ACA Ethical Standards Casebook

Barbara Herlihy - 1989
    The 6th edition reflects the latest changes in the 2005 ACA Code of Ethics and how to apply these standards in work with diverse clients.

Career Theory and Practice: Learning Through Case Studies

Jane L. Swanson - 1999
    Each chapter applies a different theory to case examples and - to provide continuity - to a fictitious client' constructed from many past clients of the authors.

Understanding Research: A Consumer's Guide

Vicki L. Plano Clark - 2009
    This text helps develop in readers the skills, knowledge and strategies needed to read and interpret research reports and to evaluate the quality of such reports.

Pizza Man

Darlene Craviotto - 1986
    Her boss made a pass at her and she said no so she got a pink slip with her check. Julie's broke and disillusioned, so she drinks and turns on the stereo full blast to make the pain go away. Then her roommate comes home in the midst of an eating frenzy; her boyfriend has gone back to his wife so Alice has turned to food to forget. Julie suggests another way to vent their man

Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Community and Agency Settings

Samuel T. Gladding - 2009
    It examines the many roles and functions community counselors perform, the variety of settings in which their work is done, and how that work differs from one client population to another.

Sin and Grace in Christian Counseling: An Integrative Paradigm

Mark R. McMinn - 2008
    Grace. Christian Counseling. How do these fit together? In Christian theology sin and grace are intrinsically interconnected. Teacher and counselor Mark McMinn believes that Christian counseling, then, must also take account of both human sin and God's grace. For both sin and grace are distorted whenever one is emphasized without the other. McMinn, noting his own tendencies and the temptation to stereotype different Christian approaches to counseling along this theological divide, aims to help all those preparing for or currently serving in the helping professions. Expounding the proper relationship of sin and grace, McMinn shows how the full truth of the Christian gospel works itself out in the functional, structural and relational domains of an integrative model of psychotherapy.

DSM-5 Overview (Quick Study Academic)

BarCharts, Inc. - 2009
    Disorders are summarized to be useful for students and professionals as a handy reference to support the study of the DSM-5 manual or its use in practice. Topics summarized include: Neurodevelopmental Disorders Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders Bipolar and Related Disorders Depressive Disorders Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders Anxiety Disorders Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders Dissociative Disorders Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders Feeding and Eating Disorders Elimination Disorders Sleep-Wake Disorders Sexual Dysfunctions Disruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct Disorders Neurocognitive Disorders Personality Disorders Paraphilic Disorders Other Mental Disorders Other Conditions That May be a Focus of Clinical Attention

Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision

Janine M. Bernard - 1992
    Due to the overlap of the mental health disciplines and of supervision modalities, the authors have integrated psychology, counseling, marriage and family therapy, and social work contributions into the central themes that dominate the study and practice of clinical supervision. The authors offer a comprehensive look at the supervision relationship that must develop if supervision is to be successful. In doing so, the book serves as a valuable resource for the practitioner as well as the scholar. The authors also address the professional issues of ethical and legal concerns, evaluation, and establishing a productive context for supervision; the practice issues of supervisor training and development; and the research issues affecting both the study and practice of supervision. Appendices offer additional resources. These include materials to assist the readers in training supervisors. They also include selected instruments that might be used by supervision researchers and practitioners. Clinical supervisors.

Earned: My Journey to becoming a Hunter of Man

Robert Terkla - 2020

English in Mind 3 Teacher's Book

Nicholas Tims - 2005
    Everything, from the choice of imaginative topics, texts and exercises to the attractive design is perfectly matched to students' interests, age and ability. It provides a solid basis for effective language learning through a strong focus on grammar and vocabulary. Flexibility and support are offered in the form of photocopiable activities and tests in the Teacher's Resource Pack, 'EiMTV' DVDs, Workbook CD-ROMs and the extensive free worksheets, tests, wordlists and resources on the website. Each level of the course provides 80-90 hours of work with the possibility of extension. It can be used with mixed-ability classes. The Starter level is for complete beginners and Level 1 is for elementary students and contains a 16-page starter section to revise key language. Levels 2 to 5 take students from pre-intermediate to advanced level.

Child Growth And Development

Elizabeth B. Hurlock - 1978
    Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature in affordable, high quality, modern editions that are true to the original work.

Soul Searching: Why Psychotherapy Must Promote Moral Responsibility

William J. Doherty - 1995
    Nathan has been lying to his wife about a serious medical condition. Marsha, recently separated from her husband, cannot resist telling her children negative things about their father. What is the role of therapy in these situations? Trained to strive for neutrality and to focus strictly on the clients' needs, most therapists generally consider moral issues such as fairness, truthfulness, and obligation beyond their domain. Now, an award-winning psychologist and family therapist criticizes psychotherapy's overemphasis on individual self-interest and calls for a sense of moral responsibility in therapy.

Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling: A Guide to Brief Therapy

Everett L. Worthington Jr. - 1999
    Worthington, Jr. offers a comprehensive manual for assisting couples over common rough spots and through serious problems in a manner that is compassionate, effective and brief. His hope-focused (rather than problem-focused) approach enables couples to see that change is possible and gives them a new outlook on the future. Combining this with a brief approach that addresses the realities of managed care and tight budgets, Worthington shows how to be strategic in each counseling situation by including teaching, training, exercises, forgiveness, modeling and motivation. At the heart of the book are dozens of interventions and exercises, includingdrawing on central values promoting confession and forgiveness strengthening communication aiding conflict resolution changing patterns of thinking developing intimacy cementing commitment Backed by years of experience and substantial research, hope-focused marriage counseling offers hope to counselors that they can provide help to troubled couples quickly, compassionately and effectively. This paperback edition includes a new introduction, summarizing the latest findings and developments in marital counseling and applying hope-focused marriage counseling to today's cultural and clinical realities.

Ethics In Counseling And Psychotherapy: Standards, Research And Emerging Issues

Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel - 1997
    Numerous case studies, followed by the author's analysis of the cases, helps you structure your thinking and apply professional standards to complex cases. Coverage includes ethics, legal research, and the professional literature in major topics in ethics (such as consent, confidentiality, and multiple relationships) and in applied settings (such as community mental health, private practice, schools, and teaching/research).

Theories of Psychotherapy and Counseling: Concepts and Cases

Richard S. Sharf - 1995
    Futher, you will study how theories can be applied to individual therapy or counseling for common psychological disorders, such as depression and generalized anxiety disorders, as well as how they can be applied to group therapy.