Noblesse: Season 1, Set

Son Jae Ho - 2010
    For 820 years he has slumbered with no knowledge of mankind's advancements and scientific achievments. The land which he once knew has become an unfamiliar place with new technologies, attitudes, and lifestyles. Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, Rai, while seeking to familiarize himself with this era, somehow locates a loyal servant of his, Frankenstein, who is currently the principal of a South Korean high school. Rai decides that this high school would be the perfect place to help him learn about the new world. He enrolls, and suddenly becomes the friend of Shinwoo, an immature teenager who is also a master martial artist. But this new world is no safer than the old, and the dignified, bewildered, technologically illiterate Rai finds himself caught up in adventures both ridiculous and dangerous.Chapters 1-92

Alive: The Final Evolution, Vol. 1

Tadashi Kawashima - 2003
    Now a group of Tokyo teens who have survived the outbreak are wondering why they are still alive.

Blood Lad Omnibus, Vol. 1

Yuuki Kodama - 2012
    But secretly, the fearsome Staz is obsessed with human culture, especially video games, manga, and everything that comes from Japan! When a Japanese girl wanders into the demon world, Staz can't wait to meet the human and learn everything he can about her world. Unfortunately, before he's able to ask her anything, the girl is killed by one of his would-be usurpers, leaving just her bare soul behind. Staz vows to help the girl restore her body and return to her former life-especially since it means taking a trip to the human world himself!

Blood+ Adagio, Vol. 01

Kumiko Suekane - 2006
    Saya begins to uncover some of the strange secrets of the Romanov royal family and, of course, finds some hideous Chiropteran beasts who are doing a little masquerading of their own. Despite being one of the Chiropteran "originals," Saya's devoted her life to eradicating the wilder, more vicious Chiropteran spawn who prey on humanity, and this short series embraces the same mix of action, humor, and horror.

Black Cat, Volume 01

Kentaro Yabuki - 2001
    Since then, Train has been a sweeper, a bounty hunter, catching criminals and bringing them in alive. But his main mission is to find a former Chronos member who killed his best friend.

Magical Girl Apocalypse, Vol. 1

Kentaro Sato - 2013
    If only something exciting were to happen, something magical. As fate would have it, Kii is about to get his wish, but in a way more terrifying than anything he could have imagined.When a little girl clad in gothic lolita attire appears at school and starts to gruesomely bludgeon, dismember and mutilate all who cross her path, while chanting the mantra "Magical Girl" from her corpse-like lips, the school devolves into a state of bloody chaos.Just how will Kii escape from this murderous magical girl? To make matters worse, the magical girl's victims reanimate and join her killer rampage as minions. Is there no way out of school for hapless Kii Kogami? And even if he escapes, what will be left of the world outside?

X/1999, Volume 01: Prelude

CLAMP - 1992
    When Kamui returns to Tokyo, he learns that his childhood girlfriend Kotori and psychic Princess Hitoni are having strange dreams about his role in a coming apocalypse! Is he the angel of salvation, or the devil of destruction?

King of Thorn, Vol. 1

Yuji Iwahara - 2003
    There is no cure, but of the two only Kasumi is selected to be cryogenically frozen with 159 others until a cure is found. At some point in the future, Kasumi awakens to find herself in an unfamiliar world with violent monsters. Older teens.

魔人探偵脳噛ネウロ 1

Yūsei Matsui - 2005
    Hand (手【て】, Te)002. Hollow (Depression) (凹【へこみ】, Hekomi)003. Surface (Face) (表【かお】, Kao)004. Food (食【しょく】, Shoku)005. Food (Flavor) (食【あじ】, Aji)006. Food (Prey) (食【えじき】, Ejiki)007. Nest (House) (巣【いえ】, Ie)

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, Vol. 1

Hajime Isayama - 2013
    A child of carnage.Cut alive from his mother's womb after she had been eaten by a rampaging Titan, Kuklo has spent his life in chains as a freakish curiosity and a feared abomination. Eventually the boy they call the "Titan's Son" finds himself sold to wealthy merchant Dario Inocencio as a plaything for his cruel and ambitious son, Xavi. Kuklo knows nothing but abuse and neglect, but help may come from the most unexpected place...

Dance In The Vampire Bund, Vol. 1

Nozomu Tamaki - 2006
    Using the vast wealth of the Tepes line, she has paid off the entire gross national debt of Japan and in so doing, gained the authority to create a "special district" off the coast of Japan that is to become the future haven for vampires from all over the world!Now, on the eve of the landmark press conference announcing the existence of vampires to the world, terrorists and rival factions are plotting to assassinate Mina Tepes.Dance in the Vampire Bund is an ongoing manga series that features stunning artwork and an enthrallingly original super-natural narrative.

In/Spectre, Vol. 1

Chashiba Katase - 2015
    When she was a child, she was kidnapped by spiritscalled yokai, and returned missing one leg and one eye. Since then, she has been able to communicate with otherworldlyforces, both benevolent and dangerous. Kotoko is alone in her power until she learns that the crush she's watched from afar, Kur, has had his own encounter with yokai! As if being touched by the supernatural wasn't enough, Kur 's personal life is also in shambles. With their shared experiences and understanding, Kotoko and Kur form a partnership to deal with mysteries, from ancient demons to the ghost of an idol. But for a girl who's used to dealing with spirits, winning love might prove to be the bigger challenge!


Michael Phillip Cash - 2015
    Copper Valley is chosen as the primary site for the park in the United States. Wyatt Baldwin, a high school senior is dying to go to the opening and when he lands special passes to the park, he and his friends are expecting the experience of a lifetime. After all, in a theme park where real zombies, werewolves, and vampires are the main attractions, what could possibly go wrong?

Monochrome Factor, Volume 1

Kairi Sorano - 2005
    He is skeptical but goes anyway...and gets attacked by a shadow monster! Shirogane convinces him that the balance between the human world and the shadow world has been distorted, and that Akira must become a shin--a creature of the shadow world--in order to help restore the balance. From KAILI SORANO comes a rebel without a cause--who has been given the ultimate supernatural power!

シャドーハウス 1 [Shadow House 1]

SO-MA-TO - 2019
    貴族の真似事をする、顔のない一族「シャドー」。その“顔”として仕える世話係の「生き人形」。来客のない奇妙な館には、今日も煤と黄色い声が、舞う――。Faceless shadow nobles living in a vast mansion, attended by living dolls who spend much of their time cleaning up the soot endlessly emitted by their mysterious masters.Follow the story of Emilyko, a young and cheerful living doll, as she learns her duties serving as the attendant for Kate Shadow-sama.