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Reading the Bones by Sheila Finch


The Aphorisms of Kherishdar

M.C.A. Hogarth - 2008
    The Aphorisms of Kherishdar collects 25 short tales about what it is to have an Ai-Naidari soul: to find comfort in tradition, law and structure; to revere interdependence over individualism; to know one's place... to always have one. Illustrated.

The SFWA Grand Masters 1

Frederik Pohl - 1999
    Volume One, presenting the first five writers to receive the award, features the fiction of: Robert A. HeinleinJack WilliamsonClifford D. SimakL. Sprague de CampFritz Leiber

The Bosch: A Novella (Polity Universe)

Neal Asher - 2020
    Set in a far future after the Polity of my books has passed into history, The Bosch tells the story of how, when your biotechnology is sufficiently advanced, you can create the monsters others only imagined. When you are the ruler of a world, based on such tech, and have lived for thousands of years, perhaps you have become numb to mere human concerns. But a crime has been committed and restitution must be made, by raising the Bosch.

War with the Robots (Science Fiction)

Harry Harrison - 1962
    It's a man's world - but a robot's future...One day the tough, dangerous, dirty jobs will be done by robots: - superhumanly strong and invulnerable soldiers, with a built-in killer instinct- miners and sandhogs who can work on distant planets too deadly for man- incorruptible judges, fearing neither political pressure nor criminal vengeance - librarians with total knowledge instantly available...Harry Harrison has painted a chilling yet piercingly prophetic picture of the Robot Age: a time when man's 'slave' machines have learned their own strength - and the weaknesses of their masters!

Will the Last Person To Leave the Planet Please Shut Off the Sun?

Mike Resnick - 1992
    Standouts include "Kirinyaga" and "For I Have Touched the Sky," two installments from Resnick's well-regarded Kirinyaga series, set on an orbital space habitat modeled on a pre-colonial African culture. Contentsxi • Foreword: The Man Who Hated Short Stories • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick1 • Introduction: Will the Last Person to Leave the Planet Please Shut off the Sun? • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick3 • Will the Last Person to Leave the Planet Please Shut off the Sun? • (1992) • shortstory by Mike Resnick7 • Introduction: Kirinyaga • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick8 • Kirinyaga • [Kirinyaga • 2] • (1988) • novelette by Mike Resnick31 • Introduction: Me and My Shadow • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick32 • Me and My Shadow • (1984) • shortstory by Mike Resnick51 • Introduction: Mrs. Hood Unloads • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick52 • Mrs. Hood Unloads • (1991) • shortfiction by Mike Resnick57 • Introduction: Over There • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick58 • Over There • [Teddy Roosevelt] • (1991) • novelette by Mike Resnick85 • Introduction: The Last Dog • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick86 • The Last Dog • (1977) • shortstory by Mike Resnick95 • Introduction: King of the Blue Planet • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick96 • King of the Blue Planet • (1988) • shortstory by Mike Resnick111 • Introduction: Watching Marcia • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick112 • Watching Marcia • (1981) • shortstory by Mike Resnick125 • Introduction: Death Is an Acquired Trait • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick126 • Death Is an Acquired Trait • (1988) • shortstory by Mike Resnick133 • Introduction: The Crack in the Cosmic Egg • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick134 • The Crack in the Cosmic Egg • (1988) • shortstory by Mike Resnick137 • Introduction: Revolt of the Sugar Plum Fairies • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick138 • Revolt of the Sugar Plum Fairies • (1992) • shortstory by Mike Resnick151 • Introduction: For I Have Touched the Sky • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick152 • For I Have Touched the Sky • [Kirinyaga • 3] • (1989) • novelette by Mike Resnick183 • Introduction: Frankie the Spook • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick184 • Frankie the Spook • (1990) • shortstory by Mike Resnick203 • Introduction: Beibermann's Soul • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick204 • Beibermann's Soul • (1988) • shortstory by Mike Resnick209 • Introduction: Balance • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick210 • Balance • [Susan Calvin (Robot)] • (1989) • shortstory by Mike Resnick217 • Introduction: Posttime in Pink • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick218 • Posttime in Pink • (1991) • novelette by Mike Resnick249 • Introduction: Beachcomber • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick250 • Beachcomber • (1980) • shortstory by Mike Resnick255 • Introduction: Blue • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick256 • Blue • (1979) • shortstory by Mike Resnick261 • Introduction: Stalking the Unicorn with Gun and Camera • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick262 • Stalking the Unicorn with Gun and Camera • (1986) • shortstory by Mike Resnick271 • Introduction: Monsters of the Midway • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick272 • Monsters of the Midway • (1991) • shortstory by Mike Resnick279 • Introduction: Malish • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick280 • Malish • (1991) • shortstory by Mike Resnick285 • Introduction: The Light that Blinds, the Claws that Catch • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick286 • The Light that Blinds, the Claws that Catch • [Teddy Roosevelt] • (1992) • shortstory by Mike Resnick295 • Introduction: His Award-Winning Science Fiction Story • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick296 • His Award-Winning Science Fiction Story • (1988) • shortstory by Mike Resnick309 • Introduction: Was It Good For You, Too? • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick310 • Was It Good For You, Too? • (1989) • shortstory by Mike Resnick317 • Introduction: God and Mr. Slatterman • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick318 • God and Mr. Slatterman • (1984) • shortstory by Mike Resnick327 • Introduction: The Fallen Angel • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick328 • The Fallen Angel • (1984) • shortfiction by Mike Resnick331 • Introduction: How I Wrote the New Testament, Ushered in the Renaissance, and Birdied the 17th Hole at Pebble Beach • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick332 • How I Wrote the New Testament, Ushered in the Renaissance, and Birdied the 17th Hole at Pebble Beach • (1990) • shortstory by Mike Resnick339 • Introduction: Winter Solstice • (1992) • essay by Mike Resnick340 • Winter Solstice • (1991) • shortstory by Mike Resnick

