A Reacher Kind of Guy - Aftermath

Michael Kerr - 2012
    Her husband has been murdered, and she and her daughter are being hunted by two hitmen. Logan gets involved and the body count rises as he investigates why the women are such a threat to someone that they have to be eliminated.

You Thought He Was Yours

Denora M. Boone - 2017
    She has a beautiful home and her bank account is no longer struggling. She knows that the success that she has been blessed with is only because of the God she serves. She just wishes that He would finally send her the husband her heart desires. Unfortunately, that prayer had yet to be answered because the man that holds her heart, is married to someone else. Bless Williams once had a promising professional career in the NFL but an injury in college caused that dream to turn into a nightmare. The one thing that made that defeat bearable was knowing that he had his beautiful wife Trinity by his side. She was there before the fame but once the limelight dimmed, so did the flames that she once had for him. As much as Bless prayed that God return His wife’s heart back to him and heal their marriage, he would soon see that the secrets that are exposed won’t allow it. Both Bless and Anya believe in the sanctity of marriage and wouldn’t dare enter into anything that God frowns upon. But what is a heart to do when it wants what it wants? Could Anya be the one that Bless was meant to be with and if so why had God sent Trinity during one of the most difficult times of his young life? Love is a hard thing to get rid of especially when you thought he was yours.

The Trader and the Rescued Bride

Indiana Wake - 2020
    When she sees an advert for a Mail Order Bride, she knows this is her one chance to escape.FREE with Kindle Unlimited.David Richardson is a successful trader, suddenly he realizes how lonely life has become. When he advertises for a bride, Lily’s reply pulls to him. When he meets the timid but pretty woman, he knows he must help her. Her honesty and need to escape are apparent. David takes her as his bride, but will they ever find love?Lily makes friends and learns that a wealthy landowner is stopping her husband from trading with the local Indian tribe. Can she help her husband out? Can she repay him for saving her?As trouble stirs in Hope Ridge, she realizes she wants more from her marriage than safety, is love possible for someone like her?Find out in The Trader and the Rescued Bride a sweet mail order bride romance from bestselling author Indiana Wake.

An Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy Collection - DEF

Diana Xarissa - 2018
     Dogs and Danger When Fenella Woods decided to cut all of her ties in Buffalo, New York to move to the Isle of Man, she didn’t even give pets a single thought. Not long after she’d settled in, however, she’d found herself with a kitten. Just back from a fortnight of research in London, the last thing she’s expecting is that she’s going to find herself looking after two dogs as well. When Fenella and her good friend, Shelly Quirk, find a stray dog on Douglas Beach, Shelly quickly recognizes him and knows where he belongs. The problem is, his owner, Harvey, seems to have disappeared. Shelly’s cat won’t let Winston into Shelly’s apartment, but Fenella’s Katie is more welcoming. When a second neighbor goes missing only a few days later, Fenella finds herself in the middle of two missing person cases, and looking after two dogs. When one of the missing men turns up dead and a third person goes missing, life begins to feel more dangerous for Fenella and Shelly. Inspector Daniel Robinson is reluctantly on the sidelines as he’s busy getting ready to go away for a two-month training course. Missing persons isn’t really his area of expertise, either. Can Fenella and Shelly help work out what’s going on before anyone else ends up dead? Encounters and Enemies When Fenella Woods inherited her spinster aunt’s estate, she’d been surprised to learn that Mona had something of a racy past. Everyone she met seemed to have a story about Mona, and most of them seemed to involve wealthy and attractive men. Even so, Fenella wasn’t prepared for a total stranger to start yelling at her at a party because of her relationship to Mona. Phillipa Clucas thinks that her recently deceased husband had an affair with Mona, something that Mona (who is still hanging around Fenella’s apartment, not quite ready to move on to the afterlife) denies. An unexplained series of accidents among other women who may or may not have been involved with Phillipa’s husband has Fenella worried. CID Inspector Mark Hammersmith, who is covering for Fenella’s friend Daniel while he’s away, doesn’t seem to share her concerns. Can she persuade Mark that the series of accidents are really murders? Can she convince him that she isn’t the common link between the cases? And can she work out what’s really happening to the women who used to be Mona’s friends without Daniel’s help? Friends and Frauds Since she’s been on the Isle of Man, Fenella Woods has had the chance to make many new friends. Her closest island friend is her next-door neighbor, Shelly. When a man appears on Shelly’s doorstep claiming to have been a childhood friend of Shelly’s recently deceased husband, Fenella is quick to try to help Shelly deal with the surprise. As Shelly tries to work out whether she wants to talk to the man or not, Fenella meets, and dislikes, several of the man’s friends who are visiting the island. But when Shelly finally agrees to meet the man, they find out that he had at least one enemy as well. Police Inspector Mark Hammersmith isn’t happy when Fenella finds yet another dead body, even though she barely knew the dead man. Inspector Daniel Robinson, Fenella’s friend, is still off the island, though. Fenella has to deal with Mark, whether she likes it or not. As they learn more about the man and his friends, Shelly and Fenella find themselves caught up in yet another murder investigation.

