Book picks similar to
Good dog! by Sean Taylor


Going to Sleep on the Farm

Wendy Cheyette Lewison - 1992
    In this tender bedtime story, each of the animals in the barnyard prepares for the night. 29 full-color illustrations.

Pete the Kitty Goes to the Doctor (My First I Can Read)

Kimberly Dean - 2019
    Good thing his dad knows just what to do. It’s time to go to the doctor!Except Pete may be a teensy-weensy bit nervous about his first visit to the doctor. With the help of his dad, Pete discovers the doctor isn’t scary! Beginning readers will easily relate to Pete the Kitty as he overcomes his fear of going to the doctor's office. My First I Can Read books are perfect for shared reading with a child.

Bear's Busy Family

Stella Blackstone - 1999
    But what is all the excitement about? Why is Bear's family so busy today?

My Baby Book: Based on Guess How Much I Love You

Sam McBratney - 1996
    Full color.

I Love You, Little One

Nancy Tafuri - 1998
    Endearing, full-color artwork from a Caldecott Honor artist highlights the bond between parent and baby. 15 spreads.

Franklin and Harriet

Paulette Bourgeois - 1986
    Full-color illustrations.

Arthur's Pen Pal

Lillian Hoban - 1976
    Little sisters don't do things like karate and wrestling -- or do they? It takes a surprise letter to show Arthur that sometimes there's more to sisters -- and pen pals -- than meets the eye!

The Right Number of Elephants

Jeff Sheppard - 1990
    . . .Bond's well-executed illustrations [project] a contagious sense of movement. A puckish sense of humor prevails among elephants who skateboard, don sunglasses, act tough, and even wink at the audience." —SLJ. 1993 "Pick of the Lists" (ABA)

Just Me and My Cousin

Gina Mayer - 1992
    The day starts well but turns into pillow fights and tattletelling and checker boards overturned. It's not always easy to be a cousin. Little Critter is ready to go home, but his cousin saves the day before it's too late.

Good Night, Baby Bear

Frank Asch - 1998
    But Baby Bear doesn’t want to go to sleep. First he wants a snack. Then he wants a drink. And now he wants the moon! What is loving, but very sleepy, Mama Bear to do?

Just One More Swim

Caroline Pitcher - 2008
    Just One More Swim tells the story of two young polar bear cubs taking their first nervous steps toward the ocean, under the caring, watchful eye of their mother.

Mommy Hugs

Anne Gutman - 2001
    Cuddles and kisses will surely abound when reading this aloud!

I Love You Daddy

Jillian Harker - 2004
    But they sooon discover that Little Bear needs a helping hand. And who can help out better than Daddy Bear?

Baby Sister Says No!

Mercer Mayer - 2000
    HIs baby sister follows him everywhere and stops him from doing what he wants to do. "No boat!" she cries when he plays with a toy. "No swing!" she wails when he goes outside. Poor Little Critter. But just as his patience comes to an end, his mother comes to the rescue.

Grandpa and Bo

Kevin Henkes - 1986
    they walked and fished and made thing together. They celebrated Christmas together -- a very special summer Christmas. But best of all, they talked and laughed and talked some more. And when they finally saw the shooting star at the end of the summer, there was no question the their wishes would be the same.