The Year of the Jackpot

Robert A. Heinlein - 1952
    (Heinlein’s novel The Puppet Masters had been serialized in the September through November 1951 issues of Galaxy but Gold had merely acquired serial rights to a contract novel which had been written for Scribner’s.) Heinlein never again appeared in Gold’s Galaxy. This novelette, set in a near-future only subtly different from the McCarthyite and politically menacing present deals with social deterioration, cultural breakdown in a careful, documentary style which becomes terrifying. His romantically-linked leads are emotionally affecting but never sentimentalized, the background of chaos in which they enact their tragic, drowning love, is sparingly but furiously painted. Heinlein’s 1952 is clearly the apotheosis of those “Crazy Years” which he had noted in his famous chronological Future History, published a decade earlier in Astounding Science Fiction as a precis of his intended career. Perhaps no story of this period limns its political and cultural dysfunction as accurately as this novelette. Overshadowed by Heinlein’s juveniles and his famous later novels, The Year of the Jackpot may be the purest version of his portfolio and his most memorable work of less than novel length. It is one of his most exemplary stories and perhaps his best.

A Way Home

Theodore Sturgeon - 1955
    This collection of short stories contain the following stories: Unite and Conquer (1948), Special Aptitude (1951), Mewhu's Jet (1946), Hurricane Trio (1955), The Hurkle Is a Happy Beast (1949), Thunder and Roses (1947), Bulkhead (1955), Tiny and the Monster (1947), A Way Home (1953).

The Works of Andre Norton

Andre Norton - 2009
    12 stories by science fiction author Andre Norton, together in one collection, with an active table of contents:The Defiant AgentsThe Gifts of AstiKey Out of TimePlague ShipRalestone LuckRebel SpursRide Proud, Rebel!Star BornStar HunterStorm Over WarlockThe Time TradersVoodoo Planet

The Fifth Science Fiction Megapack (Science Fiction Megapack, #5)

