited between them can’t be extinguished, and she dreads the day he has to leave. Hunter travels the world because of his career and has no intentions of settling down until his eyes land on Harper Bennett. There’s something about the petite, sassy woman that he adores and makes him feel at home for the first time in years. Now he’s faced with a life-changing decision and the thought of being without Harper isn’t an option. Be sure to check out the other novellas in this series. (The novellas can be read in any order) A Passionate Kiss by Sharon C. Cooper A Passionate Love by Delaney Diamond

Greek and Fiona 2

Pebbles Starr - 2016
    Falling for an immediate member of the Konkwo Mafia Family has its privileges as well as its downfalls--for example an over controlling, power hungry father-in-law. Mazi will do any and everything to tear their union apart, even if it means spilling a little blood. Will Fiona and Greek be able to overcome the many obstacles laid before them? Or will they succumb to the forces fighting to keep them apart? Tyler was always looking for the love in the wrong places, and she found it in a smooth talking, sexy Honduran by the name of Cruz. But everything that glitters isn't gold and Cruz is holding a deep, dark secret. Can Tyler make it out alive, and will she ever find the true love she feels she deserves?

A Lady & Her Sire: A Royal Love Affair

Charmanie Saquea - 2016
    Things changed when she was introduced to the rude, slick talking, smart mouthed, Sire. Feelings that she never thought she would experience again came rushing back and she knew she would never be able to shake him.Sire is known as one of Richmond's richest right along with his best friend, Toine. He was every hood girls' dream man and with a failing relationship on the line, it seemed as if Lady walked into his life right on time. Or did she? When skeletons from Lady's past come back to haunt her in the worst way possible, will Sire be her knight in hood armor? Or will the deceit be too much for him to handle?

Promiscuous Girl 1 & 2

Nicole Jackson - 2016
    No one wants to let them leave the past behind them. Still, the two forge ahead, clearing a path for themselves. With time, Taraj feels this overwhelming desire to be more than just a mother, and someone’s girl, therefore, she finds own niche. Even if it rubs Taz the wrong way. In Promiscuous Girl 2 there’s a new journey with Taraj as she finds herself. Ride with her, as she explores her growing pains in depth, as she struggles with living her dreams, and loving Taz. Can the two exist in the same space? Or will one take precedence over the other?Please Note: The first part of Promiscuous Girl is also included at the end of the book, as well as a sample of an upcoming novel 21 Questions.

No More Mr. Nice Guy: A Family Business Novel

Carl Weber - 2016
    Nice Guy, the origin of Niles Monroe, the super-bad hitman who will one day become Paris Duncan’s one true love. Niles has just returned from eight years of serving his country as a Special Forces sniper. He’s looking forward to a consulting job with Dynamic Defense and spending time with his family, including his bi-polar mother, Lorna, and his hard-drinking uncle, Willie. What Niles doesn’t know is that Dynamic Defense is actually a CIA front. He’s not interested in joining them, but they won’t take no for an answer. Bridget St. John is one of the most beautiful women Niles has ever met, and she is also the most deadly. It is her job to recruit Niles to the Dynamic Defense team by any means necessary. When Niles is arrested for a murder he does not commit, Bridget makes him an offer he can’t refuse: working for Dynamic Defense in exchange for his freedom. With Niles on board, Bridget begins to train him in ways he never imagined. Sometimes, however, the student becomes the teacher. Before she realizes what’s happening, Bridget falls in love. When circumstances in his personal life collide with his work, Niles is forced to use his military skills to protect those closest to him. Fans are sure to appreciate this action-packed thriller that delivers love, drama, and suspense with Weber’s trademark flair for unexpected twists and turns.

My Life with Earth, Wind, & Fire

Maurice White - 2016
    With an introduction by Steve Harvey and a foreword by David Foster."To the readers of this book you need to know that EW&F is simply the greatest living group in my lifetime. No one put together lyrics to a melody like they did; no one put harmony to sound and rhythm like they did; no one added horns in the way that they did and no one, but no one messed with our minds about love and life like they did. . . . EARTH because they grow on you; WIND because it moves you in one loving direction and FIRE because they consume your heart in a single flame of love."—Steve HarveyWith its dynamic horns, contrasting vocals, and vivid stage shows, Earth, Wind & Fire was one of the most popular acts of the late twentieth century—the band "that changed the sound of black pop" (Rolling Stone)—and its music continues to inspire modern artists including Usher, Jay-Z, Cee-Lo Green, and Outkast. At last, the band’s founder, Maurice White, shares the story of his success.White reflects on the great blessings music has brought to his life and the struggles he’s endured: his mother leaving him behind in Memphis when he was four; learning to play the drums with Booker T. Jones; moving to Chicago at eighteen and later Los Angeles after leaving the Ramsey Lewis Trio; forming EWF, only to have the original group fall apart; working with Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond; his diagnosis of Parkinson’s; and his final public performance with the group at the 2006 Grammy Awards. Through it all, White credits his faith for his amazing success and guidance in overcoming his many challenges.My Life with Earth Wind, and Fire is an intimate, moving, and beautiful memoir from a man whose creativity and determination carried him to great success, and whose faith enabled him to savor every moment.

