Bay of Islands Brides

Serenity Woods - 2018
    Her fiancé, Rafe, has ten days to convince her he’s still her Mr. Right, and he’s determined to win her all over again, no matter what it takes.Book 2: Bride by MistakeOne photographer, one wedding dress, one bride by mistake…Famous actress Fliss Rivers returns to her childhood home in the Bay of Islands after a scandal, hoping to hide from the press for a few weeks. Oblivious to the celebrity gossip on the internet, Dominic is captivated by her, and soon they’re in love. And then a photographer sees her modelling a wedding dress, and suddenly the whole world thinks they’re getting married…Book 3: Bride in SecretWhat would you do if you woke up to discover you were married to your best friend?After a drunk night in Vegas, Roberta and Angus awake to discover themselves handcuffed in bed together with a marriage certificate between them. They’re determined to pretend it hasn’t happened, but then a disaster throws them together in the most unexpected way…These are the first three stories in the six-book Bay of Islands Brides series of sexy contemporary romances that are sure to win your heart.

What Once Was Perfect

Zoe York - 2013
     Heading home always stirs up mixed emotions for Laney Calhoun. Twelve years ago she left for graduate school, broken-hearted. She's found professional success, but positive personal relationships have proved elusive. Running into her ex-boyfriend fans flames she thought long extinguished, and causes a renewed interest in love. Not with Kyle, of course. Never again. But as sparks fly and items of clothing disappear, she scrambles to keep her emotions in check. ...Now he has a second chance to get it right. Kyle Nixon let Laney slip away once. Their chemistry together is undeniable, but steamy sex is not enough to convince her to let him back into her heart. Even if she did trust him again, her career as a paediatric surgeon is five hundred kilometers away from the hometown that he loves, and the life he once chose over her. Come home to Wardham. Come home to love.

Christmas in Pine Ridge

Holly Stevenson - 2018
    . . will a little Hope and a Christmas miracle mend their troubled hearts?Hope Sullivan’s popular yoga channel leads her to teach at an exclusive mountain resort in Pine Ridge, Colorado. Her goal is to help others relax, but when she’s confronted by a stalker during class, the situation is more than just uncomfortable—it’s dangerous. Before Hope can call security, a handsome stranger defuses the situation by pretending to be her bodyguard boyfriend.As a former Marine, Owen Davis is used to rescuing others. But in his effort to help Hope, he signs himself up for a week of work on his vacation. Scarred by the trauma of his life and convinced he’s a broken man, he tries to keep her at arm’s length to protect her from the demons of his past.As the lines between real and pretend begin to blur, their growing attraction for each other is undeniable—but can they overcome his broken past and her guarded heart? It just might take a Christmas miracle . . . and a little bit of Hope.**This title was previously published as Hope for Christmas.

Second Chance Mistletoe Kisses

Anne-Marie Meyer - 2018
     Quinn is a single mom who's down on her luck. It's a few days before Christmas and despite the fact that she's desperately trying to keep her world from crumbling down, fate isn't on her side. Just as she wrangles her five-year-old daughter into her truck, the wind picks up and scratches the Jaguar next to her. Dollar signs flash through her eyes, but it's nothing compared to the fact that the car belongs to Collin Stewart—the boy who broke her heart so many years ago.  Collin is back in his sleepy home town to spend the holidays with his sick grandmother. While out on an errand for her, he discovers that the girl he's never really been able to forget about has scratched his car. His thoughts keep returning to her and at the prompting of his grandmother, he calls her to inquire about her plans for the holidays. He soon discovers that there's been a fire at Quinn's house and the only plausible thing to do is ask her to stay with him.  It's difficult enough living in close quarters with a person you once loved, but add in Collin's sneaky grandmother or Quinn's precocious daughter and feelings become hard to ignore. Both want to protect themselves, and before they can fully trust one another, they need to decide if they can overcome their fears.

His First Time: Saint

Ann Omasta - 2020
    The last thing sweet Sky needs is a stripper for a boyfriend. So, why do I crave her so much?I never intended to become a stripper in Las Vegas, but the ladies love my act.When innocent, beautiful Sky shows up in Sin City and declares that she’s ready for a night of wild abandon, I don’t have the willpower turn her down.There’s only one problem… One night with the woman of my dreams isn’t nearly enough.Make that two problems… Her protective twin brother is going to strangle me when he finds out about us.Can Saint convince Sky that he’s worth risking her fragile heart, or will their differences block the path to happiness? Find out now in His First Time: Saint.The Hot Shots of Romance Quickies are scorching short stories featuring sexy heroes, curvy heroines, seductive insta-love, sizzling bedroom scenes, and satisfying happily-ever-after endings. Start anywhere. Binge-read them all. Grab Saint now and enjoy a perfectly-portioned taste of steamy romance to satisfy your craving.