Gardner Dozois - 2012
    Featured this time are:AGAPE AMONG THE ROBOTS, by Allen SteeleTHE STARSHIP MECHANIC, by Jay Lake and Ken ScholesPEACEMAKER, by Gardner DozoisOR ALL THE SEAS WITH OYSTERS, by Avram DavidsonGRANDMA, by Carol EmshwillerTHE GIFT BEARER, by Charles L. FontenayI, ROBOT, by Cory DoctorowALL RIGHTS, by Pamela SargentTHE EICHMANN VARIATIONS, by George ZebrowskiMAY BE SOME TIME, by Brenda W. CloughCYBERPUNK, by Bruce BethkeMILLENNIUM, by Everett B. ColeJOIN OUR GANG? by Sterling E. LanierGREYLORN, by Keith LaumerJUMPING THE LINE, by Grania DavisHE’S ONLY HUMAN, by Lawrence Watt-EvansTHE WASONICA CORRECTION, by James C. StewartCIRCUS, by Alan E. NourseTHE HATED, by Frederik PohlCODE THREE, by Rick RaphaelCOST OF LIVING, by Robert SheckleyTHIS IS KLON CALLING, by Walter J. SheldonTHE BIG BOUNCE, by Walter S. TevisTHE RISK PROFESSION, by Donald E. WestlakeTHE FIRE EGGS, by Darrell Schweitzer

Modern Classics of Science Fiction

Gardner DozoisUrsula K. Le Guin - 1991
    Long years from now the stories here may still touch someone, cause that person to blink, and put the book down for a second, and stare off through the hallow air, and shirver in wonder." Contents 1 • Preface (The Legend Book of Science Fiction) • (1991) • essay by Gardner Dozois7 • The Country of the Kind • (1956) • shortstory by Damon Knight22 • Aristotle and the Gun • (1958) • novelette by L. Sprague de Camp59 • The Other Celia • (1957) • shortstory by Theodore Sturgeon78 • Casey Agonistes • (1958) • shortstory by Richard McKenna [as by Richard M. McKenna ]90 • Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons • [The Instrumentality of Mankind] • (1961) • novelette by Cordwainer Smith116 • The Moon Moth • (1961) • novelette by Jack Vance157 • The Golden Horn • [Tales of a Darkening World] • (1962) • novelette by Edgar Pangborn196 • The Lady Margaret • [Pavane] • (1966) • novelette by Keith Roberts (aka The Lady Anne)238 • This Moment of the Storm • (1966) • novelette by Roger Zelazny273 • Narrow Valley • (1966) • shortstory by R. A. Lafferty287 • Driftglass • (1967) • shortstory by Samuel R. Delany309 • The Worm That Flies • (1968) • shortstory by Brian W. Aldiss331 • The Fifth Head of Cerberus • (1972) • novella by Gene Wolfe397 • Nobody's Home • (1972) • shortstory by Joanna Russ416 • Her Smoke Rose Up Forever • (1974) • novelette by James Tiptree, Jr.437 • The Barrow • (1976) • shortstory by Ursula K. Le Guin447 • Particle Theory • (1977) • shortstory by Edward Bryant472 • The Ugly Chickens • (1980) • novelette by Howard Waldrop499 • Going Under • (1981) • novelette by Jack Dann [as by Jack M. Dann ]521 • Salvador • (1984) • shortstory by Lucius Shepard543 • Pretty Boy Crossover • (1986) • shortstory by Pat Cadigan557 • The Pure Product • (1986) • novelette by John Kessel580 • The Winter Market • (1985) • novelette by William Gibson603 • Chance • (1986) • novelette by Connie Willis637 • The Edge of the World • (1989) • shortstory by Michael Swanwick654 • Dori Bangs • (1989) • shortstory by Bruce Sterling671 • Afterword (The Legend Book of Science Fiction) • (1991) • essay by Gardner Dozois

