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Fireworks (Twelve Months of Romance - July) by Margaret Lake


Fio: An O'Brien Novella (A Spin-off Novella of the O'Brien Tales Book 1)

Stacey Reynolds - 2017
    This storyline should be read after the third book, Shadow Guardian: An O’Brien Tale, to avoid spoilers.Timothy Daniels is an American hero. After surviving a catastrophic injury during a tour with the Marines in Iraq, he has spent the following years carving out a new life for himself. He’s successful, a stellar athlete, and an all around amazing man. He’s also lonely. A lot of women like to take a walk on the wild side with a wounded warrior, but it’s a whole other thing to make a life with him. When he met Fiona Reilly at a friends wedding in Ireland, he’d thought she might be the exception.Fiona Reilly wasn’t a nice girl. In fact, as the cheating ex-wife of Michael O’Brien, she was used to being persona non grata in her own home town. But she’d made a tentative peace with the people she’d hurt. Fiona was changing, doing better, working toward a fresh start. When she takes a job as the photographer for a local wedding, she meets an amazing American man. He’s had his own struggles, and he seems to accept Fiona’s past, warts and all. He’s disinterested in the town gossip, and seems to genuinely care for her.The two begin their journey as new acquaintances, but things quickly evolve into an intense, three-week love affair. When Tim goes home to Virginia, he invites her to visit him, both of them wanting to see where this relationship takes them. Then Fiona unexpectedly breaks it off, leaving Tim confused and devastated.Three years later, Tim’s best friend, Alanna O’Brien, and her sisters-in-law walk into a photography exhibit in a Dublin art gallery, and everything changes. The depth of Fiona’s betrayal is uncovered, and within hours, Tim is on a plane headed to Dublin. Some decisions can never be undone, but can they be forgiven?

Borrowed for Christmas

Cherish Amore - 2020

The Orphaned Amish Family

Mary Lantz - 2021

If I Hadn't Met You

Shalini Ranjan - 2021
    No one can hear me because…” there was a brief, hectic silence, “I am dead… have been dead for the past eighteen years.”Dead! No. No way! It was one thing to suspect it. It was completely another thing to hear it from her.Beautiful and witty, Tisha Mathur finds her life turn upside down on her eighteenth birthday when she interrupts a havan intended to bring peace to the soul of Ambika. Now, awakened from a slumber of eighteen years, Ambika is back in the real world. And if Tisha wants her normal life back, she only needs to do two things- 1. Help Ambika find her wedding chain that she claims to have never taken apart.2. Go on a date with Rudra Singh Shekhawat - who Ambika thinks looks like Dev Anand.What starts as a simple hunt of a lost chain quickly catapults into a somersault as Tisha realizes that someone doesn’t want her asking questions about Ambika… and a horrifying discovery that Ambika might not have committed suicide as is the general belief.

Forward Pass (A Forde Family Short Story)

Nikki Blaire - 2018
    Sonesia Fields is a small-town homebody, and when it comes to love, she would rather pass. In this short spin-off from the Forde Family Series' first book "Fortunate," you will find out if Quentin and Sonesia's love is a touchdown or a false start.

Guarded by Love (The Hill Sisters #1)

ShanicexLola - 2019
    I wouldn’t dare deny that his allurement was a gift from a prevailing force up above... until she showed up at our front door, willing to fight for him.

Christmas Romance Collection: 3 Contemporary Romances

Jennifer Youngblood - 2018
     Love on the Rebound Add a little Aloha to your Christmas this year! When Everly Watson takes her young son Jordan to Hawaii, she’s not just celebrating Christmas but also searching for answers surrounding a tragedy from her past. She doesn’t expect to be faced with a tsunami threat her second day on the island. Nor does she count on meeting the famous Christian Ross, superstar of a hit action-movie series. Sparks fly as Everly and Christian have an instant attraction. But things spiral out of control when Everly realizes someone is following her and watching her every move. Christian soon finds himself drawn into Everly’s complicated world of betrayal and deceit and feels the need to protect her from a perilous threat. Can Christian and Everly’s newfound love withstand the growing obstacles? Or are they doomed to keep reliving the heartaches of the past? Loving the Movie Star Actor Blade Sloan gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he lands a leading role in the new Jase Scott action movie, co-starring with Hollywood megastar Christian Ross. Too bad Blade’s having stress issues brought on by a longtime stalker who’s getting more aggressive. If Blade can’t find a way to loosen up on set and perform to the best of his ability, he’ll lose everything he’s worked so hard to achieve. Dani Fairchild is trying hard to turn over a new leaf and transcend into adulthood. Yes, she may have been irresponsible in the past when she jilted billionaire Liam Barclay and ran off with a surfer, but that’s all behind her. Dani has a food blog she wants to take to the next level, and she’s holding down a full-time job. Granted, being a receptionist isn’t her dream job by any means, but hey, it’s a start. Too bad she can’t keep her big mouth shut and gets fired when the boss acts like a jerk. An unlikely encounter on the public bus brings Blade and Dani together where sparks fly and attraction sizzles. But Dani isn’t having it. No matter how charismatic Blade is or how good he looks with his chiseled abs and piercing blue eyes she’s vowed to never again get involved with someone who doesn’t live on the island permanently. Long distance relationships are a kick in the pants, and she’s tired of being hurt. Home alone for Christmas while Samantha and her family go to the mainland, Dani settles in for a quiet, predictable holiday. But fate has other plans when Dani and Blade are unwittingly thrown into a cycle of events that lead to a heart-pounding climax. Can Dani and Blade find a strong enough love to sustain them in the face of danger? Or will the stalker win in the end? False Identity Believe in miracles … believe in hope … believe in love. It's Christmastime, and Chancy Hamilton can’t bear the thought of spending the holidays without her late husband Max who died in a plane crash. When Chancy and her teenage son, Travis, have an argument, Travis storms out of the house and ends up in the wrong part of town where he is attacked by a group of thugs. When a homeless man comes to his rescue, he invites the man home to have a meal with his mom and little sister. Gabe Jones is not like any other homeless man Chancy has ever seen—he’s confident, intelligent, and devastatingly handsome. Jake, Chancy’s boyfriend, takes an instant dislike to Gabe and warns Chancy to stay away from him.