My Miami Rude Boy 2: Dolla and Dream

Traci B - 2016
    Dolla and Staxx are both overwhelmed with stress and different waves of emotions, which cause them both to make irrational, quick decisions. Once Dolla finds out who is behind the senseless shooting, he finds himself questioning Dream and her loyalty. To make matters worse, he leaves her at her lowest point. Right now, feelings for any woman is placed on the backburner. He wants nothing more than to seek justice for Zoe, but he has to patiently wait for the right time to strike. Staxx meets a new woman—Karma. She definitely dishes out more than he can take. With a failing marriage, the shooting of his daughter, and a plotting mistress, Staxx finds himself with his back against the wall. His business venture even backfires on him, causing him to put the billion-dollar empire in jeopardy. After a decade, Shonda finally finds the strength to walk away from her marriage. With a man like Staxx, the task proves nearly impossible. Even though the Whyte Brothers are under a tremendous amount of pressure, they sure find ways to cope. At the end of the day, they still have an empire to run.

How the Baptiste Boys Took Over North Carolina 2

Natisha Raynor - 2016
    Once the trio is back intact, return to continue taking Raleigh, North Carolina by storm. Lyric comes back from her vacation to find out about Jules' disappearance, and she's of course devastated. Drama seems to be coming at the crew just as fast as all the money that's pouring in. While drama was expected when they took over blocks, the trouble may be more than they bargained for. Emilie's drama-filled love life continues until someone she least expects sweeps her off her feet and changes her completely, while Jacques experiences a heartbreaking tragedy. Find out what the Baptiste Boys are up to in this sequel filled with loss, love, and murder.

Saved By A Kingpin

Chase Sidora - 2016
    Not only that, she is strikingly gorgeous, witty, and smart. But she is also damaged. No matter how many great qualities she possesses; Riley has ended up scorned by love time and time again. This time though, when love leaves her with absolutely nothing and she is ready to call it quits once and for all, she finds refuge in an unlikely place. Mason Moore is handsome, wealthy, and noble. But for every positive attribute there is an even stronger, much more ruthless quality hidden underneath the surface. Growing up the son of a street legend in Passaic, New Jersey’s Aspen Place Projects, Mase has been groomed for the street life ever since he could remember. So when Mase inherited his title of Kingpin along with all the burdens that came along with it when his father was murdered in cold blood he was up for the challenge. Along with his childhood friend Steele, Mase has prided himself on his ability to continue to build and grow the organization that was handed to him with ease… that is until money turns up missing and a new flame threatens to knock him off of his square. Riley and Mase hit it off instantly and seem to be made for each other but can they really trust the fairytale their connection appears to be? Is it real or is their love circumstantial? Are they entertaining the idea of something that isn’t meant to last? With both their pasts hell bent on being a part of their futures, falling in love with each other could cost Mase and Riley not only their relationship but also their lives.

Mekhi & KoKo 2: A Ghetto Love Story

Sol - 2016
    An unexpected shooting in the club sets off an unfortunate chain of events, leaving you to wonder who will be eliminated and what couples will live to see a happy ending in this epic finale. KoKo is finally ready to give Mekhi her heart but to do that, she has to cut ties with her baby's father for good. Too bad Homicide won't let her go without a fight. Tired of being a victim of sexual and physical abuse, she decides to woman up and fight back so she can be with the man her heart desires. But does she love Mekhi enough to die for him? That's the million-dollar question. Mekhi is no longer willing to play KoKo's game of “Hard To Get.” He's ready to lock the red-headed beauty down and is prepared to pay whatever it costs to be with her. Even if that means he has to come out of retirement and revisit the streets. Is he war ready? Or will he end up losing the woman of his dreams for good in the battle of love vs the streets? In the blink of an eye, both Mesha's lovers, Nas and Dutch, figure out her dirty little secret. She's been sleeping with them both so there's no telling who the father of her unborn baby is. When the DNA results come back, she'll have to say goodbye to one of her side niggas forever. Will that be her play brother or her new love interest? Dutch reigns all the way from New York with a chip on his shoulder and a point to prove. His legendary street king of a father taught him all he knows so he brings his talents to the south. Once the CokeBoyz is taken down by the FEDS, he decides to step up and take over. But along with all the money and hood fame that comes from his new position as The Plug, he soon realizes that new snakes are born too.

Sicka Than Your Average: A Good Girl Turned Savage

Mz Toni - 2016
    The only problem she didn't factor in was the distance Harvard would put between her and her nine year old sister. When you have a mother who can't let go of her youth, and a father too busy trying to make ends meat to provide for his family Charm has no choice but to pick up the slack. Charm makes the hard decision to attend college to build a future for her little sister when tragedy strikes leaving Charm to question her purpose in life.