Where the Heart Is

Patricia Kay - 1999
    Thus begins the continuing saga of the Callahans and their friends. With some of her favorite themes of family relationships, life in small towns, and second chances, Patricia Kay is in her element in this first book of the Rainbow's End series set in the Texas Hill Country. PRAISE FOR THE NOVELS OF PATRICIA KAY "A stunning book from a master storyteller. Patricia Kay writes from the heart about matters that touch us all." -- Susan Wiggs, NY Times bestselling author "A beautifully written compelling story you won't be able to put down." --- Georgia Bockoven, USA Today bestselling author "If you love LaVyrle Spencer, you'll love Patricia Kay." --- Deborah Smith "Wonderful . . . (a) sparkling romance." --- Eileen Goudge "Kay's writing is solid, and her narrative swiftly reaches a satisfying finish." -- Publisher's Weekly "Patricia Kay writes from the heart about people we come to love." --- Christina Dodd, NY Times bestselling author "Heartrending and touching . . . Ms. Kay never fails to deliver this kind of story." -- Amanda Kilgore, Huntress Reviews "This marvelous story is full to bursting with winning characters, special moments, and most of all, hope, faith, and the rejuvenating power of love." --- Romantic Times Magazine "There are deep questions about relationships and serious character growth evident in this story, which is also warm, sensuous, and excellent entertainment." --- Rendezvous magazine "A warm, tender, beautifully written love story with an emotional punch that only Patricia Kay can deliver." --- Amanda Stevens, USA Today bestselling author PATRICIA KAY is a USA Today bestselling author of more than 50 novels of romance and women's fiction. Born in Ohio, she has lived in Houston, Texas since 1969. To find out more about her and her books, visit her website at

The Billionaire Looks Back

Christie Logan - 2019
    The woman he loved and left behind. When they meet again, will sparks re-ignite? Or will a long-kept secret tear them apart forever? Billionaire football star Shawn Canaday may seem like every woman’s dream, but his reappearance in Applewood, New York makes him Marg Hahn’s worst nightmare.She fell for him once, before fame and ambition became more important to him than love, and she has the evidence to prove it—their daughter, Lauren. Marg soldiered on as a single mother, raising her child on her own while keeping Shawn in the dark.Now guilt and a promise to an old friend bring him back to town, where he and Marg reconnect. When they find themselves stranded together, they discover their love never died.But he still doesn’t know about Lauren. When he learns the truth, will they at last be a family? Or will he turn his back on Marg for good?


Alison Ryan - 2016
    REVEL, a second chance summer romance. Declan DeGraff is old money, turned no money, turned new money. He's fresh off the deal of the decade; he's just sold his tech firm for over two billion dollars and he should be on top of the world. But he's still missing what he lost, long ago. And every time success comes his way, he's reminded of how he would trade it all to have her back again. Charlotte Sanders is running from the past. Again. Years ago she fell deeply in love with the last man she should have allowed into her heart and near her body. After a summer of passion, he ended it abruptly, tearing Charlotte apart and making her swear off ever letting anyone in again. But now she's come back to the city where it all happened, Charleston, South Carolina, determined to find answers to the questions he never wanted her to ask. A chance encounter takes them right back to where they started. But can they get past the secrets they’re keeping? Or are they destined to repeat the mistakes of a past they’re both desperate to forget? Previously published under the serial episodes WILD, REVEL, and TAMED. This edition includes an epilogue not previously published. For a limited time only: Two bonus books! NEED and CRAVE, parts 1 and 2 of For the Love of the Billionaire.

Fractured Love

Ella James - 2017
    Landon Jones, a boy with nothing, from nowhere. He had cinnamon hair and blue eyes—light blue, just like mine. When we went out as a family with my foster brother, people asked if Landon was my twin. He wasn’t. That year, we found out how much he wasn’t. When my parents caught us, they threw Landon out like trash.Now I’m twenty-nine, a soon-to-be surgeon, like my mom and dad. I know residency is going to kick my ass, but I had no idea that it would rip my heart out, too. Not until I see him—Dr. Jones.--The third standalone contemporary romance in the Off-Limits Romance collection. Coming in July.