The Best of Larry Niven

Larry Niven - 2010
    This spellbinding collection is a must for fans of classic SF. - Publishers WeeklyWith the publication of his first story, 'The Coldest Place', in 1964 Larry Niven launched one of the most important careers in the history of science fiction. Over the next decade his stunning hard science fiction won four short fiction Hugo Awards and both the Hugo and Nebula Awards for his all-time classic novel, Ringworld.But it was the short stories that amazed and astounded first. Stories like 'The Coldest Place', 'Becalmed in Hell', 'Neutron Star', and 'All the Myriad Ways' set the boundaries for 'Known Space', one of science fiction s grandest future histories, while Niven also explored the classic tavern story in his 'Draco's Tavern' sequence and even fantasy in his 'Magic Goes Away' stories.Astoundingly, there has never been a single compendium the focused solely on Niven's best short fiction until now. The Best of Larry Niven collects no less than twenty seven stories written over a period of thirty-five years, bringing together some of the best-loved stories in science fiction for the first time, along with some overlooked classics. Whether this is your first time in Known Space or you're visiting old friends in Draco's Tavern, The Best of Larry Niven is unforgettable.Contents:9 • Introduction (The Best of Larry Niven) • essay by Jerry Pournelle11 • Becalmed in Hell • [Known Space] • (1965) • shortstory by Larry Niven25 • Bordered in Black • (1966) • shortstory by Larry Niven45 • Neutron Star • [Known Space] • (1966) • novelette by Larry Niven63 • The Soft Weapon • [Known Space] • (1967) • novelette by Larry Niven113 • The Jigsaw Man • [Known Space] • (1967) • shortstory by Larry Niven125 • The Deadlier Weapon • non-genre • (1968) • shortstory by Larry Niven135 • All the Myriad Ways • [Time Travel - Parallel Universe] • (1968) • shortstory by Larry Niven145 • Not Long Before the End • [Magic Goes Away] • (1969) • shortstory by Larry Niven157 • Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex • (1969) • essay by Larry Niven165 • Inconstant Moon • (1971) • novelette by Larry Niven191 • Rammer • [State] • (1971) • novelette by Larry Niven219 • Cloak of Anarchy • [Known Space] • (1972) • shortstory by Larry Niven239 • The Fourth Profession • (1971) • novelette by Larry Niven285 • Flash Crowd • [Teleportation] • (1973) • novella by Larry Niven337 • The Defenseless Dead • [Gil Hamilton] • (1973) • novelette by Larry Niven381 • The Flight of the Horse • [Svetz] • (1969) • shortstory by Larry Niven395 • The Hole Man • (1974) • shortstory by Larry Niven409 • Night on Mispec Moor • [State] • (1974) • shortstory by Larry Niven421 • Flatlander • [Known Space] • (1967) • novelette by Larry Niven459 • The Magic Goes Away • [Magic Goes Away • 1] • (1978) • novel by Larry Niven523 • Cautionary Tales • (1978) • shortstory by Larry Niven527 • Limits • [Draco Tavern] • (1981) • shortstory by Larry Niven533 • A Teardrop Falls • [Berserker] • (1983) • shortstory by Larry Niven545 • The Return of William Proxmire • (1989) • shortstory by Larry Niven555 • The Borderland of Sol • [Known Space] • (1975) • novelette by Larry Niven595 • Smut Talk • [Draco Tavern] • (2000) • shortstory by Larry Niven605 • The Missing Mass • [Draco Tavern] • (2000) • shortstory by Larry NivenCover art by Edward Miller

Dark of the Woods/Soft Comes the Dragons

Dean R. Koontz - 1970
    Remember the many heroic humans who have died in conquering the stars for you. Therefore, do not let misguided sympathy toward inferior and conquered animals deter you from your inherent title of divine rulers of the universe. Do not lose this birthright by succumbing to the "attractions" of any alien creature. Remember the penalties imposed by the Supremacy of Man party for this transgression.Our blessings be with you as you follow in the paths of your brothers and sisters. We have faith in mankind and we have faith in you. But, however, should you falter from the paths of righteousness, we have many willing hands eager to show you the error of your ways....

So Bright The Vision

Clifford D. Simak - 1968
    Forst. (1958) novelette88 - So Bright the Vision (1956) novelette133 - Galactic Chest (1956) novelette

The First Golden Age of Science Fiction MEGAPACK ®: Winston K. Marks

Winston K. Marks - 2014
    Winston K. Marks (1915-1979) is one such unjustly forgotten author.Included here are 12 science fiction stories, published between 1953 and 1959, representing some of his best work:THE WATER EATER (1953)UNBEGOTTEN CHILD (1953)…SO THEY BAKED A CAKE (1954)BACKLASH (1954)TABBY (1954)BREEDER REACTION (1954)FORSYTE'S RETREAT (1954)MATE IN TWO MOVES (1954)THE TEST COLONY (1954)BROWN JOHN’S BODY (1955)THE MIND DIGGER (1958)THE DEADLY DAUGHTERS (1958)If you enjoy this book, search your favorite ebook store for "Wildside Press Megapack" to see the more than 100 other entries in the series, covering science fiction, modern authors, mysteries, westerns, classics, adventure stories, and much, much more!

Time-Gifts (Writings from an Unbound Europe)

Zoran Živković - 1997
    Provocative and original, Time Gifts is a meditation on the nature of time and, especially, on the nature of those at its mercy.