Physics, Class 8 (IIT Foundation Series)

Trishna Knowledge Systems
    Comprising of twelve titles on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, this series caters to students of classes VII to X. The core objective of the series is to help aspiring students understand the basic concepts with more clarity, in turn, developing a problem-solving approach. It also encourages students to attempt various competitive examinations from an early age. Introduces the IIT-JEE syllabus and approach in a simple manner making it easy to integrate along with the regular curriculum Uses graded approach to generate, build and retain interest in concepts and their applications Comprehensive pedagogy:  Illustrative examples solved in a logical and step-wise manner  "Test Your Concepts" at the end of every chapter for classroom preparations  "Concept Application" section with problems divided as per complexity-basic to moderate to difficult  Hints and explanations for key questions along with highlights on the common mistakes that students usually make in the examinations Students aspiring admission in IIT's and other top engineering colleges.

The Big Fight: My Story

Sugar Ray Leonard - 2012
    An artist and a showman he was always willing to take the difficult fight: his gruelling encounters with Roberto Duran, Thomas Hearns and Marvin Hagler have become legendary.Ruthlessly honest and inspiring, Ray's autobiography lets you get into the ring - with the mind games, brutality and euphoria. But, outside of the ring, Ray's biggest opponent of all was himself. From early domestic violence and experience of sexual abuse, he began a determined rise to Olympic champion and national icon, before losing control of his life at the height of his career in the blur of fame, sex, greed, drink and drug addiction that cost him so much.The Big Fight is a remarkable portrait of the rise, fall and final redemption of a true fighter in every sense.

Pure Mathematics 1: Advanced Level Mathematics

Hugh Neill - 2002
    Pure Mathematics 1 corresponds to unit P1. It covers quadratics, functions, coordinate geometry, circular measure, trigonometry, vectors, series, differentiation and integration.

How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT Common Admission Test

Arun Sharma - 2012
    The book will also be extremely useful for those preparing for other MBA entrance examinations like XAT, SNAP, CMAT, NMAT, etc. Quantitative Aptitude is quite challenging component of the CAT question paper and the other mentioned MBA entrance examinations. In his inimitable style, Arun Sharma, an acknowledged authority on the topic, provides a comprehensive package of theory and practice problems to enable aspirants to attempt questions with extra speed and confidence.


Donald Wells - 2014
    Someone has abducted television star Kelly Rogers, and the police and the FBI both believe that it was him. And Jake Stelton can't really blame them, after all, he's done it before, Ten months earlier, their meteoric love affair ended with Jake taking Kelly hostage and threatening to kill anyone who dared try to separate them. When the chaos of that day ended, there were five innocent people dead, and Jake Stelton was in jail awaiting trial for murder. His lawyer assured him that his record as a war hero would gain him little favor in the wake of five dead bodies, and that an emotionally shattered Kelly Rogers would gladly testify against him, and had in fact, already told the police about his increasingly bizarre behavior in the days leading up to the killings. Things looked dim for Jake, that is, until they discovered the tumor. A leading brain surgeon testified that the tumor found growing inside Jake's skull, was the culprit that propelled him to such violent and paranoid behavior, and it was this testimony that set him free. His freedom meant little, because Kelly wanted nothing to do with him, her love for him could not overcome her fear of him, and so Jake retired to his farm, to live out his life alone. But someone has taken Kelly Rogers, someone has taken the woman he loves and put her life on the line, and Jake Stelton has made a vow to find her, to save her, and possibly, to even find redemption.

Quit Your Day Job, A Guide for the Self Published Author

H.P. Mallory - 2011
    HP demonstrates: * What is the best approach to take when creating book covers* How to optimize your book's description page* Choosing the category of your book* The question of pricing your book* The importance of Social Media and, more specifically, Facebook, Twitter and Blogging* How to get reviews including interviews with leading Review websites such as Dear Author* What to feature on your website* The importance of Search Engine Optimization* A Q&A with the people from Pubit!, the self publishing platform of Barnes and Noble* The seven steps of self publishing success from the owner of Smashwords, one of the largest and most well known self-publishing platforms* Tips and tidbits from Goodreads, the world's largest online book club website* And so much more!

B.S. Johnson Omnibus

B.S. Johnson - 2003
    Johnson's critically acclaimed novels - "Alberto Angelo", "Trawl" and "House Mother Normal - A Geriatric Comedy".