Eisenhower's Spy

Noel Hynd - 2020
     “(Hynd is)…a few notches above the Ludlums and Clancys of the world." - Booklist. 'Eisenhower’s Spy' is Noel Hynd’s tough hard-hitting sequel to 'Truman’s Spy'. It is a major new work of action and espionage from the author of 'Flowers From Berlin' and 'Return to Berlin.' It is the summer of 1958. President Dwight D. Eisenhower personally enlists F.B.I. Special Agent Thomas Buchanan (the central character of Hynd’s 'Truman’s Spy') for a top secret assignment independent of the FBI and CIA. The President asks Buchanan to oversee the investigation of a perplexing murder in broad daylight in Manhattan. The best detectives in New York City cannot pull the case together. Or maybe they don’t want to. Was the homicide a random slaying, a gangland ‘hit,’ a drug deal gone wrong or a political assassination? And the further question: why is this homicide, which might otherwise be a state or city investigation, the focus of such close White House attention? Within days of starting his investigation, Buchanan finds himself, his life, his career and the woman he loves in jeopardy. He navigates a lethal web of Russian spies, local hoodlums, political provocateurs from the left and the right, the CIA, rival agents in the FBI, surly New York cops and Caribbean revolutionaries. The case is a nightmare, as are its ramifications. Equally perilous are the gritty gang-controlled urban streets where Buchanan must go to seek answers. Buchanan soon finds himself working with an unpredictable New York City police lieutenant named Paul Maguire. A beautiful but suspicious young woman named Laura Brookfield filters in and out of the case. Day to day, Laura either aids them or sabotages them. And yet, she may be the key to Buchanan's investigation. The story twists and turns from New York to Washington to Havana and back again. The case comes in and out of focus like a mirage on a broiling summer afternoon. Buchanan moves from the drug dens of upper Manhattan to the mob nightclubs of midtown to the edgy coffee houses of Greenwich Village. He visits the hot jazz joints of the West Fifties and the corrupt police precincts of the pre-Serpico era. Questions are many. Answers are few. Buchanan must make his own good luck. Meanwhile, the President is waiting for a report. To some, America of the 1950’s was a bright, optimistic and prosperous place. But in 'Eisenhower’s Spy' a deeper reality smolders beneath the surface. The decade had begun with two wars: a bloody conflict in Korea that stalemated in 1953 and a global cold war that would intensify through the decade. Berlin, Budapest and Taiwan were flashpoints of conflict and potential sparks for another world war. Americans passed the decade in fear of Soviet subversion from within or a sudden Soviet nuclear attack from afar. Worse, revolutionary ferment was as close as ninety miles south of Florida as Fidel Castro’s revolutionary army crept increasingly closer to mobbed-up Havana. 'Eisenhower’s Spy' is a spy story that buzzes with the energy of numerous intrigues, love affairs, memorable characters, remorseless criminality and quirks of fate set across a dark set of years in the middle of the Twentieth Century. 'Eisenhower’s Spy' will underscore the critics’ lofty assessment of Noel Hynd’s unique way with a tough hard-hitting spy novel: a full cast of memorable people, romance, uncompromising historical accuracy and heart pounding suspense. The millions of readers of Noel Hynd’s previous novels will not be disappointed.

A Thin Line Between Lust and Hate

N'Dia Rae - 2018
     Life hasn’t always been easy for Chantè Sheppard. Growing up with an emotionally abusive mother, absent father and quirky personality left her ridiculed and teased when she was younger. Desperate to be perfect and become the most successful woman of her dreams, she buckled down and became a prominent attorney. Despite her career success, her love life has always severely lacked. When her fiancè of two years calls off their engagement, she decides that his life is no longer worth living. But a year later, she attempts at finding new love with someone from her past, Qassim. Things with Qassim go well at first but then take a dark turn. Chantè is obsessive with his entire being and will stop at nothing to make him hers. A Thin Line Between Lust and Hate is twisted, gut wrenching tell of obsession, love and drama. This is one book, you won’t be able to put down. This book also includes a bonus book.