Fallin' For Rozay: An Urban Romance

Mz Robinson - 2017
    From the moment, he met the young beauty, he knew she was unlike any woman he’d ever met and she would fill a role that no other woman ever served. Zuri wanted nothing more, than to break free from the strain of her mundane relationship with her boyfriend Darwin, and have one night to herself. However, upon meeting Rozay, one night quickly turns into an addiction. When friends turn into foes and partners turn into predators, Zuri discovers that the best part of her “Addiction” isn’t the way his touch drives her to the highest peaks of pleasure, leaving her breathless and screaming his name. Nor is it the way, his eyes speak to her soul or the way his lips make her weak. However, it’s the way he protects her and shows her the kind of love that words cannot do justice. In this original romance by Mz. Robinson and presented by Cole Hart, join Zuri and Rozay as they embark on an adventure filled with pain, passion, and desire and discover what happens when “One night” turns into “Forever”.

I'm in Love With a Thug 2

Lady Lissa - 2015
    That night with Lexus was one of the best nights of my entire life. I was gonna look for a place of my own today so we wouldn’t have to keep disrespecting her folks under their roof. I know if I had a daughter I wouldn’t want her disrespecting my house and I would kill the nigga who fucked around with her to make her do that. I called Prince to ask if he knew a good real estate agent and he was happy that I was moving out on my own. He congratulated me for coming as far as I had over the past six months and I was happy that he was proud of me. He did say him and his dad needed to meet with us concerning the Nigerian dealings so I said I was on my way. I showered, got dressed and headed upstairs. I was hoping to see Lexus before I left but after the dick down I gave her last night, it didn’t surprise me that she was still asleep. I did speak to her mom before I left about me possibly moving out and although surprised she said she understood. I made it over to the warehouse at 11 that morning and headed inside. The meeting lasted for about 30 minutes and then I got with Prince so he could give me information on some possible realtors. Big Jim tapped me on the shoulder and said, “My real estate agent Angie is really good. She helped us find the brownstone that we live in now and she is in the process of helping me find an estate property.” “Wow! An estate huh?” I said. “Yea I think it’s time I moved my girls out of that brownstone. I’m hoping to move within the next couple of weeks. I’d offer you the brownstone but I know you aren’t looking for anything that big,” he said. “Naw, it’s just me so something smaller would be better for me,” I said. “Well let me know if you want Angie’s information,” he said. “Aiight, thanks Big Jim,” I said. Big Jim had turned out to be a really cool dude. He was like the father I never had and I was thankful for him and Prince taking me in the way they did. I really felt like part of the family. Hopefully that would weigh in my favor when I told them about my love for Lexus. “Well I gotta go. I got some business to do at the bank and then I’m headed home. I think I might surprise Yvonne and take her out to dinner tonight,” he said as he smiled. “Sounds good Dad, y’all have fun,” Prince said. “See y’all later,” Big Jim said. Big Jim exited the warehouse and soon after we heard gunshots. We grabbed our weapons and headed outside to see what the commotion was about. All we heard when we made it out were tires screeching. When we finally looked around we saw Big Jim lying on the ground covered in blood. He was gagging on his blood as me and Prince went to see if we could help him. Someone must have called 911 because a few minutes later we heard sirens in the distance but by then it was too late. “Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh!” Prince screamed. “Big Jim! Big Jim!” I cried but he was already dead. The police arrived at the scene but they were cops that did business with Big Jim so they already knew how to handle the scene. Big Jim had several cops, detectives and even a district attorney on his side. The ambulance came and took Big Jim to the hospital even though he was already pronounced dead. The EMT’s said it would be a while before the medical examiner would be able to come and they didn’t want to leave Big Jim just lying on the ground. Everyone in this city had a lot of respect for Big Jim.I was in a fog because I couldn’t believe this had happened. Who would wanna kill Big Jim? He was a businessman but he was smart about how he did business; he didn’t make enemies.