The Great Book Of Puzzles And Teasers

George J. Summers - 1989
    Summers. He brings out fascinating challenges in situations as common as a game of tic-tac-toe or tennis or as strange as a land of habitual Truth tellers and Liars. These puzzles and teasers are constructed with clues, helpful solution and detailed answers that show you step-by-step how a teaser or a puzzle is unraveled.

Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai

Masaaki Hatsumi - 2008
    Known as budo taijutsu, these specialized moves allow the practitioner to evade and receive an attack even from an opponent wielding a sword. Hatsumi covers such topics as Kihon Happo (Eight Basic Movements), Kosshijutsu (Attacks Against Muscles), Koppojutsu (Attacks Against Bones), Jutaijutsu (Flexible Body Arts), Daken Taijutsu (Fist Punching and Striking), Ninpo Taijutsu (Bodily Arts of the Ninja), discussing and demonstrating the many techniques which will enable the fighter to punch, kick and finally lock or control the body of his adversary.As Hatsumi tells us, the techniques have been secretly passed down from the masters to their students for more than a century, and have become the foundations for a range of other martial arts including judo, karate and aikido. This book will thus enhance the readers understanding of the roots of these various disciplines as well as provide fascinating insights into the spirit of the way of the warrior and the martial arts. Includes over 300 step-by-step photos and rare drawings.

75 Worksheets for Daily Math Practice: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division: Maths Workbook

Kapoo Stem - 2014
    There is one worksheet for each type of math problem including different digits with operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These varying level of mathematical ability activities help in improving adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing operation skills of the student by frequent practicing of the worksheets provided.There is nothing more effective than a pencil and paper for practicing some math skills. These math worksheets are ideal for teachers, parents, students, and home schoolers. The companion ebook allows you to take print outs of these worksheets instantly or you can save them for later use. The learner can significantly improve math knowledge by developing a simple habit to daily practice the math drills.Tutors and homeschoolers use the maths worksheets to test and measure the child's mastery of basic math skills. These math drill sheets can save you precious planning time when homeschooling as you can use these work sheets to give extra practice of essential math skills. Parents use these mathematics worksheets for their kids homework practice too.Designed for after school study and self study, it is used by homeschooler, special needs and gifted kids to add to the learning experience in positive ways. You can also use the worksheets during the summer to get your children ready for the upcoming school term. It helps your child excel in school as well as in building good study habits. If a workbook or mathematic textbook is not allowing for much basic practise, these sheets give you the flexibility to follow the practice that your student needs for an education curriculum.These worksheets are not designed to be grade specific for students, rather depend on how much practice they've had at the skill in the past and how the curriculum in your school is organized. Kids work at their own level and their own pace through these activities. The learner can practice one worksheet a day, two worksheets a day, one every alternate day, one per week, two per week or can follow any consistent pattern. Make best use of your judgement.

Analysis of Financial Statements Class XII, Part-B (Including Project Work)

D.K. Goel - 2017

Macro Economics: Theory and Policy

H.L. Ahuja - 2010
    Economics, finance, business & management

New SYLLABUS Mathematics 3; 6th Edition

Teh Keng Seng

Doin' the Charleston: Black Roots of American Popular Music & the Jenkins Orphanage Legacy

Mark R. Jones - 2005
    From slavery to freedom, follow the inspirational rags-to-riches story of some of America’s greatest jazz musicians brought together by the determination of one man, a freed black slave named Rev. Daniel Jenkins. His Jazz Nursery revolutionized the music world! One cold December day in 1891, Rev. Jenkins discovered four black children huddled together in a railroad car. He had more than 500 children in his care. To support the Orphanage, Jenkins organized a brass band which performed on the Charleston streets for hand-outs. Ten years later, the Jenkins Band appeared in London, played for President Teddy Roosevelt and premiered on Broadway. Members of the Jenkins Band played with Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Louis Armstrong. Then, tragically in 1919, one of the Jenkins’ musicians committed a brutal murder which shocked America! During the next decade, the Roaring 20s, America underwent a tumultuous change in which everybody was soon DOIN’ THE CHARLESTON! ILLUSTRATED WITH MORE THAN 70 PHOTOS!

Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj

Ramesh S. Balsekar - 1982
    He encouraged to inquire into the origin of consciousness and the illusory nature of arising phenomena. The primary reason for the book’s effectiveness is that the author enjoys a profound intuition of his teacher's realization."This sequel to I am That and Seeds of Consciousness continues the moving account of a genuine master of Advaita Vedanta."-David Diaman (The Laughing Man)