Christmas In The Trap: Atlanta Style

Twyla T. - 2018
    Street King. Strong. Respected. Intelligent. Accurately describes Hassan, specifically known as Lil Hot or Hot, but now, a new title is being added to the list that takes his life on a whirl spin. Hot is thrown into fatherhood when one of his jump-offs abandons her baby with him, claiming it’s his. Not only unprepared for a baby, Hot finds himself in another foreign territory that he had no intentions of going down—love. Plus, street life in Atlanta starts wreaking havoc as he deals with personal struggles. Will Hot survive the streets long enough to embrace a baby and love? Find out if Hassan’s best Christmas gifts are the ones he didn’t know he wanted in this sultry African American Urban Fiction novella, Christmas In The Trap: Atlanta Style.

A Thug Valentine In Brooklyn: A Short Story

Quardeay - 2019
    It is a day meant for lovers and the lustful. No need for games or regrets, whatever it will be, will be. Harlem is a feisty chick with a heart as big as the city she’s named after. While she considers herself strong willed, even they can fall weak sometimes. Harlem’s weakness is Saynt Williams, a ruthless drug dealer that’s anything but what his name describes on the streets of Brooklyn. Despite the desperate pleas of her worrisome father, the rebellious Harlem finds herself head over heels and is seemingly willing to risk it all for Saynt. However, a mysterious thug enters the picture and begins vying for Harlem's attention. This may just be what Harlem needs to break free of the captivating hold that Saynt has on her. Seoul Harris is the opposite of Saynt in all the ways that matter and has Harlem questioning everything she thinks she knows. With Valentine’s Day approaching fast and her back against the wall, will Harlem find love with a Saynt? Or will she ultimately find herself 'Seoul' snatched in this gritty, yet sexy hood romance?

Christmas In The Trap: Birmingham Style

K. Larry - 2018
    No mother. No father. No siblings. Remo was destined for failure from the very beginning. In spite of, he was determined to beat the odds. Just as things begin to look up for him, an accident sends him crashing into The Plug; The man with more jewels than kings and more money than corporate America. One simple mistake puts him in a position that he never thought was possible. Will he succumb to the demands of the streets? Or will he stand in his own greatness? Mahlia is young, hard working, beautiful, and ready for love. She has her cousin Amelia by her side and they are more like sisters so Mahlia has no problem confiding in her ride or die. When jealousy rears its ugly head, the cousins are faced with drama out of this world. Will the bond that Mahlia shares with Amelia stand in the way of love? Or will true love win? They say Christmas is the season for magic, so come take this crazy ride in The Magic City as K. Larry brings nonstop drama, love, deceit, and betrayal in this sultry African American Urban Fiction Novella.

Christmas In The Trap: Memphis Style

Shania B. - 2018
    Bankz is the Santa Claus of the hood in Memphis and his ruthless reputation precedes him. Trapping isn’t the only thing he’s caught doing this holiday season and his girlfriend Taylor soon finds out. Although Bankz is proud of how his strategic drug organization serves major weight, and the power he’s snatched over the years, he can’t escape his fate. He is surrounded by people he thought he could trust, and someone is testing his street cred. Bankz can’t and won’t allow this to happen. Taylor Shaw is the loving girlfriend of Bankz. Her man has been there for her through it all, but the closer it gets to Christmas the more she begins to realizes it’s NOT the most wonderful time of the year. Taylor has never been one to make decisions based off of street gossip, but she discovers the streets know more about the man she loves than she does. Taylor wants to forget about everything and have some fun before Christmas, but fun takes a tragic turn and her life will be changed forever. Can the holidays be filled with love, laughter and fond memories for Bankz and Taylor, or will they inevitably have a Christmas In The Trap: Memphis Style? A Christmas that has no peace and joy but conflict and misery? Hit these Memphis streets to find out in this African American Urban Fiction Tale.