It Happened In Vegas

Kathy Ivan - 2015
    What could go wrong?That's what Charlie King thinks when her friends dare her to reach out to the one man she's never forgotten. There's just one catch—he's the older brother of her former fiancée.Rodeo star Jared Drake is in Vegas for the Grand National finals when he spots Charlie. Their chemistry is instantly off the charts. There’s just one problem—his role in her broken engagement.This time around, can they beat the odds to happily-ever-after or will secrets from the past keep them apart forever?

The Salty Dog

Debbie White - 2014
    What will Libby do?Libby and Luke were the perfect couple. With a satisfying marriage, impressive careers, a beautiful condo overlooking San Francisco Bay, and a faithful companion in a golden retriever named Harley, nothing could rock this stable relationship. So, when Luke announces he's quit his job and wants to move, Libby reluctantly joins him in his new adventure, offering her love and support. But the new adventure ends in tragedy leaving Libby unsettled and confused. Determined to pull out of her funk, and settle into her new life, Libby elicits the help from friends as she embarks on a new adventure. The Salty Dog is a tale of love and loss.

Blue Harmony (My Day Book 1)

Mary Kelly Reed - 2018
     MY DAY IS A SERIES - HOWEVER EACH BOOK CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE NOVEL Amy is tired of sabotaging all of her relationships because of Ethan. He broke her heart years ago, and she let him get away unscathed. It’s time for her to confront him and rewrite the past. Determined to set things right, she flies away with her friends for the blue skies of Santorini to carry out her plan; a plan that begins to collapse as soon as she crosses Ethan’s gaze. Surprise guests and an idyllic romantic setting will further complicate her designs. Is she right to insist, or will stirring up the past prove to be a dangerous game? EXCERPT “Good morning, Zoe, Allison ... Amy.” Why does a shiver go through me when he utters my name? It’s like he … “You look like you didn’t sleep well. I hope it wasn’t because of me.” “I don’t see why it would be because of you. Your kiss didn’t perturb me to the point of staying awake all night.” “I just wanted to make sure our walk didn’t get you too worked up to sleep, but I see the answer is quite different.” I try to picture him as a Greek statue, made of stone and unable to speak, and in my distraction I miss something Zoe asks me. “Excuse me?” “Ethan just offered to show us around the island. He knows it better than we do, and I think it’s a good idea. What do you say?” “I don’t think so,” I reply dryly.

Saving Jenna

Christina Butrum - 2018
    He had left once before, and nothing would stop him from leaving again. Coming back to West Grove was the last thing Ian wanted to do. If it hadn't been for the rental property, the small town would've never seen him again. Two weeks and he'd be gone. Until he sees Jenna Avery and realizes there's more than a house needing repaired. The only problem - Two weeks may not be enough time to save her.

Relatively Normal

Whitney Dineen - 2018
    He purchases life insurance, luggage insurance, and always opts for the extended warranty. He's responsible, reliable, and would make any woman a wonderful life partner.In other words, he's the exact opposite of the Masterton clan.Cat's mother has a kitchen gadget fetish, a father whose best friends are taxidermied field mice, and a super stoner man-child brother who lives--where else?--in the basement. Then there's Nan, her proud Scottish grandmother with a proclivity for profanity and mischief.What on earth will Catriona's Normal fiancé think when he comes home with her to meet her parents? What will he think when he discovers his soon-to-be in-laws invited Cat's ex to join them for a holiday dinner?

Healing Hearts

Mary Jane Morgan - 2018
    After a disastrous marriage, Angie Jamison has no interest in giving her heart to another man. Angie now devotes her life to training and placing therapy dogs. When her German shepherd pup bonds instantly with a friend’s brother, Angie offers to loan him the shepherd on one condition: he socialize the pup and teach her basic obedience under Angie’s instruction. Ryan figures he has nothing to lose by giving the pup a temporary home. The dog’s companionship might even help him cope with the all-consuming guilt that has plagued him since the night his best friend died in his arms. Can the love of a therapy dog help heal Ryan and Angie’s damaged hearts and give them the courage to trust in love?