Restraining Order 2: A Tragic Love

Ca$h - 2016
    With a loaded gun in his hand, he threatens to kill her, himself or them both. If Julz is able to escape this frightening nightmare, will she realize that continuing to love her psychotic boyfriend might cost her, her life? It’s been said that love conquers all but the deep rooted problems that haunted Choppa made it much too dangerous for Julz to hold on to that hope. In the past, her heart beat strongly for him and her body craved his touch entirely too much that a RESTRAINING ORDER hadn’t been able to keep them apart. So, what will happen? Will they finally find the happiness they seek with each other? Or will their story turn out to be A TRAGIC LOVE?

Heartbeat of the Block 3: A Street King's Love

A'zayler - 2016
    Unsure of where to go or what to do, she decided to stay and figure it out with her love. Wren is the one for her and the only person who makes it all so confusing but make perfect sense at the same time. For Brasi and Lu to have been in love for years, it feels as if they’re struggling to stay there. With both of them thinking it would be easier to maintain a relationship, not only their love is put to the test, but so is their sanity. How much fight can one person have in them? Both of them have fought through one thing after the other, and are in desperate need of some relief. Anger, lies, love, jealousy, and a host of other emotions are now tossed into the mix. Will what they share remain strong enough to pull them through, or will they throw in the towel and move on to something easier and a lot less aching to their heart?

Love Me Through The Rain 3

A'zayler - 2016
    Though he’s still harboring hurt and feelings of abandonment, he’s willing to give it a try. What he doesn’t know is that along with his sister comes even more unexpected havoc. He loves her and wants to rekindle the family bond he misses so much, but how can he when everything in his life is going wrong? Rain is trying her hardest to recover from her attack and enjoy the happiness she’d just received. With the new additions to her family, her days are getting easier until she comes face to face with the person in charge of all of her pain. To be lovers and friends means to have the best of both worlds, that is unless you’re Summer and Jacorey. Playing the friend role with lover feelings is a disaster waiting to happen, and neither of them plan to acknowledge it. Caught up in a whirlwind of lies and deceit, Alex is starting to come to terms with his relationships and the impacts they’re having on his life. Finally seeing his worth and refusing to accept less, Alex is on the road to happiness until the same love that he’s been trying so hard to hold in, is bursting out uncontrollably. It’s always easy to love a person when things are good, but loving them through the rain is when it matters most.

Dream & Drake: A Cartel Love Story

Princess Diamond - 2016
    The product of a loving, middle-class- two-parent home, she knows nothing about going without the basic necessities in life. The life Dream lives, is exactly that to the less fortunate: a Dream. Gift-ed with the finer things, Dream’s only concern is finishing school and finding a good man who will someday make her a mother and a wife. Dream knows exactly who and what she wants and she refuses to settle for less. When she meets Drake, Dream is immediately swept off her feet and falls victim to his charm and irresistible touch. Drake is everything that Dream has ever wanted in a man and more than she ever expected.The moment Drake saw Dream; he secretly claimed her as his woman and made a vow to have her by all means necessary. Drake’s desire to have Dream as his own, has him willing to give up the life he lives in the streets and settle down. However, it’s not easy to walk away when you’re a Boss and others depend on you to survive. Drake’s brother Breeze is fresh out of jail after doing a two year bid and he needs his help. Marked as a weak link by the members of the Chicago Cartel, the crime family that raised and reared both Drake and Breeze, Breeze is depending on Dream to help him solidify his place in the family. Determined to show himself worthy, Breeze accepts the challenges required to earn the “Family’s” trust. Ready and willing to die for his seat at the round table, Breeze refuses to let any thing or any one stand in his way. However, what he didn’t prepare for was meeting Bey.Bey is beautiful-bold and straight forward. From the mo-ment she met Breeze, she managed to get under his skin with her, “no holds barred” attitude and slick tongue. At times Breeze finds himself wanting to slice her throat, at others he wants noth-ing more than to kiss and caress every inch of her body. The two of them discover what makes them complete opposites is the very thing that makes their connection just right.Drake and Breeze are on their way to having everything they ever wanted. From money to love. However, when you make your living off an illegal hustle, the road to success is tainted, often stained with blood and guarded by opposition and enemies who want nothing more than to take what’s yours. How will Drake and Breeze stand, when their enemies come for their lives and their money? How will Dream react when she discovers the shady side of Drake’s business? Can Breeze and Bey overcome their differences to become the ultimate power couple? Find out in this gritty, drama-filled, urban love story, presented by Cole Hart and written by African- American, author, Princess Diamond.

When Your Hustling Days Are Gone: A Bad Boy Romance

Charmanie Saquea - 2016
    That's exactly what Poca did for Makhai. She was by his side when he was broke and had nothing as well as when he was on top of the world and had everything at his fingertips. When outside forces come in and threaten to destroy everything the couple built together, will they be able to stick together and weather the storm? Or will the damage be too much for the couple to handle? Cali had everything he ever wanted and needed in his girl Love, but he just couldn't seem to get his act together. With his life spiraling out of control on a path of destruction, will Cali be able to get his life together before it's too late? Or will Love have enough of his doggish ways and leave him at his lowest?