A Boss Valentine In Atlanta: An Urban Fiction Novella

Tiece - 2019
    And is also one of the best African American Urban Fiction novellas available. And now it’s here for your reading satisfaction. In this short story you’ll take an unforgettable ride with the national bestselling author Tiece, another great storyteller under Cole Hart Signature. Her writing is smooth and she know's how to make her characters come to life. **Warning** This is not your typical Urban romance, dope boy, thug love, or kingpin savage book. Heart pounding. Edge of your seat. Women's Fiction. Street literature. Cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jonas Garcia is living his best life. He’s one of the greatest in his field, along-side his first cousin Dr. Deshawn Diego. Unlike Deshawn who is a happily married man, Jonas is a certified bachelor with thoughts of never settling down. However, an unexpected incident causes him to pause for a moment when he comes face to face with the mysterious Peach Kingston. Will Cupid finally pierce one of his arrows through Jonas’s cold heart? Peach and Jonas have a lot in common, being that neither is willing to give their hearts to another. Peach has her own issues that she has managed to maintain, as much as possible. An unforeseen encounter with Jonas instantly touches something in her soul, which causes her to rethink everything she ever doubted about love. But, Peach has a huge secret that she’s trying to let go of. Will this be the one thing that Jonas isn’t prepared for? Deshawn has any and everything he wants and needs, including the love in his marriage. With a wife like KeeKee, he can’t go wrong. She’s everything he could possibly ever want in a woman, but when infidelity strikes in the worse way, will they be able to weather the storm? Find out if Love prevails or fails in this addictive short story that’s sure to have you all up in your feelings.

Tombstone Jack and the Wyoming Raiders

Dan Winchester - 2018
    The ground is littered with the dead, but he finds one survivor, a woman named Bridget Decker. Jack gets her to a doctor in Cheyenne. He discovers the Wyoming Raiders, a band of outlaws, are the ones who attacked the wagon, and they want to make sure there are no witnesses. And now the Raiders know about Jack, too.Who will survive the deadly showdown?This is the third novelette in the Tombstone Jack series. It's 15,300 words of traditional western action designed to be read in one sitting. Enjoy! Don't miss the other Tombstone Jack adventures: Tombstone Jack Tombstone Jack and the Redwing Saloon

Christmas In The Trap: The Bay Style

Street Cred - 2018
    No, boosting is a way of life for the four best friends, bringing money in to help them to survive. With three of the friends having children and one trying to get more studio time, extra money is always good, especially at Christmas time. When a joking idea turns into a formulated plan, the stakes rise to a higher level as the friends go from boosting corporations to robbing people. After selecting their targets, the quad put their plan into action. However, unbeknownst to them, they inadvertently rip off the wrong kingpin, putting all their lives in danger. Will the four friends get to enjoy the type of Christmas that they always imagined? Or will this Christmas be painted red instead of white? Get lost in the grind with Stasi, Celeste, Shad, and TRaw in this gritty African American Urban Fiction novella, Christmas in the Trap: The Bay Style.

She’s Only 15 part 2

Shameek Speight - 2018
    After being gunned down during the opening of the center honoring her daughter’s memory, Yvonne awakes alive and more determined than she’s ever been to have the persons responsible for her pain and suffering brought to justice. Relentless in her quest to help other girls that find themselves in situations similar to Sophia’s and to bring attention to her cause, she’s gains an enemy in the Cartel; who are just as determined to eliminate the threat she’s become. Willing to risk it all, Yvonne continues in her fight, regardless of the cost; but will she pay with her life?

Til Morning: A Short Story

B. Love - 2018
    If you are looking for a full length novel with a beginning, middle, and end, please choose another B. Love title for your reading pleasure.* Three nights. Two lovers. One weekend that will change their lives forever. For Latimore Hart, nothing is more important than his singleness and money. When he decides to spend the weekend at Decadence, an exclusive twenty-one and up hotel in Memphis, the last thing he expects is to find a woman capable of keeping his interest. In his mind, three days is more than enough time for him to share himself with any woman, but when he meets Dana… everything changes. Dana Green lost a bet with her best friend. Her punishment? To spend the weekend at Decadence. Her original plan was to spend her entire trip in her room, but a late check in leads to Latimore sliding into her vision, arms, and maybe even her heart. At the start of their weekend together, Latimore and Dana both agree that they will part ways and never see each other again when it’s over. Will that be the case, or will they break the only rule at Decadence and continue their affair long after Sunday morning arrives?

