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Through the Storm by Meredith Bond


The Other Side of Dawn

Veronica Bale - 2020
    For Casey Becker, whose life has been left in pieces after a personal tragedy, she hopes that escaping to those majestic hills will take her away from the burden of her memories. But the magic of the Highlands is mysterious, and the hills hold many secrets - the most intriguing of which is Rory Hawthorn.In the village of Drumnadrochit, where Casey is staying with her aunt and uncle, no one knows much about the drifter named Rory. He turned up a few years ago, and has been an occasional presence ever since. Casey is fascinated by Rory. Who is he, and where did he come from?The more she learns about the mysterious Rory Hawthorn, the more Casey believes that his secrets are inextricably tied to the magic of the Highlands. If she uncovers what they are, she may uncover the answer to a long-buried secret about herself. Will she have the courage to face it when she does?

The Beachside Café Boxset (Complete Series: Books 1-6)

Sage Parker - 2021

Daring Deeds of a Forbidden Duchess

Violet Hamers - 2020
    But yet, she wants more... For Miss Isabel Chenieux, the thought of attending London Season is nearly too much to bear. Ward of the Duke of Ventury after the tragic loss of her parents, she is torn between apprehension and a forbidden yearning for his affection.The passing of his parents leaves David Thorough not only with the title of Duke but also a ward. And, as he quickly finds out, she gains a dangerously bewitching hold of him.But the night is the time for shadows and Isabel's unknown past is rife with them.A note delivered by a stranger is followed by Isabel's disappearance. And David has but a single old letter to help him find Isabel and guide him on the right trail. A trail that leads to a conspiracy twenty years in the making...

Craved By a Beast

Jade Royal - 2018
    In Mavericks clutches and separated from her pack Rita was truly helpless. Shackled and powerless, Rita and her beast began to crave and long for the man the universe had given to her to be her mate forever. It was the burning need to be reunited with her mate that gave Rita the strength to survive Maverick's torture at all costs. Without his mate, Jayce's control disintegrated daily. In his moments of rage and helplessness, he realized how he'd taken advantage of the thought that his mate would forever be around. But now, every moment of separation from Rita amplified his craving of her. In this second installment of the Phoenix Pack series, Jayce and Rita knows that their feelings for each other beat with the power of a thousand hearts. But after this upheaval of their normal lives, nothing will be the same. Craving each other might just save both their lives; but will the mates finally be able to complete the bond and have a happy ending?

The Hybrid Wars

Tamika Brown - 2020
    Her only option is to unboard from the cruise ship at the next port she and her fiance' decided to take to rekindle their relationship. She feels good about her decision, but when she finds herself lost in the forest after her rental car breaks down, she has no idea of the secret world and danger her broken wrist has landed her in. There are humans being killed and a virus that is sweeping through the wolf shifter population that is turning ordinary wolf shifters into hybrids; a product of The Great War with the vampires. What are hybrids? Hybrids are a new species created from a blood-born virus passed from vampires. And one of them is suspected of the human killings and they are becoming restless. Darren is the son of the Alpha, next in line. His best friend and partner is a hybrid. While on patrol, Darren and his partner stumble upon a human female lost in the forest. Trying to make sure she is safe, Darren is taken aback when he realizes this woman is he fated mate. In an attempt to get close to her he causes her to injure herself and she passes out. Getting her to safety is his number one priority. When a mysterious illness befalls her, blood results show something no one thought was possible. Can he protect her from the evil lurking in his territory? And will she accept the destiny she can't run away from?

The Scandalous Secret of the Tempting Duchess

Scarlett Osborne - 2019
     With no prospects on the horizon, she has devoted herself to her family’s happiness instead of her own. But even though deemed utterly unmarriageable, her life changes when she meets the most unattainable gentleman in town. Timothy Wilson, Duke of Brentminster, is every lady’s dream. Betrothed to a lady he doesn't love and trapped in a life he hasn’t chosen, he finally finds happiness in the eyes of the town’s most gossiped-about spinster. Craving to court her, he is willing to give up everything for her. Until he accidentally unveils her well-kept that isn't just hers and can destroy the person she loves the most. When the father of her child suddenly shows up, Matilda must make a choice: sacrifice her family or forever crave a man she can’t have.

Flirting with Your Ex Best Friend Fake Fiance: Part of the Holiday Fake Fiance Holiday Collection

Taylor Hart - 2020
    But now she's divorced. When she walks back into his life the week before Christmas, he asks her to be his fake fiancé … and she says yes.Michael Knight hasn't been known for his soft side. When you're climbing your way to the top, some people get left behind. He's put his family, friends, everything on the back burner to become the billionaire he now is. Yet somehow ... it doesn't feel like enough.Sapphire Rock never thought she'd be that woman. The one that finds out about her husband's affairs. The one that stays for way too long. But she did. Now, she’s picking up her life and starting again. When she finds herself back at her childhood home and all alone for Christmas, she never imagined the boy-next-door would be there and she really never imagined he’d ask her to go to Hawaii with his family for Christmas and pretend she’s his girlfriend. She says no, until he tells her his mother’s cancer is back.When the lies begin to stack up, they are faced with a choice; tell the truth or lose a second chance at love.

Elusive Bride

Nancy Kay Moore - 2016
    When she leaves a church filled with family and friends and tells the limo driver to "just go" she has no idea she will land up in a near-by town at a neighborhood bar, befriended by Weston Morris, a local veterinarian and all-around good ole boy. Will Weston convince Ava to go back and work things out with her fiancé or persuade her to hang around his hometown and start a new life? A life that includes him and his young son, Toby. Elusive Bride will hopefully convince you that sometimes even when you think you have it all figured out there is still time to change your mind.