Syx Thirty Sevyn (Situationships Book 3)

Grey Huffington - 2018
    After the rash decision to relocate and join her sister in New York City, she’s forced to adapt to the new environment while - simultaneously - adapting to newfound heartache. The two proves to be complicated, especially when the culprit is still on the loose and hunting her every waking minute. Sevyn Rouge, the heart-stopping brown beauty, freelance writer, and sister of Syx, finally finds her voice. Smitten by the likes of Ace Mallard, the blandness of her life is altered the minute he steps foot into her world. His intriguing persona keeps her up at night long after her computer is shut off and projects are completed. It isn’t until his absence that she realizes commitment may have been a bit far-fetched and it was foolish of her to even consider Ace settling. His flee from Sevyn’s web of sappy Romance novel based fantasies come to a screeching halt only when he accepts and admit that she could possibly be everything that he never knew he wanted.

The Broken (Forbidden Amish Love Book 1)

Tattie Maggard - 2017
    One forbidden romance. Amish school teacher, Emily Graber, is falling for a man who's been married before. The rules of the Swiss Amish community say he's forbidden to remarry, only someone forgot to tell Emily's heart. Book one of the Forbidden Amish Love series. The story continues in book two, The Forbidden. Watch for the dramatic conclusion in book three, The Secret.

Tech Titans: The Complete Billionaire Romance Series

Marcella Swann - 2019
    “After that, it was just a quick elevator ride to the second floor.”I can play that game.“You could both fit into the elevator?”I don’t do cocky billionaire players who want to make me their next conquest.All he wants is lunch. Yeah, right.“You’re going to ask out a woman you haven’t known for even a hot five minutes?”“Any five-minute stretch of time in your presence automatically qualifies as a hot five minutes.”Dang.It’s not like he’s got a jet that could fly us half way around the world for lunch.Right?And it’s not like the jet has a bedroom . . . with a mirrored ceiling.Oh f***! Tech Titans is a four-book contemporary romance novella collection containing the following titles:Hard Drive: A Bad Boy Billionaire RomanceHardwired: A Billionaire and Virgin RomanceHard Copy: A Billionaire Second Chance RomanceHard Bargain: A Billionaire Enemies-to-Lovers RomanceGet this steamy box set now! **Due to adult language and sexual situations, these books are intended for mature audiences.**

Mail Order Brides for A Town Called Hope 2 Book Special Edition: The Scarred and Rejected Bride & The Crippled Bride and the Orphaned Baby

Indiana Wake - 2016
    Hope Springs is filled with rough and ready men. Can a family of damaged women bring true Hope to this desperate town?A carriage accident killed Lily’s parents and left her and her sisters disfigured or disabled. Now they are to be thrown from their home and their hopes of becoming mail order brides were dashed when the men turned them down because of their disabilities.Book 1 – The Scarred and Rejected Bride Lily knows this calls for desperate measures so she writes to one last man and does not mention her scars. Kit McFarlan wants a wife to control his three rowdy children. Lily will do. That is until he sees her scars. The wedding is off, but Lily and her sisters are a feisty bunch and Kit did not bargain for what comes next. Will Lily get her man or will the sisters be left out in the old? Book 2 – The Crippled Bride and the Orphaned Baby Maye was crippled in the carriage accident that killed her parents. How can she ever find love? What man could love a woman who is not even whole?A new man in town is struggling with his brother’s baby. The child’s parents were killed but Craig needs to work if he is to feed baby Constantine. How can he work and look after a baby? A chance meeting tells him he needs a bride and he asks Maye to marry him.“That was the most unromantic proposal ever,” Maye said but still she accepts.As Maye falls for the handsome cowboy she wonders how she can go on. Is this all there is to life?Danger and heartache threaten to tear the couple apart. Can they survive and find love?The books are sweet, clean, historical, western, romances.


Latoya Nicole - 2021

Legal Love: Billionaire Romance

Emma Kingsley - 2017
    Instead of taking a job at a non-profit firm, defending humanitarian causes and the environment, as she had originally dreamed, she starts working for billionaire Richard De Marco. De Marco’s reputation as a ruthless businessman is well deserved and Grace is hesitant to work for him, but she is desperate to help her parents save their business and pay off the loans they took to help her pay for school. Despite their deep differences, De Marco and Grace are instantly drawn to each other. Their connection grows stronger and he attempts to mold her to fit into his world. Determined to hold tight to her values, Grace pushes him away. But De Marco is used to getting what he wants. Will Grace’s loyalty to her ideals break their bond forever or will it inspire De Marco and melt his cold heart? Clean, inspirational romance novella, with strong characters and a heartwarming happily ever after.