Hidden: Missing Moore

Celeste Granger - 2018
    Did she have a family? Siblings? What were her parents like? All the questions any child being raised in another family would ask. Of course, Samantha tried to keep moving forward in her life; going to school, earning a degree, attending counseling to deal with the mixed emotions she had about actually finding the people who gave her away. Yet, she felt disconnected; and because of that, struggled to connect, even with the man who claimed to love her. Despite all the challenges, Samantha never stopped. She never gave up the search to find out who she really was.

Lil Miss Molly:Preacher's Daughter(Chronicles of a Junkie)

Sa'id Salaam - 2014
    After the untimely deaths of her prominent parents her life is turned upside down. She's stripped of her life of privilege and finds herself in the Atlanta ghetto. The once prim and proper diva quickly learns to use what she has to get what she wants. Once the highly addictive and dangerous drug known as Molly is introduced things go from bad to worse. Will she be able shake the yolk of addiction or will she end up like her mother? One thing for sure, it ain't easy being a preachers' daughter.

The Story Begins At The End

Sujay - 2020
    All stories are packed with varied set of emotions across intrigue, drama, humor, heartache, charm and delight; and all stories written to guarantee an escape into a world of love, loss, hope and longing. A nice read in these gloomy times of a lockdown.


Brian Christopher Shea - 2019
    Join Nick as he leads a small group of Rangers on a support mission for a CIA operation. This short story gives a glimpse into the Nick’s early days and the defining moment that guided his decision to join the FBI. This prequel short story includes a sample of The Camel’s Back, the first full-length novel in the Nick Lawrence series.

Bullied Boy

Daring Diane - 2018
    Self-image, body changes, and social changes chip away at individual’s self-confidence. Withdrawal and hiding can often seem like the easiest escape. You cannot escape from life. An excellent student, our hero is ripped from his friends and everything he knows when his father is moved across the country for his job. Intent on re-establishing the mother’s employment, the parents appear to withdraw from their high school student as he is dropped into a situation where he knows no one. Everyone experiences physical and emotional problems but our protagonist is ashamed of his body and won’t even talk to his parents who seem oblivious. Wearing baggy clothes, coats and hoods, it is easy to hide his body and isolate himself since he knows no one. Others assume he is overweight, shy or has acne problems. The strangely dressed student is a magnet for bullies and everyone else ignores him. Teachers might have gotten involved or pushed him to participate in class, but as an excellent student, grades are not an issue. Life evolves into a strategy to be left alone and survive another day. Because of this, attacks are not reported. An accident at school will expose our protagonist’s secrets to a classmate. How that classmate responds will change our protagonist’s life. There are still bullying and attacks, but with newfound confidence, our hero will deal with things differently. Can this quiet, isolated person evolve into an example and build real friendships while accepting life’s little hurdles? This series of books contain examples of high school life that help the reader to identify and deal with bullying behavior in a high school setting. The books in this series are intended to be safe reading for teens and tweens. Thank you for reading on Daring Diane Disclaimer This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

The Hooker: A Reprehensible Acts Story

Simon Wood - 2016
    He insists in sending Mark off in the company of a hooker. It's supposed to be the last hoorah of a single man before being condemned to a life of marriage, but that all changes when the hooker scams them. Mark's world unravels and a dark side he never knew he possessed spills out.The REPREHENSIBLE ACTS series feature stories without heroes or happy endings in some cases. These stories feature characters that lose their way and may never find their way back. You can't condone their actions, but perhaps you can have sympathy for their damaged souls. You might find these stories unpalatable, but then again, you're meant to. Don't judge. No one is immune to committing a reprehensible act.