When A Thug Has Feelings

Senoj - 2017
    When her parents found out, they decided to uproot them to another city. After losing contact with Dreon, she experienced her first heartbreak and decided to shift her focus back on her education. Now twenty-three, Niya is in her final year of law school, but over the years she continued to experience the short end of any relationship she was in, including the relationship with her parents. She finally accepts that her heart has never fully healed, but that all changes once she sees Dreon again. She doesn’t know how he will feel about the secret she’s been keeping from him. Dreon Carter was known for the havoc he wreaked growing up. But after being abandoned by his mother on his grandmother’s steps, he was angry and released that anger on other kids. Sometimes, even letting Niya tag along. Barely graduating high school, due to poor attendance, he went into the streets full time and was now known by the street name Menace. He ended up serving some time in prison, but now at twenty-five, he is the king of the dope game in Cleveland, running the streets with his right-hand man, Renzo. He has a two-year-old daughter by a crazy baby mama who’s set on being a pain in his ass and causing friction between him and Niya. Along with running the streets, he’s trying to run his home, but with the streets and his home life trying to cross, he runs into problems. The bond of Menace and Niya is undeniably unbreakable, but is Niya strong enough to be the woman of a thug, going against everything she’s about, and dealing with the drama that comes along? Can Menace avoid the pressures of the street life and be the man Niya wants him to be, while also not giving up his streets, or will it all be too much?

Reena's Miracle

Terri Reid - 2018
     Nancy Schmidt was not interested in anything to do with Christmas. After the death of her husband three years ago, she found no reason to celebrate any longer. The last thing she needed in her life was a perky, overly-friendly, cookie-bearing new neighbor who wouldn't take no for an answer. Or, maybe that was exactly what she needed in her life.

Life Imperfect (Lily's Story, Book 4)

Christine Kersey - 2015
     Happily married for a year and a half, Lily is loving life with her little family. But when a series of unexpected challenges crop up, Lily struggles to recapture the happiness she thought she’d finally found. At the same time, Lily’s good friend Alyssa is having serious issues of her own, and she turns to Lily for comfort and advice. Will Lily be able to come to terms with her new reality, or will these difficulties push her marriage to the breaking point? Life Imperfect is a sweet clean new adult romance.

Life's a Beach and Then...

Julia Roberts - 2015
    she must keep it secret, and that means telling lies. Holly hates telling lies. Her latest assignment has brought her to the paradise island of Mauritius where she meets a British couple, Robert and Rosemary, who share a tragic secret of their own. The moment they introduce Holly to handsome writer, Philippe, she begins to fall in love, something she hasn't allowed herself to do for twenty years. But Philippe has not been completely honest and when Holly stumbles across the truth, she feels totally betrayed. "A slice of sheer escapism which packs an emotional punch" Jemma Forte This is the first book in the Liberty Sands trilogy. Read on at the end of this book to find out what happens to Holly next in the preview of If He Really Loved Me..., book two in the series.

How to Catch an Earl with Ten Lies

Patricia Haverton - 2020
     When her uncle and legal guardian announces that her little sister is to marry a man of ill repute, Penelope does the one thing she can think of to spare her: she poses as Edith and takes her place. Recently returned to England after a long absence to open his father's will, Benjamin Gray, Earl of Newhorn, is in for an unpleasant surprise: in order to gain full access to his inheritance, he must find a suitable wife. He sees his chance in the face one Miss Edith Chapman...or not. As Benjamin challenges everything she has ever heard about him, the weight of her feelings for him coupled with her guilt push Penelope to her breaking point. With the inescapable truth of Penelope's identity looming over them like a bad omen, Benjamin's greatest mistake returns to haunt him: his sister's death. Penelope is not the only one who has been lying. And some lies are deadlier than others…

Caring for Her Wounded Rancher: A Western Historical Romance Book

Ava Winters - 2020

To Love a Tormented Earl

Bridget Barton - 2020
    Time is running short, and if she doesn't find a suitor soon, her household may not survive. Her life takes an unexpected twist, though, when she suddenly comes across her former employer who was believed to be dead. Even though she knows that a romance with him would be a false hope, she can’t stop daydreaming about his captivating gaze. When he asks for her assistance to unveil a conspiracy that ruined his life, her generous heart compels her to agree. Will Emilia manage to overcome the barriers that go against her happiness? Would destiny hold for her a happy ending?After faking his own death three years before, Maximilian Emery, the true Earl of Ceastre, has returned to London to reclaim his estate and his name. But before he can do that, he must determine who is involved in the blackmail that prompted him to flee in the first place. When fate brings him together with a woman from his past, soon old feelings begin to resurface. But until he finds out who is hidden behind the evil plot against him, love will remain just a flight of fantasy, no matter how his anxious heart skips a beat everytime she is around. Will Max manage to solve a puzzle that has made his life a living hell? Will his only dream to live by Emilia's side come true?Despite their strong feelings, Max and Emilia‘s union seems impossible, as they come from two spheres of society not accustomed to mingling. To make matters worse, when Emilia discovers the reason for Max’s exile, she feels that everything is crashing down. Will the star-crossed lovers find a way through the obstacles that insist to keep them apart or will they accept a future without hope of true love?