The Lure of Love

Iris Bolling - 2020
    He is from good stock and taught the best things in life come from working hard. For BJ, decisions are not entered into lightly and are strategically considered with a long term goal in mind. So, when a “Bad Call” and “Wild Pitch” send BJ’s world spiraling out of control, it’s Alexis Harrison that brings it home.Alexis Harrison is the first cousin to Attorney General JD Harrison. The Harrison name comes with high expectations due to it being a family of overachievers. When her parents sent her away to college, their expectations were her returning with a degree and all the bragging to go along with it. After a few encounters with a charming athlete, she returned home with many things, but a degree wasn’t one of them. Her life has been an UNBELIEVABLE and INCONCEIVABLE chain of events…just when she believes she’s landed on solid footing, damn if it doesn’t happen again…..this time she comes out swinging!Now Alexis and BJ find themselves caught in a social media frenzy that leads them to the LURE of love.

Out of the Desert

Tom Walker - 2021
    Joining the proud and distinguished XXI Squadron, Peter will risk everything to win the plaudits and reputation he desires.But his navigator, Charlie Kendrick, doesn’t see it the same way, and treats his new crew as a marriage of convenience.That is until a series of unforeseen disasters befall the squadron – after their home base is attacked and its aircraft ambushed - suspicions are raised of a double-agent operating in their midst.Braving Italian and German fighters, deadly flak, and a conspiracy of silence, Peter and Charlie enlist the help of Margot Dacre, a gifted intelligence officer with secrets of her own, in a race to prevent further setbacks before it’s too late.The blistering crescendo comes in an intense air battle to prevent the invasion of Greece. XXI Squadron is committed to the fight in a last, desperate struggle to hold onto the Balkans. Peter and Charlie will have to sacrifice everything, to save their friends – and to save Greece.

The Arnold Landon Mysteries #1-5

Roy Lewis - 2021

Sharp Objects: A Novel by Gillian Flynn | Summary & Analysis

Book*Sense - 2015
    The first novel of New York Times’ Best Selling Author Gillian Flynn, Sharp Objects explores the depths of the human psyche, from its simple complexities to the more outrageous ones. The narrative tells a tale about the malleability of the human mind, and how far it can bend towards either side: the normal and the abnormal. The lonely town of Wind Gap, Missouri is at the center of a series of murders by strangulation. What makes these murders even more morbid is the fact that the killer is targeting children: Two girls, aged ten and 9 years old, have been murdered and their bodies disposed of. Nobody in town seems to agree as to who may be held responsible for these unwarranted crimes. This companion to Sharp Objects also includes the following: • Book Review • Story Setting Analysis of Sharp Objects • Story elements you may have missed as we decipher the novel • Details of Characters & Key Character Analysis • Summary of the text, with some analytical comments interspersed • Discussion & Analysis of Themes, Symbols… • And Much More! This Analysis of Sharp Objects fills the gap, making you understand more while enhancing your reading experience.

The Pike Chronicles - Books 1 - 10

G.P. Hudson - 2021

Palliate (Hank Rawlings - On the Hunt Series Book 3)

E.H. Reinhard - 2020

If I Could Be Your Girl

Lex. C. - 2019
    At almost twenty-five, she’s already got the beautiful car, the big home, and hopes to bring her makeup artist dreams to life. The only issue is, as exciting as her life may seem, it came at the cost of her sister’s sacrifice. To repay the price, Isysis takes on the responsibilities that in turn may cost her every instance of joy in her own life. Dameon “Dame” Carter is a calculated connect who has made his living off the streets since he and his little sister, Demi, lost their parents in a tragic accident. He’s been raising her like his own for a solid decade, and because of that and his upbringing, he’s nothing like your average product of the streets. He’s opted out of the diamonds, mansions, and flashy things for two reasons. He’s got a vison of the way he wants things to be at his peak, and the woman on his arm is teetering the fence of proving worthy to go to the next level… destined to be left in the past. With Demi being Isysis’ best friend, and Dame being the right-hand man of her boss at Urban Dreamz, Isysis and Dame find themselves caught in the crossfires of connections that may prove to be a beautiful disaster. Find out what happens in this soul grabbing, drama filled whirlwind.

Royal Rising (The Lost Clan Chronicles #2)

Janelle Peel - 2019
    Unfortunately, fate twists upon itself once more. New friends emerge. Betrayal looms. Rafe finds himself struggling to come to grips with his Mate’s destiny. Tamsin is his, and his alone. Alas, nothing could have prepared him for what was to come. A new Goddess lurks in the shadows. Watching. Waiting. Biding Her time until the rising Royal accepts the truth of her path. Artemis has dabbled in the mortal plane for far too long and has tipped the balance. Only Tamsin can end Her kin’s suffering. The battle has only just begun, but the war is far from over. *This series changes POV's. More from Janelle Peel- The Clutch Mistress Series Vampire Mage Allied Mage Chosen Mage Alpha Mage The Sundering Demon's Rage The Clutch Mistress spin-off Series- Tabula Rasa Tidal Magic Blood Origin Rune Gate

Mothers and Daughters

Siân O'Gorman - 2020